How to convert points into money on Megafon: exchange of bonuses

Subscribers of the mobile operator Megafon have long been aware that they have the opportunity not only to use a cellular connection, but also to participate in various programs and promotions. Currently, the current program "Megafon - Bonus" offers to pay for services using the accumulated points.

The unique difference from similar promotions is that points can be exchanged not only for connecting additional options, but also converted into cash. All participants of the action who have accumulated a sufficient amount for this can transfer the premium on Megafon to money. The reward is selected by the subscriber independently on the official Megafon website in the client's personal account, in the mobile application or using special commands.

It is important for loyalty program members to know how to redeem points for cash or get add-ons. The instructions below will help you get an answer to this question. But first, a little information about the features and principles of the "Megafon - Bonus" promotion.

Features of obtaining Megafon points

As mentioned above, every subscriber of the Megafon operator can become a participant in the action. The only condition is that the client is not a legal entity.

Other features worth noting:

  1. Subscribers using tariff plans included in the "Internet" line will not be able to join the project. For example, "Megafon online" or "Internet without worries".
  2. Bonuses are awarded for the money spent on communication services.
  3. The remuneration is not charged:
    • for calls in roaming;
    • information and entertainment services;
    • for the service "Beep change".
  4. Calculation and accrual of remuneration to the account occurs once a month. In this case, the expenses of the last month are counted.
  5. In the Megafon store, you can make purchases of goods included in the program. For their payment, points are awarded to the customer's number.
  6. The current rate - 1 bonus is equal to 30 spent rubles.
  7. To start crediting points to the account, the client needs to join the project and agree to its terms.
  8. The discount is kept in the account for one year. If during this period they are not spent, they are destroyed.

To exchange points on Megafon for money, the subscriber can both himself and give them to another person. But it is important to take into account that in some cases the discount expires, without the possibility of its recovery. This happens if the client changes the tariff plan to another that cannot participate in the program, or the service contract with the Megafon operator terminates.

For all questions, how to exchange a premium for Megafon, or how the accrual takes place, you can contact a contact center specialist at 8 800 5500500 or 0500 (free calls within Russia).

How to find out the number of accumulated bonuses

You can check how many points were awarded, or left after exchanging them for Megafon money, in two ways:

  1. In the personal account of the subscriber.
  2. In the mobile application “Megafon. Personal Area".

To get information on the site you need:

Go to the login page for your Personal Account at Log in to the system. Go to the section "Services", and select the item "Balances by service packages".

In the mobile application, verification is carried out in the same way, from the item "Tariff, options, services".

Participation in the program may be suspended if the subscriber has never exchanged bonus points for rubles or connected other options at their expense within 12 months. In this case, he can restore the service in the same section. But it should be borne in mind that the previously accumulated reward will burn out.

How to spend Megafon bonuses

There are several ways to exchange bonuses for money or services.

Subscriber's personal account

You can use the service both on the official Megafon website and by downloading the program to your phone or tablet from the application store. After authorization in the Personal Account, the subscriber must go to the "Services" section. Information is placed there:

  • accrued remuneration;
  • by spent;
  • remaining balance;
  • validity;
  • catalog of services for exchange.

To exchange for money, you should select the "Account discount" item.

Using USSD commands

For the "Megafon - Bonus" project, the command * 115 # operates. After dialing it, a menu will appear on the mobile screen, following the prompts of which, you can get information on the balance and exchange points.

The points accumulated on the Megafon account can be exchanged for the following types of services:

  • money that is credited to the phone balance;
  • additional internet traffic;
  • packages of minutes and SMS;
  • minutes of communication in roaming;
  • Aeroflot members with a valid card can exchange a Megafon discount for miles.

It is impossible to exchange electronic bonuses for real money!

Through a call to the operator

You can call the operator and make an exchange at one of two numbers 8-800-550-05-00 or 0500. Following the prompts of the system, the subscriber can independently activate the services, or wait for communication with the operator.

How to activate the bonus program for Megafon

Only individuals can participate in the Megafon - bonus program. Admission to the program is free. Activation methods:

  1. Write an SMS - message to number 5010. The text of the message must contain the numbers corresponding to the dialed number. (There is no additional charge for sending a message).
  2. Via short USSD - command * 115 #. Connection is confirmed by number 5.
  3. In the Personal Account on the operator's website or in the mobile application “Megafon. Personal Area".

After the completion of the operation, an SMS notification will be sent to the subscriber's number, with information about joining the loyalty program. You can disable the service in the same way.

Methods of exchanging Megafon bonus points for money

Points accrued for the use of communication services are stored in a separate bonus account. They are accrued automatically. For every 30 rubles spent, the subscriber gets 1 point. Thus, having accumulated 35, he can transfer them to his balance. But it should be borne in mind that when exchanging a discount for money, you will not be able to do it in proportions of 1 to 1. For example, to get 10 rubles to your phone account, you will need to give 35 bonuses.

