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How cozy it is to celebrate the New Year

1. Arrange a puppet show or shadow theater

You can build a screen using an ordinary blanket or sheet. Small stuffed toys are suitable for a puppet theater, and for shadow theater you need to cut out silhouettes from paper. A lamp placed behind the screen will complete the simple design. Kids will be delighted, and adults will be able to plunge into childhood again.

2. Organize a home masquerade

Carnival costumes are useful not only for children's matinees. Paint faces, put on masks, create your look from scrap materials ... and try to guess who is dressed up as whom.

Create a fairy tale 🧙‍♂️🧝‍♀️👩‍🎤

3. Prepare a New Year message

Who said that only the president can have a New Year's address? Your loved ones also probably have something to say. Have each of those around you prepare a five-minute speech and address the audience.

4. Fortune telling for next year

There are a lot of ways: bake Chinese fortune cookies, tell fortunes on cards, on coffee grounds, on wax. You can take the signs of fate both seriously and frivolously. The main thing is to interpret them in a positive way and hope for the best.

5. Create a New Year's tradition

The hero of the film "Irony of Fate" went to the bathhouse with friends every December 31st. Do you have a New Year's tradition? If not, it's time to come up with one. It is good if she is connected with charity. For example, with gifts for children in orphanages.

6. Be Santa Claus or Snow Maiden

How to celebrate the New Year: Stay Santa Claus or Snow Maiden

Professional artists are, of course, good, but working as a New Year's wizard yourself is much more fun. Props can be bought at a carnival costume store or rented, and loyal spectators can be found among the children of neighbors or friends.

7. Play board games

For fun board games, New Year's Eve at home will fly by unnoticed. The stores have a huge selection of such entertainment for every taste and even special games for the New Year.

How to celebrate the New Year noisily

8. Congratulate your neighbors

Let you not know who all these people who live with you on the same staircase are. New Year is a good reason to find out. Prepare small gifts like fruits and chocolates and go to give joy without leaving the entrance. So you will please others, and yourself, perhaps, will receive a pleasant surprise in return.

9. Go to the skating rink

On New Year's Eve, the skating rink turns into a noisy and cheerful holiday. Christmas tree, music, lights and decorations - such splendor can hardly be created at home. You will definitely not get bored at the skating rink, but there will be a lot of people around, from whom you can recharge your New Year mood.

10. Launch fireworks

Stop looking at someone else's pyrotechnic fun, lighting the firecrackers yourself and launching fireworks is much more interesting. In addition, this is a good reason to break away from the New Year's table and go out into the street to unwind.

11. Throw snowballs

And when the stocks of pyrotechnics run out, you can remember your childhood and arrange a snowy battle. Divide into two teams, come up with a name for them, stick on ammunition and do not sit in the trenches. A little physical activity will also help you not to gain weight after a heavy meal.

12. Go to a bar or club

How to celebrate the New Year: Go to a bar or club

If you are tired of quiet family celebrations, then the best way out is to buy a ticket to the New Year's show in the club or just celebrate the holiday at the bar. A noisy company, exotic drinks and a boring evening are guaranteed.

13. Organize a contest for the funniest photo

Show your imagination yourself and make your friends show it. During the evening, take pictures in the craziest poses and post them on social networks with a special hashtag. At the end of the party, reward the most creative participant.

14. Play forfeits

Come up with and write on pieces of paper funny tasks for guests of the celebration, put them in a hat and draw them out in turn. You can refuse to perform fantasy only once in the whole game.

How to celebrate the New Year romantically

15. Look dazzling

So it's time to change the robe and sports shoes with slippers for an evening dress, suit and shoes. Even if you decide to spend this New Year at home, this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of showing off and appearing in front of your partner at his best.

16. Turn off the electricity

Finish everything before sunset, and then imagine that you have moved to the 19th century. No gadgets, TVs, radios, lights. Only candles, silence, a couple of preference parties and long conversations fanned out.

17. Dance

Learn a waltz or a couple of other simple dances. Spin around the room or simply sway slowly to the beat of the music. Let this evening be a bit like a New Year's ball.

18. Prepare a romantic dinner

How to Celebrate New Year: Cook a Romantic Dinner

Of course, it is already difficult to imagine the New Year without Olivier and tangerines, but they do not add romance to the holiday. Why not limit yourself to wine, light snacks and one gourmet meat dish? Better not to stand by the stove on this special evening and order food from the restaurant. Only this must be done in advance, otherwise you risk waiting until next year.

