How to quickly pump biceps? Main training rules and biceps program

Terms of training biceps

How to quickly pump biceps? Main training rules and biceps program
How to quickly pump biceps? Main training rules and biceps program

In order to quickly pump biceps , not at all you need countless exercises. The correct training of the muscles of the hands is always in the use of just a few effective exercises, adequate working weight and complete control of the technique. Biceps grows exclusively in the case when the athlete consciously involves the muscle into operation, and not just raises the weight due to the power of inertia.

Best Biceps Exercises Even newcomers are known - rod rise, alternate lifts of dumbbells "hammer" and isolated lifts of dumbbells (in the photo above). The main secret of the rapid growth of the muscles is the conscious involving biceps in training - you should feel that they are downloading it. At the same time, the use of excessively large weight does not help at all, and harms, preventing controlling the technique.

In addition, the training program for biceps should include and exercises for pamping - they are performed with a relatively lightweight weight and large number of repetitions (about 12-15). It enhances blood flow in the muscle, significantly increasing its visual volume. Also remind and about Training triceps - Without his pumping it is impossible to create really big hands.

Anatomy of muscle biceps

Biceps, or double-headed shoulder muscle, is the most noticeable and bulk muscle of the hand. From an anatomical point of view, the proximal portion of the biceps consists of two heads - long and short than and determined by his "humpback" form. Biceps bends his shoulder in the shoulder joint and the forearm in the elbow, and its main function is in the traction movement.

The involvement of the musculature of the biceps is always associated with the work of other muscles - starting from the triceps, ending with the muscles of the shoulder and back. That is why the biceps pumping necessarily implies the fortification of the muscles of the forearm, triceps and a delta - otherwise you simply will not be able to technically correctly perform exercises for biceps with heavy weight.

Best biceps exercise

How to quickly pump biceps? Main training rules and biceps program
How to quickly pump biceps? Main training rules and biceps program

Rod lifts standing - Better exercise for biceps pumping and increasing its mass. The advantage is the possibility of training with a sufficiently large weight, as well as relative simplicity. When performing the exercise, the elbows must be fixed (beginners it is recommended to press them to the belt), and the body should not swing - this ensures the involvement of the biceps.

At the bottom point of the exercise, delay for a second, then, with the full control of the work of the biceps, lift the rod up. The movement must be smooth and not too fast. At the top point, also delay for a second, conscious effort of the will straining biceps even stronger. Such control over the technique is necessary in all exercises on hand - it increases the involvement of the muscles and enhances the blood flow.

How to swing biceps?

If you want to quickly pump biceps, you can train it twice a week - but not too often, for example, on Monday and Friday. Start your workout with exercises on large muscular groups (back, chest, legs) - but solely in the form of training for pumping hands. After 3-4 multistropic exercises, go to the target training of the biceps.

As multi-sowing exercises can be used Functional training - Including exercises on the horizontal bar and exercises with the gay. They are not only useful for the overall strengthening of strength, but also improve the posture, have a load on the muscles of the body, strengthening the press make the figure more sporty - for themselves the training of a biceps such an effect cannot be given.

Is it possible to pump biceps at home?

In order to pump up the biceps at home, you will need either a set of collapsible dumbbells with a rather heavy weight, or a full-fledged rod. Otherwise, the productive training will not work. Light dumbbells and exercises with body weight are able to bring the result in the form of an exceptional biceps growth and girls and girls.

Despite the fact that training with the help of tightening inverse grogging on the horizontal bar is able to ensure an increase and growing muscles of the hands, quickly you will achieve a physical limit, after which you need a full-fledged training equipment - that is, a real barbell or heavy dumbbells, without which it is simply impossible to pump biceps.

Biceps training program

Often beginners athletes note that their biceps, gaining a certain amount, cease to grow even with a constant increase in working scales and the use of insulating exercises. However, the biceps training is always built in the "Progress - Stagnation - Progress" scheme. At the same time, the shift is usually achieved through the use of drops and supersets.

Below is a program of training for a biceps based on complex supersets that give muscles a powerful impulse for shift in growth - it helps to overcome stagnation in growth and quickly pump biceps.

How to quickly pump biceps? Main training rules and biceps program
How to quickly pump biceps? Main training rules and biceps program

EZ-rod rise on biceps

The curved rod (or EZ-rod) helps to change the mechanics of the exercise and uses the internal part of the biceps - pushing the muscle up and making it more.

How to quickly pump biceps? Main training rules and biceps program
How to quickly pump biceps? Main training rules and biceps program

Lifting dumbbells on biceps

Classic biceps exercise, developing a long part of a double muscle. It can be performed both with palms, looking up and palms, perpendicular to the floor (lifting "hammer").

How to quickly pump biceps? Main training rules and biceps program
How to quickly pump biceps? Main training rules and biceps program

Concentrated bending on biceps

One of the best insulating exercises on biceps. During the execution, the elbow is fixed and densely relied on the inner part of the hip - it helps to increase the load on the muscles of the biceps.

