House for dolls with your own hands (50 process photos): out of the box and plywood

Girls adore to play dolls, and so that the game is even more interesting and realistic, a house is needed for dolls. In the stores of toys you can find houses for Barbie, but they will cost they will be unnecessarily expensive.

The optimal solution will make it possible to make a dwelling for dolls yourself from undergraduate materials - for example, out of boxes or plywood.

The house from the box does not require material investments at all, and the version of the plywood sheets will also cost the minimum amount. Toy furniture can be bought, so do it yourself from matchboxes and other suitable materials.

So that the puppet housing is realistic, it can be saved by real wallpaper, use for the floor linoleum, and for carpets - pieces of suitable fabric.

Master class number 1. Cardboard box house

The house in which the entire doll family will fit, you can make a cardboard box, as the author of the GOOBLA offers from

Any large box from under household appliances is suitable: an old TV, vacuum cleaner or microwave. The more the box will be, the more the design it turns out, so it is recommended to choose the most as much as possible.

Materials that will be needed for work:

  • big cardboard box;
  • glue;
  • stationery knife;
  • Trimming wallpapers;
  • Color and white paper;
  • match boxes;
  • Styrofoam;
  • Fabric flaps;
  • foil.

Next you need to act according to the instructions:

1. The empty box must be put on the side of the empty side to yourself. One of the side walls will become the ceiling, the bottom - the floor, and the bottom of the box is the rear wall in the dwelling. One wall will not be, as it will not be played.

2. Next you need to cut windows in the walls using the stationery knife. Previously, it is necessary to make a pencil drawings for windows. So that they are the same size and were at the same level, use a ruler. Cut an arbitrary number of windows, depending on your ideas about the design of future rooms.

3. Windows must be saved with white paper to make the impression of the windowsills and window openings. Glaping the windows can be dense polyethylene from files for documents.

4. Windows must be issued both outside and from the inside. You can use white paper.

5. In order for two rooms to be downstairs, you need to make a partition from a piece of cardboard. You can glue it with thick paper, which will replace the building corners in a paper house. You can also arrange the ceiling on the second floor. To do this, use the remnants of real wallpaper.

6. Then you need to attach the basis of the second floor. So that it keeps well, you need to use the same principle of corners. The walls in the house are embraced by ordinary wallpaper.

7. Paul on the second floor can also be saved so that it looks organically and well kept. You also need to put the wall on the second floor, which will be divided by two rooms.

8. Outside, the design can be saved with paper so that the house looks beautiful. Use wallpapers that mimic natural exterior decoration.

9. If there are no such wallpapers, you can cut "bricks" from colored paper. Shooting blocks on a white background, you will get a brick wall at home.

10. Do not forget to wake all the outer walls so that they look harmoniously.

11. After the "finishing" work came to an end, you need to leave the design for time to dry the glue. It will take a couple of hours or even less.

12. When glue reduced, you can continue to work.

13. There must be a roof in the house. We make it from cardboard. So that she glued well to the base, the ends need to bend.

14. The roof also needs to be saved on all sides so that it corresponds to the house. In the attic you can make an attic: cutting out the window, glue the balcony railings and add other items if desired.

15. Furniture is also made from cardboard, matchboxes and girlfriends. Calculate the headsets can be colored paper. Food cut out of plasticine.

16. For the bathroom, use foam, the plumbing is well obtained from it.

17. For the mirror in the bedroom and a foil is suitable for a bathroom, and for carpet - a piece of suitable fabric.

18. Dresser, bed and table is made from match boxes, sofa from foam.

19. House with a balcony and attic Ready! It's time to populate characters.

Filling a house

  1. From trimming of Tulle, excellent curtains are obtained, which can be fixed on rigid wire cornices.
  2. As a carpet, a round or square piece of fur fabric or any other dense with patterns or one-photon is excellent.
  3. Sofa and sleeping pillows can be fill with sintec or cotton.
  4. Pictures for decoration The child can draw yourself. Then neatly cut down and get them on a dense cardboard that will mimic the frame. By width and length, the cardboard must have more pattern.
  5. Upholstered furniture can be fascinated by self-syntheps or cotton, the frame will have to do from plywood.

All sorts of materials are suitable for puppet furniture bases - from paper to plywood trimming. The most realistic looks at the plywood options.

In the topic: how to make a toy storage box yourself

№2. House of plywood

A real mansion where you can settle all dolls is a dream for many children, especially for girls.

If you can make a crayle and you have a little free time, you can build a realistic home for plywood dolls, as the joker from did. The author sat in one week.

Such materials will be needed for work:

  • two 8 mm plywood sheet;
  • electrolovik;
  • furniture cloves;
  • acrylic sealant;
  • Termoklay;
  • pieces of linoleum and wallpaper;
  • Acrylic paint.

Instructions, how to make a house for dolls do it yourself from plywood:

1. The construction scheme is developed. As a basis, you can take a simplified plan of the real house. It is important to correctly calculate the proportions in order not to be mistaken in size.

2. Next you need to make the markup on the plywood and cut the composite parts.

3. The design is assembled on furniture carnations of small diameter. For reliability, you can wash the seams with acrylic sealant, this technique will add strength designs.

4. In size, the house is quite large. Sizes: Height - 1000 mm; width - 1100 mm; Depth - 400 mm.

5. Next, the design must be saved by suitable wallpaper. Wallpapers imitate brickwork are suitable for external finishes. External top of the roof can be left unchanged.

