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Good afternoon, today we will learn Beautifully tying a wide handkerchief or a palatine on the head. I will show All methods Make a beautiful head strapping with a wide scarf or a calant. We will learn to make various styling-winding of the palatine, with nodes and beams , with lace and harness . You are mastered by a variety of ways to make a wide palatine on your head = from a simple Technique "Chalma" , to complex Turbans with double scarves and multilayer structures. Plus I found several photos where the whole beauty of such tieding the head of the head is visible - I want to fall in love with this idea . I want you to see beauty and grace prepared several master classes Where in step-by-step pictures you can imagine the whole process of a beautiful strapping of the head of the Palantin.

So let's start falling in love with our new headdress from a simple wide scarf.

Who is coming

Scarf Palaten on the head.

It is very beautiful when the female head is elegantly wrapped with a soft bean. Not everyone is a hat or a knitted hat (tortured, while you pick up what is going on style and proportions). A soft wide scarf topics and good - that of him one you can immediately make several "hats-windings" in a variety of styles and a variety of forms.

You yourself can find your unique style. And the method of sample and make mistakes

Your own way to make a beautifully tie Palatin on my head

(under the coat, with a jacket, with summer dress, with evening outfit).

how to tie a palatine on your head

how to tie a palatine on your head

Palantine on the head can be worn not only with elegant coat lines and elegant jumper. This homemade headdress can safely fit into any style. Trousers-chinos, jeans, narrow skins, sports skirts and shoes of the most sport forms.

Palaten on the head beautifully

A wide sweater with a narrow straight skirt and monkey shoes perfectly combined with a silk flock scarf on the head. Knitted coat-poncho with a fur hood and sleeves, narrow jeans and moccasins with tassels - and all this crowds a neat knitted palatine, elegantly winding his head, and even with a decorative element-harness.

Palaten on the head beautifully

Personal Indian Palants with Eastern Pattern are especially elegantly looking at the head. It looks very interesting when a striped scarf is tied on my head - it seems that there are several handcomes of different colors on the head. (By the way, how beautifully tie a few palatins on the head with alternating color, I will tell you just below in the same article).

Palaten on the head beautifully

It is interesting and unusually tied a palatine or handkerchief on the head, where the hair is collected in a high hairstyle.

Palaten on the head beautifully

You can make a twist from the palatine on the head - to the eastern manner - in asymmetric design.

Palaten on the head beautifully

Oriental turbans are made in the same winding techniques with different variations, with pads-pads, with styling over high accommodation. With long scarves or with several potentials immediately.

Palaten on the head beautifully how to tie a turban on your head

And now let's figure out in a wide variety of ways to tie a scarf on your head to get a beautiful and fashionable headdress.

How to tie Palatin

On the head

Technique ends inside.

In the first case (photo black and brown silk scarf) - We put the palatine on your head - the ends took the knot on the back of the node there. Then they raised the ends once again crossed them over the top of the head - and again the ends lowered to the back of the head - they knocked them there in the node and the ends were hidden under the bottom (burned under the handkerchief in the occipital zone).

how to tie a turban on your head

In the second case (Photo with red Palantin) We lowered our heads - put a scarf on the back of the head. On the forehead made the knot - they raised their heads - they threw back the edges of the scarf back (from the frontal knot) and stuck under the occipital part of the scarf.

The same option with a cross-knot on the forehead can be done from a longer palantine - where they throw it on the head - on the occipital part just cross. We climb to the lob - and there they also disseminate. We descend the tips down and hide them behind the edges of our first layer.

In a very similar technique (crossing and hidful tips), the scarf is made in the technique of Chalma.

how to tie a chalm on my head

How to tie a scarf on the head

Method "Tight Winding"

Long knitted stretch-cement is very convenient to make tight windings. ,

  • First we put the middle of the scarf on the head - and tie his ends On the back of - Firmly on-firmly. Two fingers hang on the chest - one on the left shoulder, the other on the right.
  • Now you need to make the turns around the head - Alternately, one and the other end of Palantina is one turn with the right end, one turn left, again the turn of the right, again the turn left. We try to tightly press our binting to the head (this is convenient if the cloth is knitted and stretch). When we reach the ends of the scarf hide - we fit under the layer of our turns. It is very simple.

how to tie a palatine on your head beautifully

The stretch palatine fabric is well stretched and the winding is obtained dense. But according to the same principle, it is possible to tie on the head and other scarves - for example, Palants made of Indian fine translucent man.

How to tie a scarf

Method "oblique laying"

how to tie a palatine on your head beautifully

In the photo above, you see the technique of laying a palatine by oblique. Look carefully on the top of the forehead (the center). You see that it is here that 2 layers of the scarf are broken (marked). One layer falls on the second - by oblique - and it turns out a triangle at the center of the forehead.

how to tie a palatine on your head beautifully

This is how it is done:

Palantin put on a scalp - so - so that he lay Slightly maternity - That is, the left side of the head covered (the hair part of the forehead is closed), and opened the right side (so that the roots of the hair from the forehead were open). Next assign the ends of the scarf back - And on the back of the head, they tie a strong knot (in the stretch - so that the Palantine tightly pressed against the head). Both End put on the chest.

how to tie a palatine on your head beautifully

Next take the right end Palantine and raise it on the forehead - put the macaw (so to close the roots of the hair that we left open).

Now take the left end Scarf and raise it to the forehead. We throw over the forehead - tightly pressing - and also the painter and take it to the back of the back.

We repeat the winding, alternating right and left scarf ends, until Their length will not end - the short tails of the paletening hide under the layers of the binting.

Here below the photo master class on such oblique laying Palantine - For clarity there will be scarves of two colors.

Palaten on the head

Technique two headscarves.

"Laying on oblique"

Here oblique laying is made in the technique of two Palants. Or two scarves - from anything you can do (now make sure). Such a beautiful way to tie the palatine can be worn under summer dresses, light tunics and shorts.

how to tie a palatine on your head beautifully

how to tie a palatine on your head beautifully

Here is a special master class . It describes in great detail how to tie a palatine on the head with alternating two colors (of two scarves). First, we put on the head elastic gum (out of a non-slip fabric). Ordinary wide lubricants-hoops on hair - they will help the scarves better lie and not slide along your silk hair.

So ... the first palatine put the mast (see in the second foto). Tie to the knot on the back of the head. We take the other Palantine and tie it on your head - too, the painter - but in the other direction. And also tie on the back of the head. Sweese the ends of the Palantines so that 2 striped scarf tails were on the right side, two green scarf tail on the left side. And then there is a winding with alternation. The left green end is the right striped - the left green is the right striped - each end put on the oblique. And the tips hide on the back of the turban - slipping them under the edges of the winding.

Lesson How to Tie Palatin Scarf on the Head

But another master class on this topic is lazy . Because instead of two scarves - here only one - and the role of obliquely multicolored layers is performed by conventional elastic band bands for hair. They first wear on the neck - all 6 pieces. And then put on after the first string palatine.

Lesson How to Tie Palatin Scarf on the Head

Scarf on the head

Technique "High Turban"

And if your image requires a high turban. Now high hairstyles and turbans are in fashion. They are worn from a coat, and with evening dresses and with jeans. If only in the overall style and proportions fited.

how to tie a palatine on your head beautifully

Everything is very simple here. The best thing, If you initially did a high hairstyle on your head - a bundle, a lulk, a horse tail, put the braids by bagels-tower or something else. Such a high hairstyle will become the basis for our styling-turban.

Lesson How to Tie Palatin Scarf on the Head

But if you do not have so much hair on your head to set up the towers under the scarf-turban, that is, a good way out.

how to tie a palatine on your head beautifully

Here is a trick, Which will make the high winding of the palatine on the head even short-haired girls.

We take two scarf palatine - and one use for artificial ridge-knot. And the second scarf is already on winding-styling.

how to tie a beautiful scarf on the head

We go further ...

Scarf Palaten on the head

With tail side.

And here's another way, where the long palatine is wrapped around the head in a crumpled form. That is, we do not spread the Palantine and do not turn it around them - and Rosto we make a winding as a narrow scarf. Ends of Palanitin simple Sick under the winding layer - And exhibit them outward from the side (like a neat tail).