These biceps exercises are performed in 10 approaches of each, without a break, one after another, total 4 approaches. A break between approaches (that is, to perform all three exercises) - approximately 30 seconds. Separately, we note that it is not recommended to add additional exercises to this program, or to perform such a workout more often than once a week.

The secret of the projected vehicle

Many newcomers dream not only to quickly pump biceps, but also want to achieve drawn and noticeable veins in their arms. However, the veins are visible or not, do not affect the physical workouts themselves, but rather genetic factors and the total amount of subcutaneous fat in the body. Wherein drying Most often significantly increases the drawing of the venous grid on the biceps.

In addition to the foregoing, the pre-triumph complexes containing in the composition of nitrogen oxide are also able to expand the venous channels, increasing blood filling with blood. However, it should be noted that, firstly, nitrogen oxide provides only a temporary and short-term effect, and, secondly, such additives have a number of contraindications and not allowed for all people.


The successful training of the biceps muscles is built in the "Progress - Stagnation - Progress" scheme. As soon as the biceps stop growing, it is necessary to connect advanced techniques (for example, superets and drops). Among other things, the development of the biceps musculature is impossible without the ability to be consciously involved him in work - exclusively it guarantees the complete involvement of muscles during training.

Biceps of impressive sizes, and even if he is embossed - this is a dream of bodybuilder. It (biceps) is a business card of any bodybuilder. But this is what the question is how to pump it, and which techniques exist.

Pumpped relief biceps


In this article, we will consider the correctness of the exercises on the biceps and select a powerful program on his pumping.

What prevents you from pumping huge hands?

Frequent errors:

  • Overtraining
  • Exercise with errors in the technique
  • Training not on the program
  • Avoid basic exercise
  • Treating muscles to one load program

Many guys in the gym spend 2-4 hours a day, spending strength on the thoughtless pumping of the biceps, and as a result of the "muscle" simply does not grow. What do we get in the end? Overwork, reluctance to engage, depression ... Yes, plus, also the possibility of injury increases at times.

Some athletes, even experienced, simply overload the muscle of the abundance of exercises and approaches, making up incorrect programs.


Biceps is a muscle consisting of 2 "beams". So that it rose, it is necessary to pump it (muscle) completely, all departments, however, like any other muscular group.

Internal and external biceps heads

Biceps shoulder anatomy

Important nuances in biceps training:

  • Many forget about the muscles of the forearm. Without them, you can never carefully load biceps. How do you work your muscle if you can't hold the dumbbell in your hands? You will simply reduce weights, which will lead, respectively, to reduce the load.
  • Many guys in the "rocking chair" try to take as much weight as possible in the hope that it is simply "brew" their biceps, but, alas, they begin to turn on the back, legs, shoulders. All - the load was divided into several muscle groups. The long-awaited effect is not observed.

Proper technique

Regardless how much time you go to the gym, if you do not grow so much-welcome biceps, consider the right technique (in any case, it is recommended to consult with specialists to take into account such important parameters as the health condition and the ability of the body as a whole).

First, reduce the working weight. Yes, yes, the correct exercise implies a powerful intensive workout with maximum tension.

Secondly, control their movements with the body (nothing superfluous), concentrate on the work of the muscle.

As for the technique itself:

  • When working with a barbell or dumbbell standing, put forward a little further in front of the body, output the elbows for the side projection of your torso.
  • Maximum tension in the muscle is created when you do not bend it, but straighten. The moment "lowering" you have to take more time than raising.
  • Try not to move the body. You must be stationary, naturally, it does not apply to the hands.

Biceps programs:

We bring to your attention several programs on the load of the biceps. They are not the truth in the last instance, since, in any case, the individual features of the body of an athlete should be taken into account, but are able to help you in the formation of our own strategy.

Total program for biceps

* First digit - approaches, second - repetition

  • Rod rise standing on biceps (base): 3 to 10 *
  • Lifting dumbbells sitting on biceps (concentrated): 3 to 10
  • On the Scott Bench EZ-rod (on peak): 3 to 10

Scheme (concentrated) exercises on the "peak" beam:

  • On an inclined bench with dumbbells: 3 to 10
  • Feeding with dumbbells sitting: 3 to 10
  • Hammer: 3 to 10

Empire Exercises:

  • On the bench of livestock with dumbbells: 3 to 12
  • Sitting with dumbbells: 3 to 12
  • Flexing with dumbbells in the slope: 3 to 12

Scheme of exercise on the development of force and endurance:

  • Flexing with dumbbells standing: 5 to 5
  • Rod rise standing: 5 to 5

Several important nuances should be remembered:

  • The program must be changed once every 1.5-2 months so that the muscles are not getting used to.
  • It is necessary to develop biceps comprehensively, all its bundles. Do not catch only on mass or endurance. Variate.
  • Change the load.