6. Inside the house is flooded with remnants of paper wallpaper, and the ceiling is painted with acrylic paint in tone.

7. Linoleum is glued to the floor with a thermal stitch. If you do not have linoleum residues, you will fit dense wallpaper or fabric suitable for the floor. You can also organize carpets instead of carpet or linoleum.

8. Puppet furniture can be purchased in special toy departments.

9. Housing lighting with LED lamp:

10. In the house you can make rooms to taste: for example, bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Depending on the acquired furniture.

In the house with such dimensions, the dolls of Barbie and the models of dolls are excellent.

A few more ideas and tips

  1. Floors can be any quantity - depending on the size of the dwelling.
  2. In cardboard houses you can make the door, just cutting it into the wall.
  3. Large houses can be made of several cardboard boxes, gluing them with each other side walls.
  4. As a basis for the house, a small book rack is suitable, for example, from IKEA. In this case, you do not have to make anything, you just need to cut out several windows and put in a few walls.
  5. To the base of plywood or shelving, you can fasten the wheels - so it can be moved.

The big advantage of houses for dolls is that they can be masked with their own hands, if, of course, the future dwelling for dolls should not be a gift.

The kid can help you get the walls at home by wallpaper, arrange furniture, invent accessories. This is a great way to get close to the child, and also help him show creativity and realize fantasies.

In addition, a dollhouse that you did for a child yourself, children will love much more than the most luxurious purchase option.

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Real photos of children's rooms:

House for games with dolls - the cherished dream of the majority of girls. Even parents who do not have free funds can be pleased to please the small princess. The fabulous puppet "hut" can be made with your own hands. Let's see what is required for this and what options for such crafts can be constructed independently.

"Brick" house from a cardboard box for dolls

To create a game complex similar to a brick house, you will need:

  • Volta box, for example, from large household appliances. Its sizes should approximately correspond to the growth of the child. Let him not be able to stand in a house in full height, but at least he should unhindered to enter it and sit in it.
  • Glue.
  • Stationery or ordinary well-fulfilled knife.
  • Wallpaper. You can use those that remained from repair.
  • Paper: Color and white.
  • Empty boxes from matches.
  • Styrofoam.
  • Pencil.
  • Line.
  • The cloth.
  • Transparent polyethylene. You can also use parts from files or old tulle.
  • Foil.

The procedure for creating a craft of stages:

  1. Put the box bottom from yourself. One of its side walls will serve as a ceiling of a toy house, lower - floor, bottom - rear wall. The facility for games will be trilated, otherwise the small mistress of the fabulous house will be uncomfortable to play.
  2. Cut in the box with a stationery knife of the opening window of the future house. It is first recommended to outline their location and only then cut cardboard. At the same time, we must try to make the windows on the same level. Their number may be arbitrary.
  3. Get the resulting windows with white paper, creating the visibility of window sills and window openings, after which "glazing" with polyethylene or tulle.
  4. The windows should be issued not only outside, but also from the inside.
  5. From cardboard build a wall that shares the internal space of "housing" into two rooms. To fix it, instead of construction corners, you can use tight paper. Also, using wallpaper, it will not be superfluous to reflect the ceiling on the top floor.
  6. Secure the basis of the second floor. For her good fixation, all the same principle of corners is suitable.
  7. Cut wall with wallpaper. The same thing to do with the floor on the top floor. On the second floor we build a wall that shares 2 rooms.
  8. Cheer a puppet house outside. The optimal option for pasting is the wallpaper, imitating natural exterior decoration.
  9. You can also make bricks imitation. To do this, you need bricks, carved from brown paper, should be placed on white paper, which is pre-plated the walls of the structure.
  10. Now you can "separate the brick" all the house outside.
  11. Once the glue is completely dry (the process of drying it may take several hours), you can act further.
  12. You can make a roof from cardboard. It is necessary to go around the roof so that the workshop looks harmonious. Its edges are recommended to be beaten, otherwise it is bad to stick to the base.
  13. Optionally, you can build a attic, cutting a small hole window, gluing the balcony railings and adding other parts if required.

A small mistress of a toy house for dolls will be delighted, finding furniture in it. For its manufacture, everything can be found in the house: cardboard, boxes from matches and other technicraft materials.

Finished tables, chairs, bath and other products can be painted or caught with colored paper. For the manufacture of toy food, it is recommended to use the plasticine, plumbing - foam, mirrors - foil, flooring - a fabric imitating the palace.

Puppet house per hour from cardboard box

This method has many advantages. Firstly, its use does not take away a lot of time, secondly, it does not require the cost of acquiring materials, thirdly, the finished structure can be completed.

For the manufacture of the gaming complex, this method will be needed:

  • Spacious box. Ideally, it should accommodate several floors for your favorite dolls of the child.
  • Scissors.
  • Cutter.
  • Color Scotch (if subsequently, the construction is not planned to be painted) or a painted analogue (if the finished product is subject to staining). Below is an example of the manufacture of a non-stained house with the use of green scotch.
  • White paint.
  • Decor elements. This may be, for example, wallpaper or gift packaging paper.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Cutting the box in half, remove the top folding elements from the resulting parts.
  2. In one of the details in the form of a triangle, cut the frontal roof, in the second - a small hole. The result is another floor with access to the staircase.
  3. Insert the details on the places. To do this, it is recommended to use scotch. You may also need glue.
  4. From the remaining part of the box to make rods for the roof and the next floor - now for the attic, then fix the details of the scotch. Also in the attic window you need to not forget to do a hole for the stairs.
  5. "Give" windows and the front door on the lower floor. It is recommended to first make a pencil mark.
  6. Changing out the staircase from the remaining material, fix them to the floors.
  7. Make a finish at home. Consider only a few ideas for its design: Draw a white marker Details of the tiles, paint the outer walls and the roof, make the imitation of window platbands, cautious walls, such as a cloth, to store the floor with linoleum.

