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Properties of pyramids

One of the unique structures on Earth is a tetrahedral pyramid similar to the pyramids of Heops, Hefren and other pharaohs located on the Giza Plateau in Egypt.

the Pyramid of Cheops

His (as long as not yet explained to the end of science), she actively stimulates the vitality of the patient's body, and he, in turn, is already easier to cope with the ailment.

With the help of such a pyramid, the composition of the blood is fairly rapidly improved, pressure is normalized, painful pain, accelerated bone fractures, wounds, as well as damage associated with operations, radiotherapy and tumors. Heals the pyramid and infectious (microbial-parasitic) diseases.

In other words, therapy with the help of the pyramid is a unique tool in many diseases, and even if a person, being in full health, sometimes takes (in small doses) water or eats small portions of food, weathered in the pyramid, or sometimes resting in a large or over Small pyramids, then the chances of getting sick is minimal.

  Production of pyramids.

A homemade pyramid from natural material (boards, cardboard, plexiglas, flat slate, plywood, etc.) is manufactured, which has dielectric (insulating) properties, without a single nail and without the use of other metals, which are distorted by its field in the pyramid space field.

The energy of this space should be clean, without any distortion, then the healing properties of the pyramid will be maximal.

The pyramid is a polyhedron, the base of which the polygon serves, and the side faces are triangles that have a total amount.

Based on the right pyramid, there is always the right polygon (for example, for a four-piano pyramid - a square), and the side faces are an equilibrium triangles, equal to each other. The height of the pyramid is equal to the length of the perpendicular, lowered from the vertex to the center of the base (the center of the correct polygon lying at the base of the pyramid is the intersection point of its diagonals).

In addition to the height, the characteristics of the pyramid are the length of the base and the height of the side edge (apophem) of the pyramid.

The home pyramid can have any dimensions, but the ratio of its height and the base length should be strictly defined, namely: the base length must exceed the height of the pyramid 1.6 times. Such a ratio corresponds to the proportion of the golden section, or harmonious division.

Thus, multiplying the predetermined height of the pyramid by 1.6 we get the length of its foundation. To determine the height of the side edge (apophem of the pyramid), the predetermined height of the pyramid is multiplied by 1.35.

It should be remembered that with doubling the height of the pyramid, its action increases in many (50-100 or more) times. Consequently, if possible, install the pyramids with a maximum height.

One of the faces of the pyramid should be oriented with a compass strictly north.

If it is built in a favorable place - on the hill, without metal, far from reinforced concrete houses and structures, away from power lines, embankments and railways, with the help of a compass correctly oriented on the sides of the light, such a pyramid works immediately and very effectively!

In houses, pyramid apartments should be put away from metal objects and structures, which violate the natural magnetic field of the Earth and thereby reduce the healing properties of the pyramid. Such subjects include heating batteries, water supply, sewage, etc. If homes are made of reinforced concrete structures, the pyramids in them may not be as effective. In this case, the pyramid is better to build on its summer cottage and with its help to restore health.

It should be remembered that any pyramid should be made by a mentally balanced person who, during the manufacture, there must be good and bright thoughts, and the builder must fulfill this work with the soul.

If the pyramids are constructed by something, with a violation of the proportions of the golden section, are not oriented on the sides of the light on the compass, it can be assumed that they will not bring benefits, and perhaps even harm.


Dimensions of the home pyramid


Foundation length


Rib length

10 cm

10x1,6 = 16 cm

10x1.35 = 13.5 cm

15.70 cm

15 cm

15x1,6 = 24 cm

15x1.35 = 20.25 cm

25.53 cm

20 cm

20x1,6 = 32 cm

20x1.35 = 27 cm

31.38 cm

30 cm

30x1,6 = 48 cm

30x1.35 = 40.5 cm

47.07 cm

40 cm

40x1,6 = 64 cm

40x1.35 = 54 cm

62.76 cm

50 cm

50x1.6 = 80 cm

50x1.35 = 67.5 cm

78.46 cm

100 cm

100x1.6 = 160 cm

100x1.35 = 135 cm

156.92 cm

250 cm

250x1.6 = 400 cm

250x1.35 = 337.5 cm

392.30 cm

300 cm

300x1.6 = 480 cm

300x1.35 = 405 cm

470.77 cm

500 cm

500x1,6 = 800 cm

500x1,35 = 675 cm

784.61 cm

1000 cm

1000x1,6 = 1600 cm

10x1.35 = 1350 cm

1569.24 cm

It should be remembered that their internal space at 1/3 to 2/3 of the pyramid level has the maximum energy capabilities of all correctly made and installed pyramids (large and small). All the rest of the space pyramids is minimal minimal, respectively, and the return is minimal.

