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Preparatory stage

Check out the interior logs and sites to roughly understand what you want, consult your designer and travel around construction stores and markets to make a more or less complete picture and relate your desires and opportunities.

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Decide how much the repair is large-scale and what amount you are willing to spend. The overhaul of the "middle hand" costs about 30-35% of the value of the apartment in the old house and 20-25% of the price of the apartment in the new building (repair in the old apartment is more expensive, as you need dismantling, but some new buildings are handed over with poor-quality draft finishing, and then the costs in them may also increase).

Decide whether you will make repairs at once in the entire apartment or in parts, on your own or with the help of a construction team, whether you live in an apartment or move at this time.

If the repair "in parts", it is necessary to start it from the longer the room and gradually move to the exit so that it is not to carry the construction garbage through the repaired premises.

Even if the repair you plan to do yourself, to work with electricity, water supply systems and heating it is recommended to invite specialists. Their search can be started at this stage: good masters turn for several months.

Preliminary budget calculation

In the estimate of the repair, make all the inevitable spending and "Wishlist". Most likely, from some points from the second part will have to abandon. You can use online repair calculators, but these services often make repair companies interested in attracting customers. Repair prices usually look like this:

  • Construction, assembly and finishing works - 40%;
  • Materials - 25%;
  • Furniture and equipment - 25%;
  • Designer project - 5%;
  • Unforeseen expenses - 5%.

The article "Unforeseen expenses" can be safely doubled: as a rule, the cost of repair always increases in the process.

Be morally ready for the fact that the estimate will have to adjust at each stage: for example, you have chosen the doors from a white oak, and later realized that they were not affordable. Or expected a brigade to you in one amount, and in reality these services are more expensive. Therefore, you need to keep the table and make even small spending in it.


Repair project (at least made independently) is needed in order to make less wrong, think over all the details in the new interior and take into account the technical sides of the process.

Remember that by law it is impossible to transfer the so-called "wet zones" (kitchen and bathroom), as well as demolish the carrying structures and the wall between the kitchen and the living room, especially if there are gas in the house (you can install light sliding partitions or doors type "Harmoshka", But it is impossible to get rid of the dividers between the living room and the kitchen). Also in the list of basic taboos combining the balcony and room (or kitchen). Other redevelopment details better clarify in each specific case in the BTI or the designer (or there, and there - for loyalty).

One of the most important planning points is the location and number of outlets. It depends on where what technique and lamps you will have, as well as from the plan for the placement of furniture. Please note that there will be working areas with computers, floor and desktop lamps, where the kitchen appliances and a washing machine are installed, and where you are planning to iron linen, watch TV and put a phone for charging. In these places, there must be several outlets (and it is better to install dual to minimize the number of extension cords in the apartment). It is also necessary to provide outlets in the bathroom, on the loggia and in the corridor.

The same applies to a warm floor: it is necessary to know exactly where the floor will be heated, and where - no. For example, in the kitchen, directly under the furniture, the heating is not needed, and under the refrigerator is harmful, but it is important that the floor warming his feet when you cook: therefore the scheme should be indicated, which place the kitchen will take, where the technique will be where you need to lay the heating system.

It is also desirable to schedule the installation of the water heater: unfortunately, no one has canceled hot water outlet.

For each position in your project you need to provide all communications.

The most convenient to order the interior design (including with visualization and explanations for the construction team) at the designer or studio. You immediately get a ready-made solution that will take into account the redevelopment and gasket of communications.

For typical apartments, you can find ready-made ideas on the Internet (there are special project aggregators), furniture arrangement plans and design visualization, but there will be no work documentation and a list of building materials - they will have to be independently.

If you decide to act on your own, try to create the most detailed project. Measure the apartment and draw the drawings that will take into account the redevelopment (demolition and construction of partitions), wiring of communications and the location of furniture and technology.

It is not necessary to draw from hand - you can use free apps and programs for interior design. Such is IKEA: one for the kitchen, Kitchen Planner, the other - for the rest of the premises, Home Planner.

Beautiful pictures help create both programs like Planner 5D (there is a mobile application), Sweet Home 3D, HomeStyler and others. You can play for a long time to play with the interior using typical solutions or inventing something your own.

True, the functional of these programs is not enough to calculate, for example, the location of all communications. It must be drawn separately.

Before repaid repair, redevelopment is coordinated in the department of architecture of your municipality (they may not be allowed). In this case, you will have to make a new project.

Make a list of building materials and calculate their cost. At this stage, at least about it.

Choosing a brigade and refinement of estimates

The project will show what work and specialists will you need.

As a rule, all draft work and finishing tasks perform one brigade, and on plumbing, electrical and tiled work wizards are invited. For example, for wiring the power grid, it makes sense to cause an electrician from the local LCA (this is especially convenient for old houses: it is aware of all the features of communications).

The installation of doors, stretch ceilings, kitchens and built-in furniture, as a rule, also produce individual brigades, the specialists of the company in which you made an order.

As for the main brigade, unfortunately, it must be admitted: while the domestic market of construction and repair services is rather "wild". As a rule, everyone is focused on the experience of friends and acquaintances and are looking for brigades through the "Sarafan Radio".

In social networks, especially "Instagram", "repair diaries" are now popular: there people are divided by their experience, tell about all the difficulties they encountered. You can write a few bloggers, ask for advice or help in the comments.

Look at the forums about the repair. There, too, you can find good recommendations and find out how comfortable it was to work with a brigade.

Reading the work of repairmen on the Internet and social networks first of all, pay attention to feedback and photo reports. Well, if the reviews are meaningful and not only positive (this may indicate that they are custom), and not only the photos of the final "beautiful" result, but also images of intermediate work (it means, builders are proud of the finishing quality at any stage in the albums ).

Caution will take care of brigades that call too low or too high prices for services. Please note how builders are ready for dialogue and compromise (for example, if you are going to make a budgetary repair, and you actively offer an elite finish, impose additional work, further communication with these experts can be very difficult).

Travel to the brigade to the object. This is a common practice. Get acquainted with the workers, look at what and how they do or have already done, how neat the construction site (it is clear that the ideal order is not worth waiting there, but the mountains from the noodles of fast cooking and scattered dirty tools are not the best sign). Talk to the brigadier about the qualifications of the brigade, how many objects they have already passed, which works are able to conduct, with which complex materials or processes it was necessary to face.

Choosing a brigade, discuss all costs with it and adjust the estimate. It is very important. After approval of the list of work, it should not change radically. Normal is considered to increase the expenses for a brigade by 5-10%, with a large-scale dismantling - up to 20%. If during the repair the cost of work is changing dramatically - you either did not inform builders all the introductory data, or they made incorrect calculations (but then these are their wines).

It is better to draw up an agreement with the list of works, the terms and responsibility of the brigade for the quality and grandmarket (companies do this, but the private owners are not always). Otherwise, the quality of the construction work will need to be carefully monitored at all stages. Sometimes the repair begins one brigade, and the other ends - this also happens for various reasons, although it is undesirable: time and costs are growing.

Packaging of things and furniture

Even if you are going to make a small cosmetic repair, you need to protect the house from the construction dust. Postpay the vital things (imagine that you are traveling on a business trip for a month or two and act with this calculation), and the remaining fold in the boxes, glue the gap scotch tape, number and write that it lies.

Furniture Close the construction film, curtains and other textiles remove and pack hermetically. If the repair is done in the same room, you can additionally get the door to the construction film, so that the dust is fluttered around the apartment.

In the case of "global" repair, it is desirable to free apartment: to take things to relatives or removable housing, rent boxing in stock or to remove boxes and furniture in the storage room in the basement. The fewer things remain in the apartment, the easier it will be to deal with its update.  