Housewarming in a puppet house

The house for the doll is built, but it is still uncomfortable. Let's see what can be done:

  1. First, the floors are covered with dense tissue. Perfect pieces of artificial fur.
  2. Now hang curtains that are easy to cut from old tulle. For their attachment, fine copper wire is good.
  3. Pillows sew quite simply and can be filled with usual cotton wool.
  4. Similarly, upholstered furniture is done, while the pillows are placed on the basis of cardboard.
  5. Pictures on the walls, of course, drew a child. For them, it is necessary to cut rectangles from the cardboard a little more in size than the drawings, so the framework will turn out.

For the organization of furniture framework, use cardboard, plywood, thick paper, plastic trimming, etc. Rate how the chairs are obtained according to the proposed scheme.

In the manufacture of furniture for a puppet house you can do without fabric. From simple cardboard parts, wonderful chairs, sofas and beds are obtained.

In the kitchen it is appropriate to place a stove, refrigerator, table and lamp. Some different primary means are suitable. See how easy it is to make a plate of cardboard.

Suspended cabinets and household appliances easily glue from cardboard parts. For these purposes, it is convenient to use the adhesive gun.

Completely believable chairs are made of chopsticks from ice cream. The sticks are easily bursting while trying to cut them, so it is better to use a good knife or manual logby. Creares like this crafts is also convenient to the adhesive gun or you can use the usual glue.

The bright parrot in the cage, if not falling, then definitely makes the cuisine's landscape. Artificial flowers and fruits will complement the design. See photos and master classes.

Fruits and vegetables are easy to make from salted text. It is prepared from flour and salt, which take in equal proportions and mixed with water. From a steep dough to sculpt easier.

Products and dishes are comfortable to make plasticine. If the finished crafts are covered with varnish, they will become stronger and will not get dirty.

Do it yourself a big gaming house for a child

Children's complex for games, whose height exceeds 1 m, will take a child-preschooler for a long time and will not allow him to be bored. It is made according to sketches and patterns or from a bulk cardboard box, for example, from a refrigerator or washing machine. The optimal dimensions of such a structure are 80x80x120 cm. Some stores are available on sale special boxes called "to move". If they failed to find, you can purchase 2-3 liter of corrugated cardboard. For games, several children can be built with their own hands the game complex consisting of several rooms. To do this, it is necessary to bore 2-3 boxes of different sizes.

To work you need to cook:

  • corrugated cardboard;
  • scissors or stationery knife;
  • glue;
  • Scotch (best to take wide);
  • line;
  • Wallpaper (you can use those that remained after repair) or paper of any bright color;
  • the cloth;
  • markers;
  • colour pencils;
  • Adhesive pistol.

Instructions for making crafts:

  1. Draw a diagram and decide on the details. To work, use cardboard or 1-2 bulk boxes. The construction must be a four-colored with a bartal roof with open ends for free air circulation.
  2. Connect details using tape and glue.
  3. "Give" the door in the "hut". Its sizes should be such that the small owner of the cardboard dwelling can freely penetrate him.
  4. "Gask" windows, engrave the walls, painting them or saving wallpaper.

To create the original gaming complex, it is recommended to work on the templates downloaded from the Internet. The picture must be increased to the required size, cut the parts, stick corrugated cardboard and collect. For internal arrangement of the house you can also use ready-made schemes. The floor in the finished game complex is recommended to insulate a soft rug.

Cardboard House for Children with Pipe and Door

In work, do not do without:

  • Adhesive pistol.
  • Stationery knife.
  • Scissors.
  • Several boxes. They should be of different sizes: the most voluminous will serve as the basis of the structure, and the other two will be used for the manufacture of pipes and window frames.


  1. Cut parts of the largest box with which its cover is formed. These elements will go on the roof of the "Hope" roof.
  2. Putting the box to the bottom, cut the entrance door by means of the letter in the form of the letter "L".
  3. Cut holes that will serve as windows.
  4. Glue two details previously cut off from the box cover. A similar procedure should be done with two other elements. As a result, two halves will be obtained for the manufacture of the roof of the house.
  5. Cutting two broad bands from the cardboard, attach them to the window. In addition, the same strips can be made to create a window frame.
  6. Using small cardboard elements in the form of the letter "g", connect the halves of the roof. Similar way to fix it on the basis of the structure.
  7. Make a roof of smaller size. For this, the cardboard sheet of the required size is cut, and then glue it to the house on the same principle as the large roof - elements in the form of the letter "g".
  8. If necessary, cut into the door a small window, gluing the frame to it.
  9. Build a pipe. To do this, take a small box or glue into a small box four identical details from cardboard. So that the pipe joined the roof of the "hut", you need to cut off the tags previously done on a small box. To simplify the task, it is recommended to press a box to the roof from the side, and then the pencil lay the lines. After fixing the pipe to the roof, you can close it with a cardboard cover and glue the bushing from toilet paper.
  10. Make a door handle, for example, from cardboard. In addition, you can use your accessory service.

