Antiplagiat, check the text on the uniqueness online.

Antiplagiat, text check for uniqueness online

Without registration is available free text checking up to 3000 characters.



- up to 5000 characters.

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Uniqueness check options

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Verification of uniqueness from the ETXT Antiplagiat service is a powerful text of the unique text of the text.

With the help of the program you can:

  • find and highlight non-unique fragments of text, which greatly facilitates the definition of the uniqueness of the text;
  • Create detailed reports on the audit of the unique content of the content with the ability to set up different search parameters - the number of samples from the text, the number of words in Shingle, etc.;
  • Check on the uniqueness all page pages, receiving a detailed site report.

IS FREE You can download uniqueness checking program for free and install it on your computer.

Verification of uniqueness online

Online verification on the uniqueness from ETXT is a convenient text of the unique text of the text.

The online version of the audit program for uniqueness will help you:

  • Check text on uniqueness regardless of external factors;
  • Do not be afraid of blocking data by search engines;
  • Save the scan results on the server and be able to provide their permanent address if necessary.
Paid online check - 1.5 rubles. For 1000 characters.

The volume of text for a single check is up to 15000 characters.

To take advantage of the paid check, register.

API audit on uniqueness

If you need to check the texts in a large volume, then we can provide you with a separate server to check for uniqueness.

Features and Terms of Service:

  • Working with the server occurs through the API interface;
  • Your orders will be checked for uniqueness without a queue;
  • Subscription fee - 3000 rubles per month;
  • Approximate bandwidth - up to 1 million characters per day.

For all questions related to the text check for plagiarism, contact the ETXT Excoup Support Service through the form



The uniqueness of articles is a key requirement for customers.

The uniqueness of the articles is a key requirement for customers when working with text content. Therefore, the author should always have a program for the successful passage of antiplagiat, the text check will help pass the entire original material. Customer's conditions will be fulfilled, and you will receive a set remuneration for your work. In addition, the program will allow a detailed analysis of the uniqueness of the text in which you will receive information about which sources are those or other text fragments are borrowed.

We analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of several content uniquely check services and created their own program.

Dear users, we offer you when working on articles, use the services of our service check service for uniqueness - the program of inspection on uniqueness, when creating which we took into account the features of the copywriter.

You can do this in two ways: downloading the program or using our online service.

Principles of operation of the Uniqueness of Etxt Uniqueness

  • ETXT Antiplagiat Uniqueness Check Program compares the text that you entered with materials in free internet, using Google search engines, Yandex, etc.
  • During the verification process, the program refers to search engines, the protection of which requires constantly entering the captcha to continue. If you plan to check for the uniqueness of large volumes of texts, it is better to use the Antikapchi service.
Read more →
  • The search for duplicates in the program comes along the Shingal algorithm. Single is a phrase consisting of consistently worthwhile words. All text is divided into such phrases, after which reconciliation is reconciled on the uniqueness of these samples with found on the Internet.
  • A better method - check on rewriting. He does not allow a simple permutation of words and takes into account the wordformes. If you need in every sense, unique text - this method for you.
  • When checking the uniqueness, the comparison method of Schinglov compares the consecutive phrases. This is a method that can be checked by simple rewriting: for the indicators of the uniqueness of 100%, it is enough to rearrange the words.
  • When checking at the discretion of the user, the number of samples is set. The sample is a small fragment of the source text that will be sent as a search engine request. The greater the number of samples, the more comparisons with the pages from the Internet and quality check.

Low uniqueness of text?

We will help to raise uniqueness up to 100%.


Load the source text


Specify the requirements for uniqueness


Get ready-made text to the specified period.

Updates program


- support for ignoring quotes for all methods of verification;

- elimination of rollers on heavy operations in the editor;

- output parameters / check settings at the end of the check;

- Saving selected options.



Fixed work with Google (Recappy Support)




- change the name of the program;

- corrected markup when creating a DOCX report;

- elimination of hangs in the editor when highlighting synonyms;

- counting visits statistics (LI) in SEO check.

For support issues

from 10.00-18.00, on weekdays

Download program

- counting visits statistics (LI) in SEO check.

Select the appropriate version for download: *


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1.5 rubles for 1000 characters

Check without queue

Text up to 15,000 characters

After registration you will be available 3 or free checks per day.

Accurate number of checks are calculated based on the rating and user activity.

The cost of a paid check of 1.5 rubles for 1000 characters. For this check, you must register or log in.


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Annotation. The article will review the seven most popular and reliable plagistry check services in the text. Each of the services allows you to check the text on the plagate online.

When writing a course work, you need to take into account many moments. First, the work should be correctly framed. Secondly, the text should be original.