Dismantling of old finish

At this stage, you need to get rid of old wallpapers, interior doors, tiles and paints, break out unnecessary partitions and built-in furniture, remove the flooring, ceilings and glazing on the loggia. You can do it yourself or entrust the Stroybrigade. Do not forget to purchase robust propylene garbage bags, as well as respirators and work gloves.

"Breaking" everything needs to conscience. For example, if you plan to close the tensioning ceilings of irregularities, the old finish should still be removed so that it does not appear later. Otherwise, the web of the stretch ceiling can break through or ugly to prick due to pieces of plaster.

Windows for the first time it is better to leave: our climate does not have the apartment to stand with open window perishes for a long time. Especially, the dismantling of old frames, as a rule, window companies establishing new double-glazed windows are engaged.

At the end of the work, you need to order the removal of construction debris - simply attributed to the garbage it is impossible.

As a result, you should get a "naked" apartment box. Continued - in the next article.

Authors: Team Yandex. Applyingness. Consultant: Architect Maria Zaitseva. Illustrator: Rodion Kitaev

For some, the need to carry out repairs in its apartment causes a reaction far from positive. The first place becomes the financial side of the issue. The painstaking counting of funds begins, with the delimitation of the acquisition of materials and payment for the services of specialized construction brigades.

Repair can be cosmetic and limited to the colorful, pasting and appearance update. And may be capital with the replacement of electrical wiring, plumbing and installation of modern acrylic Bath .

The reproduction process itself is perceived as a long period of time with a multitude of inconvenience. The result ultimately turns out of the desired in the laid, and instead of a sense of satisfaction, there is a feeling of fatigue and extension.

It is very different about people with figurative thinking. Visually presenting how the apartment will look like after decoration, they are easier to break up with money, in the hope of quickly seeing all the victims.

People from the same category that are not burdened in the means are often resorted to designers. Master Home Interior Designer using computer programs can develop a 3D apartment apartment. In many ways, this method is considered a strong incentive to action, since it allows you to see the results in advance.

However, people are targeted and high internal enthusiasm never lower their hands even in a situation where there is a strong limitation of funds. For such people, the output from the position becomes independent partial or complete repair.

Someone chooses a thorough capitalization of housing with redevelopment, and someone has enough to hold inexpensive repairs in the apartment, which is more often called cosmetic.

Stage in repair

Solving the question of what to start repairing the apartment, some believe that it is necessary to start purchased materials and tools. In general, it is correct, but in order to correctly spend money and not to acquire superfluous, you need to make preliminary calculations. Calculate the main geometric parameters of each room: height, length and width. Determine the size of window and doorways.

The data obtained will help determine the exact volume of work and calculate the amount of each type of building material.

When deciding to carry out a global change in the inner view of the apartment on its own, it is necessary to pre-draw a phased plan. It is the correctly developed plan that includes the phased repair of the apartment becomes a key to successful workflow.

The first point will go dismantling work:

  • Layer enclosing the inner walls and partitions for expanding space;
  • dismantling wooden windows to replace plastic windows;
  • Removing door canvases or complete dismantling of door boxes.
  • removal of old floor coatings;
  • dismantling wall coatings or clearing walls from painting compositions;
  • Clearing or blur ceilings.

The following stages are followed, including surface preparation and final finishing finish.

Categories of the complexity of working processes

The most labor-intensive works are the device screed on floors and plaster walls. It is especially difficult to deal with surfaces endowed with a large number of drops. Some of them are eliminated by hammering, but only an aligning screed or a similar plaster layer can truly save.

To carry out high-quality strokes of wall surfaces, plaster beacons are used. To do this, they buy aluminum rails or metal pipes of a small square or rectangular cross section.

In the first case, the material is inexpensive, but when buying it is worth aware that when removing the seams from the seams after drying the plaster, they are no longer possible to use in operation.

Metal pipes are more expensive, but the percentage of their preservation after dismantling is much higher. In addition, some people prefer to leave them in a solution for greater layer strength.

The most economical way to achieve flatness of the screed is considered a device of mortar lights on the floors. But this process is very painful and only those who have the appropriate skills can decide on it.

The simplest view of the work is painting. At least, the majority thinks so. The opinion is simultaneously true and erroneous. The truth of approval lies in carrying out the final process, that is, painting itself, using high-quality tools.

Paint rollers and brushes, plastic baths with grids for rollers rolling. Working with high-quality instruments, you can avoid leaps on the walls and the release of vertical painting strips.

Improve the impression

For the sake of interest and to confirm your personal participation, a large number of people make a photo of the apartment repairs before and after. Sometimes it is poured into a whole series of pictures with separate initial and final views of each room.

Some lovers lay out photos on the Internet, because today it is considered a fashionable occupation, and someone simply uses them for viewing with friends and acquaintances. In any case, photo repair of an apartment made with your own hands is not only memory, but also confirmation of personal skills.

Stock Foto Repair apartment with their own hands

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Types of repair

Repair in the apartment is cosmetic or capital. If the first type of repair allows you to update the wallpaper, paint some sections and make other simple work, then the second - practically implies repairs from scratch. With major repairs, redevelopment is possible, replacing wiring, plumbing, doors, windows and installation of a warm floor. In addition, finishes are replaced.

After determining with the type of repair, you can move to further work.

Repair work plan

An important point at the beginning of any repairs of the apartment is to draw up a work plan. It should take into account the stages of the works, the materials necessary for the implementation of the planned changes, the timeline and the budget allocated. Creating a design project can be carried out independently or entrust it to the development of professionals.

Thanks to the correct location of furniture and household equipment, you can design the location of the sockets. This will provide additional comfort and comfort indoors. Planning will make the purchase of necessary materials in the desired volume. In this case, it is not necessary to purchase extra materials or look for them during a shortage. If you fulfill the design project in the color execution, it will allow you to make sure that the chosen color solutions are correct.

In the project development process, many different ideas may appear, so it is worth leaving a couple of options. Discusing them with all the households, you can pick up a more successful option.

Each of the rooms can be divided into certain zones. For example, when decorating a children's room, it is necessary to highlight the place for sleep and the area for child class. The kitchen is usually divided into a working and dining area. When planning and separating the bathroom, it is worth exactly the size of the plumbing and accessories installed.

Of course, all the little things will not be able to plan, but this will allow to protect the tenants from the wrong arrangement of communications, lost time for the purchase of additional materials or deterioration of the finishing materials in non-compliance with the sequence of the work.

Selection of materials

It is very important to take into account the materials used for the decoration of the apartment and its color. From this will directly depend on the comfort of finding indoors. Natural materials are considered safe for a person, but the cost of them is often pretty high. Therefore, many apartment owners try to meet the definite budget.

Stages of repair

Usually repairs are divided into such steps:

  • draft work;
  • the initial decoration of the room, which includes the tie tie, plastering the walls, the installation of the stretch ceiling and partitions;
  • Installation of a warm floor;
  • laying tiles;
  • Installation of plumbing;
  • electrician gasket, installation of switches and sockets;
  • Laying communication networks;
  • finishing putty and wall decoration, floor, ceiling;
  • installation of windows and doors;
  • Installation of plinth.

Some works can be made independently, others better entrust to those skilled in the art. It will save time and money, and will save from errors and the opportunity to spoil the material.

Black work

After drawing up the plan, approval by all the households and the purchase of materials, you can proceed to draft work. At this stage, there is a dismantling of old coatings, such as a tile, wallpaper or whitewash. If the owner of the apartment does not plan to replace the floors, they need to be protected from probable damage in the process of performing repair work. For such purposes, a polyethylene film is perfect for such purposes, which must be consolidated by a painting ribbon. Sometimes it makes sense to protect the floor covering with thick sheets of cardboard, which is much more resistant to mechanical damage.