In the upper part of the pyramid, it is advisable to make a small nozzle to form a hole (for a pyramid with a base of 4 m, the hole diameter is 60-70 mm) - a waveguide that needs a pyramid to enter the surrounding space of excess energy that is formed inside during operation. Based on the center, the hole is also made (for the pyramid with a base of 4 m, the diameter of the opening is 10 mm). With the help of a circulation, there are three concentric circles around the center of the base, which are evenly separated by about 30 similar holes (for the pyramid with a base of 4 M circles diameters are 100 cm, 250 cm and 400 cm). The holes at the base are needed for the unimpeded production of the energy of the Earth. At the height of 1/3, 1/2 and 2/3 of the pyramids are installed shelves.

Pyramid workers

Fig. 2. Pyramid Working Areas

At an altitude of 2/3, the pyramids on the shelves are placed liquid, water, herbs tincture for charging with the healing energies of the pyramid.

At altitude 1/2, aluminum foil is charged, metals.

At an altitude of 1/3, there are products, grain, seeds before planting, sharpened blades.

For small pyramids, the loading of the internal volume should be no more than 8-10% of the volume. Such a charge will be optimal.

Examples of using pyramids.

With severe and multiple diseases, the patient should use large healing pyramids for recreation - the possibilities of healing in them are practically not limited. The time of staying in large pyramids is purely individually, for particularly sensitive patients - no more than 15 minutes. When overworking is enough 30 minutes of staying in the pyramid to restore forces and get rid of discomfort.

Can be used and indoor pyramids. The patient rests on the bed without a metal, under which along its body is installed up to five (10-15 cm height) of pyramids.

For the healing of the body, empty pyramids are good, but in combination with the reception of pyramidal water or herbal infusions, weathered within 24 hours inside the pyramid at 2/3 of the height (at the top). Even a small toliary of such water brings a sick benefit. The pyramid infusion is made approximately like this: in the tank (glass or bank), the drug raw materials listed in the recommendation are poured with the desired amount of boiling water, closed by a caprony lid and insist the desired time on the stand at 2/3 of the pyramid height. Water can be stored in a pyramid for a long time.

With all internal pains, with pain in the muscles and joints, an aluminum foil can be used in the form of a compression, which is charged in a pyramid of 24 hours at 1/2 height, using a dielectric unit. The foil is charged in this way turn the layer of linen cloth and applied to a sore place or a joint. From above, this compress is closed, fixing with linen fabric or bandage and leave all night. Such compresses also put both the heads, abdomen, chest, limbs. With the help of such compresses, pain, as a rule, pass quickly enough - pass at all!

In addition to healing properties, the pyramids are useful for many other purposes.

You can withstand seeds before boarding the pyramid for 10-15 days at the level of 1/3 of the height, while the germination and yield increases about 2 times. Pyramids have favorably affect animals. You can build a large pyramid near the place of their stay, you can arrange a few small pyramids. Aquarium can be poured with pyramidal water, you can cover the pyramid focused on the sides of the light by 24 or more.

In pyramids, especially large, can be stored on the shelves on 1/3 heights for a long time perishable food without risk that they will ruin. At the same time, their taste quality is even improved.

In small pyramids on the station in 1/3 of the height, the blurred blades and knives are 24 hours for sharpening.

If in a large pyramid at an altitude of 1/3 to 1/2 to put a homemade generator, then the pyramid will be able to produce electrical energy. The generator is made from aluminum, copper or foil plastic sheets. The assembled generator must be connected to the battery, preferably alkaline, relentable it and with load. In the manufacture of such a generator, it should be borne in mind that the more plates there are plates, the greater the voltage it can give, and the more the surface of the plates, the longer the generator will be able to produce.

Figure 3. Exemplary generator type in horizontal (non-working) position.

Working position - vertical.

1 - Current removable metal plates;

2 - insulating strips (with glue hold plates);

3 - battery;

4 - Load (lamp).


Placing the generator in the pyramid.

