Aslan. , also Great Lev. - Creator and Keeper of Narnia.

Aslan creates narnia.

Aslan created a narnation. Before that, there was an inside world where there was not even light. Aslan created everything with his singing: the sun, stars, grass and trees, animals and mythical beings. He saw that there were people in his world, as well as the evil witch, but did not stop singing. Having created animals, Aslan highlighted each species in a pair and endowed them with a mind and speech. Then he convened the first Council of Narnia to decide what to do with the evil that penetrated into a new world. At the end of the discussion, Digori, Polly and Frank approached the Council. Aslan wanted to find out why the boy led the evil sorcerer into his world, and Digori honestly answered Lion. After that, Aslan appealed to the franc, convincing him to become the first king of Narnia and calling him a franc Helen's wife here.

Aslan corps Frank and Helen.

Aslan wanted the Digori himself corrected the deed. He explained that in the new world only they are having a mountain: Digori for their sick mother, and he is for evil, penetrated into the narnation. Aslan sent Digori and polli to the garden, where the tree of eternal youth grew. They had to bring him an apple from this tree. To help them Aslan turned the horse to the strawberries in Pegasus. Children successfully coped with this task, and the Great Leo asked Digori independently to plant the extracted apple. Then Aslan coroned Frank and Helen and put Andrew Ketterly, having relived him at a time from heavy experiences. While the solemn ceremony from the apple rose a tree. Aslan explained to everyone that it will protect the narnation from Jadis, and allowed the diguri to rip the apple from this tree. It was supposed to heal his mom. Aslan moved the children and Uncle Andrew first to the forest between the worlds, where she showed an empty pond at the entrance to the world of Charna, from where it was a genus Jadis, and warned about tyrants that will appear on Earth and then in London.

Aslan meets Peter, Susan and Lucy.

In the middle of winter, the Aslan has never appeared in Narnia. But when he returned, the magic of the White Witch, who ruled here and squeezed the country eternal cold, came the end. Aslan gathered the animals devotees and creatures at the stone table, and at this point in Narnia had the summer. Peter, Susan, Lucy, Mr. Beaver and Mrs. Beaver came here. Aslan welcomed them and promised to rescue Edmund, although he immediately warned that it would be difficult. He showed Peter Caer-Paralla Castle, and at that moment the sound of the horns of Susan will be broken down the camp. Wolf attacked girls. Aslan ordered the warriors to move aside and offered Peter to fight him. Peter managed to kill the wolf, after which Aslan dedicated him to the knights and ordered quick animals and creatures to take a chance for the second wolf, hidden in the bushes. The wolf brought them to the White Witch and Edmund, and the boy was saved.

Aslan negotiates with a sorcerer

Aslan talked to Edmund for a long time. In the morning Aslan told Peter, Susan and Lucy, that you do not need to remember the past, and they forgave the brother. Soon after that, a white witch was in the camp. She demanded to return her a traitor, reminding the great lion about ancient magic. Aslan agreed with her and ordered everyone to move away to talk with the sorcerer alone. He suggested her life instead of Edmund's life. The sorcerer agreed to the transaction. After she left, Aslan ordered the camp and move to Broda Berun. He spent the first half of the way with Peter, explaining the tactics of the upcoming battle, and the second half was accompanied by Susan and Lucy. Aslan was saddened and his mood was redoned with everyone.

Aslan resurrected.

At night, Aslan left the camp at Brode Berun and went back to the stone table. He noticed that the girls went after him, and allowed them to go around, because in this hard hour did not want to be alone. Without reaching the stone table, Aslan said goodbye to Susan and Lucy and went to the stone table, where he was already waiting for the white sorcerer and her minions. The lion did not resist when he was tied up, put on a muzzle and shrewd the mane. He did not say a word and did not publish a sound. Aslan looked into the sky when the sorceress killed him with a stone knife. However, at dawn began to work very ancient magic, the stone table split and the great lion was risen. Seeing him alive, Susan and Lucy were happy. Aslan told them to climb himself on his back and hurried huge jumps to the north.

Aslan returns tumes to life.

Very soon they got to the castle of the White Witch. Aslan jumped over the wall across the wall and found himself in the courtyard, full stone figures. He ran down to Lero, blowing him, and he began to come to life. The same Aslan did with all the prisoners of the castle. Then they all hurried to help Peter and his army. Fresh forces sucked just in time, and Ryr of Aslan, who shook the entire narnation, made confusion in the ranks of enemies. Aslan himself rushed to the sorceress and killed her. Having lost her Mrs., the army of the sorcerer rushed to the gossip. Peter told the great lion about the progress of the battle and about the heroism of Edmund, who broke the magic wand with a white sorcerer and he got a heavy wound.

