Where do the waste paper take? - Disposal and processing of production waste

Where to pass the waste paper for money? Points of reception and price per kg

Where do the waste paper take?

Once I thought about how to hand over the waste paper - old magazines and newspapers, which has already accumulated at home there are already a lot. Previously, in Moscow there were points of reception of the waste paper, and everyone knew about them.

But are they now, do the waste paper make money and what is the price for 1 kg of newspaper or magazine paper? I puzzled by these questions as soon as your hands reached the collection of waste paper to bring accumulated journal archives from the apartment.

And I decided to check on personal experience, what is the case today with the reception of recycling in recycling, is it profitable to take old magazines and newspapers, or it is easier to throw them out.

Delivery of waste to the reservoir reception

So the end of the era of paper newspapers and magazines approached. Today, almost no one reads a paper press, preferring an electronic version, well, with the exception of gloss lovers, which are getting less day from day after day due to the onset of tablet computers.

Young people today do not save the waste paper, getting used to the smalosis to paperless technologies. But, despite the fact that printed editions day of day is becoming less and less, no more careful attitude towards nature does not occur.

Nature every year is more subjected to barbaric appeal, and you can change this relationship only by starting with yourself, albeit small, but such the necessary affairs on the preservation of the environment.

In our country, for people of the middle and older generations, concern for the environment imposed by the state was still in mind, everything perfectly remember the obligations to collect the waste paper.

That era has long been staying in the past, and there is no obligation for the extraction of waste paper at the redemption item today. And neat or not very packs of glossy magazines and newspapers, smoked at home, sometimes become the norm. And where are the old swirls, many do not even know, and do not think.

Putchs lie, dust somewhere far away, and when it comes to them. It seems to be not bothering to live, and throw out sorry.

Where are the old magazines?

However, in practice, few people return to the old coffee stakes, so that something to read something. Therefore, it is still necessary to get rid of them. But where are their children, where to pass old magazines and newspapers? The easiest option is to remove in the garbage, in a large container for solid household waste. And there let us understand where to carry them. Many are so come.

However, if you have accumulated a significant number of magazines, do not rush to carry everything into a garbage box, and throw them profitable to pass into the waste And get money. Think, do you want to contribute to environmental protection? After all, the waste paper, although well-decomposed material, is suitable for recycling, and in many countries of the world it is definitely going there.

This allows you to slow down the barbaric cutting of the trees, while retaining in our planet untouched ecosystems for a longer time.

Collecting and sorting waste paper

I'll tell you how I did. Old magazines occupied in our apartment not so much space, but did not bring absolutely no benefit. In addition, being a carrier of unnecessary, for the most part, information, they occupied the informational space around. And I decided that it was time to free the place for topical ideas, new opinions, and just more useful information necessary, and not remaining in the past. In front of me stood a dilemma: throw out the logs on the garbage or pass them into the reception point for money for money.

Sorting waste paper and preparation for delivery to the reception point

So, to pass the waste paper, you need:

  • Collect all the written paper, newspapers, magazines, old notebooks and unnecessary books, cardboard;
  • Separate colored paper from black and white;
  • Surride waste paper makeup: magazines separately from newspapers, and paper books. Stacks with waste paper should be homogeneous;
  • Separate dilapidated paper, as well as self-adhesive tapes, contaminated printing products - they will not be accepted;
  • Tightly tighten the stacks with a rope so that they can be raised and carry;
  • Deliver to the reception of waste paper.

What I did

Having collected all the old glossy magazines, unnecessary papers, prints and records, I sorted them in size and paper quality, tied up with a rope on the stacks to be more convenient to carry, and folded in the corridor. At first, I wanted to do as easy as possible and take them on the garbage, but then I thought, and suddenly you can still show civil consciousness and guaranteed to send paper to recycling, and not to rely on the case that someone still sorts garbage and make someone This is for me. So I decided to pass the waste paper for money.

The magazines have accumulated a whole bunch!

Point of acceptance of waste paper - how to find

I learn information on the Internet, and stumbled upon a couple of articles that the waste paper, including the not sorted, still can be handed over, and even in almost every district of Moscow there are points on the reception of various recyclables and unnecessary trash, including old books, newspapers and magazines in recycling.

And the price from 1 to 5 rubles per kilogram of different waste paper allows you to even earn a little! But I did not understand exactly where to carry it. Of course, if you have accumulated at least half-bottom of paper garbage (500 kg), you can call home the discovers that will solve your problems right in place, you do not even have to leave the house.

But I had not so many glossy magazines, so I continued to search.

Magazine's footers over the past years occupy a lot of space in the apartment, and nobody reads them

And so, in one of the articles I saw a very useful link leading to the Greenpeace website. There was an interactive map of reception points of waste paper. I remembered that once before I had already seen her, but did not give her meanings. And now she turned out to be so by the way!

I chose the nearest home Point of reception of waste paper , in the Metro district of Altufievo in Moscow, on Ilimskaya Street. Right under the map it is conveniently written the time of operation of the selected receiving point of the recyclable, contact phones are indicated, as well as Note: " Come for the waste paper from 500 kg

A source: http://paikea.ru/wastepaper-for-money/

Points of waste paper in Moscow, the price for 1 kg, where and how it is more profitable to pass the population, addresses

Where do the waste paper take?

Almost every person came across the situation when at home accumulated Significant number Unnecessary paper .

Old newspapers, magazines, long-in-respectal books, individual sheets filled with drawings, lists, reminders and instructions, Fill the volume of housing , without carrying your owner any benefit.

Do you now have this situation?

If so, then you do not hurry to throw the chilograms of waste paper on the landfill.

In this material we will tell you about how and where Profitable Pass the waste paper in Moscow and how much average price is 1 kg of waste paper at various reception items.

Prices for different types of waste paper in Moscow

Price One kilogram of waste paper in Moscow today varies within from 1 to 7 rubles . What does such a significant difference between the smallest and the greatest indicator depends on? First of all, from varieties waste paper.

There are many types of secondary paper and cardboard products. Them The cost varies Depending on the color, quality and purpose of paper, as well as on the quantity and color of the paint, which is present on the products. The waste paper is considered not only waste of consumption, but also waste production of this product.

A complete list of paper and cardboard products taken to recyclable consists of six categories.



  • newspapers / newspaper paper (with or without seal);
  • Trimming with a linovka, as well as color or black and white stripes;
  • paper sulphate unable cellulose.
  • White paper.

Price in Moscow - 2-5.5 rubles / kg.


Cardboard happens:

  • corrugated ;
  • white as Crossing With a black and white stripe or color printing.

Cost in Moscow - from 4 to 6 rubles. per kg.

This category includes paper products with printing (it is allowed both in paint and color execution), published on white paper, with torn roots and bindings.

Printing products include:

  • books ;
  • brochures;
  • catalogs;
  • Tetradi. ;
  • paper;
  • prospectuses;
  • Notepads;
  • notebooks.