Thanks to this method, the hair of the back of the head remains open and you can show the beautiful laying-rod or braids in a circle. And also release bangs. If the hair is too silky and slippery, you can fix the lower layer of the scarf cloth-invisible.

how to tie a beautiful scarf on the head

Or you can make the tilt technique with the Palantin, which closes all hair. To do this, first cover your head with a wide scarf. Then we cross the ends of the scarf on the back of the head - we make a winding around them several times (alternating then right, then left). And then you need to tie a neat node-loop. The tips of the palatine can leave hang down. And you can slip the edges of the tips in the node "It will force them to fluff fan - and it will get an elegant drapery, similar to a flower or a bow.

 how to tie a beautiful scarf on the head

Palaten on the head

With a ridden beam from behind.

You can twist the scarf around the head only 1-2 times and The remaining long ends tie several times to the knot (It turns out the nodal rod - as in the photo below with white palatin).

how to tie a beautiful scarf on the head

Or you can do Nodule-Gulku. - As in the photo with orange patterned palatin below.

Here on the bottom photo it is clearly visible how such a lug from the scarf node is made).

how to tie a beautiful scarf on the head

For this it is necessary first tie a scarf on a large knot on the back of the head - Double knot we do or triple so that it is the round, volumetric. And then To cover one half of the scarf this node (close it to not be seen by the nodal interlacing) and it will turn out Smooth Gulca (You can even consolidate it with a ray for hair to keep the beam. And now around it we turn around, screw the ends of the paletenna, twisted in the harness. The scarf's tips hide under the ridge (you can buy something better for something else).

Such a zagging of the Palantin after a pair of training you will do very fast - it can be worn under the coat at least every day - Changing the colors of your scarves.

Such a scarf palatine on the head can be worn Even with elegant dresses. The head looks neat, like smooth evening hairstyle.

how to tie a beautiful scarf on the head

How to tie a palatine on your head

Technique knot front.

Sometimes wearing a scarf with a knot front. The node then can resemble a twisted snail twist. The coils of the bunting harness are fixed using a pin hidden in the folds of the harness. With such a palantine on the head you can create interesting stylish images. And the makeup should be the main focus of the face - with such laying of the palatine, the Make-AP should be very expressive and clear (the pale lyrchiko will not pull here).

how to tie a beautiful scarf on the head

Palaten on the head

Here is the main class, which demonstrate the stages of creating such a harness from the palatine on the head. Very simple and understandable. Beautiful and simple scarf laying on the head - suitable for spring and summer.

Lesson How to Tie Palatin Scarf on the Head

Harness from Palantine is not necessary to twist in a round lugu.

You can do otherwise - from two tails of the palatine, roll 2 harness and twist them with each other. In a complex node. And then the ends of the harnesses to take back - on the back of the head - and hide, shove them under the handkerchief.

Palaten on the head

But Another way of the ridges in front. Palantin throw on the head. We tie to the knot, it is necessary for the forehead, so that one side of the scarf went upstairs, and the second vertically down. Now the upper end of the paleten is wrapped in a roller (like a carpet). It will be our lining-pad hidden inside.

Next, the lower end of the palatine raise - Separate it several times around this roller pad - and when there is a small end of this tail - just put it on your head (on top of the hair, so that they close) and apply the edges to the rear layer of the scarf from all sides.

Lesson How to Tie Palatin Scarf on the Head

Palaten on the head

Technique harness.

But the technique of laying the scarf-palatine, which is decorated with twisted harnesses. The harnesses are the tails of the Palantine knot, which are simply twisted in the tight flap of rope and in this twisted form are wrapped around the head. Usually, two or three scarfs are required to wind the plane on the head with harms.

Palaten on the head

Palaten on the head

But sometimes harnessed techniques are made in minimalist execution - When both ends of the paletening are twisted into one common harness and then fold it with a spiral, or turn around the high hairstyle (lick or high tail).

Master class Palatin on the head

ТAka Method to tie a wide scarf - It is very simple and fast and can be worn like with jerseys and jeans, so with dresses, and autumn with a coat or a jacket.

Here's another Variations on how to tie a scarf on the head with a decoration in the form of a harness . Can one tail of the palatine Leave a hitch to the neck Twisted the second tail in the harness and lay around the head. It looks beautiful, especially if you have a silk or chiffon scarf of bright colors.

It is possible to make an interesting twist from the harness Enovet on a flower manner.

 Master class Palatin on the head

Let's see how such a beautiful winding with gods looks like in reality. I chose you an asymmetrical way of location of the harnesses - when on the one hand we see the color layers of the scarf (in the form of a chalms), and on the other hand three multi-colored harnesses.

Lesson How to Tie Palatin Scarf on the Head

You can two meetings on the temple of the ends of the ends, start tie several times on the knot - the knot chain is obtained. This chain is stacked on the side - and the ends refill under the scarf palatin on the back of the head.

Master class Palatin on the head

Scarf on the head

Braid technique.

But the way to tie a palatine with a decoration in the form of a brass. It's simple. In order to heat the braid from the scarves you need necessarily 2 conditions:

Firstly - Palantine should have 3 tails (it means you need 2 or 3 scarfs)

Secondly -The bottom bulge on the head, around which these braids will be fattened (hairstyle of the rod, hairstyle in the form of rolled in Kos rings) and if you do not have hair to create a lugue volume, you can make a false lining in the form of a piece of thin palantine crushed into roll).

Plus for loyalty You can stick with secluded places a few studs - so that braids from the scarf kept stronger.

how to tie a scarf on your head

Their two palatins would look like that. We dress the first scarf on the head (tie the knot on the back of the back) - 2 tails fall on the shoulders. We put on the head of the second Palantine - Bind on the back of the back - on the neck there are 2 more tails. Total 4 pieces.

One tail of the scarf turn into a dense roll and apply it under the scarf on the back of the head - so Rear turned out the bulge - Like hidden Gulka. Now we have only 3 tails left, we can weave the braid and turn around the lick. The tip is applied to the coil of the spit (if you need to be draped with stiletts). Ready.

Here let's see Step-by-step master class How to tie a palatine with beautiful two braids - using 3 thin gauze wide scarves - blue, pink, blue.

Lesson How to Tie Palatin Scarf on the Head

Palaten decoration options on the head.

Option One - Weave with lace ribbon.

You can add an elegant lace tape to the knotted belantine. To twist it, tie back on the back of the head and the ends hide under the flaps of the palatine. Here, in the photo below, we see that we first make the bandovka with two palatins - with alternation (the coil with one scarf from the left shoulder, the turn of the second scarf from the right shoulder and repeat again) when the ends of the pastines will end their tips to slip under the layers on the back of the head (or side of the temples) .

And then our winding scarves decorate the lace ribbon in the same color scheme that the scarves on the head.

Lesson How to Tie Palatin Scarf on the Head

The second way is a lace rules with a pin.

You can make a scarf winding around the head and under the last shock of the scarf end to put elegant decorations with lace. Here are looking at the photo below. Now I will tell you how to make it with my own hands from a piece of lace and pins with rifle.

how to tie a palatine on your head

Have arrived Head winding, as usual, Palantine . Not to the end. Then added lace. We tie a lace tape on the head by the knot on the back of the head so that the left remains a small tip (long enough to lift it to the center of the head and folding in half to put on the head).

Lace lying on the head, close the next turn of the palatine . We hide it, because it is unnecessary to us - only this lace tail will lie in sight, which is still lying on the left shoulder. We make the winding of the Palantin until the celadin tail will remain on the left shoulder (next to the lace tail), the same length as lace.

And now Make scenery (We need these tails on the left shoulder and need a long pin with an elegant rouse). Take the lace - put it on my head - and The end of this lace fell under the bottom (bend, so that it was even fold from the edge - In order not to be seen a sloppy cut with scissors on the edge of the lace). Peeling somewhere 5-7 cm. We leave it like this to lie on your head.

Now take the tail of the palatine And also add it "In the same way (so that there is no edge visible) and put it on top of the lace - but so that the lace looks out - it was longer. We rock both layers pin (So ​​that it gathered to drive into a fold on a long needle pins) and piercing the bottom layers of the handkerchief so that this tail was held.

