Microloans online, urgently take a microloan on a bank card online

Urgently take a microloan to the card online

Today, when Russian banks are cutting back on unsecured lending, microloans from non-bank credit institutions have become the only funding option for some citizens.

Where to get a microloan?

Many mini loans are issued online around the clock. In order to apply for funds in Moscow, in most cases, it is enough to contact a specialist of the organization by phone or via the Internet.

All online microfinance loans require the borrower to provide passport and other personal information. As a rule, you do not need to provide any other documents besides the passport.

How to get a microloan on a bank card?

There are many different ways to obtain microloans online from a microfinance organization. Funds can be issued in cash at the office of the company or by its courier, postal order, using transfer systems, to an electronic wallet. In addition, getting online microloans on the card urgently is easy and hassle-free. Submit your application and get your money.

The borrower must choose the method of receiving funds at the time of submitting an online application.

All offers displayed on this page are the best or profitable exclusively in the opinion of Banki.ru experts

This section contains the best banks in which you can get urgent loans in cash without certificates and guarantors. You can submit an online application to one or several banks at once (this will significantly increase the likelihood of receiving money), instantly find out the solution and quickly receive money.

Make an application and take a loan without income certificate

* The maximum amount of a consumer loan based on a passport or two documents, without proof of income and surety.

To send an application for a loan online and not go to the bank. You need to go to his website and fill out a short form. Almost immediately after its registration, you will find out the answer and in case of a positive decision, on the same day you can pick up cash. If you doubt the quality of your credit history and / or fear that the bank will refuse for one reason or another, then spend a little time and submit applications simultaneously to several places.

Where to get a loan quickly and without inquiries

Each of the financial organizations presented in our list has its own advantages and disadvantages, but issue consumer loan without certificates and guarantors the easiest is in Tinkov Bank, Vostochny and Renaissance credit. The advantages of these banks are: a very low percentage of refusals, an almost instant solution and the ability to receive money within 24 hours after applying.

Loan without certificates in Tinkov Bank

Tinkoff Bank: loans, credit cards, insurance, sim cards www.technologyk.ru

This bank is one of the most progressive and stable in the Russian banking market. The main products of the bank are: credit and debit cards, for which the bank has repeatedly received prestigious awards and nominations.

You also have the option get a consumer loan , which will be delivered to you personally anywhere in Russia on a bank debit card. And this means that you can withdraw money at any ATM, any bank without commissions and interest.

The advantage of the bank is that it has no branches and, as a result, high costs for the maintenance of premises and personnel. The bank can afford to keep interest rates below market rates. And because of all the transactions that take place online, all decisions are made very quickly. In addition, the Tinkov Bank debit card provides a number of other advantages, and not only the ability to withdraw money from any ATM in the world without interest.

To issue a consumer loan without edits and guarantors at Tinkov Bank →

Take out a loan without income certificates at Home Credit bank

Home Credit - cash loan www.technologyk.ru

Home Credit Bank is one of the ten largest banks in terms of loans issued to individuals. The bank was able to earn this status due to its loyal attitude towards customers, because it is not necessary to provide certificates or guarantors to issue a loan.

Another significant advantage will be that the bank issues a loan for up to 7 years (inclusive). So, if you have a need for a large amount, but there is no way to extinguish the amount quickly, then this is the ideal option for you.

Apply for a loan without income certificates at HomeCredit Bank →

Borrow money from UralSib bank

Uralsib Bank: cash loan, refinancing www.technologyk.ru

Live as brightly and freely as in the movies, says the slogan of UralSib Bank. Indeed, the conditions of the bank are very attractive, having taken out insurance, you can count on a rate of 11.9 percent, and in case of refusal to apply, the rate will be 17.9%, which is the maximum rate, which is lower than in many other banks. Add to this the opportunity to receive up to 250 thousand rubles on two documents without certificates and guarantors, and you will get a bank that definitely deserves your attention.

Apply for a loan without income certificates in UralSib bank →

Get a cash loan at Renaissance Credit

Loans to Renaissance Credit www.technologyk.ru

One of the best banks for those who need to receive money on the same day. Consideration of your application will be completed in a matter of minutes after filling it out (during the bank's working hours). This bank has two other big advantages. The money can be collected at the bank's cash desk immediately after approval, and a very attractive interest rate - from 12.9% per annum.

Get a super fast loan at Renaissance Credit bank →

Loans without certificates and guarantors at Vostochny Bank

Orient Express Bank long term loans www.technologyk.ru

Consideration of an online application in this bank takes on average about 5 minutes (during the bank's opening hours). The bank is also confidently leading in terms of the number of approved loans. Add to this the large number of branches where you can pick up cash and you have a bank with a great deal.

Apply for a loan without certificates and guarantors at Vostochny Bank →

Quick loan at the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRD)

UBRD loan and credit card www.technologyk.ru

This bank also holds the record for the speed of consideration of the application (during the working hours of the financial institution). Has a very loyal attitude towards the borrower, because of this, the percentage of rejected applications is not high. And its bonus is decreasing interest rate with timely repayment.

Get a quick loan at UBRD →

How to get a loan without certificates and guarantors

In most cases, to obtain express loans without certificates and guarantors, you will need a second document. The first and mandatory is the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, and the second can be: a driver's license, military ID, pension certificate, diploma or international passport.

Some banks even issue loans only with a passport. But in this case it is not necessary to count on a large amount.

Online loan application

Just 4 simple steps to receive funds:

  1. Choose from 1 to 3 banks from our list (but no more than 3, because this can lead to refusal in all banks at once), and follow the links to the pages with questionnaires on the official websites of the bank)
  2. Fill in the form and accept consent to the processing of personal data. To fill out the questionnaire, you will need: passport, address of your actual residence and phone number. Because loans are issued under two documents, then you may also need: a personal bank card, a driver's or pensioner's license, any other personal document.
  3. Wait for the result processing your application and if approved, you can choose the best conditions if you have submitted multiple applications
  4. Get money at the bank's cash desk or wait until the card is credited.

Online loans: benefits and recommendations for registration

Now people are increasingly resorting to lending services via the Internet, because it fully meets their needs and the rhythm of life. The main problem of a modern person is the lack of free time. Taking an online loan allows you to resolve it, saving you from the obligatory visit to the office of the organization or a bank branch. You do not have to wait long for your turn, collect a lot of documents, provide data on creditworthiness and fill out questionnaires. You can quickly fill out an online application for a loan, while collecting a minimum of documentation.

Purpose of consumer loans

Consumer loans are loans (in cash or on a card) taken from a bank or MFI. The loan is issued for various purposes:

  • purchase of any item (devices, appliances, furniture);
  • payment for services (vouchers, treatment and training);
  • everyday expenses.

These loans have both targeted and non-targeted purposes. Making them out, the client can leave his property as a pledge or refuse this point.

The loan value is determined by the following parameters:

  • solvency;
  • the state of the credit history;
  • provided documents;
  • currency;
  • amount;
  • term.

In the face of tough competition, banking institutions are forced to develop more favorable conditions for express lending and offer them to their clients.

Loan processing procedure via the Internet

You will be able to send an online request for a loan regardless of your location - from work, from home and from the store (if you want to buy something right now). It will take you a few minutes to fill out an application addressed to a microfinance organization or a bank. Employees review it within a few minutes or a day (it depends on the rules of the chosen company).

The funds due to you under the terms of the loan can be obtained in several ways:

  • come to the branch and pick up cash;
  • transfer to a bank account or card;
  • add them to the balance of an electronic wallet;
  • receive cash through the systems "Zolotaya Korona" and "Contact".

Most lending institutions have switched to a round-the-clock operation, seven days a week and no lunch breaks. The client can send an application at any time convenient for him. Even if there are negative points in the credit history, the money is issued to the borrower on the most loyal terms.

Online lending: what are your benefits?

  • you will be able to complete an application in a short time;
  • bank employees will promptly make a decision on it and transfer funds in the way that is most optimal for you;
  • you do not have to pay commission and charges;
  • the chance that your request will be approved is high enough;
  • you can choose the appropriate option from a variety of lending programs;
  • it will become even more convenient to use the bank's services;
  • you will have access to all financial transactions;
  • if the online application is approved, you will be able to receive money in cash at the branch;
  • you will improve your credit history.

Tips for those who decide to get a loan on the Internet

  • When starting to cooperate with a credit institution, be sure to check its reputation through the state register of the Central Bank. Go to the company's website to read customer reviews, as well as documents in the public domain.
  • The bank to which your salary card is assigned will offer you more favorable credit terms. If you made a deposit in it, then it will not be issued as long as there is a loan debt.
  • Take the agreement with the terms of the loan program and thoroughly study it. Unauthorized persons should not gain access to this information.
  • For regular customers, a reduction in loan rates is available. To get this status, take out several consumer loans for a small amount and repay them on time.
  • Consider paying the debt in advance. Insure yourself with a financial cushion, which must be at least one monthly payment.
  • Do not wait until the last day to make your loan repayment. Always keep receipts for completed payments. Having paid off the debt, ask the employee of the institution for a document with information about the amount paid.
  • If you have several small loans, combine them into one large one. For this, take part in the refinancing program.
  • If unforeseen situations arise and it is impossible to close the debt on time, ask the bank employees to postpone the payment. Attach the required documentation as proof.