In the photo: Conducting draft works

Electrician and plumbing

This stage involves the fulfillment of the most dirty, but responsible and necessary work. The gasket of new cables of the power grid requires certain skills, so sometimes it makes sense to invite a specialist. If there are errors with such types of work, it will be very difficult to correct them. Often for this you have to make a major overhaul almost again. For the same reason, experts do not advise to save on the cost of the materials used.

Initially, it is necessary to make a diagram of the storm of each of the walls. It is better to save the scheme and after the end of the repair. This will make it possible to avoid damage to pipes or posting with nails when solving something to change in the interior of the room. The wires are stacked with a desired section of the section, after which it is necessary to gently close the place of the storm.

When replacing pipes, specialists are recommended to give preference to polyethylene articles, as they will serve much longer than metal counterparts.

Replacing windows and doors

With overhaul does not do without replacing windows and doors. When repairing in a new building, such a procedure is not required, but in other cases it is often simple.

Typically, specialists are invited to replace windows and doors, as the installation process is quite complicated and requires certain knowledge and tools.

After that, it is necessary to align the walls, stamps of seams or cracks, and also sharpen the surface. All materials used should be high quality and comply with the main types of materials.


After the end of the previous types of work, you can proceed to the primer of the walls and the ceilings. With its help, the performance characteristics and strength of surfaces will significantly increase. Before further work, it is necessary to wait for the primer to dry completely. Only after that you can start painting the ceilings or installation of attached models.

Paul alignment

When replacing or repairing floors, screed and fill is made. Modern materials allow you to implement this process quickly and easily. With such work it is quite possible to cope on your own. True, when installing a warm floor, still helping specialists does not prevent.

In the photo: Alignment and floor installation

Wall decoration

The choice of materials for wall decoration depends on the preferences of the owner of the apartment, the singularities of the interior and the budget allocated to the materials. The modern market offers a wide range of similar products, therefore, with the selection of finishing material problems should not occur. All walls can be performed in one color solution or use various combinations that are harmonized with each other. You can also play in contrast, highlighting certain zones by the corresponding color. When placing walls, you can show your fantasy to the maximum.

Floor design

The final step will be the choice of floor covering. It can be made of linoleum, piece parquet, parquet board or carpet. Outdoor tiles occupy a special place in the design of the modern interior.

After completing this stage, it remains only to add the last strokes. These include:

  • Installation of door boxes,
  • installation of plinths
  • furniture accommodation,
  • Accommodation technique,
  • Decorating the interior.
In the photo: interior of the living room in the apartment after repair in the style of Loft

By making general cleaning, you can enjoy the rest, comfort and comfort in an updated apartment. If all the steps are completed correctly, the repair will take not so much time. A clearly dedicated budget will make it possible to accurately follow aspects displayed in the project. Attracting specialists will save time and finance, but only the owner of the apartment should take this decision.

Repair of the apartment with their own hands where to start - this question at least once in his life asked himself every owner of the housing. As a rule, positive emotions are the upcoming event for those who first received or acquired their own housing. Those who have already come across the work on bringing apartments in order, knows how many trouble they bring, and how much effort will have to be attached to achieve the desired result.

Repair apartment with your own hands where to start
Repair apartment with your own hands where to start

But, if it came time to do an apartment updating, you will have to be patient and the decent amount of which depends on what kind of repair is made decision to hold.

Repair types in the apartment

Repair can be capital or cosmetic, cover the entire apartment or separate rooms. But you should know that repairs in some rooms can become more laborious and will require high costs and forces than work in other rooms.


Capital work implies repair from scratch in a new apartment or redevelopment with replacing or transfer of installed elements in old housing. The scope of work will depend on what changes are decided to produce in the apartment.

Overhaul involves a cardinal change in the appearance of the apartment
Overhaul involves a cardinal change in the appearance of the apartment

The total amount of work may consist of the following events:

  • Apartment layout. It may include demolition or installation of partitions, a combination or separation of rooms, transferring or expanding door openings. If at least one of the listed actions is scheduled, then it is necessary to consult with a specialist who will determine whether it is possible to produce this process. All repair work related to the dismantling or installation of walls in a multi-storey building must be confirmed by the permission of the Commission of the Management Organization.
  • Replacing and moving plumbing devices, radiators, electrical outlets, carrying out additional lighting.
  • Replacing windows and doors.
  • Replacing the old trim of the ceiling of walls and floors.
  • Embedding furniture if this process is included in plans.

Capital alteration in the apartment is a long-lasting process that cannot be made in two days or a week, while you will have to free the rooms from furniture and all things, as they will interfere with work or can be corrupted by building materials. Perhaps you will have to repair alternately in each of the residential rooms, in this case, you will have to take care of buying a dense polyethylene film to heat the doors from the construction dust and dirt. But, as a rule, overhaul still suggests that the family will have to live elsewhere.


Cosmetic repair usually implies the replacement of decorative trim in one, several or in all rooms. Perhaps, removing the old coating, you will have to adjust the corners, the surfaces of the ceiling, walls and floor.

Cosmetic repair is usually limited to updating the finishing of the premises
Cosmetic repair is usually limited to updating the finishing of the premises

When performing a cosmetic repairs, the preparation of surfaces for new decorative materials can be called one of the most important processes. Whatever expensive, neither the selected wallpaper, linoleum or paint, if they are laid or applied to uneven with sherbinki surface, the expected effect will not work. Therefore, so that the decorative finish looked properly, without aligning surfaces with a putty or bulk sex, it is not necessary.

By choosing a repair option that is suitable for a specific apartment, you can move to further work.

Drawing up a repair plan

The first thing you need to do is to draw up a plan of an apartment in which the exact data on the area and the height of the ceilings of each of the rooms will be displayed, with or without partitions, in one word - in this form, which one should appear an apartment after repair work.

In the first place is always worth a thorough planning of the upcoming work.
In the first place is always worth a thorough planning of the upcoming work.

General Repair Planning Rules

The designer project should be shown in the desired color of floor coverings, wallpaper, as well as at least the approximate placement of furniture. Using this project plan, it will be easy to calculate the necessary building materials and accessories for each of the apartments. Of course, everything will not take into account, but it will save from some mistakes that are typical for non-professional masters:

  • Given the placement of furniture and various household equipment, you immediately need to determine the location and number of electrical sockets and switches.
  • It is necessary to try to avoid the shortage of certain finishing materials, since if they have to arrive, it will be very difficult to find the shades of the same tile or wallpaper.
  • Having made the project in color, you can visually be convinced by the correctness of the color of decorative coatings, and in how they will harmonize with the shades of furniture.

In the process of drawing up a similar plan, many ideas may appear on the design of the premises, so it is recommended to make a project in several colors, and then choose the most liked option.

The plan can be compiled using a computer program or on a regular A4 sheet. It is necessary to perform it necessarily in compliance with the size corresponding to the present, but on a reduced scale.

If the plan is made manually, then drawing it once, then you need to make several photocopy on which you can apply different shades or different furniture arrangements.

The presence of a graphic plan will allow "play" with finishing styles and with furniture arrangement
The presence of a graphic plan will allow "to play" with finishing styles and with furniture arrangement

You can make a plan for the whole apartment to see its color decision completely or make a design design of each room.

In addition, it is very convenient for each of the plans to put the number of the stage, and each of them plan a certain job. For example, on one of the drawings you can show re-planning walls, on the other - electrical wiring and placement of sockets, as well as the connection of various devices, on the third - the future placement of furniture and the color solution.

Room division

To know where to start repairing each room, it is necessary to determine what will be located in it.