The house is a fabulous mill for kids

To create such a fabulous fabrication, you need to cook:

  • roomy boxes;
  • Scotch;
  • scissors;
  • stationery knife.

In the manufacture of crafts, you need to follow the following procedure:

  1. To the bulk box, which will serve as walls and floor, to attach the roof from above. For this, of its two large elements, for example, bonded with each other of two sides it is necessary to make a triangle and fix the design of the scotch. From the remaining parts of the box, cut the fronton in accordance with the roof parameters and glue with scotch.
  2. In the roof cut hole-indoor windows.
  3. Slip in the front of the window.
  4. In one of the ends (or in several) cut the door. So that it fully functioned, it is recommended to unwind in the place of the planned door attachment to the wall of the structure. It is necessary to smack the rubbing scotch. After that, it is necessary to cut the door along the remaining three sides, fully open it and sneak a scotch fog.
  5. If necessary, build shutters for attic and frontal windows, as well as for any other holes.
  6. Make a sketch of pipes, for example, such as in the photo. For the markup of its correct bevel, it is recommended to use the corners remaining from the cutting of the fronton.
  7. Credit the pipe scotch. Applying to the roof, circle and cut a hole for it.
  8. Fix the pipe on the roof of Scotch.

How to make a house for children's games from sheets of cardboard

You can make a complex for the child for a child from ordinary cardboard sheets. They will need a lot. The size of each cardboard part must be approximately 80x100 cm. Also need:

  • stationery knife;
  • Scotch (better use wide);
  • line;
  • pencil.

From a dense material, it is necessary to cut the details of the future house, as shown in the photo below. After that, it will only remain insert them into each other into the cuts made.

Decorative design and decoration of children's house

The house from the gray cardboard box does not look like better images. A good option is to leave his walls with clipping walls. Children of preschool age is completely able to decorate the walls of the construction of paints or gouache. Suitable mascara, and marker. There are all colored paper, and decorative stickers of it will decorate the house in the best way.

The bulk structure of the roof or walls is convenient to create with semicircular elements cut from cardboard. So it turns out the tile, and siding. Decorative elements of different colors will make the coating expressive.

Furniture inside can be made or just draw. A piece of foil will serve as an excellent imitation of the mirror. Colored paper and trimming wallpaper - Wonderful trim for walls. The battery, switch and LED will provide lighting in the house and give it a special charm in the evening.

Master class on making house for dolls from a cardboard box

Olesya Balagar Master class on making house for dolls from a cardboard box

Master class on making house for dolls from a cardboard box

I bring to your attention, colleagues, Master class on the manufacture of a puppet house . I have long been going for my favorite pupils to make Dollhouse , and now, finally, I had a split system at home, and the guys House for dolls from a split system box .

Stage 1. At the first stage, I cut one front side boxes , on top of U. There was no wall box . But it is very important to cut the wall not at the corners boxes , and leaving a little to The house was stronger . In the photo it can be seen

Stage 2. I made the separation of the first and second floor, as well as the partition on the first floor. All partitions are made of wall boxes which we cut off at the beginning. You can proceed to internal works

3 stage. Wallpaper was glued on the walls, just left after repair, and on the floors glued the self-stile film. On the first floor, one-picture beige wallpaper, the second is brighter with flowers, the film color under the tree.

4 stage. And of course decor : from calendars I made two Pictures That wonderfully fit into the interior of the second floor, curtains appeared on the windows. And a lot of important is the facade of the building. I had to external side boxes To paint the brown gouache and draw bricks, now the house is almost like real - with internal and exterior trim. It remains for small - furniture!

5 stage. The final stage is the placement of furniture.

House Ready - Guys are happy!

Thank you all for your attention.

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How to make a puppet lodge with your own hands - ideas from different materials

Happy childhood is a complete interesting toy room. A variety and wide range came to replace the Soviet deficit, so every baby can find yourself a toy to taste. Girls especially love puppet houses: large or compact, equipped with furniture or empty, fabulous locks or realistic dwellings.

Purchased houses for dolls is always beautiful, often qualitatively, but often expensive. Loving parents have an excellent chance to save a little and at the same time give their baby a unique toy.

Make a puppet house with your own hands is not so difficult, because you can find dozens of master classes, tips and recommendations for the manufacture of such a structure from any material. Just choose the appropriate option and make a little effort.

Dollhouses for children: mastwork themselves

The uniqueness made by their own hands of puppet houses consists not only in their uniqueness, but also in the ability to get closer to his child. Mastery such a structure is better together with the baby: interested in her opinion, together to draw a plan at home, choose furniture, equip the home as a present. According to the general opinion of psychologists, such joint activities will benefit and parents and child.

Make a house for the doll is easy, but the child's impressions will be for a whole year. A puppet home made by parents, you can brag about friends, to the same way to play it much more interesting.

A classic dollhouse does not have an overhead wall so that the child is more convenient to play with dolls located in it. The homemade house can be different: without a wall, with a migrating wall with a curtain, with a real opening wall.

The choice of this or that option depends on the size of the house and the room, in which the toy will stand, the age of the baby and the structural features of the structure itself. Wooden or cardboard houses can be provided with a spectacular closing wall, but the dwelling is traditionally made open.

The dimensions of the future doll house also depend on a number of factors. It is necessary to take into account the age of the baby who will play with dolls: young children are difficult to use bulky products, while the grown kids love large toys with a lot of details.