Price in Moscow - 2-5.5 rubles / kg

Polygraphy waste

This refers to the waste of printing production (manufacturer of books, brochures and other prints).


  • Published by White paper;
  • Published on white offset paper.

Price in Moscow - 1-5 rubles / kg.

Paper and Cardboard with coated and impregnation

Substitution of securities and waste:

  • laminated;
  • moisture-resistant;
  • bituminous;

Cost in Moscow - from 1 to 6.5 rubles. per kg.

Documents are divided by :

  • archives;
  • circulation;
  • Accounting papers.

Cost in Moscow - 3-7 rubles / kg.

If you plan to utilize your organization's documents, this article will be useful.

These Prices apply to small waste of waste paper - kilograms or tens of kilograms . Most often, people pass this volume. If you have more than 100 kg of paper waste, you can pass it much more profitable, as prices will be higher. In addition, large amounts of waste paper can be passed with export. This case will consider separately in the same article.

How to pass

On the price of the deposited waste paper, in addition to the variety and quantity, Influence:

  • her preparation
  • presence of blockages (scotch, paper clips, files, etc.);
  • humidity;
  • place of reception;
  • Method of export / removal.


Preparation of waste paper for recycling is carried out in several stages. First you need to check contains Is she something Essential .

Such components are as follows.

  • mud;
  • chemicals;
  • oils;
  • Paint and varnishes;
  • plastic files;
  • Scotch;
  • clips;
  • brackets;
  • other metal elements;
  • folders;
  • tracing;
  • Wooden additives;
  • Food garbage.

Do not know where to go an old computer that dust and takes place? That way. The following material will be useful to you if you want to order the removal of old furniture. How to do with the old phone - to sell, pass to the pawnshop or spare parts, it is described here: https://rcycle.net/tehnika/bytovaya-i-orgtehnika/kuda-sdat-staryj-telefon

Next, you need to make sure that the state of the waste paper is normal, i.e. Not burned и Not wet . If the waste paper is nailed (or gained humidity due to storage conditions), it is necessary dry out - Wet paper waste will be accepted at a less favorable price.

And, of course, secondary paper / cardboard products must respond the simplest Sanitary standards .

Can not be collected waste paper in places where there is poisonous or potentially Dangerous waste:

  • medical institutions;
  • vetches;
  • Promsons;
  • Dumps.

Making sure in the normal state of the delivery, follows decompose Each view separately, without stirring: the logs are stacked with logs, cardboard with cardboard, newspapers with newspapers, etc.

The last thing you need to do before passing the waste paper is put her separately closing boxes either you can Take stacks Ropes (so-called. Linking to bales).

Place of reception

In Moscow, a multitude of redemption items, where you can pass the waste paper for money. To find Nearest points to your home Receptions can be used Interactive card In our article.

Different receivers have different prices and conditions for receiving raw materials. Contact coming items and find out:

  • Price on the type of waste paper that you plan to pass;
  • minimal amount raw materials that the company is ready to accept;
  • delivery method / export;
  • Other data (accurate address, work time, etc.).

To pass the waste paper, you can:

  • Alone Take it to the point of reception;
  • resort to services transport companies ;
  • Order export raw transport by the receivers company.

To take out small lots of waste paper free, the receivers will not be - this is unprofitable for her. Count for export of waste paper you can only if you have in your hands from 100 kg waste paper. Some companies have this figure of 300 kg, in some - 500.

The order of trucks in Moscow is on average 1500 r.

By simple calculations, we determine: at a price of 4 rubles / kg to "exit in zero", you need to pass more than 400 kg of waste paper, otherwise the campaign on export will be unprofitable.

Therefore, it is more profitable to pass the waste paper with the export of free transport by the company (under the condition of a large amount of waste of raw materials).

Most often, the company is simply deducted from the cost of the waste paper the shipping cost - again, the profit here will be only with tons of transmitted reversal.

Points of reception from 1 kg in Moscow

Points of buying a small amount of waste paper in Moscow and the region are not so much. Basically, the reception points of secondary raw materials work with larger batches. This is due to the fact that they transmit raw materials to the processing enterprises with wages capable of raising up to 18 tons.

Prices and addresses

We found four items in Moscow who are ready Take away from the population Maculatory Parts from 1 kg (Below is a range of prices for all types of packaged in a box or tied recycled):

  1. "Alfak" - Northaninsky Pr-d, 3 (SWAO). Price - 2-5 rubles / kg.
  2. "Presnya" - Verea Str., 10, K (SAO). Price - 1.2-4 rubles / kg.
  3. "Mosvtorma" - Khimki, Workers' street., House 2, p. 95. Price - 5.5-7 rubles / kg.
  4. "Eco Group" - ul. Clara Zetkin, 31 (CJSC). Price - 4 rubles / kg.

Reception "Alfak" Located next to the w / d platform "Northerner" on the North-German passage, 3. The nearest metro station is "VDNH". Also before the reception point, you can get from the station "Rostokino" Moscow Central Ring (ICC).

Before "Presni" Easy to get from the metro station "Kuntsevskaya" or "Slavic Boulevard": House 10, the building 1 in Virovaya Street is located in the same proximity to them.

Company "Mosvtorma" It is based in Khimki (Working Street, House 2, Building 95), and if you go to it from Moscow, then a minibus No. 345 comes from the metro station "River Station".

House 31 on Clara Zetkin Street, in which "Eco Group" , it is equally removed from both the station "Violaskaya" and from the station "Baltic" (it is part of the MCC).

These items you can see on the map:

Below is a table with the names of companies in Moscow, the nearest metro stations, addresses, telephones, work schedule and prices for a kilogram of waste paper (for three main types).

The name of the company "Alfak" "Presnya" "Mosvtorma" "Eco Group"
Nearest metro station "VDNH" Kuntsevskaya, "Slavic Boulevard" "River Station" "Vojovskaya"
Address Northegnantic Pr-d, 3 Virusian st., 10, k.1 G. Khimki, Working Ul., 2, p.95 Clara Zetkin Str. 31
Telephone 8-495-721-58-44

A source: https://rcycle.net/makulatura/punkty-priema-makulatury-v-moskve.

How to make money on waste paper, glassware and tin cans.

How to make money on waste paper, glassware and tin cans.

Photo: Oleg Stales

Containers with garbage once again watch an interesting picture. Our wipers from Central Asia gently choose from there all cardboard, tied up, fold on the trolley and take off somewhere.

"Previously, all the waste paper passed, and now only Tajiks," this passing by an elderly man commented with sigh.

And in fact, the tradition was good. At home, the boxes were accumulated - I have long been going to throw them out. Or maybe take an example from tajiks and try to earn on them?