Important! The data on the translation are given from the prices of Moscow and the region, in other regions the size of the ratio may vary slightly

Rates for money transfer:

Bonus money must be spent within one month, otherwise it will expire.

Exchange methods:

  1. Activation via message to Megaphone.
  2. Using USSD - combination.
  3. In the Personal Account on the operator's website.
  4. In the mobile app.

If the subscriber wants to exchange the discount for money and put it on the account of another subscriber, he needs to send a message to the number 5010. The text of the SMS contains the command of the format: xxx 1234567890, where xxx is the amount of money that should be credited (if the number is two-digit, for example, 10, 0 - 010 is added at the beginning), and 1234567890 is the number of the subscriber whose balance will be topped up.

How to transfer points on Megafon for money - instructions

Let's take a closer look at each method of converting an award into money described above.

Activation via message to Megafon

CMC - the message is sent to the short number 5010. Only the amount of money to be credited should be indicated in it. The rates for transfers have been shown in the table above. Accordingly, if the subscriber wants to spend 35 points and receive 10 rubles to the number 5010, he will send the text - 010, if 30 - 030, if 50 - 050, and so on.

Using USSD - combination

There are the following commands for converting bonuses into money:

To make an exchange, it is enough to find the required command, dial it on the phone, and press the call button.

In the Personal Account on the operator's website

To exchange bonuses for money in your Personal Account, you need to:

  • log in to the system using the link;
  • go to the section "Megafon - bonus" or to the item "Spend";
  • select the "What to spend" tab;
  • decide on the required amount;
  • check the entered number;
  • click the "Activate" button.

In the mobile app

The program for mobile is developed for modern operating systems Android, IOS and Windows Mobile. You can download it for free from the app store. Authorization in the system is performed by phone number and password.

To transfer points into money, after entering the program, click on the accumulated figure, select the required amount and click the "Activate" command.

Points exchange for services

As mentioned earlier, you can transfer a discount not only into money, but also connect services for them. All options are connected in standard ways: through your Personal Account or using a special command.

Bonus exchange for traffic

You can connect additional Internet in the amount of 1 to 10 GB. The exchange cost may differ depending on the region of the subscriber's residence.

Connection commands:

Converting bonuses into minutes and SMS

You can exchange points for the following subcategories of services:

  • to calls in the home region;
  • to Megafon calls throughout Russia;
  • for an SMS package.

Exchange cost in the home region:

The cost of exchange for minutes for calls throughout Russia:

The cost of exchanging for SMS:

Minutes and messages are valid for 30 days, after which, if they are not spent, they are automatically deactivated.

Bonus exchange under the "Bonus Roaming" program

From 735 bonus points can be exchanged for minutes for calls to Europe and the CIS. And 1850 will be removed in 25 minutes all over the world. The reward can be received no more than once a month. If minutes are not spent within 30 days, they will expire. Team for sharing *115 *9505 #.

Bonus exchange under the Aeroflot Bonus program

Only active members of the Aeroflot Bonus program can receive a reward. To activate the reward, you must contact the Megafon branch. The client must have a passport and a card of the program participant. It is currently possible to transfer 1,000 bonus points into 500 miles.

Using bonuses in case of purchasing gadgets

In the online store Megafon, as well as in sales offices, it is possible to use the previously accumulated bonuses when buying a smartphone. To do this, you must inform the department employee about your desire when placing an application on the website, or directly at the store's checkout. Under the terms of the program, you can pay for a purchase only with the number of bonuses in multiples of 100

Thus, the “Megafon - Bonus” loyalty program allows you to receive pleasant discounts and bonuses for free. All that is required from the subscriber is to register in the system and accumulate points for subsequent exchange.

Exchange points for money in MegaFon

Exchange points for money in MegaFon

Today each mobile operator develops its own unique loyalty programs for its subscribers. The interest in such programs guarantees the consumer various incentives and useful gifts. MegaFon also has such a bonus project. The privileged user of the program can convert the accumulated points into rubles. And here how to transfer points on MegaFon for money , d Let’s figure it out.

Exchange options

There are several main ways to exchange in MegaFon money points :

  1. Use the Service-Guide personal account, where, using simple commands, to recalculate the accumulated points into rubles;
  2. Use a call to the MegaFon hotline at 88005500500 or 0500 (valid for mobile devices only). When contact with the mobile operator is established, you must select the item "Mobile telephony" and follow the instructions of the consultant to activate the accumulated points. For mobile devices, select in the menu the section corresponding to the number 5 under the name "MegaFon Bonus", then follow the instructions of the answering machine in the same way, select the option under the number 1 twice in a row, find the required indicator and make a request.
  3. Use a special USSD code. We type on the mobile device a combination of characters and numbers * 115 * (package code) # 1 and press "Call". The package code means the amount of requested rubles, for example, 010, 100, 250 and so on. Thus, to transfer points in the amount of 50 rubles, you should dial * 115 * 050 # 1 on your mobile gadget and press the call button.