  • In the children's room, it is advisable to separate if it allows the area, a sleeping place from a gaming zone or from a place to occupy a child.
  • The kitchen must be spacious, so it needs to be correctly divided into zones, having determined the working and dining place, as well as the installation of various devices.
  • If you plan to separate or combining the bathroom, then on the first drawing it is worth measuring and specifying its size and alignment of accessories.
Necessarily takes into account the estimated redevelopment of the premises or the division of them on the zone
Necessarily takes into account the estimated redevelopment of the premises or the division of them on the zone
  • If the redevelopment of one-room apartment is redeveloped with the desire to divide it into two separate rooms, it is necessary to measure it very carefully both in the drawing and in place. In this case, you need to immediately determine the thickness of the partitions, as they also occupy a certain area.

Sometimes such redevelopment can affect the hallway, as in some apartments it occupies a fairly large area. It is important to determine here what kind of construction is the partition separating the hallway from the rest of the rooms. If it is capital, it cannot be touched without permits.

  • If there is no possibility to divide the room by partition for some reason, you can install a wardrobe or rack as a "barrier". It is also worth noting on the plan.

Selection of materials for decorative trim

The next plan drawing should be dealt with finishing material and its color, since the comfort of being in the room will depend on these factors. By defining the finish, you need to choose it competently. Naturally, the safest person is natural material, such as cork, wood, paper, ceramics and them like, however, some species are not always applied due to high prices or inconsistencies to the selected design. So, what materials can be applied to different premises:

Children's room wants to make bright and cheerful. However, in everything you need a measure
Children's room wants to make bright and cheerful. However, in everything you need a measure
  • Children's room and adult bedroom. For the premises of such a purpose, it is necessary to maximize the use of natural finish, which does not cause allergic reactions, "breathing" and possessing soundproofing qualities. If overhaul is made, then before mounting the decorative finish, the walls can be equipped with a sound insulation layer - for this, such materials as "Texound", acoustic drywall, traffic jam and others will be suitable. As decoration of the walls and the ceiling, it is best to use plastering and coating with paint-based compositions on a water basis or pasting with paper or skil wallpaper. Today in construction stores these materials can be found for every taste and color.
The living room finish usually assumes calm colors, weathered in a certain style.
The living room finish usually assumes calm colors, weathered in a certain style.
  • Living room. For this room you can choose a wider range finish. Linoleum, laminate, parquet, carpet, traffic jam, and other modern materials may be on the floors.

LinoleumWhat you need to know about linoleum?

Despite the fact that many new flooring appeared, the linoleum is not going to pass its position in popularity. Useful information O. Types and rules for the choice of linoleum Posted in a special publication of our portal.

To design walls, plaster and painting, cork, cork, paper, fliesline, vinyl, textile, glass, and other options can be used.

The ceiling can be plastered, closed with a tension ceiling, one or multi-tiered suspended design or also plated wallpaper.

Suspended ceilingModern solution - suspended ceiling!

In this matter, perhaps there are no borders for the imagination of creative owners. In a special article on the portal dedicated to independent installation of the suspended ceiling , You can learn a lot of useful information and maybe choose one of the options for the design of your own apartment.

  • Hall. Materials for the walls and floor of the hallway should have a pronounced abrasion, and be easy to clean, as dirt and dust from the street first fall into this room.

Linoleum may be on the floors or ceramic tiles are laid.

In the furniture of the hallway, materials, resistant to abrupt loads and lungs in cleaning
In the furniture of the hallway, materials, resistant to abrupt loads and lungs in cleaning

Walls are covered with vinyl wallpaper or are squeezed by plastic, wooden or laminated clapboard.

The ceiling in the hallway needs to be made light, as there is no natural light in this room most often. Therefore, the suspension ceiling of light color is perfectly suitable here with the built-in backlight.

  • Bathroom. Combined or separate bathroom should have a moisture-resistant finish, which is easily humid cleaning and is not afraid of household chemicals. The traditional material for these premises is a ceramic tile - it does not beautify the already small area of ​​the room, and is also a durable, non-abrupt and easily detergent material. Ceramic tile is perfect for finishing both walls and gender.
A completely special approach requires a bathroom finish
A completely special approach requires a bathroom finish

In addition to the tile, plastic panels are increasingly used to cover the walls of the bathrooms, especially since today there are a wide range of this material in construction stores.

The ceiling in the bathroom can be made of the same plastic panels, moisture-proof drywall under painting, but the most optimal option for the bathroom or combined bathroom will become a stretch ceiling.

CeilingSpecial requirements - to the ceiling in the bathroom!

Increased humidity, high likelihood of direct water jets - all imposes specific requirements for finishing. How to determine the type Ceiling in the bathroom - Read in the special article of our portal.

Color spectrum

An important role in the designer design of the apartment rooms is the color scheme, as it must fully contribute to the creation of a comfortable setting. Therefore, this factor must be thought out very carefully.

The harmony of the design of the rooms will depend on the shades properly selected for each other. In this process, you can focus on this table.

Table Recommendations for the selection of the Color Gamut Designation of the Rooms
Table Recommendations for the selection of the Color Gamut Designation of the Rooms

So that the room was light, you should select soft white-beige warm shades. This is especially true of the ceiling surface, as its light color enhances electrical lighting. Therefore, quite often in modern interiors, lamps and chandeliers turn down, towards the room, and to the ceiling.

Children's room always want to make bright so that her coloring caused joy and optimism. However, it is impossible to be carried away, it is necessary to remember that the child will not only play in this room, but also rest, so the recreation area is recommended to issue in more relaxed tones.

The bedroom for adults should have to rest, and therefore it is recommended to arrange it in pastel soft and fairly light shades, which in the evening will help to fall asleep pleasantly, and in the morning - wake up with an optimistic setting.

The color selection affects the psychological and physical condition of the body, as if a person does not fall out or does not rest properly, its life activity and immunity decreases, therefore, the selection of shades should be taken to the selection.

Dark shades in combination with brighter colors can only be used in a well-lit room, otherwise they will act on the psyche, especially children's, very oppressing.

Deciding with the materials and their colors, they measure all surface areas on which the selected finish will be made. Next, a list of necessary materials is drawn up indicating their quantity.

Tips for the acquisition of materials

With a composed list, you can go shopping the necessary materials.

The acquisition of materials should not be accompanied by attempts to save on quality
The acquisition of materials should not be accompanied by attempts to save on quality
  • Immediately need to be said that it is not necessary to purchase everything necessary for repair on the spontaneous building markets, where although lower prices, but no one will give quality guarantee. Holding on such "economy", sometimes you have to pay a double, or even a triple price. A cheap material applied to the wall or laid on the floors is unknown as behaving behavior, and may have to be replaced by high-quality. And this is not only extra spending, but also lost time and strength. Cleaning the surface from a new low-quality finish is an extremely unpleasant lesson, as the mood will be completely corrupted. Therefore, it is recommended to acquire building material from a proven seller who can provide quality certificates for all products.
  • Purchase material is needed with a margin, about 15% of its total calculated volume. Such an approach will help to perform work calmly, not afraid of something that is not enough. By the way, you can immediately clarify whether the store takes the remaining surplus back - this approach is often practiced.
  • When choosing products in quality, it is worthwhile to examine them very carefully, as well as explore the certificates that you need to request from the seller. For example, purchasing such materials such as ceramic tiles, laminate or wallpaper, you must check the batch number in the packaging - it should be the same, otherwise the products can be significantly different in the shade and even in quality. This difference can sometimes be seen only in the process of work, aligning near piece copies or canvas from different parties - this moment can also complicate the quality of quality repairs.
  • Very seriously, it is necessary to approach the choice of new doors and windows, as it will be replaced later, it will be quite difficult and expensive, since this process will definitely affect the recently renovated surfaces.

a doorReliable entrance door - safety and comfort guarantee

The entrance door not only protects against the unreasonable "guests", but also provides maintenance of a comfortable microclimate in the premises. It is she who is not happy and to prevent mistakes when Selecting the entrance door Read the useful information in the special article of our portal.