Aslan leaves the holiday.

Aslan reminded Lucy about her therapeutic drink. Lucy gave him to Edmund, and then she and the Great Leo helped other participants in the battle: Aslan returned stone statues to life, Lucy - wounded. After that, they all went to the Car-Parallel, where the next day Aslan coronated new kings and Korolev Narnia. He himself did not participate in the festivities and slowly came out of the castle.

Aslan sends Arabit to Shasta.

Aslan saved the life of Corra and his satellites several times and sent them. So, he drove his breathing to the Kalornian shore a boat, in which a killer was lying. Much later, when Shasta and Igoga went on the road to the narnia, Aslan drew them with Arabita and Win, shook behind both horses at the same time and navigating them to each other. Under Tashbaan, when Shasta was waiting for his friends at the tomb, Aslan, in the appearance of the cat, came to the boy and erased his sleep. Until Shakals appeared. Then Aslan appealed to Lion again and drove them, and then again became a cat and warmed with a sharp over the rest of the night.

At the end of the journey of the fugitives, when the Rabadas squad appeared on the horizon, who went to Orlanda, and the horses went running away, Aslan appeared again and chased them, which gave the horses of the forces. He also caught up with Win with Arabita and defeated two shocks with a paw, leaving ten strips on her back, but then retired. Leaving friends from hermit, Shasta continued his way, found King Moon and went for his retinue, but lagged and chose another road. While Shasta rode in the fog along the edge of the gorge, Aslan walked nearby, between him and the edge of the gorge. Aslan told Shasta, as he helped him all this time. When the fog scattered and the boy saw Lion, he jumped off the horse and bowed to Aslan.

Aslan pursues Arabit.

Aslan visited Arabit, Igoga and Win in the yard of hermit. It turned out that he backed the same wound as many wounds, her slave was received from the stepmother, which Arabita had a sleepy potion. But he refused to tell more about someone else's fate. After the battle at Anvard, Aslan came to the saved city and turned the Rabadasha Rabadash who attacked the Anvard Calormen Tsarevich in the Donkey, decided that he would become a man only at the temple of God Tasha and could not leave this temple anymore, so as not to turn into a donkey again.

Aslan appeared before children and dwarf.

For unknown reasons, Aslan did not appear for a long time in Narnia, and even many of the original Narganians considered it just a character of old fairy tales. Only at the end of the period of the Telmar occupation, the Great Leo returned to the narnia simultaneously with Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy. He wanted to send them to the right path so that they would meet faster with Young Caspian, but only Lucy noticed him, and the rest did not believe the girl. This disbelief not only cost them lost time, but they could no longer see aslan. The Great Leo appeared only Lucy and ordered to follow him. With difficulty convincing the rest that Aslan really appeared, Lucy went after him, while the rest were able to see the Great Leo much later. Aslan brought them to the hill of the stone table, where they are located Caspian camp and his supporters. By sending Peter and Edmund to the prince, Aslan was buried. His roar rushes throughout the Narnia and woke up DRIAD and other sleeping creatures.

Travel along the river.

The next morning Aslan went on the road with Susan, Lucy, Vakhoma, Silen and Menada. They freed the river god, destroying the bridge from Brod Berun, delivered the girl named Gwendolin from the tedious and false lessons of history, and in another city - a teacher from harmful students, a boy who beat a cruel man, cured the former Nanny of Caspian and made many other good affairs. Returning to the Hill of the Stone Table, where the battle has already ended, Aslan welcomed the young Caspian and asked him, is it ready to become a king? Hearing a negative answer, the Great Leo welcomed the new king of Narnia. Then Aslan returned the Ripichipu lost in the battle of the tail, but not for his honor, but for the sake of honesty and loyalty to his small people.

Aslan offers Telmarians to go to Earth.

The next day, Aslan's Messengers went to all the corners of Narnia, to notify the Telmarians that the old orders were returned to the narnia and that those who do not want to live in this way should come to Broda Berun. Here they installed vertical rhe, connected by horizontal crossbar. Five days later, in the morning Aslan talked to Peter and Susan, explaining that they no longer return to the narnia, as they became too adults. Then he turned to the audience to the Telmarians. Aslan told them about how they hit the narnation from the ground, and now they have to come back. The first to Aslan came out one of the warriors. The Great Lion thanked him for courage and said that his fate would be happy. Then, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy passed through the portal.