A very relevant point in muscle buildings is rest. Do not seek to drive your body to a dead end. This is fraught with overwork, loss in mass and injury. During the period of shifting training programs, give the body to relax about 1 week, and then - forward, again into battle!

Biceps is, of course, cool, but, without developing a tricepec, which is 2/3 of the volume, you will achieve ... disproportionate of the hands. If you seriously engaged in the construction of the body, it will have to be disadvantaged. Only the harmonious development of all muscle groups will make you Apollo.

Training rules training

Special programs for building biceps There are thousands, but any training scheme has common points:

  • In order for training a qualitatively pumping biceps for training, you need to first make a basic exercise, and then aimed at the concentration of the muscle operation. (Standing with a barbell; on Scott's bench; on the inclined board).
  • It is not necessary to do 10 exercises in 10 approaches in one exercise, this scheme remained in the distant past. It is necessary only 3 exercises of 10-12 repetitions.
  • Stay in full, as the last time. It is logical, because the muscle is growing only if you have 2-3 last "possible" times, which allows you to organism.

Here are examples of exercises with which you will tell your "banks":

  • Bending, standing with dumbbells or barbell
  • Lifting on biceps on the bottom block
  • Hand flexions with barbell or dumbbells on Scott Bench
  • Hammer
  • Flexion sitting on a sloping bench with dumbbells
  • Flexion sitting on a horizontal bench
  • Biceps flexions on the block
  • Lifting on biceps in the slope on the horizontal bench
  • Ringing hands in crossover
  • Tightening

Remember that all the exercises can be modified: to do alternately alone, then the other hand, with grip, from above or below, slowly or quickly, you can focus on the lowering phase - either weight lifting.

Remember your biceps, in the literal and figurative sense, in your hands. You yourself build your body, and let luck smile on this difficult way.

And finally, look at the video about how to pump biceps, here you will find useful information. And if you have questions, ask them in the comments and subscribe to the newsletter to receive new interesting articles for free.

4 Secret to activate biceps growth

Add the volume with your hands using 4 methods that you will definitely use if you do not know why biceps does not grow, although you have tried to dig it in different ways.

When you started training, your hands grew up without much effort, despite the exercise technique and approach to training. However, over time, you have reached a plateau, got stagnation and biceps do not grow with you, unfortunately it is inevitable. Now you are aware that you need to master some basic muscle growth principles in order to continue to progress further.

Muscular growth is a result of not only what exercises you do in training, it is also important as you perform them. Despite the fact that there are many exercises that can work out your biceps, you need to learn 4 basic principles affecting the growth of muscle fibers.

  1. Insulation

Insulating hand bends with barbell on Scott bench

Muscle refusal comes when you cannot work more with weight with proper technique. However, many of us sometimes forget about the right technique and connect other muscles or inertia in order to raise weight. Biceps should work in full in order to grow. If you include, when performing exercises on biceps, other muscles, you do not allow biceps to turn on the work as much as possible.

Let's consider this principle on the example of the rod with the EZ-vulture. During the approach, your biceps get tired, you beat your back and start swing or connect your shoulders, pulling your elbows forward. As a result, the biceps receives a smaller load and its subsequent growth is limited.

The secret isolation of the biceps lies in the right technique. If you find it difficult to control the operation of biceps, press your back to the wall or use the Armblaster in order to fix the elbows. The bench of Scott will allow more isolated concentrate on the work of each biceps and will work out each hand separately.

  1. Load Progression

Training biceps for mass

You must have well known that constant work with the same weight does not lead to muscle growth - the muscles simply do not need to be adapted and becoming more or stronger. In order to grow, you must constantly increase the load, it can be done in several ways: to increase the working weight, add an approach or repetition, increase the frequency of training. One of the best methods for increasing the load are also negative repetitions, especially when other ways are difficult to apply.

In order to perform negative repetitions, you need to have a training partner. He helps you raise the projectile, and lower the weight you are already independently and slow. Performing negative repetitions makes the muscles work over their capabilities, allows you to destroy muscle structures that are subsequently restored and increase in order to cope with the load.

  1. Pamping

Flexing hands on biceps in a block with a Knat

Many professional bodybuilders will tell you that for high-quality growth muscles do not need to do exercises with large weights 5-6 times, so you will develop strength. Undoubtedly, this moment is also important, but the stop must be done on "pamping", since during the pumping of the muscles with blood, it (muscle) is hypertrophy, which causes growth.

In general, if you look from the point of view of physiology, hypertrophied muscle growth is a deviation from the norm, but this is not a disease, of course.

Since the famous monologue of Arnold from the movie "Download Iron", many athletes train biceps in pamping mode. This is not by chance, pamping not only gives a stunning feeling of fullness, but also has a positive effect on the growth of muscles. Blood fills muscles, bringing with them nutrients accelerating recovery and growth.

