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  • ����� ��� ���� - 1 �;
  • ����� ��� ������ - 50 ��;
  • ����� ��� ������� � ������ - 30 ��;
  • ����� ��� ������� ������ - 50 ��;
  • ����� ��� ��������� - 50 ��;
  • ������ ����������� ����� - 5 �;
  • ���� ����������� ����� - 16 �;
  • ����� ���������� ������;
  • ������������� ���;
  • �������� - 25 �� .;
  • ������;
  • ������, 4 ����� (�4).

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  • ������ ��� (��);
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  • ������ ���������� (��);
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  • ������ ���������� (��);
  • ������ ������ (��);
  • ������ ������ (�� �������).


� ������� ������ - ��� ������. ������, �.�. �������, �������� ���������� ������. ������ - ������, ������� �����. ����:

  • ����������� ������������ �������� (���� �� ��� ������);
  • ���������� ��������:
  • �� ����� �1 ����������� ����� ������ ���������;
  • �� �� ����� ������ �� ����� �, ����� ��������� �� ������� ��� ���� ���� ������.

�������� ������!

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  • ������������� ����� ������� ��� ������ ����������� ���� �;
  • ������� ������;
  • ������� ����� ������ ������ ������ ��������� � ��������� � �� ���������� �����.

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  • ��������� ������ � ������ ��� ������ ������� ��������.

������ ������ ������ ����������. �� ��� �������� ����������, � ���� � � ������� ���������� �� ���. ��� ������ ���������� ����������.


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  • �� ������ ����� ��� ������ ������� �������� ��� ������ - ��� � � �������� ����� 8, 3 ��;
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  • ��������� ������ �� �����;
  • ��������� � �������� ������ ������� �� �����������;
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������ �����!


������� ������� �������� gusar.pdf [436.98 Kb]

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How to sew a children's carnival costume of a hussar with your own hands using ready-made patterns

In childhood, most girls and boys, walking on the street in their yard, played nightingales-robbers and war girls. Each child imagined himself as a scout behind enemy lines, or as a lieutenant from a hussar regiment.

At the matinee in the garden, will your son be in the role of a bunny again?

Bright and spectacular hussar robes look much more original than the usual hare coat and ponytail.

A brave cavalryman, captor of ladies' hearts and protector of ordinary people - this is who a real hussar is. And even if your baby is still small, it will still look very courageous in shape.

Today we want to present you an interesting master class on making a hussar uniform with your own hands.

Easier to do than to pronounce

A real hussar costume consists of the following main parts:

chikchirs doloman or hussar jacket shako (hussar headdress) mentik boats.

From these names, the language can be broken. But since you are collecting your child in the garden for a festive matinee, and not in a cavalry regiment, the three main parts of the hussar uniform will be quite enough, namely dolman, chikchira and shako.

This is not a leather jacket for you!

Doloman is a short, up to the waist, single-breasted cloth jacket with a stand-up collar. Among the officers' ranks, it is still embroidered with a gold hole. By the way, the hussars wore a mentik over the dolman - also a short jacket, but not made of cloth, but warmer and lined with fur.

In order to sew a dolman at home, you need a thick red or blue fabric. Now carefully read the following drawing of the hussar dolman:

Transfer this pattern and trace it on a thick fabric in the color you want. Be sure to leave 1cm of space on all sides for the seams. Stitch and overcast shoulder and side seams. Do the same with the bottom seams of the sleeves - stitch and overcast. Stitch the sleeves to the base of the jacket and overcast the seams.

Fold the 2 collar pieces face to face and sew along the concave edge and ends. Now turn the collar right side out and iron it well. Place the collar on the front and stitch over the jacket. Overcast seam seams. Grind the sides with piping, and then process the loops. Now you need to sew on the buttons. Bend the bottom of the jacket and sleeves.

The eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing

The turn has come to get acquainted with the following drawing:

Now you will need a decorative gold-colored cord or braid. It will need to be stitched on a dolman, along the lines marked on the drawing. If you do not want the edges of the braid or gold cord not to crumble, then singe them carefully using matches or a lighter.

Observe safety measures when working with fire!

Sew buttons on the outer edges of the gold laces, preferably gold.

Are chikchirs and leggings the same thing?

Chikchirs are hussar trousers. Although the first Hungarian hussars had narrow leggings instead of trousers. But you and I are making a uniform from elements that are more traditional for us.

If you do not want the chikchir to take a long time to make, then it is easiest to make them from simple trousers, but not wide ones. It is enough to sew stripes around the edges, using the same braid or gold cord, as in Dolman.

You can choose the color yourself. Gray or black pants will look more casual, but white looks more elegant.

Buy or sew? That's the question.

Have you decided to sew a hussar costume completely with your own hands? Do not back down, the dolman is already ready, now let's take up the trousers. These chikchirs are easier to sew than dolman.

Cut out the required parts of the pants from the fabric. Sew the side seams. Now sew, or better stitch (this will be much faster) a yellow or gold braid.

Sew a knot on the front of the pants. Sew all the crotch seams and overcast, do the same with the middle seams of the trousers. Overcast the cut of the strips. To keep the trousers in place, you need to bend the top and sew in an elastic band.

Dress the hussar in sneakers!

The jacket and trousers are already ready, but your hussar is not yet wearing shoes. Sneakers, sneakers or regular boots are not compatible with the military uniform of a cavalryman.

Traditionally, hussars wore boots - low boots with a black wool tassel. But such shoes are rarely found anywhere in our time. Therefore, if you still did not manage to put your hussar in leather boots, then we will help you find a way out of this situation.

Let's make the tops of thick black fabric (cloth, leatherette) or even thick black paper.

Cut out the bootlegs from the drawing. Sew along the edges, at equal distances from each other, with Velcro fasteners.