Lending began to develop from ancient times. Ancient peoples like the Egyptians, Aztecs and Romans often borrowed money. This phenomenon took on a more organized form with the onset of the Middle Ages. The era was marked by the emergence of a separate class of "bankers" who received the nickname "Lombards", or usurers. These people provided loans to royal houses, taking their property on bail.

Nowadays, obtaining a loan entails the emergence of legal relations between legal entities or individuals. They are supported by a contract that includes information on the timing, amount and rate. The parties can secure themselves against default by taking out insurance.

Credit is a subtle financial instrument, and this is important for understanding its essence. If you use it skillfully, you can deal with problems related to liquidity, purchase the necessary thing and expand your business without wasting working capital. On the contrary, its unwise use can lead the client to financial ruin. In such cases, economists use the term "financial leverage", which implies the achievement of the optimal ratio of borrowed and existing funds.

Lending is becoming an increasingly popular banking service, especially on the eve of the New Year holidays, when there is so much to buy. Are there banks that issue a loan online without visiting the bank, immediately to the card? Yes, there are not many of them, but there are proposals, and we will study them with you today.

Banks that give credit to the card online without visiting the bank

Online loans: advantages and disadvantages

Today in the country and in the world there is such a situation when people are constrained in money, and the prices in stores not only stop, but also constantly rise. Inflation plays an important role, and if a month ago, roughly speaking, a laptop for study or remote work could be taken for the most budget model 15,000, now prices start from 16-17 thousand, etc.

Of course, many do not have enough money, and the most logical thing is to contact the bank for help. But in a pandemic, some of the Russians are afraid to visit crowded places, and there are always queues at the offices, which is not safe.

And then people remember that many companies and stores now, for the greater safety of their customers, have begun offering them goods and services via the Internet with home delivery. So you can order food, medicines, clothes, toys, etc.

As for financial services, here many institutions continue to operate in the old fashioned way, requiring the personal presence of the person who is going to use them. But at the same time, there are also such banks that agreed to take small risks, began to issue credit to the card online in exchange for the loyalty of their audience of customers.

What are the advantages of credits with crediting to the card, we can note:

  • A safer process for receiving money - you only interact with a courier, in the context of coronavirus, this is the best option.
  • Faster issuance of money, you will receive it the next day after the approval of the application, in the best case, the card with credit money will be brought to you today.
  • We need a minimum package of documents, without certificates from the place of work .
  • You do not adjust to the working hours of bank offices, on the contrary, they adjust to you.
  • You get the opportunity to quickly solve your financial difficulties.

What are the disadvantages:

  • Only a small amount can be received on the card via the Internet.
  • The return period will be short, i.e. until 7-10 years old, it will not work to draw up a contract.
  • Interest rates most often overpriced, much more than in Sberbank.
  • Offer available not for all.
  • Banks do not issue loans to cards of other banks , at best, they deliver their own.

How exactly do banks issue loans online without visiting the office?

Most often, such an offer can only be used by borrowers who have previously applied to the bank for a loan, and have paid it off on time without violating the contract. Or existing clients, for example, who receive a salary or pension in this bank. All the rest of the instant credits to the card are not available.

That is, it is very rare for a banking institution to agree to transfer money to anyone without a personal meeting. This is a privileged opportunity, and you can use it if you have a good reputation, a positive credit history, formal employment and income that can be easily verified.

There is another option: when the bank lends to new borrowers who have not previously applied to it, and have no history of loan repayment here. And so they can submit an online application and indicate in it that they want to receive money without visiting the office, namely - with home delivery .

In this case, the bank will arrange for a specialist to visit the client's home, who will bring a loan agreement and a card with money ... Your documents are checked, you sign an agreement, receive a debit card, activate it and you can dispose of funds at your discretion.

If you need a loan that will be transferred directly to your any card (SberBank, MIR, VISA, MasterCard), then you need to contact not banks, but microfinance companies that have shares at 0%, the most popular are:

  • eCabbage (the most popular),
  • Seimer ,
  • Manimen ,
  • Payment .

Money can be transferred to any card: both debit and credit cards. You will find a complete list of MFIs issuing profitable loans at zero interest for up to a month. here .

So, loans to a card with an instant solution without inquiries are issued by the following banks

There are few such proposals, they are in the following companies.

  1. Eastern bank - at 9% per annum → (if issued, the bank will arrange a visit of a specialist to the house with a card),
  2. Tinkoff Bank - rate from 8.9% → (home delivery of a card with money, or they can transfer the loan to a Tinkoff bank card),
  3. Alfa Bank - rate from 6.5% per year → (deliver the card to your home),
  4. Home Credit Bank - from 7.9% per annum → (it is possible to issue, but it is written that they are transferred to the card of any bank, but in fact there are no approvals),
  5. Post Bank - rate from 5.9% → (if a specialist arrives at home with a card, the loan is transferred to the card),
  6. MTS Bank - rate from 6.9% → (they bring their loans home or the card can be obtained in the MTS salon),
  7. Renaissance Credit Bank - from 7.5% per annum → (you can issue an online receipt only for regular customers, as well as send a card with a specialist),
  8. UBRD - rate from 12% → (if they bring a card or money to the house),
  9. Sberbank - from 12.9% per annum → (they are transferred online to a Sberbank card for salary clients, others are not transferred to the card),
  10. VTB - rate from 6.4% → (online for regular customers you can immediately to the account, according to statistics, the highest percentage of approval for new customers among all banks !!!, new customers are transferred money to a VTB card and brought it home).

As you can see, here the overwhelming number of banks is still do not transfer money to the card , but carries out the delivery of a card with money to the client, which, in principle, is also not bad.

However, if you still want to get a loan for any of your cards, then you need to contact not a bank, but an MFO:

  • → Up to 30,000 rubles can be obtained at eCabbage !!!;
  • → Up to 35,000 rubles in Seimere if through Gosuslugi;
  • → Up to 30.000 V Manimen ;
  • → Up to 30,000 V Webbanker ;
  • → Up to 15000 V Ezaem ;
  • → Up to 10.000 V Platize
In the first five, there is an opportunity to get a loan at 0 percent. In Platise you can get 10,000 rubles without% for 10 days using the promo code "ZERO".

All, without exception, work around the clock and transfer to any card with virtually no refusal.

  • All companies that issue a zero, you will find here .
  • A complete list of all MFIs (56) that issue loans to the card here .
Banks that give credit to the card online without visiting the bank

Which banks issue a loan online immediately to the card without visiting?

If you think that obtaining a loan is a long and difficult event, which is associated with queues, collecting certificates from the place of work, long waiting for a decision, then this is only partly true. All this can be seen only when receiving a large loan, when the bank really needs to carefully check a person before he receives a large amount of money, in which case the bank will not give money without a thorough check.

If you need a small express loan via the Internet, then it is much easier to get it - you can fill out an online application, and in case of a positive decision, receive money at the branch or delivered to your home or immediately to your card. Document verification will be minimal.

To figure out which product will really be most suitable for you, you need to evaluate each in more detail. Let's start with the list, our TOP fast banks, that is, those in which you can quickly take out a credit on the card:

Tinkoff Bank is the most popular option for those who want to receive money without visiting a branch. He is the ancestor of the principle of receiving financial services remotely, here you can order both a loan and a credit card via the Internet, and you can do this all around the clock, and all this will be delivered to your home for free in just a few days.

Let's look at the tariffs: the client can be issued an amount from 50 thousand to 2 million rubles on terms of repayment in a period of up to 3 years. Average percentage, from 8.9% to 25.9% per annum. There is no compulsory insurance, it is issued at will.

What requirements must be met: the borrower must be between the ages of 18 and 70, have a residence permit in any of the regions of Russia and a passport. No inquiries are needed. It is important to have an income of at least 15 thousand per month; you do not need to confirm it even via the Internet.

The second most popular bank with a very high probability of approval of the application. You can request for any of your purposes from 25,000 to 500,000 rubles. They will be given to you for a standard period of 13 months. up to 3 years, and at the same time fix the percentage at the level of 9% per annum without surcharges.

Unsecured, with quick consideration of the application up to 1 day. You need to be between the ages of 21 and 76 years, the bank is looking for a permanent residence permit and work experience of at least 3 months. A passport is required, money is issued on a bank card, which is delivered by a courier. You can also get not only a loan, but also a credit card.

An equally popular company, which many trust more than state banks. Here you can apply for a cash loan, the maximum amount of which reaches up to 5 million rubles. for payroll clients and up to 3 million rubles. for other borrowers.

The term of the contract is classic - from 12 to 60 months, the percentage will be from 6.5% per annum and higher, depending on your category. The trick is that when you apply for a loan before December 27 of this year, you will be given a grace period of up to 3 months in order not to pay interest.

Who can get money: a citizen of the Russian Federation who is more than 21 years old, who has a continuous work experience of at least 3 months and a salary of 10,000 rubles or more. and more. If you get your salary here, then you need only a passport up to 250 thousand rubles, if you don't get two documents. There are also many offers for credit cards.