Transfiguration of Ustas.

Aslan was on Caspian's coronation and endorsed his promise to swim east throughout the year and one day to find seven lords expelled by Mraz. Three years later, Caspian went on this journey on the ship conqueror dawn. Aslan invisibly followed the ship all his way. For the first time he revealed himself to Justas when he turned into a dragon. Making sure that the boy learned the lesson, Aslan led him to the reservoir in the middle of the fruit garden and ordered to remove the "clothes". Yustas tried to contempt the skin several times while the lion did not let his claws in the course. Only then on the stones lay the fastest and dark skin, and, plunging into the water, Ustas again became a man.

Aslan on the island of the waters.

The second time Aslan appeared on the island of the Dead Water, when Caspian and Edmund quarreled near the source, which turned everything into gold. The lion passed along the hillside and scattered the obsession, mastered by young people. The next time Aslan seemed Lucy when she read a magic book and wanted to pronounce beauty spell, and then, when the girl read a spell of unwildness removal, Aslan became visible. He warted Lucy for overhearding the conversation of his two friends, and introduced to Koriakin's wizard. Lion told Lucy that she would go to Car-parashal today to tell the Gnome Trampik about how the Caspian journey passes.

Aslan in the lamp of the lamb at the edge of the world.

When the conqueror of the dawn could not get out of the island of darkness, Lucy began to pray Aslan, and he flew in the image of Albatros. Following the bird, Drinian brought the ship to the light. In the trip of the journey, when Caspian decided to leave the throne, Aslan came to him in the cabin of the ship. The lion spoke harshly with him, explaining why his decision was incorrect. He said that only Ripichip, Edmund, Lucy and Yustas should be sent further. They did that. Fasting goodbye to the Ripichip, which floated to Aslan, Edmund, Lucy and Ustas saw on the lambs of the lamb. It was Aslan. He said Edmund and Lucy, that they no longer return to the narnia and that they must learn to recognize it under a different name there, on earth. Then Aslan his breathing suffered all three to Cambridge.

Aslan gives instructions to Jill.

Ten years after the son of King Caspiana Prince Rilian disappeared, Aslan called in the Narnia of Ustanas and his acquaintance at the Jil School. Children moved from the school yard to the country of the Great Leo, and here, because of the rapid actions, Jil Ustas fell from a high rock. Aslan immediately appeared and his breathing sent a boy to Car-pararal. Then he left to give Jill to deal with his thoughts. Aslan was waiting for her at the stream, and the girl, wanted to drink, came there. She was afraid of a lion, but Aslan was waiting for it to overdo her fear. When Jil Osmell and got drunk from the stream, the lion called her to him and asked about the boy. Jill admitted that Ustas fell from the cliff because of her. Aslan said she would not do so more and that now would give her a task. He told Jil about the missing Prince and called four signs to help her and Justas in his search. Aslan strictly punished the girl to repeat the signs in the morning and in the evening every day, and then sent Jil to Carpathy as well as Yustas.

Transformed Rilian Shield.

However, Jil did not wonder aslan's words, and when the journey on the northern waste was too heavy, stopped repeating signs. Aslan came Jil in her dream when she was in Harfang. He took her for a shake and drove to the window, so that Jill saw the inscription on the destroyed city of the giants. It helped her, Justas and Kmuru find the entrance to the underworld and save Riliana. When the lady in Green was defeated, the prince's black shield was transformed and the face of Aslan was manifested.

Yustas Kolts Lap Aslan.

Unfortunately, Rillaian did not have time to enjoy the meeting with his father, since immediately after his arrival in Car-Paralla, the old king died. Aslan appeared to the castle to transfer Ustas and Jil back to his country. Here in the stream lay the dead Caspian. Lev ordered Justas to tear off the barbanic and pour him a paw. From the blood of Aslan Caspian again became young and rose from the stream. Aslan, at the request of Caspian, moved him for a while on the ground, where they together with Justas and Jil scared hooligans from the gang. Aslan himself showed them only his back, after which he and Caspian returned to the narnia.

