How to block the program Internet access

How to block the program Internet access

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How to prohibit the program Internet accessIf for any reason you needed to block a specific Windows 10, 8.1 or Windows 7 program access, make it relatively simple, and it is possible to use both the built-in system functions and third-party free utilities to install the corresponding restrictions.

In this manual, several ways to disable access to the Internet selected Windows programs: using Windows Firewall manually and a simple utility to automate this process, as well as using third-party firerol. It may also be interesting: how to allow the program to access the Internet how to block the launch of the program in Windows.

Blocking an Internet access program in Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall is one of the easiest ways to block the program access to the Internet that does not require any third-party installation. Steps for blocking will be as follows:

  1. Open the control panel (in Windows 10 it can be done using the search in the taskbar), switch the View field to "icons", and then open the Windows Defender Firewall or simply "Windows Firewall". Windows Firewall in Control Panel
  2. In the window that opens, on the left, click "Advanced Parameters". Additional Firewall Parameters
  3. The firewall window will open in high security mode. In the left pane, select "Rule for Outbound Connection", and in the right - "Create a rule". Create Rule in Firewall
  4. Select "for the program" and click "Next". Creating a firewall rule for the program
  5. Specify the path to the executable program file that you want to prohibit Internet access. Selection of the program you want to block
  6. In the next window, leave the "Block Connection" item marked.
  7. In the next window, check for which networks to perform lock. If for any - leave all items marked.
  8. Specify the rule-understandable rule for you (it will help you find if you want to remove the lock in the future) and click Finish. Name for program blocking rule
  9. If you wish, you can check whether the blocking worked: as you can see, I worked for me. The Internet is blocked for the program

This is not the only possible method using the built-in firewall. There is another approach that will allow you to easily block access to the Internet selected applications from the Windows 10 store without entering the path to them:

  1. Create a rule for all programs by selecting the appropriate item at the 5th step of the above instruction.
  2. After creating the rule, find it in the list, click on it twice, and then on the "Programs and Services" tab, click on the "Parameters" button in the "Application Packets" point, mark "Apply to the next application package" and specify in the list The application for which you want to block access to the Internet. For example, in the screenshot is blocked by EDGE. Locking Internet access for application from the Windows 10 store
  3. Apply the settings made and check their performance.

In general, everything is very simple, but there is an opportunity even a faster ban setting.

Automatic creation of firewall rules in Winaero OneClickfirewall

Winaero Oneclickfirewall is a simple free Windows utility that simplifies enabling and disable Internet access blocking to the Internet:

  1. Download the program from the official site and install it on your computer.
  2. Immediately after that, BLOCK Internet Access (Block Internet Access) and Restore Internet Access (restore access) will appear in the context menu of shortcuts and programs. Internet access program in Oneclickfirewall

At the same time, blocking access, this utility uses the same mechanism as when manually creating rules in Windows Firewall simply automates it.

Comodo Firewall

In addition to the built-in system utilities of Windows, you can use the third-party solutions, one of them is Comodo Firewall, available including in the free version on the official website (if you have a third-party antivirus, be careful , It can conflict with the product from Comodo, it is better to take advantage of already available features).

After installing the firewall, follow these steps to block the network access program:

  1. Go to the settings and open the firewall point - rules for applications. Click the Add button. Adding Rules in Comodo Firewall
  2. Click "Overview" and specify a program file or file group (for example, all Metro / UWP applications, all browsers) for which you need to create a rule.
  3. Select "Use the Rule Set" item, and then the "locked application". Internet blocking for a program in Comodo Firewall

Apply the settings, after that the selected program will be blocked. If you need to unlock access, click the "Unlock Application" button in the main Comodo Firewall window, check the program and click Unlock.

At the end of two more nuances:

  • If you are blocking the network access to the network to disable updates or some functions, consider that some software for these purposes is not the main executable file that you run, but auxiliary .exe files or individual services. Part of them already have rules in Windows Firewall and they are enough to find and change.
  • If you install bans for parental control, it may be better to use other means, see Parental Control Windows 10.