The simplest and most affordable option for replacing points with rubles is the third. Teams pass quickly and without delay. All of the above methods are relevant exclusively for MegaFon subscribers. For each region of Russia, certain values ​​apply when exchanging points for rubles, that is, how many points are needed to make a payment of 5, 10, 50 rubles should be checked with a regional representative of cellular communications.

MegaFon subscribers should know that they will not be able to receive money exchanged for points in cash.

Also, they cannot be used as money transfer or mobile payment.

What can you spend money from points on:

  • order in Odnoklassniki the Oka monetary unit and later pay with them in this social network for games, gifts and applications;
  • purchase various services of the mobile operator MegaFon, in addition to manipulating the content provider.

If you have been using Megafon's cellular communication for a long time, then we think it's time for you to get acquainted with how to spend Megafon bonuses that are credited to your personal account. This will be the topic of this article. In addition, the discussion will also touch on how additional points are awarded, how to check their balance and until what period of time you need to use points. Let's get started.

What is the Megafon Bonus Program?

The operator has developed a trust reward program for its loyal subscribers.

This interesting offer allows you to accumulate bonus points for using Megafon's services. These bonuses can subsequently be exchanged for various additional service packages and other options of the mobile operator.

What is Megafon bonus

In short, for every

30 rubles

spent on using mobile services, the operator charges

1 point

on the bonus balance, which can then be spent on various lucrative rewards, as a result, a kind of discount is obtained.

How to become a member of the accumulative program in Megafon?

Absolutely all users of this mobile network are allowed to participate in the loyalty program from the Megafon operator. The accrual of bonus points will begin immediately after the activation of participation.

And you can activate your participation by doing one of the following:

  1. Send SMS to number 5010 , where this combination is also indicated in the body of the letter - 5010.
  2. In the settings of your personal account connect to the program.
  3. Execute command * 115 # or * 105 * 5 # .
Step 1. Login to your personal account.
How to activate the Megafon bonus service in your personal account?
Step 2.
Step 3.
Confirmation of activation of the bonus program.

The entire registration process of a participant will take no more than a day, and the first gift will be 5 points, which will be credited immediately after confirmation of participation.

Photo gallery :

How to connect a bonus from a megaphone via SMS
Connection via SMS.
USSD request (option 1).
What ussd commands are needed to connect the megaphone bonus
USSD request (option 2).
Confirmation from Megaphone.

The procedure for accumulating bonuses or for which the operator issues remuneration

To receive an award, you just need to use the services of the mobile operator Megafon, namely:

  • Replenish an account.
  • Make outgoing calls within the framework of "Megafon-Bonus". Accruals received under this item are calculated according to the algorithm - the amount spent on calls * 0.0333.
  • The accrual of additional bonuses is provided for while maintaining the balance in a positive state throughout the reporting period.
  • On significant days: for the client - in honor of his birthday, for the company - on the day the subscriber is connected to the network.
  • Buying a new modern gadget with the Megafon logo. This device can be any modern gadget.
How to accumulate bonuses from a megaphone
Information about the accumulation of bonuses posted on the Megafon website.

How to find out how many points are on the user's bonus account?

Accrued bonuses are saved on the subscriber's additional account. To monitor its condition, you can go in four ways:

  • Send SMS with the appointment "0" to the number 5010.

  • By completing a service request * 115 # and pressing the call button on the phone.

  • By doing a similar query * 105 # , and do not forget the button with the image of the handset on the phone.

  • You can also get acquainted with the detailed accrual report in the user's personal account.

What and how are bonuses exchanged?

Operator Megafon has developed a truly unique loyalty scheme, since, unlike other operators, it provided its customers with the opportunity to transfer their earned bonus not only to additional minutes, but also to use bonus points as payment for other options.

To be detailed, then:

  • Top up balance towards bonus points.
  • You can use bonuses pay for the purchase of mobile and other modern gadgets in the company's stores.
  • Buy and activate certificates.
  • Activate additional packages free time for making calls, sms or high speed internet.
  • Transfer of bonuses to pay for roaming.
  • Give bonuses to another subscriber.
Where can you spend bonuses from Megafon?
You can spend a certain number of points to purchase or activate various options and services.

Top up the number for the bonus

To transfer bonus savings into cash on the main balance of the subscriber, you need to calculate the amount of remuneration using the algorithm proposed below and execute a USSD request: * 115 * XXX # , where XXX is the encoding of the required package.