For money: Collect tons - come

It turns out that the seed of waste paper is a fairly common business. The search engine immediately gave me a few dozen sentences from the series "Pass the waste of expensive." Behind your newspapers, cardboard, old archives and who has become not necessary to come ready to come. The only small detail is desirable that you have this good to be at least tons. Or at least - from 300 kg. Otherwise, as they explained by phone, unprofitable - neither them nor to me.

In small batches, the waste paper also buy. But without a visit to the house. And on all the vast Moscow, such items were discovered less than the fingers of one hand.

- Enjoy any volume, at least shelf, - said in the near. - Only you know prices?

The price for the newspaper - 2 rubles per kilogram, for the cardboard - 4 rubles. Even if I go around the neighbors and collect all the advertising waste paper, which lies in the entrance near the mailboxes, not that I do not earn - there is no more damping on gasoline, it's not on the next street.

Perhaps the cards I donate Tajiks. But I still have bottles and plastic. Or meaningless thing?

- Financial interest from one-time surveillance of any type of waste is not much interesting for a person at least with some salaries, "the situation of the Department of the Committee for the Processing of Waste and Secondary Resources of Business Russia, a member of the Expert Council under the Committee on Economic Policy, the State Duma Industry, Natalia Belyaeva. - Even with a price for aluminum, for example, from 45 to 95 rubles per kg, income of 0.5-1 ruble for the can of beverage (15 gr.) It is hardly impressed by anyone. The systemically receive income from such activities may afford to afford or, for example, wipers who are visited by a container platform.

- The cost of any recyclable is relatively low and in recent years only falls, - confirms the coordinator of the projects of the ecological public organization Movement of Eca Maria Malorosseyanov. - Ordinary townspeople most often pass it for free. Only the Moscow Eco Center "Color" comes more than a hundred tons per month.

The correspondent "KP" decided to find out whether it is possible to earn at the redemption.

Photo: Ekaterina Martinovich

Free: Shops will help

It didn't even imagine that among my friends and colleagues so much enthusiasts. During the day I was thrown from a dozen schemes, who departs all sorts of things - from packs from eggs (this is a cardboard, but it is often necessary to fold it in a separate container) to banal plastic. And still nailed phones and coordinates of volunteers and "experienced comrades", which will explain how and what should be done if I suddenly disassemble.

- This topic now often pops up among 30 - 35th year, - writes former classmate from Peter. - For many years I rent plastic and glass in the collection of "Auchan". I am going on the road from the cottage. Light bulbs and batteries collect in a bag that hangs in the hallway, and then we take in Ikea. Now even in Lerua, the bulbs are taken - both LED, and halogen.

In Moscow, as it turned out, the easiest way to pass its bobbot banks in the North and Central Districts. There for several years there is a network of reservoir reception points with separate windows for waste paper, plastic, glass, and the like. (These are not a shine containers for recycling in each Moscow courtyard, where it all throws together). Only I was found with a dozen acquaintances that they enchanted enchanted - they take something on the way to the store or as an evening walk.

I have no such happiness in the Western District, there was no such happiness. But, as it turned out, within 10 minutes, you can pass on foot: the batteries (it is generally almost every corner - in all the "cultivities", which now exist in almost every quarter, and in most major trading networks), light bulbs, old Cell Phones, Capsules from Coffee and even entering unusable clothing and shoes (see "Wherever you can take for free").

Where that is the easiest to attribute for free.

Photo: Dmitry Polukhin


Get rich I'm not rich. But half a day he cleaned the apartment from a heap of all the rubble, accumulating during the coronavirus removal. At the same time, it was specially not going anywhere, all within walking distance - not many further than before the garbage container.

What makes from our garbage.


And where is it all going?

Sometimes, the manufacturers themselves are involved in collecting their containers through trading networks and reception. So citizens are clearer - it is obvious that the bottle will go where it is necessary, and not to the nearest landfill.

- More than 85% of the project collected in the framework of the project "(about 10,000 containers in the country) aluminum and more than 50% of the glass is sent to suppliers of our packaging - on aluminum and glass plants, - told the lead specialist in public relations and sustainable development Baltika Natalia Rzhevskaya. - According to their data, aluminum banks and glass bottles and glass bottles are supplied to 30% of secondary materials. The rest is the production of building materials (glass), spare parts (aluminum).

The Baltika includes fandomats (they provide automatic reception and tare records) for bottles in several "cultivals" - in Moscow and St. Petersburg. A similar project is Unilever together with X5 Retail Group: in the stores "Crossroads" and "Carousel" put fandomats for plastic bottles and a bottle from under household chemicals.

In other cases, it remains to be hoped on volunteers who are quite actively checking the items of free reception of all sorts of languages ​​(who are interested in Moscow and the fields of inspections and what plants what kind of factory is actually leaving, you can see here).

What otherwise you can pass.

Photo: Dmitry Polukhin

Useful link

RecycleMap.ru - Here you can see where it is for free nearby from your home (enter the city and address - and see everything on the map), the map is constantly updated by volunteers, for each item there is a small report - including what kind of plant from it Everything leaves.

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In developed countries, it is unlikely to get rich in the deposit of garbage (details)

What of paper products does not apply to waste paper?

It would seem that collecting the waste paper is simply - you only need to separate all paper products separately, collect cardboard, paper sleeves and packaging paper. In fact, not all paper products can be handed over to the reception of waste paper. There are products that will not be recycled:

  • Any sanitary types of paper - napkins or toilet paper. This is a thin paper of low quality, which is not subject to further processing.
  • Trays from eggs.
  • Cards from polyclinic and hospitals.
  • Cash checks.
  • Disposable paper utensils.
  • Paper with fatty stains or paint traces. The exception is the paper that is fan of a gouache and watercolor, such sheets are accepted.
  • Paper products assembled on garbage dumps.
  • Falci from candy, including foil pieces.
  • Carticle or paper similar to it.
  • Copy.
  • Photos.
  • Books in hardcover with cover. They are surrendered only after torn off the tight cover.

Of all the things listed very often, books and dirty paper bring both dirty paper, they are rarely found in the stacks of waste trays from eggs and other products that are not subject to recycling.

You can also select paper products that plants can process only if there is separate equipment for this. Therefore, before sending this product to the waste paper, it is better to clarify in the reception point about the possibility of their processing. Such controversial paper includes:

  1. Glossy magazines.
  2. Laminated cardboard.
  3. Paper to write with impregnation.
  4. Paper with plastic inserts or reinforcement.

The fact is that before processing such a waste paper, it is necessary to remove extraneous elements, remove glue or laminate. And not all plants have at their disposal equipment that could afford to process laminated waste paper. Therefore, in the reception of such a recycling, the population often refuses.

What is a waste paper

The waste paper is paper, cardboard waste suitable for processing and obtaining fibrous raw materials. In the literature, the definition of this word can be replaced by the expressions "secondary raw materials" or "secondary fiber". The waste paper includes products from paper: used notebooks, notebooks, newspapers and magazines, books.

