Panno on the wall with their own hands from the primary materials: bulk paintings, beautiful and original options

The panel is a modern and very stylish way to reorganize any interior, ranging from a residential building and ending with a solid office space. Similar works of art are very often found. However, not everyone knows what a picture in front of him.

Such a big picture can be made of absolutely different materials. It must be necessarily enhanced by the edges of any protruding contours, according to the type of baguette, freeze or other, possibly stucco elements.

panel do it yourself for interior

What is Punk

The picturesque composition is a beautiful element of the decor of residential and non-residential premises. Such unusual drawings usually hang on the walls, ceiling and even on the facades of buildings. In this regard, the question arises: "What is the different panel from a conventional picture, which also serves as an interior decoration?" First of all, the technique of manufacture. The picture is a picturesque piece of art, and the panel can be plastic, sculptural, fabric, mosaic, and even made of wood.

Panel on the wall with your own hands (main key)

What to take into account before making panels

Before making panel with your own hands for the interior, you must take into account several factors. Initially, it should be decided on the place of their placement, since various household forces entails the differences in their decoration.

Specialist advice:

  1. Kitchen. For this type of room, it is desirable to create a picture of wood, tiles or other well-made materials. As a scene base, topics are used as: collages, still lifes or tea-coffee themes. As for carved crafts, they are better to post them in the kitchen made in the country style.
  2. Living room. It is best to hang any exclusive paintings or polyptypes (several images that continue one subject). Different abstractions, landscapes or other topics, which would correspond to the overall interior stylist. It should be noted that the volumetric panels will look badly in a small living room area, and a small decorative wall-mounted pattern, on the contrary, can be lost in a spacious room.
  3. Bedroom. In this room, place pictures with calm elements of the decor. For example, the composition made in the marine style or from textiles. In addition, you can create a LED picture with backlight, which will not only decorate the bedroom wall, but will act as a nightlight.
  4. Children's room. For this type of room, sufficiently vivid images will be suitable, where the favorite fabulous characters of the child will be drawn.
  5. Bathroom. Here you need to hang a drawing that is not afraid of moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to make a decorative picture from ceramic tiles.

It is also necessary to determine the size, color solution and how to be used. It is necessary to draw a sketch of the future masterpiece. This will help take into account all the nuances in the task.

If a piece of cardboard is protruding as the basis, canvas or another hard surface, then it is necessary to make marking: where and how the details of the decor will be placed.

If the fabric is used, it should be pulled on the basis (for example, on a sheet of plywood, boards, either plastic), and to attach the remainder of the matter from the back. After the craft is made, it must be placed in the frame and hang on the wall.

There is another way to create a panel of fabric on the wall. It is necessary to take some dense, solid foundation, for example, a sheet of drywall and stick a piece of foam rubber on it. Then it is necessary to pull the fabric on the soft basis. In this case, you can do without frame. After all the preparatory stages, you can move to the main part of the manufacture - decorating.


Types of panel

The house is a place where you want to achieve the feeling of maximum comfort. There are a wide variety of ways to make it more comfortable. However, it is always pleasant to create decor elements personally. The decorative composition in the interior is always attracting admiring views, and make them from the primary materials will not cause difficulties, if we correctly follow the technology and act according to the instructions.

The following types of panel are highlighted:

  1. Fabric. This includes various embroidered paintings, tapestries and appliques for matter. The drawing can be performed manually or serial, in the form of machine embroidery.
  2. From stone. Often, natural stone is used - granite, pebbles, marble, basalt. Beautiful appearance have decorative stones patterns performed in mosaic technique.
  3. Wooden. Characterized by an abstract plot, for example, various carved paintings from oak, birch, beech, pine. Also, the image can be supplemented by semi-precious pebbles, which looks great in the classic interior.
  4. Ceramic. Mosaic paintings from ceramic tiles that are better placed in the bathroom or on a kitchen apron.
  5. Sculptural. Are bulk paintings. Such sculptures are made of plaster, metal and textured plaster.
  6. Graphic. Created with the help of modern types of printing, including photo printing. Also here refers to the reproduction of paintings.

In addition, homemade paintings can be made using a wide variety of materials (marine seashells, dried flowers, croup and grains, clay, salt dough and other means).


Making your own hands

When there is a desire to give the interior some kind of highlight, then it is the panel to cope with it. The main thing is to calculate everything correctly, choose material, color and size. Below is a few examples, how to make a panel on the wall with your own hands.

Fruit and vegetables prints

You can create such a wall picture even with the child, since this decor is made very easily and simply. The product is characterized by a rather bright and color design, so it can be installed in the kitchen.

For the picture you need to prepare:

  • Fruits, vegetables (you can take citrus, pears, apples, cabbage);
  • paints (acrylic, oil, gouache);
  • The basis that will be decorated (board, cardboard, matter, stretched on plasterboard sheet).

To create a masterpiece, some special devices and materials are required. After all accessories are collected, you can proceed directly to the manufacture of the picture.

Master class, how to make a composition yourself:

  1. Foundation to degrease and paint into the required shade.
  2. Fruit fruits or vegetables divided in half and dip in the paint.
  3. Attach the product cutting to the base to turn out to be stamp. It can be applied anywhere, but it looks beautiful when traces from fruit are located symmetrically.

Panel on the wall with your own hands (main key)

Round paper structures

From paper you can create a wide variety of crafts that look very impressive and attractive. Round paper structures are made pretty quickly and deliver a lot of positive emotions.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Paper sheet roll over harmonica to get fan.
  2. The resulting harmonic is bent in half.
  3. With the help of a stapler, it is necessary to build the edges near the bend. This is done so that the harmonica does not break. Connect three blanks to formed a circle.
  4. A large number of circles to connect together and pinch pin to the base.

volume panel with your own hands

Colored paper

Colored paper products are a lot. The most common is a handicraft in the form of flowers from hearts. Even a child can make such a cradle. The technique of execution is very simple and helps the baby to develop a small motility of hands.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Cut pattern in the form of a heart. To create a flower, 8 paper hearts will need the same size.
  2. Fold the workpiece in half to get a petal.
  3. Next, it is necessary to glue the flower of petals to the base of cardboard or directly on the wall.
  4. For the manufacture of leaves, you will need small hearts of green.
  5. You can glue flowers both in chaotic order and in the shape of a heart or tree.

Panel on the wall with your own hands (main key)

Panel from photos

A panel of photographs are sometimes called a collage that can describe both a certain topics and a completely abstract plot.

What do we have to do:

  1. To create a composition, you will need several photos related to one topic.
  2. Pictures combine and secure either immediately on the wall or on some solid basis.

Panel on the wall with your own hands (main key)

Newspaper tubes

Quite often, art masters create truly unique and original masterpieces from newspaper tubes. Panel is not an exception. Making a picture is not difficult. The main thing is to be as many newspapers as possible.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. The newspaper is divided into two parts.
  2. Lubricate half with glue.
  3. Screw sheets on knitting needles, moving diagonally. As a result, the tubes should turn out.
  4. Paint blanks in the desired shade.
  5. Apply glue to the harnesses, twisting the edge of the newspaper so that the spiral formed.
  6. Fasten the product with a rubber band and leave to dry for a day.
  7. Then the rubber bands are removed, and from the resulting spirals to make a drawing, which must be attached either on the wall or based on a solid surface.


Panel from wallpaper

The decorative image of the wallpaper is tremendous among those who do not want to mess around with the creation of a more complex composition. Designers advise for the manufacture of paintings to take drawings of colors or plants with not too bright shades.

How to do:

  1. Cut from wallpaper several fragments with images. Pieces must be combined with each other.
  2. Align the flaps together and lay out in a certain sequence.

Panel on the wall with your own hands (main key)

Mirror panel

This type of panel can be an excellent additional backlight in the room. To create a picture, you will need: mirror tiles, liquid nails and a base with planks from a tree if the mirrors are gluing first to a solid surface, and then hang on the wall.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Prepare the basis.
  2. Pieces of the mirror in a certain sequence paste on the surface with liquid nails. It is necessary to act very carefully in order not to be hurt.
  3. Upon completion of the work, the picture must dry well. After that, it can be mounted on the wall.

Panel from fabric on the wall

Salty dough

A salty test panel is considered the most advantageous option for creating a picture, because it does not require a large amount of material. All you need, for sure there is a house in any hostess. For example, you can make a sculpture in the form of handle prints and baby legs. Such a composition can be hung on the wall in the bedroom or in the children's room.

Master class on the creation of a panel:

  1. Two glasses of flour need to mix with a glass salt, and then add 125 milliliters of water there and mix well.
  2. To knead the dough so that it is steep and elastic. So that the flour composition was color, you can add a gouache into it.
  3. Dough roll out, the form can be given any.
  4. Then bring the workpiece to the hand either the baby's foot and gently push the imprint.
  5. To do a couple of through holes in the dough, where then it will be necessary to insert the tape.
  6. Stay on the baking sheet, cover the bakery paper and send to the oven for two hours. Bake at 90 degrees.
  7. After that, the dough flip over and the composition will be ready.

Panel on the wall with your own hands (main key)

Fabric, Patchwork or Felt

Fabric panels have become widely demanded relatively recently. This decor element perfectly fit into the interior decorated in the style of Provence. There are two main options for creating a panel of fabric - Patchwork and felt products.

Patchwork implies the use of segments of matter to create a composition. Such a panel can be performed either on a tissue basis or on solid structures. For the manufacture of the work, you can take tulle or pieces of old bed linen.

To make a craft from felt, you will need a pattern of the future composition, threads with a needle and different colored flasks of felt.

How to perform patchwork:

  1. First you need to prepare a scheme of the future composition.
  2. Drawings with the help of tracing trays first on paper, and then on the fabric, cutting the workpiece.
  3. Next, decor items to connect according to the scheme.
  4. After that, under the resulting picture, put a sintepon, to cover his matter from above and strain.


Burlap and wool

The burlap appears to look at a completely unpleasant material, but it begins to play quite differently when the clever use it in their work. The cloth can either cover the frame for the panel, or take as the base for other materials, such as beads, lace.

Woolen panel is considered the simplest work in a wet felting technique. The material is compacted in a certain way to get felt. The drawing on this element of the decor can be varied.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a burlap composition:

  1. Glue the material on the board so that the edges of the fabric can be beatened to the opposite side of the solid base.
  2. On the front side of the workpiece paste a slightly crumpled sheet of paper.
  3. Then fasten the twigs on top.
  4. On sticks to glue shells and pieces of twine, imitating the waves of the sea.
  5. The edges of the crafts can be decorate with rings from jute.