Package name Amount of bonus written off Package codes
RUB 5 15 5
RUB 10 25 ten
RUB 30 60 thirty
RUB 50 one hundred fifty
RUB 100 180 one hundred
RUB 150 240 150

You can also top up your main account with bonuses by sending an SMS to the number 5010 , in the letter itself, you need to indicate the number of bonuses to be debited.

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How to transfer the accumulated bonuses from the megaphone to the main balance?
SMS request to write off bonuses.
USSD request.

SMS for bonus

There are several packages available for crediting additional SMS for a bonus under the loyalty program:

  • 10 messages (25 points).
  • 30 messages (40 points).
  • 50 messages (100 points).
  • 100 messages (150 points).

In order to get the desired package to the number 5010 you need to send a message with a code 93XX , where instead of x you insert the number of required SMS.

To support the personal account of another subscriber for the required number of messages, you need to put a space after the code and indicate the number to which you want to transfer SMS.

All SMS will be available for sending within 30 days after the package is activated.

Interesting video:

Bonus Roaming Program

Today only roaming traffic is involved in the promotion. The exchange of points for replenishing the balance with additional megabytes can be carried out both in the territory of the home network, and while in roaming.

Replenishment is made according to the same principle as the standard transfer of bonuses to Internet traffic.

Aeroflot Bonus Reward

Megafon, together with Aeroflot, are participating in a program for subscribers who have become members of the loyalty program. According to the established rules, subscribers can exchange the accumulated points for an air ticket. Along with this, the calculation is made according to the formula 1 thousand points can be converted into 500 miles.

How to buy Aeroflot miles with Megafon bonuses?
Information about the program. posted on the Megafon website.

To receive such a reward, you must visit the operator's salon with a passport and a bonus program member's card.

Buying phones at special prices

In any communication salon when buying equipment (mobile phone, smartphone or high-speed internet modem) you can pay with accumulated points ... Only amounts that are divisible by 100 are written off.

It is also worth noting that the offer does not apply to the entire range of products, but only to promotional models.

Bonus traffic

Those who like to surf online will come in handy with additional megabytes, which will be credited to the main account when bonuses are debited. For this to the room 5010 send sms with the appropriate code .

Package Number of points The code
100 Mb 40 1165
200 Mb 80 175
500 MB 180 180
1000 Mb 270 185

Extra minutes in exchange for bonuses

Megafon has a wide range of sets of bonus minutes. Their number differs depending on the territory in which the number operates.

In addition, the operator can offer intranet packages or minutes for calls to contacts who are registered with other mobile operators in the Russian Federation.

How to buy additional minutes of conversation for bonuses from Megafon?
If you have the required number of bonuses, you can connect additional minutes of communication.

You can find out in detail about all existing bonus offers in the bonus reward section of the Megafon official website.

Transfer points to friends

To replenish someone else's account, you can use the same schemes as for a personal account, only in the body of the SMS you need to specify the phone number of the subscriber to whom the balance is replenished after the number of points, after the number of points. If you send a request, then it will look like: * 115 * phone number * package code # and call .

Attention! You can replenish someone else's number with your bonuses no more than 7 times a month.

All the codes by which you can receive rewards can be found in a special section of the Megafon website.

Expiration date of bonuses

Charged for using mobile services points are not permanent - after 1 calendar year from the moment they are credited to the additional account, they expire.

In order for them not to be wasted, regularly check the status of the bonus account and get rewards.

Bonuses can be canceled for several reasons:

  • Expiration date.
  • Changing the tariff for a package that does not participate in the loyalty program.
  • Breaking the contract with Megafon.
  • Change of client status (from individual to legal entity).

Benefits obtained through exchange must also be used within a period, usually a calendar month.

What does "Balls suspended" mean?
Pay attention to one more condition posted on the Megafon website.


It is very important for the mobile operator Megafon to have loyal subscribers, therefore, as an incentive, a program was developed that allows customers to use mobile services on favorable terms.

The Russian telecommunications company Megafon has developed an interesting bonus program for its active users, which allows them to communicate more on a mobile phone and save on payment for communication services. In this article we will consider the terms of use of the Megafon Bonus program and talk about how to activate bonuses and how to spend them. And also we will try to understand whether it is really profitable to use this promotional offer.

Did you know? The Megafon company was registered in 2002. In 2015, her clients included 100.8 million citizens of Russia, Tajikistan, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In 2016, the company reported a net profit of 25.58 billion rubles.