What is waste maculatte

Waste recycling centers take cardboard, boxes, packaging. The waste paper is considered sleeves from toilet paper and paper towels, egg cassettes. Watt, roofing materials are widely used in processing.

How things are with utilization in Russia

Cases with recycling of waste paper in Russia are not very good. In the sense, not so bad, as before, but not as good as in Europe.

For comparison, In Europe over 60% Paper waste is disposed of and reused. AT Russia This figure is hardly reaching eighteen% .

As can be seen, a huge percentage of waste paper continues to rot on landfills Despite the "ecological" trend, gaining power in recent years. Still a year More than 1200,000 hectares of forest will be cut down .

What has already been done:

  1. In 2015 entered into force The law prohibiting the export of waste paper from the Russian Federation . This made it possible to stop criminal fraud with paper waste, which were engaged in unscrupulous entrepreneurs. The same decision of the government allowed Neutralize the lack of waste paper In Russia, as a result, paper-processing enterprises began to work more productively.
  2. Was cancelled VAT for waste paper . This prompted the owners of enterprises more willingly hand over your paper Waste for recycling and also gave impetus to development Business on waste paper .
  3. The widespread distribution of containers for separating waste collection, including special containers for waste paper The conscious part of the population prompted her paper waste there. It also helps to level the shortage of raw materials.

What else to do:

  1. To accept Clearance draft law When passing the waste paper. Not every citizen agrees to give his paper-cardboard savings free, just for the idea of ​​salvation of trees. For many, the material side of the issue is important. To get money for waste , a person must prove that he owns it for more than three years (which is almost always impossible), after which pay ndfl From, to put it mildly, a modest revenue amount. Under these conditions, the population is little interested in passing the waste paper in the reception points, and continues to attribute it to the nearest landfill.
  2. Implement Full separate collection of MSW . The presence of containers in the courtyards of the central streets of large cities does not allow assembled and a small part of paper waste produced by the population. Residents of remote areas, as well as small cities and villages, continue to throw away the paper into a common trash can. Need to strive to ensure that the special Container for waste paper He became an indispensable attribute of any courtyard in all cities of Russia.
  3. Propaganda Ecological Trend. : Saving trees, saving resources, conservation of nature, etc., especially in educational institutions. Return the conscious attitude of the inhabitants to their land.

Paper thrown on a landfill becomes unsuitable For further processing. Collect her I. hand over in reception points prohibited From sanitary hygienic considerations. Therefore, it is important that the maximum number of waste paper, bypassing the landfill, went to the processing plants.

What reissue is accepted and not accepted for processing

These types of waste paper can be used as recycling:

  • Cardboard and corrugated cardboard;
  • books, periodicals (newspapers, magazines);
  • Booklets, brochures, other printing products;
  • post correspondence, office documentation;
  • paper package;
  • cassettes for eggs and sleeves (this type of waste paper can not take all points);
  • Ground paper.

One of the most common sources of waste paper are archives. But before surrendering to the disposal of a specific batch of documents, it is necessary to clarify from specialists, whether this documentation is allowed to destroy or must be deposited into a state archive.

Not considered waste paper:

  • packaging from milk products or juices;
  • dirty or impregnated with fatty paper;
  • Cash checks, faxes - they are just beginning to be considered as a separation direction for processing;
  • laminated paper;
  • Disposable dishes and other waterproof paper products;
  • Parchment, Waxing Paper;
  • Paper Napkins, Towels, Toilet Paper;
  • paper for photographs;
  • self-painting, self-copying paper;
  • paper with watermarks and metallization;
  • Packaging for pizza;
  • wrappers from chocolate, candy candy;
  • sandpaper;
  • tracing;
  • wallpaper;
  • Papers with through staining (the inner layers of the sheet are made in the same color as external).

To check whether the waste paper is suitable for processing, it is enough to spend the edge of the sheet. If there is no polymer film in it, and the internal layers have white color - you can pack and pass.

What can be passed?

There are two large groups here:

  • Corrugated Cardboard (boxes, packaging),
  • All other (books, magazines, notebooks, paper A4 for office equipment, postcards, kraft paper, etc.)

What can not be recycled?

Do not accept:

  • wet, burned, heavy paper;
  • paper with traces of fat or oils,
  • Laminated paper
  • Cash checks (they contain bisphenol A - a hazardous substance that pollutes recycling);
  • Disposable dishes and cups for drinks (they are made with the addition of different materials that are difficult to distinguish from each other);
  • Cover books , laminated magazine covers;
  • Packaging from Yaitz , cup holders (felled cellulose, low quality raw materials);
  • wallpaper, cushion, parchment paper;
  • Packaging from juice and dairy products (Tetrapak does not apply to waste paper);
  • Napkins, towels, toilet paper and sleeves from them;
  • Fully scratched paper (the inner layer of the same color, which is external),
  • packs from cigarettes;
  • photo paper.

Short : Sleep the edge of the product. If the inner layer is white and no film, paper can be recycled.

Views and categories, GOST varieties

According to GOST, the waste paper has three main categories - a, b and in .


SAMI High-quality and valuable Maculature. To this class include:

  • white paper or waste of its production;
  • White paper with a linovka;
  • paper from sulphate unbleached cellulose;
  • Paper bags (without impregnation, mess and reinforcement).

White paper

The same class includes waste productions of various products from high-quality paper raw materials, and this paper: packaging,




Other similar types.

it The most expensive waste paper . Check out the kilogram of such paper in the reception point 10 or more rubles . If you pass with large batches, then more.


Maculatura Middle quality . It:

  • corrugated cardboard;
  • corrugated cardboard elements (fluthing, liner), waste production of these products;
  • Cardboard with or without printing (exclusion - shoe, electrical insulating and roofing);
  • books, magazines, notebooks and other used paper products published on white paper (without roots and binding);
  • Archival paper and documents, again published on white paper.

This type of waste paper is the most common . The population is accepted from 2 to 8 rubles per kilogram, depending on the state and quantity of raw materials.


To the group in, the most Lower quality These are all paper products that do not fall into other categories.

Paper sleeve


  • Cardboard with impregnation, moisture content, bituminous, laminated, roofing;
  • Newspaper products with both black and white and colored printing;
  • Waste production of newspaper products;
  • Paper sleeves and sleeves;
  • cast paper products;
  • Cardboard Covenate;
  • Color cardboard and paper.

For such low grade waste paper, you can help less than a ruble per kilogram. In rare cases, the price will reach 2 rubles . What makes the waste paper has a division on Subgroups which includes certain types of products. Those who need more detailed classification use the link to GOST.

How to pass and pack the waste paper for passing

Previously, the reception points were located in each area and were quite accessible to every wishes to get rid of the accumulated papers. Today, redemption items are not so popular as in the Soviet past, but they exist, function and very successfully gain production turnover. By making a decision to clear your home or office from paper debris, please consider certain requirements for the preparation of recyclable.

How to prepare the collected paper for delivery?