Third way - with an elegant buckle.

You can buy in the store a belt buckle - in the form of a rings with a jumper. Choose beautiful with rhinestone pebbles.

how to tie a palatine on your head

And you will need 3 scarf palatine. First we make a winding leopard belantin. Then do Double winding with black scarf And the ends of it hide under the bottom on the back of the head. And finally, we take a silk gray handkerchief in polka dot p Torn it through the buckle, We obey over the head and tips hide, too, on the back of the head. Or leave the rear minor strings. So beautiful and just you can tie and decorate a scarf on my head.

Now you know several ways to tie a palatine on your head. And it means you can find suitable for yourself and wear your palatine with proudly raised head. But I do not finish this.

Because There is another series of technician - on the tie of the scarf palatine - And soon I will prepare an article with educational photos and on this topic. There we will tie a wide palatine as Muslims are doing - the most beautiful and suitable for any occasion (autumn style under a coat, under the jacket, and summer options from light scarves). As soon as the article is ready - a link to it will appear here.

Successful experiments with scarves.

A source

How to tie a scarf beautifully on your head?

How to tie a scarf beautifully on your head?

The scarf has long ceased to be exclusively a warm thing that protects the throat from the winter cold. Today, this fashion accessory is present as a headdress in the wardrobe of every fashionista.

Methods of tying

There are many shapes and styles of scarf, thanks to which new methods of tying each model appear on the light.

Scarf Homut.

Popular scarf-shed today - is a scarf ring-shaped form. Being famous in Soviet times, he wore a name scarf-clamp or a scarf tube.

Such a sharp model is loved by fashionable, because it is possible to use it as a scarf, a collar and headdress.

Snad can be made of wool, knitwear, cashmere and other soft and cozy materials. The scarf tube is somewhat different from the clamp or slander. Having a round shape, it is more miniature in diameter and does not require the creation of a loop

How to tie a scarf-claw? The way is really simple. Snooth must be wrapped around the neck by creating the eight. After that, the back loop to paint the head.

It is worth noting that such a zagging on the head of the scene is suitable for girls with a round or square face. The owners of the elongated face form is better to abandon such wearing or use the scarf tube in the form of capes on the shoulders and scarf.


But the next method of tapeding scarfs can be bolder to call exotic. Turban or Chalma is a traditional headdress in Arab and African countries. Until we, he reached the acquaintance and opportunity to make his way more mysterious.

Calma can be made from a long piece of fabric 4-6 meters, paletenten or rectangular scarf. To implement a fashionable idea, a thin knitted scarf is suitable. Warm and volumetric models will visually increase the head several times.

So, the scarf needs to straighten, find it the middle and cover his head, leaving the ends of the matter behind. Next, the ends of the tissue must be crossed by the neck and hide the remaining edge of the fabric. The remaining scarf mattery twisted and laid out on the head coated to the forehead, twice the forehead is twice and the back is tied. It is worth remembering that such a method provides for the presence of free ends, so it is important to take care of its length in advance. Too long or short options will look ridiculous and comical.

Scarf Eight

Another way to tie a light scarf is the eight method.

It is based on the same turban with a well-known and easily found double twisting on the forehead.

A light scarf must be collapsed by forming a narrow tape. Finding the middle of the tape, lay it from behind with hair or on her hair. Next, free ends translate to the forehead and twice twice. The remaining matter is tied at the back.

Interestingly, this option looks like a hair. The resulting hippie styage will perfectly complement summer and autumn onions, with ease of combined with clothes in different styles.


In addition to the Chalms, the eastern countries are famous for other interesting ways of tie scarf. It should be thin and translucent - a good option will be silk, atlas or chiffon.

Long scarf put in combination with a cap, tightly adjacent to the head, called "Boni". This supplement allows you to securely hide your hair and helps the scarf do not slip off the head. However, the scarf can be tied and without Boni.

To implement the Muslim image, it is necessary to place the middle of the scarf in the center of the forehead, while doing the bend of the outer edge of 10 cm. Next, free edges are twisted from behind on the neck, and the ends turn around the head.

Based on this method, Muslimians come up with stylish variations, leaving one end of the scarf free, and the second by fixing the pins at the temple, or leaving both edges with gently decaying on the chest and shoulders. There may be many options here, but each of them carries modesty and closeness.

Like a hood

For a scarf-hood, a square or rectangular scarf palatine or scarf-shed can be useful. The latter is designed to create a hood, as it has a round shape, but for the absence of it, you can build a hood and from a conventional wide scarf. For winter it is important to choose a warm version with a large mate, or a wool palatine.

To create a hood, you need to find the middle of the scarf and start tie it as a golk, that is, the scarf covers his head and crosses the front on the neck, after which it takes back and is tied by a node. In the case of a knitted scarf, such a decision will be securely stole and warm the head.

When using palatine, the method is somewhat complicated. Thus, a scarf bending is needed at an outer edge by 10 cm. In addition, starting to create a stylish bow, do not forget to make vertical folds from the temples, which later hide inside the design and will not give a hood to slip off the head.

Indian Turban

India is famous for stylish and exotic headscarves and scarves, as well as ways of their wearing. For example, the Indian turban represents a stylish headdress, which will become indispensable for summer or offseason, depending on the materials selected. Such a model covers ears and head.

A large wide scarf or palatine is suitable for creating an Indian turban. Having it the middle on the back of the head, it is necessary to tie a node on the forehead. One end of the scarf should be downstairs, the other is at the top.

The upper end of the scarf is twisted into the roll, and the bottom twisted several times through the same roll. The remaining tip of the lower edge of the scarf is at least 20 cm located on the head and refills for the side parts.

Knot ahead

Stylish and bold onions can easily implement thanks to a light bright scarf. Starting a winding from the nape, we connect two ends of the scarf and tighten the tight harness, having it in the form of a snail, roses, etc., fixing each curl pin. As a result, the head of the scarf decorates the surround snail, making the image bright and unique.

Such a bow should be completed. Take care of denim shorts, big sunglasses and, of course, stylish make-up.

Tight winding

For the cold autumn winds, the finding method will be the method of dense winding. For the recreation of the image, stretched scarf palatine made of fine wool.

The middle of the scarf is located on the head, and the ends are tied at the back of the node. Next, the winding occurs alternately and the left end. Short scarf tips are hiding under the winding, turning the scarf into a stylish headdress, tightly adjacent to the head.


Using Charleston method, you can decorate and refresh your image. To implement the idea, a long scarf is needed and the collected hair or a short haircut.

A scarf is on his head and densely crossed out behind, after which it is spinning in a tight harness. From the harness, the node is tied at the nape, and the free edges are spread and decorated with shoulders.


It is no secret that the ladies of all ages are not too like to wear hats, but everything is in the inevitable damage to hairstyles or laying. Despite this, it is important in the cold time to warm. The bandage - a compromise between the cap and its absence. This element is designed to cover the forehead and ears from the gusts of the wind.

To make a scarf dressing, a narrow accessory of the middle length is suitable. Its ends are carried out under the hair or leave on her hair, fixing the design by the knot from behind or in front. The last option is complemented by the manufacture of bunches, flower and other cute elements from the scarf. A cozy image will be with a warm knitted scarf.

Stylish images

Emerald knitted scarf tube will decorate any winter and off-season bow. Dark rich shade is beautiful on any hair color.

A scarf, folded into the bandage on the head, will not destroy the hairstyle. Such an accessory can be worn even in the summer.

A short scarf of a large mate, tied by the "knot of the front", looks neatly, reminding himself a cute and warm hat.

Scarf Palatin in Charleston technique will emphasize the graceful oval of faces and reliably tightened his head from the wind and bad weather. The nodules from the back will allow the winding to preserve its shape for a long time.

Warm and bulk gray scarf, tied as a hood, will retain heat even in frost. A stylish look provides a different textured knitting.

Warm and bulk gray scarf, tied as a hood, will retain heat even in frost. A stylish look provides a different textured knitting.

A scarf in the form of a chalm with a feminine floral ornament emphasizes the elegance of a female neck and shoulders. Large earrings complement exotic image.

Brown scarf tube will not only complement the winter image, but will also become an original addition to the warm sweater.