Description of the program and general provisions

The essence of the program is that for every 30 rubles that the subscriber spends on communication services (calls, SMS, MMS, mobile Internet), he receives 1 point ... Points can be exchanged for communication services, or for other offers, for example, for goods and services provided by Megafon partners. The list of rewards is posted in a separate catalog on the websites of the mobile operator and its partners. Points are accrued at the end of each month for bonus account ... One of the accrual conditions is a positive balance on the subscriber's account. They are not converted into real money, but can only be spent on the benefits described above.

How to become a member of "Megafon Bonus"

As stated in the rules of the "Megafon Bonus" bonus program, only individuals can participate in it. You can register your number for the promotion in one of four ways:

  1. by sending an SMS message with the text "5010" to the room 5010 (is free);
  2. by typing the command on the phone keypad * 115 # and pressing the call key;
  3. by typing the command * 105 * # and pressing the call key;
  4. by registering and activating the service in the "Personal Account" on the Megafon website.

Processing of the subscriber's application for participation in the "Megafon Bonus" program lasts day ... After the application is accepted, the subscriber's bonus account will be credited 5 points .

How to accumulate points: accrual of bonuses

You can accumulate points two ways :

  1. just talking on a mobile phone;
  2. having bought a gadget with the Megafon logo: phone, smartphone, modem, etc.

Important!  Depending on the amount you spent in the previous month on mobile communication, bonus points are credited to your account in the current month under the terms of the Megafon Bonus, calculated according to the formula: the amount of money spent on communication services multiplied by 0.0333.

In both the first and second cases, 1 point is awarded for every 30 rubles spent. When buying a mobile device, in order for the points to be credited to the account, you must tell the seller your phone number.

Smartphone with Megaphone logo

Bonuses will be credited immediately at the time of purchase. To find out about the points where you can buy gadgets and take part in the action, the operator suggests by dialing the command on the phone: * 123 # and activating the call button.

If you are interested in the question of how to check the number of bonuses on Megafon, then you can do it in four ways :

  1. by sending an SMS with the text "0" to the room 5010 (is free);
  2. by dialing the combination on the phone * 115 # and pressing the call key;
  3. by dialing the combination on the phone * 105 # and pressing the call key
  4. by entering the "Personal Account" on the official website of the operator.

How to spend bonus points

The operator offers to spend bonuses on rewards as:

  • money to the account;
  • minutes to talk,
  • SMS and MMS messages,
  • megabytes of mobile Internet,
  • discounts on the purchase of a new gadget,
  • goods and services offered by the partners of the telecommunications company. For example, at the time of this writing, Megafon and Aeroflot offered to exchange bonuses for miles. Thus, 1000 points under the Megafon Bonus program could be exchanged for 500 miles of the Aeroflot Bonus program, and those, in turn, could be exchanged for a free ticket. The airline also offered the opportunity to exchange bonus "money" for a flight class upgrade.

You can also transfer points to another phone number. The owners of Megafon bonuses will be interested in information on how to use them for various needs.

Megafon Bonus Rewards

Money on the phone

To receive a discount on the account, it is necessary to send a notification to the operator about the activation of the reward. To do this, you need to send an SMS with the package code to the number 5010 , or dial the combination on the phone keypad: * 115 * package code # and press the "Call" button. SMS and call will not be charged. For example, if you choose a package as a reward "150R2" , then the combination that must be typed should be like this: "* 115 * 150 # call" where the number "150" denotes the number of the bonus package. To activate it, you need 265 points. You can also activate the reward in your "Personal Account". You can exchange bonuses for bonus minutes by sending the package code to SMS to the room 5010 .

Bonus SMS

Bonus SMS can be received in the same way as bonus minutes - by sending SMS with package code per number 5010 At the time of writing the article, the operator offered only one reward for this item: for 25 points, you can get the opportunity to send 10 SMS. The term of the reward is limited to one month.

More communication more gifts

Mobile Internet

Before writing off bonuses under the "Megafon Bonus" program to gift megabytes mobile internet , you need to find out the code of the bonus package. After determining how many bonuses you want to spend on the mobile Internet, select the appropriate package and send its number in the text of an SMS message to the operator's toll-free number. 5010 .

Important!  The Internet discount will be activated only after logging out of the current Internet session. If a discount is activated during the period of traffic use, it will not work, and the new tariffication will take effect only after the launch of a new tab.

Discount when buying a new phone

If a mobile device, tablet, router or laptop is selected as a reward, you need to contact the office address: Moscow, Red Square, 3, 3rd floor, 3rd line, or check on the website where the nearest salon is located who takes part in the program. A passport will be required. The minimum amount that is available for exchange for a discount when purchasing equipment is 800 points.

Important!  To get a discount on the purchase of equipment in the amount of 200 rubles, you need to accumulate 200 points. This amount will be credited after the subscriber spent 6 thousand rubles on communication services in the previous month. The exchange rate of points can be changed by the operator at any time.