And what if it will be interesting:

How to block Internet access for programs

Block Internet access for the program is sometimes necessary for one reason or another. Causes may be different, for example, it is not possible to disable the program update in its settings, and this is necessary.

We will not go into reasons for which you need to block inbound or outgoing traffic. Consider the method of blocking using the creation of rules in Windows Firewall in this case, 10 versions. The method also works in previous versions of Windows operating systems.

On points - how to block the Internet program

In the lower left corner on the menu icon with the right mouse button and select network connections.

In the window that opens, choose the left of the Internet, then "Windows Firewall"

Open network connections

On the firewall and network security page, select the "Advanced Parameters" item, about the issue of allowing changes to make changes - agree.

Select additional parameters

In the firewall window in high security mode, select the item on the left:

"Rules for outgoing connection" - If we want to prohibit the program entering the Internet

"Rules for outgoing connection" - If we want to prohibit incoming traffic to the application

Selecting the left item on the left, select "Create Rule" to the right.

A window will open, create rules, choose for a rule (program, port, etc.) and click "Further"

Create a rule

Specify the path to the executable program file, the program startup file with the extension * .exe

For example, I specified the start file of the Raspbery Pi Imager program

Select executable file

In the next item you need to specify the rule for this application, I chose Block connection .

Block connection

Next, if blocking, choose the universities

Block Internet

We give the name to our rule and describe in the future to know what it does.

Block Internet

Click ready and see a new rule for Windows Firewall

Block Internet

Now you know how to create a rule for the program and thereby limit access to it.

Incoming traffic is blocked in the same way, create a rule for "Incoming connections" .

If you need to block the program output to a specific address, the resource can be used in the HOSTS file.

If anyone has additions and, something to say - write in the comments.

Good luck to all!

All programs can be divided into two large groups: the first includes those work in which it implies the exchange of data via the Internet, and the second group can include all other applications that work locally. Nevertheless, among the latter there are many people who from time to time are narrowed to send a request to the external network. This may not necessarily be something confidential, so the program can simply check the availability of the new version.

How to block the program Internet access

If you are against such an amateur time, nothing prevents you from closing the Internet access, using the Windows itself or special third-party applications. What kind of Windows I say, you probably have already guessed. This is a means - the well-known firewall. Take for example any program and forbid it to access the Internet. As a "experimental rabbit" we took CCleaner, and so it can be any program, any executable file or script.

The fastest way to start a firewall in increased security mode, and we need this mode, it is to execute the wf.msc command in the Win + R.

1. In the left column of the opened window, click "Rules for Outbound Connections", and then, already in the right column, click "Create Rule". A wizard window will appear, which first prompted you to choose the type of rule. Since we are blocking access to the application, we leave the type "for the program" and click "Next";

2. In the next wizard window, specify the path to the EXE file of the locked application and also press "Next";

3. In the next step, the parameters do not change, unless you have other settings that differ from the screenshot shown;

4. Remain leave the parameters and at the next step setting by clicking "Next" and go to the final stage;

5. Let's rule a meaningful name, for example, "CCLEANER lock" and click "Finish".

Exactly the same rule we created for the executable CCupdate.exe file that is responsible for sending a request. We check what happened: I launch the old CCleaner version and see that she no longer suggests us to upgrade, but all because we forbid it to contact her.

Well, well, what if we want to disable access to the UWP application? Is it possible to implement this with the same firewall? It is possible, but with some limitations. We will block for example an EDGE online browser access, while using the CCleaner button already ready.

1. Open the rules and switch to the Programs and Services tab;

2. Press "Parameters".

activate the "Apply to the next application package" radio button;

3. Lay the lock application in the list and click OK.

As a result, the rule created for CCleaner will be automatically applied to Microsoft EDGE. If you are too lazy to mess around with a firewall, use the utility


, automating the blocking process through a regular firewall. Being installed, it creates in the context menu of executable files and their shortcuts two items, of which Block Internet Access prohibits Internet access, and Restore Internet Access, on the contrary, cancels the established rule. It is a pity that only does not work with UWP applications labels.