Put on the chikchira gusara, then regular shoes, tuck your pants into them. Gently put on and fasten the bootlegs over the pants and then you will feel that the hussar chikchirs are tucked into real boots.

A little tip: the boots must be the same color as the bootleg. That is, if the child does not have black shoes, but there are, for example, dark blue, then make the boot to match the color of the shoe. As a last resort, paint your shoes with black wax if you are sure that it will be washed later.

Have put on your trousers, now you can also have a cap

We pass to the headdress of the hussar. It's about the shako. For the cavalry, it was black and on the front was decorated with a sultan, special cords with tassels, a cockade and a burdock.

At home, a shako can be easily made from cardboard or thick paper.

Again we take up the pattern and redraw it. Now cut out of paper, or cardboard, (whichever you choose) and paste over with paper of the desired color or paint: the bottom and base in blue or red, and the visor only in black. Although the visor can initially be cut from black cardboard.

Take the base and glue it around the edges so that you get a cylinder. Using super glue, attach the visor and bottom to the cylindrical base. Glue the base with gold tape or lace along the visor. Sew buttons along the edges of the lace.

Did you manage to glue the buttons on the paper?

Of course, if you just want to glue a button on the cardboard with super glue, it will quickly fall off. Cover the inside of the button with a layer of paper, fabric, or cardboard.

Attach a lace to the top of the headgear, which should not look taut on the shako. And here, too, glue the buttons along the edges, having previously processed them on one side with paper. Tie a thin braid to one of the buttons. Glue paper tassels at the end.

There is one easy way to make these brushes: cut one strip of paper (20 x 7 cm), without cutting to the edge, into strips (0.5-1 cm wide). Roll gently into a tight tube and secure with tape or thread.

Make holes in the cylindrical base of the shako so that you can insert the elastic there. Putting the shako on your head, it will not fall off.

Forward to battle! Today we have got acquainted with how you can make your child a completely realistic hussar uniform for a matinee in kindergarten. To complete the look, you can attach saber holders and a pair of pistols to your trousers. After all, a hussar without a weapon is not a hussar.

Let the hussar uniform give your child confidence!

DIY hussar costume

Posted on 04.12.2018

DIY hussar costume

New Year's parties sometimes force parents to really break their heads. Not every fancy dress can be made in one evening. The hussar image is just such a case. Quite complex uniforms, decorated with rich decor, additional equipment, weapons of various types - there is something to be confused about.

If for a boy a do-it-yourself hussar's hat is made black and monochromatic, then you can decorate with a bright yellow rope woven into a pigtail. And at one end, attach one or two tassels. You can replace them with pom-poms. It will also look beautiful.

But do not give up and deprive the child of the opportunity to feel like a gallant cavalryman.

Let's try to figure out how you can simplify the task and sew a hussar costume for a boy with your own hands, focusing on the image below.

Since the central part of the shako is occupied by the aiguillette, the emblem can be attached from one side of the cap, as in the photo above.

How to create a hussar costume

We will not use complex special names for hussar uniforms, but will replace everything with simpler and more understandable ones. So, our kit will consist of:

  • Short jacket, complemented by a bib with decor, cuffs and epaulettes
  • Capes with a turn-down collar
  • Trousers with stripes
  • Headdress
  • Sabers

Before you start making a hussar costume with your own hands, check your existing wardrobe. You need black pants and a matching jumper or sweatshirt. If there is a small pattern on the sweatshirt, it is not scary, it will be hidden by the shirt front.

Consider another version of a shako for a boy who has a dolman or a blue mentik. As you can see in the next photo, this shako is of low height. This "shortcoming" is compensated by the long feather in the center of the cap. This accessory is attached to something solid, such as a stick or cardboard base. It is better to take a double layer of paper so that the product is stronger.

As for the color scheme, there are many options. The fact is that different hussar regiments had different colors of uniforms. Although traditionally, the clothes of the hussar are made in red or blue.

The rest of the decoration consists of a central emblem and a chain attached to two symmetrically sewn golden buttons.

Having decided on the basis of the costume, prepare the necessary materials.

You will need:
  • For bib and cuffs, black, approx. 30 cm
  • For the cape, the fabric of the same color as the jumper, 70 cm is enough
  • For jointing and finishing, gold braid, approx. 5-6 m
  • Golden cord and fringe 30 cm each
  • 10 metal buttons
  • Cardboard and silver tape
  • Scissors, glue, threads, needles, glue gun

Let's start with the jacket. We cut out an overlay on the front part, cuffs and a stand-up collar for a hussar suit, make patterns according to clothes. Lay the blouse on the table and carefully draw the desired elements. For the stand, make 2 parts: inner and outer. Its lower part should be equal to the size of the neck. Connect the pieces, iron and sew to the armhole. The cuffs are also double-layered.

A shako with a white high feather will also look beautiful. Consider carefully the hussar hat in the photo below. This option will suit absolutely any suit, both with white leggings and with black ones. Such a shako will look beautiful with a white dolman.

After that, start decorating. Embroider the entire uniform with a ribbon and sew on the buttons.

Aiguillette is a double braided lace located on the lower side of the shako and stretched to the upper opposite side. Since the feather and rope are white, then the emblem should not be gold, but silver, with a metallic sheen.

Paint or cover cardboard epaulettes with a cloth. Use a glue gun to glue on the gold fringe. Clip them onto your jacket.

Hussar hats in white look spectacular. Then gold aiguillettes will look even brighter. You can often see pom-poms instead of feathers and tassels on children's shako.For the cape, cut out a rectangle of a suitable size, trim it with decor, and add a golden cord as a sling. The article describes in detail how different versions of the hussar costume look as a whole, and the rider's shako separately. A pattern of a headdress made of cardboard is given, it is described in detail how to sew a hat for a hussar, to decorate products with decorative items. Try, and your child will find something to brag to friends.