19. Make an erotic massage

We ate, danced, talked - it's time to move on to the final stage of the evening. For the New Year, you can give not only gifts, but also pleasant sensations. For example, a long and sensual massage. Prepare massage oil or cream and essential oils in advance to heighten the sensation.

20. Arrange role-playing games

From the New Year's masquerade close to the masquerade in bed. If all this time you could not decide on role-playing games with a partner, then, perhaps, you need to do it just under the chimes.

How to celebrate the New Year without straining

21. Review photos over the past year

Surely a lot of good things got into your photos in the past year, and you forgot. The last hours before the New Year can be spent on pleasant memories and relive the joy of these moments.

22. Place a time capsule

Write a small letter about what you have achieved in the past year and what plans you are making for the next. Put this in a box along with a couple of small items, toss it away and don't open until next New Year. It will be interesting to compare your expectations and reality later.

23. To please strangers

If you happen to spend a holiday alone, this does not mean that you will have no one to congratulate and no one to receive warm words from in return. Just find strangers on social networks (maybe even from other countries) and wish them all the best from the bottom of your heart. Getting congratulations from a random person is sometimes even more pleasant than from a friend.

24. Sing karaoke or watch movies

How to celebrate the New Year: Sing karaoke or watch movies

Meeting the New Year alone has another advantage: you can sing, dance and not be afraid that someone will see and criticize. Turn on music, search for words on the Internet and sing to your heart's content.

If you don't want to sing, have a movie marathon in your pajamas and popcorn. Relax at last.

25. Purchase

On New Year's Eve, online stores often try to get rid of gifts that no one will need after the holiday. And this is a chance to get a big discount and please yourself if you no longer believe in surprises from Santa Claus.

One of the disadvantages of New Year's holidays is that many people have become so committed to "unshakable" traditions that they have already turned a joyful celebration into a banality. But, it doesn't matter: today you will learn how to celebrate the New Year at home in a fun and original way without paying a lot of money for it.

Feast and hard labor - all equally!

Unfortunately, the preparation for the holiday has recently become so cumbersome that it is exhausting as if it were not a joy, but the taking of the Bastille. And it doesn't matter if we are talking about a holiday with your family or with friends - it takes a lot of energy.

To save yourself from unnecessary expenditure of energy and not be left without a festive dish, invite your guests to join the organization of the celebration. To do this, it is not at all necessary to invite them to your kitchen: just entrust them with some of the other concerns. For example, let someone take care of firecrackers, someone about songs, and someone about masks or fireworks. In the end, no one forbids bringing something tasty with you.

Stylish New Year

A great way to celebrate the New Year at home in an interesting way, if there is no money, is to make it themed. Let it be designed in one style. Someone will love the banana party, but the kids will surely be delighted with the pirate New Year. The older people will appreciate the exotic style. Imagine what snowmen will look like in, for example, Polynesian style and a Snow Maiden in a bikini saying "Aloha!"

You don't have to go into such extravagance, and send the topic mainly to the table. A good option would be to bet on Italian or Japanese cuisine, although old Russian dishes should not be forgotten either, since they are already undeservedly forgotten. Meanwhile, the abundance of pies, pancakes, fish and suckling pig will certainly delight those who love tasty and satisfying food.

Culture is culture for the New Year too

If the guests' attention is focused on the table, its contents and, especially, on the intoxicating one, do not be surprised if the main topic of conversation soon becomes politics, work, shopping and repairing someone's car. To celebrate the New Year is not so commonplace, take care of the cultural program. The easiest option is to watch TV.

However, everyone's tastes may be different, so, say, karaoke is more suitable. If someone does not know how to sing, then after the third or fourth glass, the voice may cut through. Everyone will have fun, and if no one wants to sing, you can just go outside to the main city Christmas tree. You can play snowballs or make a snow woman. By the way, this will delight not only adults, it is also a great way to celebrate the New Year with children!

Sweepstakes, contests, fun for the New Year

How to celebrate the New Year without money? This point is traditionally underestimated, and completely in vain. If you don't know how fun it is to celebrate the New Year, here are a few options that will surely come in handy. Having grasped their essence, you will certainly be able to come up with something of your own.

  • Polar search. A great option if you are planning to spend the New Year with your child. To do this, you need to ask the guests or family to hide all the gifts and mark their location on the map (better "pirate"). At different points, the baby will find a message that tells what the child should do (sing, dance, make 10 turns around its axis, etc.). And so on until the child is next to a snowdrift, where gifts will be (or the main one).