Note: Block Internet access is able to all firewalls, except the sequence of manipulations in them will be slightly different.

Alternatively, you can use this utility as


. In fact, it is the same oneclickfirewall, only more informative providing data on network activity of the program, in particular, Tulzes shows local and remote IP addresses to which programs are referred to as well as ports. In use, the program is extremely simple: you click the PCM on the appointment of the application in the main window and select the "Add name program" or click on the toolbar pictogram with the plus image and specify the path to the executable application file. In the other case, the appropriate rule will be created in the regular firewall.

Well, by and large, it's all that concerns the ban to exit programs to the network. There are other methods like blocking on IP using specialized software, but you need to know how the program is drawn to what IP addresses. With domain names, of course, it's easier, as they can be prescribed to hosts, but again, first you will have to find out what resources are related to the application, only that's why everything is so complicated, if there are simpler, and most importantly working methods?

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How to block Windows-program Internet access

A significant part of the third-party software installed on the computer can access the Internet. But there are cases when the user does not want certain programs installed in the operating system of its computer, they have access to the Internet.

Although you usually want everyone to have the applications to have free access to the World Wide Web, there are a large number of situations in which you need to prohibit the Internet access program.

Here are some simple and banal examples. A program can be installed on the computer that insists on automatic updates, but the user does not always want to install incoming updates. Perhaps on the computer there is a game in which the user likes to play, but it is not very pleased with the network (and uncontrollable) multiplayer regime. Maybe a person uses a program with an unpleasant advertising, which can be removed by blocking access to the Internet. You can also encounter a malicious program. To minimize risks, it makes sense to block the ability to use the Internet for a similar program.

One of the most important malware protection lines is a firewall, which, among other things, allows you to block access to the Internet for a specific program installed on the computer. It helps prevent Internet access with confidential information, which allows you to save custom security data. If you want to prohibit the program Internet access, then you can configure Windows Firewall in just a few minutes.

  1. You need to go to the settings and select the item "Network and Internet".
  2. Then select the "Status" section and find the Windows Firewall.
  3. In the Allowed Programs window, all configured programs and applications will be displayed. To prohibit the program access to the Internet, you need to remove the checkbox from it.

Important ! The computer can offer to enter an administrator password, and in this case you need to enter the appropriate password. This is a password to enter the administrator's account on the computer.

As mentioned above, you need to take a tick next to the program that you need to prohibit Internet access. This is the field to the left of the program. The list of programs can be very extensive. If it is impossible to find the desired program in the list, you need to add it manually, and then make sure that there is no checkmark next to its name. A program is added by pressing the "Allow another program" button. After that, you will need to go to the main program file. You can usually find the program on the "C:" disk in the "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" folders. In one of these folders, the program file must be inside another folder with the program name or the program developer name. If the desired program still fails to be found, you can search on the "C:" disk by name. The required file will have the extension ".exe". You need to select the file and click the Open button.

There are other ways to block Internet access in the Windows operating system. If Windows Firewall does not like the user, then you can use another way. For example, you can enable the "on the aircraft" mode in the Action Center, which will turn off the Internet for the entire PC.

Block Internet access for a specific application is also possible using parental control. Such an Internet blocking procedure is suitable for parents who want to limit applications (especially games) used by their children, or prohibit children access to specific websites or programs.

The above methods will help disable worldwide web access for a specific application or program in Windows 10 and earlier versions of the operating system. These methods work almost with all the programs installed on the computer.


The question is from one of the users ...


Please tell me. I installed one game, and it constantly requires updating. Is it possible to prohibit it access to the Internet so that it does not "shame"? My Windows 10 OS, the Internet is connected via a Wi-Fi router.

I tried to install the NOD antivirus to block the Internet in it: but when it did, it began to brake the computer terribly, and access to the Internet was blocked at once for all programs. Is it possible to prohibit access to the Internet only one specific program?