Sweep decorative tape stripes on the pants.

Supplementing the costume with accessories


We will make the cap of our hero out of cardboard. Prepare the required elements as shown in the diagram. Glue all the pieces and sew two buttons on the right and left, bottom and top. Attach a cord with tassels to the upper two, and a golden braid to the lower ones. You can add a small elastic under the chin to keep the headwear in place and not fall off.

Description of the elements of the hussar uniform


We will also make the weapon from thick cardboard. Cut out a jagged blade, wrap it with silver tape. Then we cut out the handle, also glue it over and put it on the blade. The scabbard is simply a tube compressed flat. It should be slightly wider than the blade. The scabbard and handle can be beautifully painted.

Hussar with a saber

Completing the image of a hussar - applying makeup

As for makeup, everything is extremely simple - just remember the famous movie hussars.

Boy in black pants and a red sweater face and back

There were simply no beardless gallant cavalrymen!

Choose what you like best: small antennae or lush mustache, and draw for your little hero.

Images of the hussar uniform

After that, the work on creating a masquerade image can be considered complete.

As you can see, the task turned out to be not that difficult. We hope our tips will help you make a hussar costume with your own hands and please your little protector.

Red and black equal red and black jacket

View all hussar costumes for a boy

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There is not much time left until the New Year and almost everyone is already ready for New Year's matinees, but if you do not have a beautiful costume yet, I suggest you sew a soldier costume , it is also suitable for nutcracker or hussar ... The outfit consists of a hat of trousers and jackets in two colors.

For sewing, you need to take the following measurements: Jacket lengthSleeve lengthSleeve circumference at wristShoulder lengthNeck circumferenceBust circumferenceWaist circumferenceThigh circumferencePants lengthBottom leg widthCollar heightHead circumference And determine the desired hat heightHow to take measurements correctly, see this article

When all measurements have been taken, it is necessary to determine how much fabric and accessories you need The amount of fabric, if it is a simple cut, as in our case, is measured by the length of the product. For example, if my jacket is 37 cm long, then taking into account the allowances, with a fabric width of 150 cm, we need to take 50 cm of fabric. For teenage sizes, the length of the garment plus the length of the sleeve.

In general, the following was used for the costume: -Fabric for trousers or black trousers (in my version these are classic black trousers.) - Red fabric for a jacket -50 cm-Black fabric for a hat, collar and shoulder straps -30 cm-Black fabric for an outer jacket -50 cm - Lining fabric for the upper jacket - 50 cm - Bias binding of gold color - 5 meters - Cord of gold color - 16 m - Threads: Black, red, yellow, gold (lurix) and white (for basting) colors - A small piece of white faux fur colors (I can't say for sure, since there were small scraps. I cut them into strips of 2 cm and sewn them) -Buttons 23 pcs. -Hidden zipper in the color of the jacket (the length of the zipper is determined by the length of the jacket) -Shoulder pads.-A4 cardboard -4 sheets (depending on size) - Compasses - Ruler

With the pants ready and it took 2 and a half days to sew .We sew trousers .1) We build a pattern - the basis for the trousers 2) We cut out and sew the details (you can see the progress of the work here) 3) We mark and sew on the gold braid (I have an oblique inlay)

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

We sew jackets Dolman is a jacket embroidered with a gold cord. Mentic - a short jacket, which was trimmed with fur. Using the step-by-step instructions, we build a pattern, we will sew both jackets on it. simulate a collar .1) We build the base of the collar as shown in the instructions

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

2) Modeling the collar ... From point B1 upwards along the BA line, set aside the height of the collar (I have 2 cm) and from point D along the line DS1, set aside the height of the collar. Connect the resulting dots. Create a smooth cut of the collar.

Epaulette: pattern and 2 photos

The patterns are ready

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

We sew details using detailed sewing instructions

I advise you to duplicate the collar with an adhesive cloth, then it will be more stable.

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Sew the collar to the front side, and sew on the inner side not reaching the edge of the shelf 3-4 cm, so that you can then carefully sew a zipper into it.

Sew on the zipper. 1) Sweep the shelves as they should look when buttoned

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos2) Attach the lock to the seamy side and pin with needles.

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos3) Make sure the clasp is positioned correctly and the shelves are not skewed 4) Stitch the lock on the wrong side using the zipper foot. 5) Remove the basting 6) Hide the upper ends of the zipper under the collar, or rather inside, and sew it on (wrong side of the collar I I sew by hand)

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

We decorate the jacket Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Cloak: diagram and photo

We process the bottom edge. If your fabric is very loose, that is, it opens up, then I advise you to iron the glue fabric first and only then sew the bias tape. Sleeves. Roll up the sleeves to the desired length, sew, sew on a gold bias tape, sew on a gold cord.

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Shoulder straps 1) Make a template for shoulder straps out of paper 2) Duplicate the black fabric with glue cloth 3) Sew a golden bias tape to the fabric from which you will cut the upper part of the shoulder straps 4) Position the template so that the gold stripe passes in the middle of the template 5) Cut out the details and sew 6) Sew the shoulder strap on the shoulder and sew (in my case, glue) a button

Note that shoulder pads are sewn to the shoulders. Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

The sewing of the second jacket will be almost the same. ... With the exception of the collar, zippers and shoulder straps, in this version they are not. For that, there was a lining on the sleeves and shelves, as well as all the edges of the jacket sheathed with faux fur.

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

We decorate both jackets with buttons. I have all the buttons glued with a glue gun, as I wanted them to fit snugly to the fabric.