  • Carefully choose and accessories for the bathroom. It is not necessary to succumb to the flow of fashion to acquire plumbing items made from new-water materials, as they may not always be suitable for specific cases. First, it is recommended to study their characteristics and calculate all the "pluses" and "minuses".
  • Heating radiators are carefully selected. Nowadays, you can find these devices produced from various materials, but not any of them can be suitable for installation in the central heating system. By purchasing radiators, it should be relying not only to their operational capabilities, but also pay attention to the manufacturer and the availability of a quality certificate.

2016-02-17_120735Useful information about heating radiators

These heat transfer devices cannot be chosen only from the point of view of their appearance - it is necessary to take into account their operational capabilities and thermal power, depending both from the area of ​​the room and on some other important criteria. All this - in a special publication of our portal dedicated to Selection of heating radiators.

  • Several words should also be said about the compositions that will be necessary to process surfaces before assessing the finishing materials on them are various primers and antiseptic solutions. Such means will create better adhesion between the materials and protect the walls and the ceiling from the occurrence of plates of mold.

After the necessary materials are purchased, repair can be reinforced by phased repair.

Stages of repair and construction work

Scheme-comic, clearly demonstrating repair stages
Scheme-comic, clearly demonstrating repair stages

Preparation of surfaces

One of the most important stages in carrying out any kind of repair is the preparation of surfaces, as it will depend on it, how neatly and firmly hold onto the walls and the ceiling of finishing materials. The preparatory stage includes activities such as cleaning surfaces from old coatings and seal detected flares, which could appear during the operation of housing.

one. The first step from the walls are the old wallpaper or paint.

Wallpapers can be removed in several ways, depending on how tightly they adjacent to the wall:

  • With a spatula, which are praised by the canvas and are neatly removed completely or large pieces.
  • If the wallpaper is glued reliably and do not want to break, they need to wash it with a roller with water, and to carry out these manipulations several times. When paper gets, it can be easily removed by a spatula.
Cleaning walls from old wallpaper
Cleaning walls from old wallpaper
  • The third option will fit if vinyl wallpapers are reliably passed on the walls that are quite resistant to water. In this case, they can be sipped using a special device - ironing or steam generator. If there is no such device, but there is an iron with a sweeping function, it can also be used, but it is impossible to apply the metal surface to vinyl. It is brought to a distance of 100 ÷ 150 mm to the wall and processed by ferry. After that, the old decorative coating should move away from the wall and can be carefully removed with a spatula.

The paint coating is removed using a construction dryer or grinding with an installed brush.

2. Next, you can move to cleaning the ceiling. If the ceiling plaster has cracks and chips, and it is not planned to do the suspension ceiling, then the old blame, and sometimes the plaster will have to be removed. This process is quite laborious, and it is also carried out with the help of water, which internally wash the surface, and then remove the old coating with a spatula or a grinder with an iron brush.

"Weak" places of old plaster should be considered
"Weak" places of old plaster should be considered

If the suspension will be mounted, it is optional to remove the coating from the ceiling - it will be enough to treat the surface of the antiseptic and strengthening primer.

3. The next step is removed from the floor. However, producing cosmetic repairs, sometimes this process is not carried out, especially in cases where the floor is in good condition and quite suits the owners.

Often you have to resort to the dismantling of old floors
Often you have to resort to the dismantling of old floors

four. After removing old coatings, cracks or other large defects are defined on the walls and joints of the planes. They must be embellished, otherwise they can manifest themselves through a new decorative decoration.

For this, small cracks are expanding, drunken and sealed with cement solutions, putty or sealant. Wide cracks or slots, which sometimes manifest themselves at the joints of the surfaces, can be filled with mounting foam.

five. After cleaning the walls, the electrical cable is made, if planned reinstallation of sockets. To lay the cable in some rooms, you may have to cut the shoes in the walls to hide them.

6. If the heating circuit is replaced, then at the time when the walls are cleaned, there is a markup for the brackets for radiators, and the holes are prepared in the walls. It must be done on the walls without finishing, so that it is not ruined.

Replacing windows and doors

The process of removal and installation of these interior elements is usually produced by specialists, as it is quite a time-consuming work that requires certain skills and accuracy, special tools. Therefore, if there is no such work experience, it is better not to take on a similar work.

Replace windows and entrance doors It is recommended to trust the specialists.
Replace windows and entrance doors It is recommended to trust the specialists.

Especially this recommendation concerns window frames, since they depends on their high-quality installation, as far as the apartment will be protected from the cold.

Installation of the entrance door is also better to entrust qualified specialists, because the safety of housing will largely depend on the reliability of its installation.

Interior doors are installed at the final stage of work, so this work can still be postponed.

Dismantling and installing partitions

The next step is to dismantle or install a partition, if it is planned and permissions are obtained for these works. As the construction and demolition of the wall can be carried out independently.

PartitionHow difficult to build a light interior partition?

When knowledge of technology and accurate execution of work with a similar task, you can quite cope with your own. How to spend Erecting plasterboard partition And what materials are needed for this - this information with detailed instructions can be found in a separate publication of the portal.

To dismantle the partition between the bathroom and the toilet can also be independently, if it is erected from brick or gypsum plates. For this process, a hammer, a sledgehammer will be required and, possibly, a Bulgarian with a metal disk - if the partition is reinforced by the reinforcing grille.

Demolition partition to create a combined bathroom
Demolition partition to create a combined bathroom

It is impossible to say that this work will be easy, but as a result you can get a fairly large room in which it is quite possible to carry out a refreshing redevelopment.

Leveling ceiling and walls

When windows and doors will be installed, and the sealed cracks and the gaps are completely dried, you can move to primer work. This process is simple, anyone can perform it - the main thing, to carry out it gently, not passing a single area of ​​surfaces. The primer is carried out with a roller, and hard-to-reach places are processed by a brush.

Then, after complete grazing of the projected walls and ceilings, they need to be aligned. To perform this work, you need a certain experience, therefore, before breeding a large amount of putty, you should try your hand at a small segment of the wall, applying a little solution.

If the walls have a sufficiently smooth surface with small flaws, it will be enough to use a putty composition. But in the event that the surface has large distortions, the alignment will have to be carried out on beacons. However, if the area allows the area of ​​the room, the alignment of the walls can be performed by sheets of plasterboard.

Very time-consuming, but very important stage - wall alignment
Very time-consuming, but very important stage - wall alignment

For whatever technology, neither the process of alignment of surfaces, after drying the layer of plaster and putty, walls and ceiling should be shortened again.

The ceiling requires the perfect alignment if it is not planned to close the tension or suspended ceiling.

Leveling ceilingHow to highlight the ceiling surface?

Processing Leveling the ceiling under painting - quite complicated and requires special skill. Therefore, if it is decided to make this work independently, it is worth paying attention to the recommended article of our portal.

The process of alignment of surfaces also includes decoration of slopes on window and doorways. They can be made by plasterboard, plastic panels or plastering.

Paul alignment

The next, the fifth stage is the surface of the floors. This process in the apartment can be carried out in different ways - this is a bulk self-leveling solution, dry screed or flooring on lags, followed by closing with plywood or other sheet material.

All these processes can be performed independently, after a thorough study of technological instructions that can also be found on our portal.

Self-leveling floorThe use of self-leveling building compositions

One of the methods for equalizing the surface of the floor is the use of special building mixtures. About technology self-leveling floors It is described in detail in the appropriate publication of our portal.