Be sure to consider the size of the children's room or the room in which the toy will stand. A massive house may be too cumbersome, will interfere and in the end will go to the balcony.

Little puppet house in box

A compact toy is the perfect option that is not too troublesome and long to do, it does not take up much space, but to play with such a house for dolls is no less interesting.

Big puppet house

Houses for dolls from different materials

Houses for dolls are made of everything - from the tree to cardboard folders for papers. The latitude of opportunities gives parents a chance to create a unique, original product for his baby, which will take into account the interests and preferences of a particular child.

Kids will be more suitable compact soft houses from the fabric, for children 3-6 years old - light cardboard houses, and younger schoolchildren are solid buildings from plywood or old furniture.

But it is not enough to make a beautiful house - it is also necessary to equip it: decorated walls and floors, arrange furniture, add accessories, settle the dolls. Self-made puppet house is constant creativity: the search for new solutions, adding original parts and the settlement of new residents who need new rooms and additional furniture.

Psychologists advise to use the creation and arrangement of such a dollhouse as an ideal means of communication with the child, because during the game you can find the points of contact and it is better to understand each other.

From cardboard boxes

Houses from plywood, laminate, wood

A lot of requirements are made to the puppet house: the child needs a bright and interesting product, Mom cares about the environmental friendliness of the toy, and dad - about the strength of the structure. It is unreliability that is the main problem of purchased doll houses that do not always withstand the active games of moving babies.

Dollhouse of wood

Make a house for dolls from laminate or plywood means to get the original, creative and durable accommodation for all kids dolls.

Plywood House Designer

Council. Qualitative schemes found in the network schemes with a neat finish will look no worse than the purchase. And his uniqueness and unusual details will make such a toy when pride.

Toy House Laminate House

To make a durable and beautiful house for dolls, laminate or paneur (at least 7 mm thick), the prepared schemes are displaced in advance and securely fasten with imperceptible corners and small cloves, then sample with carbon black glue to ensure the strength of the entire design.

Glue will also help eliminate all the gaps that may look unattractive and become the loss of small details of toys. After the house body is assembled, you can start the finish: the perfect option for walls, gender and ceiling is a self-adhesive film.

Houses for plywood dolls

Tens of affordable colors and textures make it possible to create a dream house in any style. Such a house is very durable, so it is able to withstand not only light cardboard or plastic furniture, but also more reliable wooden parts.

Houses of boxes or cardboard

The ideal option for joint creativity is the creation of a house for dolls from cardboard boxes. Its dimensions can be any: tiny figures will be cozy in a box from under shoes, the box is more suitable for a box from under the vacuum cleaner, and if you wish a puppet mansion - look for a box from under a washing machine or refrigerator.

House for dolls from boxes

Council. A large house can be done not from one, but from several small boxes, thoroughly bonded with each other. Such a structure can have several floors and rooms, a spacious attic and even a basement.

Cardboard doll house

Working with the box begins with the removal of one of the walls, as well as the installation of partitions between the rooms. The hollow box becomes a blank for the future of the house: walls, floor and ceiling decorated with paper, you can place plastic furniture on the rooms, which the house will withstand.

Such a dwelling for dolls is attractive with its light weight, so rearrange him to another room or take out in the summer to the street completely simple.

In addition, in such a doll house it is easy to repair: it is enough to purchase several sheets of design paper and is already ready for a new interior. It is usually such a construction so fonds that adults and children begin to make the furniture and decor for dolls without stopping.

Mastery of the house can be not only from finished boxes, but also from sheet cardboard: you will need patterns, glue, scissors and colored paper, as well as fantasy and desire to turn a boring brown cardboard in a real fabulous castle.

Dollhouses from cardboard boxes do it yourself

Dominics from plasterboard

Make a house for dolls is the easiest thing when the apartment is repaired. A huge number of building materials allows without special costs to build a completely attractive dwelling for dolls of any size.

At the same time, the puppet house will resemble a reduced copy of the apartment, because for its decoration you can use the remnants of real wallpaper, laminate, linoleum and even tiles.

To make a full-fledged drywall house, you will need a scheme of details and the material itself. Carefully revealing plasterboard connects in small corners, and then the walls are putty and painted (or wicked with wallpaper). Such a house looks like a real, especially if you observe the layout of the rooms, as in the present housing.

Houses from old furniture

Make a great puppet house for your child can be from old furniture, which has long been dust in the garage or on the balcony. Old Dresser, Detail of the kitchen headset or part of the bookcase after simple transformations can turn into an attractive and interesting house for dolls.

Council. A significant advantage of such a house is its dimensions, allowing the opportunity to use large toys, as well as the presence of doors: all dolls will sit in the closet, and the room will be the perfect order.

To turn the old cabinet in a stylish toy, you will need help your dad or grandfather, because it will be necessary to cut the jigsaw windows, rearrange the shelves or change the configuration of the cabinet content by adding partitions. For the maximum comfort of the playing child, all surfaces are thinning with a thin layer of putty, which also allows the house to look more attractive.

The final finish of the finished house is entrusted to the mother, which, together with the baby, chooses wallpapers for all rooms, flooring, furniture and decor. Walls at home can be simply painted, you can stick with wallpaper, colored or packaging paper.

In the interior of such a puppet home, it looks great or independently made of furniture: cabinets of boxes, sofas from juice packages, cardboard racks and soap boxes.