Such movements like twisting on the biceps in the crossover in various variations will help save the tension in the biceps and achieve good pamping. If you want something more sophisticated, you can try training with the limitation of blood flow.

  1. Position of hand

You can perform exercises on biceps in various variations: sitting, standing or even lying. You can separately focus on the position of the elbow or grip.

Where you keep the projectile during the exercise can greatly affect what kind of muscular department will be more involved in the work. If during the lifting of the dumbbells you will deploy a brush with a little finger to yourself, it will better reduce the inner head of the biceps. The exercise of the grip "Hammer" is well developing brachialis and forearm muscles. If the rod is widespread enough, it will allow you to better work out the inner head of the biceps.

The position of the elbow is also very important. Performing an exercise "Flexing hands with a barbell along the torsa" when the hands will lean back behind the back, you can achieve a deeper reduction and stretching of the biceps. If your elbows are ahead, as in the case of exercise in the Scott Bench, the inner head of the biceps is active. By adding several different exercise options, you can better work the biceps and in the long run to get a greater increase in volume.

Biceps training program

Rest between approaches 45-60 seconds.

1. Lifting the bar for biceps

4 approaches - 12, 10, 8, 6 repetitions. (Perform, leaning on the wall.)

Hand bending with bar stand
2. Lifting dumbbells on biceps sitting

3 approaches - 12, 10, 8 repetitions. (The latter approach includes 3-4 negative repetitions.)

Bending hands with dumbbells on biceps sitting
3. Flexing of hands with a barbell along the torso

3 approaches, 10 repetitions

Lifting rods on biceps in dol body
4. Lifting dumbbells on biceps in Scott Bench

3 approaches 15 repetitions

Ringing hands with dumbbells on Scott shop

If questions remained, ask them in the comments below and share your experience of training.

Exercises for biceps include practically all beginners and experienced athletes in their training program. Nothing amazing - the size and relief of the two-headed shoulder muscles plays an important role for the attitude figure. Therefore, men, do not regret strength and time, devote themselves to such training.

To get the desired result from regular classes, it is important to continuously work on the development of muscles and correctly select the appropriate exercises. After all, the biceps look really great only when they have proportional parameters proportional to other muscles. Accordingly, to train the power of the hands is necessary.

Biceps muscle structure

Biceps is called double-headed shoulder muscle, consisting of short and long parts. Each of them has its own point of fastening and movement mechanism. The better the biceps muscles are developed, the most expressive their components.

Long muscle part is located on the outside of the hand, short - with the inner. In addition, the development of the biceps has a direct impact of the shoulder muscle. She is next to him and turns on to work during a workout.

The shoulder muscle seems to push the biceps up, from which visually its size becomes more.

Growth factors muscle

Before grabbed for dumbbells and bar, you should figure out, due to which muscle growth is concrete.

Amino acids, glucose, hormonal elements and muscular voltage are needed to be needed by any muscles for the development and growth of human body in the human body. What is noteworthy, it is the tension of musculature that acts as a leading factor, due to which good progress is possible.

To muscles actively develop (including biceps), you need to provide them with the relevant conditions. During training it is necessary to set a tangible load, but do not overload the tendons and ligaments. Maximum efficiency in the work can be achieved only with the help of the proper equipment of the biceps exercise complex.

In terms of double-headed muscles, for example, absolutely not fundamental width of the grip of the grip rods with a standard lift. Both biceps heads in any case are loaded when flexing and extension of hands. Therefore, the athlete's shell can keep it as comfortable. The main thing is that the elbow joints and brushes experience the minimum voltage.

How to pump biceps

Working double-headed muscles can be several days a week. The number of classes every athlete defines for itself individually, in accordance with physical abilities. To develop a competent training program, you should use the help of a professional coach. Only the optimally compiled and timely adjusted training scheme will make it possible to achieve tangible results.

Maximum efficiency can be achieved if we pump biceps at least two times a week.

Directly bicepsum muscle is only a small part of the hand. The main share of volume (more than 50%) falls on triceps. But it is the regular study of a double-headed muscle makes the shoulders expressive and gives them a spectacular courageous relief. Nevertheless, so that the hands look strong and strong, except for basic exercises on the biceps, you need to not forget to pump and triceps.

We work out muscles, you should fully focus on your own feelings. It is very important to feel how the body works and adhere to the correct exercise technique.

Free Weight Training

Free scales include dumbbells, rods, pancakes for her, special burden for hands and legs. That is, any unlocked sports shells. During classes with such an inventory, the main sources of force are more included - ligaments and tendons.

Rod rise on biceps standing

Align in the standing position, you can rest in the power frame. The wall in this regard is an inappropriate option, since when performing the exercise you will not be able to remove the elbows a little back.