  • Input task. Perfect for those who are thinking about how to celebrate the New Year with friends. It is enough to make a certain number of coupons, on which it will be written what funny action the holder of the coupon should do and at what time. Each of them must be rolled up and put in a bag or box. When the guests enter the house, let each of them draw out such a coupon. Then you just have to wait: from time to time your best friend cries out, then your friend starts crawling around the house on all fours - the range of tasks is limited only by your imagination.

  • Hello to the future. A smartphone or camera is enough for this. The scenario is simple - to take a short interview with each of the guests, asking him what he wants to achieve in the coming year, and what he is grateful for the past year. The most interesting thing is to make it a tradition and look at the records of the previous year for each regular holiday.

  • Toy of the Year. A great way to celebrate the New Year at home with friends, for a common and interesting business. Most of all it will be appreciated by lovers of needlework. To do this, you need to jointly make a mascot toy that will fulfill your common dreams. Let everyone attach something to it that will symbolize their desires, and then see what an amazing mix your dreams formed together.

  • New Year's theater. A good option not only for those who celebrate the New Year with a child, but also for an adult company. To do this, you need to choose a suitable fairy tale with a large number of characters, which will be divided among the celebrants. The presenter should read the text, and when he mentions one of the characters, the participant assigned to him should quickly say something funny. Believe me, this is one of the funniest options. In any case, when, after the mention of Little Red Riding Hood, her heroine says: “Oh, I love sex, I know the way”, everyone will laugh!

  • Chest with laughter. To do this, you need to put various funny things in some bright box, for example, sequined thongs, caps or masks. Most importantly, they should be funny. After midnight, the box must be put in a circle, and each participant must put on the thing he has come across and walk in it until morning. If you shoot this on camera and look in a year, you will not have any questions about how fun it is to celebrate the New Year next year.

  • Cotton snowballs. A good addition to any of the above activities, which will allow you to warm up a little and welcome the New Year without clinging to the chair. For this, any basket or bucket is suitable, into which you will need to throw cotton balls. They don't fly very well, so everyone will laugh. The luckiest one wins.

Do not forget about the well-known "crocodile" for a long time, when tokens are handed out to guests with words that they should not name, but depict. Of course, the most talented mimes should be given prizes. Children will undoubtedly appreciate the New Year's jigsaw puzzle. The main thing is that they are not too complicated and take no more than an hour.

Unfortunately, some do not realize how to celebrate the New Year with friends, and spend most of their time only with their relatives or only children. This is clearly a riot in even the best relationships. Therefore, the participants and especially the hosts of the celebration should make sure that no one is left out of attention.

It is worth remembering that some people, simply by virtue of their character, tend to "move away from the team." In this case, you should not impose fun on them, but leaving them alone is also unwise: just give them some secondary and not too extravagant role - they will be quite happy and will not feel lonely.

So that your guests will remember for a long time how interestingly they met the New Year in your company, charmingly consider their age. Spicy jokes can go unnoticed by very young children, but adolescents and schoolchildren will probably understand them and this is unlikely to be appropriate. But games, especially those requiring mobility, they will surely enjoy.

Accordingly, people of the old school will not appreciate this kind of humor either. In general, you need to be even more attentive with older people than with children, especially if people of not only different ages participate in the holiday, but also of different social strata, professions, hobbies, etc. For example, a youth company will feel great when going to club or strip bar, but their parents may not appreciate such an initiative, however, like some wives or husbands.

It is very important to take into account the fact that the New Year with friends and the New Year together with a loved one / beloved are completely different holidays. If the first option should be filled with jokes and practical jokes, then the second - with tenderness and romance. Using the entertainment suggested above or inventing your own, you will not have to worry about a fun holiday, having met the New Year with friends or family with full dedication.

How to celebrate the New Year alone

First of all, it is worth understanding that actual loneliness does not mean real. Many are confused by this very circumstance, and it seems to them that if there is no one nearby at the moment, then they are not needed at all. However, in life there are a variety of circumstances that can be expressed in the fact that a dear person, for example, left, or you were forced to leave. Understand that this is nothing more than one of the many circumstances in life that, like all other circumstances, is transient. How to celebrate the New Year without money alone?

If you have learned this, but do not know how to celebrate the New Year at home, you can just go outside. Surely there is a central square in your city, and on it there is a festive tree, around which there are probably people. Bring champagne, candy with you, and the likelihood that you will be left alone will be close to zero.