Photo: Gaming house in a suitcase

Houses from fabric or stationery folders

Fabric doll houses are a great option for kids 2-5 years. At this age, the child needs cognitive and safe toys, and the dwelling for dolls from the fabric is absolutely safe. Fabric house can be two types: a suspended version with a folding shelves or a house-handbag, which is folded into a full-fledged housing. Both options look worthy and deserve attention.

Fabric houses

The fabric house is attached to the wall and does not take place in the folded form, so it is chosen for small children's rooms or small apartments.

Gaming house from folder for papers

Sew such house for even a newcomer:

  • It is necessary to make a dense rear wall with thematic pattern,
  • provide a place for future shelves-room,
  • sew "Paul rooms" and put inside cardboard,
  • Send an improvised floor with one edge to the base and fasten with ribbon or ribbons in a horizontal position,
  • Choose light furniture, soft dolls and settling the house.

Sew a house for dolls in the form of a handbag is a little more complicated: it will take the details scheme, a multi-colored fabric, wall filler, decor for decoration and skill to work with a sewing machine or hand needle.

Since the walls of such a house must be solid, a plastic mesh or cardboard plays the role of the basis, which should be wrapped with a soft material (cotton, thin foam or sheet synthetic), and follow the selected cloth. The house walls can be decorated with ribbons, buttons, appliqué, embroidery - make a toy interesting for a child of any age.

A slightly easier way to create an entertaining home is the use of stationery folders as the basis of the house. Such a dwelling for dolls resembles a book with bright pictures, which can become a platform for active children's games.

Make such a toy easily: the folder from the inside is punctured with beautiful paper, imitating wallpaper, glue furniture from above - that's ready room. 3-4 vertically standing folders are already similar to the real house in which the dolls can be found.

Any puppet house that parents can make for their baby will be an original creation suitable for the game and child development. Large or compact, durable or soft, fabulous or realistic, such a house is a great daughter gift or son on any holiday.

House for dolls do it yourself: drawings with dimensions

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Hello everyone! Tell me when you give your crumbs to the toy, do you think where she will live? Believe me, the baby thinks exactly about it. And all because he projects his life on them. He is played during the day, like a toy, but the evening comes and the little must go to the crib. What about his ward? What to do with him? To deliver your child a pleasure, continue the game and teach Karapuz to order, let's find out how to make a house for dolls from the box with your own hands. House for dolls from the box with your own hands

Preparation for the creation of an apartment for dolls

Before proceeding to work, decide what exactly you will create. In the box "Walls" already exist. It remains to make them similar to the place of residence. Dimensions of the house can be different: it can be a two-story or one-story, with one or more rooms; Brushed homemade or purchased furniture.

What materials and tools will be needed for work:

  • Cardboard boxes;
  • Glue;
  • Colored paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Pencil;
  • Line.

When everything you need is assembled, you can start making.

First house

I recommend stretching on a small house from one room. Then he is not so sorry to throw it, and children quickly all bother. Look at what kind of cute and comfortable, although small. Pictures are increased by clicking.

But what a little cute house, even without wallpaper, it looks worthy, but what if you hang the curtains, throw a couple of pillows, lay a carpet? By the way, the carpet and pillows are easiest to do from felt. And not necessarily sew! Felt is easy to glue with a torque or hot gun.

As soon as you get tired, you can build at least a castle, at least a country villa. You already have experience, hand naked.

"Build" a house

From me a detailed master class with a photo. I hope he will help you!

  • Let's start with the fact that we will collect all the boxes to imagine how our model will look like.
  • If the boxes are not the same size or you want to complicate yourself and your baby task, and make holes for windows and doors, then you should make a drawing.
  • It is desirable, before finishing to connect all the details of the house, each box is prepared separately. What should I do for this? Plug the walls, gender and ceiling of each "room". Cut windows and doors. To enclose a cardboard box, a wrapping paper is suitable, oilcloth, wallpaper, colored paper, fabric, etc. It will prettier to look like a combination of different materials and colors. House for dolls from the box with your own hands
  • After all the boxes are ready, you can stick them alone to another on a predetermined scheme. The easiest is to glue with hot glue.
  • It remains to decorate the apartment of the doll, fill it with furniture and beautiful things. To decide how to do it best, focus on what kind of doll you build it. For example, Barbie loves pink colors. Her style is the style of the princess. In furniture, in the setting, chandelier, photos and other details, this should all be reflected. You can not only make curtains on the windows, but also decorate their miniature bowls, etc. Agree with the curtains home immediately becomes cozy! Curtains for a dollhouse
  • Do not leave the roof too. It can be placed by cloth or paper. You can even print the colored background of the roof and glue to the cardboard. And there are other options: from buttons, from disposable plates, from color cardboard. Puppet roofBeautiful tile is obtained from cardboard Puppet roof

Karapuz help will fully depend on how interested parents are interested and involved in the process. Therefore, manifest your creative processes, prepare a fairy tale or an interesting story of your crumb. Tell him a certain job or ask him about the crafts.


Of course, the furniture dolls are simply necessary! Yes, and playing with an empty house is not interesting. What can you come up with?

Bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture can be made of paper in origami technique, glue from cardboard and repent, but the most cozy and beautiful option is upholstered furniture from cardboard, foam rubber and fabric. It is possible to glue everything on the usual PVA, though to dry it will be long. Instead of the foam rubber, you can take a synthet or batting, on the extreme case of cotton.