You can check your coursework on plagiarism in several ways. There are many sites providing such an opportunity. Our article will consider the seven of the most popular sites where you can check for free coursework. Who seeks will always find

Immediately it is worth saying that the choice of text verification service to the plagiarism will depend on a particular university. Currently, the standard test system in Russian universities is the university antiplagiat. With this service, all student work is checked without exception.

Check your work in the university antiplagate system in the following ways:

- contact the teacher;

- To buy access to the System Antiplagiat of the University;

- send a document to the site

We have full access to the teaching system of the university antiplagiat. This means that your work will be tested for all bases (including rephrase modules).

We not only check the work on plagiarism, but we can increase the uniqueness. So, if the percentage of borrowing in your work will be greater than you need, then you can leave an application for improving originality. It will take literally a few minutes, and you have ready-made work with a high percentage of originality.

What is a university antiplagiat?
What is a university antiplagiat?

This is an extended version of the site Antiplagiat.Ru, with the help of which all student works are checked - abstracts, coursework, thesis, dissertations. Students do not have the opportunity to test their work in this system, as there is only access to the teachers. But you can do it on our website. The site of antiplagate has not been cooperating with different universities for many years, so we have full access to the university antiplagiat system.

We can check your work and form a full report. In the report on the verification of text on borrowing, all non-unique blocks are allocated. This will allow you to see which parts of the text you need to remake to increase the originality of the work. Together with the report, we will send you a certificate of verification results. This certificate is the final work point and attached to it when you pass the teacher. The cost of checking the text in the system of antiplagiat of the university from 200 rubles. For this price you will receive:

- Full check of work on all bases (Ring of universities, Module of translation borrowing, Internet Pereprasing Module, ELIBRARY Pereprasing Module and about 20 more databases);

- A complete report on the verification of text on borrowing with dedicated unreasonable blocks;

- Help on the results of checking work in the university antiplagiat system.

Uniqueness check modules in university antiplagiat
Uniqueness check modules in university antiplagiat

Antiplagate Uniqueness Check - Top 7 Best Services

In the process of writing a course or thesis, the need to verify text on uniqueness occurs quite often. Pay for each check is clearly unprofitable. Therefore, we consider several free services with which you can check the text on the plagate. Any of these services will be a good helper in writing work.

But when the work is already written, you can also order a paid check in the university antiplagiat system (to make sure its uniqueness).

  • So, we turn to the review of popular and free text verification services for uniqueness.
  • 1. Antiplagiat RU
  • This is the official website of Antiplagiat Ru.
  • is perhaps the most popular site from students. Not so long ago we conducted a full overview of the site Antiplagiat Ru. You can view the article if you are interested in how the site works, what is its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Until recently, student work was checked with this site. Then an extended version of the university's antiplagiat was introduced and the free site ceased to be relevant. Nevertheless, thousands of students are used by this site every day.

What are the advantages of the site Antiplagiat.Ru:

free and fast registration; lack of advertising and unnecessary elements on the site;

intuitive interface;

Fast check on the "Internet search module";

The ability to check the unlimited number of documents (with an interval of 6 minutes).

The principle of checking on a free website Antiplagiat.Ru is the same as in the system of antiplagiat of the university. Only the number of connected bases differs. checks the text only by one database ("Internet search module"), and the university's antiplagiat is more than 20 bases. Naturally, the verification result can vary significantly. For example, you checked your work on the antiplagiat website. And received a result of 85% of originality, and the teacher showed 30%. This is found very often. So much to focus on the result of checking in the system of is not worth it.

Off Site:
Off Site:

  • 2. Antiplagiarism net.
  •'s unique text of text is the second most popular among students and teachers.
  • You can download the program for free on the official website
  • By downloading and running the program, you will see such a window:

Etxt Antiplagiat or

There are four options for verifying text:

Standard check.

Express check.

Deep check.

Check for rewriting.

The result of the standard check will be similar to the result obtained on the site of If you choose the option "deep check" or "Repeat check", then the result will be closer to the university antiplagiat system. Therefore, it is better to choose one of these options. Advantages of this check system:

- the ability to download the program without registration;

- Ability to compare two texts (additional option).

The disadvantage of the program is the long check and the need to constantly enter the caps.

However, with this program you can get a more reliable result.
However, with this program you can get a more reliable result.

Off Site:

3. Advego or Advego Plagiatus

Advego Plagiatus - almost analogue of the previous service. The program also downloads from the official site. The principle of operation and verification of text on uniqueness is the same. In essence, even the percentage of originality almost does not differ.

In our country, this program is almost not used. But it is very popular in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Advego Plagiatus

Off Site:

4. Text RU

The text RU is the most contrary to the check system. Even experienced copywriters do not like to work with it. If you need to achieve the high uniqueness of the text in this service, it is worth stocking Valerian. Even with high originality of work on all possible services here you will find a low percentage. But it is worth changing one word (I would still know what) and uniqueness takes off to 90%. They changed one more - and the uniqueness fell to 30%. With a relatively small text you can take a lot of time.

