Why is insomnia arises and how to get rid of it

The worst enemy of man - he himself. And insomnia, which, as medical and psychiatric practice shows, is the worst man's terrible instrument against himself. When and why she arises like overcome insomnia and how to sleep, to get enough sleep, tell me in this article.

What is insomnia

Insomnia or in medical language - Insnay, it is customary to consider any deviation from the norm of sleep. Frequent awakening among the night, long-term (up to several hours) falling asleep and heavy awakening, long-lasting night lack of sleep, superficial sleep - all this is customary to be manifestations of insomnia. Everyone in life had periods when he was experiencing insomnia on himself. Especially she loves to come to an important event, on the eve of a celebration or exam, in the process of making a person important in the life of a decision, young moms who hear the slightest rustle of the baby.

Most often insomnia is a by-product of our nervous system, which is known for its instability, especially in a modern pace and lifestyle. Deals may have several types of manifestation.

Presize Type of Disorder

It is characterized by a long falling asleep. At this time, a person is experiencing a physical need for rest, the desire to fall asleep, but cannot do that. The flood rate is considered 5-15 minutes. If, after this time, the sleep did not come, we can talk about manifestations of insomnia. This is usually associated with neuro-psychological disorders, occurs on the eve of exciting events or after important events. It occurs very often and usually passes as the emotional state is established.

Intombic disorders

With this type of insomnia, sudden night awakening occurs, with a grave subsequent falling asleep or the complete lack of further sleep. This type of disorder makes the sleep with a superficial, resembling the usual dormant and sensitive when the sleep is able to wake up from the slightest row. In this case, emotional differences, the experience of unpleasant events, mental disorders, stopping the breath in a dream and their own snoring, systemic diseases (thyroid gland, diabetes mellitus).

Postssunical disorders

This type is encountered even more often than the first. The main sign is the lack of forces and desire to open eyes, long awakening, weakness and fatigue even after a whole night of a quiet sleep. A person suffering from this type of insomnia feels drowsiness throughout the day and when trying to fill the strength and fall asleep defeat. In addition to psychological reasons, in this case there may be a shortage of vitamins and minerals, late waste, Handra and emotional overvoltage. Usually, with such a disorder, a person can easily fall asleep, sleeps tightly at night, but the morning awakening causes negative emotions and physical impotence.

But before diagnosing insomnia, it is worth evaluating its habits, the current state of affairs, an emotional state. Often the reason can lie on the surface.

Causes of insomnia

Psycho-social stress. For example, this is due to excessive anxiety for money and work, diseases of children and loved ones. When crises are happening in personal life and you will keep an internal dialogue, bringing to perfection what they did not do in reality.

Depression different character, state of handra and anxiety;

Increased brain activity and emotional overexcitation, both positive and negative. So often occurs during the sessions, before important business meetings and after them, before traveling and holidays, during the period of hard activities and multitasking. elderly age;

Discomfort both mental and physical, the influence of foreign sounds, light, noise. Darkness is one of the main conditions under which a melatonin sleep hormone is produced in sufficient quantity. The slightest lighting, the work of the television or the phone monitor before bedtime can affect the quality of melatonin production and break sleep. Often the reason for bad sleep can be discomfort caused by bedding - an uncomfortable pillow, too tough, too soft, uneven mattress. In this case, it becomes less problematic to solve the problem;

Non-compliance with the regime day and biorhythms. For example, a shift work schedule, frequent shifts of time zones. This often happens with simple midnitles, the so-called "owls", the peak of activity from which falls on the afternoon and evening. It is difficult for them to go on the bed on time, it is difficult to fall asleep and wake up at the appointed early hour, because a lot of time, energy and strength was spent in trying to fall asleep;