Beads and buttons

Beads and buttons will help create a truly beautiful and unique masterpiece. To perform a picture of a bead, a finished handicraft is taken from a given material, which is attached to the base and put into the framework.

As for buttons, they can not only decorate the panel made of fabric or paper, but also create a whole work of art.

What is needed for this:

  1. On the solid surface draw a sketch of the future composition, where the details will be located and which ornament they should be depicted.
  2. Printed buttons to the base with the help of PVA glue.

Panel on the wall with your own hands (main key)

Threads and nails

This is not a new, but very interesting way to make a wall panel. There is a minimalism in the choice of materials, but this picture does not become fresh and boring, and even, on the contrary, attracts admiring views.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. The basis with a solid surface must be scored nails. This can be performed both in chaotic order and according to a specific scheme.
  2. Between the cloves in several layers, threads that form a drawing are stretched.

Panel on the wall with your own hands (main key)

Dry flowers and leaves

Beautiful paintings made of dry leaves and colors, created by the personally, are well suited for decorating cabinets at school and kindergarten on autumn topics. All that will be needed is to dry the flowers and leaflets of different colors in advance so that the composition has a more presentable appearance. As a supplement, you can take twigs, seeds and various grains.

How to make a bulk panel:

  1. Slide flowers with leaves without using the press. For this plant, it is necessary to hang down the heads in some sufficiently dry room or put into a container with a cereal and leave the sun to dry without closing the cover.
  2. Then collect the workpiece into the bouquet and put under the frame with glass.
  3. The frame must necessarily be a suitable thickness so that the glass surface does not clamp and did not destroy the dry bouquet.


Crupes and seeds

Absolutely in any house there are various types of croup and seeds. All of them are great for creating a small masterpiece. For example, cereals are well suited for applications. Even small kids can be engaged, but only under the supervision, since when working with small elements, it is necessary to regularly monitor the baby to prevent an accident.

How to perform a panel:

  1. On the painted solid surface, apply a drawing sketch.
  2. Seeds with a cereal to glue the base using glue.
  3. Larger grains should be applied to the drawing each separately, and a small barrier to scatter over the surface, lubricated with glue.
  4. After that, the finished product can be made in the frame.

panel do it yourself for interior

Decorative plaster and gypsum putty

Through a huge number of materials located in the construction market, you can create an amazing design of the room. To date, a huge popularity is gaining a panel of decorative plaster and gypsum putty. Various reliefs and visual techniques will help to give the walls of a special charm. Even novice can cope with such a work of art.

How to apply decorative plaster:

  1. The surface of the wall should be plastered.
  2. First creates a drawing sketch.
  3. After that, the sketch is applied to the sketch with a stencil or special tool.
  4. Then the image can be painted into some color.

Working with gypsum putty is similar to the process of manufacturing a panel from decorative plaster. Most likely, it will take a little more labor cost, since reliefs in the figure are produced using a special syringe or spatula.

Panel on the wall with your own hands (main key)

Decoupage and Quilling

Panel made in the decoupage technique can decorate any wall: at least in the kitchen, even in the corridor. This method is to stick out the cut drawings, details of the decor, and then coat with several layers of varnish.

How to do it:

  1. With a smooth side, it should be covered with a white acrylic primer leaf of an organity. To apply soil, you can use a sponge.
  2. Little base of the base with glue. Top lay out the eggshell and crush it with a toothpick. The resulting pieces are distributed over the entire surface of the paper.
  3. Then again lubricate with glue organit and leave to dry one day.
  4. Next to the surface to apply acrylic soil and leave to dry.
  5. At the file to apply the front side of the rice paper with the image and pour water. When the drawing is completely covered with a liquid, the workpiece must be attached to the base so that the file is at the top.
  6. After that, the surface must be dissolved. When all irregularities disappear, the file can be removed.
  7. Top to apply glue for decoupage. When it gets dry, the paint can be presented with the contours of the picture.

volume panel with your own hands

The most budgetary material for creating panel is considered to be paper that can be folded or collapsed into a variety of configurations. Quilling will be suitable for making a picture, from which you can create a bulk drawing from multi-colored paper tapes. The technique is easy to even beginners and children.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Prepare the foundation for which the details of the decor will be attached.
  2. Strips made of colored paper Collapse into a spiral by placing them into a single composition.
  3. After that, the billet must be glued to the base surface and insert into the frame.

panel do it yourself for interior

New Year

New Year's panel will be a worthy part of the decor for the new year or a non-standard gift. For work, you can take almost any materials, such as paper, matter, cones, fir branches, beads, buttons or pasta. At the same time, large cash will not need.

Master class on the creation of a New Year panel:

  1. With the help of white brilliant paint-aerosol, it is necessary to paint the frame.
  2. A sheet of a blue shade to fit the size of the frame and glue as the base for the future craft.
  3. From fabric and paper cut various figures with stencils, and then attach to the base using double-sided tape.

Panel from fabric on the wall

Video on the creation of a panel of fruit

In this video, it is shown how to create a bulk wall composition from fruits and berries.

Beautiful and original panels can be made with their own hands from girlfriend. It is usually cheaper than buying a ready-made option or handle the order to specialists, but it allows you to create just such an option that the owner will have to do.

In this way, you can do from home not just a residential premises, but a real "your own corner", reflecting the inner world, the interests and fantasies of its inhabitants.

Also, the panel can, if necessary, can hide wall defects or poor-quality repair, without requiring major financial costs.

Brief content of the article:

Pando options

How to make panel with your own hands? First you need to decide which materials work will be performed. Perhaps a huge variety of options.

Wall panels from seashells

To do this, you will need: frame, canvas for background, shells, glue, acrylic paints, some decorative elements like beads.

Shells need to be dried, decompose on the canvas and glue them. It is possible to lay in chaotic order, and you can close to each other.

Also seashells can be painted in different colors, but after that it is desirable to cover each transparent varnish to add brightness.

Coffee beans panel

The principle of creating the same as in the previous version. Coffee beans can be both the main decoration element and additional decorative details among other materials.

Panel from buttons

Buttons are also fixed on the canvas with glue or sewn to it. The advantage is that in such a way, you can upload entire pictures, for example, a tree.

A variety of colors and molds of buttons allows you to show fantasy. But in this case it is better to first make a pencil sketch right on the canvas.

You can also use other materials: Tree, paper, threads, coins, feathers and any other trifle, which can be beautifully placed and secured.

What to give preference?

What to choose a panel style? First of all, it depends on the preferences and features of the interior of the room, where it will be. But you should consider other details.

First, the children's panel should not consist of small details that the child can tear off and swallow. Also there should not be sharp elements. Therefore, thinking on the drawing and design, you should remember the safety of materials.

As for the drawing on it, it can be anything from a simple ornament to a scene from his beloved fairy tale. You can come up with a developing picture, for example, a schematic map of the world or something about forest inhabitants. Then the fabric or paper option is better.

From different chambers you can cut the necessary parts and assemble them into one, if necessary, trying something. With paper, it is even easier: you can cut characters from old logs or prefix them.

Secondly, if there are cats, it is undesirable to use feathers and other elements with which he will play.

Thirdly, it is desirable that the panel fit into the interior is harmonious, and not in the eyes due to the fact that it is embarrassed from a common style. It should be part of the room design, and not an allay stain that seems excess and inappropriate.

Punk style

To choose a specific style, you can see different photos of the panel made by your own hands to imagine how it may look and what materials will be suitable for creating the option you like. It is not necessary to fully repeat someone else's picture, you can simply get the ideas and present the technical part.

Thus, the panels are of different shapes, sizes and features of execution. In addition to standard rectangular frames, it is possible to make any form, such as a circle or star. This will add originality and opportunities for the decor.

So with sizes: you can make a panel to the whole wall, and you can and something more resembling a picture. It depends on the preferences and the reasons why the selection is given to the panel.

If the fact is that it is necessary to hide some kind of wall defect, then it is not necessary to occupy it all. If the panel is not created from necessity, but if desired, in this case, only the wishes of its creators and tenants play the role.

Photo panel do it yourself

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175+ Photos of interesting panels on the wall of the priests with their own hands. From the fabric, from the tube, from the bead - what is more beautiful?

Panel on the wall of the girlfriend with their own hands

Punk on the wall is the ability to create an individual interior with the help of decorating walls using affordable materials. If we talk about panel as a product, then it is always author, handmade, which has a rather high cost. To decorate such fakes an apartment is not always relevant, because the product is selected according to the existing interior and if the repair is done, then the panel becomes unnecessary, and the tools spent sorry. But another thing is when the panel is done on their own. This makes it possible to choose the topic itself, size, texture, material, color, but at the same time the consumption of money is minimal.

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How to do?

In fact, there is nothing hard to make a panel independently, there are no special skills and knowledge. The first thing you need is to choose a place where it will be posted, choose the thematic direction and prepare the necessary materials that will most often find any hostess.

Punk on the wall is the ability to create an individual interior

Punk on the wall is the ability to create an individual interior

Several important points

  • If the room is small, you should not use big panels, they will not look harmonious and make a room visually smaller.
  • When the room is large and the naked wall is decorated, you can use a large panel or several small, but one subject.
  • If the room is colorful and has many decorative elements, the panel should be chosen in calm colors, with a minimal combination of colors.
  • When using multiple panels on one wall, it is necessary that they are perfectly combined with each other, supported one theme or perfectly harmonized in color schemes.
In the room of small sizes should not use big panels

In the room of small sizes should not use big panels

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We make from undergraduate

Materials that are suitable for the manufacture of panels are, as a rule, what is at hand. Specially acquire nothing needed, and the technique of execution resembles the manual fakes that many did in schools.

Of course, the stores present a variety of products, where it is used:

  • glass;
  • ceramics;
  • metal;
  • Applied to photo printing.

But our panels, which we will learn today to do, nothing to do with the decorated tiles and photographic windows has no. Is that the goal of them alone - do everything beautiful and unique.

Drawn panel with your own hands

Drawn panel with your own hands

You can use:

  • threads;
  • fabrics;
  • Buttons;
  • ears cancer;
  • Flowers;
  • leaves;
  • cereals;
  • coffee beans.

You can consider the features of thematic products.