Scarf scarf, tied by classic golk - stylish addition to the fur coat, coat and leather jacket. The floral pattern gives accessories tenderness and tartness capable of playing contrasts with top clothing of various cut.

Scarf-shed with knitted dress in one color scheme creates a soft and warm image. Dark colors play on contrast with a light shade of hair, making onions expressive.

The scarf-clamp with the creation of the eight reliably covers the head and performs the function of a wide collar due to the loop of a large mating below.

A bright colors scarf with the original winding coloring the winter day with juicy paints. Scharf thin fabric allowed to make a headdress neat.

Palantine with winding on oriental motive decorates collar coat, refreshing and updating the image.

The original scarf is an accessory that helps create a bright memorable image. Regardless of the weather, it will have to the place, will emphasize female personality. However, do not everyone know how beautifully tie a scarf on the head so that he watched stylish. Today there are many ways to wear this accessory, so every woman can pick up suitable.

Popular Tying Methods

Learn to nicely tie a scarf on the head - real art. This element of the wardrobe has thousands of fans and is always relevant. However, when choosing a material and method of tying, it is necessary to navigate the season and weather.

In winter, the traditional method of scarf tying is appropriate - winding a long fluffy product or large paletening around the head and neck. It is also important to use a warm wide rack in the peasant. Very convenient in the cold season, wearing the scarves-clamps, which first wrap around the neck, and then wear as a hood.

Products from dense, but not too warm fabrics look perfectly in spring and autumn. Shades should be harmonized with upper clothes. A well suits the scarf coat, tied in the form of a handkerchief, the ends of which are left slightly on the side and snaps of a brook. In addition, in the offseason you can wind up Hollywood's head or make a warm chalm.

In the midst of the summer, you can create bright images using bandage scarves, turbans, a bandage. Materials must be thin and light. In the heat will be useful both long wide sections of matter (for turban or chalms) and small scarves (for the construction of bandages or bandans). Accessories from bright fabrics are successfully combined with light clothing.

Scarves in the form of a bandage on the head will become an excellent addition to the dress, leather or denim jacket. They can be motley or monochrome, are appropriate at any time of the year. But with business suits, it is better to wear a scarf without prints. Colors worth choosing restrained.

Around the head and neck

During the cold, the shawl or scarf tied around the head replaces the cap and the hood simultaneously. It helps when there is a chance to spoil the hairstyle. Testing options are different, but most often you can find Hollywood. This beautiful way is simple, as it is not better suitable for offseason:

  1. A shawl or wide scarf pounce. The forehead is left open.
  2. Ends under the chin are crossed and fixed by a node on the side.
  3. Fit the resulting headdress on the head.

Variation of the Hollywood fashion is peasant. In this case, the scarf is tied in the same way. Then the tails cross and tie up the node behind.

In Gypsy

This option is suitable solely for the summer period. The scarf tied in this way is highlighted by a node on the side. The back of the head is usually open. Colorful products from silk or satin are suitable. The algorithm is the following:

  1. Fold the matter and thrown on your head so that the forehead is closed.
  2. Ends tie up a node on the side.
  3. From hanging ends form a beautiful flower.

Sliply material will not allow the head leaving for a long time to stay in the same position, it will have to be corrected periodically.


You can build a bandana from the scarf. She is very sporting young girls. It's just done:

  1. First, the scarf or a small scarf must be put on the head, putting the base to the forehead.
  2. Then tie it from behind under the curls.

In the warm season, you can make such a headdress from a lightweight material - cotton or silk, in the cold - from dense tissues. A more refined option that can be used in summer: to tie the ends on the side in the form of a beautiful rose.


Do not everyone know how beautifully tie a scarf on the head in the form of a dressing. In most cases, this method is relevant for the summer season, although it is possible to use not only subtle materials. There are several variations:

  1. Bow. The material is folded with a thin ribbon, applied to the backbone and fix in front or side in the shape of a bow or rose. The bandage is appropriate both under the hair and on them.
  2. Harnesses. The fabric is tightened into the harness and tapey in the form of a thin strip. Such a bandage holds bangs. It can be a monophonic or bright, standing on the background of the hair.
  3. Eight. The scarf or scarf is folded into the tape or twisted by the harness. Wrap your head. Overseate in front and tie back.
  4. Wide band. It looks beautiful if it is tied at the back of the hair. At the same time, the curls are best collected in a beam on the back of the head.
  5. Soloha. Thin strip of fabric tie up front to a knot. Ends leave sticking. You can wear it on the side or centered head. To fix the tips of the Sharfi in a standing position, you can enhance the wire.

Weaving with hair

Very gently looks accessory, woven into the hair. It is suitable for girls and young women with long curls. The easiest way, how to tie a scarf, at the same time, decorating it with a hairstyle, is to wind it around the tail and tie, leaving the ends loose. Beautifully looks like this hairstyle:

  1. Part of the hair is collected in a high tail.
  2. A silk scarf is put on the head in the form of a dressing.
  3. The remaining strands are wrapped around it in an arbitrary order and chained with studs.

Another interesting option is a spit with a scarf. There are two main ways. In the first weaving start from the founding of the braid. In the second, the scarf is first happened on the head, and then the ends hanging behind, braid. It will suit girls with a long bang, and it is done like this:

  1. Hair is combed and separated by direct verses.
  2. The scarf is folded along, its thickness should not exceed 4 cm. Then you get under the curls so that the tips watched up.
  3. They begin to weave the braid, only instead of three strands will be two, since the role of the third will be fabric.
  4. Wash pigtails on both sides, not forgetting torsion scarf tips.
  5. Rise braids upstairs and challenge on the top of the hairpin.

How to tie a chalm

To create a chalma, a thin tissue is taken with a length of at least four meters. In winter, it is allowed to use warmer material. Such a headdress can be made in different ways.

Elegant traditional

This Tissue Testing method can be used at any time of the year. Lies in the following:

  1. The material is placed on the head, the ends wind around it several times.
  2. The remaining short tails are fixed on the resulting structure.
  3. The folds are neatly straighten, and the ends are hiding in the fabric.

It is beautiful to tie a chalm from warm materials - one of the original ways to protect yourself from the cold in the fall. It is important that it is combined with the color with the upper clothes. In the summer, light air shawls of bright colors can be used to create an image.

Exquisite with twisting

There are a slightly different way of tying scarves in the form of a chalms. It is perfect for the summer, it looks sophisticated. You need to act like this:

  1. The material is a narrow ribbon. Her middle is applied to the back of the head.
  2. Ends will be removed forward, you need to twist your forehead, rewind again.
  3. Rear the fabric overflow, the ends again will be forwarded forward for the second twisting.
  4. The remaining tails are tied on the back of the head and hide.

The original swirling chalma is well combined with long dresses and trousers.

How to wind the turban

From Chalma, the turban is characterized by dimensions - it is somewhat larger and volume. It can be decorate with brooch or any other decorative element. In the summer, it is possible to build it from an ordinary handkerchief or scarf. In the cold headdress makes soft palatine. The options for tie scarf on the head in the form of a turban can be a lot, consider the simplest.


This method is considered basic, therefore, having mastered it, you can independently invent new options. Use it best in the summer. The algorithm of action is as follows:

  1. The rectangular canvas are twice in length, impose on the head, align.
  2. Both ends are starting back, crossed together, slightly twisting the fabric.
  3. Tightly stretch the material on the back of the head, remove the ends forward, where they crossed them twice.
  4. The remaining tips tie back by the knot and hide in the fabric.


Some more difficult to tie a scarf's head in the shape of a high turban. For this, the rectangular palatine is folded quite large in half, it is applied to the middle of the middle. Next do this:

  1. The tails are tightened by a harness on the other side of the head.
  2. Wash the head into several revs until the turban becomes tight.
  3. Press the head leaving of the height by releasing the remaining ends of the harness.
  4. Ends are hiding in the fabric.

With zhgutami

The turban with harness, tied in Turkish, originally. As a rule, such an accessory of middle-aged women likes. Make it easy:

  1. Putting a handkerchief on the head of the hood.
  2. Tails cross the back.
  3. Stretch them forward.
  4. Cross twice on the forehead.
  5. Return the ends on the back of the head.
  6. Tie a node.