Moreover, this option is very good, even if you have a company, in any case, many single women appreciated this option of celebration. In any case, now they do not have questions about how to celebrate the New Year alone, since loneliness does not shine for them for many years.

A good option would be to celebrate the New Year on Skype or on your favorite forum. Even if you do not know anyone who would celebrate the holiday in this way, there is absolutely someone on the Internet who, like you, was left without company.

In any case, you can just make yourself a party by making yourself gifts, writing a greeting card and making yourself exactly what you love, not your guests. Accordingly, you can stock up on your favorite movies. The advantage of such a holiday will be that you do not need to adjust to anyone and worry about how your New Year's outfit will be evaluated. We can say that this New Year will be a holiday of your freedom, and there is never too much of it.

In conclusion, it is worth recalling that all those who are concerned with the question “how interesting it is to celebrate the New Year” should not forget about the old traditions. Alas, many, in pursuit of innovations and originality, can set up a festive table with exotic dishes, completely not thinking that not all of them are liked, and even forgetting about the good old Grandfather Frost, Snow Maiden, champagne and even a Christmas tree. But even if the New Year is already on the nose and it is too late to correct anything, try to compensate for the absence of the good old classics with cordiality and warmth - this will be appreciated for sure. And if you are a superstitious person, then you can read about traditions, how to celebrate the New Year, so that money is found. It will be easier for one to do it.

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In childhood, we believe that with the onset of winter, a fairy tale rushes to us, and with it real miracles and the fulfillment of all desires. It is important to maintain this attitude even now, when many of us have become gloomy adults, concerned about work, success and money. The New Year can be something unusual and completely unexpected, if you really, really want to, which will give you great joy and genuine fun. Little is required of you: New Year's mood and 15 tricks that will help you meet the New Year the way it should be.

1. You need to wait correctly

Pleasure needs to be stretched, therefore, in order to attract happiness into your life, with the arrival of the New Year, it is not enough to just sit at the table on December 31st. The holiday must be anticipated, then it will be remembered for a long time. Plunge into the preparation process with your head: prepare gifts, food or alcohol (whoever likes what), decorate the house, watch New Year's comedies. In a word, charge yourself with New Year's mood in any way possible.

As for psychologists, they believe that it is necessary to prepare mentally and physically about five days before. The same process works here as with wine - the more it fermented, the better. So, with pleasure, insist in the pre-New Year atmosphere, but do not delay it.

2. Wall newspaper of the outgoing year

Collect all the photos, naturally with the most pleasant and memorable events of the outgoing year. Take a Whatman paper or a huge sheet of paper and glue them in a chaotic manner, do not forget that you will need signatures at the bottom. This can be either a short description, as well as wishes, confessions, suggestions (FATHER FROST, DON'T GIVE ME MORE SWEET, GIVE ME SEMI-SWEET) or even an investigation (SOMEONE KIDDEN MY HOLIDAY MOOD: WHO?) And a sensation!

3. Box "best moments"


Let's not lie, this is an idea for next year, but it also has a place to be. All that is needed is to find a box-piggy bank, into which you need to replenish (no, not with money) throughout the year, but pleasant moments written by hand on a piece of paper. It could be anything: the best book, a promotion at work, a first date, a trip. Everything that makes you happy - we write it down and throw it into the box. On New Year's Eve, sitting at the festive table, you should stir the piggy bank and solemnly remember all the best that the outgoing year brought you.

4. We need more balloons

Balloons filled with confetti will become an indispensable attribute of New Year's Eve. And the more there are, the better! Place them everywhere to have fun popping them at midnight, December 31st to January 1st.

5. Fireworks and salutes

The festive fireworks bring genuine happiness to both adults and children. Having bought pyrotechnics in advance, go to light after the chimes. It will already be night in the yard - January 1, as well as a crowd of onlookers waiting for your incendiary number. Just remember to take precautions.

6. Make the smoke

Imagine: New Year's Eve, the time is approaching midnight, subdued light and then the whole room is filled with smoke, and when it dissipates, there are gifts for everyone present under the tree. NICHOSE! Here even the most inveterate skeptic will believe in miracles.

The smoke machine can be rented, you do not have to spend money and buy it for just one New Year's Eve, unless you plan to rent it out. In order to surprise guests, you can call several companies that rent gas cylinders. But before blowing up smoke, check if the cylinder can be used as a smoke machine.