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos


For the hat, we have already determined the girth of the head, suppose 52 cm and a height of 17-18 cm. We take ordinary A4 cardboard, measure the desired height and length, most likely we will have to connect 2 sheets.

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

We build a circle 52 cm long Using the formula C = 2n * R, where C = 52 is not difficult to calculate, the radius R = 52: 2n = 52: 6.28 = 8.3 Take a compass and build a circle with a radius of 8.3 cm. there will be the bottom of the cap. Attach the resulting circle to a new sheet of cardboard and draw the desired visor. We make patterns from fabric: bottom, side and visor. Sew the paper bottom to the paper base.

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Sewing fabric parts Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

We put the resulting cover on a paper base. Use pins to secure the top and while pulling the fabric, tuck the sides over to the inside of the hat.

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Sew on the edge and visor, close the seam with a gold bias tape using a glue gun

Kiver: diagram and photo on the child

The hat is decorated with a gold cord (braided braid from 4 parts) and two tassels made of the same cord and a button.

scheme, saber and silver tape

4 heads of movie hussars

4 heads of hussar children with mustachesAlso on the sides are sewn "fasteners" decorated with buttons.

We are ready to try on the costume and enjoy the upcoming New Year! And I picked up such a beautiful hallway not so long ago, and now I often take pictures of it with finished works.

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Tunic: drawing and 3 photos

Tattoo - How Much Does It Cost? How to sign up? How to say

what do I want for the master?

DIY New Year's costume of the Hussar.

In kindergartens, the time for New Year's parties has begun, and parents are looking for a costume for their beloved child. You can, of course, buy a suit in stores if you search (the fastest option is with delivery via an online store), but such suits will not be cheap. If you have basic sewing skills, you can assemble an inexpensive stylized suit in two weekends.

The step-by-step photo shows the assembly of the "Hussar" suit for a five-year-old boy:

In technical performance, such a suit is considered quite complex: it has many details, various elements of decoration and decor. But we decided not to complicate our task, but to sew a simple and elegant suit without burdening it with details.

We needed materials:

One and a half meters of red fabric (any of which it will be most convenient to sew), about the same amount of lining fabric. Various accessories: a thick gold cord (about a meter) for decorating a shako, a gold cord for finishing a jacket, 16 buttons, two tassels (for a shako), about two meters of gold ribbon, a zipper (30 cm.) All this can be purchased at any a handicraft shop quite at reasonable prices, as well as use their old stocks "from grandmother's trunk."

Next, we cut out the details of the future costume. You can use a children's shirt, outlining the necessary details of the cut on paper: a folded back, in front (2 parts), a one-piece sleeve (2 parts), a stand-up collar (1 part with a fold). It is convenient to customize the sizes by trying on the baked thing on the child. Cut out similar details from the lining fabric.

Sew items made of red fabric and lining separately. Iron the seams.

Then connect the lining and base fabric with the front sides inward, sew to each other along the collar, the edges of the shelves.

Turn the product to the front side,

adjust the length, hem the bottom of the jacket and iron through a damp cloth. Decorate the bottom with a gold ribbon. Also sew the tape on the collar. Sew in zipper.

Decorate with decorative cords and buttons in front of the jacket. Iron the finished product through a damp cloth.

We made the shako from the same fabric. The base was cut out of thick paper (you can take a Whatman paper) Tulle (rectangle 51 * 20 cm). bottom (circle Ø16 cm). They did not make the visor - the child was uncomfortable with him when walking and dancing. The frame was glued together, sheathed with fabric and decorated in the same tone as the jacket.

Our brave hussar is ready for exploits!

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DIY hussar costume

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  • When choosing a costume for their son for a New Year's party, many parents prefer outfits that embody a courageous and courageous image. An excellent example of this can be the New Year's costume of a hussar, a cheerful joker and a brave reckless driver. Of course, the easiest option is to buy a carnival outfit in a store or order from an online store. But surely the suit is not cheap. Therefore, we propose to sew a hussar costume with our own hands. You don't even need any special sewing skills.
  • DIY hussar costume: materials
  • The proposed set of materials is taken for sewing a suit for a five-year-old boy. So, we need:
  • red plain pite;
  • gold ribbon 2 m;
  • dense material for epaulettes (you can even replace it with cardboard);
  • gold buttons;
fig. 12

thick gold cord 1 m;

gold fringe;

  1. thread-needle-scissors.
  2. fig. 13fig. 14
  3. As you can see, for the manufacture of a hussar costume, we did not take complex patterns of a jacket (although a jacket can be sewn and decorated according to this master class).
  4. fig. 15
  5. How to sew a carnival costume of a hussar: a master class
  6. fig. 16
  7. Let's deal with epaulettes. Cut out the appropriate shoulder pads and sweep around the perimeter. We will add a fringe along the edge of the epaulette.
  8. fig. 17fig. 18
  9. We carefully sew epaulettes to our weeping pite. It is better that she be on the child, so that the shoulders lie flat.
  10. fig. 19
  11. Next, we make 3 stripes from ribbons, placing them in the middle of the pits at the same distance.
  12. DIY hussar costume
  13. We roll these trefoils out of the gold cord and sew them along the edges of the ribbons on the pite.
  14. DIY hussar costume2
  15. Sew a gold button in the middle of each shamrock.

We get such a dolman hussar.

DIY hussar costume3

Let's take a hat - a shako. We make it according to a simple pattern of a hat-cylinder with a visor. To do this, you can use red or black cardboard or thick fabric that will hold its shape. You can sew ribbons on the finished hat and decorate as desired.

Any trousers in black or white in a classic cut are suitable for such a suit.

DIY hussar costume4As you can see, making a hussar costume with your own hands is a snap! But your child will look bright and courageous at the New Year's party, in general, like a real man.