One day the monkeys dreamed of donkey fucked in the lion's skin and gave him to Aslan. Many of the Narius believed this deception and began to listen to the sublimilion, and at the time of the time he entered into collusion with Kalormen and together with them began to promote the idea of ​​the Unified God of Tashlana - the connection of the Kalormamian Tasha and the Great Leo. This led to a complete chaos and fall of Narnia.

Aslan did not try to influence all these events and appeared only at the very end when Kalormians captured narnia. He met with the Kalorman young ememet, whom she considered decent and let go to his country, and then with the seven friends of Narnia and King Tirian in his country, when they were all there. Lucy asked him to help the gnomes who were sitting next to the grass, but stubbornly thought that they were in a stinking hlev. Aslan buried, and then shook the mane, and several dishes and drinks appeared before the gnomes. But the gnomes did not want to give themselves to fool, so they thought that they want to scare their other people in Klelev, and the food seemed to them tasteless. Aslan told Lucy that he could do nothing for them, and moved to the door that served as the portal between his country and the narnine.

Court Aslan

Aslan buried and urged his father time, he cried into the horn, and the stars came from the sky. They stood next to Aslan, and his shadow from their radiance lay down far from left. Then live creatures from all over the Narnia began to bother to the door. They looked into the eyes of Aslan, and those who watched with hatred went to the shadow of Aslan, where they disappeared, and those who watched with love passed on the door and found themselves in Aslan's country. Meanwhile, Narnia continued to collapse. When it was flooded and over the water rose a huge sun, Aslan announced the end of the Narnia, and the father squeezed the sun with his hand. In Narnia, darkness came, and the great lion ordered to close the door.

As soon as everything ended, Aslan commanded to everyone running further and further deep into and rushed to the West, quickly recalled from the rest and disappeared away. When everyone got to the high mountains far in the West, they met aslan again. The lion talked with stupid, and then turned to the seven friends of Narnia and told them that the railway catastrophe, in which they hit, was real and now they are all dead and always remain in his region.

Aslan wise and kind lion capable of self-sacrifice. It is also harsh, and merciful. This is a powerful ruler of Narnia, a model who plays an important role in the history of Narnia and fights with evil with its creations. Aslan - teacher and defender for all their wards.

Aslan has the ability to create live, teleportation of objects, and much more.

In the cartoon Aslan really great growth, no less than 1.5 meters in height in the shoulders and about 2 meters along with the head. Only a Giant White Witch can compete with him in this. Accordingly, Aslan has large fangs and claws. Claws, he shows once - when kills a sorceress. In the cartoon Aslan himself gives the children of singers gifts instead of Father Christmas.

The creators of the series can be said thanks for not showing Aslan in the form of a person dressed in a lion costume and walking on the rear "paws". For 1988, when the series was filmed, the Animatron Lion turned out to be very good. However, he could not run, jump and perform other sharp movements. This is associated with changes in some scenes in comparison with books. For example, Aslan flies into the Castle of the White Witch, and the trambic he throws into the air by the power of his breathing. Aslan's growth in the series is a little more than a meter in the shoulders and about 1.7 meters along with the head. In the series "Silver Chair", Aslan creates visions on the surface of the river, telling Jil about Caspian and Riliana.

The authors of the film created the most realistic image of Aslan, which contributed to computer graphics. Both sizes and behavior, it corresponds to the real lion. At the same time, the creators of the film managed to organically enter into this image of human facial expressions. Unfortunately for fans, the chronicles of Narnia, Aslan is a central character only in the first film, while the film "Prince Caspian" his role is significantly reduced, in comparison with the book. In fact, it appears only in the final of the film when the battle at the stone table hill is already in full swing. Fully absent scenes with the way he led Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy through the forest to Caspian, as well as his journey with girls and Vakhu in Narnia. Similarly, in the film "Conqueror Dawn", Aslan is present only in final scenes and in a dream Lucy. He does not appear on the island of Koriakina, nor on the island of the dead of water, nor on the island of the Dragon.

  • In the book "Silver Chair", it is mentioned that Aslanian nine names (6 names are known: Aslan, the Great Leo, the son of the emperor, the sea, the ruler of the forest, the king of the kings, nice).
  • Aslan is the only character that appears in all the chronicles of Narnia.
  • "Aslan" in Turkish means "lion".
  • From the characters of books most often aslan saw Lucy.
  • According to the memories of Lewis, the image of a lion gave him in a dream.

Lion Aslan is an important image in the work of Clywa Staiplza Lewis and specifically in the cycle of his works "Chronicles of Narnia". We have collected several facts about this character that you might not know.