So, now you know what can be sent to the processing, and how it all will have to replenish the trashal polygons. Leave only what is suitable for processing, Sharing the waste paper on corrugated cardboard and "all so on".

Separating from paper all foreign - Clips and springs from notebooks, transparent plastic windows from envelopes, metal champs from flags and calendars ... and so on.

We fold small pieces in the boxes, form a stack of large-scale stacks and bandage them with a rope. Our task is to do so So that the waste paper does not crumble during transportation.

Maculatory sorting: do it in manual or not?

First of all, you need to understand what quality is suitable for delivery to the reception point. Such requirements dictate technological capabilities of machines processing recycling, they must be taken into account.

In the usual understanding, waste paper is paper, newspapers, magazines, theater billboard, promotional leaflets, paper packaging, cardboard packaging and even cut paper from shredders.

Paper laminated, metallized, with watermarks impregnated with wax, as well as paper corrugations for eggs, disposable dishes, packaging tetrapak, napkins and paper towels - all this refers to a separate category of paper waste and is not suitable for recycling.

Simply put, it is necessary to prepare a waste paper, having previously divided into manual to waste suitable type and what is not disposal and recycling.

Is it possible to take glossy magazines in the waste paper, documents (accounting accounts, checks), books, cardboard or wallpaper? Yes, of course, they all belong to one group of raw materials - paper products. The exclusion is cardboard, depending on the density it is packaged separately. Options each type of waste paper and fold in separate places:

  • paper for writing and printing,
  • Cardboard products,
  • books
  • magazines,
  • Newspapers.

How to pack: Requirements for paper raw materials

After sorting, the waste paper must be packaged, depending on its type, in separate bundles or closing boxes. This will simplify the process of its subsequent transportation.

Pay attention to the packaged raw material should not be extinct trash, wet components, a paper coated with foil, varnish, polyethylene or cloth, laminated or sandpaper. Keep the waste prepared for delivery is needed in a dry room.

Is it possible to take a waste paper with clips? The answer is unequivocal - no, it is impossible. Previously clean the raw materials from any metal unnecessary items.

Classification and peculiarity of waste paper

Maculatura is different. The classification of types of waste paper on groups, brands and varieties provides mutual understanding between suppliers and consumers of waste paper. In addition, each grade of waste paper corresponds to its refining direction.

There is a more valuable waste paper, which is taken everywhere, and some varieties, for example, "egg cassettes" rarely take, because the length of the cellulose fiber is already very short. The shortening of the cellulosic fiber in each processing determines the limited number of cycles of its processing.

For processing paper, you need two times less water than for a new one.

From the recycled waste paper, you can get a new clean paper, container (all known cassettes for eggs) and even building materials: EcoWhat and fibrous plates (for interior decoration).

Marking of waste paper

According to GOST, the waste paper is customary to divide several stamps and groups:

The group "A" is a high quality recycling. Under this labeling usually fall:

Group A.

  • White office sheets and trimming.
  • Unbleached cellulose.
  • Spilled sheets.
  • Paper bags non-desorable.

Paper under such labeling is distinguished by excellent quality and has a pleasant price. For the wasteland of such high quality at the processing plant pay good money.

Group "B" is an average quality paper that has already has a lower cost. The group includes:

Group B.

  • All types of cardboard.
  • Notebooks and notebooks, periodicals, bookprint products, catalogs, advertising brochures. It is important that the paper is without binding.
  • Corrugated cardboard and its waste.

This is the most common group that most often comes from the population.

The group "B" is a low-quality waste. This includes:

Group B.

  • Spools and sleeves that produce paper.
  • Black or gray cardboard.
  • Paper that has a copy layer.
  • Newspapers and newspaper production.
  • Paper or cardboard with impregnation that needs to be removed before processing.
  • Colored paper.

The cost of such paper is low, but it can be successfully processed to obtain new paper products or even roofing materials.

If the item takes the waste paper only on an industrial scale

The method of passing secondary raw materials should be chosen based on personal circumstances. It is also important a goal that is being pursued at the same time. If you intend all the waste to send entirely for processing, and do not have supporters nearby, then you have to accumulate the volumes of more larger, and follow the requirements of the stuffer.

If you just want to have order in the house, collect unnecessary newspapers and cardboard packaging, pull them together with the twine and put on the garbage under a canopy. The janitors themselves will deliver his waste paper in the reception center and mentally thank you for a gift.

The optimal option could be the decision of the tenants to create a platform for separate waste collection. At the same time, the discharged waste paper was already centrally able to sell the stovers, and spent money from this to spend the maintenance of the house.

Where to take waste paper how much money you can get

If near your home there are no waste paper reception items

In this case, you need to contact the local municipality. It should be asked to create a platform for separate collecting recycling. It is necessary to pre-decide whether to conclude a contract from whose name. It is important to achieve the publicity of the process.

If you cannot achieve support for the municipality, the only option is to cooperate with neighbors. Collect recycling together with them to the required amount. Find a suitable wholesaler, which would take and paid paper waste.

For example, in St. Petersburg, the competence of local self-government includes the improvement of territory. It includes container equipment equipment. This is the result of the action of Art. 10 of the law "On the organization of local self-government in St. Petersburg".

Recommendations for recycling

Macolasture and cardboard

  • Sorting It is required to sort the waste paper by brands, cardboard by type and remove foreign objects (paper clips, covers, files, etc.).
  • Type of packaging for extruded in piping waste paper or cardboard waste price per kg will be higher than for dumping paper in bulk.
  • Transport Self delivery is more profitable. When removing the recycling of less than 500 kg, the costs of transport are taken into account.
  • The volume of the larger the amount of secondary waste, the higher the price per 1 kg.

Perspective and profitability of business

In Western countries, recycling of secondary raw materials has long been perfectly established. People are accustomed to split garbage in different containers, and the guys teach it from the small years. We also force the population to bring unnecessary paper for the reception point. A complicated case due to the established opinion, that if a person gives something - it means he has a bad financial situation. Therefore, most of the necessary raw materials that can be recycled to landfill.

Taking into account global digits about 50% of recycling recycled to new products. We also have less optimistic digit - only 12% of the former paper is sent to recycling.

Despite the fact that this situation is fixed, not so simple, entrepreneurs still have the opportunity to earn good money and take a practically empty niche to organize promising business.

How to open the processing and collection of waste paper

The profitability of this type of activity, according to expert estimates, reaches from 30 to 50%

To do this, it is necessary to organize a competent advertising campaign, try to express the population about the positive experience of successful countries and write a business plan for collecting waste into the reception point.

Main business options on waste paper

Business on waste paper can be like small and very Large . It all depends on your aspirations and readiness to invest in our business.

How to organize waste collection from scratch

To start a business on collecting waste, it suffices to enter into partnership agreements with these paper trap suppliers. For a serious business of such suppliers you need a lot - more than 100 . We will have to spend time and strength for the operation of ties.