Take the shell, pressing the elbow joints the body or to the stomach. It is necessary to hold the rod rod with the reverse grip on the width of the shoulders. In the breath, bend your hands to the chest level, go back to the original position.

Lifting dumbbells on an inclined bench

Install the back of the training bench into the inclined position. Sit on her, holding shells in your hands, spin tightly back to the back. Flexing elbow joints, alternately lift and lower your hands. When the hand is in the upper position, you must turn the brush to your side as much as possible. The elbows should not be moved forward.

Lifting dumbbells "hammer"

Stand straight, watch the blades have been reduced together, the elbows were in a natural position without moving forward. Exhausted, smoothly raise hands with shells up, on the breath lower them back. When performing an exercise on the biceps, you can raise both hands at the same time or in turn. Inviroing the limb to the lower position, do not relax it to the end. Easy tension should be felt.

Concentrated lifts of dumbbells

Stay at the training bench, feet slightly spread to the sides. Take a shell in your hand, lean a little and turn toward dumbbells. At the same time, the elbow should be restricted into the inner side of the hip.

Now omit the outfit to the floor surface, almost straightening your hand. Lift it up, bending the elbow joint, and try to keep the weight in the top position at least two to three seconds.

Effective biceps exercises using simulators

Training with biceps-machine

Place the equipment of the simulator, install the required weight. Knocks the elbows on special stands, stick the handles with the palms. Please note that the elbow joints must be on the same line with the shoulders.

Exhausted, strain double-headed muscles and lift up the simulator handle. Hold in the top position for a few seconds. Doing inhale, smoothly lower your hands in the initial position.

Ringing hands in the top block of the crossover

First of all, prepare the simulator, consolidating the handle to the crossover cables. Now stand smoothly and take them with palms by the bottom.

On the exhalation, tense biceps and bend the elbow joints, attracting the heads sandwiched in the hands. In position, when the palms are on delta, you need to withstand a pause, most straining muscles.

Freeing the lungs from the air, return to the initial position.

Hand Flexing in the Lower Crossover Block

In the initial position, grab the handle fixed to the cable of the lower block. Now straighten and rejected a little back. When performing, do not divide the elbow joints to the sides. Put the legs about the width of the shoulders.

Exterior, bend the forearms until you feel how the biceps will be completely reduced. Corps hold exactly, do not swing.

Doing inhale, take the initial position.

How to achieve maximum efficiency

First of all, it should be remembered that progress depends on the competent organization of the training process. Only so you can exclude injury and excessive overwork during classes.

To train the biceps to bring a tangible result, you need to follow a number of useful recommendations:

  • The basis of the training program should include basic heavy exercises. Such as: Hands of dumbbells and rods, lunges, squats, traction movements that increase muscle mass and power. In a situation where the athlete is concentrated on working out only one or two muscular groups, its body develops disproportionately.

  • It is necessary to hold classes regularly, better at least three times a week. It is impossible to train from the case of the case, postponing the next training for later.

  • When the purpose of classes is to build muscle mass, you can not forget about the appropriate nutrition. By constiting a daily diet, it is necessary to focus on protein products. Ideally, the athlete needs to consume 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Take care that there is enough non-fat meat, seafood, birds, fish and fermenckers in your menu.

  • Before proceeding to performing exercises on the biceps in the gym or at home, be sure to warm up. Otherwise, the muscles and tendons can be injured.

  • Intensive workouts can not be carried out daily. So that the muscles develop well, you need to give them enough time to restore. Do not forget that after the loading of the muscle on average is restored at least 48-72 hours. To help them, you need to eat after workout.

How to train beginners and avoid mistakes

Often, novice athletes start training, not knowing the features of the muscle structure and not have the idea of ​​the correct technique of performing exercises. Because of this, they allow many errors and lose the opportunity to achieve the desired result. For classes to be truly effective, beginners should be aware of the most common shortcomings and try to avoid them.

  • First of all, remember, it is impossible to get a volumetric embossed biceps in a short time. Of course, if you do it naturally. You can quickly pump up with the help of pharmacological preparations that are not the best reflected on human health. For lovers of an unnatural rapid effect, in most cases, everything ends very depressively.

  • Do not overestimate your own capabilities, especially if you just start doing. Do not hurry to train biceps at once with a lot of weight, just lose the technique, traverse and do not achieve the desired result.

So, the optimal weight of the rod for training the double-headed muscles is 6.5 kg. To determine the weight of dumbbells, it is necessary to a little exercise. To start, take a shell weighing 5-6 kg and take 12-15 repetitions. If they managed to be performed without much voltage, increase the load by 1-2 kg. In the opposite situation, when the movement is given with difficulty, it is necessary to strain the housing significantly and the weight should be reduced, weight should be reduced.

It is the excessive working weight that does not allow a novice athlete directly to feel the work of muscles. As a result, when climbing the biceps, a large load is not given in hand, but on the neck and back. What leads to the development of various pathologies of the spine.