Aslan is one of the main characters of the Klyiv Lewis books series - "Narnia Chronicles". The only character that appears in all books of the series.

In Turkic languages, Aslan means "lion". Lewis learned this name during a trip to the Ottoman Empire, he was impressed with the elite guard of Sultan, which was also called Aslan because of their courage and loyalty. As a Christian, Lewis chose a lion for the image of God - the symbol of the Knee Judene, from which all the Jewish kings and the Messiah occur.

Clive Steiplz Lewis "I took the name from" Thousand and One Night. " So there will be a Lion in Turkic ... Of course, I meant the lion from the knee of Judene. "

Aslan was a big lion. The wise and honest lion, always helped by advice to everyone, participated in the creation of not only Narnia, but also other worlds. Aslan joined nature with man, plants with animals. Aslan was the king of the kings of Narnia, he could call on nature to help, and at the end of the first book sacrificed himself, Aslan was resurrected.

Dmitry Urushev , historian, member of the Union of Journalists of Russia: "The personification of Christ in the book Lewis is the Great Lion Aslan, the Creator of Narnia, the son of the Zamar Emperor. In Christianity, this terrible predator is one of the oldest characters of the Word of God, the Son God, the Savior. Since the Old Testament, the Lion is associated with something powerful and royal. In Scripture, it is said: "The lion is a strongman between the beasts, will not be resounded by anyone" (Proverb. 30:30). The young lion is the biblical symbol of the Knee Judah (Gen. 49: 9), from where the king David - the forefather's Messiah. So this noble beast refers to the human nature of the Savior. "

Aslan - the son of the emperor-in the sea, which chronologically first appears in the book "Nereyanik Correce". He creates his own singing. When Aslan meets Digori and Polly, he sends them to a magical apple, from which an apple tree grows, protecting the lands of Narnia. When the tree has grown, Aslan ordered the diguri to give one apple to his sick mother to be cured.

The name Aslan instills joy:

"And then something amazing, very strange and partly curiously happened. Children, naturally, did not hear anything about Aslan, But it was worth the beable to pronounce this name, their mood immediately changed . Probably something similar happens only in a dream. You dream about how someone says completely incomprehensible words, but you somehow feel that they have a lot of meaning. If the dream is terrible, then it is after such words that he turns into a nightmare. But it happens that you feel - the meaning is incomprehensibly perfect, and then sleep becomes so wonderful that you remember it for life, and all my life will dream again to see this dream. Something similar happened now. Aslan's name caused the strongest spiritual shock in children ... Peter felt a sudden tide of courage and thirst for adventure. Susan preparing that everything around was filled with a delightful and exquisite fragrance and sounded the sweet music of unknown string tools, which picked it up and, gently defecting, led somewhere. And Lucy experienced what we experience, waking up a clear sunny morning and immediately remembering that the holidays began and ahead of the whole summer ... "

In the book "Lion, a sorcerer and a wardrobe", Pevency, who came to the Narnia, meet many followers of Aslan, who await the return of the lion. The first about Aslan says Mr. Beaver, telling that Aslan is the true king of Narnia, and the children of Pesensi, elected to them to help the people.

In the finals of the book, Aslan is the heroes in the image of the Lamb, symbolizing Christ in the Bible and early Christian art, and invites them to taste the roasted fish - this is an allusion on the phenomenon of Christ to students in the Lake Tiber.

In the book "Prince of Caspian" Aslan, like the children of Singers, became a myth in Narnia. They return and help Caspian to save narnation.

In the book "Conqueror Dawn", Aslan removes the skin of the dragon from Justas and turns back to the boy. He tells Edmund and Lucy that they were too rose to return to the world of Narnia.

Alexander Pikalev , cleric of the St. George Cathedral of Vladikavkaz:

"The image of Aslan, who comes to the rescue of the dragon, in the desire to become a man who jumps the skin with himself, simply amazingly deep and clear. But for a person who does not know Christ will remain completely incomprehensible why the dragon could not help her skin without Aslan, why he rejoiced pain, remaining without skin and found relief in this pain. It will remain completely incomprehensible to the essence of Aslan's promise to be always with Edmund, Lucy and Yusts in their world, if they are able to him, Aslan, find out. It remains incomprehensible, because a person without God will not try to know his world in his ordinary and his medicine in his suffering. "

In the first two fairy tales, the "nephew of a sorceress" and "lion, a walker and a wardrobe", Aslan is presented as a very real Hero-creator and king of the magic country. He causes fear of his enemies and love, and devotion to friends. He makes kings and queens of two boys and two girls from our world in the country of Narnia, expelled evil from his kingdom.