Good day!

Indeed, in many cases it may be necessary to block access to one or another application to the Internet.

For example, besides a given question on the game, it may be necessary to limit access and the one who has the Internet traffic is hard limited - it is not a matter to spend on unnecessary updates of games. 👌

In this article I will consider a couple of simple and rapid ways to prohibit access to the Internet program (This is done extremely simple, so the user will cope with any preparation!) .



Ways to prohibit the program access to the Internet

Option 1: With the help of specials. Utilities

To do this, we need NetLimiter utility (link to the official website) .

This program in a convenient form provides the entire list of applications that are in contact with the Internet. (Also shows traffic information: who and at what speed downloads something, see the screenshot below) . And, of course, allows you to block any of the software!

Blocking incoming and outgoing packages

Blocking incoming and outgoing packages

Blocking is very simple: Please note that opposite each application in the column "Rule Status" There are several badges with "checkmarks" Galochki.- These are options to limit the incoming and outgoing traffic.

So, clicking alternately on these "Talks" and setting the status in mode "Refuse" - This program loses any connection with the Internet (Netlimiter will simply block all traffic) .



Firefox blocked

Firefox blocked

As an example, I took Firefox - As you can see in the screenshot below the application cannot connect to the Internet (while other browsers quietly open web pages ...).

The connection attempt failed

The connection attempt failed / Firefox

The task is solved?! ☝

By the way, if there is no need to remove the ban on Internet access - in the NetLimiter window simply remove the installed blocking modes (see Screenshot below).

Remove blocking

Remove blocking

👉 By the way!

NetLimiter allows not only to fully block access, but also Limit speed (which in some cases is much more necessary). On how to set up this restriction - see one of my previous note


Option 2: Using the built-in firewall

This method is slightly complicated, because The menu of the classic firewall is not so much convenient. But, in general, you can figure it out ... 👌

First you need to open the settings for this firewall. The easiest and easiest way to do this is to call the menu. "Run" (buttons Win + R. ) and enter the command firewall.cpl Press ENTER (Example on the screenshot below 👇) .

👉 Note! A complete list of applications and settings that you can perform through Win + R is given here.

How to open firewall

How to open firewall

When the firewall settings are open - there is one Important moment! Many users have a firewall disabled, as they have installed in the system (or was established) antivirus (Note: Many antiviruses are now equipped with built-in firewalls) .

So, the essence is that the antivirus when installing disables the built-in Windows firewall .

If you have a firewall switched off - It must be enabled (or use firewall, which is embedded in your antivirus software) .

I will consider Naturally, the most standard option when you have a firewall (i.e. green ticks are burning on it Logo-Zelenaya-GalochkaAs on the screen below - see Private Networks, Guests or Public Networks).

👉 In the firewall settings you need to open a link "Extra options" (located on the left, at the bottom of the window) .

Additional Firewall Parameters

Additional Firewall Parameters

Next Left click on the link "Rules for outgoing connection" and then right click on the link "Create Rule" (see the arrow 1 and 2 on the screen below) .

Rules for outgoing traffic

Rules for outgoing traffic

After, in the window that appears, put the slider to the position "For the program" , and click Next.

Rule for the program

Rule for the program

Below, I have a large screenshot with a sequence of actions - all actions, these are the steps of the setup that will appear with you as pressing the button Further:

  • First you need to choose a specific program you want to prohibit Internet access (can be found through the button overview ). See arrows-1. I chose a Firefox browser for test;
  • Next set the slider to the position "Block connection" ;
  • Next, put the ticks opposite all items: Domain, Private, Public ;
  • Well, last: ask Name and description (You can write anything, if only you yourself were clear) .
Program unit

Program unit

Actually, after that you will see the blocking rule (Arrow-1 on the screen below) . It can be disabled / enabled, delete, change, etc.

Created Firefox Blocking Rule

Created Firefox Blocking Rule

In general, after starting the browser and attempts to enter some page - an error was expected to be shown "The connection attempt failed" . If the rule created is disconnected, the browser will work in normal mode. 👌

The connection attempt failed ...

