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Master class on making a garland of snowflakes using the origami technique

Irina Chelyapina Master class on making a garland of snowflakes using the origami technique

Dear colleagues! New Years is soon. Children are looking forward to this holiday. I want to bring to your attention one more option making snowflakes from which you can make garland . Snowflake done very simply and quickly.

Master class on making a garland of snowflakes using the origami technique

For work we need : white paper, glue, scissors, ruler.

We take a sheet of white paper and draw it into 3 * 3cm squares, then cut it. For one snowflakes we need 16 squares and 2 circles with a diameter of 2.5 cm.

Fold the squares diagonally.

We unfold and fold the corners to the middle, we get these blanks.

Then we take one circle and glue 8 blanks to it like this.

Glue another circle on top. Now we glue the remaining 8 blanks and we get such a wonderful snowflake .

If several connect snowflakes , it will turn out amazingly beautiful garland ... Such garland can be hung on the New Year tree, it can be used to decorate a group, snowflakes look very nice on the windows.

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New Year at the Gates!New Year at the Gates! Christmas tree is coming, New Year is coming soon! Everyone is looking forward to this holiday! New Year is a time of miracles. Adults and children are looking forward to it.

Good day, dear readers!

If you have not yet decorated your space like New Year's, it is not too late to do it!

It is not necessary to buy ready-made jewelry, because they can be made from improvised means! Paper ballerinas in packs of openwork snowflakes are a great option for New Year's decor.

Graceful ballerinas and paper snowflakes will be an excellent option for decorating space.
Graceful ballerinas and paper snowflakes will be an excellent option for decorating space.

Such wonderful garlands can be used to decorate windows, ceilings, or to hang ballerinas separately on a Christmas tree as a hanging decoration. All we need is paper, scissors, thread and some free time.

So, I bring to your attention step-by-step instructions:

Step # 1

To make such a decoration, first, you need to print a template for a ballerina figurine. Or transfer it by hand to paper using a pencil.

I present to your attention several templates:

You can choose one version of the template, or you can use all 4 together or come up with something of your own :)
You can choose one version of the template, or you can use all 4 together or come up with something of your own :)
Here's another, especially dramatic :)
Here's another, especially dramatic :)
The option without a pack also has a place to be
The option without a pack also has a place to be

Step # 2

We make a tutu for our ballerinas! To do this, we need to cut out snowflakes from paper.

We act according to the instructions:

We take an A4 sheet, cut a square out of it and fold it as shown in the figure
We take an A4 sheet, cut a square out of it and fold it as shown in the figure

Next, transfer one of the snowflake templates to it:

You can choose one version of the template, or you can use all 4 together or come up with something of your own
You can choose one version of the template, or you can use all 4 together or come up with something of your own

All snowflakes have a hole in the middle.

Step # 3

Now you and I just have to insert a figure of a paper ballerina into this hole of snowflakes, and our doll is ready!

For convenience, you can cut a larger hole along the fold line
For convenience, you can cut a larger hole along the fold line

Step # 4

Now we attach strings, rain or fishing line to our New Year's ballerinas. Done!

You can also hang such ballerinas on a chandelier and they will "dance" with every breath. The beauty!

You can add volumetric snowflakes to the resulting garland with ballerinas, I wrote about how to make them in this article: Lovely Christmas snowflakes made of plain paper: a simple step-by-step instruction , it will turn out very cool!

Do you decorate your space with New Year's crafts?

Share your experience in the comments, пsubscribe to the channel and put "thumbs up" if the article was interesting and useful for you!

Our master class will help you prepare an apartment or house for the New Year holidays. A garland of voluminous snowflakes can favorably emphasize your taste and personality. Making the decoration will take you about two to three hours, depending on the length of the garland you need.

To create a decoration, you will need the following materials :- office paper of white and blue colors; - scissors; - paper glue, preferably not liquid; - decorative thread for hanging a finished garland; - decorative elements for decoration (rhinestones, beads, sequins, beads, etc.).

We start by preparing the white and blue squares. The side of each square is 10.5 cm.

Making the base of the garland. The basis of the garland is made up of white paper elements, which are made from a square, and then connected in series with each other using glue.

Creating a composite element. Take a white square.

Making a garland of voluminous snowflakes, photo number 1

And fold it diagonally.

We make a garland of volumetric snowflakes, photo number 2

Then diagonally again.

Making a garland of voluminous snowflakes, photo number 3

We get a triangular blank, on which you need to make three cuts from the opening side of the triangle.

Making a garland of volumetric snowflakes, photo number 4

In expanded form, the workpiece looks like this.

Making a garland of voluminous snowflakes, photo number 5

We start assembling the element from the middle. We glue two corners together, forming a tube.

Making a garland of voluminous snowflakes, photo number 6

We turn the workpiece over and only after that we glue the corners of the next element together.

Making a garland of voluminous snowflakes, photo number 7

Next, turn the workpiece over again and continue gluing until we reach the end of the workpiece.

The constituent element of the garland is ready!

Making a garland of voluminous snowflakes, photo number 8

The number of components depends on the length of the garland you need.

Making voluminous snowflakes.

Each snowflake has two elements. To make them, you need squares of two colors. The square must be folded according to the same principle as the square for the base of the garland.

Making a garland of volumetric snowflakes, photo number 9

Making a garland of voluminous snowflakes, photo # 10

The resulting triangular workpiece must be rounded off at the end and two cuts must be made.

Making a garland of voluminous snowflakes, photo number 11

In expanded form, the workpiece looks like this.

Making a garland of volumetric snowflakes, photo number 12

Assembling the snowflake element. Each corner of the middle notch should be glued to the center.

Making a garland of voluminous snowflakes, photo number 13

The element is ready!

Making a garland of voluminous snowflakes, photo number 14

In the same way we make the second element, only of a different color. We glue both elements together. The snowflake is ready!

Making a garland of voluminous snowflakes, photo No. 15

Assembling the garland. We lay out the finished elements in the desired sequence and then glue them together. We stretch the thread along the entire length of the garland. We also attach the snowflakes on threads of the same length. The garland with voluminous snowflakes is ready. Now she can decorate the wall, ceiling, stairs and even a Christmas tree.

Making a garland of voluminous snowflakes, photo # 16

Very little remains until the New Year holidays. And although the Metal White Bull will come into its own only on February 3, it is necessary to prepare for the meeting now. Think over a menu in which there should be new delicious salads for the New Year. Think about how to decorate a house, apartment, Christmas tree.

The totem likes everything original, so do-it-yourself voluminous snowflakes or garlands are perfect. The bull is very soft in color. He will especially like gold and silver, white, shades of the pastel spectrum, orange, purple. You should not use everything in one piece of jewelry at once; it is better to give preference to one piece.

I offer you some interesting options that everyone will surely like and will decorate your home. Many tasks can be done with children or even offered to do something in labor lessons at school.

How to make DIY Christmas garlands with the symbol of the year - Bull (Bull) patterns

Themed decorations are the easiest and most original way to appease the symbol of the year. Cute, almost cartoonish, images will surely delight children. Therefore, such garlands will decorate a nursery, groups in a kindergarten.

For work we need:

  • thick paper;
  • scissors;
  • hole puncher;
  • braid.

Operating procedure:

Download animal templates. Images are mirrored. This is done so that the garland looks the same from either side. Carefully cut around the office and glue. Make holes on the ears of the animals with a hole punch, thread the braid through them.

The finished decoration can be fixed to the ceiling. Or you can make simple flags with an image.

Catch the flag pattern and single animal images. Right-click, download, and then just enlarge to the size you need. You can also draw a blank by hand.

Another option is to fix it in a spiral on the tree. On one garland, you can place the same or different images.

Garland flags made of paper and paper clips for the New Year 2021

It is not hard to imagine that such multi-colored chains can become the basis of beautiful garlands. They can be hung in this form on a small Christmas tree, they will look bright. But you can also make flags that children love. And come up with your own decoration option.

What needs to be prepared to create a craft:

  • a box of multi-colored paper clips;
  • colored paper (you can use leftovers from previous creative works, since you will still need to cut the paper into thin strips);
  • glue;
  • a snowflake-shaped hole punch for decoration (or stickers, prints of snowflake designs, pens to draw, and so on);
  • scissors.

How to do

To create the frame, take precisely colored paper clips, covered with enamel on top or painted in another way. For the flags themselves, you will need colored paper. Cut thin strips from it. The width should not exceed the length of the paper clip. Draw a bird on one side to cut out the corner of the flag later.

Pass one side of the strip through a paper clip and pull. Fold the strip in half across. Glue the ends together. Cut the lower part with a bird to get a flag.

Prepare many strips of the same size for decoration.

Insert a different color of paper into the hole of each brightly colored paper clip and turn it into flags in the same way. Use glue and scissors.

With the help of a curly hole punch, make a snowfall, using not only white, but also colored paper. This way you can mix 3 colors in each link.

Stick snowflakes on both sides of each flag (or use a different decoration technique, such as adding snowmen, penguins, bullfinches, or other winter objects).

It remains to fasten the paper clips in the standard way to form a long chain of flags. The result is a wonderful Christmas garland that will become an unusual festive decoration.

Homemade garland of candy wrappers

You can collect a huge number of candy wrappers that are different in color, ornament, texture, you should not throw away this wealth, because you can make New Year's crafts from it. It is enough to come up with some fragments that you can endlessly alternate and collect on a thread, and you will get an interesting decoration.

For work you will need:

  • mix of candy wrappers and foil;
  • thread and needle;
  • stapler if necessary;
  • scissors if necessary.

Prepare different wrappers. It is advisable to use different shades, and the sizes can either be the same, or trim them with scissors. All completed parts will be attached to a strong thread.

Phased work

Roll into balls of approximately the same size from silver foil. They, like beads, will be strung on a thread.

Fold each candy wrapper like a fan to create alternating links. Then bend the resulting stripes in the center. Squeeze the area with your fingers to lock in the bend.

Take a long thread and thread the needle, tie a knot at the end of the thread. Pass the first foil ball, then pass the folded section of the fan.

Thus, alternate the details. Thread the balls and then the wide pieces. You can use a stapler to staple the sides together and the garland becomes one piece.

Collect a snake from a large number of segments. If you use the original wrappers in different colors, then the whole design will turn out to be motley.

I suggested a great way to dispose of the wealth that children collect after every candy they eat. And after the holiday, you will have even more of such raw materials, so you can come up with other options for decorating the Christmas tree.

Craft Asterisks in the form of a garland for the New Year for kindergarten

You can do this beauty with your own hands using glitter foamiran (preferably on an adhesive basis). Be sure to involve children in such creativity, because it is for them, by and large, that the room and the Christmas tree dress up before the fabulous night. Glitter foamiran on an adhesive basis is an inexpensive material for children's creativity, which is sold in sets. You can buy yourself such a sparkling wealth, then make many different sized stars to fill the garland of the desired length. Consider a master class on making it.