The turban with harness helps when there is no time to make hair styling.

Useful Tips for creating an image

It's a little about how to tie a scarf on your head, it is important to learn how to harmoniously combine it with a wardrobe. In winter, it is necessary to give preference to knitted or woven products from wool, cashmere, mohair and other warm materials. In the spring and autumn period, scarves from natural silk and flax are suitable. In the heat it is worth paying attention to cotton accessories or viscose - they will not only decorate the owner, but also protect from the sun.

The image can be supplemented with various brooks, rhinestones, clips and buttons. They add a highlight, allow you to safely fix the headdress. Additional decorations are relevant only for monochrome scarves or palatins. In winter, you can use large decorations. Beautiful thin pins or elegant jewelry are suitable for easier summer materials.


Fashion does not stand still. New trends appear with each new season. This applies not only to shoes and clothing, but also accessories. Hats and scarves - favorite details of the wardrobe of most fashionable. But today I would like to talk exactly about scarves. To date, their choice is incredibly diverse.

How beautiful and stylishly tie a scarf on the head with a coat: ways

In the spring and autumn, when it is not cold yet, but not hot, when not the time to wear warm hats Many women prefer fashionable bright scarves. Together with the coat, this headpiece creates an elegant, light, aerial composition. Here is one way, how beautiful and fashionably tie a scarf under the coat:

  • Take and bend the scarf diagonally to get a triangle.
  • Attach to your head so that it goes to the forehead.
  • Crighten the tips on the neck, under the chin and throw them by the shoulders.
  • Tie the scarf ends on the neck behind and hide them.
  • Roll into the scarf on the forehead and behind so that it is not the folds.
Scarf with coat
Scarf with coat
Stylish image
Bright addition

The second method is similar to the previous one. All actions Repeat to the moment of throwing the Sharfi back:

  • After crossed the tips under the chin, make the harnesses of them. To do this, tighten them.
  • In this form, tie the ends on the neck of the back.
Stylish image
Stylish image

And one more way is, when you do not need to throw the ends of the Sharfi back:

  • Bend the scarf on the half and attach to the head
  • Wrap the scarf once around the neck
  • Tie two sides under the chin
  • Straighten the tips descending on the coat
Simple and beautiful
Simple and beautiful

These three ways are not only original and beautiful, but also very easy to perform. Thus, you can tie a scarf without any help.

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How to tie a chalm from scarf?

Modern women are fairly free of all - looks, relationships and, of course, fashion. To date, the eastern accents are quite popular among fashionistas.

Girls and women with pleasure wear accessories and clothing in Muslim style. Turban - This is a traditional headdress not only among Muslim women, but also men.

It looks extraordinary and very stylish, if you can easily combine it with the usual not Muslim outfits. Many people may seem that it is very difficult to tie on the head of Chalm. But it is not at all. There are different ways that will die for everyone. We will consider 3 common ways:

  • In order to make a chalm on your head you need a long scarf.
  • Take the scarf on the head in such a way that the tips are not the same (one longer).
  • Take both ends and nodule Make on the forehead.
  • Form a loop from a long piece and spend it under the node.
  • Place the remaining end in the loop and tightly pull.
  • The ends that will remain, just hide under the twinkles of the chalms.
Chalma Method First
Chalma Method First

The second way, perhaps, the easiest and does not require any knowledge, nor the time will not take much. Your actions are such:

  • Take a scarf on your head, tie the front to the knot
  • Wrap the scarf around the head and make the same knot from behind
  • The remaining pieces of the fabric just hide under the curls

And the third way is the most traditional:

  • The scarf on the head is placed so that the ends are the same in length.
  • Connect them on the forehead, but the node do not tie, but simply cross the 2nd end.
  • Make a loop from one, and the second stretch into it
  • Next of the second end also make a loop
  • Now just tighten it hard, but the extra fabric hide
Traditional option
Traditional option

How to tie a turban from scarf?

The Turban is another traditional oriental headdress. He, like Chalma now at the peak of popularity not only among Muslim women, but also fashionista from around the world.

The turban can be made, both from a conventional long piece of fabric, and from the usual scarf. And it looks very unusual, beautiful and elegant. To tie it, choose the scarves are long enough. After all, you will need to wind around your head several times.

There are a large number of diverse ways, how to tie a turban from scarf. Some more complex, others are sufficiently light. How to build a turban on your head, decide only you. And we will provide several, in principle not too complex ways. So, for the first way you need a long scarf:

  • Lock the hair into a beam with a special gum.
  • Dress the scarf on the head towards the forehead.
  • Ends tighten into a beam or just crossed. After that, wrap the remaining pieces of fabric until small pieces remain.
  • Lock them under the wruncies of the tissue.

The second method can be considered probably one of the easiest. It is made elementary:

  • Scarf put under the hair
  • From the head under the flowing hair, send pieces of fabric to the forehead
  • Crighte them and again let the scarf under the hair
  • Remaining small ends fix
  • Such a turban can be decorated with a small, beautiful rod.
Turban under the hair
Turban under the hair

The third way is no less interesting than the two previous ones:

  • Secure the scarf on the hair, the tips cross on the back of the head
  • Tighten them in the form of a harness and make several revolutions around the head.
  • Place them on the back of the head and fix the curls under the cloth
Chalma with Zhgutami
Chalma with Zhgutami

How to tie a scarf on the head to church?

The church is the place where people go to calm the soul and body. This is a sacred place, so gathering there, it is necessary to cleanse the mentally and think over everything to small details.

Women can not come to church in short skirts or dresses, in pants and without a headdress. As a headdress, you can use both scarf and scarf.

It can be like silk and sensitive or satin. There are several options how to tie a scarf for a hike to church. All of them are simple enough. For the first way, you will need a scarf:

  • Cover your head with a scarf crossbow under the chin
  • Lay back and tie a node
  • Correct the scarf on my forehead so that it does not fall too out, but also did not very much.
Option for a hike to church
Option for a hike to church

The second method is even simpler than the previous one:

  • Take the scarf, put on your head
  • Make from the edges knot under the chin
  • Scatter edges

In this way, in the ancient times, women tied a scarlet on the head.

Simple tying option
Simple tying option

Another option is to tie a scarf like a golk. For this:

  • Scarf put on the head so that the length of the edges was the same
  • Remove them back completely or throw only one tip, the second leave hanging in front.
  • You can fix the scarf of a beautiful pin or brooch as a decoration
Tighten back both ends

How to tie a scarf beautifully on Muslim head?

Muslims honor religious traditions, so always cover your head with a handkerchief or scarf. A variety of styles, colors and types do not leave an indifferent one girl. An unusual and elegantly tied headdress gives the appearance of mystery and mystery. There are many ways to make a handkerchief. Which one is the best, solve only you. The first way:

  • Fold the scarf diagonally, put on your head, without covering bangs and hair growth line
  • Skinny ends fold back and make a knot
Fashion first
Fashion first

The second way:

  • Put the scarf on your head, beat back and make
  • Then roll the ends of the scarf on the left or on the right side
Handkerchief with tips in front
Handkerchief with tips in front

The third way after you were covered with a headband:

  • On the left and on the right side to fold the angle
  • Crossbind on the neck, feed the ends back and tie a node
  • Place beautifully in front
Bright and strict species
Bright and strict species

Fourth way:

  • With the help of invisible, scarves the scarf under the hair;
  • Take the gum in order to assemble the ends of the scarf into the beam;
  • Stretch the scarf through the rubber band once, and then the second not fully pull the scarf ends;
  • Folded twice the scarf circle around the neck and sculpt the bright brooch.
Delicate option
Delicate option

Finding your favorite method, every woman can use a Muslim scarf, as a fashion accessory, adding its image and decides it with additional details, thus emphasizing the face line.

How beautiful to tie a scarf on the head in different ways in the summer?

Being on the summer holiday near the sea, the scarf will ideally complement your appearance, it will warm up with an unexpected change of weather, protects from the active sun. In the fashion of this season, bright paints are dominated, beautiful decor and interesting design solutions.