It can be said that in these books Lewis talks about the first joyful days of human spiritual experience. However, in the next book "Conqueror of Dawn or Swimming on the Edge of Light" Lewis offers the reader deeper experiences of faith. Aslan in these fairy tales seems remote, it appears in the image of the lamb, and in the image of the albatros. Complicating search for Aslan, Lewis thus aggravates the spiritual experiences of heroes. Here success depends only on their faith, inhabited by material presence.

In the book "Last Battle" of Ustas and Polly fall into the narnia to help King Tirian save the country, but they do not work. After that, they see Peter and Lucy, and then the rest of the heroes from our world (except Susan, who stopped believing in the narnia). Aslan them says that they all died when they got into the railway catastrophe and now remain in the country Aslan forever.

For sincerely seeker - always finds.

"It's hard for you to understand, baby," Aslan told, "but nothing is happening as already."

You have occurred from Lord Adam and Lady Eve - said Aslan, - and it is quite honorable in order for the poorest beggar highly holding his head, and enough is ashamed to push the head of the greatest emperor to the earth.

- Do you have and with us?

- Of course, dear. Only there I called otherwise. Learn to recognize me under any name. For this you have been in Narnia.

We are not the right to know what it would be, but we can change the future.

You doubt, then you are ready.

Everyone I tell only his story.

I have every while close.

Before overcome evil in the world, you must first overcome evil in yourself.

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Aslan. (eng. Aslan. ; In some translations Arslan or Arsalan [The source is not specified 347 days ]) - Central hero of the books of the Chronicles of Narnia. He is the only character that appears in all books. Aslan is the great Lvom, the son of the emperor-in-sea, the creator of the world of Narnia, its inhabitants and everything else that belongs to Narnia. He comes to the Narius at the time of their disasters.

Why exactly "Aslan"?

In Turkic languages ​​aslan [one] means "lion". Lewis learned this name during a trip to the Ottoman Empire, he was impressed with the elite guard of Sultan, which was also called Aslan because of their courage and loyalty. As a Christian, Lewis chose a lion to the image of God - the symbol of the Knee Judene, from which all the Jewish kings occur and, therefore, the Messiah.

... I took the name from "Thousand and One Night." So the Türksky will be "lion". I myself say aslan. Of course, I meant Lion from the Knee Judene (

Open.5: 5.

) ...


The names of Aslan.

In the sixth chronicles (silver chair), the Centaur was told that Aslan had nine names - Aslan, the Great Lion, the son of the Emperor, the Sea, the ruler of the forest, King Kings ... However, not all names are mentioned in the "Chronicles of Narnia".

... that to another name aslan, try to guess myself. Wasn't it in this world who (1) appeared in Christmas; (2) He said that he was the son of the Great Emperor; (3) for someone else's guilt gave himself to evil people for ridicule and death; (4) Returned to life; (5) It is sometimes called a lamb or lambs (see the end of the "Conqueror of Dawn"). Surely you know what your name is in our world. Think and write me your answer!


Christ as a preimage of Aslan

An excerpt from the letter of Clive Lewis, written by the pupils of the fifth grade from Maryland. [four]

Modlin College Oxford May 29, 1954

... You are mistaken when you think that everything in the books "presents" something in this world. Yes, in the "Pilgrim Travel"

John Bunyana

So, but I am writing differently. I do not say: "Let's imagine Jesus, as it is, in the form of a lion


" I say: "Suppose there would be such a country


, and the Son of God, as he became a man in our world, would be there, and imagine that it could happen. " If you think, you will see that this is quite another matter. So the answer to your first two questions: Ripichip and Nickykrik in this sense do not imagine anyone. ...

As far as I know, for us the only way to Aslan's country lies through death; Maybe some very good people see her reflections during life.

Excerpt from a letter to Clive Lewis to Patricia [four]

June 8, 1960

... I am not at all trying to "present" the real (Christian) story in the symbols. I rather say: "Imagine that there is a world like Narnia, and that the Son of God (or the Great Isso Emperor) comes to redeem him, as our reappeared. What would happen? " Maybe ultimately it turns out about the same, what do you think, but still not quite.