It is interesting in that it offers to receive money in a large amount for any purpose - up to 3,000,000 rubles. The repayment will be given up to 5 years, the rate will be set from 7.9% per year. The decision is made instantly, for existing clients, all registration is completely online: you submit an application through the Internet bank, sign the documents there, and the bank transfers money to any card you specified (salary, debit or credit). Everyone else sends money home delivery or invites you to the office. The bank does not issue without checks.

The bank issues loans via the Internet only to existing customers. If you are a new client, then you will definitely need to come to the office in order to sign the documents. After that, the money will also be credited to any details you provide. It is also possible to issue a free card.

Here you can apply for a large loan under the Cash program up to 4 million rubles. At the same time, it is not necessary to visit the office to receive it, you just need to choose “delivery” as a method of receiving money while filling out the questionnaire and then agree on the date and time with a specialist.

Other tariffs: the rate is set in the range from 5.9% to 19.9% ​​per year, money back is given from 3 to 5 years. You can lower your rate by using paid programs. By the way, if you abandon personal insurance, the percentage will increase by 7 pp. They work with citizens over 18 years old who have a passport, SNILS and permanent registration. By the way, the Internet is not needed here, you can order money at any branch of the Russian Post.

Not so well-known bank, but this is good - higher chances of approval of the application. The company's official website says that it delivers its loans to borrowers throughout Russia. There are exception regions - the North Caucasus Federal District and the Crimea. There are offers for both loans and credit cards.

According to the conditions: here they give out up to 5 million rubles. to their salary clients and up to 1 million rubles. new clients. The interest will be from 6.9% minimum and up to 20.9%, the debt will need to be repaid within 1-5 years. Without insurance, there will be a premium to the rate, from 3 to 4 p.p.

Let's look at the requirements: the bank cooperates with clients aged 20 to 70 who have worked in the last place for at least 3 months. They must have a permanent residence permit. It is obligatory to provide only a passport.

There is a specialized product "Online loan", which can only be obtained by the current clients of the bank, who have previously been credited here and have paid off the debt without delays. They can apply for a new loan through their personal account and receive funds to their card account on the same day.

Quickly about tariffs: the amount is available in the range of 30 thousand - 1 million rubles, the contract is valid for a maximum of 5 years, the percentage can be from 7.5% to 23.9% per annum. From the requirements, we note the possible age of the borrower - from 20 to 70 years, the obligatory work experience is 3 months or more, the residence permit is permanent, the income is not less than 12,000 in the capital and from 8,000 rubles. in the regions.

The offer "Without certificates" allows you to receive up to 300,000 rubles for your personal goals. The money is issued on a card, which can either be picked up at the office or ordered by a specialist. The application is not considered quickly, up to 2 days.

Everyone is interested in the conditions: they approve of small amounts up to 300 thousand maximum, for a long period of 3 to 7 years. The rate starts at 12% per year. They work via the Internet. If you are credited without personal insurance, then another 4.8% will be added to the rate.

What is required from the borrower: the age limit is from 19 to 75 years, you must have a total work experience of 12 months, and the current continuous one - from 3 months. Registration is permanent, in the same region where the bank's office is. Income - from 11 thousand or more.

“For Any Purpose” is the most versatile program, according to which, recently, a small amount can be received without a reference. Online processing of a loan to a Sberbank card is available for existing customers, you need to submit an application through Sberbank Online, if approved, the money will immediately come to the salary card.

The tariffs are pleasant: the issue is possible in the range from 30 thousand to 300 thousand rubles for a period of up to 60 months. Interest - from 12.9% to 19.9%. They work with citizens of the Russian Federation between the ages of 21 and 70, who have work experience of six months or more. You can get loans with a temporary residence permit.

  • VTB (the last on the list, but not the last in the number of approvals)

Loans online exclusively to active clients with good CI and official employment. The application must be submitted not through the website, but through online banking, and then the money will come immediately to your card (salary or credit) in the amount of 50,000 rubles or more. and higher. Everyone else sends money by courier, and does it very quickly, faster than anyone else.

The contract can be concluded for a period of up to 7 years, the rate will be set from 6.4% to 17.9% per annum. If you refuse insurance, another 3-4 p.p. will be added. The borrower is required to be between 21 and 70 years old, with a total work experience of at least 12 months, permanent residence and an income of 15 thousand or more.

How to get a loan online without visiting the bank and office?

Each banking institution has its own internal policy, and the methods of delivery of credit funds are also different for everyone. Not everyone issues a loan without leaving home with a transfer to a card. You need to clarify by calling the hotline the instructions of the exact bank where you decided to receive loans.

Let us analyze, using the example of Alfa-Bank, how it happens:

  1. The client goes to the official website of the bank via the Internet,
  2. Studies tariffs,
  3. Makes preliminary calculations on an online calculator,
  4. Fills in an application and sends it for verification. Money is not given out without checks.
  5. The bank studies it and makes a decision
  6. The bank employee calls back the client during working hours, clarifies the data, agrees the address and delivery time,
  7. On the appointed day, an employee in a mask and gloves arrives with a contract and a card.
  8. After all the formalities, they give you the card, help you activate it and answer all questions. Further, all interaction on the loan taken takes place online.

If we talk about Sberbank or VTB, then they also issue money without visiting the office, but credit is transferred to the card only to their salary clients ... Those must fill out an application through their personal account on the Internet, and if, after checking, the bank approves the application, then the money will immediately go to the salary account.

Home Credit [CPS] RU

Banks that practice online lending. Conditions. Advantages and disadvantages of this method of borrowing. Remote online application submission.

Banks where you can apply for a loan online



Doc you

To the website

Post Bank

from 7.9% you need a passport and SNILS

Go to

Home Credit Bank

from 7.9% without 2-NDFL certificate

Go to


from 15.9% credit without certificates

Go to


from 9.9% issue on 2 documents

Go to

Raiffeisen Bank

from 8.99% need a certificate of income

Go to


from 6.8% need 2-NDFL certificate

Go to

MTS Bank

from 8.4% issuance by passport

Go to

Tinkoff Bank

from 6.9% issuance by passport

Go to

Eastern bank

from 9% need a certificate of income

Go to

Rosgosstrah Bank

from 8.9% issue on 2 documents

Go to


from 5.9% need a certificate of income

Go to


from 10.4% issuance by passport

Go to

Alfa Bank

from 7.7% issue on 2 documents

Go to


from 8.9% need a certificate of income

Go to

Bank "Let's go"

from 19% credit without certificates

Go to


from 8.8% issuance by passport

Go to

SKB Bank

from 7% issuance by passport

Go to


from 8.5% can be taken without reference

Go to

Bank opening

from 8.5% need a certificate of income

Go to


from 8.5% need a certificate of income

Go to

Renaissance Credit

from 8.5% issue on 2 documents

Go to

Bank Zenith

from 8.5% need a certificate of income

Go to

Ak Bars Bank

from 9.5% life insurance

Go to


from 9.1% bail

Go to


from 8.9% without 2-NDFL certificate

Go to

Annual interest rates are taken from Bank Tariffs (as of February 2021). The rate offered to the borrower may differ from those indicated. You can familiarize yourself with the full lending terms and the range of annual rates by going to the banks' official websites.

Banks offering to issue an online loan - without visiting the office at all

Submitting an online application to Home Credit Bank

Home Credit Bank

persons. №316 homecredit.ru 8 495 785-82-22

  • Loan rate from 7.9%
  • Amount up to 1 million
  • Term 1–84 months
  • Without income statement
  • You only need a passport
  • Age 22 to 70
  • C positive CI
  • Solution in 1 minute


Documents for registration
  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • Based on the results of consideration of the loan application, Home Credit Bank may request a document confirming income.
Borrower requirements
  • The client's age is from 18 to 70 years old.
  • Having a permanent income.
  • Permanent registration on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Good credit history is desirable.
  • Work experience at the last job for at least 3 months.
Loan calculation example
  • Loan amount: 200,000 rubles.
  • Rate: 7.9% .
  • Loan term: 24 months.
  • Monthly payment: 9 036 rub.
  • Overpayment for 24 months: 16 872 rubles.
  • Loan amount: 100,000 rubles.
  • Rate: 14% .
  • Loan term: 36 months.
  • Monthly payment: 3 417 rub.
  • Overpayment for 36 months: 23,039 rubles.

Installment card "Freedom" →

This largest financial and credit organization offers to make a loan completely online, without visiting its branches. New clients can leave a request for issuance from 10 thousand to 1 million rubles.

Annual rates start at 7.9% (although money is usually issued at a higher interest rate). The loan term can be equal to 15-84 months, at the choice of the borrower.

A loan request via the Internet can be submitted by persons aged 18-70 years, with a good loan history, permanent income and work experience of 3 months or more (at the current place of employment).

Submission of a loan application takes place remotely, on the official website of KKB. And you can receive money by transferring to any bank card.