What was used:

  • glitter foamiran (thick, sticky on the back);
  • 2 star patterns printed on a printer;
  • scissors;
  • strong thread (knitting yarn, but can be replaced with nylon or other thread, thin ribbon).

How to make

Choose 2 sheets of different colors or use the entire mix in the set for a colorful effect. Print on paper and cut out stars, two sizes or more can be used. Stick the templates onto cardboard for convenience. Trace the sprockets on the back of the selected sheets of shiny material.

Cut out all the stars along the outline. Prepare 2 servings if you only chose 2 sheets to work with.

For one asterisk on the garland, you will need 2 blanks, since they will be glued together with the back parts. Take a strong thread. Remove the protective paper. Stick the thread in the center on the sticky layer.

Cover the top with a second of the same asterisk, trying to clearly combine the corners to get a symmetrical figure.

Assemble a long garland at random, alternating details in color and size. Such adhesive-based material adheres perfectly.

A beautiful interior decoration or Christmas tree is ready. It sparkles and sparkles, looks very beautiful, and is easy to do if you work collectively.

Easy workshop on making colored paper garlands

The name speaks for itself. It will take very little time to work, but the result will please. Such decorations are suitable for home, kindergarten or even school. The idea can be realized in school labor lessons.


For work we need:

  • double-sided colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • pencil.

Operating procedure:

Fold the paper in half lengthwise. Then again from the dull side. Iron the folds carefully. Lay the workpiece with the fold down. Draw a strip 1 cm wide from above. On the fold line, place marks in increments of 1.5 cm. Draw lines. Slice the noodles to a horizontal line.

Turn over. Make cuts between the cuts, also not reaching the edge of 1 cm. Carefully unfold the sheet and stretch. You should get a "network".

Make a few more blanks in other colors. Glue them together, bringing them to the desired length. The garland can be hung on the window, secured to the tulle with hairpins.

DIY garland of paper snowflakes on NG

I really like paper analogs of winter precipitation. But I also love garlands. In this master class, I propose to combine them. You will get one original decoration.


For work we need:

  • white paper;
  • scissors;
  • pencil.

Operating procedure:

Divide a sheet of paper in half lengthwise. Then each half across another two p. Fold the resulting rectangle in width. Each wing is folded. Fold in half again.

Starting from the fold line, draw the outline of the future snowflake. Cut carefully and then unfold.

Repeat step 1-3 with the remaining paper. Fasten all parts of the garland together with tape. Add elements until you reach the length you want.

Snowflakes do not have to be white, they can be colored.

How to make a garland of cones and bows to decorate a room

Look what a beauty! Natural material can be painted with golden paint and bows, beads or Christmas balls can be added. A variant of such a craft is presented in this master class, and you can easily reproduce a similar copy with your children to decorate a room or even an entire class. The more cones you collect in the fall in the park or in the forest, the longer the garland you will get.

What needs to be prepared for work:

  • twine or thin brocade tape for the base;
  • cones;
  • gold acrylic paint with a brush or other paint to cover the surface of the buds;
  • beautiful satin ribbon with lurex;
  • glue;
  • half-beads;
  • Christmas balls.

How to do

Take all the materials you need to work. You can keep the bows and balls in the same color scheme, you don't need to use balls if you have enough bumps to fill the decoration. Cover the surface of the natural material with golden acrylic paint. If you use a brush, the coverage will be uneven. Full staining can be achieved using spray paint.

Prepare the base of the garland, such as twine or thin brocade ribbon. Attach the cones with a glue gun at some distance from each other.

For additional decoration, prepare satin ribbon bows, and decorate the middle of the bows with beautiful half beads.

Glue each resulting bow to the top of the cone to hide the attachment points to the twine. Thus, you will already have a beautiful garland modeled, but in addition you can also decorate it.

Glue small balls between natural materials. So a wonderful Christmas decoration is ready, which can be hung on a Christmas tree or on a wall. It is unusual, looks elegant, festive and cheers up.

Stage-by-stage production of the New Year's garland "Snowmen" on the windows

Glass surfaces are often painted in my family on New Year's Eve. But how difficult it is to wash them afterwards. And I found an alternative. Making such a decoration is not as difficult as it might seem.


For work we need:

  • A4 paper;
  • stationery knife;
  • pencil;
  • scissors.

Operating procedure:

Divide the paper along the long side. Take one half. Fold it in half. Then each wing again, guiding towards the fold line. Draw a snowman. Carefully cut along the contour. Expand.

Repeat step 1-3. Then we paint our characters, draw a nose, eyes, buttons and a hat. We connect all the parts with tape. And you can do all this using the applique technique - it will be even more beautiful.

We make a plasticine garland on a wall or a Christmas tree with the children

Candy decoration is popular at all times. Who among us has not made long chains of sweets and hung them on the Christmas tree, on the walls. How nice it is to gradually remove the sweets from the branches and feast on such delicious and favorite treats. This lesson also shows how to make a simple garland of candies, but these will not be real sweets, but candies made from ball plasticine. Such a craft can be considered as a prank, because friends, for sure, will want to eat delicious sweets, but it turns out that they are not real at all.

What needs to be prepared for making New Year's crafts:

  • ball plasticine;
  • stapler;
  • file or dense plastic bag;
  • golden ribbon or serpentine;
  • thread (optional).

How to make a decoration

Prepare plasticine for work. Sweets resembling lollipops will be made from it. You can tie "treats" to the thread, or simply staple them together. First, prepare these little pieces.

Turn each into a small triangular slice. Connect together, alternating in colors. These slices should be about the same size.

To make each lollipop rounded, glue about 4 wedges of two colors together around the circumference. You will have two-tone caramels. Then continue working the next day, when the plasticine dries well.

Cut the prepared file or a dense plastic bag into squares. Wrap a piece of candy in each. Also prepare a golden ribbon for tying the ends.

Twist the candy wrappers, the candies will be clearly visible through the transparent plastic, they will be in no way inferior to the real ones. Tie the bows with golden ribbon at the ends.

Use a stapler to assemble a garland or tie each candy to a string. It turned out to be a beautiful New Year's decoration - bright and believable.

Ideas for making garlands with your own hands from all sorts of things

Shortly before the New Year, all the housewives begin to sort out all the boxes, boxes, packages in search of what is high time to throw out. But please take your time. I offer several master classes in which I will tell you how unnecessary items can be easily turned into a real masterpiece. I'll start with the original, very fragrant garland ... Such eco decorations are in trend today.


For work we need:

  • two cardboard circles;
  • orange;
  • scissors;
  • clothespins.

Operating procedure

Cut off the top of the citrus. Then carefully peel off the skin in large chunks. Use scissors to cut the trees. Spread out at some distance from each other on a cardboard. Cover the second one and secure with clothespins. Put on battery, turn over from time to time. Enough night for the workpieces to dry. Cut stars from the cut off top, small pieces.

Cut the orange into slices about 0.5 cm thick. Dry them in the oven with the door open - it will take about 5-6 hours; drying for vegetables and fruits; on the battery. Glue the blanks onto the tape with a glue gun.

The craft is ready.

Lemon, grapefruit are suitable for work. If you want to use tangerines, then proceed as follows. Make cuts all over the surface and place on the battery. Attach them to the tape with glue.

The second example is a garland of used gift wrapping ... It looks original. With the help of this decoration, it is easy to bring the notes of the holiday into your home atmosphere.


For work we need:

  • packing cardboard;
  • gift paper;
  • scissors;
  • templates of checkboxes of two forms.

Operating procedure:

Cut out the templates. Attach them on paper, having previously determined which fragment you want to keep. Circle and then cut out. Transfer the templates to cardboard - regular and colored. Stick a picture on this blank on one side, and paper on the other. Apply a small amount of acrylic paint around the edge with a small piece of sponge.

Using a skewer, carefully poke a hole in the side of the cardboard. Pass a dense whip through it. String all the blanks. Tie loop bows at the ends.

For work, you can use not only paper packaging. The same flags, the surface of which is decorated with postcards, will look original. You can change the size and shape of the workpieces.

The third example is simple paper garland ... It is done very quickly. The decoration looks simple but effective.


For work we need:

  • figured hole punch;
  • thick double-sided paper;
  • sewing machine.

Operating procedure:

Cut mugs out of paper of any color with a hole punch. Determine the exact number of them yourself, depending on the desired length of the garland. Sew the workpieces together on the sewing machine with small steps apart. Make loops at the ends, with which it will be convenient to hang the decoration.

The Metal Bull will like it if you take metallized paper for the garland. The circles will shine beautifully and sparkle in the light. The shape of the blanks can be different. Above all, don't make them too small.

Which of the children does not like to look at the starry sky. But watching all night long is not convenient. Therefore, catch an interesting idea of ​​how to move it into the house, and at the same time decorate it for the upcoming New Year.


For work we need:

  • scissors;
  • cardboard 50x8 cm;
  • glue;
  • food foil;
  • pencil;
  • thread and needle.

Operating procedure:

Cut out a star pattern with a diameter of 7.5 cm from thick paper.Attach to cardboard, circle and cut out. You should get 9 blanks. Glue each one to the foil. Place glue on the other side and cover with another sheet. Press down firmly to print the outline. Cut again.

Connect all the stars with a thread with a certain pitch.

The garland will look even more interesting if the thread is replaced with a bright ribbon. Only in this case, use a glue gun for fixing.

And you can also invite children to decorate the stars with applique.

Garland and tree from modular origami

I really like the Japanese technique of folding paper to get interesting shapes. I suggest you make an original decoration from two-color volumetric rhombuses. A nice bonus will be a Christmas tree, also made using the origami technique. It can also be made part of a garland.


Let's start with the rhombuses. For work, we need 8x8 cm squares made of thick paper.

Operating procedure:

Fold the square diagonally twice. Iron the fold line carefully. And then fold it in half the same number of times. Fold opposite corners towards the middle. You should get two triangles, whose vertices are in contact.

Turn over. Fold the parallel squares inward. You should get a triangle with "tails". Repeat step 1-3 with a different color of paper. Connect the two pieces by tucking in the ponytails.

Make the required number of diamonds in different shades. Gently threading the needle and thread, collect the garland. If you want to make the blanks more interesting, use an adhesive-backed decor. These can be small crystals, stars. This kind of work may well be entrusted to children. They can also decorate rhombuses.

And now a bonus - origami tree.


For work, you will need a sheet of thick green double-sided paper, and also an orange 3.5 by 5 cm cut.

Operating procedure:

Cut a piece of paper into four pieces. Cut one in half more. Take one of the three large pieces. Fold in half lengthwise, then mark in the middle across the width. Fold the sides towards the center. Turn over. Fold in the risers and corners. You should get a triangle, which must be folded in half again.