7. Fancy-dress reception


A costume party is always a win-win for the New Year. There are several reasons: firstly, it is fun, secondly, anonymously, and thirdly, it is very unusual.

8. Celebrate the New Year in different countries in one night

How? It's very simple! Wikipedia and creative will help you with this. To celebrate the New Year in different countries in one night, you do not have to buy yourself a tour of Europe, it is enough to have access to the Internet and a creative approach at hand. Let the old year pass away in English, and you will greet the New one in French or Norwegian. And in the morning you can also in Japanese, American and even Brazilian, if you have enough strength, of course.

9. Magic tricks

Better than home magic, there can only be instant relief from problems. Try yourself in the role of a wizard and surprise those gathered at the festive table with unpretentious tricks: card tricks, or with the disappearance of objects, you can also use unusual effects - the choice is huge. And in case of an unforeseen situation, do not forget about improvisation. And who knows, maybe all the troubles will really drown in a glass of sparkling wine.

10. Newfangled quests

For fastidious, skeptics and people tired of the usual props, you can prepare ultra complex and unusual tasks for logic, ingenuity or speed. The main thing is that your tasks are accompanied by actions such as: "Look under the table - there is a hint!" You can think of a real game with orientation in a city or an abandoned building. In general, do not yawn, but show your imagination.

11. Matryoshka gifts

According to etiquette, it is customary to unfold gifts immediately, and even from such a banal activity you can make a real attraction on the sofa. To do this, take and stash your gift in several boxes and five layers of wrapping paper. Moreover, the more you wrap the gift, the more fun it will be to unwind it.

12. Gifts from Santa Claus


All adults are children, so even those who are a little over 50 will be pleased to receive a gift from a real Russian Santa Claus. Just warn that a letter with wishes must be written in advance. So you will kill two birds with one stone: you will find out what to give and cheer up the guests. You can buy a Santa Claus costume, rent it or make it yourself. It doesn't matter, the main thing is the result.

13. Location of the gift

This is also a kind of quest, only with the search for a gift. Come up with a hint riddle or just scatter gifts from guests around the house. At the moment when people exchange gifts, everyone, as a rule, is already "funny", and so, there will be even more laughter and fun. Let the guests rejoice and search for their mysterious bundles. If they are not going to rush, then they can be accelerated by the phrase: "who found the first - that and a gift." True, with this method, there is a risk of turning the New Year's party into real fights without rules.

14. Disco 80s

The era of the 80s gave us not only disco, it gave us a disco ball that will decorate your gray everyday life with its light. In general, lighting design is a cool thing. An ordinary starry sky projector, candles or garlands hung all over the room will do. The more bright colors there will be in the New Year, the brighter your life will become.

15. Adrenaline in the blood

To increase the level of adrenaline in your blood will help you ride on sleds, cheesecakes and ice cakes. Take a ride down the hill as you did when you were a kid and let the wind tickle your eyes. True, if the weather permits it (winter has become capricious now).

To have a fun New Year's Eve, you don't have to leave the country or city. You can also celebrate the New Year at home, in the circle of family and friends, adding a little organization and magic to the menu. We ourselves create our own mood and atmosphere around, therefore, you really try, finally, to charge yourself and everyone around you with the anticipation of the holiday, and with it, New Year's mood and happiness. Good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons {{FB_LIKE}} {{OK_LIKE}} and {{VK_LIKE}}

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We are all looking forward to the main winter holiday, and we all have equal hopes that December 31 will pass without a hitch.

In anticipation of the upcoming holiday, I have put together some clever ways to make your preparation for the new year a lot easier.

Garlands of various sizes

15 Tricks to Make This New Year's Eve Unforgettable

If you hang two sets of garlands on a tree that have different sized lamps, then it will look much more attractive than usual.

Reflective decorations

15 Tricks to Make This New Year's Eve Unforgettable

If you add some reflective elements to your tree, it will give the impression of a brighter tree with much more magical lights.

How to wrap gifts in no time

15 Tricks to Make This New Year's Eve Unforgettable

If you're short on time to wrap gifts, try this method. Just wrap the item in plain paper, cut out half a tree (or any other holiday symbol) on it, fold it outward and it's done!

Replacing paper snowflakes

15 Tricks to Make This New Year's Eve Unforgettable

Making your own paper snowflakes and sticking them to windows is one of the easiest holiday decorating ideas. But what about trying to make them out of paper and glue? This is a really great way to spark your kids' imaginations.