In the event that the customer's mobile device is not satisfied, and he returns it to the store, bonus points are also returned back to the bonus account.


When traveling in the Russian Federation outside of the Megafon coverage area, it is possible to spend bonus points to pay for the mobile Internet. Activation is carried out in the "Personal Account".

How to transfer points to another number

Bonus points can be shared with another Megafon Bonus subscriber by sending them to his phone. This operation will take place after sending an SMS message to the number 5010 ... The message body should contain the following information: reward code + space + number of the subscriber to whom bonuses are sent ... The subscriber number must consist of 10 digits - the digits "8" and "+7" do not need to be specified.

For example, if you activate the “10 SMS” package for your friend who is a member of the “Megafon Bonus”, the text of the message should be as follows: 111 926XXXXXXX, where “111” is the SMS reward code, followed by a space and the friend's number ...

Did you know? Within a month, it is possible to activate up to seven rewards to the number of another subscriber.

The reward code numbers and their list can be found here.

Validity period of bonus points

Bonuses under the Megafon Bonus program are limited to 12 months from the moment of their provision. After this time, the points will be canceled. Therefore, it is important to monitor the timing of their accrual and use, so that they are not wasted.

Gifts Megafon Bonus

Why bonus points may be canceled

Gift points on the phone can be canceled in four cases:

  1. if the subscriber has changed the tariff plan to one that does not take part in the promotion;
  2. if the points have expired - i.e. a year has passed since the date of their enrollment;
  3. if the subscriber has terminated the contract with the operator;
  4. if the subscriber has changed his status from an individual to a legal or corporate one.


After choosing the reward that suits your taste the most, you need to activate it. You need to know how to activate bonuses on Megafon. For this there is three ways :

  1. to the room 5010 a free SMS is sent with a text containing a reward code (you can see it in the catalog);
  2. by dialing a combination on the phone * 105 # and then pressing the "Call" button;
  3. by entering the "Personal Account" on the official website of the operator.

Bonus activation "Megafon" is carried out during 15 minutes after one of the above operations. The subscriber will be informed about this via SMS.

To get a free ticket from Aeroflot, you need to contact one of the Megafon centers. To obtain it, you will need to present your passport and Aeroflot Bonus member card, as well as fill out an application of intent to exchange points for miles. Points will be debited immediately after this procedure, and miles will be credited to your Aeroflot Bonus personal account within eight days.

Other terms of the program

The operator undertakes to inform its subscribers about the termination of the bonus program three months before it ends. The operator undertakes to inform about changes in the terms of Megafon Bonus no later than 10 days before they take effect. the operator terminates automatically if the subscriber has not transferred a single point to a reward within a year from the moment of joining it.

Megafon subscribers receive special points for using the operator's services. Points are accumulated over time and can be exchanged for real money. This can be done using one of the following methods.

  1. We convert Megafon points into money
  2. USSD requests
  3. Translation via Service Guide
  4. By phone
  5. other methods
  6. Exchange cost
  7. Can I withdraw funds?
  8. Nuances and limitations
  9. How can I find out the bonus balance?
  10. How to convert points into money on the balance?
  11. Can the transferred funds be withdrawn?
  12. How to donate points?
  13. Limits and restrictions

We convert Megafon points into money

Points accrued under the loyalty program can be used to purchase service packages or be exchanged for cash. They are credited back to the subscriber's account and, in fact, are a discount.

USSD requests

The easiest and most affordable way to transfer points into money is to use a USSD request. To do this, on the phone keyboard, you need to type the key combination:

* 115 * package code * #

After that press the "call" button. Please note that the amount available for exchange is 10, 30, 50, 100, 150 rubles, which corresponds to the package code 010, 030, 050, 100, 150.

Translation via Service Guide

For exchange, you can use the "Guide" service. To do this, visit the official website of the operator, log in to the personal account of the "Guide" service. To gain access, it is enough to send SMS with the text "41" to the number 000105 or dial the key combination on the phone keyboard:

* 105 #

After that press the "call" button. Points are exchanged for money in the Megafon Bonus section of your personal account.

By phone

Megafon subscribers can exchange points for money by calling 8-800-550-05-00 (short number 0500). Having called, you will be taken to the voice menu, in which you should select the "Mobile telephony" section. Then make an exchange, following the prompts - go to the "Megafon bonus" section and activate the corresponding reward.

other methods

There are other ways to redeem points. For example, using SMS. To do this, you need to send a message to number 5010, in the text of which indicate the amount of the remuneration (from 050 to 150). Sending SMS is free. How can I find out the bonus balance?

The number of credited points that have accumulated on the bonus account can be checked in several ways:

  • by sending SMS to number 5010 with the text "0";
  • using USSD request * 105 * 5 * 5 * 1 #, then press the call key;
  • in your personal account in the section "Bonuses and gifts";
  • by short number 0510.