With your own hands, you can sew other costumes for a boy, for example, a king or an Indian.

Suit "Hussar". Participant number 15

Hello, friends!

Feel the heat of passion before the end of the New Year's costume contest “Merry New Year!”

Every day, I receive a new application for participation in the competition, so publications with the works of participants are published more than once a day. Do not miss new works, watch and comment.

It's so nice when someone praises and says a kind word, especially if this is the first experience of participating in the competition. Like our next member of mum Valentina.

She submitted a Hussar Costume to the competition, which Valentina sewed for her son and made a detailed photo master class with a brief description of the costume creation process.

I give the floor to Valentina:

DIY hussar costume4

“… Hello, my name is Valentina Abdullaeva.

DIY hussar costume4

This is my first time participating in the competition. I made a hussar costume for my son.

   DIY hussar costume4

First I sewed a jacket. Decorated the sleeves - knitted a chain of air loops and sewed on. Decorated with buttons. (Figure 1)

DIY hussar costume4

Made shoulder straps. (Figure 2,3)

DIY hussar costume4

The jacket is ready. (Figure 4)

DIY hussar costume4Sewed a cape (Figure 5),

Boots (Figure 6).

Decorated trousers and a cape with a Christmas tree. (Figure 7)

DIY hussar costume4 

I made a cylinder out of cardboard for a hat. I sewed a hat and decorated it with buttons and knitted tinsel.

DIY hussar costume4DIY hussar costume4

Tied a visor. Put it on the cylinder.

Made pom-poms. (Figure 8)

The suit is ready! (Fig. 9, 10) ...

Valentina, thank you very much for participating in the competition. Your son is a real Hussar, and the costume is superb! I'm sure my son will shine on the New Year holidays!

With wishes of good luck, Elena Krasovskaya https://shjem-krasivo.ru/



4 years ago

The hussars looked like this.

As you can see, various colors were used in the hussar uniform.

It is enough to take the trousers available in the wardrobe. The color can be black, white, blue or gray.

Next, or find a red shirt, turtleneck, sweatshirt, or sew a sleeveless jacket (photo below).

Instead of red, it is permissible to take another color, for example, blue, just red is more familiar.

We sew paraphernalia on the shirt. To do this, you need a golden cord or satin ribbon.

Tops are made on the legs (imitation of boots).

We make a hussar shako on the head.

The shako is made of cardboard, or glue the cardboard with a cloth, or fabric with a duplicated rigid base.

the author of the question chose this answer as the best


When choosing a costume for their son for a New Year's party, many parents prefer outfits that embody a courageous and courageous image. An excellent example of this can be the New Year's costume of a hussar, a cheerful joker and a brave reckless driver. Of course, the easiest option is to buy a carnival outfit in a store or order from an online store. But surely the suit is not cheap. Therefore, we propose to sew a hussar costume with our own hands. You don't even need any special sewing skills.


6 years ago

gold ribbon 2 m;

red plain pite;

dense material for epaulettes (you can even replace it with cardboard);

gold buttons;

DIY hussar costume5DIY hussar costume5DIY hussar costume5

Hussar is a cheerful and brave reckless driver who often breaks order in the barracks.

One of the simplest options is to buy a carnival hussar outfit in a store, order from an online store or rent a costume.

Let's try to sew a New Year's hussar costume: materials for a suit for a five-year-old boy. We need: gold ribbon about 2 m;

dense material for epaulettes;

This is how we get a hussar costume ...

Good luck to you!



We make a hussar shako on the head.

over a year ago

DIY hussar costume5

To sew a children's hussar costume, you need to do it according to the pattern

We cut out the following shapes on the fabric - you need to do this with scissors.

Next, we make a cylinder - it is just as easy. We will make a cylinder out of cardboard, just decide in advance on the size of the child's head - after all, it may not suit him. We measure the circumference of the head and make the corresponding circle, then cut off the excess parts and surround. Sew a feather on top. Done



The hussar costume is very popular in preschool institutions. I myself really like it when a boy looks elegant, fit and a daring look even stretches him in height. I bought a hussar costume for my son. but it is quite expensive. If I could sew myself, I would certainly try to sew, for example, such a hussar costume.

To begin with, let's recall what parts the hussar's uniform consisted of with a gallant mustache and a sharp saber: The hussar costume consisted of three main parts. The first is chikchirs - cavalry trousers. Daloman is a hussar's jacket; a shako is a hussar's headdress.

If you have a sewing machine, desire and ability to sew, then in a couple of days your little hussar will be ready for the New Year's holiday.

You can learn more about how to sew a suit in the photo here Very good instruction with step by step implementation of all actions. Accompanied by photographs and diagrams. The presence of all patterns and material consumption is designed for a boy of five six years old. but you can easily fit them to your child. Good luck! .

Go green


2 years ago

Sew a hussar costume

DIY hussar costume6


do it yourself


DIY hussar costume6DIY hussar costume6


To do this, you need to cut out special hussar pants, which are called leggings, with straps at the bottom (made of elastic).


DIY hussar costume6DIY hussar costume6


We cut two details of the front and two details of the back, leggings need to be sewn from black or gray fabric, decorate with a braid at the back.

We also sew a hussar's jacket from red fabric (it is called doloman), decorate with gold or yellow braid.


DIY hussar costume6


we will also need boots, a saber from a toy store or made of cardboard, a hussar's headdress, which needs to be made from a cardboard cylinder covered with black fabric and decorated with braid and buttons (gold).



DIY hussar costume6


To be fully informed about what the details of the hussar's costume are called and to make an effective protection of the costume on the New Year's holiday, you need to take a good look at this picture and remember that the jacket is called a dolman, a sash is tied on a belt, a feather on a hat is called a sultan.