  • 1. The creation of Narnia is the creation of the world, but not at all necessary our.
  • 2. When Jadis disrupts the apple, she, like Adam, makes sin of disadvantage, but for us it is not the same. By that time she had already fallen, and fell deeply.
  • 3. The stone table really has to remind one of the Moses Sreat.
  • 4. The suffering and resurrection of Aslan are the suffering and resurrection of Christ, what they could be in that other world. They are similar to what he has undergone in our, but not the same.
  • 5. Edmund, like Judas, reality, and traitor, however, unlike Judah, he repented and received forgiveness (as, no doubt, would receive Judas if repented).
  • 6. Yes. At the very edge of the Narray World Aslan begins to resemble the Christ on Christ, how we know it here. Hence the lamb, that is, the Lamb. Hence the meal, as at the end of the Gospel of John. Doesn't he say: "After you recognized me here [in Narnia], you will be easier to see me there [in our world]"?
  • 7. And, of course, monkeys and burdock in front of a terrible court (in the "last battle") is like the arrival of an antichrist before the end of our world. All clear? I am very glad that you liked the books.

When a nine-year-old American boy Lawrence was frightened, he loves Aslan more than Jesus, his mother wrote K. S. Lewis to the address of McMillp publishing house. The answer came in ten days. [four] May 6, 1955

Dear Mrs. to ... Pass Lorença from me, with love:

  • 1) Even if he loved Aslan more than Jesus (very soon I will explain why this is impossible), he would not be an idolatry. The idolatry would make it consciously, and he tries to cope with him with him. The Lord knows great how difficult to love him more than everyone else, and will not be angry with us while we try. He will help us.
  • 2) But Lawrence cannot actually love Aslan more than Jesus, even if it seems to him that it is. All the words and cases of Aslan, for which Lorence loves him, said or committed Jesus. So when Laurens thinks he loves Aslan, he actually loves Jesus, and maybe he loves him more than before. Of course, Aslan has what Jesus does not have, - I'm talking about the lion's body. If Lorenz scares that the lion's body likes him more human, I think he is worried in vain. The Lord knows everything about the imagination of a little boy (which he himself created), knows that at a certain age, the idea of ​​a friendly speaking beast is very attractive. Therefore, I think he will not be offended that Lorença like the lion's body. In any case, when Laurens is growing, this feeling is honored by itself, without any effort on his part. So let him not worry.
  • 3) On the site of Lorenz, I would just say when I pray: "Lord, if what I feel and think about these books, you don't like it and it is harmful for me, please take these feelings and thoughts, and if in them There is nothing wrong, then please let it stop disturbing me. And help me love you every day in the sense that is more important than all thoughts and feelings, that is, to fulfill your will and strive to be like you. " That's what, in my mind, Laurence should ask for himself, but it would be very Christian if he added: "And if Mr. Lewis embarrassed with his books of other children or harm them, please forgive him and help him more than such not to do".
Will it help? I am infinitely regretting that I gave such a chagrin, and I will be very grateful if you write me also tell me how Lorence is now. Of course, I will pray for him every day. Probably, he is a big one; I hope you are ready for the fact that he can become holy. I am sure that the moms of the saints sometimes had to be not easy! I sincerely sincerely K. S. Lewis

Mention of Aslan in the Chronicles

  • In the Chronicle, the "Neregwoman's nephew" Aslan creates a narnation and helps children to protect it from the White Witch.
  • In the chronicle "Lion, a walker and wardrobe", Aslan sacrifices himself, resurrecting even more powerful and frees the narray from the white sorcerer.
  • In the chronicle "Horse and his boy", Aslan helps Shasta (Crau, heir to the throne of Orlanda) to get home and protect the country from the raid of Tarhistanists.
  • In the chronicle "Prince of Caspian", Aslan helps free narnation from Telmarinov and appoints the King of Narnia Caspiana X.
  • In the chronicle "The conqueror of dawn, or swimming on the edge of the world" Aslan is found on the way "Conqueror Dawn."
  • In the chronicle "Silver Chair" Aslan gives Jil Pole task to find Prince Riliana, the only heir to the throne of Narnia.
  • In the chronicle "Last Battle", Aslan gives rise to the end of the world and conducts the last court. He shares creatures on those whom he sends to True Narnia, and others who take the gift to talk and think as reasonable creatures. At the end of the book, Aslan turns into something so beautiful that the narrator is not taken to describe it.

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