There is no fee for checking the number of points using any of the above methods. Points are valid for 12 months, after which they expire.

Exchange cost

The cost of one point in rubles is determined by the scale:

  • 10 rubles - 35 points;
  • 30 rubles - 95 points;
  • 50 rubles - 140 points;
  • 100 rubles - 195 points;
  • 150 rubles - 265 points.

The exchange rate of points for rubles varies, depending on the region. The more points you exchange, the more profitable the exchange rate.

Can I withdraw funds?

The money that the subscriber received in exchange for the points of the Megafon operator cannot be withdrawn to the card or withdrawn in cash. They can only be used to pay for mobile services.

Nuances and limitations

Despite the fact that the money received as a result of the exchange of points is credited to the account, it cannot be withdrawn, it is impossible to pay for additional services, the cost of services of third-party providers, etc. It is also impossible to use them for mobile transfer.

You can exchange the accumulated points only for the amount of funds indicated in the scale, which does not exceed 150 rubles.

The bonus program of the operator Megafon can only be used by individuals, respectively, legal entities cannot accumulate bonuses and exchange them for money. Funds that were returned to the account in exchange for points are valid for 30 days, after which they expire.

It is not recommended to exchange two packages of points of the same denomination within one calendar month. In this case, the period for the possibility of using the funds of each exchange begins to be calculated from the moment of the first exchange. After 30 days, the funds received as a result of the first and second exchange will expire.

Cellular companies offer programs of various bonuses, benefits and discounts to attract additional customers against the backdrop of a rather tough competition. Megafon is one of the first mobile operators to offer its subscribers favorable conditions for the provision of communication services.

For example, the Megafon-Bonus program allows you to accumulate points for calls made, and these points can later be exchanged for rubles, replenishing the balance.

Any client of the company can become a participant in such a promotion automatically after activating a SIM card. If the subscriber has connected to the Megafon network long before the appearance of the bonus program, you can become its member by sending the code 5010 to the number 5010. Or using the USSD command * 115 #. From this moment on the subscriber's account will accumulate points for calls.

How can I find out the bonus balance?

You can find out how many bonuses have accumulated in several ways:

  1. Via USSD code * 115 #. By dialing this combination on the phone and making a call, the subscriber will receive all the information on the bonus points he has.
  2. By sending an SMS with the symbol "0" to the number 5010. In the reply message you will receive information about bonuses.
  3. Through a call to 0510 to communicate with an autoinformer who will tell you how you can check your bonus balance.
  4. Through the Personal Account on the Megafon website. In it, you can not only find out how many points have accumulated on the account, but also profitably spend them.

How to convert points into money on the balance?

When a certain amount of bonuses has accumulated, they can be exchanged for rubles and replenished on the phone. This can be done in several ways.

You can go to your Personal Account and choose how many points should be spent and for what.

You can make a call to 8-800-550-05-00 (owners of cell phones need to call 0500) to communicate with the Megafon autoinformer. Following the instructions of the voice menu, you can convert points into rubles and pay for any mobile communication service with them.

A simpler option is to use the USSD command * 115 * (amount in rubles) # 1. The amount should be indicated in accordance with the code of the package provided for a certain number of points - from 005 to 150 (the numbers indicate the number of rubles that the subscriber is going to receive for his bonuses and spend on paying for mobile services).

For example, if according to the program the client has 50 rubles available for the accumulated points, he can spend them by dialing the command * 115 * 100 # 1 and making a call.

Can the transferred funds be withdrawn?

The amounts in rubles that the subscriber receives in exchange for Megafon bonuses cannot be transferred to a bank card or withdrawn in cash. They can only be spent on mobile communications (Internet, phone calls, SMS). it is also impossible to use rubles received for bonus points in mobile transfers.

How to donate points?

Megafon provides its customers with the opportunity to exchange bonus points for rubles in favor of another subscriber participating in the promotion. To do this, you need to send an SMS message to number 5010, indicating the amount (available package under the bonus program) and the phone number of the user to whom the reward is intended.

Limits and restrictions

The maximum possible amount of money that can be received in exchange for points is 150 rubles. Only individuals who own a Megafon SIM card can participate in the program. Bonuses are valid for 30 days, after which they are debited from the balance. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly check the accumulated points and spend them on paying for mobile services.

For several years now, for all subscribers of the cellular operator "Megafon" there has been a program to encourage active users of cellular communications called "MegaFon-bonus". The advantages of this program were obvious before - at the end of each month, a certain number of bonus points were credited to the account of each subscriber, depending on the volume of services consumed per month, whether it be telephone calls, the use of mobile Internet or active SMS correspondence.