These organizations and firms export unnecessary paper by paying garbage removal at their own expense.

You can offer shopping points, organizations and so on. To conclude a contract that you will not only take out all the paper unnecessary to them, but to pay them for it, solving the problem of their paper trash.

The frequency of the export of this raw material depends on its volume. This is usually 1-5 times weekly. Fee for unnecessary paper is worth installing 50 rubles. For 200 kg of raw materials.

Over time, there will be many such points for collecting paper raw materials. For the export of waste paper, a warehouse is needed, a cargo machine or a trailer. At the initial stage of the development of this business, they can be rented or use their own garage.

Important Competently daily make the route to reduce the mileage of the machine.

The legal side of the question is whether the license is necessary?

Registration of IP

To open legal business for receiving and processing waste paper, you need


Like an IP (individual entrepreneur), or you can open up LLC.

Since the waste paper refers to the fifth (i.e. the lowest) class of hazard of waste, special Licenses To work with this raw material, such as, for example, to work with ferrous metals, not required .


In addition, it is necessary to choose a room in which it will be possible to store the raw materials until the buyers take it. If there is a big garage available, it is perfect for a warehouse, and if it is not, it will need to look for the room you will be rented. There are several basic moments when choosing a room that should be taken into account:

  • In size, the room must match the volume of the voice;
  • The room should not be raw, otherwise it will not be stored paper;
  • You should not rent a large room, as it serves only an intermediate point before shipping to the Centers for Collection and Processing;
  • It does not matter where the warehouse is located in the center or outside. Representatives of this business advise to choose a warehouse outside the city, as the rental cheapest and target audience in the sleeping areas more, less automotive traffic jams;

Also, at the initial stage, the car will be required to which the waste paper from the reception items will be taken. It can be rented, but if you go to save money, we advise you to make contact with other receiving points that you used one vehicle for the export of raw materials.

In general, at the first stage will need:

  • Opening of IP
  • Premises for a warehouse
  • car
  • Scales for accurate determine the weight of the waste paper

Collect data on competitors

If you live in a big city, competitors can not be avoided. Find district where they are less Total.

If you see that advertising offers on the Internet, newspapers and signs on the area / settlement, there are few or there are no them at all, this is a good sign.

Find waste suppliers

Among them:

  • schools;
  • offices;
  • the shops;
  • Network supermarkets;
  • canteens;
  • markets;
  • trade warehouses;
  • Residents.

Waste paper hospitals (archives, hospital cards, etc.) is considered to be unsuitable under sanitary reasons.

All institutions are necessary visit Personally I. reach an agreement On the removal of waste paper. Most willingly agree to cooperate with you if you offer Remuneration .

At this stage, it can be clear that Large suppliers already have agreements for exporting waste with your Competitors . Continue to search and work out options. In addition, you can offer "busy" suppliers More favorable conditions .

Some entrepreneurs have experience working with schoolchildren , wipers and local residents : those give them a collected waste paper for Small fee .

What can be accept :

  • Cardboard and corrugated cardboard;
  • archives;
  • paper and notebook;
  • Books and magazines.

To attract residents District or village:

  • give ad to the local newspaper;
  • Leave information on the forums;
  • Split Leaflets on poles and stops.

In general, to notify the population that you Ready to bother They are unnecessary Paper trash . If you have a truck or passenger car with a trailer, organize Purchase major parties in the population Pickup (Install the value of the one that will be cost-effective for you - 100, 300, 500 kg).

Use in advertising slogans type " Rent a waste paper - Save a tree " There will be conscious inhabitants who bring you a waste paper Downloadable .

Consider slogans to take waste

Another way to get from citizens paper waste is free : Put in the courtyards of high-rise buildings near the lattice designs for bottles Containers For collecting waste paper. Beautifully place them, and write appeals to pass the waste paper - save trees, save nature, etc.

Residents will feel involved in the protection of nature, and you will only have come around all points I. Collect Raw materials. Of course, if you were not ahead of competitors.

Find Sales Channels

It is most profitable to pass right away PCB (pulp and paper plants), but there is one problem - with Small Party they does not work . While your item collects 2-3 tons of waste paper, you will have to work with Switches . It is less profitable at a price (about 20-30% is lost, or even more), but so far you do not have a large warehouse and the press for waste paper, this is the only option.

Contacts Obbashchikov You can easily find:

  • In search issuing
  • в newspapers
  • on the Forums .

They give many ads. Discuss conditions и Prices with several of them and find with whom more profitable Total work permanently.

Hire personnel

That's who can need :

  • driver;
  • loader;
  • acceptor;
  • accountant;
  • Watchman

Of course you can do everything Self . But the moment will come when raw materials become more What you can process yourself. As business develops in any case have to Someone hire .

Get the equipment

Press for waste paper


  • freight Motor transport
  • Press For waste paper.

You can do without it, but revenues will be lower.

Having a car, you can organize Self-help Thereby having more raw materials.

Having a press, you will sell Predated (backed) waste paper that is valued above .

Press Price For waste paper - from 50 thousand rubles. You can buy cheap on Aliexpress, on Avito sites you can find used cheaper.

Price of autotransport May be completely different. For example, the new gazelle costs from 800 thousand to a million rubles. At the same time, a trailer for a passenger car can be found in 10 thousand rubles. Choose what's on your pocket.

If everything happened, and the reception point of the waste paper earned, you have appeared Permanent suppliers and sales channels, and the amount of waste paper in warehouses constantly grows can continue develop in this direction.


  • Rent more large room under the warehouse;
  • purchase need equipment
  • start working directly with PCB .

At this stage, you can take raw materials not only among organizations and individuals, but also from those who opened their small business for collecting waste.

Nuances of work Directly with the CBK :

  1. Almost one hundred percent of cases Spicy 10% per moisture and another 10% for zamor (scotch, paper clips, etc.).
  2. Money Plant pays not right away . You can wait for your profits for months. If the business is long-term, and the reception of raw materials is put on the stream - it is not scary.


The first stage of recycling of waste paper is her pressing . For this, presss are used, which differ in types and dimensions.

Next, the waste paper is processed, in which a number of special equipment take part.

Equipment can be divided into two kinds :

  • Individual Machines and machines;
  • Comprehensive lines For processing waste paper and manufacturing products from it.

Machines perform their separate functions. Consider On the example of toilet paper :

  1. Paper machine . It processes the waste paper, manufactures paper and winds it into huge rolls width 2 or more meters.
  2. Discarding machine.
  3. Machine for Slicing rolls .
  4. Cachetle table.

Where to take waste paper how much money you can get

The paper machine in turn can be replaced.

Separate aggregates

(Crusher, hydraulic driver, vibrating, separators, thermal dispersive devices, etc.). Work with such a set

Extremely uncomfortable

But for the start, when there are no sufficient funds, many choose this option.

Alternative stands Automatic full cycle line . From the waste paper is immediately manufactured Finished rolls . Of course, the price of such equipment is appropriate.