Panel on the wall in the kitchen

Use food for scenery

Use food for scenery

This is perhaps the only place where the use of food for scenery will be fully justified. Here are appropriate :

  • cereals;
  • grains;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit.

But, by the way, coffee beans - universal material and can be used in any rooms. It is easy to work with them, and during operation, they do not lose their appearance and color.

With their help, you can lay out any pictures, for example, a cup of coffee, which is already withstanding the theme. You can cut photos of beautiful fruits and vegetables, complementing their cereals.

Coffee beans - universal material

Coffee beans - universal material

New Year's panel

In this case, the brighter, the better. Such a picture should talk about the holiday, fun and excellent mood. It is permissible to combine any materials and surrender completely fantasy. And if you were invited to visit, Panel made with your own hands will become an excellent gift.

Such a picture should talk about the holiday

Such a picture should talk about the holiday

Apply to use:

  • sprains ate;
  • cones;
  • Rowan berries.

As a background, you can use the New Year image, for example, printed on the printer and decorate it. Snow-white snow can replace the crumbled foam, wool and even semolina.


When choosing the subject for children's room, consider the interests and tastes of the child. We must not forget about age, it is unlikely that the ten-year-old child will be interested just a bear or a dog. And if he is engaged in, for example, football, it will be very happy panel in this subject.

Consider the interests and tastes of the child

Consider the interests and tastes of the child

If the girl is engaged in dancing, you can make a picture of a ballerina. Such work on the fake will surely interest your child, so you can make a joint fake.

Panel Macrame

In the manufacture of such products, we need knowledge of weaving technology. If you are made by Macrame, you can create an incredibly beautiful decor. Plus products in the fact that everything will depend on the desire and fantasy. They may be:

  • big;
  • small;
  • Round;
  • Square.

You can decorate them:

  • beads;
  • stones;
  • ribbies.
Depends on the desire and fantasy

Depends on the desire and fantasy

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Selection of material

Knowing the main points, you can consider in more detail how to produce a panel using one or another material.

From wood

The tree has always been popular when creating decor. Now eco-friendly, natural materials belong to fashion trends, they are used almost in all interiors.

If your husband does not have to do with woodworking, it is unlikely to have a variety of workpieces. But if there is a hacksaw, then they are easy to do themselves. To do this, you will need a branch, the diameter is not important with which the pyataks are cut.

Tree popular when creating decor

Tree popular when creating decor

Additionally, the wire is needed, thin twigs of a tree, glue. For the frame, you can use wooden planks if you want a square or rectangular picture. For an oval or round frame, you can also use a thick wire, and for the decor it is tightly wrapped with its thread.

For the background, you can use Paneur, white cardboard, burlap or left it empty. In the last embodiment, all elements are mounted together and fixed to the frame.


So that the tree has a glossy surface, it is covered with varnish.

Eco-friendly, natural materials belong to fashion trends

Eco-friendly, natural materials belong to fashion trends

Design Ideas:

  • It is possible on the branches to place the steps that are attached with the help of glue. So that the bottom does not look empty, you can fill it with the same billets.
  • Beautifully will look laid out in the form of a flower composition of pyatchekov, if it is a large product you can use cones or dried flowers.
  • It can be a laid out heart or star.

In order not to spoil the impression, it is better not to use synthetic materials in the composition.

The variant of the trunks of trees, looks very stylish

The variant of the trunks of trees, looks very stylish

From fabric

It is easy to work with a cloth, and its variety allows you to create amazing paintings. With it, you can create:

  • abstract drawings;
  • sew animals;
  • nature;
  • Create whole pictures.
Fabric - material with which it is easy to work

Fabric - material with which it is easy to work

  • It will suit absolutely any fabrics, the more different fabrics, the wider the choice in the embodiment of ideas.
  • Threads, frames, cardboard, elements will be required.
  • Since in the previous embodiment, the frame can be made independently. Excellent will look panel without using frames.
  • The basis on which the picture will be created is possible to choose any, dense cardboard, fiberboard, or chipboard, plastic and other infirm materials. It must be covered with the material, and from the wrong side to fasten with glue or stapler.

Do not throw out small pieces of matter and loskutka, they will be useful for the following works.

A completely any fabrics will be suitable for work.

A completely any fabrics will be suitable for work.



It may be nature, flowers, trees. So that the tree or flower looked alive, you should use the following technique. The barrel or stem is drawn on the fabric and cuts off, glued onto the canvas. Leaflets are also cut, but glued only one side to the canvas. For


You can first create a composition using a needle and a thread fasten, and then glue.

It may be nature, flowers, trees

It may be nature, flowers, trees


Now in many interiors, panels are used when using one material, without any additional elements. The idea is as follows, for example, you have

living room

where two, three main colors are used in the interior: beige, orange, red. You need to choose a material with a pattern, where in a gentle background drawn red flowers. Or take a cloth with a red background, on which small beige flowers.

Ideally choose three different fabric options. Then the base is taken, a square or rectangular sheet of plywood and is covered with matter. The dimensions of plywood can be different, the main thing is that at the end they looked harmoniously.

Tropus from fabric

Tropus from fabric

3Perfectly paintings look, for this you need to choose for an example drawing. Then cut the details to glue them to the base. This is a little laborious process and it is better to start with simple drawings.


To add volume to the elements of the tissue, you can put watts.

From photos

Using photos for the design of apartments has long been used and, probably, each family uses such equipment. And although it is not necessary to surprise the material, the way of registration will accurately come out.

  • For such a way, absolutely all photos will be suitable.
  • Beautifully looking at black and white photos.
  • Additionally, you can use the photo of nature, beautiful landscapes.
Using photos for decoration of apartments has long been used

Using photos for decoration of apartments has long been used

Ideas for registration :

Framework. Depending on which panel is expected to end the final result, you must select the frame. This can be made of cardboard, where only the front part of the frame is cut out of dense cardboard and paste in the photo, on the density can be glued to the back, as the basis. If the photo is glued directly to the base, but the frame is not needed. You can use the fabric for the front side of the photo as a frame.

Option from the frame

Option from the frame

Very nice in the interior looks a family tree, it brings comfort and creates a special atmosphere. It is easy enough to make it, it will take the basis for this, you can work with cardboard, the main thing is to find sizes. It can be painted or wrapped with cloth. Then, from the same cardboard, the trunk of the tree and branches are cut. The paint is covered if something does not come out, it is easy to close problem spaces. Then the photos are attached.

Another original version

Another original version

You can place a photo in chaotic order on the same basis, and empty places to decorate additional elements. To distinguish the photo you can use a colored tape or a thick thread.

Another original option, take a big frame and pull the horizontal threads. Then, with the help of the clothespins, fasten the photo to them.


A photo of different sizes look beautifully, it should not be observed geometry and accuracy.

From paper

Paper is another convenient and affordable material with which it is easy to work.

  • You can fake from paper to fix on the basis or immediately on the wallpaper.
  • Paper can be used any colors, thickness and sizes.
  • Paper napkins are often used that you can find all sorts of colors and patterns.
Paper is another convenient and affordable material with which it is easy to work.

Paper is another convenient and affordable material with which it is easy to work.

Design Ideas:

Widely used panels from butterflies. For this, colored paper is taken, and butterflies are cut on approximately one sketch. You can use one color or several, only in one color palette, for example, from gently pink and before the burgundy. Then based on the basis (cardboard, Phaneur) or immediately on the wall paste butterflies. It is possible in the shape of a heart, the bottom is the brightest color and ascending to the top. It can be a flying composition. You need to stick only to the caller, the wings must be lagging behind the surface.

Panel from butterflies in the shape of a heart

Panel from butterflies in the shape of a heart

You can create a composition of colors. It is better to use a soft paper with a cardboard will be difficult to cope. We take a square sheet of paper, it must be folded by the harmonica. Further, the harmonica folds in half and these edges are fixed with glue or stapler, free stretch and also fasten. To the edges of the flower come out of curly, paper in the folded form of the harmonica, cut on both ends.

It can be beautifully decorated with small beads, pebbles or beads.


If you have a panel of butterflies, they can be placed in addition on the room!

From plaster

They can be called luxurious and elegant. The laying of plaster has always been valued, and now there is an opportunity to make a panel using gypsum yourself. Gypsum can be purchased at any store, as well as forms for future compositions. But if a little bother and spend time, then it is possible without forms.

Luxurious and elegant product

Luxurious and elegant product

  • Masters who are engaged in this professionally use special devices. For home creation, you can use any remedy, pencil, spatula. Ie, those objects that are convenient to apply the drawing.
  • Starting with the simplest forms to get acquainted with the material.
  • Difficult artistic works are unlikely to succeed, but having mastered the basis, you can produce beautiful drawings.
Apply a little gypsum so that he does not have time to dry

Apply a little gypsum so that he does not have time to dry

Design Ideas:

  • You can work with a plaster directly on the wall, but then you need to have a perfectly smooth surface.
  • Apply a little gypsum so that he does not have time to dry. You can make flowers, patterns. If you draw quite well, you can make difficult compositions.
  • By itself, the material is not bright, so you can decorate it with a bright frame and paints. In the latter case, it is not worth overdoing that the material does not resemble plasticine.
To create you can use any remedies - pencil, spatula

To create you can use any remedies - pencil, spatula


In the first stages, you can simply get acquainted with the material to know how he behaves in work.

From thread

With the help of ordinary threads and nails, you can make a panel that will make them admire. Such crafts relate to the art of String Art and popular around the world. And they are available on sale high cost.

Product of thread and nails

Product of thread and nails

  • You can make simple patterns, difficult compositions and artworks.
  • As the basis, it is better to use a tree or fane.
  • In addition to multi-colored threads, it will take nails or pins, it will beautifully look nails with beautiful hats.
  • When using simple nails, they can be decorated with beads or stones.
  • Sketch of the future panel (drawing) is applied on paper. Next it is applied to the base and fixes. On the contour of the picture, nails are clogged, the smaller they are clogged, the drawing will be greater.
  • Next paper breaks down.
  • On the nails, horizontally and vertical threads are wound.
You can make simple patterns, difficult compositions and artwork

You can make simple patterns, difficult compositions and artwork


  • Flowers and stars. It can be three large flower or several small. Beautiful flowers will look at the use of different color of the threads.
  • It can be a big heart, a cat, a dog or a bear. Even the simplest drawing will look original and unusual.
  • You can make a drawing of several elements, then you will need patience and time.

When using thick threads, the flow will be lower, and the work is done faster.