Repeat step 2 with the rest of the pieces. There will be 5 modules. Connect all modules together, alternating large and small. Fold the orange cut in half lengthwise and insert it inside the tree.

If you want to use this figurine for a garland, be sure to secure the trunk with glue. I propose to make a garland of two-color rhombuses and Christmas trees. Choose the alternation of elements to your liking.

It is very simple to make Christmas decorations out of paper, scrap materials. By attracting children to this activity, you can not only prepare for the holiday, but also have a good evening with your family. DIY garlands will fill the house with warmth.

Do-it-yourself fabulously beautiful garland of "snowflakes-ballerinas"


Unusual and fabulously beautiful "Ballerina" snowflakes! Simple ideas for original snowflakes!



From them you can make just such a cool garland that can decorate your home for the New Year.


In order to reproduce this beauty, you just need to follow the next instruction. Snowflake Ballerina consists of two components - the body of the ballerina and the tutu.


Let's start with the body. We just need to cut it out of paper using a template. Several different templates are shown below.

6 7


The ballerina's skirt (tutu) will be made from an ordinary snowflake. Fold the sheet and cut it out. You have probably done this procedure many times in school.



Then we just connect the components and get such a beautiful snowflake "Ballerina". And if you make her "friends", then you can organize your own New Year's Swan Lake.



I hope you liked the idea of ​​New Year's paper snowflakes in the form of Ballerinas and you will take it into service in preparation for the New Year.

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There are a large number of options for creating a New Year's mood in the house, and the most important way is, of course, a Christmas tree, which everyone tries to decorate as original and beautiful as possible. But the preparation does not end there, because you can decorate the space around the green beauty by hanging garlands made of paper on the windows, walls and even the ceiling. Hand-made garlands of snowflakes look especially beautiful.

Paper garland snowflakes: decorating an apartment for the New Year girlyanda iz snezhinok 1

To create such beauty, you need a minimum of materials and very little free time. And if children are also involved in this process, then such a process can turn into a fun game where everyone can contribute to creating a New Year's surroundings.

DIY snowflake garland: necessary materials:

  • White paper
  • Stencil
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Needle
  • Strong thread or line

Having prepared all the necessary materials, you can start creating the first paper snowflake for our future garland. To do this, fold the prepared piece of paper diagonally. If you use A4 paper, you must cut off the excess part of the sheet with scissors.

Repeat several diagonal folds in this way until your piece resembles a piece of pie. After that, a pattern must be applied to the future New Year's snowflake for the garland, which can be taken from the head, or use a pre-prepared stencil. To create a garland of paper snowflakes, there are a large number of templates that you can use in your creative process.

Paper garland snowflakes: decorating an apartment for the New Year girlyanda iz snezhinok 2

Cut as many snowflakes as needed to fill the required length on a window or wall. Self-made snowflakes should be unwrapped and ironed with an iron. In each snowflake, using a needle, you need to make two holes through which the previously prepared thread will pass. On one garland, snowflakes can be either the same or completely different in shape and size, it all depends on your imagination.

The snowflake garlands created in this way for the new year should be hung in those places where this garland will look best.

To secure the garland of paper snowflakes, you can use tape or pins that can be gently stuck into the wallpaper.

Christmas garland of volumetric snowflakes made of paper: master class

It will take more time to create such a Christmas garland of snowflakes, but the result will exceed all your expectations.

Paper garland snowflakes: decorating an apartment for the New Year girlyanda iz snezhinok 3

Necessary materials:

  • A4 paper
  • Stapler
  • Glue
  • Pencil or pen
  • Line or tape
  • Scissors

We cut the paper sheets in length into two equal parts. Each such half must be folded in half and repeat this operation until the sheet resembles accordion fur. To create one volumetric snowflake, you need two blanks.

The next step in creating paper snowflakes is to apply a pattern to the workpiece using a pencil or pen. Here your own imagination or pre-prepared stencils will help you.

Each element of the future snowflake must be bent in half and use a stapler to fix the fold. We spread the accordions in the form of a fan and glue the two parts together.

After the glue has dried, you can hang the snowflakes on the wall using a beautiful tape.

As you can see, making snowflake garlands for the new year is not at all difficult, but you will definitely add a festive mood and comfort to your home.

Paper snowflake garlands: templates for cutting

Paper garland snowflakes: decorating an apartment for the New Year girlyanda iz snezhinok 7

Paper garland snowflakes: decorating an apartment for the New Year girlyanda iz snezhinok 6 1

Paper garland snowflakes: decorating an apartment for the New Year

More interesting articles on needlework:

If we create a New Year's mood, then how can we do without decorating our home. Therefore, today we are making garlands for the new year with our own hands. Earlier we already made Christmas trees, snowmen and sweet gifts.

Nowadays there are a lot of materials that can be easily changed, these are different types of fabric, paper, clay, etc. A tree or window stretch can also be made from cones, sweets, even food. yes, there are craftswomen who create garlands of gingerbread and candied fruits.

In general, there are incredibly many ideas, so the article turned out to be quite voluminous and long. But this is only to our advantage, so we will consider many options for inspiration!

DIY Christmas garland made of paper (templates for cutting)

So, the most accessible material for us is paper. Therefore, let's remember our childhood and let's go to cut, glue and enjoy life. if you have children or younger brothers or sisters, invite them to participate in this process. It's so interesting!

It is better to use medium-weight and double-sided paper. Then the craft will look neater.

So, we will start with flashlights familiar from childhood.

We need two details. One is 180 * 120 mm, and the second is 180 * 100 mm. The larger one is folded in half and from the side of the fold we make parallel cuts without reaching the edge of 1 cm.

We make a tube from a smaller strip, gluing the edges, which have a size of 100 mm.

And now we wrap the resulting accordion around the tuba. We fix the places of contact with glue.

The connected figures are also a very good idea for crafts, at the end of this section, I will give a lot of templates and stencils for cutting.

Such cute penguins and snowmen can be made according to this scheme.

The links of the garland are connected with threads or wire.

Scheme of Santa Claus.

Another idea is the links fastened together with glue. So, the simplest version of the rings. This is exactly what everyone did!

However, if you apply imagination and modern materials to this idea, you will get a very stylish decoration.

Often garlands are created from separate elements and connected only with thread, wire or cord.

Therefore, absolutely any elements of creativity can act in this capacity.

For example, here's a workshop on making cute stars. From a large number of them, you will get a decoration.

Here is an idea for balls from stripes.

The idea of ​​flashlights, still familiar from childhood. You need five strips of the same thickness. And along the length they go: 1 strip of 5 cm, 2 strips of 7 cm and 2 strips of 9 cm. We fix the edges with glue or sew with threads.

You can use different colors and the simplest shapes: triangles, rhombuses, squares, cones, etc.

Little kids will love making such a craft. For this, a long strip of colored or corrugated paper is taken. Along its entire length, mark the stripes at a distance of 1 cm from each other. And cut them before reaching the edge of 1 cm. It is important to alternate the sides. One cut from the right edge, the second from the left.

Now some ideas for inspiration. For example, I liked these cute snowmen.

And also surprised by the idea of ​​people to hang Christmas trees upside down.

Or here's how interesting they decided to connect the parts with a rope. They just tied it with ribbons and that's it.

The craftswoman decided to sew these snowflakes on a sewing machine.

Details can be not only flat, but also voluminous. For example, such 3D origami Christmas trees.

Children will also love the idea of ​​a garland with sweets. By the way, they can be made from real candy wrappers.

And this photo shows a step-by-step master class for creating the sweets themselves.

The idea with snowflakes-ballerinas is rather unusual. They can be used to decorate both windows and a Christmas tree. I am attaching templates and scheme of work.

You can use not only the usual paper, but also newspapers.

Experiment with colors.

sometimes it turns out to create a whole. composition of garland details.

by the way, it can not only be stretched as we are accustomed to, but also hang vertically from the ceiling and look like children's mobiles.

Here is a photo instruction on how to make the simplest garland, having only scissors and a circle of paper.

It is also interesting to make a stretching from fans. You can combine them by colors, sizes and number of rows of elements.

Such a fan can be made like this. We take a sheet, mark stripes 1 cm thick on it along the entire width. Then we begin to roll them up with an accordion. Along the marked lines, bend the sheet in different directions alternately.

We fold the resulting accordion in half.

And we connect the two inner edges with double-sided tape.

And now we connect all the parts into one whole.

And if you dream up and use new forms.

Take a look at the idea of ​​a paper leaf garland. The main thing is to take winter color options: white, silver, blue, blue and red.

A similar decoration made of volumetric balls looks very stylish.

The photo shows the steps for folding such a blank.

You can turn an ordinary idea into a magical one simply by adding more unusual solutions. For example, use circles of different colors.

Or sew a garland from miniature triangles in five minutes.

Figures hanging from the ceiling immediately create coziness.

There are a lot of ideas with snowmen.

Use golden shades in the creation of jewelry, they will decorate any background.

The outlines of houses and tree branches are very memorable in winter. When you walk in the evening, sweat outside, and such a cozy and warm yellow light turns on in the windows.

What other ideas to take? Let's take a look around. After all, there are a lot of winter symbols, for example, a hat.

Light bulbs from electric garlands.

Look at the night sky, there are so many distant stars, for some reason in winter they are associated with blue.

What are we expecting from the New Year? Gifts, of course. Let's embody this in decoration too.

Remember the unusual shapes? So, this instruction shows how to roll a volumetric rhombus.

This cube is made according to this scheme.

Remember the snake? It was definitely done by everyone and candy wrappers.

See how a garland of paper circles is sewn.

Or, the circles can be folded in half and glued on adjacent sides.

The following garland is made according to this scheme.

As you can see, not only circles, but also squares and rhombuses can be glued this way.

It seemed to me unusual that volumetric cones are used in suspensions. You can also put sweets there.

See what a cute composition for wall decoration.

Again an idea with a snowman, snowflakes and stars.

Such a "snake" is created from corrugated paper. Cut a 2 cm wide strip along the entire length of the blue roll. Glue a red strip to it perpendicularly. Here's what happens.

A few more ideas.

The use of postcards and photographs in decoration has become unusual.

We take different elements: boots, stripes, Christmas trees. All of this will do.

For Christmas trees, you can use different patterns.

For example, use this one.

You can connect parts both vertically and horizontally.

You can decorate not only an apartment, but also a street.

We made such snowflakes here.

And these snow balls can be made in five minutes.

For more serious premises, such as offices, it is better to take rectangular or triangular flags of pleasant shades.

Cupcake molds make a wonderful Christmas tree.

And how do you like a garland of such small volumetric stars? At the same time, a master class at once.