Online loan processing at the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development


persons. No. 429 ubrr.ru 8 800 100-02-00

  • Loan rate from 6.5%
  • Amount up to 5 million
  • Term 36–84 months
  • 300,000 by passport
  • Without income certificates
  • Age 19 to 75
  • Without guarantors
  • Solution in 15 minutes


Documents for registration
  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • If the loan amount is more than 300,000 rubles, a certificate of income (or an extract from the Pension Fund of Russia) is required.
Borrower requirements
  • The client's age is from 19 to 75 years old.
  • Russian citizenship.
  • Permanent registration in any region of the Russian Federation.
  • Work experience: from 3 months at the current place of work (does not apply to non-working pensioners). For individual entrepreneurs, experience of 12 months.
  • No current overdue loans.
Loan calculation example
  • Loan amount: 200,000 rubles.
  • Rate: 11.9% .
  • Loan term: 24 months.
  • Monthly payment: 9 405 rub.
  • Overpayment for 24 months: 25,728 rubles.
  • Loan amount: 100,000 rubles.
  • Rate: 6.5% .
  • Loan term: 36 months.
  • Monthly payment: 3 064 rub.
  • Overpayment for 36 months: 10,336 rubles.

Loan refinancing →

To take a loan in cash online, according to a simplified scheme - without certificates of the applicant's income, UBRD suggests. To obtain a loan of up to 300,000 rubles, you only need a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

How to apply for a loan? Go to the bank's website, fill in all the fields of the online application (this will take you about 5 minutes). By logging in through the "Gosuslugi" portal, you will not only speed up the process of submitting a remote loan request, but also get a solution faster.

Gazprombank [CPS] RU

A small loan is issued remotely and does not require the client to visit the UBRD office. The approved loan is credited to the card. The representatives of the credit institution will deliver "plastic" free of charge at a time convenient for the recipient to the home or to work.

Credit cards with delivery →

On the day the card with the money is handed over, the courier will call you in advance and remind you which documents you need to have with you. The very meeting, during which you sign the loan agreement, and the lender's representative will take a picture of you with your passport, will take 20-25 minutes.

Sending a loan application through the Alfa-Bank website

Alfa Bank

persons. No. 1326 alfabank.ru 8 800 200-00-00

  • Loan rate from 6.5%
  • Amount up to 5 million
  • Term 12-60 months
  • Up to 300,000 2 documents each
  • Without income certificates
  • Age from 21 years
  • Without guarantors
  • Solution in 1 hour          


Documents for registration
  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • If the loan amount is more than 500,000 rubles, a 2-NDFL certificate or a certificate in the form of a bank is required.
  • SNILS.
Borrower requirements
  • The client's age is from 21 years old.
  • Russian citizenship.
  • Permanent income from 10,000 rubles after taxes.
  • Continuous work experience from 3 months.
Loan calculation example
  • Loan amount: 150,000 rubles.
  • Rate: 6.5% .
  • Loan term: 24 months.
  • Monthly payment: 6 681 rub.
  • Overpayment for 24 months: 10,366 rubles.
  • Loan amount: 500,000 rubles.
  • Rate: 19.99% .
  • Loan term: 36 months.
  • Monthly payment: 18 579 rub.
  • Overpayment for 36 months: 168 852 rubles.

Credit card 100 days without% →

You can also get credit money without leaving your home at Alfa-Bank. This financial company is present in more than half of the Russian regions, so there should be no problems with obtaining a loan.

First you need to decide on the amount and term of the loan and submit an application via the Internet. It will take no more than five minutes to fill out a questionnaire on a banking website. An online decision (approval or rejection) will arrive in about two minutes.

You can remotely request a loan from the bank from 50,000 to 1,000,000 rubles, for a period of up to 5 years. The declared total cost of the loan is from 6.5% to 24.4%. A loan of up to 300 thousand can be obtained with only 2 documents.

Benefits of Alfa-Bank loans:

  1. You can take it through the website, ordering a free and safe delivery of documents and money directly to the apartment.
  2. Security: money on the card, the lender's representative wearing gloves and a mask.

We advise you to pre-calculate the loan online - on the website of Alfa-Bank itself, or on this page. We draw your attention to the fact that on the banking portal preliminary calculations can be made only at the minimum interest rates (on our loan calculator - by putting down any annual percentage).

Apply for a loan on the official website of Alfa-Bank →

Lending outside the office of Renaissance Credit Bank

Renaissance Credit

persons. No. 3354 rencredit.ru 8 800 200-09-81

  • Loan rate from 7.5%
  • Amount up to 1 million
  • Term 24-60 months
  • Registration without reference
  • Issuance on the day of application
  • Age 24 to 70
  • Without guarantors
  • Solution in 1 minute


Documents for registration
  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • Borrower's identity document (optional): personal bank card; international passport; driver's license; diploma of secondary specialized or higher education; military ID; Tax registration certificate - INN, SNILS.
Borrower requirements
  • Age from 24 to 70 years old.
  • Russian citizenship.
  • For the bank's clients, a loan is possible in any region of the bank's presence. For new clients, a loan can be obtained either in the region of permanent registration, or in the region of permanent work.
  • Work experience at the current place of work from 3 months.
  • The minimum monthly income is from 8,000 rubles (for residents of Moscow - from 12,000 rubles).
Loan calculation example
  • Loan amount: 50,000 rubles.
  • Rate: 17.9% .
  • Loan term: 24 months.
  • Monthly payment: 2 493 rub.
  • Overpayment for 24 months: 9 850 rubles.
  • Loan amount: 200,000 rubles.
  • Rate: 7.5% .
  • Loan term: 36 months.
  • Monthly payment: 6 221 rub.
  • Overpayment for 36 months: 23 964 rubles.

Profitable credit card 365 →

This financial company is ready to offer its existing clients individual conditions - profitable loans at a rate of 7.5% to 23.9%. Moreover, to receive money and draw up a loan agreement, you do not need to visit a bank office.

Loans are processed through the Internet Bank or Mobile Bank. Funds are credited to the borrower's account quickly, within 1 hour.

On the banking site "Renaissance Credit" you can leave an online request for a loan from 30 to 1 million rubles. Unfortunately, new clients of this credit institution will be able to receive consumer loans only in its branches.

Take an online loan at Tinkoff Bank, without visiting the branch

 Tinkoff Bank

persons. No. 2673 tinkoff.ru 8 800 755-46-64

  • Loan rate from 8.9%
  • Amount up to 2 million
  • Term 12-36 months
  • Without income statement
  • You only need a passport
  • Age from 18 to 70 years old
  • The loan will be brought on the card
  • Solution in 1 hour


Documents for registration
Borrower requirements
  • The client's age is from 18 to 70 years old.
  • Russian citizenship.
Loan calculation example
  • Loan amount: 200,000 rubles.
  • Rate: 8.9% .
  • Loan term: 24 months.
  • Monthly payment: 9 127 rub.
  • Overpayment for 24 months: 19,066 rubles.
  • Loan amount: 100,000 rubles.
  • Rate: 25.9% .
  • Loan term: 36 months.
  • Monthly payment: 4 023 rub.
  • Overpayment for 36 months: 44 854 rubles.

Loan secured by real estate →

Credit card →

Car loan →

This bank provides lending services only online, it does not have offices for retail clients. Despite this, you can fill out an application and receive money in any locality in Russia.

To take out a loan remotely, without collateral and guarantors, is offered to persons aged 18-70 years. Lending money is simple: only a passport is required from the documents. The bank specialists will write down the borrower's income from his words. It is not necessary to present an income statement certified by the employer.

To apply for a loan, you need to go to the website of this financial and credit organization and fill out an online application. In the request form, you must indicate the required amount for issuance, the term for using the money, the purpose of the loan, mobile phone number and e-mail.

How to take a retail loan at Tinkoff Bank without leaving your home: after approval, within 1-2 days they will bring you money (on a free debit card) and an agreement for signing directly to the apartment. Cash can be withdrawn from plastic without commissions at any ATM.

loan conditions with application on the website

Remote application for a loan in MTS Bank

Another well-known Russian financial company that offers a loan "at a distance" - the application is submitted by phone or through the website. By the way, MTS Bank ranks 5th in issuing POS lending (express loans issued at points of sale) and serves more than 3 million individuals.

It is offered to receive a cash loan in the amount of 20,000 to 1,100,000 rubles. The lending rate is determined individually, from the range of 7.9-20.9%.

The loan is issued without income checks. Information about wages will be accepted by the bank according to your words (indicate when filling out the online application). The decision in SMS for most applications comes within 5 minutes.

Registration of inappropriate consumer credit is carried out promptly, remotely. The client does not need to visit the bank, even to sign a loan agreement. You can do this and receive money on the card in the nearest MTS communication salon.

Apply for a loan in MTS Bank online →

Cash loan at Raiffeisenbank, with delivery on the card by courier to home

If you are looking for a bank in which, according to the terms of lending, you do not need to come to its credit and cash office, pay attention to this organization. You can find out if there is an office in your city in any search engine or on its official website.

Right there, using the Raiffeisenbank web site, you can fill out an application not only for a consumer loan, but also for other banking products: credit card, car loan, debit card.

Online you can request from 90,000 to 2,000,000 rubles. The loan is issued for a period of 13-60 months. The bank offers a rate of 8.99% -17.99%. The loan agreement and the card with the money will be delivered personally to the borrower.

Leave an online application for a cash loan on the bank's website →

Loan processing in the office or online (on the bank's website): which is more profitable

Read the conditions for issuing loans on the banks' Internet portals. Often, when taking a loan online, bankers are ready to reduce the rate by 0.5-2%.