How to exchange Megafon-bonus points for money

The accrued bonus points were exchanged for free service packages of the subscriber's choice: it was possible to choose free minutes for calls, a certain number of free SMS, the amount of non-tariffed Internet traffic, put a melody on a mobile call, and other prizes. But recently it became possible to exchange the accumulated bonus points for money on your account, and now we will tell you how to do it.

Three ways to exchange MegaFon bonus points for money

1 way Points are exchanged for money using the USSD command, which you must send from your phone. Dial * 115 * the package code you have chosen for exchange # and press the call button on your phone. For example, you want to exchange 100 rubles for money. We dial * 115 * 100 # and press the call key. In a few minutes, 100 rubles will be added to your account, which you can spend at your discretion.

MegaFon bonus - promotional video

2 way You must enter your personal account on the Megafon website, go to the 2Megafon-Bonus menu and then activate the points you have accumulated.

3 way We exchange points for money using SMS to number 5010 or by calling from a mobile phone to number 0510 and then you need to follow the prompts given by the autoinformer. For your convenience, below is a table of existing packages and their activation codes for money using USSD commands or SMS messages:

Package Number of bonuses SMS code to number 5010 USSD command
RUB 5 ten 005 * 115 * 005 # call
RUB 10 15 010 * 115 * 010 # call
RUB 30 40 030 * 115 * 030 # call
RUB 50 60 050 * 115 * 050 # call
RUB 100 110 one hundred * 115 * 100 # call
RUB 150 150 150 * 115 * 150 # call

When exchanging bonus points for money, it is important to know and take into account the following points: 1. It is best to activate bonuses while in your home region, because otherwise, calls to 0510, USSD requests to * 115 * and SMS messages to 5010 will be charged at roaming rates. 2. When the package is activated, an amount equal to the amount of the cash discount in the package is credited to the personal account. The discount can be used to pay for all types of Megafon services, except for payments for content providers and additional services.

PS. You can also give the accumulated points to friends or relatives, the main thing is that they are also Megaphone subscribers. How to do this is described in this article.

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How to exchange Megafon-bonus points for money?

Update 2018: The MegaFon Bonus program was closed in December 2018. She was replaced by personal offers. You can learn more about them in our article.

Recently, all current and new Megafon subscribers participating in the "Megafon-bonus" program can exchange the accumulated bonus points for money. If earlier they could only be exchanged for free minutes, SMS, Internet traffic or discounts in partner stores of the mobile operator Megafon, then for some time now you can easily spend any number of bonus points for real money that can be spent on communication and other services.

How can you exchange bonus points for cash There are three ways to exchange points for cash or account discounts that will be credited to your balance:

1. Log into your Service Guide account and activate the exchange of points for money in the amount you need.

2. The second option is for those who find it easier to call than to type long commands and SMS. Dial 8-800-550-05-00 on the phone (or 0500 when calling from a cell phone), then select "Mobile telephony" and follow the prompts in the menu. If you call directly from the Megafon SIM card, select the "Megafon bonus" number 5. Then follow the prompts (you will need to press 1 twice, and then select the reward you are interested in and press the appropriate key).

3. In our opinion, the most convenient and simple way to exchange Megafon bonus points for money is the USSD command, which you need to dial on your phone, and then press the call key. Depending on the required amount that you want to receive in exchange for points, you need to dial * 115 * package code # 1 and the call button, where the package code is the amount in rubles. To date, the following packages are available: 005, 010, 030, 050, 100, 150. A USSD request for exchanging points for money in the amount of 150 rubles will look like this: * 115 * 2 * 150 # .

No operator has any analogues of such a service now, including such giants as MTS, Beeline, Tele2, Rostelecom and others.

How many points is the reward in rubles? 5 rubles to the account - 15 points; 10 rubles to the account - 30 points; 30 rubles to the account - 80 points; 50 rubles to the account - 120 points; 100 rubles to the account - 180 points; 150 rubles to score - 250 points.

The cost may differ depending on your home region (Moscow, Central, North-West, Ural, Volga region, Siberia, Caucasus or Far East).

It is also important to know how you can easily and easily exchange bonus points for "Oki" in Odnoklassniki, which can be very useful in our time, when social networks are only gaining popularity.

When the package is activated, an amount equal to the amount of the cash discount in the package is credited to the personal account. The discount can be used to pay for all types of Megafon services, except for payments for content providers and additional services. The package is valid on the territory of the all-Russian Megafon network and in roaming until the discount is exhausted. The discount is not issued in cash and cannot be used in the "Mobile Transfer" and "Mobile Payments" services. You can get more detailed information on the Megafon-Bonus program on the official website of the telecom operator.

 Update 2018: The MegaFon Bonus program was closed in December 2018. She was replaced by personal offers. About them you can learn more in our article .

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