Bed MK

Cardboard Dolls Bed

Step-by-step photos of manufacture - increase when clicking:


Photos are increased by clicking


The kitchen can be filled with a fridge, stove, worktop, beautiful chandelier and dining table. Cardboard and ice cream sticks are suitable as materials.

If there are 3 d handle, then you can make furniture from plastic.

Cardboard stove

Cardboard doll stove


Lockers, shelves, fridge just make from cardboard. Bloom comfortably hot glue.

Furniture for kitchen

Furniture - chairs, the table is very beautiful from sticks from ice cream. You can cut such wands with large scissors, just carefully, they can crack in half. You can glue the glue times or hot.

Trivia for kitchen

You can land in the kitchen bird in a cage, put a box with fruit or with flowers. Detailed master classes in the photo. Increase in clicking.

Fruits, vegetables, dishes

Fruits, vegetables, dishes are easiest all Make from plasticine . In order for the product does not get dirty and did not lose shape, it is covered with a transparent nail polish.

You can make vegetables from salt dough - They dry and look like a toy store. From Play Blow Also make meals, but after drying the play, it gives cracks. Therefore, I prefer to make salt dough: 1 cup of flour + 1 cup shallow salt + water, kneading very cool dough.

Also a very good option - Air self-hardening plasticine (new material). It is cheap, bright when it is frozen elastic than it looks like a solid rubber. Lepim like from ordinary plasticine and leave to dry overnight.

Interesting ideas for a puppet house

Some toys are already included with the house, for example, the lol dolls it is just fabulous. From it you can copy some ideas. For example, the fact that the apartment is not limited to only the area of ​​individual rooms, and the lower floor usually performs. And you can do at all the courtyard in front of a house with a chaise longue and flowers.

house for dolls do it yourself
house for dolls do it yourself

Another interesting idea is a bag house. This option is especially convenient when you plan to travel with kids. It is only necessary to attach a handle and "shutters", which close the house, and the mobile version is ready. Bag-house for dolls

If you like to sew, then the perfect version of the soft bag is a fabric house.

And one moment. Have you thought that your handicraft is just the beginning? Over time, all new and new rooms can appear in which other toys will live.

Create, please the baby and wonder how the talented kroch you have! I hope you enjoy spending time with your child, and you can develop your friendship with him. I suggest and with our site make friends so to always be aware of the last articles! Subscribe and receive messages about what you can read on the site. Do not forget to tell your acquaintances about what you will find out.

To new meetings. Bye Bye!

I want to share with you the stages of creating such a cardboard masterpiece.

This was done by the work of cardboard and tissue art for my daughter. It was done at night and during daytime dreams. Silets in the strictest mystery. It was done where it would have. Basically on the floor, since the house in the end turned out to be large, about 60 cm in height and 50 cm in width. Therefore, all my gestures around the house reminded whether the shaman dance, whether the classes of yoga, whether something else with the mandatory mark of 18+

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 1

To build a house I needed:

1. Cardboard boxes (supplier - My mom, thank you).

Boxes used different. Three boxes of approximately 50x30x20 cm. We left directly to the house itself. These boxes were stronger (as mailboxes or boxes from under household appliances). A lot of ordinary gray boxes. I used them to strengthen the walls, floors, ceilings and roofs of the house.

2. Fabric cotton and furniture artificial suede - to glue the walls, ceiling, floor and roof house.

3. Glue "Titan" and adhesive pencil.

4. Pencil, ruler, stationery knife or cutter, stationery clamps.

5. Various circles and ribbons for the final decor.

And now more about those Cames of Kamasutra Asanast Yoga, which I learned for a week work on a house.

Asana Pose 1. On the floor. Preparation of cardboard blanks.

Cardboard lies on the floor. You sit next. In the hands of a pencil, a ruler, cutter.

Cut the cover from the main boxes. In the walls of one of the boxes cut the window. From one box, cut out the third floor-semi-immantion. Carefully remove the sizes from the boxes from the inner and view. Cut from gray boxes rectangles for the outer and inner lining of the house. In order not to get confused, what then glued, make the mark on the boxes and cardboard blanks.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 2

Asana Pose 2. At the table. Purchase the blanks with a cloth.

Billets lie on the table. You sit on a chair. In the hands of glue, scissors.

Cut from the fabric rectangle size with the desired billet plus a bend allowance 2-3 cm. On each side.

About how to make neat corners, I spied in this master class . It is very detailed and clearly written. I will describe the process more briefly.

First glue cuts on two opposite long sides. I glued to the adhesive pencil. Thin cotton stuck perfectly.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 3

Cut on the edges of the triangle, not reaching the edge of 2 mm.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 4

We glue first a corner to the fabric.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 5

Then we glue cuts.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 6

That's such a neat corner turned out.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 7

Asana Pose 3. At the table. We make a wall with a window.

Billets lie on the table. You sit on a chair. In the hands of glue, scissors, clamps.

First we do the same as with a conventional rectangular workpiece. Only this time the fabric I took the furniture, thick. It is better to glue it to "Titan" and the corners additionally fix the stationery clamps.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 8

After the corners are dried, we remove the clips. We do in the window section Cross-cross.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 9

Lubricate cardboard glue.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 10

Print the corner. Fix clamp.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 11

And so on all four sides.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 12

Asana Pose 4. On the floor. We make the inner far part of the top floor-half-gangs.