There are lines I. Incomplete cycle . In this case, products are made from Ready cellulose raw materials . It is several times more expensive undeveloped waste paper, so such production is Less economically beneficial .

How to organize sales

Before organizing a business organization at the collection of waste paper first Each strategy where you will implement the collected recycling. Of course, it is easy to hand over to the dealers who are easy to find in every city, they will gladly take it and will be paid immediately. However, such the price will be much lower than when implemented directly to the consumer or a large reception item.

But it is not necessary to do without difficulties in these places, humidity and waste of waste paper is checked. The other is usually found, which leads to a decrease in the value of paper waste up to 30, or even 40%. Payment is also performed not so quickly sometimes takes several months. Therefore, it is sometimes more profitable to start a similar business, cooperating with dealers.

What is made from waste paper

It would seem how to attitude this question can have to business? Our business - gathered, passed, received a profit, the rest is no matter. But everything is not so simple. Knowing the entire chain of transformation of waste paper into paper will allow you to find consumers (purchases) of waste paper in those sectors where other search them will not be. So, what they produce from the old paper:

  • Oddly enough, made of waste paper ... paper.
  • Building materials, in particular, heat-insulating paper cotton wool, and paper-polymer plates
  • Medical wool, and other sanitary and hygienic products.
  • Fabrics
  • cardboard
  • Disposable dishes

This is only a small part of what can be obtained from the waste paper.

This is interesting: the first paper in the form in which we know it, was created in the 2nd century BC. Chinese Cai Leno.

Collection of waste paper as a business cost

According to experts and reviews of entrepreneurs to organize an item on receiving such secondary raw materials, about 200 thousand rubles will be required.

Provided that you will succeed, putting a lot of effort to collect 20 tons of waste paper per week and pass it by 1.5 - 2.5 thousand rubles. For 1 ton, you can earn an average of about 40 thousand rubles for this period. At the deduction of the cost of overhead costs, it is possible to count on 100-120 thousand rubles. net profit monthly.

how to open a waste paper

Initial investments are already beginning to pay off in a few months of intensive work.

The process of deposit and processing waste paper

Taking paper and cardboard products are engaged in waste recycling centers. For children, it is possible to participate in the collection of paper that educational institutions organize. Points can set the selection of waste paper for one class. Before renting a waste to the center of processing, it is necessary to specify the availability of restrictions on the volume of suggested raw materials.

The average price of waste paper per kilogram in different regions of the country ranges from the ruble to five. Large companies take paper products in tons, paying for each 2-5 thousand rubles. The cost depends on the quality of the delivered waste.

Description of the rules of purchase, processing of waste paper in Russia provides GOST 10700-97. Recycled paper products are used in the production of building raw materials. Of the fibers of secondary raw materials, roofing materials are obtained, plates made of compressed paper. The waste paper is used in the manufacture of cardboard packages, boxes from corrugated cardboard.

Processing of waste paper

Cutting a kilogram of paper products saves from cutting down ten trees, which saves 20 thousand liters of fresh water and kilowatts of electricity used in production. Recycling paper protects the atmosphere from 1.7 tons of carbon dioxide penetration.

Cardboard and paper waste make up forty percent of the manufactured office paper. Machine is a way to influence improving the ecology of the planet for renting unnecessary paper in the city recycling center. The raw material obtained from waste prevents excessive cutting down of trees, reduces the level of influence of industrial production to the state of the environment, protects the planet reserves.

Income and business costs on waste paper

Before opening a business collection and reception of waste paper, make a business plan, and determine all the main costs. The organization of this business requires investment, and their size depends on your plans. If you do not have a big starting capital, you can try to get a bank loan to open a business, especially since many banks support beginner entrepreneurs. But if you have our own savings, we advise you to start the case without any assistance. You will be able to save if available you will have a garage and personal transport.

We will analyze how much profits you can get on business on the collection and processing of waste paper. According to many entrepreneurs, such a business is unlikely to bring the expected profit. However, if you study the case more attentively, it is worth paying attention to, in addition to individuals, raw materials are passed and large companies for whom many paper waste accumulates over time. This allows you to earn a decent money on collecting waste. For example, at one reception point in Moscow receives net income to 1 million rubles for the year. Thus, the profitability of this business ranges from 30 to 50%.

Before calculating the profit, which you can get from the waste paper, you need to know how much 1 kg of paper costs. In the regions, the sale of paper waste is produced at a price of 1-2 rubles per 1 kg, and in Moscow for a kilogram of raw materials, you can get 6 rubles. Cellulosic and paper mills pay for a ton of raw materials from 3.5 to 5 thousand rubles. The cost of cardboard can reach up to 7 thousand rubles. In general, 1 million rubles can be investigated in their work, and money will pay off about 1-1.5 years after the start.

Start-up capital

To keep this kind of case, do not need a business plan, since all costs are minimal and approximate. If you already have room and transport, it will only have to advertise yourself and start taking paper. As can be seen, it all depends on the possibilities of a potential businessman. On average, the following amounts will have to spend:

  • 3 000 - Opening of IP;
  • 5,000 - advertising;
  • 30,000 - press;
  • 10,000 - scales;
  • 100 000 - buying a car;
  • 15,000 - Rent of the warehouse;
  • 10 000 - the amount of paper reception.

The money amount that needs to be investigated in the development of this business is 165-175 thousand rubles, and it can significantly shrink in the presence of a car and premises.

Monthly expenses

To ensure successfully developed and functioned, each month it is necessary to implement the following investments:

  • 5,000 - advertising;
  • 15,000 - Rent of the warehouse;
  • 10,000 - fuel costs;
  • 15 000 - reception of paper waste (about 30 tons per month).

In general, every month you need to spend 45 thousand rubles on average.

How much can you earn?

If you develop a competent price waste paper reception policy, then you can get a net profit of 100-500%. For example, many office offices are throwing tons of paper every month, paying garbage removal services. If you agree to take this paper, then you will need to pay only gasoline costs. At the reception point, prices for ordinary paper are set - 50 kopecks per kilogram, 1 ruble for cardboard. Processing companies take waste paper at a price of 120 dollars per ton, that is, 6,700 rubles. Taking advantage of tons of paper 500-1,000 rubles, you can earn 6 times more! Provided if a ton of waste paper is collected daily, a month can earn an average of 200 thousand.

Payback period

All means spent on the organization and development of the waste paper will pay off after two or three weeks.

In the future, you can open several points around the city, and workers pay percentage of revenue. Thus, they will be interested in collecting as much raw materials as possible.

Risks and cons of business

If we talk about risks, then these are the same circumstances as in any other case: unforeseen situations, vehicle breakdown, weather conditions, unscrupulous savings.

Business on waste paper: Reviews and advice of entrepreneurs

On higher profits, according to the reviews of the experienced entrepreneurs, you can count on further Recycling recycling .