It is advisable to choose a loan in a bank branch when choosing a lending program with the provision of an extended package of documents (including a certificate of income received).

You need to understand that full online lending without certificates (one passport or two documents) is carried out at higher interest rates.

Pros of online loans

  1. Remote processing of a loan will save you time.
  2. You do not need to visit a bank office - you will protect yourself from coronavirus and flu.
  3. Bankers are actively promoting the services of applying for a loan via the Internet, offering their customers who have used the form for sending a loan request on their website to receive loans at a rate of 0.5-1% less.
  4. Loans are issued without verification of the borrower's income.
  5. When ordering a home loan service, you will also receive a free debit card.


  1. Without visiting the office, you will not be able to take a large amount for a long time.
  2. The simplified procedure for issuing (without requesting a certificate of salary) provides for increased annual interest on the loan.
  3. When signing a loan agreement at home, the borrower often does not delve into all the conditions, and, as a result, incurs additional financial costs.
  4. Getting a loan in cash without using a bank card will be cheaper. Many banks, issuing a loan on a card, charge a commission for “cashing out” it at an ATM.

Online loan calculation

Before applying for a loan, calculate the overpayment and payments on it. Thus, you will be able to assess your ability to smoothly pay off your credit debt.

You can take the interest rate on a consumer loan from the received individual offer, or from the Tariffs on banking websites.

Stages of taking a loan through banks' websites

  1. Study of cash lending programs and selection of suitable conditions. It makes sense to study the conditions of 3-6 banks.
  2. Completing and submitting an online application. In the credit application, you will need to indicate: passport and contact information, information about employment and income, information about available loans, the requested amount and the term of the loan.
  3. Obtaining preliminary or final approval (SMS to the phone).
  4. Choosing a method for providing the necessary documents and obtaining a loan: offline (visiting a bank office) or online (submitting an application on the Internet with the subsequent issuance of funds and signing a loan agreement at home or at work).

You can get a loan on specialized online services. They collected loan offers from many banks. To apply, you will need to follow the link to the official website of a particular lender.


Can I get an online loan at Sberbank?

You can leave a request to receive money on loan on the Sberbank website. Getting a loan without visiting the bank will not work.

Can I sign a loan agreement online?

There are no banks that practice signing a loan agreement with an electronic signature, without a visit to their branch or without direct contact with their employees.

Do Pochta Bank and Sovcombank issue cash loans remotely?

You can apply to these financial companies by filling out credit forms on their websites. To obtain a loan, a visit to their office is required.

Post Bank

persons. No. 2673 pochtabank.ru 8 800 550-0770

  • Loan rate from 3.9%
  • Amount up to 4 million
  • Term 36-60 months
  • Without income statement
  • Need a passport and SNILS
  • Age 18 to 65
  • 0% for 6 months
  • Solution in 1 hour


Documents for registration
  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • SNILS.
Borrower requirements
  • The client's age is from 18 to 65 years old.
  • Russian citizenship.
  • Permanent registration in any region of the Russian Federation.
  • Work experience: from 3 months at the last place of work (does not apply to non-working pensioners).
  • Having your own mobile phone, as well as a contact / home phone and a work phone (the requirement to specify a work phone number does not apply to non-working pensioners).
Loan calculation example
  • Loan amount: 200,000 rubles.
  • Rate: 11.9% .
  • Loan term: 24 months.
  • Monthly payment: 9 405 rub.
  • Overpayment for 24 months: 25,728 rubles.
  • Loan amount: 100,000 rubles.
  • Rate: 18.9% .
  • Cash loan term: 36 months.
  • Monthly payment: 3 660 rub.
  • Overpayment for 36 months: 31,779 rubles.

Where can you refinance loans without a visit to the bank?

You can fill out an online application for refinancing and get approval on the day of application at Tinkoff Bank. A representative of this online bank will bring a card with a loan along with documents for signature to the address you indicated.

Everyone is familiar with the standard procedure for applying for a loan, when a citizen goes to the bank, brings documents, undergoes an interview, and then waits for a response on the application. If approved, he goes to the bank again to sign documents and collect cash. Today, all banks also use this offline method of issuing loans.

But in parallel, a simpler design scheme appeared, when most of the actions were transferred online. A person does not go to the office, he opens the bank's website, chooses a loan and its parameters and fills out a questionnaire for himself. Based on these data, a decision is made. And if the application is approved, then the client goes to the bank. And if the lender applies a completely remote registration scheme, then the borrower makes an appointment with the courier.

All banks use online lending, as it is more convenient for them. In addition, there is a savings in the costs of the registration process. Therefore, sometimes banks even lower rates for those who send a request via the Internet.

The very same loan, issued in this way, is no different from what is issued standardly through the office. It is simply an alternative design method that makes the task much easier and faster.

Every day, thousands of Russians apply to banks for loans via the Internet. Many people appreciated the convenience of this process, so it is less and less common in offices to meet people who send a request through a manager. Even citizens of retirement age use this service, making it easier for themselves.

The most important thing is to meet the requirements of the chosen bank. For convenience, all proposals selected as a result of the analysis are accompanied by a detailed description indicating all the criteria for the applicant and what documents are needed for registration.

That is, in fact, any citizen can apply for a loan online, all the necessary attributes are always at hand. Most importantly, the request can be sent even at night, it does not matter. And if the bank uses automatic review, then the answer will come in a few minutes. It doesn't matter what time the clock is.

Banks offer a variety of products. Each has a line of programs with different conditions and delivery parameters. Most often, citizens take out a standard loan, which is issued with a certificate of income. When requesting significant amounts, you may additionally require a copy of the work book, certified by the employer. Registration takes 1-3 business days.

If it is not possible to carry an extended set of documents, then choose express programs. According to them, money is issued according to a passport or passport, plus a simple second document, for example, according to SNILS, foreign passport, driver's license. Due to the reduced package of documents, registration takes place without delay, often money is issued within a couple of hours.

Loans that are issued proof of income are always easier to issue. The amounts are small, the rates are high, so banks are more loyal to borrowers. But if there is an opportunity to bring help, it is better to use it. Then you will receive a good amount, and the overpayment will not be large.

We have collected the TOP-10 best offers of banks where you can take out a loan online. That is, they accept requests both through the office and via the Internet. There are dozens, even hundreds of banks on the market that provide loans to the population, so it is not so easy to find really worthwhile offers.

To make it easier for you to decide on a loan for registration, we have selected 10 loan programs from different banks. The selection was carried out according to the following criteria:

Almost all Russian banks accept online loan applications, but all borrowers have their own needs. Someone can bring documents on income, someone cannot. It is according to the package of required documents that lending options are divided.

For a more objective choice, we will divide the top ten offers into two groups. The first is the design options with references. They are more common, the terms of issue are more attractive. It is noteworthy that instead of the usual 2-NDFL, many banks allow the provision of an electronic statement from the PFR (relevant for citizens who have an account on State Services).

If you cannot document your income, then a simplified loan, which is issued with a minimum package of documents, will be relevant for you. But this does not mean that you can not work. The source of earnings should still be, just its size is taken into account according to the applicant.

Bank Amount Term Rate Documents
Cash loan at GazprombankGazprombank up to 5,000,000 13-60 months 5.9-9.9% without insurance - 12.9-17.9% certificate or certificate + labor certificate for an amount of 300,000
Cash loan RaiffeisenbankRaiffeisen Bank up to 2,000,000 3-60 months 8.99-12.99% without insurance - 12.99-17.99% certificate, with an amount of 1,000,000 or more - a copy of the employment
Cash loan VTBVTB up to 3,000,000 6-60 months 6.9-17.9%, without insurance - 10.9-21.9% certificate, work book - for an amount of 500,000
Loan for any purpose in RosselkhozbankRosselkhozbank (on the bank's website) up to 3,000,000 up to 5 years 9.4-10.4%, 11.9-14.9% without insurance reference
Citibank cash loanCitibank up to 1,000,000 2-5 years 6.5-17.6% with or without certificates
Cash loan at URALSIB BankUralsib 100,000-1500,000 rubles 13-84 months 5.5-6.7%, 16.5-17.5% without insurance a certificate is required for an amount of 300,000
Cash loan at MTS BankMTS Bank up to 1,100,000 12-60 months 8.9-18.6% the passport
Cash loan UBRD Without certificatesUBRD up to 299 999 3.5.7 years from 11%, accurate - after consideration the passport
Cash loan RosgosstrakhbankRosgosstrah Bank without certificates - up to 500,000 up to 5 years 11.9-21.6% without certificates - up to 500,000
Cash loan Renaissance Credit BankRenaissance up to 100,000 24-60 months 17.9-23.5% the passport

Where to get a loan online

Banks have developed standard and simplified loans, the conditions for their issuance are different. Standard - loans, for registration of which you need a passport, an income document (or an extract from the Pension Fund) and, possibly, some simple document such as TIN or SNILS. Simplified ones - those that are issued without documents from work, usually with a passport or passport and a simple second document. We will consider both of these design options. We take into account the offers of Russian banks without collateral, that is, these are programs without guarantors and collateral.

Applications for all of the programs listed below can be submitted online. After approval, pick up the money at the office or wait for delivery - each bank has its own algorithm.