The text of the RU has a good sense of humor: text that shows 100% uniqueness, when repeated checking can show 90%, 50% and in general, any percentage. Site support explains this by the fact that at the time of the first checking some sites were not available. All this seems to be logical and understandable, but because of such jumps of uniqueness, many students have problems.
The text of the RU has a good sense of humor: text that shows 100% uniqueness, when repeated checking can show 90%, 50% and in general, any percentage. Site support explains this by the fact that at the time of the first checking some sites were not available. All this seems to be logical and understandable, but because of such jumps of uniqueness, many students have problems.

Among the minuses you can allocate more: : - limited text volume (up to 2500 words);

- Long check (even after authorization on the site);

- Rumors about a possible leakage of the loaded texts in sharing.

Thus, is definitely not the tool with which you can check the course or thesis on uniqueness.

So looks like checking for text ru

Off site
Off site

Off Site:

5. Rukkuktext

Rukuktext is a relatively young check system. It is inferior in the frequency of use by previous services, but still used in some universities. Therefore, we decided to include it in our review.

The check algorithm is a bit similar to, but the result is more stable and consistent.

The only minus of Rukuktext is the possibility of free checking only one text per day. For all subsequent checks will have to pay. This is probably explained by the low popularity of the service.

Main site rukuktext ru

free and fast registration; 6. Content Watch - He is Vach Antiplagiat

Content Watch is a little-known verification system, but its result is one of the most accurate.

Checking text on plagiarism is directly on the site. To do this, you do not need to register or download a special program. I went - I checked - came out. Everything.

Among the minuses can be called a limited amount of text to check (even less than Text.Ru offers) and only three free checks per day (from one IP).

Content Watch is suitable only if you need to check the small text. To check the course or thesis, this option is exactly not suitable.
Content Watch is suitable only if you need to check the small text. To check the course or thesis, this option is exactly not suitable.

Free website check Content Watch


In the seventh item we combined such not quite popular free text check services for the uniqueness, like PR CY, Proga Online, etc.

We mentioned these services only because the text check is free on them. But we cannot guarantee the reliability of such services.

Verification of uniqueness in PR CY, Proga Online

Yes, and university teachers themselves do not use little-known services and sites for checking text on plagiarism.
Yes, and university teachers themselves do not use little-known services and sites for checking text on plagiarism.

So, we reviewed the seven most popular services where you can check the text on the plagiarism for free. Each system has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. The total only one thing is the presence of certain restrictions, to get rid of which you can only by purchasing a paid tariff.

Among the minuses you can allocate more: :

8. Check on the site antiplagate no

If you do not have a desire to spend time on checking the text on plagiarism, you can leave a request on our website, and we will check the work in the university anti-plagiarism system, that is, where the teacher will check.

After checking, we will send you a full report with the results and a certificate of verification of text on borrowing.

This looks like a certificate of anti-plagiarism university

In just 100 rubles, you will receive a complete check in the university anti-plagiarism system, an inspection report and a certificate with the results of testing for borrowing. I I Bypassing antiplagiat - Is it possible? I If the uniqueness of your work is low - this is not a reason to despair and lower your hands. There are many ways to get around antiplagiat. In more detail about different ways to bypass antiplagiat, you can read here in our blog.

If you do not have time or desire to improve the originality of your work, you can contact us - just a couple of minutes we will increase the uniqueness of the text. Moreover, the visually text will not change, only the document encoding will be changed. This is a new way to improve the originality, which is not yet recognized by the university antiplagiat system. In addition, this method of increasing uniqueness is much cheaper than rewritten.

I needed questions or need help, there are comments on this article Write in the comments will be happy to subside, just subscribe to our channel or other social networks:

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  2. Our instagram
  4. Our VKontakte Antiplagiat online - free text check for plagiarism, duplicates, poor-quality rewriting, borrowing. Due to the special antiplagiath algorithms, the text is reliably checked for uniqueness even after processing synonymisers and programs for "bypassing antiplagiat", "increasing" the originality of the article and the percentage of the document plagiarism. Checking for online anti-plagiarism - Advantages:
  5. Without downloading programs ✔

Does not depend on the speed of the Internet ✔

Unique algorithm of adverve ✔ Check by

  • Plagiat online
  • Large texts ✔ *;
  • Protection from "Non-Plagiat" Answers to popular questions about how to work with anti-plagiarism online .

Check text on plagiarism

Shows online:

Uniqueness of information and SEO texts for sites;

                            You can use it online from any device, all that you

plagiarism in abstracts, diplomas and scientific papers

  • Quality of articles
  • **
  • 🢧 How to share the result of the verification of uniqueness
  • Click the Generate link button, after which the text and service report will be available for viewing to everyone who has a link. To close access, click the Delete link button.