If there is no confidence that it will be possible to qualitatively cope with such work on its own, then it is better to contact the specialists.

Decorative wall decoration in residential rooms

The next step is made by decoration of the walls - pasting them with wallpaper or painting. These works are not so complicated, and may well be fulfilled on their own, so they can be saved on them.

If the finish is carried out with wallpaper, and they have a specific drawing, you need to immediately calculate its step so that the ornament is ideal on the wall.

Wallpaper will probably never lose their popularity
Wallpaper will probably never lose their popularity

Before chopping the canvas, the wall markup is made vertically and horizontally. The lines are littered with the painted cord along the ceiling and one of the corners. The first vertical wallpaper will be aligned on the vertical extreme line, and the subsequent are already focused on it and on the upper horizontal color strip.

Staining walls can be performed on its own, but manifesting a special accuracy.
Staining walls can be performed on its own, but manifesting a special accuracy.

If the walls are planned, it is carried out using a roller, which is worn for convenience on a special bar.

Primpted and dried wallpaper on the walls are machined along the top line by foam or paper border, which gives the completeness to the overall design of the room

Installation of floor covering in rooms

The process of laying an outdoor coating should be carried out very carefully, so as not to damage and not stain the decorative wall decoration. If the linoleum or carpet or carpet is laid on the floor, then before fixing it on glue or under the plinths, it is unfolded and left for about a day in order for it to dealt. The cloth of this material is cut in length, about 10 ÷ 12 mm less than the length of the room, and the width is laid by 5 ÷ 7 mm from the wall. Such gaps are necessary for the free temperature expansion of the material.

The process of linoleum fees
The process of linoleum fees

It should be noted that any material laid on the floors should have similar gaps. So, when laying a laminate, special inserts are used, which are removed only after the completion of the flooring coating throughout the area of ​​the room.

Finishing work on the floor is completed by installing plinths
Finishing work on the floor is completed by installing plinths

The installation of flooring installation of plinths is completed.

Installing interroom doors

Interior doors are installed at the last stage of work, so as not to be mistaken in the height on which the door will be installed, since the leveling layer and flooring will raise the floor to change the floor level.

Door installationRules for installing interroom doors

If you still want to save, you can try Install interroom doors independently . To do this, we recommend using tips placed in a separate publication of the portal.

In the transfer of the stages of work, the issue of repairing in the bathroom was deliberately omitted. This event has its own nuances that need to be considered separately.

BathroomBathroom repair - specific event

This room has a lot of features that need to be considered when carrying out repair and finishing. Detail O. repairing in the bathroom Tell a separate publication of our portal.

Such is the approximate procedure for preparing for repair in the apartment and its phased implementation. It is quite clear to the desire of the owner of housing to fulfill this with minimal cost, hoping for its own strength and ability. But still, it is impossible to soberly assess your capabilities - it is possible that the optimal decision will be the appeal to those skilled in the art.

At the end of the publication - an interesting video with the advice of a specialist in carrying out the initial stages of repair in the apartment.

Video: Where to start repairing in the apartment

I repaired the room in which the last repair was made twenty years ago. Spent on it 16 921 Р.

Victoria Tsarenkova

Repaired Babushkina Room

Inheritance from my grandmother I got her room in our family apartment. In the article, I will tell you how to make simple repairs and renovating furniture so that the room acquires a modern look.

That room turned out to be in me. I tried myself as a designer and malaria plaster. I also felt like a person from the future, when in a mask-respirator to the whole face stood in the cloud of dust from the favorable lacquer

How the room looked to repair

Our apartment is in the old residential fund of St. Petersburg. So called houses built before the revolution. Our built B. 1890s . Such buildings differ from modern uneven walls, high ceilings and bizarre layers. Still there are ceilings with stucco, walls with painting, tie stoves, stained glass windows and ancient patches. I like it when we retain the special, the old spirit of St. Petersburg apartments - in this their raisin.

In the apartment we repaired all the rooms except Grandma. She objected to repair as too restless event, and we did not insist. Therefore, gradually her room came into a depressing condition: old wallpapers, dilapidated wooden frames and Soviet furniture. Only parquet is well preserved.

Preparation for repair

I decided that the repair would be my creative project, and not exhausting inevitability. And it helped me easier to treat all the peripetics of this process. There was an excitement: what will happen to me in the end. In addition, I did not hurry anywhere and made repairs only in your free time.

I am not a designer, but I feel colors, style and combination of textures. This is a family: my brother is an artist, and my mother recently fascinated with watercolor drawing. And I love different sites and groups in social networks where interesting interiors are found. It seems to me that such "perhaps" strongly helps when independently invent the interior design.

Therefore, in my head I immediately appeared about the picture, which I want to see my room. That's what I was important.

Painted walls, not wallpaper. I wanted bright colors, and I decided that three walls would be blue, and one was yellow. I also did not want to glue the wallpaper, because this is an additional procedure, and I needed to do everything easier and faster. The option with painting old wallpapers also did not fit: they hung on the walls twenty years and wanted some update.

Gray furniture. I decided that I would repaint Babushkina lacquered furniture so that she would look more modern. Gray I chose, as I thought that the gray rack would look cool against the background of a yellow wall. The combination of these colors is one of my favorites.

Bed in the form of ottoman. I did not consider a sofa or couch, because I wanted to sleep on the bed: so that in the evening it was easy to lean the bedspread and lie down, and in the morning it was allocated back. I'm tired of "sofa rituals": in the evening, decompose and put a sleeping place, to remove underwear in the morning and collect sofa back.

Before starting repair, I found and saved in the folder on a laptop pictures from Google and Pinter with the desired result, sorting everything in colors and a combination. I knew that the interior designers do this: they collect "mood boards", or wiseboard, for visualization and inspiration.

Pinterist is also convenient because it can be saved all the pictures that you liked right to your board - so on this site call the user folders. And I also recommend doing a search query in the pinter in Russian , I. in English because the results are very different. On request in English You will get more images, as this social network is popular all over the world.

There are many pictures in the pinter, where harmonious color combinations are collected. It helps to choose a palette, but not always the most successful for a particular interior. I got a puncture with a combination of blue - yellow - gray, so the colors had to be corrected in the process
Pinterrest is a storehouse of ideas for the interior. There I got this picture, and one window I also painted in yellow

Work plan

It always seemed to me that repair was difficult and expensive. I believed that he could not cope with him, because I do not understand the building materials, I don't know what and how to do. But there were no other options, because there was no money to hire masters. Therefore, it was necessary to make everything and as best as possible.

My brother helped me. He himself did repair a few years ago and suggested which materials to buy. For example, he advised instead of the famous Rota Banda to take ordinary plaster. It is cheaper and perfectly suitable for my tasks. Another brother said, what kind of paint is needed for walls, ceiling, windows and batteries. He explained that in which sequence should be painted. Without his advice, I would spend much more time, forces and money for repair, dealing with what.

I did not want to do everything perfectly and strictly on technology. It was important for me to put in the budget and bring the room in order - so that it was clean, carefully and just nice to be. And I also wanted to preserve the spirit of Peter, who are so famous for apartments in the old fund. Therefore, I did not strive to smoke the walls, ceiling and window openings to Eurostandards.

I had to:

  1. Clean wallpaper.
  2. Close up in the walls of the hole from nails and small potholes.
  3. Protect the walls.
  4. Paint the walls, ceiling, windows and door.
  5. Repaint furniture.
Sitted wallpaper was one of the most pleasant lessons in the process of repair. It does not require effort - just rotten yourself and tear. A kind of meditation
Since I was going to paint the walls right through the cement, there should not be any papers on them. All such scraps had to be squeemed. On the most "stubborn" pieces of old wallpaper, I sprayed with water from the spray, after which they were perfectly swashed

Painting works

Ceiling. I started with painting the ceiling. Since I had repair "without rules," I decided not to remove the old blame, do not process the places of leakage and do not close the cracks - but to paint immediately by what is.