When using simple nails, they can be decorated with beads or stones

When using simple nails, they can be decorated with beads or stones

Beaded buttons

Such panels can be called bright and original ornaments. Beads are used in many fakes, thanks to the multi-colored palette and the endless material you can conscious of incredible compositions.

Using buttons

Using buttons

  • To create such fakes, you can use separately beads, combine it with buttons or with other materials.
  • You can use the basis of fabric, foam, wood, cardboard.
  • Material is fastened with glue.
  • Before creating a drawing of beads, you need to apply the contour with a pencil, and fill in small areas. First, the tassel is applied with a tassel, then covered with beads.
Beauty do it yourself

Beauty do it yourself

Ideas :

  • Start art fakes is better with simple drawings, such as flowers, trees, animal theme. Try to make a butterfly, for this draw the outline and select the zones where different colors will be used.
  • If the drawing is large, you can use buttons, so the drawing will be filled faster, but it will not be less beautiful.
  • When there is an artistic talent, you can draw a picture, and some of its elements are highlighted with beads.
Option from bead

Option from bead


Hang a panel from beads is better on an empty wall so that it serves as a bright accent in the room.

From plaster, putty

Such work is similar to a plaster, but if the plaster is used in small areas, the plaster most often performs material for panels of large sizes. It is impossible to say that this kind is easy to give up to beginners in this matter, but with small workouts, everything will definitely work.

This species is not much fits new

This species is not much fits new

So panel is made directly on the wall, it is better to train on any smooth surface.

Technology of work:

  • The drawing is applied on a piece of paper, the following works are performed on this sketch;
  • Then the picture is transferred to the plaster;
  • Figure a layer of layer is applied form;
  • To smooth leaves and make a shape, it is necessary to cover this zone with the film and gently correct, smooth;
  • To give the surface of the texture, you can use a rigine chassis with a rigid pile;
  • When the drawing has been formed, it is necessary that it is completely dry;
  • Next, with the help of sandpaper, levels zones;
  • You can paint the cloth.
Work better on any smooth surface

Work better on any smooth surface

The process of time consuming and requires patience, but the result is worth it.

From traffic jam

The only difficulty when creating such a panel is to find a sufficient amount of traffic jams. If there are wine plugs at home, then create an original panel is not difficult. This material is easy to process, light and comfortable.

  • They can serve as a background if they cut them into a circle.
  • Muffed with glue.
  • Good combined with natural materials.
Need to have enough traffic jams

Need to have enough traffic jams

Design Ideas:

  • The plugs have both gentle beige tones and saturated brown. If you can cut different tubes with their help, lay out the drawing.
  • Sliced ​​Circles You can apply the letters of paint from which the phrase is compiled.
  • You can cut the figures that are further fixed on the basis.
You can insert a photo

You can insert a photo

From disk

With the appearance of flash drives, the discs went to the background. Probably, in each family there will be these computer accessories. It is very good that they are preserved, because there are many ideas from them to make unique, luxurious panels.

Design Ideas:

For families where there are kids relevant to make "Smesharikov", the heroes of the cartoon. For this, parts made of colored paper or tissue (nozzles, eyes) are cut. Further with the help of glue glued to the disk. Heroes are applied to the foundation that can be from cardboard or thick fabric.

Each family will have these computer accessories.

Each family will have these computer accessories.

  • The discs are well cut into different parts, which allows them to decorate panels with them. In the light, they overflow and shine.
  • Another option is to cover the disk paint, the background can be chosen anyone that will be suitable for the interior. When the paint is driving, the pattern is applied with a pencil. Further on the contour of the pattern with the help of the knife is removed by a layer of paint.
  • You can use a floppy disk as the basis of the panel. To do this, it can decorate the paint or overwhelming the thread.

From Rakushki.

Option from Rakushki.

Option from Rakushki.

If the family loves to relax on the sea coast, mandatory souvenirs are shells. Children love to collect them and replenish home reserves. But very rarely, they are applied, so from year to year they lie and wait for their time. Now it is the time when they can serve as the main element of a beautiful panel.

  • Before using seashells, they need to wash well and dry.
  • To apply them to the foundation you will need glue.
  • Before working for convenience, it is better to sort them in size.
  • To diversify the drawing additionally can be used, sand, pebbles, beads.
  • You can give color with the help of paints.
  • In order for the sewer's surface to be glossy and shiny, it can be covered with colorless nail polish.
In marine style

In marine style


  • It can be a flower laid out of seashells or chaotic location. Much depends on where the panel will be located. It is necessary to withstand marine themes or create a common picture.
  • It will be beautiful to look such elements on the burlap, and the frame can serve as simple branches that are bound by thread.
  • You can take the background to take a pattern of maritime themes and decorate it with seashells.
  • To create volume, shells are attached to the sidewall.

As you can see, any things can be used. Here are some more examples, how beautiful to place the wall.

In black and white tones

In black and white tones

Decoupage Punk

This option can be considered an update of old things. In this case, any canvas takes the basis. Old painting, wooden planks, iron or glass elements. With the help of paints, beads, threads and other materials, the base is decorated.

Most often for products not required frame. They are suspended for the rope or just on the hook. To decorate it is better to use natural materials. It may be several paintings that are connected to each other.

Option for updating old things

Option for updating old things

In large rooms, large panels will be relevant, made in one style and color scheme.


Such an element can be used not only in children, they look great in living rooms and corridors. Many know and seen charms that have a house. It symbolizes order and comfort in the house. A ready doll can be used or independently.

For the manufacture of dolls, you can use a foam rubber that keeps the form well. With the help of tissue and threads you can drag it by forming the necessary silhouette.

Perfectly look in living rooms and corridors

Perfectly look in living rooms and corridors

As a frame, you can use intended for photos or paintings. You can do yourself, if there are thin strips. For the background, the fabric is most often used, which is covered with the base. Since the doll has a certain weight, the base must be reliable - a tree or plywood.

As additional materials you can use:

  • tapes;
  • bows;
  • beads;
  • Buttons.

If there is time and desire, you can make dolls that resemble family members and create a family panel.

Used maybe ready doll or made independently

Used maybe ready doll or made independently


Now you can buy any wall clock. They have different shapes and sizes, color and texture. But it is unlikely to find a unique model, make it yourself much easier. Such panels are convenient because you can choose all parameters yourself. The only thing to take into account is the general rules for all products.

Watch with your own hands

Watch with your own hands

The subject can be absolutely different:

  • time of the year;
  • nature;
  • romance;
  • Flowers;
  • abstraction;
  • Patterns.

All that will be needed for work is the choice of appropriate materials and the basis. The basis can serve a foam, tree or plywood. First of all, it needs to be prepared. It is possible to decorate with paint or covered with cloth. If the use of multi-colored elements is assumed, the basis should be selected by one-photon.

It is not necessary for the clock to be located in the center. On the contrary, if they are located with the edge, it will significantly expand the capabilities and it will be possible to create a beautiful composition. Here you can use all the techniques presented above. If there is a bulk glass on the clock and in the overall picture it looks rough, it should be removed.

The subject of such a product can be absolutely different

The subject of such a product can be absolutely different

As a rule, the clocks have their own background, if they have already purchased and the background does not suit the overall interior, it is easy to solve this problem. The clock is easily disassembled, the main thing is not to damage the mechanism. Withdrawn the foundation you can paint or decorate beads. You can use pieces of floppy disk, which are beautifully overflowing into the light.

With pockets

Such a panel will not only bring beauty, but also benefit. It is suitable for kitchen, bathroom, nursery. Its main advantage of pockets in which you can add any accessories. You can make different sizes and shapes, but use as many pockets as you consider fit.

Knitted Practical Product

Knitted Practical Product

It consists of panels from the foundation to which pockets are sewn. The plank is attached from above, it is better to use a wooden one. Depending on what accessories will be stored in your pockets, the basis is selected. What they are harder, the base should be stronger. Plywood is perfect, it is not deformed, and it will be great to keep the shape of the panel.

Regarding tissue, there is no special framework, but also better use dense tissue. Pockets can be of different sizes, and placed chaotically. You can use segments of different fabrics, even if they differ in density.

Such a panel will not only bring beauty, but also benefit

Such a panel will not only bring beauty, but also benefit

Such panels make old jeans and pants from pockets, which looks very original. Such a product will perfectly complement the interior of the corridor.

You can decorate:

  • ribbies;
  • bows;
  • buttons;
  • stones.

If color material is used, then its drawing is quite enough.

You can never give up, because the first successful work will bring positive emotions and pride for the work done.

9Total Score.

Do not know how to originally arrange panels? Still choose from what is better to do? We will tell you about all materials with which your crafts will look beautiful and original. After reading the information, please leave your assessments with argumentation in the comments. They will be useful for other readers. Your opinion is very important for us. Thank you for your participation. We appreciate each of your feedback and time spent.

The relevance of information


Accuracy of information



  • Availability
  • Saving funds
  • Uniqueness of decoration


  • Time to craft
  • Sometimes hard-to-reach materials
  • Often, after an unsuccessful first time, work is suspended
Add your review

Wall panels are intended to fill certain parts of the wall. With the help of panels easy to make original and interesting any interior. In stores you can find a large selection of products that, however, differ in fairly high cost.

In order not to spend money on purchasing a panel and the time to search for exactly your option, you can make a wall panel with your own hands. Homemade manufacture will create a picture perfect for your interior and it is interesting to spend time. What will be needed for work is almost always in the house, so additional spending will be minimal.

How to make a panel on the wall at home

The first thing you need to decide is the location of the product. Next, depending on the interior and the color in which the room is supposed to choose the most appropriate pattern of the picture.

Before you begin to create crafts, it is important to consider several important factors:

  • For a bright decorated room, a panel of calm colors with a minimum combination of them.
  • If on one wall it is planned to arrange several paintings, it is important to take into account their subjects and colors: they should look harmoniously.
  • Small panels are suitable for small rooms. Accommodation in a small placement of volumetric patterns makes it visually less.
  • Choosing a panel for a large room, you can dwell on both one large and several smaller. The main thing is that they were on one subject and combined in color.

Screw materials for creating panels do it yourself

Creating a panel with your own hands - the occupation is simple. Even at school, each of us created something similar. Materials from which handicrafts are created in almost every home, and if something is lacking, then this can be purchased in the store with minimal costs.

The shop panels are usually made of ceramics, glass, metal using photo printing. Homemade paintings have the composition easier, but in appearance are not inferior to what can be seen on the shop windows.