The connection attempt failed ...

Here, actually, and that's it!

This is how few steps can be disabled and block access to network to any application in Windows. Firewall in Windows, of course, is far from the best - but all set of minimal functions is provided! For those who are not enough, I recommend trying Outpost Firewall ...


On the sim while today everything. For additions in the comments - in advance Mersi!

Good job!


First Publication: 12/20/2016

Adjustment: 5.01.2020


Useful software:

  • Video editing
  • Video installation
  • Excellent software to create their first videos (all actions go along the steps!). Video will make even newcomer!
  • Utility for optimization
  • Computer accelerator
  • A program for cleaning Windows from "garbage" (deletes temporary files, speeds up the system, optimizes the registry).

Often, users need to introduce a ban on network access for some programs. Such a situation happens when there is a suspicion of the presence of a malicious code in the application or need to reduce the load of the network. Below can be familiar with the main ways to introduce a ban on Internet access.

To block file changes using the Internet, you should set the read mode on them.

Block the Windows program access to the Internet - why it is necessary

Often, the user wants to prohibit access to any program. Such cases most often occur when:

  • The program automatically sets up updates that interfere with the work;
  • The application is used in which unacceptable advertising is present (it is easy to remove, blocking access to the network);
  • Malicious software was installed on the computer.

To minimize risks, it is recommended to block the possibility of accessing the Internet for such programs.

Blocking an Internet access program in Windows Firewall

Most computer owners do not know how to prohibit the Internet access program. The blocking can be conducted via a firewall (embedded application that is part of a set of programs that ensure Windows security).

Step-by-step process

  1. To start the Window Firewall, you click on the search button and go to the control panel.
  2. View mode switches in the category option and click on the System and Security section.
  3. Next, click on the Windows Defender Firewall and switch to additional parameters.
  4. In the appendix that opens, select the rules for incoming connections and click on the Rule Creation Row.
  5. Then choose the type of rule for the program and tap the team further.
  6. In the menu that opens, click on the desired application, in the row, the program path is pressed to the review and after selecting the exhesive (executable .exe executable file) and click Next. You can choose situations when you occur, access to the network will be blocked.
  7. For the rule created, the name is introduced and tapped on the command is ready.

After the rule is created, the user needs to perform similar actions for an outgoing connection.

Note! To restore network access for programs, you will need to select previously created rules and delete them.

Winaero ONClickfirewall utility allows you to quickly block and restore access to the Internet

Automatic creation of firewall rules in Winaero OneClickfirewall

Winaero OneClick Firewall refer to a simple utility for Windows, which can be used completely free. With it, it is quite simple to enable and disable the prohibition of Internet access to the Internet.

How to block an Internet access for a program using Winaero Oneclickfirewall? Users for this:

  1. Download the program Firewall by clicking on the official website
  2. Install the utility on the PC.
  3. The menu appears to block access to network access and access recovery.

To prohibit Internet access, the firewall utility uses an automated mechanism, which is similar to the manual method of creating rules in the firewall.

Alternative ways to block online traffic

Windows Firewall is not the only way to control Internet traffic, which passes through applications. Below can be familiar with the alternative methods of prohibiting access to the network.

Important! If there is a need for urgent network access blocking, the user can enable flight mode. This method is convenient to use in cases where there are suspicions that the downloaded utility contains malicious code.

Through Hosts file

How else can you block access to the Internet program? Hosts file will help cope with this task. The local IP address base is suitable for considerable users. With it, you can easily cope with zeroing settings and block access to the network.

Phased blocking process:

  1. First of all, users pass authorization using the administrator account.
  2. After that, they enter the% windir% \ System32 \ Drivers \ ETC folder and open the HOST file. To do this, you can use notepad.
  3. In any part of the file, add recording After the numbers prescribe the address of the program you want to block. It is important to record from a new line.
  4. When saving the file, choose the same storage location and in the section Type of File Click on the string all files.