Salted dough jewelry

15 Tricks to Make This New Year's Eve Unforgettable

You don't need to spend a lot of money on various materials if you want to decorate your tree with what you did with your own hands with your child. For example, you can make decorations with salt dough that looks as good as clay.

Making jewelry out of wrapping paper

15 Tricks to Make This New Year's Eve Unforgettable

When you're done completing all of the Christmas gifts, there are always pieces of lovely wrapping paper, and chances are you don't want to throw them away. Here's a great idea of ​​what to do about it.

The correct way to attach decorations to walls

15 Tricks to Make This New Year's Eve Unforgettable

To glue paper decorations to walls, first attach a piece of duct tape and then apply glue on top of it. Thus, the jewelry will not leave any lasting damage.

Hiding the base of the tree

15 Tricks to Make This New Year's Eve Unforgettable

A plain cardboard box is a great idea to hide the base of your tree. Just wrap it in festive wrapping paper and it looks perfect!

Festive dinner

15 Tricks to Make This New Year's Eve Unforgettable

Every house has a set of forgotten glasses. With a few special markers, you can decorate them for a festive look, brightening up your seasonal dining table.

Fairy lights for home

15 Tricks to Make This New Year's Eve Unforgettable

The perennial problem with installing garlands in your home is that the green power cable always gets unwanted attention unless it is masked by the tree. However, take a bottle of gold paint and this problem can be solved in a matter of minutes.

How to make a festive bow in a few seconds

15 Tricks to Make This New Year's Eve Unforgettable

You really don't need to spend a lot of time decorating your home for the holidays. For example, you can make this exquisite bow out of the materials you have at home in no time.


15 Tricks to Make This New Year's Eve Unforgettable

Edible Christmas tree decorations are something that many of us remember fondly from childhood. Here's a fun modern alternative: melting tough candy into holiday molds using cookie cutters.

Festive glass

15 Tricks to Make This New Year's Eve Unforgettable

Buy yourself a pair of bright holiday socks and you can make your morning cup of coffee warm and inviting.

Drying pine cones

15 Tricks to Make This New Year's Eve Unforgettable

Before using pine cones as decoration, you need to dry and peel them. You can do this by placing them in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 200 degrees. This will help you avoid excess moisture.

How to make a tabletop tree

15 Tricks to Make This New Year's Eve Unforgettable

You can create your own miniature using only a few branches from the tree. Just place the branches in a vase and then decorate them.

"How are you going to celebrate the New Year?" - I ask my friends and I hear in response the same phrase: "As usual." It makes no sense to go into details, because it is immediately clear from the bored face of the interlocutor that he does not expect anything interesting from New Year's Eve. Indeed, where does enthusiasm and joy come from, if the tradition of most Russians is to celebrate the New Year in front of the TV in an embrace with a bowl of Olivier. Or maybe it's time to change something and turn the upcoming holiday into a real miracle? How are you going to celebrate the New Year?How are you going to celebrate the New Year? Say, miracles do not happen? There are! One has only to want! And mummers Frosts with Snow Maidens meaningfully hint that now we have grown up and can create any fairy tales ourselves. In order to feel a surge of strength and feel happy, we, adults, do not need much - we just have to break the usual course of events and do something that we have never done before. And the upcoming New Year's Eve is the most suitable occasion for joyful changes. And I have 10 ideas in stock for you on how to spend a holiday outside the box.

1. New Year in a warm company

Instead of watching on TV for the hundredth time as Zhenya Lukashin from "The Irony of Fate" laughs with friends in the bathhouse, gather a cheerful company and go to the steam room yourself. New Year in


or a sauna - undoubtedly a non-standard holiday that will be remembered by everyone. New impressions and a sense of bodily renewal are guaranteed to you!

For the bath, you do not have to pick up a festive outfitFor the bath, you do not have to pick up a festive outfit

Good news: you don't have to choose a festive outfit, the dress code in this democratic place is always the same. The employees of the establishment will take care of creating a New Year's mood themselves: they will decorate the premises


and the corresponding attributes, as well as relieve you of the need to stand at the stove.

However, the bathhouse can be a summer cottage, then you can combine business with pleasure - celebrating the New Year at the festive table and continuing the fun in the steam room. But please do not forget that a sauna and large doses of alcohol are incompatible things. Believe me, the steam room will do its job on its own - it will charge you with cheerfulness and fun and help you start the new year from scratch.