To underline individuality and femininity, in the wardrobe of this fashionista, there should be different styles and scarves and shawls. There are some interesting ways to tie a scarf into a hot and cool summer period. The first way:

  • Put the scarf on the head, dropping it on the forehead, closer to the eyebrows
  • Tie back and crush around your head
  • Make a beautiful bow in front
Stylish bow
Stylish bow

The second way:

  • Fold the scarf thin tube
  • Put on the shoulders, covered with hair
  • Raise both closest upwards, cross them to get a lock, then lower down and start the scarf ends with a knot.
Stylish image
Stylish image

Third way:

  • Find the middle of the scarf and divide the hair into two equal parts;
  • Get it on the head, wrap your hair;
  • Watch your head several times, as far as the length allows, and start behind the knot.
Knot rear
Knot rear

Fourth way:

  • Tilt your head and completely cover her cloth
  • Collect ends in front
  • Twist the scarf back the harness down
  • The end of the harness circle around the neck on the right left and hide the end under the scarf
Summer style
Summer style

Hairstyles with a scarf on the head

Many women wonder how to make a beautiful, and the main thing is not a sophisticated hairstyle for every day, which is perfect for a different image. A scarf will protect her hair from the scorching sun, wind, rain, snow, and your appearance will be unforgettable.

With the help of such an accessory, you can emphasize the beauty of the hair, or, on the contrary, hide the shortcomings. You can change the hairstyle depending on mood and circumstances.

Boldly pick a bright color gamut that will squeeze the face and emphasize your individuality, do not be afraid to be the center of attention and often please yourself. Let's consider different ways to create original and beautiful hairstyles.

The first method is suitable for both long and middle-length hair, and also helps you create a refined romantic image. You can use bright, saturated colors for evening dress and motley for everyday hiking. The main thing is to choose your color that will visually add volume hair:

  • Tie the tail just below the nape
  • Attach one edge of the scarf to the gum
  • Divide your hair into two parts and wrap one strand in the form of a harness with a free edge.
  • Second strand intertwine from the first, it turns out a dense dual harness.
  • Make from it a lugu
  • Fasten it with spills and pins.
Hairstyles with handkerchief
Hairstyles with handkerchief

The second way will ideally emphasize your makeup and eye color:

  • Attach a scarf above our forehead, and fix it with invisible
  • Divide the hair into three smooth parts and start weave the braid
  • For convenience, you can braid braid one way, it will also look very beautiful
  • A little woof the scarf in the braid
  • Secure the braid beautiful brooch or pin
Scarf with Kosovo
Scarf with Kosovo

The third method will create mystery and mystery:

  • Fold the scarf strip
  • Attach the back, dividing hair into two parts before
  • Mix your hair on the scarf harness on the left side, do the same with the right strand. The main thing is that the scarf was longer hair.
  • Raise strands up and crush around your head; free ends secure the node or in the form of a small bow.
Greek style
Greek style

The fourth way is well suitable for relaxing with friends:

  • Give your hair the volume
  • Collect hair into a beam
  • Fold the scarf into a wide strip and crush several times around the head.
Stylish hairstyle
Stylish hairstyle

Fifth way:

  • Enroll the lug from the hair with separate strands
  • Rear in advance to output scarf
  • Blood around the head all over the length
  • Favorite Waves Connect together and secure
  • Tie a bow or add a bright hairpin
Bright image
Bright image

We offered you 25 options for bright hairstyles with a scarf. Selection remains for you what kind of hairstyle do to emphasize all the advantages and hide disadvantages.

Video: 25 ways to tie a scarf

Female scarves

How to tie a scarf beautifully on your head?

How to tie a scarf beautifully on your head?

There are many ways to successfully add an image, decoring it with stylish accessories. And everyone, for sure, knows a couple - the top three ways of beautiful scarf tying on the neck.

But there is also an option to wear products as a headdress, also requires a beautiful and accurate tying, which will be discussed in this article.

What is a scarf?

The scarf is a segment of material of various lengths, as well as forms, which is observed around the neck, waist or over the head, for heat.

A bit of history

The historical origin of the scarf is quite interesting, because according to some sources, the first scarves appeared about two thousand years ago in ancient state - China.

In 1974, when using the excavations of the monumental graves of that era, the archaeologists found a product, an externally resembling a modern scarf, which, by assumptions of scientists, was part of the military form of the imperial troops.

In general, the name "Scarf" is borrowed from German. In the languages ​​of Chekhov and Poles there is a similar pronunciation word, also denoting a military bandage on the neck.

And indeed, initially the scarf was considered the subject owned by a military uniform, and in the Russian troops at all, served as a sign of the differences between military different ranks. Later, the scarf began to be considered the subject of everyday wardrobe and was made only in warm models, since it was intended solely to protect the neck from a draft and frosty wind.

And after a while, on the idea of ​​fashionable designers, the scarf was not just the subject of wardrobe, but a popular accessory who performed not only any functions, but also served as a stylish decoration.

Scarf models

Species of scarves There are a great set and, at least between them, there are certain similarities, they are still different independent products, each of which has its drawbacks and dignity.

The most popular and common scarf, often used for winter and late autumn - Snud. represented in the form of a wide knitted "loop" or rings. The advantage of the product is that it is not necessary to make it easy to wind up, just pull one of the edges.

Well-known and actively used stole Does not need a special presentation. The product can be made of a denser or very thin tissue, representing a rectangular wide segment of the fabric with a light fringe on two opposite edges.

Name Scarf Bakatusa It can be introduced into a kind of stupor because it is not so often on a hearing. The product is a non-scarf scarf with elongated edges.

Even in the Soviet Union, the grandmother hung themselves and their children into warm thick dwarf scarves of dark gray. Everyone will understand what exactly the product is in question - of course, the most popular warm scarf, suitable even for severe frosts - is shawl .

Bogencu We often refer to the category of collars and capeties, but in fact it refers to the number of scarves. The product has one weighty drawback - it does not wear on the head and is worn solely on the shoulders, as a decorative addition of the evening image.

Charf model name "Araphak" Also, it is also mild, because it is also very often confused with ordinary scarves. The scarf is a large square cloth made of fine cotton or wool fabric, decorated with a rather long fringe along the edges.

The scarf is also referred to as the scarf, and other models are often presented in the form of rectangular scarves of different lengths and widths.

Choose a scarf

Not every scarf is suitable for the tie of the product on the head, as some of them have a completely different purpose. In order not to make a mistake with the choice and purchase a convenient, and the main quality scarf, you should pay attention to some, at first glance, not significant, but important items.

Long scarf Especially relevant for winter, since it allows you to cover not only the head, but also to protect the neck from the cold wind and snow. In addition, for larger heat, a long scarf can be coated on the head and shoulders several times.

Big scarves In principle, they are very popular, because if necessary, you can join it as in the plaid and protect yourself from the cold. In addition, a big plaid can be easily thrown over all clothes if such a need arose.

Wide scarves It is good because to ensure greater heat, you can twice or even three times, thanks to which you can feel more comfortable.

If you have selection of the summer product, it is better to stay on non-chiffons from chiffon or silk fabric.

For offseason good Cotton, satin or linen scarves . As for soft prostine - their relevance remains unshakable, regardless of the season or case.


From the choice of color, much depends in the image, whether the scarf will be a bright detail or on the contrary - something calm and balanced, against the background of other, brighter and distinguished things.

This applies to dark and light shots of the chalee, which will be perfectly harmonized with deep blue, orange, red, green and other bright shades of the outerwear. The dark gray and dairy colors of such scarves give the image light notes of calm, restraint and moderation.

Bright scarves are best combined with dark outer clothes, because in any image it is important not to overdo it with paints.

Models of dark green and cornflowers look very beautiful. Such a scarf, tied on the head, perfectly emphasizes slightly dark skin, light blush and eyes of gray and blue shades.

Pink scarves, as well as models of bright shades, close to white color, look very romantic, so they are perfect for dreamy young girls. In addition, the knitted product of such a tone visually looks very cozy and creates a feeling of heat and comfort.

Bright green, yellow, red, purple and many other shades are perfectly suitable for dilution too "dark" and a dark outfit and creating a bright accent on an interesting detail, which is a scarf, tied up, because it still looks much more interesting than the ordinary cap .