After following the actions listed above, you can disable network access to any program.

Using the Hosts file to block Internet traffic can even be a novice PC user

Program Properties

To block changes to the files that occur with the help of the Internet, users set the read mode on programs.

To this end, you click on the file with the right mouse button and select the property string. After that, tap the attributes and set the read mode. Such manipulations allow you to block the application access to the Internet and set a ban on updates. Files are thus securely protected.

Kaspersky Internet Security

The main task of the Kaspersky Internet Security web control is to filter user access and applications to Internet resources. With the help of Kaspersky, you can disable or allow network access, introduce a ban on the display of unacceptable advertising, etc.

The essence of Kaspersky Internet Security is similar to the principle of operation of the network screen. The administrator is endowed with the authority to create a set of rules that allow you to block the blocking to access the network to the network or disable the prohibition for a certain period. The established rules will require information regarding:

  • timetables;
  • users;
  • type of file contents;
  • Action performed.

The rules will be applied in the order that the administrator asked. The first will trigger the applied to the specified file. At the last position there are universal rules allowing everything to all.

Note! You can enter the network or remove it on the URL. The administrator is allowed to use a mask.

The Kaspersky feature is the ability to analyze the contents of web pages while working on NTTR.

When creating rules, users combine filtering by category / file types. Device owners can limit Internet access for programs included in a specific category.

In order to decide on the category accessories, you need to use the base of famous addresses. You can find them in a folder with updates that got the name PC * .dat. You can also use the heuristic analysis of software content. The reputation of the program issues Kaspersky Internet Security.

When determining the rules, users are required to take into account the following recommendations:

  • The execution of rules occurs from top to bottom;
  • Find the rule allowing everything by default can be at the bottom of the list;
  • The default lock is not possible.

Do not forget that it is important to comply with the order of the rules.

In order to control HTTPS traffic, you will need to activate the test of protected connections.

Using the instruction proposed below allows you to prohibit certain programs in the incoming and outgoing Internet connection.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. First of all, users open Kaspersky Internet Security and switch to the settings section.
  2. After that, go to the defense point and select the network screen.
  3. At the next stage, they tap the rules of the programs and the right mouse button clicked on trusted.
  4. Device owners click on the Adding Programs in the group, find the desired application and add it to the list.
  5. The application added thus highlights and clicking the network access icon, press the prohibition function.

After performing the actions listed above, you can close the application not only incoming, but also outgoing network traffic.


ESET NOD32 Smart Security differs from the ESET NOD32 version of the presence of a personal firewall. Using this utility, it becomes possible to manage local and Internet connections.

The program works automatically, so it independently decides whether the program can go to the network or you need to enter a ban. If the user has a need for the application to enter the Internet, you can use the instruction below.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. To block Internet traffic, users enter the settings section (the main menu NOD32) and tap on the row of transition to advanced parameters.
  2. When a new window opens on the screen, click on the network section, select a personal firewall point and click on the rules and zones.
  3. Next make a transition to the settings. In a new window, you can manage the available connection rules. Users have the opportunity to create new rules.
  4. In cases where the list does not contain the names of the required program, you should click on the Create command and in the General section to register the basic parameters.
  5. In the scope of the name enter the name of the application for which the rule creates.
  6. The point of directions prescribe the type of traffic that falls under the prohibition or permission from the login of the program to the network.
  7. Writing a ban on the incoming type of traffic, the application will stop receiving data. Prescribing the outgoing type, the program will stop sending data. You can register both types.
  8. In actions row, users are allowed either prohibit the selected application to transmit data.
  9. Filling the protocol graph, choose the type that software works. If the protocol type is unknown, it is recommended to register TCP & UDP or search for information on this issue.
  10. Most often, the filling of the profile is passed and go immediately into the local tab, choosing the necessary application and click on approx.

After completing the process of creating the rule, it will begin to be displayed in the list with others.