  • Always follow the right exercise technique. What exercises for the biceps include in the training program and how to perform them, you can explain the professional coach. Of course, many prefer to do their own, but at least the first couple of workouts should be held under the supervision of a professional.

Training program

Relying on the exemplary training scheme shown below in the table, you can competently build an individual training program. It is focused on performing exercises in the gym, but if you wish, other movements can be included in it, allowing you to do at home. Training must be carried out no more than three times a week.

Complex of exercises on biceps:

Exercises Number of approaches Number of repetitions
Lifting dumbbells on an inclined bench 412
Lifting dumbbells "hammer" 412
Rods with biceps standing 410-15
Concentrated lifts of dumbbells 310
Biceps machine 312-15
Ringing hands in the upper or lower block of the crossover 310-12.

The above training program is only a benchmark with which you can achieve the desired results. Do not be afraid to improve, divert the scheme of classes, adjust it to individual physical capabilities - and you will definitely become the owner of strong pumped biceps.

How to pump biceps

Big Biceps is a reason for pride and the best opportunity to boast before the surrounding muscles. To pump biceps to the desired volume, it is not necessary to attend the gym. You can train at home, but you will need to make a lot of effort and comply with certain rules.

To go to the gym, acquire sports nutrition - this is, of course, the most correct trip to the pumping of good muscles, but there is no such possibility. Correctly approaching the case, you can achieve excellent results and independently.

Strong hands are needed to each man. This incredibly facilitates life, since any physical activity becomes much simpler. Pumping hands, you will get both strength and a beautiful visual effect. No other muscles change their shape so much when reduced, except for biceps.

Not only guys gain confidence in their own irresponsibility, pumping powerful biceps. Developed and taped muscles of hands decorates girls. They begin to feel as comfortable in the top of the sleeves.

Anatomy of biceps

To pump up hands, you need to understand the structure of the biceps. It is a two-headed shoulder muscle, which is responsible for bending the elbow joint. Triceps is called the muscle passing along the shoulder. Biceps is on top, and triceps - bottom of the hand.

Both muscles are equally important. If your goal is only a visual effect, which you can hit others, you can restrict ourselves to the expenditure of the biceps. Another people you demonstrate this muscle. When your task is to increase your hands in volume, be sure to pay attention to a triceps that takes two thirds of the muscles of the hand.

How to install biceps at home

There are various types of training on biceps without visiting the sports hall and involve special simulators. There is no sense to consider everything. Let us dwell on the most effective. If you do everything right, you will be able to pump up the two-headed muscles without using high scales.

The two main methods for pumping biceps are:

  • Lifting gravity. Nothing supernatural from you is required. It is necessary to raise things that no attention was not paid at all.
  • Enhance your own body weight. Many mistakenly believe that without using auxiliary weight can not do. Own weight also perfectly helps to pump and develop muscles.

What things can be lifted without involving weights?

It is not necessary to even acquire dumbbells and a bar. There are a lot of heavy things that are calmly replaced by a special sports recorder:

  • piles of fat books;
  • Plastic bottles filled with water;
  • Bags with rice;
  • Various canned foods that are often stored in home storage rooms;
  • Packages with three-liter washing powder.

The last option, by the way, is considered one of the best.

It is not recommended to use a bottle of milk or juice as a burden. The main feature of such tanks is that they have covers that often after opening the package begin to leak or jump. As a result, during your home training, an unpleasant incident may occur. Washing tanks, on the contrary, have tightly twisted caps. Another plus is that they are equipped with special handles. They are also pretty strong.

It is necessary to fill the eggplants with a so many liquid as you can raise. No need to immediately strive to take a maximum. Take wrapping weights. Large load can be obtained with a similar amount of eggplant, but using another filler. It may be sand. You can dial it on the nearest beach or in the sandbox.

What weight should be raised?

Weight directly depend on the number of repetitions that you perform. The standard is 8-12 repetitions. This is the optimal option to avoid overtraining and injury. Such a number of repetition makes it possible to focus on endurance. Some newbies prefer to do from six to ten repetitions, but this may be not enough. To train precisely on perseverance, it is necessary to hone a specific technique.

It consists in performing 12 repetitions:

  • Too easy . Approaches are given without an application of special efforts when you do not feel any special tension. If this is your case, do not increase the number of repetitions, but increase the weight of the burden used.
  • Too hard . When after a few repeats, you can no longer be further lifted, it means that it is necessary to reduce the load. Be sure to test each decline. This will allow you to choose the optimal option.
  • Ideally. Weight optimal when you can make the first approaches easily, and the subsequent are harder. That is what will be your perfect burden.

The appearance of severe pain at the first workouts is not a reason for concern. She testifies that you really raise optimal weights, that is, your biceps grow. Newbies do not always have the latter immediately, but the presence of pain signals that you are on the right track.

