How to Make Mask Lady Bag and Super Cat from Foamyran -

To create masks you will need:

- FOAMIRAN (FOM EVA, FOM) of any color. You need this material, because it can be thermal influence.

- scissors;

- acrylic paint of black and red;

- paint brushes;

- hair curling forceps;

- Means for decoupage or transparent nail fixer.

The size of the individuals are different, so first measure the approximate width of the future mask on yourself (from the temple to the temple), and already knowing this distance draw your mask pattern.

Apply the mask pattern to the Foamiran sheet and the circle of it. Cut the mask pattern already from Foamyran. Take tongs for hair and put them warm at the average temperature. When the tongs are warm up give mask the desired shape, see how it is done in the video.

Attention! Use tongs for hair curling only with parental permission.

When the mask will cool the cutting mask acrylic paint. Do not forget to take care of the cleanliness of the workplace and close it with pre-paper, film or newspaper. After the paint dry out the cutting to the decoupage or a transparent nail fixer.

A mask for a mask can be glued to super glue or adhesive gun.

Approximate schemes of masks Lady Bug and Super Cat:

How to make a mask lady bug and a super cat from FoamiranHow to make a mask lady bug and a super cat from Foamiran

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Lady Bag - the heroine of the animation series "Lady Bug and Super Cat." She is a heroine with unique abilities and treasure to establish justice. Naturally, she. As with other fighters with evil, a mask is needed. Make this attribute is very simple. To begin with, we need a template of the simplest carnival mask:

Cut the mask of thick paper, or cardboard. The second instance of the mask cut out of fine red colored paper, the one can be ideal for which can be found in crafts. After that, it will be necessary to decorate the product with black semicircles and the circle like this:

I will cut three circles from black paper, two we cut in pressure and glue a red mask.

Now fasten the elastic band on the cardboard mask, after which it takes the finished red into the polka dot top. As a result, we get this product:

Well, who of modern children does not know such a superhero as Lady Bag. The fanage on it is not only girls, but also boys, so it is not at all surprising that today the cartoon in question is located on the leading positions in the top of the most popular multiplications of modernity. Let's deal with you today, how do it yourself make a lady bug mask and what materials can be used in this process.


Tools and materials for creating mask Lady Bag

The owner of such a mask wants to become, probably, every modern girl, because the super heroine is a mud of many. Let's first decide on materials and tools that can be useful in the process under consideration:

  • Foamiran. This is the best option to create a mask needed us, it is clear that you can replace it with any other material, ranging from ordinary fabric, ending with velvet, but if we talk about the perfect execution of the lady bug mask, then the material in question will become exactly the one that Need in this case. This material cannot be called expensive, it's easy to find it mono not in every studio and fabric store, but you can easily order its right on the Internet. It should be understood that the Foamiran is a material that reacts perfectly to the processing of thermal type, unlike any other similar material.
  • Scissors. Without this tool in the process under consideration, it is easy to do not do, because it will need to cut the items, and it is very careful and for sure. It is better to use very thin and sharp scissors to use everything, as it should be.
  • Paints. The optimal option in this case is precisely acrylic paints. If there is no such opportunity, other paints are suitable, which will be able to decorate our lady bug mask. Here we need two colors - red and black, because these colors are the main and only in the image of the super hero under consideration.
  • Brushes. Here it will be relevant to the use of brushes of any thickness and any size, if only you would be convenient to use it.
  • Thugs for curling on hair. This device should not buy specifically, if suddenly you will not have such an instrument at hand, ask about its presence from your friends or neighbors, someone will definitely have.

  • Decapage or nail fixer. The main thing is that this means is transparent completely.

When we decided on all materials and tools, you can move to the direct manufacture of the mask under consideration. It is quite easy to do it, but the work is quite thin, so it's better to let such a thing, an adult will be engaged, and not a child.


Making Mask Lady Bag

It is clear that the size of the person among each person is individual, therefore, before proceeding to the direct process of manufacturing the mask under consideration, it is necessary to measure the person who you do this mask. In this case, it is necessary to measure the length of the right temple to the left (or, on the contrary, it will not change anything exactly).

The process of manufacturing mask Lady Bag looks like this:

  • First you need to draw a template, that is, and the paper is a regular pencil you draw all the details of the mask and see visually, as it will look in the future.
  • We take a sheet of Foamyran and apply your template to it, and carefully circle along the contour.
  • Now cut the phoamyran pattern. It is necessary to do it slowly and confidently that the mask gets smooth and symmetrical.
  • Now put on the heating of nippers for hair, the temperature should not be too high. As soon as the device is heated to the temperature you exhibit, you can give a mask the desired shape, that is, spend on the entire surface, rounded slightly on the sides. It is easy to do so, so there should be no difficulties in this process. The main thing is that you do not burn your fingers.
  • After the mask will cool a little, you can move to the next stage of manufacture, namely, repaint our mask to the color you need. In order for the mask to get similar to the original, you must first draw all the details, and then only decorate them.

  • Draw on the mask smooth circles, the same in size, distributing them all over the surface of the future mask.
  • Now we raise the circles in black, and the rest of the surface of the mask is apart in red.
  • The next step is waiting until the mask is completely dry and then you need to cover its surface from the edge to the edge with a transparent nail polish or a means for decoupage, depending on what will be at your hand or what it will be more profitable to purchase.
  • Conducted to the medium under consideration, a manufactured mask must be carefully, not missing a single millimeter, because the appearance of a lady's lady made from the quality of the coating will depend on the quality of the coating and its durability, so we will take this process seriously and with all attentiveness.

It remains only to attach the gum so that the mask is holding - and the mask is ready for operation.

In order to in the process of making a lady bug mask, you have not spoiled the surface on which you do it, it is better to cover it with a glued newspaper or unnecessary sheets of paper.

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