In arid areas you can make a condenser (drive) of water and collecting it from the air, placing the pyramid on the foundation with a bias to the center of the pyramid with a hole of the pipe in the center of the base. The pipe is displayed under the slope for independent water drain outside the foundation. From above, the concrete pad falls asleep with a slide gravel at possible greater height. The mound is strengthened with a pyramidal frame (can be metallic), covered with a mesh (preferably galvanized). Such a mount does not interfere with the free influx and an outflow of air. Pyramid 250 cm high can fill the capacity of 100-200 liters per day.


Before moving on to the story about creating a home power station, we will talk a little about the theoretical possibility of obtaining electricity with the help of a pyramid. Immediately make a reservation that only the pyramids of the golden section are taken into account (analogue - Egypt's pyramids). How to properly select the size for the construction of a similar pyramid described in detail in the article "Pyramid on the Dacha Piece".

Many materials are devoted to the secrets of Egyptian pyramids - they are studied, they are trying to systematize, and the results obtained are so stunning that it often refuses to believe in, at least theoretical, viability of hypotheses. And the ability to get electricity with the help of pyramids is one of them. Nevertheless, the French researcher Dann Christopher, in his book dedicated to the pyramid of Heops, suggested that people would be able to permanently ensure renewable electricity if they solve the secret of the pyramids. Based on the frescoes found inside the pyramid, he suggested that the Egyptians knew about this opportunity and widespread it. This proves the lack of traces of the soot in the transitions inside the pyramid (which would be inevitably stayed if the Egyptians were used to illuminate transitions with torches or other similar light sources)! But if not torches, then what? How did people illuminate the deaf premises made by hieroglyphs and drawings?

The answer lies on the surface - electricity! If you turn to ancient sources - for example, slay or phutarch - all of them, independently of each other mention "non-day-free":

- in the "morals" of Plutarchs written about the lamp, the centuries of the temple burning at the entrance; - A similar lamp burned in the head of the statue of the ger in the city of Gerapolis, about whom the ancient Greek Satir Lucian told; - In the manuscripts of St. Augustine, you can also find a description of the source of light from the temple of Isis in Egypt, to put out that neither the wind nor water; - did not lag behind them and Pliny Senior, and Paracels and many other historians of antiquity; - But such evidence was also in our millennium: in 1401, the lantern was found near Rome, which was burning in the Son Tomb for two millennia; In 1550, on the O-ve notice in the Neapolitan Gulf, people were shocked to the depths of the soul, when, with an ancient tomb, unexpectedly saw a bright light coming from the lamp - the tomb was built long before the start of our era!

There are a lot of similar inexplicable facts, but they all directly indicate that the ancient civilizations were perfectly familiar with electricity. I did not put the purpose of this article by transferring all the incredible discoveries made on this topic - their incredibly many ... I just immediately go directly to the topic of this article. Immediately make a reservation - I read the described experience on the pages of the World Wide Web and least as much as possible I will try to transfer it in my article: first, it is necessary for more complete coverage of questions of the pyramids, and, secondly, I want to show different opportunities to solve the problem of energy supply to your site . At the end of the article, I will express my opinion on this issue, but still turn to the presentation of the material ...


At the cottage, the pyramid was built, the height of which was 1.875 meters (sizes can be viewed in the article "Pyramid in the Dacha Piece"). Inside - at an altitude of 1/3 of the base, the "generator" was installed from the plates of the aluminum foil (0.12 mm) and the sheets of fibercristolite (0.5 mm). Instead of aluminum, you can use copper or foil plastic. It is necessary to consider that the more the number of plates and the greater surface they will have, the greater the power and performance of the device.


After placing the generator, it should be connected to the energy storage device - the battery (if possible, alkaline) ... In our example, the generator was connected to the helium battery from the electric loader. Further, since the current coming from the pyramid is permanent, you must connect the frequency converter (more about converters will be described in the article on the construction of the wind generator) to obtain 220-230 V. to get the device, the author used seventeen Energy-saving lamps (one was inside the pyramid, the rest were illuminated by the territory of the cottage) - the total load was 119 watts. The tests have shown the full performance of the device, in addition, a sufficient supply of power was felt in them! By the way, to increase power, you only need to add to the plates generator.


In conclusion, the author brought several photos of the finished pyramid - I cite two of them in this article. All lamps are powered by the pyramid.

Now, with regard to my relationship to this material ...