2. Winter holidays without winter and snow

If you like an idea with hot sensations, but want more radical changes, go on a winter vacation in a warm country. Celebrating the New Year in the summer is not a fairy tale ?! Jumping from the winter cold into the summer warmth and making a New Year's wish under the palm trees, you will be charged with joyful enthusiasm for the whole next year.

Your snowman can be like thisYour snowman can be like this

3. Frosty adrenaline

And if the hot sand under your feet and the New Year's palm tree don't inspire you very much, go to the kingdom of snow and downhill skiing - to a resort of a different specificity. Moreover, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a luxurious vacation in promoted places - there are a lot of places in the Caucasus that, in terms of comfort and sincerity, are not inferior to the now fashionable Krasnaya Polyana, indecently expensive Switzerland and distant Austria. Fresh air, majestic mountains, frosty adrenaline and Caucasian hospitality are guaranteed. Wah!

The most active can celebrate the New Year on the slopeThe most active can celebrate the New Year on the slope

4. Have a great holiday

It is not necessary to plan the New Year celebration “on the spot” - you can meet it in motion, for example, on board an airplane. If you set yourself a goal to celebrate differently, this is the most appropriate way. Even on such a significant night, air transport continues to make scheduled flights, but they are much more fun. Don't believe me? Then buy a ticket for the evening of December 31 and check it yourself.

New Year can be seen in the airNew Year can be seen in the air

Of course, the crew will not allow you to arrange a grand feast on board, but it will provide you with a good mood. At a magical midnight, passengers are often offered champagne, fruits and sweets, and employees dress up in the costumes of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden and congratulate the guests of the plane.

And also this amazing feeling of unity with absolutely strangers who suddenly, for some unknown reason, become so close and dear! All together you will shout loud cheers at midnight, congratulate each other and admire the earth colored with fireworks from the windows of the portholes. And even if in a few hours you get up from your chairs and go about your business each, but this moment will forever remain in your memory. The holiday unites!

New Year is a great reason to start from scratch.New Year is a great excuse to start from scratch.

By the way, this is a good psychological way to say goodbye to your past. On New Year's Eve, you will tear yourself away from everything that worried you, soar above it. And then you will land as a completely new person in another city or country. A great excuse to start from scratch.

5. Real New Year's tree and kebabs with smoke

A more mundane, but no less original option is a holiday in nature, the idea of ​​which is perfect for a large friendly company. Of course, you can always go the simple way and go to someone's dacha - echoes of nature can be found there as well. But we are not like that, we are adventurers with burning eyes. Therefore, find a cozy place near the city.

You can go to the forest or to the river bank - a starry night in the open air, bright sparks of a fire will fill the surrounding space with mystery and a tremulous foreboding of bright changes. Just scout the situation in advance, check the availability of the place, and also inform all the participants of the celebration the exact coordinates of the unusual celebration.

Have a party in the woodsHave a party in the woods

Modern folding furniture and beautiful unbreakable dishes will help organize a New Year's picnic at the highest level, and warm bedspreads and felt boots, funny contests and dances will keep you warm.

Compare prices of online stores and choose utensils and picnic sets

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And of course, mobile will come to the rescue

the Internet

: here you have both the "Blue Light" and the President's solemn speech.

And there will also be a real New Year tree - choose any in the forest. If you take care of the garlands and the battery to power them, then it will also shine on a festive night. An important element of the holiday is the barbecue! Believe me, not a single guest will refuse a steaming, fragrant barbecue in the middle of the forest.

Our publications will help you come up with a scenario for a holiday in nature:

6. Feast of Mercy

Remember how much delight you experienced in childhood when the red-cheeked Santa Claus and the beautiful Snow Maiden entered the door. Now you've grown up and can try on their colorful outfits. After all, a holiday is not only a time to receive, but also a time to give. Share your New Year's mood with those who need it the most - with the kids from the orphanage.

Share the holiday mood with whoever needs it mostShare the holiday mood with whoever needs it most

You can spend New Year's Eve itself traditionally with friends and family, but the day before, look into the nearest orphanage and arrange a real fairy tale for its little inhabitants. It will not be possible to spontaneously go in and visit the kids; you need to arrange a visit in advance with the director. Or you can join a charity that hosts these events.

For you, this will not be a triumph in the literal sense of the word, but it will become a triumph of love and mercy in your heart. And it's worth a lot! Such actions make us deeper and cleaner, help us to look differently at life and everyday troubles. After visiting the orphanage, you will meet the New Year with a completely different person - not the same as before.