ESET NOD32 SMART Security makes it possible to choose users to which rule will be applied

Users who are interested in the question - how to prohibit the program to enter the Internet, can use one of the above methods. Regardless of which operating system is installed on PC (Windows7, 8.1, XP, MacOS or Linux), the owner of the device will be able to prohibit the program to enter the Internet by installing the update on the computer. In order not to be mistaken during the creation of rules for blocking Internet traffic, it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of the specialists who are indicated in step-by-step manuals.

Tired of "illegally" use your traffic? How to prohibit Internet access to any application in Windows 10? Read how to set control over your own Internet!

How to prohibit any program access to the Internet: for Windows 10 and older OS

Most of the programs loaded on the computer from a third-party manufacturer can easily access your Internet. There is nothing catastrophic in this, because the applications of reliable sources often do not harm any. Nevertheless, there are cases that literally forced to prohibit the program to contact the Internet.

For example, you can annoy constantly pop-up notifications that the program needs to be updated, or advertisements, which are more than the products. In others, though rare cases, third-party programs are able to collect information about your actions at the computer and, sometimes, transmit important confidential data (for example, payment).

Therefore, if the basic functions of the application do not depend on the Internet connection, we strongly recommend prohibiting it in the future. This will help avoid possible unpleasant consequences for you.

Chief Privacy Policy on the Internet

The main and only obstacle on the way of using the Internet with third-party programs is a Windows Firewall. With it, you can choose "Trust" mode to the program and determine whether it will connect to the Internet.

In this article, we will analyze how to block the incoming and outgoing traffic of installed software.

Windows Firewall. Traffic control manual

How to block outgoing traffic

Use the instructions below to block third-party traffic.

one. Open Control Panel Windows.

2. Go to section system and safety .

How to prohibit any program access to the Internet: for Windows 10 and older OS

3. Open subsection Windows Defender Firewall .

How to prohibit any program access to the Internet: for Windows 10 and older OS

four. Next click the key Extra options .

How to prohibit any program access to the Internet: for Windows 10 and older OS

five. On the right side of the window, find the menu Rules of outgoing connection . It is here that we will have further work. Click on it.

How to prohibit any program access to the Internet: for Windows 10 and older OS

6. Next, pay attention to the right side of the window and find the function. Create Rule . Click on the left mouse button.

How to prohibit any program access to the Internet: for Windows 10 and older OS

7. Select the Type of Rules For the program and go to the section Program .

How to prohibit any program access to the Internet: for Windows 10 and older OS

eight. Specify the path to the started program file. For example, C: \ Program Files \ Mozilla Firefox \ Firefox.exe Traffic Setup Tool will tell you the correct path. Click the key Further .

How to prohibit any program access to the Internet: for Windows 10 and older OS

nine. Now you are at the point of choice. Specify the action that must be selected: in our case it Block connection . Click Further .

How to prohibit any program access to the Internet: for Windows 10 and older OS

10. Specify the types of profiles to which this rule applies. You can leave the default. Click Further .

How to prohibit any program access to the Internet: for Windows 10 and older OS

eleven. Specify the name of the rule and, if necessary, the description. Description can help you remember what specifically you were made in this rule.

How to prohibit any program access to the Internet: for Windows 10 and older OS

12. Press the key Ready To complete the rules setup.

So, ladies and gentlemen, now you know how you can prohibit the transmission of traffic by any program installed on your computer. We recommend using it in any situation when installing an application from an unreliable source.

Alternative ways to block online traffic

Windows Firewall is not the only way to control Internet traffic passing through installed applications. For example, if you wish, you can enable flight mode if you need to urgently prohibit Internet access for all applications. An extremely useful feature in case of infection with a virus, stealing personal data: you disable the network and solve the problem without unnecessary risks.

In addition, there are a large number of third-party applications that perform the firewall functions. If you did not suit the standard software with something, pay attention to such programs as Zonealarm. or Tinywall . They are completely free and ready to install at any time.

Now no program will be able to use your Internet traffic without strict control over it. Close the last loopholes for virus applications or increase the number of available network resources by blocking unnecessary software!

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