For the ceiling, I bought in a construction hypermarket the cheapest water-dispersion paint. I planned that one bucket in 3 kg will be enough for the whole ceiling. The label was indicated "3 kg ≈ 18-24 m² ", And the area of ​​my room is 14 m². As a result, it took me three such buckets on the ceiling. Painted in two layers. Perhaps so many paints I spent, because I did not comply with technology - that is, it did not prepare the ceiling for painting.

First, I had a difficulty with the ceiling: the roller did not apply fresh paint, but only removed the old blotch. I had to paint with a wide brush, and a curly strip on the junction with a wall to do a thin tassel. As a result, painting the tassel to me it seemed even easier than the roller. In addition, I stood on a high stepladder almost under the ceiling, so the hand was not tired.

One paint bucket cost 159 Р. Painting the entire ceiling cost me 477 Р.

The ceiling, of course, with this approach, it did not work perfect - it remained all irregularities and traces of leaks. But he became cleaner and lighter. And the room immediately began to look neat. I'm jokingly saying that it is "Provence Style Ceiling"
I showed this part of the ceiling in the photo at the beginning of the article - even before repair. The leakage in the corner is now not so noticeable, and the crack is not visible. The surface looks just uneven. But for me it is not critical

Walls. Then I had to paint the walls, but before that I made two things.

First, the walls have progressed - that is, it caused a special composition so that the paint is better to fit with the surface of the walls. In addition, the primer protects the walls from mold and fungus. One liter of liquid primer was enough to my room. It must be divorced with water, apply a roller on the walls and give to dry. In what proportion to breed and how much time to wait for drying, indicated on the packaging.

Secondly, I embroidered holes from nails and small potholes so that the dust and the surface of the wall would not have accumulated in them and the wall looked more homogeneous. There were many such holes in the walls. To do this, I needed a plaster mix. I bought a bag of 5 kg, which completely spent. The mixture must be diluted with water to a homogeneous state. To do this, I used a building mixer who gave me a brother. Whether Beat the mixture manually - I do not know.

I raised not the whole bag immediately, and parts. The mixture is quickly frozen, and it should be done on the wall. I added water to the eye, focusing on the fact that the plaster should be on the consistency as thick sour cream.

To put the plaster on the walls simply: you take a mixture on a spatula, smear the hole, level this dusting along the wall of the sharp side of the spatula. I liked this part of the work: compared to the painting ceiling - practically rest.

In general, first it was necessary to close the holes and only then grind the walls. But I was mistaken and did the opposite. It did not affect the result of painting.

Paint the wall with a roller, too, turned out to be easy. But I had a problem with the color decision. I planned one wall to make it yellow, but when painted it, it turned out terrible. This wall has advanced and visually pressed. And the brother came up with such a move: Leave a wide yellow strip on the wall, and paint blue sides.

On the advice of Brother, I bought one of the most budgetary - Marshall brands. He painted such a wall and remained satisfied with the result: the paint lay well on the surface and covered it with a dense layer. The colors turned out saturated, with time they did not erase and did not sweat.

I needed five buckets of 2.5 liters: four buckets of blue and one yellow. He painted in two layers, but the paint was spent not all - there was half an eye of blue paint and a third from a bucket with yellow. I plan them then use when repairing a toilet and bathroom.

The paint is sold in white, and to get other colors, you need to make a "tinting" when some paint of the desired shade is added to white paint. I was drawn in a construction hypermarket, where I bought paint. There are special machines that strongly rotate the bucket and thus mix color paint with white. Tinting one bucket cost 63 Р.

Yellow paint cost more than blue. For tinting in yellow, the fiscal paint was not suitable for 399 Р, so the yellow bucket I had to buy from another price line Same Stamps - 455 Р.

I spent everything on the wall paint 2297 Р.

The necessary shades of colors and their combination with each other I picked up on the paper palette, which remained at the brother after repair. Paper palettes of different stamps can be viewed in places where paint
It was convenient because I could attach pieces with flowers to each other and to the walls in the room. Immediately you can see what shades are better combined, which of them are colder or warmer

Windows and door. Before painting the windows and the door, I scrubbed the paint with a spatula, and there were several obvious irregularities in the simplicity between the windows of the plastering mixture.

The windows and the door I painted in two layers of universal acrylic enamel. I did not understand the nuances and took the most budget version on the shelf in the construction hypermarket.

My windows are wide - each 1.25 m. The door is also rather big - 2.7 × 0.95 m plus it had to paint on both sides. Two full buckets of 2.5 kg took these works. At first I bought one bucket, and when I realized that it would take more paint, I had to take the second.

Window frames and curly part of the door I painted with small rollers with a length of 6 cm, and everything else - brushes and large rollers. So that the paint does not get on the glass, I taped them with a construction scotch across the perimeter of the frames. In general, the glasses were also in a deplorable state. But I decided not to do anything with them. Only washed and scraped paint from last repairs.

One bucket of enamel cost 364 Р. At painting two windows and doors I spent 703 РSince one bucket bought at a discount, asking the discount card at the neighbor in the queue at the cashier.

Paint for the walls I painted the frame in yellow, and old metal eaves - in blue

Battery. For batteries, special paint is needed. If you paint the usual, when heated in the heating season, it can crack or a rust will appear. Therefore, I bought acrylic enamel for radiators. I was lucky that the heating has not yet included. Otherwise, there is a risk that on warm batteries, even a special paint can dry unevenly.

Before painting, I did not shoot an old coating and did not primed the batteries - although it is recommended to do in articles about the repair. Only wipe the batteries with soap water to remove dirt and dust.

I painted in the main brush. And for the inner surfaces, a 6 cm long roller was used with a handle: it is easy to sleep between the radiator sections, and it shocked all the inner surfaces of the sections. On two batteries, a little more than half a bucket of 0.8 liters took, although I painted in two layers and did not save.

Enamel I also bought the most budget, bucket cost 241 Р.

Enamel for batteries can be sprayed in any color. But I decided to leave them white, and I did the surface of the batteries in the color of the walls - it seems to me so harmonious. In general, this surface behind the batteries also need to cover enamel for radiators. But I painted her paint for the walls. After a year and a half after repair, nothing has shuffled and did not crack
Parquet was well preserved in the room. I just cleaned it with a brush for 110 Рand a solution of ammonia that removes dirt. Due to this board, they became lighter. But if it is bored and covered with varnish, it will be chic

Materials for repair of walls, ceiling, windows, batteries and doors - 4091 Р

Materials number Price
Paint for the walls "Marshall" and her tinting 5 buckets of 2.5 l 2297. Р
Enamel "Lacra" for windows and doors 2 buckets of 2.5 kg 703. Р
Paint "Lacra" for the ceiling 3 buckets of 3 kg 477. Р
Emale "Tex" for radiators 1 bucket by 0.8 l 241. Р
Liquid primer for walls 1 L. 239. Р
Plastering mix for walls 1 bag for 5 kg 134. Р

Paint for the walls "Marshall" and her tinting


5 buckets of 2.5 l

Enamel "Lacra" for windows and doors


2 buckets of 2.5 kg

Paint "Lacra" for the ceiling


3 buckets of 3 kg

Emale "Tex" for radiators


1 bucket by 0.8 l

Liquid primer for walls

Plastering mix for walls


1 bag for 5 kg

Why I decided to repaint furniture

From furniture in the grandmother's room there were two racks, a square table and a round table, and a stool-otfik, a cabinet under a TV and an old sofa.