Alcohol Coffee-containing drinks. Also become the cause of violations with sleep. Especially if the drinking of such beverages had to evening. Is it worth talking about how bad they are for healthy sleep. Alcohol in vain some consider the sedative and sleeping pills. Despite the fact that it can indeed facilitate falling asleep, the quality of sleep will suffer significantly. And all because alcohol oppresses fast sleep phase. That very, during which the body's forces is restored, when we see dreams and our brain streamlines the information received. In addition, alcohol and caffeine are able to have a load on the cardiovascular system, provoke snoring and stopping the breath in a dream (apnea), which act like a slow-acting bomb to the body, provoking both mental and functional disorders;

Apnea - respiratory disorders that may happen under the influence of substances, or due to the characteristics of the structure of the nasopharynx, when the Barriers of the VVVIDE nose and tongue, curved nasal partition, adenoids, cysts, allergies or a cold appear on the path of air. Reception of medicines (sympathomimetics, anorectic agents), drugs. Carefully learn the instructions for any medicines that accept. One of the side effects can be increased excitability. It is for this reason that the drugs like Echinacea, ginseng and many other adaptogens do not recommend to use in the afternoon, and do it in the morning and to lunch. Diseases and disorders.

Infectious and colds, fever, itching of the skin and pain of various locations and origin; Endocrine diseases

accompanied by hypoglycemia, frequent urination, dry mouth. Put a glass of water before bedtime? Wake up to drink or from feeling hunger? It's time to change something; Neurological diseases

Such as dementia, Parkinson's disease, brain injuries, neurosis or schizophrenia.

Consequences of insomnia

  • Before starting to act, it is important to estimate the disaster scale. The lack of high-quality sleep and the slightest violations with it lasting from a week to 10 days - not a reason for panic. The episodic nature of disorders of different sleep duration is found at all. But serious disorders that are tormented by months acquire a chronic form and have consequences.
  • Disorders of the concentration of attention
  • Memorization difficulties and learning
  • Reduced performance
  • Apathy or obsessive states
  • Development of depressive states
  • Loss of interest in life
  • Irritability and aggression
  • Manifestation of somatic diseases
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Arterial pressure
  • Headaches
  • Cardiovascular Disorder
  • Excess weight
  • Eveny

Deterioration of skin quality and appearance in general

And this is only a small part of the consequences of insomnia, to avoid which can be in time starting therapy of insomnia or its prevention.

Best remedies from insomnia

Best remedies from insomnia

Medicinal products


The synthetic equivalent of the hormone melatonin responsible for sleep. The drug quickly normalizes and correctly regulates biorhythms. Enhances the depth and quality of sleep, eliminates periodic night awakening. After a night with Melaksgen, the feeling of breakdown disappears, the lethargy disappears and the feeling of fatigue, dreams become bright and saturated. Suitable and as an adaptogen when changing time zones. Reduces negative reactions to stress.

Does not cause dependence and addiction.

The recommended course as a sleeping pin: 1 tablet 1 time per day before bedtime. As an adaptogen: the day before the alleged departure and within 2-3 days after changing the time zone before bedtime.


The drug is an analogue of melaxen. Also shown in circadian rhythm violations: flights with time zones, violation of the daily day, including a shift work schedule. It helps to eliminate meteo-dependence syndrome, fatigue, insomnia in older people, reduces depressive syndrome.

Recommended course: with insomnia and sleep disorders 1 tablet 1 time per day 30 minutes before sleep. The duration of the drug from 1.5 to 2 months. When shifts of time zones per day before departure and within 2-5 days after 1 tablet 1 time per day before bedtime.


In terms of the body, it is similar to previous drugs. Normalizes circadian rhythms; Makes sleep deep and high quality, eliminates night awakens and promotes rapid falling. But besides regulation of sleep, Melaritm helps to improve well-being, mood, eliminates lethargy and morning drowsiness. It has pronounced immunostimulating and antioxidant action.

Recommended course: 1.5-3 mg 30 minutes before sleep 1 time per day. The duration of reception is not more than 7 days.

Vegetable preparations Nervohel

Homeopathic preparation, designed to reduce increased nervous excitability, normalize sleep. It is used for neurosis and climax in women. Eliminates the symptoms of depressive states and Handra, VD.