According to the historical dolman model, you can see how beautifully and correctly sew the braid to the dolman.

The pattern of pants for a suit can be built according to this scheme.


DIY hussar costume6

You can also take ready-made skinny pants or leggings and remake them for a suit.

The jacket should be cut out of dense red fabric, for example, from broadcloth, velvet or velor, cut the shelves, back and sleeves, making allowances for seams by a centimeter.

We will process the seams in a ziz-zag or overlock.

You can make suit boots from faux leather with a pre-cut pattern, but you can simply make black faux leather tops and wear them over black boots.

We sew the bootlegs with Velcro. First we model the pattern from cheap fabric right on the child's leg.

If you have a sewing machine, desire and ability to sew, then in a couple of days your little hussar will be ready for the New Year's holiday.

The hussar costume is quite popular at children's matinees. You can try and sew it for us. Let's take such a sketch as a basis.

The top can be sewn according to the pattern of the pajama jacket, only when building the pattern, calculate the size of the child. For example, a pattern.

Do not sew on the pocket. We cut out, folded the parts and sewn them, leaving a few cm in advance for the seam allowances. Decorate the top with gold cord and buttons according to the sketch above. We sew from red fabric. On the stand-up collar, on the shelf, on the edge of the sleeves, and on the bottom, you can sew on thin faux fur. We take tight pants or sew according to the pattern. For example, you can take this. We only count on the size of the child. We make the appropriate applications on the trousers.

It remains to make a cylindrical hat out of cardboard, paint it with acrylic paint, then decorate with two braided cords with brushes. You can immediately sew a hat out of fabric, seal it with cardboard and decorate. On the legs are black boots, and on the shoulder a canvas bag.



I suggest making a suit without any special sewing skills. Materials: red fabric (dense), braid with shades of red, lace, gold buttons, gold cord, fringe, scissors and threads.

We make a vest according to the simplest pattern and grind the sleeves, sew in the lock and decorate as in the photo, sewing on gold buttons and threads:

The overlays on the shoulders are epaulettes, these are lace with velvet, which must be sewn like a rectangle. After that, we start making a headdress - a shako.

If you have a sewing machine, desire and ability to sew, then in a couple of days your little hussar will be ready for the New Year's holiday.

It is made according to a simple pattern of a cylinder with a visor.

It turns out such a headdress. The base is cardboard, which is stitched with fabric. Sew the visor by hand, and all other details can be used with a sewing machine.

Pattern (template) for the headdress:

Hussar Pants Pattern:

Or it can be classic trousers with gold accents. The color can be different - blue, blue, red, black and even white:


[110K] As a hussar bottom, you can use ordinary black trousers. You can not decorate them, but you can sew golden stripes on the sides or lay out a pattern (as in the second photo just below).

The jacket consists of five parts:

Two details of the front are sewn to the back, the collar, and finally the sleeves (in the picture on the right).

In front, the hussar costume is decorated with golden laces, on one side they form loops, on the other there are buttons.

A hussar cylinder can be made of cardboard covered with the same fabric (in general, red satin will look best).

From additional, but optional equipment: a hussar may have a sword, a hussar bag, boots.

The jacket consists of five parts:



3 years ago

The patterns must be transferred to the fabric and cut out, not forgetting to add one centimeter from each edge to the seams. For the jacket, you can use any thick red fabric, and blue for the pants.

For pants, you can use any ready-made dark colors - blue or black, simply by sewing stripes from a golden ribbon to them. But there are also patterns -

A luxurious hussar hat called "shako" is made of thick cardboard.

Bee Zhuzha [76.9K]

The hussar costume consists of a shako, chikchir (hussar trousers), dolman (a blue or red jacket).


You will need:

We cut the details of the dolman, according to this pattern (not forgetting to leave a couple of centimeters of fabric for allowances):

Chirchir pattern:

You can make a shako using this pattern:

Do you know the answer?

Yulia Butova

Master class "Do-it-yourself hussar costume"

Of course, the easiest way is to buy a suit in a store, but it will not be cheap, especially for a kindergarten you need more than one suit, but as in our case - 12. Therefore, I propose to sew a hussar suit with your own hands.

This costume does not require any special sewing skills, “school training” is enough.

Materials for making a suit.

We will need: red plain fabric, preferably thick, velvet; • braid with shades of the same color as the fabric;

• lace, better suited for finishing curtains;

• gold buttons, can be the same color as the fabric;

• gold cord, pom-poms of the same color or beige;

• fringe matching the color of pompons; • red threads, scissors. .

To create a hussar costume, I took a simple pattern intended for manufacturing


... It turns out there are only two details: the back and two shelves.

We sew the back and the shelves of the vest, grind the sleeves and the bottom of the vest, sew in the lock.

Then we proceed to the shoulder pads - epaulettes, for me they are fringed lace, stitched like a rectangle.

Further, there are stripes on the vest in the form of stripes parallel to each other, this is also lace, we sew them at the same distance. For accuracy, we make marks on the vest so that you do not have to alter, you can extend the stripes so that each time you do not start from a new line. The advantage of the vest is that it can be manually adjusted to fit a child of any size - it can be sewn in and embroidered.

Moving on to sewing a headdress -

DIY hussar costume8


We make a shako according to a simple pattern of a hat-cylinder with a visor. for accuracy, a cardboard version is made, which we connect with a stapler and try on to children, then carefully disconnect the parts and start making blanks for the shako - transfer the pattern to the fabric and cut it out.

To make a shako, you will need the same fabric as a vest, lining fabric (although it can be ordinary cotton fabric) and necessarily paper - cardboard or Whatman paper that will hold its shape.

We make stripes and the top of the shako. The length of the main part is equal to the circumference of the head. Then we decorate the blanks with lace, gold ribbons and pom-poms.