I was attached to the TV with a TV through Avito. The sofa first agreed to pick up H Hweaves, but could not pull it out of the room through the doors. As a result, my brother broke the sofa and thrown into a container for construction debris: there was no time to add further, and he looked in battle.

The rest of the furniture we decided to leave for two reasons. The first is sentimental. This furniture is a memory of my dear people. My grandparents bought the Riga headset in the middle 70s . And when the grandmothers did not become, my mom could not give this furniture to someone else's people.

The second is practical. It was necessary to furnish my room, but it was not possible to buy new furniture. And this headset, nomadic than 40 years old, is still in excellent condition - more stronger than the furniture that we bought in the nineties and even two years ago.

And then I decided to this experiment. The fact that the furniture in the style of Soviet Chic can be transformed be unrecognizable, I learned before repairing from the Internet.

I had to remove the lacquer coating from the furniture and paint it into a new color.

How to remove the lacquer from the furniture

I studied the articles and videos on the topic and found three ways to remove the lacquer coating from the furniture.

Thermal method. The surface is heated by the construction hairdryer, and then scrape with it. From this method, I immediately refused: such a hairdryer is able to warm up to 600 ºС. and I decided that it was just dangerous. Suddenly something I will do not so much the surface or burning hands.

Chemical method. To the surface with a brush is applied composition-washes, and after a certain time, specified in the instructions, remove the lacquer with a spatula. Minor varnish remnants are removed by sandpaper. I decided to try to remove the lacquer from the table in this way. In the video from one restoration workshop, it looked like this: put a wash, and the coating easily starred to a light live tree. But there was a nuance: the master used washing for automotive paint. I bought a means for furniture "Shredder of paintwork coatings B-52. " And I did not succeed.

"Shredder" removed only 1-2 mm varnish and deformed the table in several places. Perhaps because I left it instead of a 30-minute laid for 45. Or simply this wash did not come to cover my furniture.

I also worried due to Toxicity means. Although I worked in a mask-respirator, but the smell filled the whole apartment and disadvantaged not immediately. And on the bank, a brief list of components of the coquettically completed the words "additives that ensure the penetration of the gel inside the polymer coating." I was puzzled that the manufacturer did not specify the exact composition, so for "deactivation" I washed the table with water with the addition of vinegar. And decided to go through the third way.

Mechanical method. The surface is treated with sandpaper - manually or grinding machine.

At first I wanted to remove the lacquer with the help of grinding. I thought it would be easier. But machine would have had Buy or rent. In addition, I was told that it was not easier than manually. Therefore, I decided to manually "walk" on the furniture and bought a holder for emery paper.

All surfaces I went by sandpaper twice: first more coarse with the graininess of P120, then softer with the graininess P180. The surface of the table softened the chemical washed, and the lacquer was quite difficult to remove. It was easier with racks: both of these giants are two meters in length each, and even with shelves, drawers and inner sections, I skyril quickly and easily.

Holder for sandwich cost 120 Р, and the cheapest grinder would cost me somewhere in 1000 Р. Only the angular sections of the furniture I processed in small pieces of eathes without a holder - otherwise it would not get
I could not remove varnish to the tree
But this processing is enough to make paint firmly on the surface.
It was necessary to remove the lacquer before painting the walls, and not after - as I did. Dust from a convergent varnish delzyged on the colored walls, and I had to wipe them with a damp cloth. It was impossible to wash: when I lost the wall in one place, the blue paint began to go

How I painted furniture

I was wrong when I chose a light gray color for furniture. Painted the table, but he was so sad and looked cold against the background of blue walls, which immediately became clear - it is impossible to leave like that.

Therefore, I again went over the paper palette and unexpectedly stopped on a lilac. I never loved this color, but I liked how it combines with yellow and blue. I also thought it would be unusual - purple furniture. Therefore, I decided to paint it.

I again found several pictures in a pinter, to make sure how harmoniously combined yellow, blue and purple
First of all, I painted the table. I liked how the purple color looks in the interior. Therefore, I continued: painted it one of the racks, a round table and legs at a stool-puff
I like the resulting color combination of walls and furniture. A question may arise: Do I get tired of such bright colors? No, I love bright colors and their combinations, so I do not get tired, but, on the contrary, I'm charging

Furniture I painted alkyd matte enamel " Garden-10. "From" Finnkolor ". First, the consultant in the construction hypermarket advised a more expensive brand. But I explained that I need the most fiscal option. Then he showed this enamel and said that she was also a good quality and suitable for my tasks.

Enamel I applied rollers - medium and very small, and the joints of the surfaces score to the tassel. From the first layer enamel easily covered the surface. It dries quickly. I inflicted the second layer the next day, although it was possible before.

Inside the shelving I also trusted everything
The second rack we moved to my mom's room. I painted it with a gray enamel, but one incomplete jar barely enough to scratch all visible surfaces. The inner surfaces of the rack remained brown. I think one full jar on 0.9 liters would be enough to paint the entire rack

From the disadvantages of enamel: it smells sharply, and the smell does not destroy for a long time. And to remove it with yourself - this is a mini-execution: I had to rub the skin to the brush until the enamel susta. All other paint easily washed off with water with soap.

One jar at 0.9 liters cost 429 Р, and another 23 РIt cost a tinting of each jar in the desired color. In total, I needed three jars - one gray and two purple. That is, I spent 1356 on the paint for furniture Р.

Materials for painting furniture - 2420 Р

Materials number Price
Enamel "Finnkolor" and her tint 3 Banks of 0.9 l 1356. Р
Sandpaper 2 rolls 704. Р
Washing for varnish 1 bank 240. Р
Sandpaper 1 PC. 120. Р

Enamel "Finnkolor" and her tint


3 Banks of 0.9 l


I was lucky that my brother had a lot of tools after his repair. Therefore, I did not buy paint trays, large brushes, rollers and handles for them.

I bought materials in several goals - as needed. Due to this, they did not gain them in excessive amounts. On the contrary, in the process I did not have enough of the amount that I previously considered the formulas and calculators on the Internet.

Other Repair Facilities - 820 Р

Materials number Price
Rolls are small for painting of furniture and window frames 12 pcs. 356. Р
Pussy 4 things. 162. Р
Film for floor protection and furniture 1 roll 125. Р
Shopping brush for carpet cleaning 1 PC. 110. Р
Handle for mini-rollers 1 PC. 45. Р
Cotton gloves 1 pair 22. Р

Rolls are small for painting of furniture and window frames

Film for floor protection and furniture

Shopping brush for carpet cleaning

Handle for mini-rollers

Cotton gloves

Repair I made a year and a half ago He stretched out for two and a half months - I started the last week of August and finished in early November 2017, but did not do it every day. Now everything remains in the room unchanged. Only on the windows and doors in several places the paint has shuffled and cracked
Instead of the sofa, I bought a base with a mattress for 9590 Р. Sleeping on it is convenient, and not only me. Our cat Ralph and Cat Mimi lead a constant struggle, who will alone lie on this bed. This time won Mimi

What conclusions I made thanks to this repair

  1. It is not necessary to be an interior designer to come up with something unusual for your home. Ideas can be sought, for example, in a pinter.
  2. You can transform your furniture if it is taken to paint and paint into another color.
  3. There are different types of paints - water-dispersion, acrylic, alkyd and others. I took the most fiscal option and did not delve into what they differ. But even if I chose not the best paint option, I still like the result of repair.
  4. You can save, if you do not buy materials, but to look for them in the "Stroy Suckering" or "Give Dar" groups in social networks. There people are cheaply selling what they have left after repair. And sometimes they give it just like that.

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