An example of an online text verification report on Antiplagiat, indicating plagative sites

Thanks to intelligent algorithms, all unscrupulous methods for circumpact scope are easily revealed: Replacing letters in words to another layout: Antiplagiat allocates such replacements with color and automatically substitutes the correct characters when checking. Reduction of words in places, synonymising, the replacement of words on obsolete: Sources will be found due to the comparison of the lexic composition of the text, the second indicator of uniqueness according to the words will be low.

  • Diluting with insert words, change in case and time: the algorithm will check the text without "water" and sources with similar words of words to find the original text.
  • Treatment of text by the services of "Non-Plagiat Bypass", Inserting Special Mars and Invisible Signs: The text is automatically cleaned from third-party characters, which guarantees high-quality verification.
  • How "like" algorithm of antiplagiat online 💎
  • To write high-quality text that will get high

*Antiplagiat Online, follow the basic principles: Use several sources if possible;

Answers to popular questions about how to work with anti-plagiarism online To write highly specialized articles, learn profile forums and reference books, consult with specialists in this area;

Get rid of "water" and common phrases about "experienced specialists in the modern world";

In each sentence, give an answer to a specific question.


search plagiarism in texts

Public sources are used on the Internet, indexed by the search engines Yandex, Google, Rambler, Bing, Yahoo, QIP, NIGMA.

The algorithm for the detection of theft of the Content of the Adverver content is assessed several indicators of text quality: technical uniqueness, similarity with other texts on the network (lexical text of the text), the presence in the text of non-unique speech stamps and water expressions.

Why need to check the uniqueness of texts What requirements are first put forward to the texts that are published on sites? Of course, they must be competently written, without errors and typos, structured, useful, interesting, meeting questions and unique. In the last quality criteria, we will discover in more detail, because it is considered one of the main. Antiplagiat program, which is very convenient, can work online. That is, you do not need to install a program on a laptop or computer, just go to our site. True, there is a limit for free checks. And if you download the program, you can check any volumes of articles without restrictions. Antiplagiat for free without registration. Check the uniqueness of the text online {{info}}

Uniqueness {{Originality}}%

Full double Such a text has already written!  

Unsatisfactory. Text requires processing. Satisfactorily. The text is desirable to finalize. Okay. Suitable for most texts. Excellent. The text is unique. Used mixed words {{Word}} Characters of all: Slovak

Tamil Pro version: Uniqueness

Spelling Synonymizer Clear

Order Text

Download report

{{infoservice}} Unique check service


Tests texts on antiplagiat.

How much can you check the symbols for uniqueness?

For the guests of our site, it is possible to check 10 thousand characters. The next user, you have access to 15 thousand characters. If you have a large text of up to 200 thousand characters, use PRO check. For you will be created a separate queue. So, the check speed is much accelerated.

What are the advantages of antiplagia text?

Advanced antiplagiat technique allows you to check the uniqueness of better and efficient. The service Texture finds plagiarism after the permutation of words, phrases, proposals within the text. It will not be possible to achieve high uniqueness replacing every third (or fourth) word. Changes in cases, time, persons will also not deceive the program. Please note that our service automatically checks every work and Yandex.Dzen.

How to use the program?

To check the text, insert it into the work field and click the "Uniqueness" button.

The program will show the percentage of the uniqueness of your text. Up to 10% - full double. This means that such text has already written. 10-30% - unsatisfactory. Butt. It is necessary to modify. 30-60% - satisfactory. Recommended the text to recycle. This percentage is suitable for most texts. 80% and above - excellent. You have achieved an excellent result - you have a unique text.

Antiplagiat issues a list of borrowing sources. To see which part of the text was taken from a particular site, click on the percentage of similarity (the figure is indicated in brackets next to the web address). In this case, the service will highlight the borrowed parts of the text.

To check the following text, click on the "Clear" button. How to achieve high uniqueness?

Pay attention to the selected places in the text. The less such areas - the higher the uniqueness. Work with highlighted words more carefully. Pick up synonyms, paraphrase offers.

The inspection results are stored 7 days. To check the text on the uniqueness and reveal the plagiarism, insert the text into the text field or Load

document in MS Word format (.doc, .docx), presentations in the .ppt format,

Documents (.odt, .txt). When checking the text, the search for borrowed words and expressions goes throughout the Internet, including all documents.

The program execution time depends on the queue, the approximate time of checking 10-20                             need to,



So many users have already used our service.

About Service - Antiplagiat Antiplagiat is designed by Unique algorithm

, performing text analysis system

Conduct High-quality search for plagiarism in the text - it effectively helps

Students, school students, universities, as well as teachers in work.

Testing text is performed completely free, no registration is required to check.

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