Sew the details by hand.

Sewing a hussar costume with your own hands is not difficult at all, the main desire is to create festive costumes for children, and of course - time. Any black or white classic-cut trousers, white shirt are suitable for such a suit. We have blue trousers to which I sewed white stripes - stripes, girls have blue and red skirts with white lace.

  • Thanks for attention!
DIY hussar costume9
  • On the New Year's holiday, parents have to show imagination when choosing and sewing carnival costumes. Many people rent outfits for a lot of money, but there is no certainty that the suit was given to you clean and processed after the last time it was put on by another kid. On New Year's Eve, there are often queues of parents for the costumes, so that one child does not have time to take off the outfit, as it is handed over to another. No one worries about cleanliness and processing, the suits do not even have time to iron, let alone wash or sanitize. It is not uncommon for parents to discover head lice in their child after a holiday. And this is a rather unpleasant New Year's surprise, agree, isn't it?
  • If mom thinks over the outfit option well, then you can easily cope with any suit. But it will be new, clean, and just the size of the baby. And the child will be pleased to participate or at least see how his mother is trying for him, puts a part of her soul. A do-it-yourself outfit will be unique. Nobody will come in such a second suit. And it often happens that a baby comes in a suit, for example, of Petrushka, and two more people are already sitting in the music hall in exactly the same suits. Many people are upset that they are not alone in such an outfit.
  • In the article we will offer detailed, step-by-step instructions for sewing a hussar costume for a matinee. There is a lot of work ahead, since this outfit has a lot of elements, but as a result, your son will be the most beautiful child at the holiday, and in the general photo he will be alone in such a suit.
  • Who are the hussars?

In order for the child to understand whose costume his mother is sewing for him, it is necessary to explain to him who the hussars are. These are lightly armed warriors who rode horses. The word "hussar" is Hungarian, since the first such horsemen appeared in this European country. You can show your child photographs or old paintings depicting hussars, examine their beautiful shape. And the hussar costume is really very attractive. It comes in completely different colors and consists of many parts. Further in the article, we will take a closer look at what elements are in this suit, what is the name of the hussar's hat and the decorations on the uniform.

Costume details

Before you start sewing a hussar costume for a boy with your own hands, you need to know what parts this outfit consists of and how they are called correctly. This will allow the child in school or kindergarten to show off their knowledge in front of their peers.

Dolman. A short uniform that had a double row of beautiful gold buttons and tabs. They were fastened with special twisted ropes of golden or silver color. Sometimes embroidery was done around each button with gold or silver threads.

Leggings. These are tight skinny pants. The child can wear simple trousers in black, white or blue (depending on what color of the uniform you have in mind), and sew stripes on the sides with gold or gray satin ribbons.

  • Boots. This costume item is skippable. It will be enough to wear black shoes or gym shoes.
  • Mentic. It is a dolman-like cape, but warm and trimmed with fur.
DIY hussar costume10
  • And, of course, the brightest and most colorful attribute is the hussar hat. Its correct name is shako. This is a tall, cylindrical headdress with a visor and beautiful decorations. Often a fluffy feather or pompom was worn on top. Each army had its own special decorations on the shako, so making a hussar's hat is a matter of the craftsman's imagination.
  • Measurements required for sewing
  • For sewing a jacket or dolman, you will need to measure the length of the sleeve, shoulder, girth of the hand, neck circumference, chest and hip circumference, and the height of the stand-up collar. To sew a hussar hat, you need to measure the circumference of the head and approximately calculate the height of the shako. This is done at the request of the cutter.
  • If you yourself will sew trousers for a hussar's outfit, then you will also need such measurements: hip girth, trousers length, leg width at the bottom, waist circumference.
  • What will you need to buy?

To sew a suit and a hussar hat with your own hands, you will need to purchase the materials that will be needed in the work, so that later there will be no problems along the way and you do not have to re-run to the market or go to the nearest store.

Material for trousers. These should be dark and dense fabrics. Although you can sew white leggings.

Material for sewing dolman and mentics. Here it is already necessary to select brighter colors of the fabric - red, bright blue, emerald, burgundy, etc. The color scheme may be different.

Accessories: "zipper" for trousers and a vest or jacket, gold buttons for a jacket and uniform, for a hussar hat, aiguillettes (you can buy a gold or silver rope, pick up tassels), threads, needles, you can also pick up yarn to match the color of the suit in order to to make a pom-pom of the same color for a shako, a fringed ribbon for epaulettes.

Cardboard for a hat pattern.


  1. PVA glue.
  2. Badge or sticker on the central part of the shako.
  3. Variety of shakos
  4. Hussars' hats vary in color and height. They can be white, black or in harmony with the color of the uniform. If the dolman is red, then the shako can also be made red.
  5. In height, they may not be too high - up to 20 cm.
  6. But the decoration is fundamentally different. Aiguillettes can be located along the visor from one edge to the other, from one top corner of the cap to the opposite middle or to the opposite top corner. A badge or emblem is attached in the center. You can look in a sewing accessories store for a three-dimensional sticker in gold or silver to resemble the metal emblem of a hussar regiment. To design a hussar hat for the New Year, a child can attach a pompom in the center on top of the bottom or attach a fluffy feather.
  7. You can also sew a gold strip on the upper and lower parts of the crown, and on the black background of the shako - a strip in the color of the camisole.

Work order

Take the necessary measurements of the child.

Draw patterns on paper for a suit and make templates for a hussar's carnival hat on cardboard.

Transfer the patterns to the material.

Sew up all seams with a typewriter and attach zippers to pants and jacket.

Decorate: sew on metal gold buttons and aiguillettes, make embroidery and sew epaulettes on the shoulders.