When you have a feeling that you can cope with a certain weight, then it's time to increase the load. If you do not do this, the biceps will simply stop growing and will not become stronger. Some increase, of course, will be present, but because of the too slow pace, the results will remain invisible. To develop double-headed muscles further, it is necessary to gradually increase weight. Senake that burden was too easy? Adjust the load.

Exercises on biceps at home

Deciding with the number of approaches, it is necessary to master the exercises that allow you to achieve the desired result.

Performed with handwriters. As it was written above, it is best to use eggplant and a container from under the washing powder.

Biceps flexion

This is the most effective exercise for pumping the double muscles. It is performed according to the following technique:

  • Stand straight. Hands should be located on the sides. Take each eggmarket. Shoulders should not move. They must remain stationary all the time performing movement.
  • On the exhalation, lift the eggmarket up in front of yourself with your right hand and pull up to the right shoulder. The biceps flexion produced due to the turn of the brush in the direction of the clockwise direction when lifting.
  • Hold up at extreme top point. When your right hand turns out to be close to the right shoulder, firmly squeeze the biceps for a few seconds.
  • Return to starting position on the exhale.

Total make three approaches with 8-12 repetitions. Between approaches, they necessarily take a break by 1.5 minutes.

There are several varieties of this exercise:

  • An eggmarket can be lifted alternately with each hand - left, right and so on. You should get from 16 to 24 repetitions in total. The main thing, do not forget about the interruptions between the approaches.
  • Simultaneous raising both hands. The number of repetitions do not increase. One lift is considered to be a full-fledged repetition.

An optional exercise standing. You can sit on the chair, bench or sofa. The main thing is that the movement of the hand prevented anything, you could make a full flexion of the biceps.

Bending biceps with a towel

Effective and simple exercise that can be performed almost everywhere. It does not require exercise burden. It is enough to have a simple towel, as well as a bag or a bag. This option is suitable for those who are in a journey or the road without being able to fill with eggplant with water or sand. Use sweater items by filling the backpack or bag.

Execution technique:

  • Take a towel through the straps of the bag or a backpack filled with heavy things;
  • Take the towel with your hands for both edges and slowly scroll through the bag;
  • Move up and rotate hands;
  • In the upper position of the palm should always be rotated to your shoulders.

To achieve maximum effect, turn your palms as stronger as possible and lingering in the taking position for a couple of seconds. Hands must be strongly strained.

Concentrated bending with eggmarkets

Concentrated bending with eggmarkets

This option is also called biceps bending. To perform an exercise, you need an eggplant and a place where you can easily sit and nothing will interfere with the full compression of the double-headed muscles.

Execution technique:

  • Sit on the chair, sofa or bench, spreading my legs on the floor;
  • Take an eggmarket in my right hand and lean a little ahead, the right elbow should be pressed against the inside of the right thigh, and then completely lower the hand down;
  • Eggplant must be near the right ankle, while it is allowed to stop the left hand on the left knee;
  • With exhale, bend the right biceps and raise the weighting agent until the arm is touched by the chest;
  • Hold in the accepted position for a few seconds;
  • With a breath, lower the emergency bargain, returning thus in the initial position.

Perform 8-12 repetitions. Repeat similar movement on the left hand, working on the left biceps. Observe technology. Must move exclusively forearm. Trying to help yourself with a body, swaying it, it is impossible. Perform three approaches for each hand. Do not forget to do small pauses between sets.

Exercises with their own weight

To pump biceps, it is not necessary to use extraneous weight. You can use as a burden mass of your own body.

Biceps bending with foot

To do the exercise, a chair, a sofa or stool will be required, since biceps bend sitting.

Execution technique:

  • Sit and shove your left hand under the opposite foot. The thigh should be a little above the knee.
  • Tighten your leg to the maximum possible height. It is extremely recommended to help their leg muscles, since it greatly facilitates the load and reduces the effectiveness of the exercise. Make sure that only the muscles of the hands were involved.

Exercising on biceps load with time becomes too easy. Drain it allows you to raise your legs on the step. This will increase the resistance when the muscles of the legs pull the hand down. Each side is performed by one approach from 8-12 repetitions.

Tightening the reverse grip to the chin

The exercise is performed on the horizontal bar, but according to special technique when tightening are made with a reverse grip. This is the most effective basic movement for biceps pumping. It is not necessary to go to the sports field. The horizontal bar can be installed right at home. This will greatly facilitate your training in general.

Execution technique:

  • Palms on the crossbar are face to themselves, and the hands are a little wider shoulders. This is a reverse grip that creates additional load and the necessary accent. When the palms are not turned to you, but from you, the load is transferred from biceps onto the back. Such a grip does not suit you.
  • Tighten until the chin is on top of the crossbar. To achieve this, raise your own body weight, bending hands until the chin is at the level of the hands.