Recommended course: 2-3 weeks

Dissatting under the language of 1 tablet 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after meals.

Mother of Fort Evalir

The mother-in-law has a pronounced sedative effect, strengthens the nerves, puts the cardiovascular system. Plus the drug is that it additionally contains magnesium, and as it is known, this trace element plays a key role in the work of the nervous system, eliminates muscle excitability. In combination with Vitamin B6, which is the main link in the work of the nervous system, magnesium is better absorbed by the body. The drug performs an integrated effect - normalizes emotional state, eliminating anxiety and aggression and at the same time establishes sleep.

The recommended course: 3-4 times a day 1 tablet 3-6 weeks.

New Passitis

Fully vegetable preparation. Recommended with neurasthenia, increased anxiety, emotional instability, aggressiveness and irritation. Helps to overcome fears, eliminate the scattering, fatigue. It helps cope with headaches and light shape of insomnia and periodic sleep disorders associated with psychological stress and stress. Plus, let's accept the reception in children over 12 years old.

Recommended course: 5 ml 3 times a day before meals with a prospect of an increase in dose to 10 ml for taking. When strong fatigue or depression appears, it is necessary to reduce the morning and day dose by 2 times and take 2.5 ml in the morning and day and 5 ml in the evening. The gap between drug intakes should be 4-6 hours.


Excellent and effective drug, with many positive feedback. The composition on the herbs is enhanced by magnesium and vitamin B6. Includes mechanisms that are responsible for maintaining normal falling asleep and deep sleep. Morning wakes becomes comfortable, light, without a feeling of breaking and fatigue. In addition, Knightl contributes to the best concentration of attention, memory and efficiency, because magnesium in combination with vitamin B6 has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

  • Recommended course: just 1 capsule before bedtime. Duration of reception 3 weeks. How to get rid of insomnia
  • Any changes in life require time and effort. Domestic effort and really desire to change the situation for the better. In getting rid of insomnia, you will have to reconsider your lifestyle first, paying special attention to four whales: Sleep hygiene.
  • These are not only water treatments and ritual cleaning of teeth. Sleep hygiene is an extensive concept. Stop reception of food and liquid at least 3 hours before sleep; In the evening, try to use muffled light; Exclude reading books, leafing tapes in social networks immediately before bedtime, do not fall asleep with the TV on; Disconnect electrical appliances in the bedroom at night, if any, disconnect the sound and the Internet on the smartphone; Control of emotions.
  • Nerves - the main cause of all the troubles and joys of man. Like any tool, nerves need to configure, prevent, clean and strengthen. It is important not only to make efforts daily to preserve your emotional state, but also regularly maintain the nervous system with vitamins. Moreover, change the attitude towards yourself what to begin to keep sleep hygiene - while go to bed, to air the bedroom, be able to relax in front of bedtime, so that the internal dialogs do not occur in the head, as a result of the day. Diet.

We are what we eat. The statement is absolutely fair and in matters to combat insomnia. Fat, acute, salted food, fast food and abuse of sugar, sweet and alcoholic beverages are able to influence the body so much that insomnia comes to such holidays. Better turn on pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, seeds, spinach, cottage cheese - such food contains amino acids and trace elements that have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and therefore on the quality of sleep.

Caring for health.

Physical exertion, sports and in general, activity helps the body in a tone, which means maintaining the level of serotonin and endorphins in sufficient quantity so that the nervous system is good. So the dream will be high-quality, calm and full. But, to engage in physical education before bedtime, not the best idea, because at this moment the nervous system comes to the arousal state. In the evening, breathing practices, yoga are best fit.

How to quickly sleep: Military technique "120 seconds"

The article is prepared by a specialist for informational purposes. We urge you not to engage in self-medication. When the first symptoms appear - contact your doctor. We recommend reading: "Why can not be engaged in self-medication?".