Cash loan at Gazprombank

This bank can be called the most profitable. It is here that most often people find the best design options for themselves. A big plus of Gazprombank is transparent tariffs. The bank immediately points to a grid of interest rates, the exact value depends on the amount of the loan and on whether the borrower is connected to insurance.

General loan parameters:

Amount Term Rate Documents
50,000-5,000,000 13-60 months 5.9-9.9%. In case of cancellation of insurance, plus 6-7% income statement. If the amount is more than 300,000 - a copy of the labor

Gazprombank sets the interest rate based on the approved amount. The minimum value of 5.9% is relevant with a limit of 1.5 million rubles. The maximum 10.9% is assigned for an amount of up to 300,000 rubles.

Details about the Gazprombank loan →

Please note that if you refuse to connect to insurance, Gazprombank raises the rate by 6-7 points. Therefore, if approved, ask the manager to make a calculation to determine which registration scheme (with or without insurance) will be more profitable for you. And even taking into account insurance, the rate of 12.9-17.9% is a small indicator.

Borrower requirements:

  • age - 20-70 years;
  • general experience - from 1 year;
  • experience in the declared place - from 3 months.
Gazprombank advantages disadvantages
Low interest rates Few offices where you can pick up money
Possibility of receiving up to 5,000,000 rubles Serious increase in rates when canceling insurance
Transparent tariff grid. It is immediately clear what percentage will be assigned

The borrower sends a request online, after approval, he collects the money at a convenient bank office.


Cash loan Raiffeisenbank

This bank is also often chosen by citizens who want to take out a cash loan online on favorable terms. If you can document your income, consider the offer from this organization.

General loan parameters:

Amount Term Rate Documents
up to 2,000,000 3-60 months 8.99-12.99%, without insurance - 12.99-17.99% certificate, with an amount of 1,000,000 or more - a copy of the employment

Like many other banks, Raiffeisenbank indicates that it is raising the rate for clients who refuse to join the financial protection program. Therefore, here you also need to make calculations after approval and decide which conclusion scheme will be beneficial.

Detailed description of the Raiffeisenbank loan →

Many borrowers are extremely negative about insurance when applying for a loan. This is partly due to the constant imposition of this service. But when you look at it, it's not so bad. Protection of life and health assumes that if something happens to the borrower during the term of the loan repayment, the insurer will pay the loan for him.

The exact interest rate will be indicated by the bank only after consideration. That is, first you submit an online application and only then will you find out at what percentage Raiffeisenbank is ready to give you money.

Borrower requirements:

  • age - 23-67 years;
  • work experience at the declared place of work - from 3 months;
  • indication of the working phone number - accounting or personnel department;
  • the minimum income after taxes is 25,000 for Moscow and St. Petersburg, 15,000 for other cities.

An application sent via the Internet is instantly analyzed by a scoring program. Therefore, it does not matter at what time the client contacted. The decision will be received within 1 minute. Then the manager will call to conduct an interview. Upon final approval, the client picks up the money at the office, or gets the money delivered to his home (credited to the debit card).

Raiffeisenbank advantages disadvantages
Home delivery possible Increase in rates when canceling insurance
Labor is needed only for an amount of 1,000,000 rubles or more Loans are available to citizens from 23 years old
A preliminary decision on an online application is given in 1 minute An amount up to 2 million is available only to residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and their regions. The rest - up to 1,000,000.


Cash loan VTB

This large Russian bank ranks second in terms of cash loans. The high demand already suggests that it is possible to conclude a contract profitably here. And this bank also accepts applications from potential borrowers online. The same cannot be said about Sberbank.

Sberbank accepts applications via the Internet only from existing customers who have access to Sberbank Online. That is, the request is submitted through banking. There is no standard general form of Internet appeal; to submit a request, you need to collect all the necessary papers and contact the office.

General loan parameters:

Amount Term Rate Documents
up to 3,000,000 6-60 months 6.9-17.9%, without insurance - 10.9-21.9% certificate, work book - for an amount of 500,000

The interest rate depends on the amount that the client borrows. The lowest interest is assigned with a limit of 1,000,000 rubles, the highest - up to 299,999 rubles. Ditching insurance raises the interest rate - this is standard banking practice.

More about the VTB bank loan →

Borrower requirements:

  • age - from 18 years;
  • average monthly income - from 15,000 rubles;
  • permanent registration in the region of the bank's presence.
VTB advantages disadvantages
Many offices, it is convenient to pick up money Raises the rate when canceling insurance
You can choose a convenient date for the monthly payment High criteria for consideration, preference is given to salary and regular customers
Low entry requirements for borrowers Large range of rates. The client will know the exact percentage only after the review
Preliminary decision on the application in 2 minutes
You can skip the monthly payment once every 6 months

An online application for a cash loan is submitted at any time of the day. VTB gives a preliminary decision automatically within 2 minutes. If the answer is yes, the manager calls and conducts a remote interview. Upon final approval, the borrower visits a convenient office, bringing all the necessary documents with him. Here he gets the money.


Loan for any purpose in Rosselkhozbank

Here you can also take out a loan through an online application, making it easier for yourself. Special conditions await clients who belong to the category of pensioners, budget workers, salaries, and military personnel. But we are analyzing the issue to ordinary borrowers, so we will consider the conditions for them.

Rosselkhozbank lowers rates when applying online. The material contains percentages for this particular design method.

General loan parameters:

Amount Term Rate Documents
up to 3,000,000 up to 5 years 9.4-10.4%, 11.9-14.9% without insurance reference

When choosing Rosselkhozbank for registration, carefully study its conditions for setting interest rates. So, if the client does not have a positive credit history, the rate increases by 2.5 points, regardless of whether the loan is issued with insurance or not. If the loan amount exceeds 1,000,000, the premium for canceling insurance will be lower.

Borrower requirements:

  • age - 23-65 years old. There is a separate program for retirees;
  • experience - at least six months at the declared place;
  • general experience - at least 1 year over the last 5 years.
Rosselkhozbank advantages disadvantages
If you wish, you can invite a co-borrower and increase the required amount Increases in rates for refusal of insurance, for the absence of a positive CI
No need to order a copy of the work book High age limits
You can take a loan in the absence of a good CI Few service offices
You can choose a differentiated damping scheme
Special conditions for state employees, military personnel

Typically, banks set up an annuity repayment schedule where the borrower deposits the same amount every month. Rosselkhozbank is a single bank that allows you to choose a differentiated scheme. With it, each subsequent payment is lower than the previous one, the total overpayment in this situation is lower.

The borrower sends an application for a loan via the Internet, after which he waits for the result by SMS or by calling a bank representative. Upon approval, the client collects a package of documents and goes to the office to sign the contract. There he gets money.


Citibank cash loan

This bank is not often considered for a cash loan, but it also offers good conditions for concluding an agreement. The rates are lower here than in many other Russian banks. Moreover, at Citibank you can apply for a loan online without visiting a branch.

General loan parameters:

Amount Term Rate Documents
up to 1,000,000 2-5 years 6.5-17.6% with or without certificates

Citibank allows you to apply for a loan on general terms without documents on income, if the applicant has a valid loan in any Russian bank.

Citibank loan details →

The range of the rate is quite large, so you can't even roughly say what percentage will be assigned to you. But if you consider that the exact same range is indicated for salary workers, then the client "on the street" is likely to receive approval at a percentage close to the maximum. You should definitely not rely on the minimum size.

Borrower requirements:

  • reaching the age of majority;
  • income after taxes - at least 30,000 rubles;
  • work experience at the current place of work - from 3 months.
Citibank advantages disadvantages
All applicants over 18 years old are considered There is a minimum income requirement after tax of 30,000
Can be issued without 2-NDFL if you have a valid loan at any bank Limited area. Living or working in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekb, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Kazan, Samara, Volgograd
When registering without 2-NDFL, the rate does not increase The client will know the exact percentage only after consideration

It is impossible to get a full cash loan online. Citibank accepts the application online, but once approved, the customer must visit the company's office. Branches are not represented in all cities of the Russian Federation, therefore there are restrictions on the cities of residence of the borrower.


Cash loan at URALSIB Bank

This bank will also be of interest to many potential borrowers. The very conditions for issuing a loan are competitive, the rates are relatively low. In addition, Uralsib allows you to borrow money without documents on earnings, if the amount is less than 300,000 rubles. At the same time, despite the reduced list of documents, the terms of lending do not change.

General loan parameters:

Amount Term Rate Documents
100,000-1500,000 rubles 13-84 months 5.5-6.7%, 16.5-17.5% without insurance a certificate is required for an amount of 300,000

If you can provide 2-NDFL or an online statement from the FIU, it is better to do so. Then the amount can be obtained more, and the likelihood of approval will be higher. In addition, there is a chance to conclude an agreement at a lower interest rate than if issued without certificates (although the bank indicates the same interest range). In the latter case, a second document of your choice is attached to the passport: SNILS, TIN, driver's license, international passport.