Before making a hussar hat, you need to transfer the template to the material and then design the headdress from cardboard, putting all the details together.

Sheathe the cardboard hat with a cloth and decorate the hat. We will discuss this in more detail later in the article.

The simplest hussar costume

DIY hussar costume 11

For a boy, you can make a rider's outfit with your own hands without much effort. This option is suitable for those mothers who rarely encounter sewing, do not have a sewing machine, special skills and abilities. Such a simple suit consists of black trousers. For beauty, they can be decorated with stripes on the sides. To do this, you need to buy a golden ribbon 2 cm wide (the length corresponds to double the length of the trousers, plus a couple of sentiments for the hem from the bottom and top) and choose the same color of thread.

First, the bottom of the pants is sewn along the seam, so that the tape starts from the wrong side of the inside of the leg. Then the seam passes to the front side. To avoid creases, it is better to place the workpiece on a flat surface, for example, on a table. You also need to finish sewing on the seamy side, but already on the belt. After completing this procedure, the bottom of the suit will be ready on both sides.


The role of a dolman can be performed by a red or blue vest (the costumes of these riders were of different colors, so any uniform can be sewn, even green or burgundy). You can wear a white or colored turtleneck under the bottom. It is advisable to wear the same color under a red vest.

how to sew a hat for a hussar

Let's take a closer look at what a vest is. It is sewn from two halves - front and back, like a regular vest, only the neckline needs to be made semicircular and small, like for a sweater. You can sew the front part in one piece, and make two halves on the back and sew a "zipper".

The main work will be to decorate the vest. First you need to mark the middle and sew eight beautiful round buttons on both sides symmetrically. They are sewn in pairs at an equal distance from the center line of the front. Next, you need to have a braided rope, twine, a beautiful gold edging that plays the role of aiguillettes, and figuratively sheathed around the buttons. It can be three loops down, up, and away from center. Shamrocks look beautiful. Then you will need to connect the buttons together in pairs with a rope. It remains to make epaulettes on the shoulders.


There are epaulettes on the dolman shoulders. These are rounded shoulder straps with fringes. Let's consider how you can make them yourself. If your hussar costume has gold aiguillettes, then you need to buy a gold edging with fringes.

The shoulder strap itself can be made of cardboard, sheathed with red or gold material. On the thin side of the shoulder strap, the same beautiful button is sewn as on the dolman. A fringed edging is sewn along the rounded edge so that the threads hang over the shoulders. You can create a drawing from the edging inside, as in the photo above.


If you have the skills of a seamstress and a sewing machine, then you can sew the whole suit of the brave hussar from two elements: a dolman and a mentic. Usually the costume is worn as follows. Doloman is put on the chest and all buttons are fully fastened, and the mentik is hung on one shoulder, and it hangs from the back on an aiguillette.

When sewing, you just need to make two identical dolman, in the form of a jacket with a stand-up collar. A mentik differs from a dolman only in that its edges are sheathed with fur (bottom, neck and sleeves).

The mentic is fastened with a rope from the neck under the arm of the opposite hand. Then he will not fall off his shoulder and interfere with the child at the holiday.

выкройка шапки гусара

We start sewing with a pattern. If you do not have the skills of drawing such patterns by measurements, then you can use the boy's shirt, outlining the necessary cut elements on paper: back, front (2 parts), two identical parts of a one-piece sleeve, stand-collar. Remember to leave 1.0-1.5 cm on each side for the hem of the fabric and seams. After basing all the details with simple stitches, they make the first fitting of the costume for the child. If you decide to sew a suit with a lining, then you need to transfer the same patterns and measurements to the lining fabric. The whole process is repeated similarly to the first.

Then the dolman and the jacket from the lining fabric are sewn separately. Both parts are well ironed through a damp cotton cloth. A uniform is sewn with a lining on the seamy side along the collar and the lines of the shelves, and then everything is turned inside out to the front. After that, iron the product again, iron the seams. Then they try on the boy's suit again to adjust the length of the garment. You can sew a gold piping on the bottom seam or sew a satin ribbon along the bottom. We do the same on the collar.

It remains only to sew on the "zipper" and decorate the dolman.

Hussar shako

как называется шапка гусара

You already know what the hat of such a warrior looks like and what shape it has. First you need to consider different images of such a headdress and choose a color and decorations for it. Often in the center of the hussar's hat you can see the metal coat of arms or "crab", as our military say. You can look for a similar picture sewn with gold threads in an accessories store. There are even such fabric stickers. If you do not find it, then do not be discouraged, there is nothing wrong with that. You can do just fine with aiguillette.

How to make a hussar hat with your own hands? Consider the pattern first. You also need to think in advance what material you need to use for such work, how to attach such a hat to the child's head so that it does not fall off, and what you will decorate with.

кивер из картона


The hussar hat pattern consists of three separate elements: crown, bottom and visor. To draw such a template, you need to measure the circumference of the head. This will be the length of the crown. Having determined by eye what height will be enough for your child's shako, we draw a rectangle. Do not forget to leave a couple of centimeters on the fold so that the cardboard shako can be glued or stapled.

как сшить шапку для гусара

Having rolled the crown in a circle, we outline the circumference of the bottom. You need to draw many triangles around it in order to firmly glue the bottom to the crown. A visor is also drawn along the same circle, triangles are also drawn on its upper part, on which thick PVA glue is subsequently applied. However, before fastening the parts together, you need to transfer the pattern to the fabric from which the shako for the suit of the gallant hussar will be sewn using these templates.

The material is connected first along the height of the rectangle, then the bottom is sewn. The pattern of the visor is transferred to a fabric bent in half. Further, the material is sheathed around it on both sides. Only then is the trimmed visor sewn to the shako.

Shako decoration

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