Such figures can be cut out of a paper strip folded many times.

There is a wonderful idea to create an ornament from mittens and mittens.

To do this, use this template.

You can make a three-dimensional piece of a Christmas tree from this Christmas tree. To do this, translate the diagram and make cuts along straight lines. Then insert the parts into each other.

Now, as promised, there are many patterns and stencils for cutting.

Well, what are we going next? All these patterns can be transferred not only to paper, but also to fabric, felt.

Garlands in kindergarten for the competition

Before the New Year, parents can get an assignment from kindergarten and school. You need to make a craft for the competition. Often this venture is created in order to have something to decorate the Christmas tree. Well, we do not mind, we will make a beautiful garland.

For this, we will consider several master classes.

So, the first idea, we make light bulbs.

To do this, we translate this scheme.

Using a ruler on the blunt side of a knife or scissors, bend the sides of the petals.

Where the allowance is, we apply glue and form the part. Insert a thread into the places where the points are drawn.

Now we make a socket for a light bulb from dark cardboard. We fold and glue the strip.

We glue it to the light bulb. We make many such blanks and combine them into one large garland.

By the way, you can insert real lanterns inside.

The second idea for the competition is volumetric balls.

This master class walks you through each step of creating elements.

The idea with deer seemed rather unusual to me.

Elements are cut using this stencil.

The details are connected with stripes in a contrasting color.

This idea is pretty tricky. It will be difficult for kids to complete it. However, such a piece of jewelry looks just gorgeous.

For beauty, you can use a gradient effect. Sort colored paper by saturation. Dark to light.

We cut many strips of the same width, form an ornament and fasten it with a stapler and staples.

This option is also pretty daring. We will use felt and clothespins. Nothing complicated, but very unusual.

Cut out herringbone elements from different shades of felt and glue them on a clothespin. We connect them with a strong thick thread.

I think that for the sake of the competition, you can go to great lengths!

Felt master classes with patterns

Felt is very popular with craftswomen. I devoted a separate article to crafts from this material.

So, there will be both complex and easy crafts. Choose the difficulty level for yourself.

So, the first master class. Volumetric ornaments. You will need a square of thin felt, a ruler, scissors and glue. You need to connect the edges alternately on different sides of the square.

To decorate the children's room, make a garland of mischievous Christmas trees and snowmen.

The templates are shown below. All animals are made according to this scheme: parts of 2 pieces are cut out according to the template. A mouth, eyes and other details are embroidered on the front side.

The edges are sewn together, but one corner is not sewn. We push the filler into it. And this hole is held together.

You can use the same templates on your own.

Flat figures made of felt are also used for garlands. It lends itself easily to stitching on a sewing machine. Therefore, more often these soft parts are connected in this way.

You can try depicting a garland in the form of leaves.

To do this, you need to postpone the ornament on a long strip of felt, which is shown in the lower diagram.

Cut the workpiece and connect all the parts into one long stretch.

Another master class on creating decorations for soft snowmen.

Remember that the garland can also hang from top to bottom.

Tilda dolls are popular in Europe. Especially in the Scandinavian countries. We can use this idea in home decoration.

Here is a master class on making a "sweet" garland. There are sweets and lollipops. But you can't eat them, they are made of fabric.

This is how candy is made.

And so we make a blank for a lollipop.

You can use real lollipop sticks.

Sisal, cotton, or wool balls can also be wrapped in felt.

If you have only one shade, then it can be pasted over with a cloth or colored paper.

Another decoration idea. And here we see clothespins again.

and here figures alternate with pom-poms.

Schemes for this craft are just below.

You can combine materials. This is how felt and bumps look together.

More decorating ideas.

Let's take a closer look at how such Christmas trees are made.

This, of course, is only a small part of the ideas. Experiment and create a new decor option.

Decorations from plastic bottles and cups

This material is not very popular, but it is quite easy to use. Most often, shades for garlands are made from cups. It acquires a soft diffused light. And you can decorate them with eyes, hats and scarves.

Snowflakes and other individual decorative elements are often made from plastic bottles. For example, rings like in this idea.

They can also be combined with lids. Holes for the thread in them can be made with a red-hot knitting needle or an awl.

Fabric flags

The flags can be different: square, triangular. Paper and soft. Glued or stitched. Today I will focus on the idea of ​​fabric. Because there are as many as three ways to connect elements.

Fasten the parts with tape or bias tape. This requires a sewing machine. Otherwise, it will not work out neatly.

The second option is to sew the pockets for the cord.

The third option is to simply make slits into which the thread is inserted.

Well, for inspiration, an idea with burlap. It looks just awesome.

You think now you understand that there are absolutely no boundaries for creativity.

Pine cone decoration ideas

Of course the bumps! What we didn’t make of them! One hedgehog is worth something. And we can make a garland just to spit.

For beauty, the material can be spray painted or dipped in gouache and acrylic paint.

Natural material looks harmoniously with sustainable ideas. For example with dried berries or fruits.

This material will feel good on the street too. It won't get wet like paper if it snows.

Take tree branches for decoration. You can attach them to the ceiling curtain or to the cornice.

As you can see, everything is very beautiful and very accessible. You don't have to buy expensive jewelry when you have such ideas under your nose.

Fringed garland master class

A fringe garland looks quite stylish. There are several ways to do it. Let's consider everything in detail in the photo instructions.

Option two, from threads.

From fabric strips.

Crepe or crepe paper.

Fast, but very personal. Try it and you will have designer things!

Window decoration streamers (ideas)

Let's consider a little how you can decorate window openings. After all, this is not only sticking out the paper. You can make children's fairy garlands, or you can make adults and elegant ones.

An idea from flat circles of different sizes. It looks a lot like falling snow.

Or replace paper with pompons.

Or cut out snowflakes altogether.

Suspensions with real Christmas balls look beautiful.

Using different shapes and characters again.

Even if the garland is small, then distribute its center exactly in the center of the window. It will look symmetrical and self-sufficient.

How to make a garland of snowflakes, schemes inside

Let's touch on the idea of ​​snowflakes a bit. This paraphernalia is very popular during the New Year holidays. After all, the beauty of snowflakes is mesmerizing, we all know that there is no one identical beauty.

There are complex ideas, there are simple ones. It is important to understand who will make the craft - an adult or a child.

It is difficult to make many elements for a garland. You can make just a few elements and hang it to the chandelier, curtains and clocks.

Mobiles are very similar to garlands, only they are placed vertically instead of horizontally. Use this idea.

Garlands for the New Year from improvised means

What else can you craft from? yes from everything. We will make a stretch with hats out of yarn. The main thing is to make them the same size. See how original this option looks.

We make snowmen from clothespins.

From the remains of wood and boards - houses.

From lace and PVA glue shades for an electric garland.

Made of cardboard and herringbone buttons. You can alternate them with pom-poms.

Pampus can be made using a fork, as shown in the picture.

Use candies and other sweets. By the end of the holiday, only candy wrappers will remain hanging.

And here is the gingerbread garland.

The idea of ​​citrus peel looks very modern. For flavor, you can add clove inflorescences or cinnamon sticks to them.

Do you like to knit? Then making a garland will not be difficult.

Crochet star pattern.

Or create a knitted Christmas tree. The diagram is also attached.

Deer, snowflakes - this is all openwork knitting, which is easily crocheted.

Old CD disks lying around? Do not throw them away in the craft!

Collected popsicle sticks, get them out, let's put them into action.

Even from seemingly unnecessary leftovers we make such beauty.

And here is a detailed master class for creating a garland of thread balls. This technique is very popular with craftswomen. Let's master it. By the way, PVA is the safest type of glue! Even children can work with him.

By the way, the kids will love the simple pasta idea.

Thank you for your attention! And I will be very glad if I was able to inspire you. I wish you success in your work and a good holiday mood!

Christmas garland of snowflakes

What a New Year without fluffy snowflakes on the windows or under the ceiling. In order to make a New Year's garland out of paper, you need to make stencils - templates. The templates should be drawn immediately.

Garlands of snowflakes

For this we need cardboard and a pencil. You can see what the finished template looks like in the figure. Thanks to him, you can make a huge number of snowflakes.

Garlands of snowflakes

After making the stencil, we will start making blanks. A square should be folded out of paper: for this we fold the sheet diagonally. Cut off the part of the paper that protrudes beyond the square, and bend the one that remains in the form of a folded triangle again. This will be our blank for the snowflake.

The number of triangles will depend on how long you want the garland to be.

Next, you need stencils. A stencil is neatly superimposed on the triangle and outlined with a pencil. Well, and then, almost jewelry work, with the help of scissors you need to cut out all the snowflakes drawn.

Garlands of snowflakes

The next stage of gluing. The flattened snowflake will have a hole in the middle, and it will consist of 8 petals, which also have a hole. Next, we glue all the petals one by one to each other. You need to connect those petals that are opposite to each other. Try to line up the holes in the petals.

Garlands of snowflakes

For decoration, you can use sequins made of Christmas tree tinsel. To keep the glitter on the garland, you need to apply a little glue to the paper surface, and then sprinkle the snowflake.

Garland of snowflakes

There are many options for making jewelry, you can just let your imagination run wild.

Finished and decorated snowflakes are stretched onto a rope of a certain length, the edges are fixed. It remains only to hang the decoration in the right place.

Garlands of snowflakes

Fringed garland

Fringed garlands are one of the very winning options. Decorations with a fringe of several colors look especially beautiful.

From the materials, you can choose any colored paper of medium density, as well as fabric of different colors. The color of the garland is determined based on where it will be placed. It can be red, white, green, gold, brown combinations in a garland. The combination of discreet colors with shiny additions looks great.

Fringed garlands

In order to make a fringe, you need to fold the sheet in half and cut it 2/3 of the length. Next, unfold the cut sheets, put the tape inside, coat it with glue and fold it again. The garland is ready, you can start attaching it.

An analogue of a fringe will be jewelry with tassels. The decoration can be a great decoration for any occasion.

Fringed garlands

The tassels are made in the same way as the fringe: the sheet is also folded into two parts and vertical strips are cut about 2/3 of the length, but it is advisable to make the strips thinner than in the fringe.

Fringed garlands

We unfold the cut sheet, fold it into a tube, so that there is a fringe at the bottom and top. We roll up the resulting structure with a tourniquet, a loop is obtained on top, and a brush below. It is advisable to put on several tassels at once on a rope. When distributing on a rope, it is worth coating the loop with glue, then the brushes will not bunch together.

Fringed garlands

Garland of stars

What a New Year without decorating the apartment with stars. This type of garland can be different:

  • convex stars
  • vertical pendants made of stars
  • volumetric stars.

Let's consider all the options in turn.