Homemade panels implies the use of the following materials:

  • the cloth;
  • threads;
  • Buttons;
  • leaves;
  • Flowers;
  • cereals;
  • pasta;
  • coffee beans;
  • shells, etc.

The subject to create a panel there is a huge set: kitchen, children's, festive, etc.

Kitchen panel

To decorate the painting that will hang on the wall in the kitchen, all sorts of food are perfect. Most of the master classes for the creation of kitchen craft include the use of croup, grain, vegetables, fruits, pasta, egg shell, dough, etc. Cutlery and wine plugs are used. It all depends on fantasy and desire.

The manufacturing process itself is as follows:

  1. A dense cardboard or plywood is covered with a web, which is attached to the base with the help of decorative nails.
  2. On the front side of the picture using the selected material, the composition is laid out.
  3. All materials are glued with glue to the surface of the canvas.


What the composition will be depicted on the canvase - to solve you. You can take advantage of ready-made ideas, and you can come up with something your own and create a copyright.

Children's panel

Great option to decorate the children's room - create a picture with your own hands. You can attract to this lesson and children: probably it will be interesting to invent the drawing for the future panel.

A good option for a children's - panel cloud with droplets. For its manufacture, the following materials will be needed:

  • Felt of different colors
  • Sintepon
  • threads of the respective colors and needle,
  • scissors,
  • pencil,
  • Cloud and droplets patterns.

Step-by-step master class:

  1. Template of the future clouds apply to the felt and supply a pencil. We make two patterns.
  2. Cut the pattern with sharp scissors.
  3. We cross them between themselves with the filaments of the corresponding color, leaving the hole to fill with the syntheps.
  4. Fill the cloud of syntheps and sew the hole.
  5. In the same way, we make droplets. It will be beautiful if they are multi-colored.
  6. With the help of threads, sew the droplets to the back of the cloud.
  7. To the cloud is fastened with a loop and hang it on the wall.

Panel can be done and not voluminous, simply without stitching patterns and without filling them with syntheps. Instead of droplets, you can make stars.

Defined with the theme panel for the children's room, do not forget to take into account the age and interests of the child. Too complicated composition does not suit the baby's room, like, for example, a bear, hardly the child will delight the child of fourteen years.

Festive panel

The subject of the festive panel must match the holiday. It can be Christmas motives, Christmas or motifs of spring holidays, for example, March 8th.

To create a festive panel, you can print the appropriate picture and simply decorate it with the help of pride. Such products will be a good gift for relatives and loved ones.

Panel Macrame

Create a truly beautiful and unusual decoration on the wall with the help of weaving technology. Panel Macrame can be any size and forms, it all depends on your desire. It can be decorate with different stones, beads, ribbons, etc.

Material for creating a wall panel

Materials for creating a panel - a huge set. Consider the most common of them.


Interest in environmentally friendly materials continues to grow, so the panel from the tree is becoming increasingly.

Interesting compositions are obtained from "Pyatachkov" cut from the tree trunk. Of these, you can upload absolutely any pictures: flowers, hearts, stars. Or place them in chaotic order, which also looks rather original. For a glossy effect, a tree can be covered with varnish.

the cloth

The fabric is also in demand material for creating wall-mounted compositions. With its help, you can depict everything on the wall, anything: animals, nature, abstraction, etc.

You can use absolutely any fabrics that you have at hand. Wat or Singyprc will suit the creation of volumetric paintings.

Make a picture of fabric is easy: a drawing is applied to the prepared cloth. From the tissues on the prepared templates, all the details of this pattern are cut and glued to the base.


Long-known technique that does not lose popularity.

To create a panel from photos, any photo will be suitable. The most profitable looks black and white. The photo can be placed in the frame, it costs without them.

The original decoration will be a family tree. To create it from cardboard, a tree is cut out, which is either covered with a cloth or covered with paint. For convenience, the trunk and branches are best done separately and then combined. Photos are attached to the finished tree.

Beautifully looks at the photo of different sizes, placed on the wall in chaotic order.


Affordable and convenient material. Paper crafts can be mounted as a basis and directly to the wall. You can use paper of any thickness and sizes, up to paper napkins.

Increased interest causes a panel of butterflies. This is not surprising: the composition looks beautiful and unusual, and the creation does not cause difficulties. It is enough to cut from the paper butterfly of different colors and glue them with a tel on the base.


With the help of buttons on the wall, the most unusual paintings are created. For this purpose, a drawing is applied to the base (Phaneur, covered with web), which is then placed by buttons. You can create a tree, based on paints or gluing a paper barrel, and by making the crown from the buttons.

By the same principle, work with beads is carried out.

To create a wall panel, it will suit literally everything that is available at hand. Original products will be made from disks, threads, seashells. You can work with plaster and plaster. Any girlfriend, with the right approach, can decorate your interior and make it truly special.

Photo ideas of original homemade panels

1. Wooden panel with rope text: master class

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

Write and draw with the help of a rope what you want. The fact of the cord, the most expressive the result.

You will need:

- wooden plank;

- paint (for example, acrylic) and brush or sponge;

- glue for wood;

- corn starch;

- thick textured rope;

- Parchment or tracing;

- a piece of transparent polyethylene;

- hammer and small nails;

- Some number of items that you will use as a cargo;

- latex gloves.

Sequence of work:

one. Wrap texture with cottage or parchment and draw / write a pencil to the future pattern or inscription.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

2. Mix in the tank about 200 ml of glue, 3 tablespoons of water and 3 tablespoons with a top of starch. Shake well (for example, a wedge). Jump gloves and moisten the rope with this mixture.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

3. Stop the board with the inscription film and lay out the inscription or drawing along the contour. Press the appropriate objects so that the rope does not shift. Wait until the rope is driving.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

four. Remove the dried rope - it should keep the form. Paint a touch and dry. Load the inscription to the table with nails.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes
How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

Photos and Source:

2. Botanical panels from paper: master class

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

It looks very unusual, and it is done quickly and easily! Excellent option - duet or trio from such panels.

You will need:

- for two paired panels - 2 sheets of color paper contrasting colors;

- scalpel or a small dump knife;

- Cardboard substrate or rug for cutting;

- Pencil for sketch;

- glue;

- 4 wands to strengthen the upper and lower boundaries of the panel;

- lace for loop;

- 4 flat stationery buttons.

Sequence of work:

one. Draw on sheets of one color with a pencil sketch.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

2. Knife on the rug cut the drawing. Some parts can be cut at all, and some are only to cut, so that the paper remains in place.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

3. Shill two sheets. For greater relief and expressiveness, carved parts of the leaves can be bent, as shown in the photo.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

four. Glue the planks from above and bottom.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

five. Buttons from the reverse side of the upper slats, attach the cords - and ready.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes
How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

Photo and Source:

3. Punk from wicker napkins: master class

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

Take the napkins of that form and size that you like, color them according to your taste, pick up the color suitable for your interior.

You will need:

- 9 wicker napkins;

- paint spray;

- Malyary Scotch.

Sequence of work:

one. Close the pieces of napkins that will not be painted with painting scotch. You can make different patterns.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

2. Cover the wipes of paint from the canister. When the paint is driving, remove the tape.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

3. It remains only to raise the decor on the wall.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

Photo and Source:

4. Pano from branches and colored threads: master class

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

Beautiful branch found in the forest or park, plus thread residues - the unusual decor element is obtained.

You will need:

- Big branch;

- Threads of different colors;

- Scissors.

Sequence of work:

one. Pick up the threads and the sequence in which you will pick up the colors. Cut them on the same segments. Fold each in half and tie to the branch, as shown in the photo.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

2. When all the threads are tied, straighten them and overload with scissors.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes
How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

3. It will stay to make a loop and hang work on the wall.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

Photo and Source:

5. Panot Mandala from Threads and Tips: Master Class

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

Use colored threads and braid - the result will depend on your imagination and selection of materials.

You will need:

- 3 long thin sticks;

- Threads of different colors, thickness, textures, decorative tape;

- Pillet or jigsaw.

Sequence of work:

one. Form from sticks the basis of the panel.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

2. Secure the middle of the threads.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

3. Start hacking sticks threads, as shown in the photo, from time to time changing the thread. Treads cut off, link the tips and hide the nodules from the parley's wrong side.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

four. When the work is completed, disconnect the remaining ends of the sticks.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

five. Hang the panel on the wall.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

Photo and source:

6. Posters from the calendar

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

If you like the pictures from the "overdue" calendar, they can be issued as a series of posters, and hang on the wall. As a rule, all the illustrations for one calendar are performed in a single style, and together they will look excellent.

Follow the necessary number of the framework of the desired size, cut pictures from the calendar, insert them into the frame and drag on the wall.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

Photo and Source:

7. Paper Patchwork

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

A panel on the wall can be made in a paper patchwork technique - it is easier than the patchwork sewing from the fabric, and the effect is in interesting and unusual.

You will need:

- frame with glass;

- diagram for patchwork;

- several sheets of colored and patterned paper;

- line, pencil, scissors and glue.

Sequence of work:

one. Select the schema - for example, use this.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

2. Straight the scheme on a sheet-based in a real value. Fill and cut squares or other figures of colored paper and glue them to the base sheet according to the scheme. When the leaf is dry, work can be inserted into the frame.

Photo and Source:

8. Panel in String Art

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

String-art is the technique of creating images from threads that are tensioned on the cloves ridden. A detailed story about String Arth with a clear master class - here.


9. Scarf like a panel

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

As a panel, a scarf or a scarf can be performed - both with a bright pattern and with a monochrome pattern. Select the one that comes to your interior. In this case, the scarf simply nails cloves to the wall in 4 corners. Option - pull it on a wooden frame.


10. Panel paintings from wallpaper

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

As paintings here are the remains of beautiful wallpaper. You can also use sheets of wrapper paper. Wallpaper or paper can be pulled on the tablet purchased in the store for artists, consolidating with the inside of Scotch, will already be fine. For greater effects of "paintings" can be issued in the frame.


11. Panel paintings from fabric

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

A series of panels from a fabric stretched to the tablets can look very beautiful. You can use the remnants of the fabric or specifically pick up something in the store. Tensioning the tissue on wooden tablets, fixing it from behind with small cloves or brackets, stapler.


12. Panel with "scales": master class

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

For this, the huge panel needed 687 cardboard circles. Not the fastest work, but the result is impressive!