Popular prints and decor

Scarves can be monophonic and look beautiful and without any drawings and decorative elements, but unobtrusive print will never spoil the product, but only give it a more interesting look.

Scarves with animalistic prints are most popular, namely with a colors, similar to a leopard or tiger skin. The image can have both a natural shade, and be fulfilled by other, not characteristic of these animals, flowers.

Scarves may have a standard thick or more sophisticated strip, as decor. A marine style can be painted under the vest or decorated with an image of small anchors or any other marine attributes.

Checkered prints with a variety of strips are popular, the intersection of cells, as well as with various independent images of cubes, rhombuses, rectangles and other geometric shapes.

Mild fabric scarves are very often decorated with simple masks, smooth lines, imitating waves, different light curls and oriental patterns. Most often, such images are applied with bright colors to make the product most suitable for warm season.

And, of course, do not forget about the classic "pea" print. Depending on the size of the peosters, the product will look more bold and "screaming" or on the contrary, feminine and sophisticated.

How to tie in different ways?

You can tie a scarf not only on the neck, as we are all used to, but also on your head, using it as a decorative element or even a warm headdress.

In late autumn or winter cold, a warm handkerchief on the head will be better and functional than any, even the thick, caps.

It is easiest to tie a scarf type scarves, pipes, eights. Part of the product throws out through the neck, and the other part is put on the head. This method is good only for easy coolness, because with strong wind and frost the head will still be exposed to cold.

Scarf clamp, although it is lighter and thin, but, nevertheless, it is tied on the same principle. Thin claw can be tied in the form of a summer rim.

In general, winter scarves and ways to tie them not so much, as it may seem, but at least the choice is not great, it is still there, and considering each of the options in more detail, the advantages of each of them will become obvious, so the choice will be much easier .

Shawl, folded twice as well, is suitable for harsh northern frosts, and a conventional woolen scarf scarf will fit for easy coolness. Usually such products are put on the head as any handkerchief and are observed around the neck. In a similar way, the palatine can be used.

Thin long cotton or silk scarves can be covered on the head in the form of a chalm. This headdress is the traditional part of the costume of the eastern peoples, it looks unusually and quite attractive, therefore created from bright, unusual scarves will give the image unusual notes of chic.

Muslim women obscure a scarf on the head in a special way, closing more and neck, because this requires their religion.

By the way, speaking about religious aspects, it is impossible not to mention both Christianity, since the church demands from women to enter the temple inside the church. Some tie a scarf behind, like a bandana, but the classical and most common way is the scarf railing as an ordinary Russian brazing - under the chin.

How to choose a way of face type?

There is no identical person and face form, respectively, can also be exactly different. The type of person can have both advantages and disadvantages and it is important to choose a headdress in such a way as to adjust these smallest shortcomings.

For convenience, the table presents the most common types of person and describe the scarf tie methods, most successfully suitable for each of them.

What to wear?

Wear a handkerchief, tied to the head can be almost with anything. The image will be directly dependent on what kind of zealing method will be selected.

For a light summer dress, the same light scarves made of fine tissue are needed. Taking a handkerchief in the form of a rim, thus creating a kind of special hairstyle, you can create a chic feminine image with a light dress, sundress, skirt and a different kind of riding. In this case, the shoes on the heel will be as impossible.

The image in the sports style can be created using the jeans elements of the wardrobe, be it shorts, overalls, tosing a mini skirt or ordinary jeans of different models. You can use T-shirts, T-shirts or cotton shirts. As for the scarf, it is best to choose a square cotton model and tie it in such a way that all hair will be removed, and a small bow will be in the area of ​​the crown.

Footwear to a similar alongside is suitable - sneakers, slips, light tennis slippers, sandals on a flat sole or simple ballet shoes.

In winter clothes, a combination of warm scarves used as a headdress, with another clothing, much more diverse than light models.

Knitted scarves, having a round closed shape, made in the technique of shallow or large mating, are perfectly combined with down-shore jackets, as well as all sorts of warm down jackets.

Shawl and classic wool handkerchief will look like with a coat and a coat or a fur coat. Shoes in such dresses, can be any kind of - from cute Uggov, to luxurious high-heeled boots.

Beautiful images

  • Lightweight air image can be created using a sort of milk-colored dresses with a subtle belt in the waist area, as well as air light-pink cardigan without buttons. A light scarf from the same material as the dress thrown on his head, the edges of which are freely overwhelmed around the neck, will become an excellent addition and stylish accessory to this summer combination of things.
  • An elegant image, in a business style, obtained with a combination of a beige cashmere coat with a V-neck and a bright handkerchief in a black and white strip with a print in the form of bright red and pink colors, is perfect even for office onions. Very functional and no less stylish detail will be black leather gloves.
  • Another bright image of a variegated chalms in combination with a beige warm coat, which this time is made from the drape material, will undoubtedly strike many with their juicy paints. As a decor, in this case, an unusual blouse protrudes, reliating under the coat, the edge of which protrudes from under the V-shaped cut.
  • A beautiful image with a real part of the Russian soul will turn out if you choose a black miyidium-fitted coat, decorated with fluffy fur collar and large golden buttons. In addition to such a coat, a white cashmere scarf square shape with a print in the form of bright pink and red flowers with green leaves is perfect.
  • The most discerning scarf is a large muddy sneody will help create a surprisingly cozy image, even if you combine with a simple red sweater.
  • It would seem that a black leather jacket is not particularly successfully combined with some things close to the classic style, but a square scarf, tied to the head as a cake, fits well in the image. The handkerchief is made of light material with a slight gray tint and has a black simple ornament.
  • Another stylish outfit using the scarf model - the scene will turn out if the brown cashmere triple of standard length is supplemented with a black scarf model. The product is made of fine yarn with fine mating, using a special technique that imitating the print strip.
  • The outfit suitable for a summer stylish party combines a black dress with a print in the form of small blue and red geometric shapes. The sleeves are decorated with large black sequins, thanks to which the product looks unusual and bright. Supplements the image of a light silk scarf, combining yellow and green shades, which is tied by a wide strip in the form of a rim.
  • To create a luxurious image in Hollywood style, some unusual and expensive things will be required. Luxuriously looks like a simple white dress made of tight cotton, decorated with an unusual print and a wide strap on the waist. A scarf tied on the head in the form of a brazer, made of the same fabric as a dress, so that the image looks holistic and elegant.

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The headdress from the scarf is fashionable, stylish and convenient. In the cold period, the accessory reliably protects from freezing, tightens from the wind and is able to hold heat for a long time. In the summer - the scarf on the head is a beautiful addition to the dress and a small barcode of the charm in the created Luke. In our article, we'll figure it out how beautiful to tie a scarf on the head in different ways and which exquisite options for its tying exist. We started a discussion of beautiful options for tie scarves in this article, so also read.

Choose a scarf

Choosing a scarf to use it on the head, you must count on its relevance in the image. In this case, a big role is played: the structure of the material; the size; the form; colors; Selected accessory. For winter, it is perfectly suitable: scarf-shed; stole; Scarf made by a large viscous. For spring and autumn, facilitated accessories options are facilitated. Scarf from chiffon in the form of a bandage (rim) or scarf-brazer is appropriate in hot summer days.


Methods of tying

To create an attractive image with a scarf, you need to master the main methods for its tie on the head. Thanks to the enormous choice of accessories and following the selected execution technique, you can create a stylish and interesting image.

Scarf Homut.

Accessory on the head in the form of a straight canvas, closed in the ring, is called - scarf-claw. Other names: Snad; "Scarf without beginning and end"; Scarf tube.

Scarf on the head, immediately gained popularity in the fashion world and began to enjoy great demand.

The model of the accessory instantly won the love of fashionistas. It can replace two things from the wardrobe - a scarf and a headdress. Material for this product is used warm and cozy. It can - be wool, cashmere, velor, pooh angoras.

The product is also valued by the fact that it is very convenient to wear it. Ways to wear a clamp can be different, it depends on its size. It is enough to throw on the neck and raise the head, conveniently placing it there.

If the scarf model is long, then the product should be wounded around the neck once, then make a second turnover and then raise the head.

Girls with an elongated face form, it is not recommended to wear a clamp on the head. This model is visually pulling the face. For rounded ladies, this is the best option of a headdress that will remove the cheeks and betray the charm.