Convex stars

You need to take cardboard or thick colored paper. Using scissors, cut the required number of stars. Following the pattern, we make the folds of each protruding pointed part of the star. In the process, the main thing is not to accidentally damage or cut the star.

Garland of raised stars

Next, fold the fold lines and make holes on two parallel teeth using a hole punch. We insert a rope or a ribbon into the resulting holes and that's it, the decoration is ready. The garland can be made both monochromatic and multi-colored.

Vertical suspension of stars

For this garland, it is necessary to prepare many stars from colored cardboard or thick colored paper and not just stick the stars on the tape, but it is advisable to sew them on a sewing machine. Choose a thread that is suitable in color so that it does not stand out.

Garlands of snowflakes, stars, with fringes for the New Year

We just leave the same thread between the stars (as in the sample). This type of garland looks good on a window, on a doorway, or just horizontally on a wall.

Star pendant

Volumetric Christmas garland of stars

To make a garland, we need templates, see the figure below. With the help of scissors we cut out four such blanks, with the help of glue we connect one star to the center of the other and bend the edges of the inner star.

Garlands of snowflakes, stars, with fringes for the New Year

After two such blanks are ready, they are glued together with parts of the stars, you must immediately remember to pass the thread for hanging over the edges of the stars. From 3 to 5 stars looks beautiful on one strand.

Christmas paper garlands - paper chain

The simplest garland in the form of a chain is associated with kindergarten and elementary school. To make a chain, you need to take colored paper, a simple pencil, a ruler, and glue.

You can show your imagination and use not ordinary colored paper to create a garland, but sheets from bright magazines, corrugated paper, wrapping with some bright ornaments.

Garlands of snowflakes, stars, with fringes for the New Year

How is the garland made: we cut the existing paper into strips about 1 cm wide, the length of the strips can be from 5 to 15 cm. It all depends on how large the diameter of the rings you want to get in the garland. The first ring is glued to each other, then you take the second, stretch through the first and glue it together. Repeat these steps with all the other sliced ​​strips. The result is a striking, beautiful jewelry chain.

Garlands of snowflakes, stars, with fringes for the New Year

Such garlands can be made from various figures, such as hearts, geometric shapes such as squares, stars. The stencils below show the possible stencils.


Preparing for the New Year requires special attention and work. But the main thing is not to hesitate to work with your hands and make the most of your imagination. Only thanks to her will your house turn into a fairytale palace, and simple objects will become decorations.

how to make a christmas garlandhow to make a christmas garland

Garland is the most popular piece of New Year's decor. Surely you have more than a dozen garlands stored in your box from past holidays, but perhaps you want make a Christmas garland with your own hands to celebrate the year 2021 of the White Metal Bull in a special way. The examples presented here are one of the easiest ways to cheer up and then, homemade garlands often cheaper than their store counterparts, not to mention uniqueness.

Now just watch this selection and you will find out how to make a garland with your own hands for the New Year from a wide variety of materials in various shapes and sizes. Look for simple craft options for kids, here are instructions with step-by-step photos, how to make a Christmas garland out of paper in the form of a chain, fan, snowflakes. Need a classic piece? Make a garland of fir branches , an excellent option for decorating a fireplace, staircase, hall and porch decor. They are also great for the fireplace pine cones ... Looking for original ideas? Garlands of pompons , dried oranges, plastic straws, wine corks, even from salt dough and thread spools - all examples with step-by-step photos and links to instructions.

DIY paper garland - poinsettias

DIY paper garlandThese cute poinsettias are so easy to make that you can have a few strings of garland on them in an evening! When making jewelry, it is better to use something heavier than light carbon paper. Thin cardboard was used here.

This master class shows how to make a paper garland with flowers in two sizes, but you can make changes.

Photo source:

Garland of paper Christmas trees

garland of paper treesThere is something stylish and modern about this garland. After skillful cutting, geometric mini-Christmas trees should be obtained, which can then be tied into twine. The whole a garland of paper trees can be done in an hour. Make a triangle-shaped template from cardboard, 4 cm high and 4 wide at the bottom. Each tree consists of two interconnected triangles ... For this garland, three shades of green were used (to create an ombre effect) - six trees in each shade, that is, twelve triangles of each shade had to be cut out. Make a 1-inch cut at the bottom of one triangle. On the other, cut a centimeter from the top. Slide the bottom hole triangle to the top of the top hole triangle to give modern shape ... Using a straight pin, punch a hole in the top of one triangle. You can use a very small hole punch and pass the twine through your embroidery needle and thread between the trees.

Photo: Sara Albers By Melissa Fenlon & Sara Albers Photo source:

Garland of paper stars

Look at this darling a garland of voluminous paper stars ... Ideal decoration for the New Year and in general for any holiday or party.

garland of paper starsAnd what is needed for this?

garland of paper starsOnly 100 strips of lightweight origami cardboard, ranging in size from 2.5 to 1 cm (100 stars equals approximately 120 cm of garland, may vary depending on which length you prefer, this number is just a guess). Folding stars is easy. Make a loop from the cardboard, then a knot from the loop. Pull the paper out of the assembly. Tuck the edge into the hole. Fold up the pentagon. Insert the tip into the hole. Squeeze the sides of the pentagon to inflate a star .

Happy star for garland ready! Now make about 100 pieces, the amount depends on the length of the garland.

garland of paper starsHow to collect further DIY paper garland read the instructions on the website, link below.

Photo source:

Garland of paper fans

garland of paper fansBeautiful and versatile fan garlands great for any holiday at any time of the year. This garland will take a little time, but trust me ... it's worth it!

  1. For the first part, you need to make several separate paper fans. Cut out different sized squares (8 to 15 cm). You will need 3 squares for each fan.
  2. Rotate the paper 90 degrees and cut in the middle. Fold like a fan.
  3. Bend in the middle. Glue the middle to make a third of the fan, then glue.
  4. Unfold the fan and glue the last pieces.
  5. Cut out a 2.5 cm circle and place it in the middle of the fan.

In the second part collecting a garland of paper .

  1. Lay out a piece of tape. Measure the chosen length and mark.
  2. Leave the sides long in case you want to tie them with bows.
  3. Lay out the forms the way you want them to be. You can overlay each other.
  4. Make another 2.5cm dot on the back of the fan and glue to the tape.
  5. Then add layered fans. As you can see, the back is not very attractive! This garland is quite heavy, so don't be afraid to add another large ribbon at the back to balance the weight.

These fans are so versatile that you can try different techniques. See the master class below for step-by-step photos.

Author: Erin Photo source:

Rainbow garland

rainbow garlandThis garland of rainbow fans so simple that you only need tape and paper to make it. Therefore, if you are planning a bright party, be sure to include this beautiful and light rainbow garland of fans ... It's an inexpensive craft and looks amazing! A simple instruction can be read on the website, the link is below.

Photo source:

Fan garlands really very pretty. See another small selection of what beauty can be made from plain paper.

Garland of Christmas decorations

garland of Christmas decorationsSo, as it turned out, everyone needs simple and quick decorations for the New Year! Then here's a quick and easy garland of Christmas decorations , in this case, to decorate the fireplace. And best of all, it only takes two materials and five minutes. No really just five minutes ... That is, you take a strong thread and a set of New Year's toys. Cut the string to the length of the fireplace plus 60 cm Pass one end of the string through the loop of the first toy. Slide down the string, leaving about 30 cm at the end, and tie a knot. Continue stringing toys (from the long end of the rope) and tying to the twine. Spread evenly. That's all! This is a very simple way use christmas decorations - hang on the mantel, it will be fun and festive. And if you don't have a fireplace, hang it in your doorway, over your sofa, or wherever you like. You can apply this idea to all sorts of different garland making items - pine cones, candy, and more.

Photo source:

DIY snowflake garland

DIY snowflake garlandMake beautiful garland of paper snowflakes and decorate your mantel. Cut the paper into thin strips. You will need 12 strips for each snowflake. Then fold it in half 2 times. Glue the strips together and turn them over. Now attach 2 more strips. note that the middle stripe is “below” and the two sides are “above”. Now turn so that the 3 lanes go side by side. Weave one strip to the right of center, top, bottom and repeat. Apply some glue to the tops of the outer strips. Repeat on the left side of the center strip. note on a square basket in the center. Now make “loops” in the corners. The back of the left strip is glued to the “front” of the strip on the right side. Do for all 4 corners. The "center" lane will not be used at this stage.

garland of snowflakesNow repeat all the above steps with the next 6 strips of paper.

Put them together. Pay attention to the alignment, the loops on the top are on top of the flat strips on the bottom. It is important ... You will need to attach the loop from the top to the flat strip from the bottom with glue. Apply some glue to the end of the flat strip and carefully tuck into the loop. Glue all of the flat strips to the hinge from the top until they are all connected with a paper snowflake, as shown in the photo. When all the snowflakes are completely ready, simply "string" them on the string, tying knots so that they do not slip. It's so easy to make this simple garland of paper snowflakes with your own hands. Read the full version of the instructions on the website.

Photo source:

DIY Christmas garland: napkin snowflakes

DIY Christmas garlandImpress your friends with this handmade airy Christmas garland - they will never believe what you did do it yourself a garland of snowflakes ! After creating this easy craft, you will want to make a napkin garland all year round. Just choose a pattern and your favorite color to make a garland that suits your taste!

Photo source:

Garland of knitted snowflakes

If you know how to crochet and love creative things, do a garland of knitted snowflakes , looks very stylish and at the same time homely cozy.

garland of knitted snowflakesDon't know how? Here is a link to the instruction.

Photo source:

For the new year garlands of snowflakes , this will be the most pressing topic. Snowflakes can be made from paper, cardboard, knitted, sewn, from scrap materials - you can use anything. Here's a small selection garlands of snowflakes , maybe something will serve as inspiration for your crafts. No matter what the weather is outside, make your own snowfall.

Garland paper chain

garland paper chainWell, if you want to do something simpler, then the easiest option is garland paper chain ... Perfect for this craft gift ribbon ... Kids love making crafts with their parents, they just need to find something simple enough to look elegant. This is a great family New Year project when you have a few free minutes to work with the children.

Photo source:

Garland of newspapers (or book pages)

garland of newspapersThis is another option garland chains which you can do for these new year holidays. Do you have newspapers or old books that you no longer use? Just cut the pages into strips. Glue the ends together and form a paper chain. A great way to decorate the hall for the holidays. To add shine, take some gold paint and rub randomly around the edges with your finger.

Since it was easy and cheap, there was no need to worry if the garland burst.

Photo source:

See what other wonderful things you can do paper chain garlands .

Christmas garland made of fabric

christmas garland made of fabricHere is a simple project on how to decorate a house for the New Year holidays, this is christmas garland made of fabric ... A very effective way to decorate a fireplace, although it will look great on a tree too. Anyway, this can be said to be a universal decoration: suitable for a fireplace, railings, window frames or window sills - all these are great places that can be decorated garland of fabric .