You will need:

- Wooden Tablet / Board / Thick Cardboard for Basics;

- a lot of watman or other tight paper;

- pattern-circle and scissors;

- pencil and ruler;

- glue or stapler;

- Molding for registration.

Sequence of work:

one. First you need to cut circles. Fill them on Watman using a template and cut out, cut out ...

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

2. Straighten the basis for a strip of width equal to the radius of the circle. Attach or glue a series of circles by side by starting from the bottom.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes
How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

3. When the whole base is filled, override the parts of the circles that go beyond its limits and secure the circles along the edges. Top ride molding.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

Photo and source:

13. Wooden panel with world map: master class

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

Such panels are now in the trend - and they are in the designer performance of considerable money. If you work a little bit, you can do it with your own hands. The main thing is to be able to handle the hammer and have small artistic abilities.

You will need:

- Boards for panels, hammer and nails;

- paper, pencil, tracing;

- Paint and brush.

Sequence of work:

one. Assemble from boards the basis of the panel. Print on one big sheet or several ordinary world map.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

2. Move the drawing on the tracing, and with the carting, redraw on the board, pressing the pencil on the boards through the tracing to leave the trail.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

3. It will only remain gently paint the islands and continents in contours.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

Photo and Source:

14. Panna-Alphabet: Master Class

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

This panel is made up of volumetric blanks - such usually sold in stores for creativity. They are cardboard, foam, wooden - any, the main thing is suitable.

You will need:

- blanks of letters;

- paint and sponge or paint in the canoe;

- Durable glue.

Sequence of work:

one. Paint letters and let them dry.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

2. Now glue the letters by the side parts so as to make a panel.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes
How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

Photo and Source:

15. Panno Mosaic of Loskutkov

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

A wonderful way to create an original panel, while disposing of small loskutka.

You will need:

- tablet covered with dense paper;

- many different flaps;

- Scissors and glue.

Sequence of work:

Connect the pieces of fabric and cut the loskutka from them - optionally the correct form. Collect mosaic from the flaps, planting them on glue. Between the flaps, leave gaps.

How to decorate the walls: 15 decorative panel ideas with master classes

Photo and Source:

How to make a panel on the wall with your own hands?

The technique of creating a wall panel is not perfect anything difficult. All that is necessary for this - stock patience and effort. Having spent not much time and strength you can get a really impressive decor, which will add the room of charm and individuality.

To create this interesting scenery, you can use everything that only allows fantasy:

  • Threads;
  • Old disks;
  • Buttons;
  • Scarves;
  • Cereal;
  • Beads.

It is not necessary to buy something, you can create a real masterpiece of art, even from the usual old scarf, the main thing here is not afraid to fantasize.

Selection of material

It is necessary to approximately to choose a material, representing the final desired result, because it will depend on the material. Below are the most popular types of matter, the use of which allows to achieve the most aesthetic and spectacular scenery.


The tree remains the most relevant material in the manufacture of various crafts and interior decorations for many centuries. This is explained by the fact that the material is harmless and durable.

As a basis, you can take a wooden board of the desired size. Its edges can be decorated, creating an interesting framing from oak or birch bark. In the very center of the scenery, a beautiful composition, folded from cones, pebbles and branches, can be collapsed. For example, from branches, you can recreate a magnificent rose, cover it with scarlet paint and decorate the background with small pebbles. You can also include creative thinking and independently draw based on a beautiful landscape.

Delightfully look at the sea on which the ship is floating, isolated from branches. Supplement this masterpiece can be a rice cereal that will help achieve the effect of glare on the water. However, it is not necessary to apply synthetics in such a composition, as it will not be harmonized with eco-friendly materials and can only spoil the aesthetic quality of scenery.

Tip: To extend the service life of a panel of wood, it is recommended to take advantage of a special varnish that will not only retain the integrity of the product, but also give it a luxurious glossy gloss.

the cloth

Fabric is perhaps one of the most comfortable and successful materials for creating a wall panel. Thanks to its extensive variety, there are no restrictions in fantasy and creativity. For the manufacture of panels, you can use absolutely any matter:

  • Velvet;
  • Cotton;
  • Silk;
  • Jeans;
  • Velveteen;
  • Cashmere.

It will also be necessary to stock tight cardboard, threads and other small-scale accessories that will help embody the amazing scenery!

Luxurious looks of flowers and butterflies made of fabric. To recreate them on the canvas, it is necessary to draw a blank on the tissue, carefully cut it and glue to the canvas so that the edges are not pressed. To make the flower more voluminous and spectacular, it is recommended to glue his petals with layers, as if overlapping them on each other.

Also in modern interiors, the panels made exclusively from one matter without additional decorations are very popular. Ideal for this, one-photon fabric is suitable with the print already shown on it.

The basis can be dense cardboard or plywood. The fabric is tightly tensioned and fixed from the wrong side with glue or stapler.

Tip: Panel from fabric is best to do without frames. So the decor will look more modern and harmoniously fit into any interior. To give the composition of a larger volume, the fabric should stick with layers or put in the right places in the wool.


Paper is one of the most convenient materials in the work, finding which will not be much difficult. Plus paper is that it allows not to be limited to certain colors, thickness and sizes.

The most successful design of a wall panel from paper is a composition of butterflies, birds or colors. To do this, you can cut blanks from colored paper or use conventional paper napkins with an interesting pattern. The composition is more successful if you use several shades of a single gamut, for example from turquoise to blue. The primary billet is completely glued to the base, and the subsequent details are better glued partially. They must be maximally lush. Paper masterpiece can be supplemented with all sorts of rhinestones, pebbles or beads.

Tip: To increase the aesthetic qualities of the composition, it will not be superfluous to stick several butterflies or colors made in one style with a panel on the wall.


This is one of the most aesthetic and modern ways to design a wall panel. The element of the home decor made of photographs will be a luxurious attribute of any home.

Beautifully looks at pictures, decorated in an interesting framework. You can do it with the help of ordinary cardboard. It is best for these purposes to use a dense cardboard. The background can serve beautiful, painted, pastel tones. It is also superbly combining photos and seashells. Such a combination looks in truth delightfully and fascinating.

In a large family will become a chic panel attribute. Family tree. Make it very simple. It is necessary to create a beautiful background composition (it already depends on the fantasy), cut out a piece of wood from the cardboard, to paint and labeled. The final stage is the distribution of family photos according to branches.

Tip: It is best to use photos of different sizes and forms, distributing them in chaotic order. It is also worth noting that black and white photographs are best looking or pictures with beautiful landscapes.


Today, store shelves are overcrowded with all sorts of wall clock models, but why should you bother with a choice if you can easily make them yourself. Wall clock panels will perfectly complement the overall dwelling style, and will also become an exclusive decor, which is not exactly found in any store.

The subject of such a decoration can be completely any:

  • Flowers and nature;
  • Animals;
  • photos of happy family life;
  • Hobby;
  • Travel, etc.

Form and dimensions also do not provide absolutely no restrictions.

Putting the basis of the desired size is to decide on the background. It can be drawn, cover with a beautiful piece of fabric or take the paper. The clock can be used both in the original form and in the disassembled. The seized clock mechanism can be decorated, painted or enclosed beads. Elegantly watching clocks inserted into the vinyl record or disk. The background should be classic at the same time, for example, a black and white image of a city or chaotic distributed personal photographs. You can also add the composition with seashells, beautiful traffic jams from expensive alcoholic beverages or similar on the subject of small parts (for example, a magnet in the form of a guitar, etc.).

Tip: It is best to have a clock not in the center, but closer to the edge. This gives more opportunities to experiment with the design of the composition.

Where is the best place to place panel


Panel will create a special atmosphere of comfort and well-being in the kitchen. An excellent option will be the decor made of coffee beans. Of these, you can make an interesting composition, such as a luxurious bouquet vase. To do this, draw on the basis of the contours of the image, and fill the resulting drawing with grains of coffee, gently gluing them. Also, the kitchen panel can be gradied by various photos of gorgeous dishes, from the type of which appetite will increase a thousand times!

Living room

Unquestionably, the panel in the living room will be an elegant decoration showing all the richness of the taste of the hosts. To decorate the main room in the house, almost all varieties of panel will be suitable:

  • From wood;
  • From fabric;
  • From photos;
  • From beads;
  • From seashells;
  • From paper.

It all depends only on the imagination and preferences of the home.


In the bedroom panels will look at a special, adding the interior of the notch of peace and luxury. For the bedroom, a calm and monophonic composition is best suited, such as a panel made of a fabric that can play the role of the sky and be decorated with various stones and rhinestones.


Getting Started to make the decor for the children's room, it is necessary to repel from the interests and tastes of the child himself. For example, if the child loves dance or football, then the product must correspond to this topic. Only in this case the child will be delighted with the new decor in their room.

The idea of ​​a festive panel

In the world there are plenty of bright and fun holidays that most celebrate in a large circle of relatives and close people. Panel made on a festive style will be a decent decoration with any feast, infecting the atmosphere of a festive mood! It can also serve as a beautiful gift for:

  • New Year;
  • Anniversary of the wedding;
  • Birthday;
  • International Women's Day, etc.

You can make it from any girlfriend. For example, the New Year panel can be decorated with paper snowflakes, snow from cotton, sparkles and beads, and in the middle of the composition there can be a luxurious multi-layer spruce carved from the fabric. The main thing to attach fantasy and creativity!


Starting to create a wall panel should consider some nuances from which the harmonious combination of wall decoration and the interior of the dwelling itself will be dependent:

  1. For a small room, a panel is not suitable for a larger room. Otherwise, the decor can visually reduce the space even more;
  2. A spacious room will add a large-size panel charm or several small scenery, folding one picture or similar on the subject;
  3. Making a panel for a bright and colorful room should stick to calm and soft shades. Ideally, the number of shades should not exceed three;
  4. Combining a slightly large panel on the wall in size, it should be remembered that they must be one subject or be some kind of large picture. Not having nothing among themselves, nothing to look disharmoniously looks.

Wall panel - the thing is very beautiful and elegant. In this case, this element of the decor does not require special skills and materials. Such a handmade decor can serve as not only excellent home decoration, but will also become a luxurious gift or a colorful festival attribute!

Photo of homemade panels

All people are looking for any ways to decorate their home and make it more comfortable and attractive. Beautiful panels with their own hands perfectly fit into the interior. Before you start creating, you need to know what the panel is.