7. Smile at a stranger

If work and everyday chores did not allow you to plan an unusual scenario in advance and the New Year took you by surprise (this also happens), and you don't want to stay at home at all, dress warmly and go out for a walk. Yes, at midnight! You will be surprised how many like-minded people you meet who are also bored with the sofa and TV.

A walk on New Year's Eve will give a sea of ​​positiveA walk on New Year's Eve will give a sea of ​​positive

You can go to the city square and make a wish to the chimes at the foot of a huge Christmas tree, and then admire the stunning view of the festive fireworks. And if you decide to create a fiery illumination yourself, just in case, remember

10 rules to safely launch fireworks


New Year on Red SquareNew Year on Red Square

On New Year's Eve, you will not meet a single gloomy face on the street - isn't it a miracle ?! Bring candy, sparklers, or homemade snowflakes with you to hand out to passers-by. Or write good wishes on pieces of paper and give them to the first comer ... Smiles and sincere wishes of complete strangers will charge you with optimism, if not for a whole year ahead, then at least for the winter holidays))

8. Let there be a carnival!

I am sure there are among our readers and couch potatoes who are most dear to their native walls. It is also good. But even within four walls you can arrange a holiday that will leave vivid memories. Invite guests to your place, but with one important condition - everyone comes in masks and costumes. Let it be relatives and friends with whom you traditionally celebrate the holidays, or old friends who have not been seen for a hundred years, but certainly in carnival images.

New Year can be turned into a fun masqueradeNew Year can be turned into a fun masquerade

The party can be themed. Organize a yo-ho-ho pirate party with a sea of ​​rum, a parrot on your shoulder and a riot on the ship. Or ask everyone to dress up as in the garden - in snowflakes, bunnies and chanterelles. And it doesn't matter that the snowflake is not 4 years old, but the gray wolf speaks in a bass and wears a beard - we are all children at heart.

As a thematic entertainment, you can arrange festive poetry readings from a stool, dance around the Christmas tree, and then Santa Claus will give gifts to all good boys and girls. And no matter what theme you choose for the holiday, one thing will remain unchanged: a bright mood is guaranteed for you and your guests! Publishing our site will be able to tell you what you can do for a fun company.

How to spend the New Year holidays: 10 fun ideas


9. Change the boring traditions

Surely there will be those among us who do not want to radically change the traditional farewell of the outgoing year - they will stay at home, turn on the TV and watch the Blue Light with great pleasure. If you do not want to break the established traditions, because for many, the New Year at home is a symbol of stability, warmth and comfort, but you want something unusual, I have an idea for you too.

It is possible not to change the venue of the celebration, but to change its format. For example, cook completely different dishesIt is possible not to change the venue of the celebration, but to change its format. For example, cook completely different dishes

Refuse the preparation of the traditional salad Olivier, herring under a fur coat and jellied meat. There are so many delightful traditions and delicious dishes in the world! For example, you can make a hearty German table with schnapps, sausages, stewed cabbage, and potato salad.

Another idea is tapas. Do not cook a dozen salads, but make all kinds of appetizers in the Spanish style - with olives, cheese, bacon (jamon), chicken, seafood, fruits. Imagination is endless, because tapas is any snack served with alcohol, which you can take with your hand and eat in one bite. Delicious and varied! Change the boring traditions, or even better create your own, family ones, try new ones, do not be afraid to be different from everyone else!

And also on our site there is a large selection

dishes on the New Year's table

... Maybe you will like some of them, and you will cook exactly them:

10. Make the Most Valuable Gift

And finally ... The most extreme way)) Try for a few holidays (or at least New Year's Eve) to give up the Internet and the phone, do not turn on the computer and forget about the TV with its many "blue lights". I think I will not be mistaken if I say that for a modern person this will be the most unusual way to spend the New Year.

Spend the New Year with your familySpend the New Year with your family

Gather the whole family at a large table and just spend this magical time with each other. Laugh and have fun, eat and drink deliciously, look eye to eye, play board games or sing funny songs about the New Year, arrange a winter poetry contest, play snowballs and make a snowman - do anything, but only together, without distraction what a stranger.

No posts on social networks - you can congratulate your friends the next day. Until then, just be with your family. Give them the most valuable thing you have - your time!

Give your family the most valuable thing you have - your time!Give your family the most valuable thing you have - your time!

Dear readers, how are you going to celebrate the New Year? Maybe you already have interesting ideas. Share your ideas and holiday stories in the comments. And if you have already had a chance to celebrate the New Year in an unusual place, tell us about your impressions.

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