More about the Uralsib loan →

Borrower requirements:

  • age - 23-70 years old;
  • work experience - from 3 months in the declared place;
  • if we are talking about a pensioner, he must receive a pension at least once.
Uralsib advantages disadvantages
With an amount of up to 300,000, certificates are not required, and the rate is still not higher than 17.5% Doesn't work with borrowers under 23 years old
You can conclude an agreement for up to 7 years, while the standard is a maximum of 5 years The bank does not work with amounts less than 100,000
Penalty for delay - 0.05% of the amount, while in other banks it is 0.1% Consideration of the application up to 3 working days

The term for issuing a loan in Uralsib can reach 84 months. As a result, the opportunity to get a loan appears for citizens with a low level of solvency. When the payment is extended over a long period, the monthly payment becomes small. But it should be understood that the overpayment in this situation will be higher.

When completing an online application, the client specifies information about himself and chooses a convenient office for obtaining a loan. After that you need to wait for the manager's call. Upon successful completion of the interview, the borrower visits the selected office, signs the documents and collects the money.

MTS Bank

Cash loan at MTS Bank

MTS Bank offers several online lending programs. There is an express program with a variable rate and an issue amount of no more than 200,000 rubles. There is a standard product with a decent amount of issue, and we will consider it.

General loan parameters:

Amount Term Rate Documents
up to 1,100,000 22-60 months 8.9-18.6% the passport

MTS subscribers can reduce the rate by 2 points. The condition is to use a debit card issued when applying for a loan, spend at least 15,000 per month on it.

Details about the loan from MTS Bank →

When applying for a loan, a client can activate the Convenient service package, which costs 0.2% of the loan amount per month. As part of the service, you can change the date of payment once a quarter, skip a payment once a year, restructure once during the life of a loan with an increase in the repayment period (respectively, with a decrease in payment).

Borrower requirements:

  • age - from 20 years old;
  • the presence of a permanent income;
  • only a passport is required from the documents.
Advantages of MTS Bank disadvantages
Apart from a passport, nothing is required Wide spread of interest rates
Low requirements for the borrower You cannot conclude a contract for less than 12 months
Discounts for MTS subscribers Application consideration period - up to 2 working days

The decision on the application sent via the Internet comes automatically in 5 minutes, but it is not final. The exact answer will be given after the call, which is given for a period of up to two days. Upon approval, the client receives the money credited to the card at the MTS Bank office or in a convenient MTS store.


Cash loan UBRD Without certificates

This bank is “secret” and indicates the rate for the program “from 11%”. That is, here you can turn on your imagination and talk about what the real rate might be. In fact: until you submit an application, you will not know at what percentage you will conclude an agreement. And, most likely, the value will not be small. But in any case, no more than 27-28%, as required by law.

We have included this bank in the rating of the best thanks to the extremely simple procedure for issuing funds. If money is needed extremely quickly, UBRD will satisfy this need. Funds can be received home delivery within a couple of hours. And the requirements for the borrower are minimal.

General loan parameters:

Amount Term Rate Documents
up to 299 999 3.5.7 years from 11%, accurate - after consideration the passport

Please note that in this bank you can conclude an agreement for up to 7 years. These are rare offers that can be used by citizens with low income or simply with a low level of paying capacity.

More about the UBRD loan →

Borrower requirements:

  • age - 19-75 years old;
  • work experience at the current place - from 3 months;
  • individual entrepreneurs who have been in business for more than 1 year are considered;
  • open delays are not allowed.
Benefits of UBRD disadvantages
One of the most loyal banks on the market, high probability of approval Does not indicate an upper limit for the rate. The client will find out the exact percentage by the result of consideration
You can conclude a contract for 7 years Small choice of terms, only strictly 3, 5 or 7 years
Low requirements for borrowers, work with individual entrepreneurs, pensioners Small amount of issue
Issuance in 1-2 hours, the ability to deliver money to your home When choosing a delivery, the money will be on the card, but it is available only the next day
You can get a loan with a bad CI

After submitting an online application within 15 minutes, the automatic scoring makes a decision. If approved, the manager will promptly call back the applicant to agree on the method of transferring funds. You can choose to visit the office or home delivery.

Rosgosstrah Bank

Cash loan Rosgosstrakhbank

This bank is rarely considered a borrower, and in vain. To a greater extent, it is associated with car loans, but cash loans are also issued here, and on good terms and without the obligatory provision of certificates. If you need an amount of up to 500,000, you can get it with your passport and a simple second document.

General loan parameters:

Amount Term Rate Documents
without certificates - up to 500,000 up to 5 years 11.9-21.6% passport + optional: driving license, passport, military ID

Rosgosstrakh Bank lowers the rate by 4% if the borrower buys insurance. And another 2% if the money goes to buy a car, which is documented.

More about the loan of Rosgosstrakh Bank →

Borrower requirements:

  • age - 21-70 years old;
  • registration in any region of the Russian Federation;
  • work experience at the current place of work - from 3 months;
  • if the applicant is a pensioner, there are no seniority requirements.
Rosgosstrakh Bank advantages disadvantages
Some of the most favorable conditions for loans without 2-NDFL Few offices
Reducing the rate when buying a car with credit funds Large range of rates, accurate - based on the review
Cooperates with non-working pensioners

The bank offers an online registration procedure with the possibility of issuing funds on the day of application. The answer to the application is given in 15 minutes. If approved, you can immediately go to the office, sign a contract and collect money.


Cash loan Renaissance Credit Bank

Another bank where you can make an online application for a cash loan without the obligatory presence of certificates. The company has developed a program "For urgent purposes", according to which you can apply for a loan if you only have a passport and an additional secondary document.

General loan parameters:

Amount Term Rate Documents
up to 100,000 24-60 months 17.5-23.5% the passport

Acceptable secondary document to choose from: TIN, international passport, diploma of education, license, any personalized card, military ID. The borrower provides one to choose from.

Detailed description of the loan from Renaissance Bank →

Borrower requirements:

  • age - 24-70 years old;
  • minimum work experience in the declared place - 3 months;
  • income - from 12,000 for residents of Moscow, 8,000 - for residents of other cities.
Benefits of the Renaissance disadvantages
The possibility of obtaining a loan without 2-NDFL High minimum age limit - 24 years
Simple second document A wide range of rates, the client will know the exact one only after consideration
High probability of approval Small amounts are usually approved for “off the street” clients

The Renaissance uses a standard form of online loan processing. The borrower applies online, and within a minute the system provides a solution. After approval, the manager will promptly call and an invitation to the office. Money is issued on the day of circulation.

You will find out the exact interest and how much the bank is ready to give you after reviewing the online application.

Comparative analysis of similar offers

Gazprombank and VTB. These banks and their offers are somewhat similar to each other, so it is worth comparing them in more detail. Both banks can lend out a decent amount at approximately identical interest rates.

Parameter / Bank Cash loan at GazprombankGazprombank Cash loan VTBVTB
Amount up to 5 million up to 3 million
Term 13-60 months 6-60 months
Rate 5.9-9.9%, without insurance - 12.9-17.9% 6.9-17.9%, without insurance - 10.9-21.9%
Documents certificate or certificate + labor certificate for an amount of 300,000 certificate, work book - for an amount of 1,000,000
Borrower requirements 20-70 years old from 18 years old, net earnings - from 15,000.

The advantages of Gazprombank include lower rates than those offered by VTB, but in fact the difference is not that big. Moreover, all the same, the exact value will be established after consideration of the application.

The important advantages of VTB include additional services that the borrower can use. This is an opportunity to take a vacation for one payment every six months and the ability to choose a convenient date for making a monthly payment.

Citibank and Uralsib. The offers of these banks are very similar, so they also need to be compared with each other in more detail. They have practically the same interest rates, in each of these banks you can get a loan without 2-NDFL on the same attractive terms.

Parameter / Bank Cash loan at URALSIB BankUralsib Citibank cash loanCitibank
Amount up to 1.5 million up to 1 million
Term 13-84 months 2-5 years
Rate 5.5-6.7%, 16.5-17.5% without insurance 6.5-17.6%
Documents a certificate is needed for an amount of 300,000 or more a certificate is not needed if there are loans from other banks
Borrower requirements 23-70 years old from 18 years old, net income - from 30,000 / month

If you are unable to bring salary documents, but you want to conclude a lucrative contract, consider these banks. The difference between them is almost only in the requirements for the borrower. Uralsib is favored by the processing time of up to 84 months, but it is relevant only for clients with a low level of solvency.

Comparative analysis of simplified loans

Simplified loans are also different. Some banks are more demanding, others are not. Some give out money immediately on the day of circulation, while others use a standard process with issuance in 1-3 days. Therefore, we will consider two pairs of similar proposals in more detail.

UBRD and Renaissance. Both of these banks are extremely loyal, I approve many applications. In each of them, money can actually be received on the day of circulation.

Parameter / Bank Cash loan Renaissance Credit BankRenaissance Cash loan UBRD Without certificatesUBRD
Amount up to 100,000 up to 299 999
Term 24-60 months 3, 5, 7 years old
Rate 17.5-23.5% from 11%, accurate - after consideration
Documents passport, passport + second, passport + certificate the passport
Borrower requirements 24-70 years old 19-75 years old, credited by individual entrepreneurs, non-working pensioners

MTS Bank and Rosgosstrakh Bank. In both banks, you can get a decent amount for simplified programs, without collecting certificates.