Panno is a picturesque product designed to fill the walls of the walls or the ceiling. The owners of their homes will be able to use infirm materials for its creation. In this article, you will learn how and from what you can create panels with your own hands.

We offer you original ideas of what panel can be done at home. It is not necessary to be an artist or designer to implement their ideas. If you have a desire and good fantasy, then you can easily decorate your home with personal modern products.

Brief content of the article:

Panel for kitchen

Now we will conduct a master class of how to make panels with their own hands for the kitchen. Together we will try to create a picture of everything that is in the kitchen. It can be pasta, cereals, caps from bottles, broken dishes, unnecessary forks, spoons or cups.

You can also use nuts, spices, coffee beans, dried fruits and even salted dough. Artificial fruits and vegetables are also ideal as a material.

To create a product, it is necessary to prepare:

  • universal glue;
  • frame;
  • hard cardboard;
  • A piece of burlap.

First, you should prepare the basis and you can proceed to work. If you do not know what exactly you can portray in your picture, look at the Internet photo how to make a panel.

Photo bedroom

The wall of the room in which you spend half of your time can be decorated with family photos by creating a collage of them. We will proceed to study the instructions how to make a panel for a bedroom.

For the product it will be appropriate to use the pictures with which good memories associate you. Or take their best photos made throughout life and put them on the wall in chronological order.

To create a collage, you need to prepare:

  • Several frames for images of the same or different size;
  • universal glue;
  • photos.

Insert images into the photo frame is not difficult, it will be able to do any. Next should be glued to the wall and panels are ready. You can add your product with memorable things, inscriptions, ribbons or prints of palms.

A collage from the photo will be able to decorate not only the wall of the bedroom, but also the living room. Moreover, it is not necessary to prepare the same framework for its creation. They can be round or square, with absolutely different sizes and shapes.

Panel from wallpaper

After repairing in the house there are always pieces of wallpaper. The hostess used to not throw them away to use in the future. This day has come, wallpapers will be useful to create a panel. They can be pasted on the entire wall on top to other wallpaper and use as a basis if they are monophonic and without pattern. On top to them, the owners will be able to dream, draw some abstraction or just make multi-colored stripes.

Wallpaper with patterns can be placed in a large frame, thus making the original picture. If you have a huge number of different pieces of wallpaper, cut out of them small the same squares and stick to the wall in a nursery or another any room.

Panel from buttons

There is also one great option to create an original decoration on the wall. For him we will need to find:

  • Buttons;
  • frame;
  • cardboard or piece of wallpaper without pattern;
  • pencil;
  • glue.

First you should draw a drawing, and then the basis of the product. Take a pencil and draw something. For example, an animal or tree. If you do not know how to draw, use stencils. You can also print the drawing on the printer.

Cardboard or image wallpaper attaching to frame with glue. Then we glue buttons on top to the drawing and the original decoration on the wall is ready.

Panels from threads and nails

Using threads and nails can make a beautiful and unique picture that will decorate any wall in your home. To create this product, you should prepare:

  • Wooden board for the base;
  • Multicolored threads;
  • small nails;
  • stencil drawing (drawn independently or printed from the Internet);
  • scissors;
  • a hammer.

Cut the stencil and attach it to the basis of scotch. We will relieve it when the last nail will be scored. Further along the contour of the drawing rush nails. To one of them we bind the thread and wound. You can wind zigzags, lines, or create your own pattern. The main thing that in the end the thread was evenly wounded everywhere.

We introduced you to the basic ideas of creating original and modern decoration on the wall. After reading the information and learning what Panno is, you can make your own product from everything that is at hand.

Photo panel do it yourself

Although today the walls are made in minimizing, even the corresponding focus of attraction may be panel. And if a traditionalist took up the interior, then no one and nothing prevents him from abandoning modern minimalism in favor of a classic avant-garde.

In this case, the volumetric patterns with their own hands from the primary materials is a real find. Thanks to this panel originality, the default will take the top over seriality.

Briefly about Panel

Before making the manufacture of panel manually, it is worth recalling that the thematic product is a decorative product in the form of different particles or segments protruding over the bearing base. These segments create a single plot with certain volume and shape.

Therefore, the panel can be considered an analogue of the picture only in part: if the paint will be bothering on canvas almost on the same level, the fragments of the panel are tested over each other.

On the other hand, no one canceled the fastening of elements and products at the same altitude. The main thing is that there can be no speech about any drawing with paints - all fragments have nothing to do with a liquid mass.

Punk image

The appearance of the panel affects the stylistics directly, and also allows you to determine the material. On the last speech will go a little later, because First of all, you need to choose a stylist direction:

  • Modern minimalism is a straight or intricate geometry of artificial materials on a monochrome background;
  • Neoclassicism is an analogue of minimalism, but already made of classical materials;
  • Classicism - landscape or still life of multi-colored materials;
  • Avangard - surrealism from multicolored materials;
  • Colonial image - any plot of products that are closely related to travel, conquest or tourism.
  • Art Deco is an intricate geometry from artificial materials that create a sharp contrast (for example, a gold plus black).

Classic panels, like a picture of their own hands from undergraduate materials, go with a frame, while modern analogs may not require registration throughout the perimeter of the bearing basis.

Materials for the manufacture of panels

Create a specific plot is not so easy when there are no materials on hand that it is easy to rush, bent or cut. Of these, objects are perfectly obtained that in the foreground - trees, flowers, animals, etc. Thematic materials often serve:

  • The cloth;
  • Wire;
  • Leaves;
  • Buttons;
  • Flower petals;
  • Threads;
  • Glass;
  • Branches.

In panels, you can generally glue the finished products for the interior at all, provided that they themselves are light and miniature. In particular, we are talking about toy machines, gears, light bulbs, bolts, stripes, etc.

At the same time, do not forget about filling the background. To do this, it is better to use funds that are always in excess.

  • Grains from cereals;
  • Coffee beans;
  • Debris dry leaves;
  • Pebbles;
  • Shells;
  • Metal sawdust.

The easiest way to make a background from multi-colored or monochrome fabric. Moreover, it can represent a simple canvas stretched on the subframe. By the way, you can pull the segment from worn curtains, shirts, t-shirts on the latter.

Dimensions and shape of panels

The corresponding indicators are selected depending on the purpose of the room and the style of the interior. Modern directions welcome non-standard panels:

  • Assembly of several modules;
  • The plot of oval shape;
  • Monotonal plot on the carrier-based oval form;
  • The plot without the bearing foundation.

The corresponding focus of attraction hangs into one row, in the center of the background or near door openings. The size of modern panano 3D on the wall with their own hands is usually big, because The product is in a limited quantity or a single instance, regardless of the purpose of the room.

The classic analogs are of different sizes, and therefore the background area is loaded in different rooms in different ways:

  • Living room - 15-25%;
  • Bedroom - 10-15%;
  • Wardrobe - 10-20%;
  • Balcony-veranda - 10-15%;
  • Cabinet - 15-25%;
  • Children's - 20-40%;
  • Corridor - 20-40%;
  • Kitchen - 15-30%.

It seems that a small kitchen and a narrow corridor are not created for hanging the set of panel with their own hands. However, when it comes to classically execution, then you can give the slack and turn the problem space into the gallery.

Modular panels

Even the adherents of the classics understand that the plot on one canvas, along the edges of which the passecut with the frame, it seems boring compared to the modular compositions - a few panels that demonstrate one plot, despite the small remoteness from each other.

Modular panels, like the pictures with their own hands from the girlfriend, are called differently depending on the number of modules:

  • Diptych - two modules;
  • Triptych - three modules;
  • Polyptih - more than three modules.

But it happens that tens of panels are built into complex configurations like a star or cube divided by five, six or more segments. This is possible when performing intricate and multi-colored ornaments or patterns on each panel.

Moreover, all panels must be miniature and almost the same in size.

Carrier base Punk

It is clear that the details and segments must be attached to a certain basis. She can be:

  • Corrugated cardboard;
  • Canvas;
  • Thin board.

For light fabric crafts, canvas on the subframe will be used. Corrugated cardboard welcomes seashells, grains, pebbles. A thin board can already be framed with metal parts or wire. This does not mean that the funny items are suitable only for solid and durable coating.

A panel of wood with their own hands have a dense one-piece structure that does not break with additional loads.

Fastening parts to panel

To panel for many years remained solid, its elements must be secure on a carrier-based basis. Fixation can be made in the following ways:

  • Gluing - with epoxy glue;
  • Sewing - through needles and threads;
  • Fasteners - using screws or braces from a stapler.

The most reliable way is the last. But it is appropriate only when working with a thin board and its corresponding details. You can fix the parts on the canvas with the thread or glue. Obviously, cardboard welcomes only glue. As a result, the choice of method of fixation depends on the weight of the parts and strength of the carrier base.

From simple to complex

This only at first glance it seems that the panel of fabric or leaves is made easily and simply. In fact, the corresponding process is a long time, because Under each fragment you have to select the material of the desired color. It is much easier to keep only two colors using:

  • Black background;
  • Aluminum wire.

The latter can be divided into dozens of equal segments, then impose them on the background in such a way that they intersect with each other in the center. A fabulous winter panel with their own hands is also created by filling with light (white) segments of a blue background.

After that, you can move to the panel with colors and cats on the same dark background that the evening mood sets. Wire is useful to create stems, tails, mustache and paws.

But the moon, inflorescences, torso and muzzle are perfectly obtained from pebbles. If the stones are the last very motley, then it is very easy to create a multicolored romantic heart.

A more complex composition - tightening with turquoise or green canvas velor followed by gluing a colorful bowls in the form of butterflies.

Instead of the latter, you can use inflorescences from twisted tissue tapes. There are masters who generally cut the logs on the busions and use them to imitate flowering cotton.

The difference between the panel and the background

If the wall panel is drained with the finishing material, then the idea of ​​creating the focus of attraction default loses meaning. Accordingly, contrast should be respected between panels and the background:

  • Light finish - dark panel
  • Dark finish - light.

And do not forget about the thickness and depth of patterns. The smaller the patterns on the background, those intricate should be panel. But an obsessive finish is recommended to supplement panel in a white frame, which serves as a facet between two zones.

Panel for luck

The faith in the favor of Fortune is present in the heart of every creator and housewives. Therefore, it is not to be surprised by the application in the following attributes in the panel:

  • Coins;
  • Horseshoes;
  • Pheasant feathers.