If you have made a decision not only to take paper waste, you can buy a line on their primary processing, for further resale of the resulting raw materials to large consumers.

If you want to make the production of such products such as napkins, toilet and newspaper paper, packages or cardboard here can not do without a full cycle line. However, to obtain a tangible monthly profit to several hundred thousand, and then and millions of rubles are needed financial investments about 2 million rubles.

recycling and collection of waste paper reviews

To organize your own production, certain financial investments will be needed for the purchase of the necessary equipment and the selection of the appropriate premises.

Why is it worth making products from secondary paper?

There are several reasons for this:

  1. Reduce cutting down forests . The more waste paper goes on reuse, the less the hectares of the forest will have to cut down.
  2. Reduce the volume of landfall . More than quarters of their volume - paper waste. Using the waste paper, it is possible to prevent the growth in the volume of urban landfills, thereby making the nature and the city is cleaner.
  3. Save resources . For the production of goods from paper recycling, less electricity and water takes place than on the production of similar products from wood. As can be seen, to produce goods from waste paper is not only useful for ecology, but also economically beneficial for enterprises.
  4. Cheat products . Wood is expensive, and there is a lot of resources on its processing. Production of goods from waste paper reduces them and makes more profitable for the end user.

Finally, Recycling garbage - This is a good deed, which is not only Useful , but also Profitable . Getting rid of waste now, we care about future generations, allowing them to live in a world that will be a little cleaner. Therefore, the inscriptions that we see everywhere - "hand over the waste paper - save a tree" - these are not just slogans, but calls that reflect the urgent problem as the planet in general and Russia in particular.

Business prospects

Perspectives are always in any business. So here. Over time, you can open your line for the production of toilet paper, napkins, paper bags, containers; mini-plant for the production of cardboard; or something similar. To do this, you need quite a bit - take the first step. Which, I hope, with my help, will be hard and sure. I wish you success!


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In the Soviet Time, the points of acceptance of the recycling, where it was possible to pass the waste paper and glass for money were a very popular place. They even offered scarce, at that time, book innovations for exchange. Now, although rates for recycling are small, along with paper and glass, plastic bottles and tires are accepted into recycling.

What reissue can be passed for money and where?

What reissue can be passed for money and where?
What reissue can be passed for money and where?

Theoretically, on a fee basis, you can pass to the nearest point of recycling:

  • paper and cardboard, including books, archives and clean boxes from products;
  • glassware, which immediately goes "into battle", therefore, paid modestly;
  • old tires;
  • Aluminum banks;
  • Plastic bottles and even covers from them.
In practice, the points of reception are located mainly on the essay (in industries), taking mainly large "batch of goods". For example, covers take a common weight from a kilogram, paper from 100-1000 kg.

Where can I hand over the tires and get money for them?

Where can I hand over the tires and get money for them?
Where can I hand over the tires and get money for them?

Old tires in individuals redeem car services, mini-plants for rubber processing and profile enterprises (exclusively in bulk). Each local settlement has its own items that are easiest to find a search query indicating the place of your stay.

There is also a Greenpeace map with the listing of organizations leading the reception of the "old rubber" on a paid and free-specific basis.

Greenpeace Map - Screen from the website RecycleMap.ru
Greenpeace Map - Screen from the website RecycleMap.ru

The price per kilogram of raw materials is 4-6 kilograms. Before traveling to the nearest foundation, tires, make sure that you will pay, and not vice versa. After all, some car services take tires to utilize for a small fee from the client.

Where can I hand over the waste paper, cardboard and plastic bottles for money?

Where can I hand over the waste paper, cardboard, plastic bottles for money?
Where can I hand over the waste paper, cardboard, plastic bottles for money?

On a paid basis, paper, cardboard and other waste paper takes:

  • Volunteers in the framework of shares "Separate Collection" - they are reported on the site of movement and in social networks;
  • Stationary points of reception from companies for processing or intermediary entrepreneurs.
You can find a suitable point for a minute using any "search engine" or choose the item close to yourself on the Greenpeace map. Then call the organization to clarify the work schedule and the conditions of recycling.

Many points of acceptance of waste paper in Russia there is, for example, a "green office".

Conditions of acceptance of waste paper - price for 1 kg

Conditions of acceptance of waste paper - price for 1 kg
Conditions of acceptance of waste paper - price for 1 kg

Prices for paper reissue range vary by country from 25 to 100 rubles per 10 kilogram. The price tag is established depending on the city and the type of waste paper - they pay more expensive for paper archives and cardboard.

There are several conditions of the reception of this reissue:

  • Paper should be clean and packed for transportation;
  • In large companies, there are often restrictions on minimal weight - take from 100 kilograms of waste paper at a time.

Where and how to hand over Plastics for money?

Where and how to hand over Plastics for money?
Where and how to hand over Plastics for money?

Unlike the abroad, where there are special "fandomats" in all stores to return bottles, in Russia plastic takes not so happy. However, this direction is successfully developing. Search for points of reception of bottles occurs by the same scheme as with the waste paper.

In general, the plastic bottles are even less profitable than paper. On average, a kilogram of raw materials give up to 25 rubles.

Where can I pass the glass for money - bottles and banks?

Where can I pass the glass for money - bottles and banks?
Where can I pass the glass for money - bottles and banks?

Points of reception of glass containers are now placed mainly in the industries. Only some enterprises allow bottles and banks into circulation, so the demand for raw materials fell somewhat. The cost of glass is from 30 kopecks to 5 rubles and more (from champagne bottles to liter cans).

In the capital, after the launch of the "Separate Collection" program, the number of points of the glass floor reception has grown three times. Among them are the paid points of the reception of raw materials, but they are quite small. We advise you to pay attention to major trading networks, where fandomats are.

Where can I hand over for money for money and free - about the covers from plastic bottles

Where can I hand over for money for money and free - about the covers from plastic bottles
Where can I hand over for money for money and free - about the covers from plastic bottles

Such a type of recycling detachedly began to take recycling recently. Basically, the lids are collected as part of a charitable action with the transfer of revenues to various funds. For example, now throughout Russia, the promotion of "Probr" is valid.

Points of reception of such raw materials can be found on the same Greenpeace map or in search results.

According to activists, the plastic kilogram gives 15-26 rubles. But mostly in the shopping centers are installed simply containers for covers in the calculation of people who are not indifferent to the problem of environmental pollution.

Is it possible to make money by passing plastic, glass floor or cardboard?

Is it possible to make money by passing plastic, glass floor or cardboard?
Is it possible to make money by passing plastic, glass floor or cardboard?

Many mediators can be seriously earned at recycling or people who managed to establish a waste paper with tons. Most people, such activities actually brings only moral satisfaction. And it does not matter where the person decided to take the waste paper, tires or plastic, the main thing is that it is a good deal in favor of ecology and others.

Thanks for attention. Subscribe to Our canal . Ahead is waiting a lot of interesting things!

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