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Crochet garland

knitted garland crochetIf you like making paper chains, but want them to be made from something more durable, try making knitted garland crochet ... It looks cozy and so home-like. This garland is perfect for those who crochet. You can crochet a chain in different colors to make it look like a paper chain. Remember how paper chains were made as a child? They were all made at school to brighten up the classroom for New Years - a fun and easy way to add a little festive mood. But, unfortunately, this is a one-off craft. therefore knitted garland , it is the perfect solution that combines the nostalgia for school paper chains with the durability of a yarn. Yes, a crocheted garland will last much longer and can be used over and over again. How to knit a pattern, read the instructions on the website.

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Burlap garland: a simple Christmas project without sewing

burlap garlandChains are the traditional way of making homemade christmas garland ... Use burlap tape instead of paper. This will allow you to reuse the garland for many years, well, you must admit that the burlap looks quite original, such a farm style decoration ... You don't need to sew anything, just use hot glue. Use a fabric stiffener.

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Garland of cocktail straws

a garland of cocktail strawsThese garlands of cocktail tubes will look amazing at your New Years party. If you have time before the New Year, you can turn them into decorations for your Christmas tree! Necessary materials : gold and silver spray paint, plastic cocktail tubes (many), ties, scissors, gold twine, hot glue gun The process is simple and does not take long.

  1. Tie about 20-25 straws together first.
  2. Wrap the bundle with plastic ties and tighten - the tighter the better.
  3. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the bundle with spray paint. Apply at least three coats until all the straws are well covered.
  4. Apply hot glue to the tip of the straw.
  5. Loop the twine around the glued area.
  6. Squeeze and hold until the glue dries.
  7. Repeat the same with the other bundles at a distance of about 25 cm.

When everything is dry, your garland of straws ready.

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See examples of what else you can do garlands of plastic straws for cocktails .

Tiered pom-pom garland with tassels

garland of pom-pomsThis adorable pom-pom garland is sure to make you smile every time you look at it!

With this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to make a felt ball, pom-pom, and garland with tassels ... The tutorial is a little long, but not complicated. Just use the link, and soon you will have new beautiful garland .

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Garland of pompons: a cozy New Year's craft

garland of pom-pomsYou will be surprised how easy it is to make fluffy pom poms (no special tools required!). Even if you don't crochet, you can still have fun. Make this light garland of pompons for half an hour and enjoy it all winter. So so. Wrap a large amount of yarn around your fingers as shown to create a small bun. Remove the yarn from your arm and tie the string tightly around the center of the bundle. Cut off the ends of the rope. Then cut the loops at the ends of the yarn bundle. Fluff up the pompom and trim the edges neatly to give it a neat shape. Repeat these steps until you have done enough to collect garland (the quantity will vary depending on the length you choose). Using a needle, thread the pom-poms over the yarn to create a garland. When stringing the pom-poms, be sure to pierce the center so that they are securely fastened. Enjoy the finished garland! Decorate a doorway, mantelpiece, or tree.

By Olivia Canali Inman Photo source:

Garlands of pompons look very cute and surprisingly home-like. This is exactly what is needed for a family holiday - New Year and Christmas. Check out a few more examples of how you can make cute DIY pom-pom garlands .

Garland of mittens

garland of mittensHere's an idea that can serve as inspiration for many other decorating projects, and a very simple one. These cute little mittens take less than 10 minutes to make. And if you do a lot, the time required for each set will be even less. Additional examples of mittens can be found at

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DIY balloon garland

DIY balloon garlandHere is the classic and easiest party decor - garland of balloons !!! It's simple. Inflate balloons of different sizes. Thread the line into the sewing needle and tie a knot. Pass the needle through the balloon bartacks, alternating colors and sizes, distribute up, down, outward and secure with a temperature-controlled glue gun (better not to use a regular one - the balloons will burst!). Repeat all this until you have the shape you want, and fill in the empty spaces with small balloons or paper honeycombs. There is no science in this. Use spacers or pins to hang the garland. TA-dah!

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How to make a beautiful Christmas garland

how to make a beautiful Christmas garlandGarland is one of the traditional ways to decorate for Christmas and New Year. Classic look, beautiful garland on the mantel ... Here you will learn how to make a beautiful festive DIY garland and learn all the tricks to make the garland look professional, expensive and amazing. Christmas garland is something you can definitely do with your own hands, so let's do it! Read all the tips and tricks on the site, there are a lot of them. You can also watch the video there.

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Christmas garland for fireplace

christmas garland for fireplaceIn this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to make a Christmas garland that will take your fireplace decor to the next level. Here's an idea - blue white gold Christmas garland on the mantel with blue and white cans in the corners. With all the decorations on the garland, the lights are located in the back, making it almost appear to be floating. This composition contains many components, a complete list is on the site. But this is what the author used for his garland, you can use whatever suits your decor (or whatever you have on hand). Step by step instructions to create a stunning, expensive looking DIY Christmas garland you can read on the website. Be sure to follow the link, each step is described in great detail and there are many unexpected tips that will greatly help in the manufacture of any DIY garlands ... Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Author: Wanda Simone Photo source:

Many people still naively assume that fireplaces are needed to heat the house. This is a deep misconception, they were invented so that at Christmas there was where to hang beautiful new year garland ... So if you don't have a fireplace yet, it's time to seriously think about it. Take a look at these garlands on the mantels , isn't that wonderful.

DIY Christmas garland

DIY Christmas garlandDecorating a house for the holiday is very personal and can sometimes be very expensive! Shown here is a project that will allow you to spend your money on many other things related to the holidays while enjoying the benefits. green christmas garland for many seasons to come! The idea is to connect the garland light to solar panel installed on the window. Therefore, you need to hang the garland near the window where the panel will be installed.

DIY Christmas garlandThe window should face the sunny side. Take jewelry that you have, just not too heavy. Spread evenly over the garland. Clean the window and install the panel. Make sure it is in good direct sunlight. Every night when the sun goes down, these beautiful lights turn on automatically. The bonus is, it's free! This way you can have a good Christmas without worrying about electricity bills.

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How to decorate your house with green garlands

how to decorate a house with green garlandsDo you like the natural look of a fresh garland? In this tutorial, you will learn how to pick branches and create your own fresh, gorgeous evergreen garland to decorate the house for the New Year holidays. With these ideas DIY Christmas garlands you can create a beautiful festive decor yourself.

If you're trying to save money this holiday season, these ideas are for you. The simplest thing you can do with your holiday decor is to use what you already have. You can read what was used for this on the website, but honestly, you can use almost any branch of evergreen trees. The main thing is to have at least one type of fir. They have stiff branches and shorter bristles. They will become the structure of your garland. The rest of the types simply add color and variety to the garland. But this is of course ideally, if there is no fir, use spruce branches as a basis. In general, the link below, the instructions are very detailed.

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Garlands of coniferous branches , it's gorgeous. Here are 50 examples of how to decorate your home for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

DIY Christmas garland of cones

DIY Christmas garland of conesLove the look of bleached pine cones? Then you will love this christmas garland of cones ... Red cranberry adds an accent of color and looks very harmonious. The garland is perfect to decorate a mantel or add style to a Christmas tree. What could be more natural pine cones for winter holidays ... The main thing is that this beautiful garland of pine cones and cranberries is very easy to assemble, take a little time and you will have the perfect addition to any Christmas or winter decor. How to whiten cones and assemble a garland is described on the website, link below.

how to make a christmas garlandSince the cranberries are fresh, this garland will last 7-10 days depending on where you hang it. If you want it to last longer or use it in the future, you can use artificial cranberry .

Photo source:

You can do very beautiful Christmas garlands of cones ... Here are some more examples for inspiration.

Dried orange garland

garland of dried orangesWhat do tangerines, lemon and oranges have in common? Well, aside from the obvious fact that they are all from the citrus family, the season for these fruits comes during the winter months. This craft is a great way to showcase the fruits of the season. If you want to add some color to your holiday decor this year, this dried P orange garland is a beautiful home decoration that can be adapted to your style. Make a simple twig version or add additional decorations such as pine cones, cinnamon sticks, etc. You can use a dehydrator to dry oranges or dry the slices in the oven. When dry, simply string on string or tape, or attach to a string of twigs. I used twine and a hot glue gun to hold some fresh branches together and added pine cones along with orange slices. To hang, glue or tie a ribbon or twine. You can also use dried oranges to create a beautiful wreath (or tie to gifts!).

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DIY dried oranges garland

DIY dried oranges garlandLike the view garlands of dried oranges mixed with simple herbs? There is something homely in this natural decor. While drying oranges takes time, it is generally a very simple project that is easy and fun to do with children. Put on Christmas music, grab a bite to eat and just enjoy the quiet activity - alone or with friends ... silence is not guaranteed if you do this with children! For making garlands you can use threads, but flower wire is better, then you do not need a needle and it merges with the greenery. Here's how to dry oranges ... Preheat oven to 100 ° C. Line the baking sheets with parchment paper. Cut oranges into thin slices. Pat dry with a towel and bake for an hour. Then turn the slices over and bake for another hour, checking towards the end to make sure the slices are not too browned. Bake and check every 15-20 minutes, removing those that are browning until all the slices are just slightly browned around the edges. After that, put on the wire rack and let it dry for about a day (put it near the ventilation to speed up the drying process). How to assemble a garland of oranges with your own hands, read the instructions on the website.

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Woolen garland: a fun Christmas tree project

woolen garlandUse old wool sweaters to make bright new year garland ... The texture will look amazing on the tree, and the project will only require 2-3 woolen sweaters, a sewing machine and a few hours of work. Sweaters can be bought at second hand if you don't have old matching colors. Step-by-step instructions on the site ... After the holiday, do not forget to pack it with mothballs to keep moth free for the next year.

Author: Melissa Photo source:

Popcorn garland

popcorn garlandNeed a little festive mood but don't want to spoil it with extra costs? Popcorn garlands with cranberries - that's what you need! If you're making multiple pieces, you can try a different pattern and different styles, or duplicate the same pattern for a nice look. There is really no right or wrong way to make a garland! In any case, it is very easy and most importantly, cool! Link to instructions below.

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How to make a garland of plastic bottles

how to make a garland of plastic bottlesThis interesting and beautiful decoration can be made from ordinary Christmas lights and plastic bottles. Cut off the top of the bottle. Make cuts to shape them into petals. Paints for the desired color can be made in two-tone or solid colors. Make cruciform incisions in the lid. Attach the lid to the garland. Screw the flowers onto the lid.

Photo source:

DIY luminous garland - from plastic bottles

This wonderful garland of plastic bottles - an interesting and easy project. The garland looks great on the veranda and is quite weather resistant.

glowing garland with your own handsPlus, this is a great project to do with your kids for their bedroom. Just read the instructions, it's at the link below.