Parameter / Bank Cash loan at MTS BankMTS Bank Cash loan RosgosstrakhbankRosgosstrah Bank
Amount up to 1,100,000 up to 500,000 without references
Term 1-5 years old up to 5 years
Rate 8.9-18.6% 11.9-22.3%
Documents the passport the passport
Borrower requirements from 20 years old 21-70 years old, works with retirees

In favor of MTS Bank is the fact that it is ready to reduce the interest rate for quality borrowers. But, meanwhile, the initial rate in this bank may turn out to be significantly higher than in Rosgosstrakh Bank. As a result, the actual overpayment in both banks will be identical. Which one is better - you can find out only after the consideration and appointment of a specific rate.

Details about the registration process

You can apply for a loan online at any time of the day. Forms are available around the clock, regardless of the opening hours of the bank's office. But you need to understand that if you submit a request in the afternoon, money can only be received in your hands tomorrow.

All banks use a roughly identical clearance process, so it can be summarized:

  1. Explore banks where you can get a cash loan online. Be sure to see the tariffication, requirements for borrowers and documents. You can select 2-3 options at once, so that in case of refusal you will have a spare.
  2. After choosing a bank, indicate the amount and term on its calculator. The system does the calculation as standard, but you should not trust it, since this is marketing - the calculation is carried out at the minimum rate, in fact another is assigned.
  3. Start filling out the application. This is your profile, which consists of several parts: general information and contact information, information from documents, information about marital status, about work and income, about existing loans. It is important to fill in all fields without errors.
  4. Submit your request for consideration. If the bank uses an automatic urgent response, then the scoring will analyze the data in a couple of minutes and give an answer.
  5. If approved, the manager will contact the applicant, who will conduct an additional interview. Then the final answer is given.
  6. You sign the contract and take the money. If the bank allows, you can order home delivery, but then keep in mind that the issue may be delayed, since you will need to adjust to the visitor's schedule.

A loan issued via the Internet is not earmarked. You receive cash on hand or on a card and spend it at your own discretion. You do not need to report on what you have spent.

Proof of income online with a statement from the FIU

When applying for a loan with an extended package of documentation, the borrower can confirm the average monthly income not only with a 2-NDFL certificate or in the form of a bank, but also with an Internet statement from the PFR. This is possible if the borrower has an account on the State Services website.

In the process of applying for a loan via the Internet, the client chooses the option of proving the income level with an extract from the FIU, the system redirects it to the State Services portal, where you need to log in. After that, the bank will ask you to consent to the transfer of personal information. So the bank will receive information about the state of the individual personal account, which is equivalent to 2-NDFL.

Based on the monthly payments to the Pension Fund, which the employer makes for the employee, the bank will determine what earnings the applicant has, where he is employed. This is the most convenient way to prove income: everything is done on time and remotely, there is no need to order documents from the accounting department.

But if the issuance of a loan involves the presence of a copy of the work book, certified by the employer, then it will need to be ordered from the personnel department or accounting department. You cannot receive such a document remotely.

The approved loan offer is valid for a month. That is, you can first get “good”, and only then order 2-NDFL and a copy of the work book.

Prior approval is not final

When applying for a loan, there is an important point - the initial approval will be preliminary. That is, not final. Such a solution is applied on the basis of a scoring analysis of the data entered by the client into the questionnaire.

Scoring is a special program, each bank develops it independently based on its own criteria. The program analyzes each item of the questionnaire and even the applicant's behavioral factor. An assessment is made: if it is sufficient, a preliminary positive answer is given. If it is below the norm, then the system gives a refusal.

After the initial approval is given, the bank conducts an oral interview with the potential borrower. Most often by phone, less often directly in the office. When you call, the manager can ask all the same or new questionnaire questions. Its task is to give an assessment to the applicant, to check for data forgery.

If, after the interview, the manager gives a positive assessment, then the client is already invited to the office. But here, too, the approval is not final. It becomes so only after the bank employee personally sees the applicant and his documents.

The preliminary decision may become canceled for the following reasons:

  • the data given by the applicant during the telephone interview does not coincide with those indicated in the questionnaire. This is a sign of data fraud;
  • Lack of calls to the contact persons indicated by the client in the online questionnaire. Or, these persons indicated information opposite to that which the applicant entered in the application;
  • the manager gave a negative assessment to the applicant. This can happen if he is rude, uses a lot of profanity, just behaves inappropriately;
  • when visiting the office, the borrower did not provide all the documents required according to the terms of the program;
  • the data in the real documents did not coincide with those entered in the questionnaire. Even a discrepancy in one letter or number will lead to a refusal, since this is unacceptable;
  • documents with damage, there is a suspicion of forgery;
  • the applicant behaves inappropriately when visiting the office or when meeting with a courier. Likewise - if he is in a state of alcoholic and drug intoxication.

So, just because your application has been pre-approved does not mean that you will receive 100% money. So far so good, but if the bank has any doubts, it reserves the right to change the answer to negative.

Important tips for borrowers

If you decide to apply for a cash loan online, we recommend that you read some tips that will help you get both preliminary and final approval. It's not a matter of choosing a bank, but how to correctly draw up an Internet application so that it is approved.

Note that the scoring even looks at how you fill out an online application. The suspicion will be caused by copying data from other sources, not using the calculator for calculating and selecting parameters, as well as entering one or the other data.

Recommendations for applicants:

  1. Many banks began to study the pages of borrowers on social networks and ask for links to them. Therefore, bring your profile back to normal. If the information in social networks differs from that indicated in the questionnaire, this will become a suspicious factor.
  2. When specifying contact persons, be sure to warn these people that they can be called from the bank and be interested in information about you. If they do not pick up the phone or say something wrong, you may be refused.
  3. An example from practice: a friend of mine, when submitting an application to the Renaissance Bank, indicated that he lives in his own home. But when he called the contact person (he indicated his mother), she said that the son lives in a rented apartment. The result is a refusal, since the applicant provided false information.

  4. Keep the phone indicated in the application switched on, as a bank representative will definitely call it. If he doesn't get through, the approval will be replaced by a refusal.
  5. Recheck the entered passport data and documents. Don't make mistakes and typos. Even the long name of the passport issuing department should not be abbreviated: rewrite it as it is.
  6. When interviewing on the phone, be polite, don't worry, and answer questions. If you hesitate, worry, answer inappropriately, you can get a refusal.
  7. Collect a complete set of documents, only then go to the office to sign the contract. If you need SNILS, but you don't bring it, they will refuse you.
  8. Prepare for a visit to the bank or meeting with a bank representative at home. You need to look neat, adequate. Do not be rude to the employee, conduct a normal dialogue.

When meeting with a bank representative, a person will be verified. The documents are checked for authenticity. If there is any damage, they are invalidated, the money will not be issued, even if the approval has already sounded.

An important point concerns the document on income. In the application, indicate the objective average monthly income, which will subsequently be reflected in the form (if you have not ordered it yet). If you indicate 50,000 in the application, but in fact it turns out to be 45,000, the decision may be changed, since a different number was taken into account when scoring and calculating the solvency level.

Submitting applications to several banks at once

It is better to initially choose several design options with similar conditions. Then, if one bank refuses, you immediately apply for a cash loan through an online request at another bank. All have similar profiles, the data must be entered all the same.

You can send inquiries to several banks at once. This is usually true for citizens who have a negative credit history or other problems. Then you contact different companies at once and expect calls from their representatives. If there are several approvals, then just choose the best option: the choice is very good.

Brobank.ru has a universal unified loan application form. You enter your details only once, and they are sent to the banks in which you have the most chances to receive an approved answer.

You can choose any method: contact only one bank that is best in your opinion, choose 2-3 banks and submit applications to them one by one in case of refusals. Or you can use a single application. All these methods involve online loan processing.


It is convenient to take out a loan in cash through an online application. The lending program is still the same, the requirements for the borrower and documents remain the same. The difference is only in the method of obtaining the loan.

This method is convenient for both the borrower and the lender. The first one gets money more quickly and easily, the second one cuts the costs of the loan issuance process. Therefore, use a convenient service, this is a great alternative to the usual office lending.


Does Sberbank issue loans through an online application?

An online application for a loan at Sberbank can only be submitted by those citizens who have access to the Sberbank Online system. The standard method of remote registration by the bank is not applied.

Why did the bank first approve and then refuse?

The initial decision is preliminary. This means that the bank reserves the right to change the decision to a waiver. This happens if the client did not pass the interview, aroused suspicion from the bank, did not bring a full package of documents, indicated incorrect data in the application form, etc.

How long does it take to contact the bank online again after a refusal?

Each bank has its own opinion on this matter, it is impossible to give an exact answer. Most often it is said about the possibility of re-appeal in a month, some banks indicate 3 months.

Can I get a loan online if I have a bad credit history?

The likelihood of approval of applications is identical regardless of the method of submitting the application: through the office or via the Internet. If you have a negative CI, we recommend that you turn to loyal banks, for example, UBRD, Renaissance. They accept requests online and can give approval in such a circumstance.

Can I get an approved online credit card?

Most banks issue approved funds for debit cards. But these are just issued cards. If we are talking about a valid card of another bank, bankers do not make such transfers. Money is transferred to cards of any companies only by MFOs.

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