From coins it is very profitable to create money trees. The horseshoes and feathers of the pheasant are more suitable for use in a single copy (horseshoes are better attached to the boards, feathers - tie to the canvas).

Children's panels

Children's room requires a wall framing no less than the living room. True, before proceeding to the creation of children's panels, it is necessary to take into account several rules:

  • First, for children's panels, an exceptionally safe fabric is used (it can be filled with a soft material to create volume, form, relief);
  • Secondly, the cloth must be multicolored to please the eye;
  • Thirdly, finished products are hanging without frames or with light frames so that in the event of a fall, do not injure the child.

It remains to note that children under 8 can please the panel from the fabric with their own hands with peaceful animated characters, up to 12 years old - by different cars or dolls.

Additional advice

If the classic interior can match the curtains, bedspread or carpet, then in the modern plot should take the type of glazing, furniture, electrical appliances or fittings.

Panel on canvas with a subframe is hanging on a screw with a rope. But how to make panel with your own hands, if the bearing base is a thin cardboard or board?

Everything is simple - to the thematic material it is necessary to drive several 4-millimeters from the stapler, after which it is to tie a rope to them to hang. At the same time, it is desirable to adjust the brackets from the front side of the panel, if they protrude through the carrier profile.

The whole charm of panel is that it can demonstrate the scenes through thematic products. For example, to demonstrate still life with morning coffee, it is enough to glue to the chalkboard to the pile, and to the peary - brown flasks of synthetic tissue with a swollen foam from heating. Such a focus of attraction remains to supplement except with coffee beans, a sugar sachet and a teaspoon.

Photo panel on the wall do it yourself

How to make a decorative panel on a wall of girlfriend with your own hands for the interior of the kitchen, bedroom or children!

The most common ways are - We draw pictures (even if you are not an artist), photos, fabric, threads or twigs - always found in the house or apartment. So why from all this not to make a beautiful decorative panel and decorate the walls of your apartment!

Why panel? There are two reasons:

  • A large spectrum of action (after all, the definition of panel is quite wide), which means the ability to find something to taste.
  • Panel can be drawn, glue, and weave, using a wide variety of materials.

Here we picked up a lot of interesting ideas and ready-made workshops, all kinds are assembled on materials from which they can be made.

Panel from threads "Goblen"

Here are a lot of options for panels made from tapestry styled threads. Detailed lesson attached!

Panel from threads "Tapestry"

How to do, master class:

  1. To create their creation, vertically stretched thin threads are taken.
  2. With one sides they are tied to a wand on which the panel will hang, and on the other hand to any other wand, which will then be removed; You can also knit on a separate wooden frame,
  3. And then remove and attach where you need.
  4. Then the vertical threads are tied with horizontally thicker colored threads.

Panel from threads "tapestry" make

Tip: You can experiment with threads, varied in thickness and color, creating abstract patterns or certain pictures.

Below can leave the long ends of the threads, or crop them, at their discretion.

Panel from thread photosPanel from threads on the wallPanel from thread lesson

As an option, knitted "mats" can be placed in the frame, and do not hang on the wand. The original pictures are obtained.

Pompons on the wallPanels from threads interiorknitted panelPanel macro

Panel with tassels

How to make quickly:

  • Take a wooden wand and make a lot of threads of medium thick on it.
  • At the bottom of the threads can cut smoothly, or creating zigzags, waves, etc.
  • You can also bind a lot of threads, but at the end of each of them to make a brush.

Tip: This method is much faster than the previous one, but it also looks very beautiful.

Decor for wall thread

Decor for wall thread photo

You can pre-start threads in pigtails, or to go on some threads on the bead (or a few).

ATTENTION: Pumps are made like brushes, so the following photos also refer to this option. Threads on such pomponiki will leave a lot, but they look awesome!

Decor for wall thread

If you take threads from a flushed knitted product (for example, from under an old knitted sweater or scarf), they will be wavy.

Beautiful panel

Original wall decor


Weaving Macrame for panels are of different levels of difficulty, but still to make it, you need to have certain skills. Therefore, the photos are selected at this point are suitable for lovers of weaving, or those who purposefully decided to learn this.

Macrame for interior

Wooden panel

A large abstract pattern from the wood elements is quite suitable for the definition of the panel. Moreover, you can try to independently make your masterpiece, at the same time the original occupation, and the way to relax.

Wooden panel

Wooden panel on the wall

Panel from wood

Beautiful panels turns out of sections of a tree, simply retained on glue and smoked.

Panel from slices

Picture of slits

Article what else m Make from branches for the interior - simple and beautiful

Small master class:

Look at this heart, it would adequately decorate not only an apartment, and a stylish cafe or office. And you can make it yourself and this will not need a lot of money (you need to buy only paint). So let's consider a small allowance for its manufacture.

Necessary materials:

  • Thin Tree Spins + 1 Larger Branch
  • Paint
  • Brush, palette
  • Thicks
  • Cardboard

Step-by-step instruction:

Heart of branches

  1. Step 1: Draw a heart. Take a big piece of cardboard (an old cardboard box is suitable) and draw heart on it. You can draw on paper, but then it will be necessary to put the newspaper under it, in order to further in the process of paint, the paint did not pass on the floor, and the cardboard is thick, so it performs immediately and protective function. Of course, you can draw any other outline you choose, which will be convenient to fill with twigs.
  2. Step 2: Put the twigs. Put the branches inside the drawn circuit. If necessary, break (or disconnect, cut) them to a suitable length.
  3. Step 3: Rubbly. Here the lower half of the heart painted, gradually changing the color from the bright pink bottom to the white to the middle. Leave dried.
  4. Step 4: Fresh branches. Hang one large branch on the wall and tie all twigs to her to one another. Adjust the length of the threads to get the heart (or the figure you chose). Ready!

In the same way, the figures of another form can be made, and even broken old chairs, frames, and other wooden items will be suitable for manufacture.

More Crafts from branches - with detailed lessons!

Panel by stencil

To create such a panel you will need canvas, greasy tape and paint. Select the geometric pattern you want to display, make it on the canvas using a paint scotch of its stencil, and apply paint. When the paint is driving, remove the greasy tape, and attach the picture on the wall.

Panel by stencil

Panel on stencil photo

You can also make a panel using ready-made stencils. This method is diminishing the work and expands the range of possible patterns. Stencil can be bought in the decor store, or find on the Internet and print (on paper that will not spin from paint).

to draw a picture

Interesting way - to take objects of flora as a stencil, for example, leaves, or flowers.

Tip: If in previous versions, in principle, it was possible to use the usual paint, applied by a brush, then we advise you to use only aerosol, so as not to damage our "live stencil" and not to get to the paint under it.

Panel from photos

You can also make a decorative panel from personal photos or illustrations from the Internet. Such panels look great both in the living room and in the bedroom.

Panel from photos

Panel from photos beautifully

Panel from photos stylish

Detailed article How to hang and place beautiful photos on the wall read the link.

3- D panels from paper and colors

Lovers of volumetric scenery We offer to make simple designs from paper. They are very easy to manufacture and add a highlight on any wall!

3-D panels from paper and colorsPanel for childrenA panel of artificial colors is perfect for the children's room, and especially for a teenager girl.

How to do:

  1. Cut the shape of the cardboard - the heart, the first letter of the name.
  2. We glue the flowers of glue-gun, better on Silicone.
  3. We hide on the wall with the help of a loop.

Panels from flowers for children

Butterflies from paper are also a good idea, but a slightly outdated topic.

Panel from butterflies

And one more, more complex, option, or more accurately requiring more time for execution.

  • Draw the contour of the figure (for example, hearts, like here) and fill it with small glued butterflies.
  • Smooth color transitions are added here even more air. Pano Heart

Panel Puzzle

Many carved right hexagons pasted on canvas, and decorative honeycombs are ready to decorate the wall of your room. You can enlist the help of the child, and the process will go much faster and more fun.

Golden Pattern Pano. You can also do other, less strict forms. For example, stick the circles a little different size and shades. Make Panno Sam

You can make a composition of several parts, as in this embodiment. Each square is glued with paper for scrapbooking. Simple and original!

Panel from mirrors

Decorative panels from mirrors is an opportunity to expand the space of the living room or apartment. Just the mirrors on the wall - now you will not surprise anyone, but to create a picture of the mirrors or cut from it a bizarre form is a great designer move.

Link - Rules and ideas of the decor of Ierier Mirrors in modern style!

Mirror Pan

Decor mirrors

Panel from wallpaper or magazines

Strips cut from color magazines can also be useful when creating glued pattern-panels. For example, like on this photo, where they filled the silhouettes of two dogs.

Panel from magazines

To create such a panel, first, using stencil, sketch everything canvas, except the chosen figure in black, and leave the paint to dry. And then you can glue strips.

Tip: Also from the remains of old wallpaper - you can make a stylish modern panel for the living room for example or bedroom.

Panel from wallpaperPanel from dry leaves

To create such transparent leaves, you will need to work with special chemical solutions, but this Herbarium will accurately surprise your guests!

Picture of dry leaves

Pictures created by "non-standard" brushes

Here for drawing can take a brush of feathers, or threads. To get patterns, as in the photo, you need a brush ince into almost dry paint . Also, for a similar result, you can use painting with a rag.

It turns out that our fingers are an ideal form for creating delicious modern paintings. Thanks to this, the wonderful picture of Panels.

how to draw a picture justPanel from nails and threads

Pictures created with nails and threads look very nice and professionally, although in fact no special skills are required to create them.

Panel from nails and threads

Such panels are economically beneficial (after all, it will take a wooden base, about 50 thin nails and tangle of threads), and the action field is incredibly wide (what you can see the photo below). In a word, such a panel is a wonderful way to express your creative potential, and make a new wall decoration. how to make a panel from nails and thread

Scheme of work Next:

  • Draw on a wooden basis contour of the figure
  • Drive fine nails on the contour at the same distance from each other (depending on the selected pattern, the distance may vary from about 0.5 cm to 1.5 cm)
  • Tie a thread on one nail, and then wrap it around other nails, filling the drawing. Weave can be the most varied. If necessary, use threads of different colors. Continue to wrap up until the drawing is ready.

Here, among the drawings there are animals and plants, inscriptions and abstract figures. Choose what you like.

There are also several options where the figure is not on a wooden basis, but right on the wall of the room. This option is done for a longer time and not on any wall. When you want to remove it, you will need to make a small wall repair to remove holes from nails.

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