It so happened that my site is located in a significant distance from the power lines and the distribution problem of the site, it is necessary to solve alternative methods. I decided to build a 2 kilowatta wind generator. But the problem of our climatic zone (and any other, probably, too) in the fact that during the year there are quite a few days and nights when the wind is not at all (full calm) or its power is not enough to turn the windmill blades. To resume the energy of drives (batteries) and their timely recharging, I conceived in the complex to the windmill add a couple of troops of solar panels. The lack of them is that they are pretty road and in the near future it is not available to me. Therefore, the possibility of the pyramid to produce electricity will have to be able to more by the way. I believe that only the integrated use of the windmill-the pyramid of the Sun will be able to solve the problem of power. I begin to collect my energy complex already this year (the details of the windmill, I have already prepared - it remains only to assemble and install it).

So, brief results: we learned that there is a hypothetical (confirmed by ancient) opportunity to receive Electricity from pyramid . Finally, we learned that a certain electrician embodied this idea to life and shared it with all those who wish. In the following articles, I will tell you more about wind generators and on how to independently make solar batteries, and when I start the construction of my "power plant" with you and a photo material. If you are interested in this or other topics relating to the life of life in your site, I suggest you subscribe to updating my blog and about all emerging materials you will immediately recognize. From

After a somewhat frivolous experiment, an attempt to prove the lack of no pyramid energy, I got a huge number of letters with a request to tell in more detail about the design of the pyramidal generator assembled by me.

The presence of such energy was approved by numerous authors in a large number of articles. One of the similar works "Healing Properties of Pyramids" ("Energy Pyramid" accidentally came across my eyes, and from this very moment this story began.

Let me remind you that, being a professional energy, I absolutely skeptically treated all these fabrications regarding the "wonderful" properties of the pyramids and otherwise, as Ahinea did not call all this. And so, when I finally got these storytellers from unconventional (alternative) energy (I myself, until recently, I was heard by Yarym Supporter of Torian Energy), I decided to build this ill-fated pyramid and, (by the method from nasty) times and forever debunk this ahinea ( Well, I repeat) about the possibility with the help of these, with the permission to say, "Rubik's cubes" swing a gift energy from space. I'm not talking about allegedly some healing properties of the pyramids: the ability to heal heavy ailments, as well as the amazing opportunities of self-sharpening of various Shant instruments: blades, knives, axes, saws, etc. I didn't even want to talk about it seriously ... Well, what our people love freebies! No wonder we became home to financial pyramids, such as "MMM" and the like. Anyway! Now it's not about that.

In general, what happened as a result of my experiment, I will not repeat, I wrote about this earlier. Those who wish can read in:

"Energy pyramid in the country"

"Astral Pyramid"

"Pyramid in the country. Improvement effect »

Now I make the requests of all interested in this topic and public sketches of the pyramidal generator.

I add that I did not make any calculations of the generator size, everything turned out with a well-known share of chance. I had the initial data of the presence of three sheets of one-way foil fiberglass of standard dimensions of 1020 x 1220 mm, which I was revealed by the following scheme, based on exclusively organoleptic characteristics (as I imagined them). And ... it turned out what happened. The generator package is assembled from 48 plates. In the operating position of the plate are located vertically8. In my pyramid, such a generator gives idle (accumulates a static charge) about 26 ... 27 volts. Moreover, the voltage is not stable and depends on the orientation on the sides of the light. The maximum power gives when installing parallel to the northern face of the pyramid. Little of. Even polarity changes. In order not to bathe with this case, I put a rectifier bridge of the KC405V type, on 5a at the output of the generator. On it, it falls about 1 ... 1.5 V, but the polarity does not change, which is important when connecting batteries and frequency converter. By the way, in the last version, I used the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) source for a computer with a capacity of 400 W. Having a 24V battery at the entrance, it really gives a 220 sinusoid to the network +ten%.

All sizes and procedure for assembling the generator are shown in the pictures. You can collect a generator and other sizes. It is only necessary to remember that the voltage at the outlet depends on the number of plates, and from the total area of ​​the plates - the amount of accumulated charge, which means the power of the source. Although, I figured, for powering one LED, a sufficient generator in size with matchboxes!

Yes, and more. Outside the pyramid, the generator does not work! Absolutely dead iron - do not breathe! Even a shame! Not anywhere: the prerequisite is the presence of a properly built pyramid. It is very important to observe all the sizes of the golden section and correctly orient the pyramid on the sides of the world. The size of the pyramid on the essence of the processes does not affect the size, apparently only the power of the impact depends.

That's it seems to be all. Good luck!