The billet lies on the fabric on the floor. You sit next to, wrapped your legs somewhere. In the hands of scissors and glue.

We cut out of the fabric here is such a detail taking into account points.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 13

We glue the bottom slice first. Then one cut from above.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 14

We glue the second cut, just bending the corner.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 15

Side sections are glued so. Where sections go at a right angle, make up the corner as described earlier. Where cut under a stupid angle, just bend the cloth.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 16

Asana Pose 5. On the floor. Making roof.

Cardboard lies on the floor. You sit next to, wrapped your legs somewhere. In the hands of a pencil, a ruler, cutter, scissors, glue and clips.

Cut from gray cardboard a solid part equal to the length of both roofs + 5 cm on each side. Width is equal to the depth of the house. Bend in half.

From dense cardboard, cut 2 parts of the roof. The length is 1/2 of the length of the part of the gray cardboard minus 0.5 cm. This is the inner part of the roof.

Unlock details on the fabric. The details of the inside unfolding on the fabric so that there is a small gap between them.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 17

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 18

We glue cuts in a well-known way. Let dry. Glue parts with each other. But only one half.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 19

We make such a triangle of cardboard and fabric.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 20

Lubricate two sides with glue.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 21

And glue to the inside of the roof.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 22

We glue the second half of the roof.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 23

Asana Pose 6. On the floor. Interior lining of the house.

Box lies on the floor. You sit next. In the hands of glue, blanks, clips.

We prepare the desired box / floor and interior walls, floor, ceiling.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 24

First we glue the long floor of the floor. Then the floor and the ceiling. Then the side walls. At the top floor glit only the floor. Rear and side walls will insert a little later.

We glue the floors with each other and fix the clamps.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 25

Asana Pose 7. On the floor. Plug the back of the house.

The house lies on the fabric on the floor. You sit next to squatting or stand on all fours. It is possible to alternate squatting with knees. In the hands of scissors, glue, clamps.

We try to cut the furniture suede. We cut a rectangle in length equal to the altitude of the house plus its depth with a small allowance near the roof plus a small supply of fabric from below just in case. The width of the rectangle is the width of the house plus a bend allowance.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 26

Cut the corners of the suede rectangle, leaving a bend allowance. Cut the corner at the roof and wall slide. We glue the roof cuts. Fix clips.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 27

Asana Pose 8. On the table. We continue to puncture the back of the house.

The most comfortable Pose Asana. The house lies on the table. You are standing nearby. In the hands of scissors and glue.

At the base we do an incision.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 28

We glue a cut to the side walls. I was lucky with this suede. She immediately glued well and did not even try to fall off on the first seconds of gluing.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 29

Asana Pose 9. On the table. Purchase the base of the house.

Continuation of the most comfortable poses of Asana. The house lies on the table. You are standing near the face to the base of the house. In the hands of scissors and glue.

Once again trying the fabric to the box.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 30

We smear glue box and glue a cloth. If the excess fabric remains, cut it.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 31

Cut the corner at the junction of the wall and base. We glue cuts to the side walls of the house.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 32

Here is a corner.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 33

Asana Pose 10. On the table. Purchase the half-gang.

The house continues to lie on the table. You are standing near the roof. In the hands of glue.

We glue the back wall. For some reason, she did not want to stick away. I had to press wooden storage.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 34

Insert the side walls. Fix clips.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 35

Asana Pose 11. On a stool with a transition to the table. We make partitions.

This Pose Asana requires good physical training. Billets lie on a stool. You sit next to the second stool. The house lies on the table. In the hands of glue.

Partitions - an important element of the design. Especially if the store boxes are rather long. They carry the function of the carrier wall. Well, share the floor on the room. In them, you can cut the door-arches, but I have enough cutting and gluing two windows.

So. We take two pre-cut and attached blanks and glue them with each other.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 36

Like this.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 37

We try on the floor. We welt the ends with glue and insert the partition. It is important to aim and get there, where you need from the first time. And then then cleaned glue from the cloth to clean ... it is better to aim and get :)

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 38

Asana Pose 12. On the floor. Purchase the walls of the house outside.

The house lies on the floor. You sit next. In the hands of glue and clips.

Loss of glue facing detail.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 39

Printe. Fix clips.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 40

So that the wall glued everywhere well, you need to put a house on the side. With its weight, he will fit the facing to the wall well.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 41

Asana Pose 13. On the floor. Decor of the window opening and all edges of the walls.

The house lies on the floor. You are standing next to all fours, squatting. In the hands of scissors, glue, ribbons and circulars.

There is already your taste. Put the window openings, ends of the walls, ceilings, floors, floors and circulats.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 42

Asana Pose 14. On the floor. We glue the roof.

Another comfortable Pose Asana. The house stands on the floor. You are standing nearby. In the hands of scissors, glue, crawls, roof.

You can first glue wide lace or sewing.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 43

And then wrapping the ends of the walls and the rods of the roof of the half-estate and wear the roof from above.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 44

The edge of the roof decorate lace.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 45

And a bows.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 46

Asana Pose 15. On the sofa. Let's admire the result.

The most super comfortable Pose Asana. The house stands on the table. You are lying on the couch / sit in a chair with a cup of coffee. In the hands of a cup of coffee.

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 47

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 48

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 49

Mastery puppet house from cardboard boxes, photo № 50

Thank you all for your attention.

Your home-building yoga Svetlana Oparin.

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