Swinging the body during tightening is considered chining. It can not be allowed because it will not allow to achieve the desired result. The body must be kept as smoothly as possible during pull-ups, and the feet press over to each other. Your task is to rise up at the expense of a strong movement and slowly, controlling every moment, descend down, almost completely flexing your hands.

Hands should not be completely straight. The key point is only the complete extension of the elbow joint. The double-headed muscle is involved only at this movement, and not straightening hands. If only the elbow joint is intended, the biceps will remain constantly tense. This is exactly the effect to which you strive when pumping this muscle.

Another key point is to avoid touching gender legs. To achieve this, keep your legs slightly bent in your lap when they turn out to be behind you. This body position resembles the letter "g".

Tightening - basic exercise. It is directed to pumping not only double muscles, but also back. There are no special restrictions on the number of repetitions. Do so much pull-ups as you can. The main thing is not to swing and try to rise as usually as possible.

Rubber harnesses instead of weight

Rubber harness is an inexpensive acquisition, if compared with dumbbells and a barbell, but allowing many effective exercises on biceps. To flexion on the biceps with an expendler, follow the following execution technique:

  • Hold each end of the harness with your hands. The middle should hang and touch the floor.
  • Stand your foot on the free speaking center of the Espander, putting your legs on the width of the shoulders.
  • Purchase your elbows in the sides and start bending the forearm. Hands should touch the shoulders.
  • Hold in the current position for a few second, thoroughly squeezing your hands.
  • Lower your hands down, returning to the original position.

Using rubber harness, you can try in training posing. Hands must be kept in a bent position of 10 seconds, and then rebuke a few seconds again. After the pause, repeat the movement again. This is called an isometric exercise when the muscles are constantly tense and held in the same position.

To get the maximum result, bending the muscles you need as stronger as possible. Try to focus and imagine that you press the fists as close as possible to your head or trying to touch it.

Try to keep muscles tense longer than a few seconds. The correctness of the performance is evidenced by the feeling of exhalation. If your face literally demonstrates painful pain, it means everything is done correctly. It is this tension that makes your biceps grow.

Positization allows you to strengthen biceps immediately after the exercise is completed.

Proper nutrition for muscle growth

Nutrition for novice bodybuilder

Training on pumping accompanied by the formation of microtrase in muscle fibers. It is partial destruction of musculature tissues that allows you to increase the volume. The muscles react to the microtraums obtained by creating new fibers. This allows you to get the desired volumes and relief.

In order for the process of restoring muscle fibers to occur as quickly and efficiently as possible, it is necessary to ensure proper power after each workout. It consists of food containing amino acids.

Most of all amino acids are concluded in proteins. Protein, entering the body, is absorbed to the use of amino acids. To obtain the required amount of nutrient, a day is required to consume 2-2.6 grams of protein per 1 kilogram of its own body weight.

The number of food intakes is recommended to zoom up to 4-6 times. This allows you to get the necessary feeding for muscles throughout the day.

The following products are rich in proteins:

  • Chicken eggs;
  • lean grade meat;
  • Tuna and salmon;
  • Chicken and turkey.

You can not be limited only to food. It is not always possible to get the required amount of protein from the diet. Compensate the lack of protein allows serum protein isolate. You can mix the additive with milk or water, do a smoothie. The sale presents a huge number of other types of protein, but this is the best possible price. It is suitable for reception before the start and after the completion of the workout, is absorbed faster than other additives and protein from food.

Proper nutrition is inextricably linked with the maintenance of the water balance in the body. The fluid is necessary to preserve and maintain normal metabolism, muscle tissue growth, which are 70% consisting of water. If not to drink enough liquid, it may cause catabolism and reduce muscle volume.

Pain is normal!

Training are accompanied by painful sensations in the muscles. This phenomenon is called attachment. It can manifest a few hours after doing exercise and reach your peak after two days. If training is intense, the attachment can maintain up to seven days.

This is a good pain. It testifies to the formation of microcracks and growth processes, and, therefore, the correctness of the exercise. Cleaver does not pass with time. Even perennial training accompany pain. The main thing is not to confuse this pain with the sharp, which arises due to injury. In the latter case, you need to immediately consult a doctor. If you have never trained before, it is better to first pass the medical check of the AP, and then start studying.

How often do you need to train biceps?

You can not do every day. The body needs time to restore. Couple training in a week enough. The main thing is not to focus on the number of classes, but on the effective and correct implementation of the exercises. The processing of the same muscle group for several days will result in injury. If not to recover biceps, but immediately move to the next workout, the volume will decrease, and not increase.

So that this does not happen, diverse workouts. One day work on the biceps and upper belt, and the other dedicate the bottom and legs. You can alternate loads with cardio, such as jogs or swimming in the pool. There are many options. The main thing is not to work on biceps daily. It is harmful and frauma is harmful. There will be nothing good from this approach. Cut a high-quality training, correctly feel, rest, and then pump the biceps again. It's the right way.

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