Many of you are probably heard about the unusual properties of the pyramids. Is it possible to use the pyramid as a generator? I became interested in this issue - because the idea of ​​"having" electricity and not pay money for him, that is, on the "freebie", which is called "heats the soul." I went online to search for information, as a result of which this review appeared.

The design is the first.

If in a large pyramid at an altitude of 1/3 to 1/2 to put a homemade generator, then the pyramid will be able to produce electrical energy. The generator is made from aluminum, copper or foil plastic sheets. The assembled generator must be connected to the battery, preferably alkaline, relentable it and with load. In the manufacture of such a generator, it should be borne in mind that the larger the plates, the greater the voltage it can give, and the more the surface of the plates, the longer the generator will be able to produce.

Exemplary generator type in horizontal (non-working) position.

Working position - Vertical 1 - Taking Metal Plates; 2 - insulating strips (with glue hold plates); 3 - battery; 4 - Load (lamp).

Placing the generator in the pyramid.

So, it means that it is not a tricky device in the focus of the pyramid, in this case it was about Heopse. And in fact, an ordinary capacitor is used as a generator.

Second design.

But one enthusiast from Austria named Flavio Thomas, who built this design:

His scheme looks like this:

This is a "miracle" made it possible to work the fan of an old processor kuller (small black box):

Well, and now the Word is the Word of Alexey Homenko's experimentator.

"The pyramid did not want to do a long time ago, as many hands did not reach. One day I took pieces of fiberboard. This is a thin woody fiber plate, which is used in the furniture, and cut out 4 triangles with sides of 500 mm. Sklexed the whole thing in the pyramid. With the help of tape for ribs and received its device for experiments with a height of 350 mm.

Next, I took a pine bar 30 to 40 and cut a piece of 116 mm from it. This is 350/3 i.e. I received a 1/3 pedestal from the foundation. At the tabletop from the self-assembly CNC, the machine laid the area for the installation of the pyramid of 500 to 500 and conducted a diagonal to designate the center, and put it


All this case covered the pyramid and, in principle, ready. The lights of the world were naturally not respected.

After the assembly, the experience of experiments was started and began to take it, everyone who was near. The first thing I asked everyone in turn, so that they did not see each other and did not hear to hold their palm over the vertex at a distance of 100 or 150 mm. And to say your feelings if they are. All as one stated the feeling of a warm ray of emerging from the top. What makes one thing most of all is that even the most intuless member of the experiences that never felt anything, said the same thing.

Then everyone was separated, and I decided to continue my experiments tomorrow, as the day came to an end. I decided to rummage in the rubble that the raphana on the bags across the workshop and stumbled upon a laser pointer, which I bought 3 years ago, and when I had batteries, and I lost interest to her, took out an apartment in a workshop with another trash. I pressed the button, and there is zero. Unscrew the lid, whether there are batteries, and they were on the spot only by the Savor ... That's where the idea came to put them in the pyramid on the pedestal. I put it, I made a record in the magazine and went to dig a garden. He came across half a person to smoke, went to the workshop sat on the chair, tightening the cigarette, and realized that something was wrong. In the mouth constantly there was a taste of batteries as in childhood, when they tried it into the tongue. In the throat, I tried in my throat, there was a feeling that were, what the "volatile evaporation" went out to the street, he donounced a cigarette. I went again - the same. Well, I think, calling and put someone in the workshop. The effect was like a thread in the throat began to twitch the nerve on the right eye but the taste in his mouth as I was not shorter, I still shook until I didn't start to darken and when I was going to leave home decided to get the batteries. I think nothing will happen, so there is nothing to spoil the climate in the workshop there. I took out, noted the time in the journal 1:35 hours, after I put and inserted into the pointer.

Nasha-lr on the button and-and-and ... there is a bright beam. Joy did not come!

I use the pointer for about 3 weeks, everything works! Waiting, when it is discharged. The next time, before the bookmark, I felt their multi meter and I will hold a little more. So far and everything. "

As we see, get electrical energy from the pyramid is quite real. The question is in the other - what sizes should the pyramid have, in order to power at least a laptop? We will not have to build the same gigantic structures as those whose construction is attributed to Pharaohs?

Well, let's wait for experiments with larger pyramids, and then we will resolve: whether we need such a "freebie" as a pyramidal electrotok and whether he is "free", in the sense of what its profitability, because it may well be that the ordinary windmill will give more The amount of energy at lower costs for its erection.

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