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Garland of plastic bottles bells

garland of plastic bottlesHere is another wonderful New Year's craft, this a garland of plastic bottles best done with children, because there is more creative work. Just cut off the top of the plastic bottle and the blank is ready. To make the bells, glue a piece of chenille wire with a ball of foil to the lid from the inside. We glue the edges of the "bell" with fluffy New Year tinsel. We cover the surface of the bottle with artificial snow from a white spray can and glue snowflakes, Christmas trees, etc. cut from foil.

Photo source:

Simple garland of plastic bottles

Garland of plastic bottles is a great project to add sparkle to your Christmas tree indoors or outdoors.

simple garland of plastic bottlesYou may need instructions, then the link is below the photo.

By Diana Durks Photo source:

Plastic bottles are, as always, an inexhaustible source for creativity. Here's a look at what you can do garlands of plastic bottles for the New Year ... Surely you can think of something more creative.

How to make a garland of a snowman on a wire

how to make a garland of a snowman on a wireDo you like decorations with winter fairy tale characters? Well this garland of snowmen will become your favorite craft if they are your passion. Snowmen are made of paper balls and fixed on a wire , look very cute. The snowman garland can be hung on a Christmas tree, a mantelpiece, or simply mixed with a festive vignette. If you don't want to use wire, you can replace it with twine. How to make a snowman garland on a wire, described in detail in the instructions on the site, link under the gallery with step-by-step photos. Snowmen may not have a perfectly round head, but they still look adorable. What do you think?

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How to make a garland of candy

how to make a garland of candyThe holiday season is full of cherished desires, so decorations must meet its requirements. Got some extra candy after building your dream gingerbread house? Follow this guide to do colorful candy garland ... It's simple and inexpensive. Children will definitely love it! How to make a garland of candy ? First, poke holes in the candy with an embroidery needle. Then skip the thread. When you have a long enough string, hang up and enjoy! These garlands will look charming on a Christmas tree or on a children's birthday. You will need : thread, awl, scissors, candy, large needle (plastic is also suitable) For chewing gum balls, you must first poke a hole in them with an awl. The rest of the candies can be pierced directly with a needle. Just string the lollipops. You can make a diagram to get an even pattern, or do it arbitrarily as it turns out. The possibilities are endless.

Author: Megan Photo source:

DIY candy garland

DIY garland of sweetsThis delicious garland of sweets remains beautiful throughout the season. Crafting requires a little patience and attention, but the perfect result is well worth the time. Start with miniature lollipops. Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place the hard candy on top. Make sure they don't touch each other.

DIY garland of sweetsHeat for four minutes. Let cool for about 30 seconds, then shape the cane into circles. If they start to crack or break, it means they are cooling down. Just put in the oven for another minute and continue. Roll the first piece of candy into a circle. Connect the ends tightly. Then add more rings. Be careful not to drop it. It can be difficult at first, but don't give up, you will quickly get the hang of it. Before you know it, you will already be a master to earn a place in the workshop of Santa Claus. If you are not sure, how to make a large garland of candy , start small. Make a short chain to dress up the little Christmas tree, as shown in the photo, this one took about 50 mini candies. The gallery shows just a few examples of what you can do. May your Christmas and New Year be sweet and happy!

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See what else you can do candy garlands

Snowflakes for a garland ... made of salt dough (can be used for anything)

snowflakes for garlandIt's gorgeous and simple DIY snowflake garland that can be used for New Year's decor this year. Salty dough is nothing more than flour, salt and water. You create different shapes, hang them on a string, and you have a modern garland that doesn't take long to make. In this case, it's a fireplace decoration, but you can hang it on a Christmas tree. This is one of the easiest to do, but it can be tricky if you take the wrong step! Therefore, it is better to read in the instructions on the site how the author made his jewelry from salt dough and turned them into Christmas garland ... I decided to make snowflakes just because I liked their beautiful shape, but you could have fun adding other fun shapes.

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Garland of buttons and spools of thread

a garland of buttons and spools of threadIf you have old spools of thread, a few spare buttons, and some fabric, then you have everything you need to make this garland. Basically, you wrap the empty spools with material and fasten between the buttons with string. Aesthetic appeal garlands of coils , this, of course, is a matter of taste, but the fact that it will attract everyone's attention with its uniqueness is one hundred percent. Glue one end to the coil with hot glue. Then wrap the felt over and glue the other end. Make as many as you need for the chosen length of the garland. Pass the jute through the two holes on the button, about 35 cm from one end. Wrap the other end with a piece of masking tape. We string a bead on the opposite end. Press until it is 2 cm away from the button. Wrap the end of the jute and pull it back through the bead. Thread the spool towards the bead. Repeat with the bead on the other end of the coil, add another button, then repeat the bead-coil-bead process until you reach the end. Something like this, you can read more on the website.

Photo source:

Christmas tree garland made of wine corks

Christmas tree garland of wine corksHave a whole bunch of wine corks and don't know what to do with them? Maybe this instruction will be useful to you, how to make a garland of wine corks ... First take the plug and 2 eye screws. Install one eyelet screw at each end. Now take the rope and go to the tree (or measure a decent length), wrap a little around the tree to see how many you need. Take a piece of string and tie it to one end of the cork. Then we string the beads. Well, the process has begun, what to do next, read on the website, link below.

Photo source:

Garland of paint samples

garland of paint samplesWinter holidays are just around the corner, it's time to make a cute, inexpensive and kid-friendly craft. You can do this DIY Christmas garland using color cards from your local hardware store You will love this craft because it is easy to make and even my kids can get involved. You only need a few items to create this adorable DIY Christmas garland. Plus, this craft is fully adaptable to any style. You can wait until Valentine's Day and make a heart-shaped garland using the same idea. You will need paint sample cards, cookie cutters (you can use cookie cutters), scissors, a hole punch, a pen or pencil. Paint sample cards can be obtained from any building or a hardware store that sells paints. You can choose whatever color swatches you like best to match the shapes you choose. How to make a garland out of them, read the instructions on the website.

By Stacy Freeman Photo source:

Holographic christmas garland

holographic christmas garlandAs the holidays are fast approaching and New Year's Eve is just around the corner, it's time to tackle the holographic craft. This trend looks great in almost everything (clothes, pillows, jewelry, etc.), so why not include it in your Christmas decor plans. holographic garland consists of one piece of New Year's party decor and one piece of photo booth backdrop. As you can imagine, having the right tools made this project very easy and much faster than cutting out the stars and circles by hand. In general, you will need hole punches (a die for thick paper or whatever is called the correct punch) and specialty items (which can cut through aluminum cans, cardboard, and cork wood). So, of course, they really come in handy for this project and if you already have a forming die, the instructions can be read on the website.

Photo source:

Garland of one and a half rods. DIY garlands for the New Year on a Christmas tree, windows, wall, fireplace, ceiling, door: photo. How to make a DIY Christmas garland from voluminous snowflakes, pictures, figures, toys, plastic bottles? Make burning snowflakes and

A garland of snowflakes for the New Year, how and from what to make patterns / patterns?

Christmas garland from snowflakes, how to make such a garland for a Christmas tree, for the ceiling?

What to make a garland with snowflakes for New Year and Christmas? What materials are suitable?

Where to get, where to download snowflake patterns , patterns of snowflakes for a garland, how to make such patterns with your own hands?

Snowflakes are always associated with winter, snow, the onset of the New Year, so they are often used for decoration. Garlands of snowflakes look very impressive. There are many options for making such garlands. The simplest of these are paper garlands of snowflakes.

To make such a garland, you need to have a high-quality stencil or use various schemes. A square of paper is folded several times and a snowflake is cut out. Here are some schematics.

White paper works well for making snowflakes, but blue paper is often used, even red paper will do. You need to make a lot of snowflakes, then glue them to a thin twine. Garlands are made more often vertical, but you can also make a horizontal garland of snowflakes.

Christmas snowflake can do it yourself , cut out from paper , foamiran, from insulation, from felt or from other materials.

To do this, you can use a template, or you can simply cut it out, focusing on your imagination and imagination.

To cut a snowflake, you need to fold a square sheet of paper first in half, then in half again, and then one or two more times.

With small nail scissors, we will begin to cut out a pattern that was previously transferred or invented along the way.

Snowflakes can be cut in the same size or in different sizes, and then they can be connected to garlands.

DIY snowflake garlands easy to do, they can be placed horizontally, be vertical.

Snowflakes for garlands can be strung on a regular thread with a needle.

DIY Christmas garland: crafts for the New Year 2020

Hello everyone, hello !! Today I would like to start the article with the words of the famous song: "The holiday comes to us, the holiday comes to us ..." Of course, you already understood what kind of celebration we are talking about ?! This is the beloved and expected New Year, and so that the atmosphere of the wonderful surrounds us as soon as possible, let's transform our home now !!

Of course, it's too early to put the Christmas tree, but making a garland is just right. Moreover, there is such a wide variety that I myself wanted to understand this topic. Moreover, the whole atmosphere of the holiday is still not a bottle of champagne, but winter decorations, do you agree with me ?! Then go ahead and tinker and fantasize!

Christmas garland made of paper: diagrams and templates

Probably the simplest and most accessible to everyone are garlands made of paper. Of course, you can make them completely different: in the form of rings connected to each other, snowmen, angels, Christmas trees, etc. In this case, choose any color of the craft, white, blue, red, depending on the interior of the room.

To make such a beautiful design, take paper of the chosen color and fold it into several layers with an accordion, then draw the desired figure on it and carefully cut it out. Do not touch the folded sides of the sheet. Expand the figurine and the garland is ready. Do not forget that you need to make several such blanks, and then just connect them together.

Now I will show you the varieties of these handmade jewelry, and then I will provide ready-made schemes, you just have to choose the desired design and print, and then it's a matter of technology.

  • Christmas trees and stars strung on strong threads or wire

  • Christmas trees from paper napkins

  • Plain colored circles

Well, as the templates of paper products promised for you:

We make a stretch "Flags" from the fabric

Products made of fabric will be very bright and spectacular. Let's take a closer look at this technique, and you don't have to sew anything !!

We will need: multi-colored fabrics, scissors, a pen, a rope, an iron for straightening hair, a tape measure or a centimeter, double-sided tape.

Manufacturing process:

1. First, make templates for flags out of cardboard. Then transfer them to the fabric.

2. Carefully cut out the required number of parts.

3. Take a thread of the required length and stretch it evenly on the working surface. We put the flag exactly in the middle, dividing it into two triangles with a thread. To hold the fabric pieces in place, secure them with a piece of double-sided tape.