Chalma - give the hand to the taste of exotic. This method of obtaining a headdress from the scarf on the head came from Africa countries. The purpose of Chalms is to fully hide the hair. But, many women allow curls or bangs protruding from under the fabric. At Modnitz, such a structure is not in the last place in the headwear ranking. With it, the majestic and mysterious images are created.

To obtain a chalm on the head use fine natural fabric. The length of matter should be at least 4 meters . Otherwise, the headdress will look scare and uninteresting.


In countries where the climate is cooled for turbans use warm fabric. The form of the model gives odds to many classic hats. Due to the dense fit and numerous folds of the material, the head is warm for a long time.


The classic method of forming a chalms is simple:

  • The size of the material selected in size, place on the head as it requires the selected method;
  • Wrap the ends around the head into several revolutions;
  • Construction ends fix;
  • Play folds;
  • Ends hide in fabric.

Sharf eight

The method of tie of the head scarf in the form of the eight is considered one of the simple. Using this type of product tying, a young and touching image of a girl leading an active lifestyle is created.


The eight is a folded cut of the tissue horizontally, twisted in front and fixed behind the knot. To give a decorative accessory, the node can be formed as a flower or volumetric bow .


A long accessory will help create a beautiful design with two scrolling on the head. To do this, it is necessary:

  • Fold cloth into a narrow tape;
  • Find the middle and attach it to the occipital part of the head;
  • Ends to bring to before, twist and start;
  • Rear to overflow the fabric and again the ends will be outrethged, forming the second overlap;
  • Ends on the back of the head lock and hide in the folds of the fabric.


I wonder the headband on the head of Hippie will look. It will perfectly complement the demi-season outfit, giving the way the pointiness and mysteriousness in Luke.


To create an image in the style of East Beauty, you need to use a thin natural fabric - chiffon, silk, satin . In order for the product when wearing does not slip from the hair, a knitted hat is put on it - Boni. But, wearing a scarf without it.

Muslim scarf tie options large quantities. There is a basic way to locate the fabric on the head:

  • Throw the prepared matter on the head, so that the forehead is completely covered, and the ends have the same length;
  • Capture cloth with my left hand over the ear on the same side. Start and take on the right shoulder under the cloth located there;
  • Right edge to spend under the chin;
  • End fix and hide in fabric folds.


Stripping from the basic knowledge of the attachment of the accessory in oriental style, you can create various trendy options. It is allowed to use ornamental products. In any case, the tied accessory in oriental style contributes modesty and a subtle charm.

Like a hood

Use a scarf in the form of a hood - the most common winter option. They are easy to compensate for the absence of this element in the upper clothes. Use the cervical product in the form of a headdress has become even in Soviet times. It is this way that the accessory of the accessory helps to preserve the lush hairstyle. At the same time he warms the head of its owner from the wind and frost.

To get a hood structure in the form of a hood, you need to take a rectangular shape palant or shed scarf. In the first case, the product is thrown on the head, the ends are leveling in front. Then they crossed and begin back. On the back of the tie node, thereby fixing the product. Palantin is better to take from natural wool.

In the second case, put on the stern on the neck and raise the back of the accessory on the head, thus it turns out a hood. For a winter version of the product take an accessory made by a large mating wool.

Using a hood you can create stylish winter bows, while staying in warm and keep up with fashionable trends.

Indian Turban

The turban is a headband in the form of a wound piece of fabric. In India, this method of tangling fabric is of great importance for the indigenous population. First, the wound fabric around the head into several layers, reliably removes the scorching sun. Secondly, the cloth is wetted in water before winding holds moisture during the day, thereby facilitating the fate of people.

The turban differs from the chalm with its size, which is much more and more. Currently, the Turber is popular with European designers. On the podiums, there are quite often models in an exotic headdress that complements the created image.

Methods of tapeding turbans are several dozen, but they are built on basic knowledge and basic movements. Each model has its own highlight and gives its own charm in the image.


Basic movements of Türban tying:

  • For better fixation of a simple design on the head, a cap Boni is used;
  • Straight canvas folded in two in length;
  • The material is superimposed on the head, the ends of the tissue are aligned;
  • To start both the end of the scarf back and there to cross them, slightly twisting the fabric;
  • Withdraw both ends on before tightly pulling it on the back of the head;
  • In front of the end to cross two times to get a design, as in the photo;
  • Free ends to remove back and there to fix them on the node;
  • Remains of material hide in design tissue.


Knot ahead


Thanks, bright scarf, knit flush on the front knot, you can create a lightweight and bold bow. The product folds into a thin strip, starting with the head tightly adjacent to the head and fixed in the form of roses, a bow or snail on the forehead.


The bandage can lie both on top of hair and pass under them.

The image with the help of the constructed node from the scarf is in front of the brightness and uniqueness. For its complete completion, it will be necessary to take care of denim shorts, summer make-up and sunglasses.


Tight winding

Dense accessory latch is designed for cool season. It is in this way that you can protect yourself from the cold wind while keeping the style in the dress. Here is the warm accessory made of fine wool.

Purify the cloth on the head, tightly pressing the cloth to bring ends back and fix on the knot. Next, alternately, first left, then finally wrap the node. The remaining tips hide in the fabric. It turned out a stylish fitting headdress.


The gap of the scarf on the head of the Charleston method is intended for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, of different age categories. The method involves the use of the accessory in the original way.

For its execution, it will take a product with a size of 90x180 cm:

  • Throw the cloth on the hair;
  • Take the ends back and there they are sharpening to the occipital part;
  • Free ends twisted in the harness and tie to the node;
  • Remaining part of the accessory to straighten and leave a hitch in a free position.


The scarf in the form of a dressing is mainly in the warm season. Accessory covered forehead is more like a gathering, which plays an important role in the summer onions.

The accessory folds into a thin strip, superimposed on the head and is tied by the node on the back of the head. Ends remain free to hang out, you can also roll them with before.

Fashionable, youth and gently looks accessory, woven into the spit. The image acquires Russian beauty and uniqueness.

Short version of Sharfi, you can tie to the node with a side, building from the ends of the bow.

Young fashionista prefer a bandage to wear with flowing hair. Thus, a retro image is created. For this strip, skip under the flowing hair. End to bring to before and on the forehead to tie a beautiful bow. Small fabric tips can be left zerly stitching from the node, it turns out a flirty bow with youth zador.

Stylish images

Scarf Snud - an indispensable accessory to create a winter bow. Emerald color will perfectly dilute the tone of winter clothes and give the image of irresistible. This option is suitable for any female color.

The headband on the head in the form of a flirty rim is a great option for the summer bow.

Knitted Turban - will replace the classic option of the cap. Its dense fit in the head will not give the cold inside, even with active movements. Suitable for creating a romantic and everyday bow.

Silk scarf, tied in the style of "Charleston", reliably covers his head from the wind. Fixing the design behind the assembly will allow a long time to maintain the created form and advantageously emphasize its owner.

The gray knitted accessory, suitable as a hood, will warm in frost and will retain heat. Style accessory adds the original large binding - fashionable in the last season.

Chalmet of tight silk with original ornament and in the tone of selected jewelry, emphasize the elegance of the upper body. Thus, it is easy to create an oriental image with an exotic note.

Knitted kits will make a variety in creating a winter image. Brown - carries the calm, warmth and comfort, which are so needed during the cold season.

Scarf handkerchief, tied classically, always spoke of the beauty of Russian beauty. It is also a stylish addition to the fur coat, a coat or a leather jacket. The flower color of the accessory allows you to contrast with the colors of the outerwear.

Scarf-shed with knitted dress in one color scheme creates a soft and warm image. Dark colors play on contrast with a light shade of hair, making onions expressive.

Accessory in the form of an infinite product will allow to supplement the demi-season image. Included with a knitted dress, which has a collar repeats the shape of a headdress, the product looks in a new way and completely in the other light.

Long scene with a double winding in the tone selected outerwear, talking about the impeccable taste of their owner. It is worth adding a notch beige and the image becomes urban for daily use.

A bright accessory wound on his head in oriental style will give originality and update it with its exotic ornament.

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