4. After you collect all the elements (do everything as shown in the photo below), iron them with an iron.

As you can see, everything is very very simple !! Here are some more options for fabric garlands:

How to make a garland of fir branches with your own hands

It will be great if you make a coniferous product, because it will bring not only warmth and comfort to the house, but also a real festive smell !!

Making these crafts is easy, just tie small branches to a base, rope or wire, then add bright colored ribbons or small toys, but don't overdo it. The main decoration is needles, not additional elements.

Hang such a living garland effectively around a doorway or over a fireplace, as well as on a stair rail.

Garland "Christmas stretching"

Stretching is another popular decoration. It is also done quite simply, but it looks very bright and positive !!

To make it, you will need the most ordinary set for creativity: colored paper, or better shiny, threads, scissors, glue.

Then make some shiny paper rectangles or triangles strung on a string and add the words "Happy New Year!"

And you can make such charming flowers.

You must first make white circles, and glue a pink or red flower with a hole inside them on them. Decorate the top with drops of glue with sparkles or beads. Now string them on a ribbon and decorate the room !! All is ready!!

Or make these bunnies like this:

Or you can make New Year's attributes from cardboard:

Or ordinary colored lanterns:

And also watch a video plot on how you can create a voluminous garland:

Craft from snowflakes for the New Year 2020

Of course, I could not miss this subtlety, because how graceful holiday streamers in the form of beauties of snowflakes are obtained!

But I will not dwell in detail, since everything is simple here: choose any option for cut-out products (we have already discussed how to make snowflakes here) and string on ribbons, threads and decorate throughout the house.

For you ready-made options for crafts:

  • Volumetric snowflakes on the tree

  • Streamers on walls, chandeliers

  • Prefabricated Christmas garland

Garlands to school and kindergarten for a competition from scrap materials

And now let's talk about the joint work of parents and children, because I think that all children's institutions have already given assignments on the theme of decorating premises. Do not stay aside, but create together with your daughters and sons, and my rubric will help you).

We will do this original stretch with you:

We will need: cardboard, multi-colored buttons and ribbons, colored threads, glue, scissors, clothespins.

Manufacturing process:

1. Cut out the required number of Christmas trees from cardboard and decorate them to your liking with buttons and ribbons.

2. We make pompons from green and red threads.

3. We string Christmas trees on a thread using clothespins, and tie pompons on a thread. That's all!!

And here's something else that can be done with our kids:

  • Multicolored spruce cones

Video plot on how to make a Christmas decoration from plastic bottles

If you have bottles lying around that no one needs, then you are in luck, it turns out that you can make useful things out of them, rather we look and admire!

Here are some other plastic bottle garlands you can make. Nice things come out however !!

DIY workshop on making garlands on the window

I really love decorating windows, and this year my daughter also helps me)) Basically, we dress up this part of the apartment using templates and stickers, and everything looks super festive, and most importantly, the mood rises not only among the residents of the apartment, but also among passers-by ...

Here are some photos of ideas for this kind of design:

And we will try to dream up and make a super-garland for the window, ready? Let's go then!

We need: cotton wool, strong thread or fishing line, a needle, PVA glue.

Manufacturing process:

  1. Pinch off small pieces from cotton wool and roll them into dense balls, and do not make the same sizes.
  2. We coat each ball with glue and let it dry.
  3. Now measure the fishing line of the required length and from the upper edge of the window to its middle or slightly below we make a knot, thread the second end of the fishing line into the eye of the needle. We string one ball on the fishing line and distribute them at some distance from each other.
  4. You need to make a lot of such threads. Do not forget to fix each of them on the window cornice or on the top bar of the frame.

Here are a couple more finished products:

  • Well, do not forget about the purchased luminous garlands, all the same they are simply gorgeous!

While there are only a few days left before the main holiday of the whole country, manage to create an appropriate atmosphere at home! I hope it was helpful.

See you soon and Happy New Year!

20 Christmas decorations you can make in half an hour

Many people notice that the older they get, the more difficult it is to re-experience that magical feeling of a fairy tale and miracle that always came to us in childhood on New Year's Eve.

But we are in Bright Side We are sure that the New Year's mood will not keep you waiting if you make one of these wonderful decorations for your home and Christmas tree with your own hands. Almost all, with the exception of two or three, do not require much time and any special materials - they can be made in half an hour from what is at hand.

Thread sprockets

Graceful thread stars can be hung on a Christmas tree, on a chandelier, on a window, or to decorate walls with them. Making them is very simple - watch our video.

  • You will need: threads for knitting of any thickness and colors, PVA glue, a few nails and a cutting board.

A wreath of balls and an old hanger

In just half an hour, you can make a colorful wreath by buying a couple of sets of inexpensive balls. Blogger Jennifer, the author of this article, recommends unbending the old hanger, but if there is none, then a piece of sturdy wire is perfect.

  • You will need: a pair of sets of balls (20-25 balls of different colors and sizes), a wire hanger or wire, spruce branches, braid or a ready-made decoration for decorating a wreath.

Snowflake tablecloth

A delicate and surprisingly festive tablecloth will turn out from snowflakes, on which we have stuffed our hands since childhood. You can sit down and cut snowflakes with the whole family, and then lay them out on the table and fasten them with small pieces of tape. A great solution for receiving guests or just dining with your family during the holidays.

Multi-colored beanies

The cutest colored hats can be made from leftover yarn, from which you can assemble a garland for a Christmas tree or to decorate a wall. Or hang them on a window or chandelier at different levels. Children over the age of five will do just fine with this simple decoration too. See here for details.

  • You will need: a roll of toilet paper for rings (or ordinary cardboard or thick paper), scissors, colorful yarn and a good mood.

Lamp "Snowy City"

For this charming lamp, you need to measure a piece of paper around the circumference of the jar with a small margin (to glue it together), depict and cut out the simplest city or forest landscape. Wrap around the jar and put a candle inside.

  • You will need: a jar, thick paper of any color, you can white, any candle. Alternatively, you can coat the top of the can with "falling snow" using a special "snow" spray that is sold in hobby stores.

Balloons with photos

A great idea for decorating a Christmas tree or as a gift to relatives and friends. The photo must be rolled into a tube so that it goes into the hole in the ball, and then straighten it with a wooden stick or tweezers. Small black-and-white rectangular shots will do, and you can also cut out a photo in the shape of a ball or in silhouette (as is the case with a cat in the snow).

  • You will need: plastic or glass balls, photographs, various sundries to fill the ball - tinsel, garlands, coarse salt (for snow).

Christmas lamps

And this miracle is a matter of five minutes. It is enough to collect balls, fir branches, cones and put them in a transparent vase (or a pretty jar) and supplement with glowing garlands.


Glowing garlands hidden among cones, branches and pine paws create the effect of embers smoldering in the fireplace or a cozy fire. They even seem to give off a fever. For this purpose, a basket that has been lying on the balcony for a hundred years, a nice bucket or, for example, a wicker container for small things from Ikea, is suitable. Everything else (except for the garland, of course) you will find in the park.

Floating candles

A very simple decoration for the New Year's table or for a cozy evening with friends on New Year's holidays is a composition with candles floating in a vessel with water, cranberries and pine twigs. You can use cones, orange circles, fresh flowers and leaves from a flower shop - whatever your fantasy tells you. And as a candlestick - deep plates, vases, jars, glasses, as long as they are transparent.

Snowman on the fridge or door

Children will definitely be delighted with this - quickly, fun and very simple, because even a three-year-old can handle cutting out large parts. It is enough to cut the circles, nose and scarf out of self-adhesive paper, brown paper or colored cardboard and attach them to regular or double-sided tape.

Snowflakes on the window

An interesting use for a glue gun lying around. In order to glue these snowflakes to the glass, it is enough to lightly press them to the surface. See our video for details.

  • You will need: a stencil with a snowflake drawn with a black marker, tracing paper (parchment, baking paper), a glue gun and a little patience.

Christmas trees-sweets

Bright Christmas trees can be built together with the kids for a children's party or to decorate a festive table with them. Cut triangles out of colored paper or cardboard, tape them to a toothpick, and stick the resulting Christmas trees into the candy.

  • You will need: Hershey’s Kisses or any other truffle candies, toothpicks, scotch tape, colored paper or printed cardboard.

Garland with pictures and drawings

New Year, Christmas - warm, family holidays. And a garland with photographs, children's drawings, pictures will come in handy. The easiest way to secure them is with clothespins, which can be decorated with hearts or snowflakes.

Origami star

You can hang cute origami stars on a Christmas tree, make a garland out of them, or decorate a festive table with them. For detailed instructions, see here.

Painted spoons

Ordinary metal spoons or wooden cooking spoons turn into interesting New Year decorations with the help of acrylic paints. This idea will surely appeal to children. If you bend the handle of the metal spoons, you can hang them on the tree. And wooden spoons will look great in the kitchen or in a bouquet with spruce branches.

Sock snowman

Useless white socks will make such funny snowmen. Cut off the toe at the toe, and tie it with a thread on the other side. Sprinkle the rice in a round shape, tug again with the string and add more rice, forming a smaller ball. Sew on eyes and nose, make a scarf from a patch, sew on buttons. And from the cut off part, you get an excellent hat.

  • You will need: rice, a white sock, buttons, beads and scraps of fabric.

Volumetric snowflakes

You can hang cute voluminous snowflakes on strings and decorate a Christmas tree or windows with them. They are not much more difficult to make than regular flat snowflakes. Detailed instructions with photos are here.

  • You will need: white paper, sharp scissors and a stapler.

Toys from old light bulbs

Don't throw away old light bulbs anymore, they make cute decorations, and kids will love the idea. Homemade Santa Clauses, snowmen and penguins will appear on the tree. It is not necessary to make a fleece hat for a snowman, as in the top right picture - we have already described above how to make a cute headdress from the leftover yarn.

  • You will need: burnt out light bulbs, acrylic paints (old nail polishes are also useful), regular glue, colored glitter glue (for toys in the photo on the left and above), which is sold in hobby stores. Beads, buttons, ribbons, tinsel and other differences will be used.

Let's go for a tree

Absolutely useless, but such a cute little thing that will decorate a chest of drawers, a window sill, a festive table. Blogger Linda, who owns the idea, used artificial snow, but it can be replaced with a white napkin torn into pieces.

  • You will need: a toy car (mothers of boys will not have any problems with this), a white napkin, a toy tree, a red and white ribbon, a pretty jar.

Balls with memories, dreams and all sorts of things

A set of transparent glass balls can be turned into exceptional designer jewelry. For example, to make Christmas tree decorations that will carry the best memories of the past year - the birth of a child, an amazing journey. Over time, a tradition will appear in the family - taking out "memorable" toys from the mezzanine, indulge in memories. With their help, you can also make wishes: for example, if you dream of going to the sea, you make a ball with shells and wait for fulfillment.

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