Imagine that you no longer need to spend a lot of time to fall asleep. Regardless of the events that occurred in the day and from accumulated stress, you can relax the brain and body muscles and fall asleep for 2 minutes. And daily practicing, you will get to fall asleep even for record 10 seconds. In addition, energy will be added, the brain will work more productively and improve overall well-being.

Imagine that you no longer need to spend a lot of time to fall asleep. Regardless of the events that occurred in the day and from accumulated stress, you can relax the brain and body muscles and fall asleep for 2 minutes. And daily practicing, you will get to fall asleep even for record 10 seconds. In addition, energy will be added, the brain will work more productively and improve overall well-being.

In the Navy Flight School of the United States of America, developed a special fastest fastest program for pilots. After 6 weeks, a 96% of the total test group learned to fall asleep at any time of the day, even after active sports or portions of strong coffee.

If they were able to learn everything, they can, in practice, and you. The fastest way to sleep

To quickly fall asleep in 10 seconds, you will not need to learn magic spells, you just need to master one interesting technique that will take you into the sweet kingdom of dreams for fast 10 seconds.


It takes about 120 seconds to fall asleep on this method, but they say that it is the last 10 seconds that you will feel as starting to fall asleep.

  1. This one who became very popular among people of different professions and ages was designed for American pilots. Having passed the right practice, they learned to control the time settled for falling asleep. In a couple of minutes, even after energy drinks or training firing in the backyard, it became a reality for them.

  2. This technique shows perfectly, even with respect to people who are forced to fall asleep in a sitting position.

  3. Military technique

  4. Try to relax all the muscles on your face, including eye and jaw, breathe slowly and deeply.

If you are acting with your right hand, then move it to the right side, also do and with the second half of your body.

Relax your breast muscles by doing a long deep breath and exhaus.

Alternately relax the femoral muscles, caviar and feet.

It is important to relax all parts of your body, without exception, gradually switching attention from one muscle to another.

The last step of this method is also important - you need to clean the brain for 10 seconds. To do this, beat all the thoughts associated with the affairs that you have planned for tomorrow and those that have not managed to fulfill today. Do not think how to go to the store or exit mail. After all, these classes are associated with the movement, which means that focusing on them, you force the muscles of the body in active movement.

Focus on the statistical picture, for example, imagine the room where you are with the light off. It will help the brain to relax faster, and you can fall asleep accordingly.

If it is impossible immediately, try to pronounce about myself the phrase "Do not think, do not think about not thinking about something," it should help.

If it does not work for you, then it means that you need to work on the basics: breathing and relaxation of muscles that have scientific evidence that it works.

Continue to read to learn about the methods on which this military method is based, and how to effectively apply it.

[Video] How to fall asleep in 2 minutes by the Navy technique:

Good night!

Breathing and relaxation

These methods are based on exercises that allow you to quickly relax muscles and establish the right breathing.

  1. Respiratory technique 4-7-8

  2. This breathing method developed Dr. Andrew Vale. Its essence lies in the ability to independently regulate their breathing and relaxation.

  3. Cycle of 4-7-8 breaths:

  4. You need to put the language for the front teeth.

  5. Then allowing her lips to slightly lift, exhale with a light whistle through the mouth.

Next time inspire through the nose (consider yourself up to 4).

Then hold your breath for a couple of seconds, or rather 7.

Then hold your breath for a couple of seconds, or rather 7.

After that, again exhale my mouth, making a whistle (this stage should take 8 seconds).

Complete the four full cycles of the exercises and feel how your body fails. No need to worry if you shot down a little from the account in the process of mastering the method, this will not bring any trouble.

  1. Progressive muscle relaxation

  2. This method is based on deep muscle relaxation, leading to a rapid and comfortable falling asleep.

  3. How to apply it:

  4. Strain the muscles in the eyebrow zone for 5 seconds, then relax completely, wait 10 seconds.

  5. Then smile wide, relax again and take a pause of 10 seconds.

Sprinkle your eyes for 5 seconds, relax the eye muscles, interrupt for 10 seconds.

Lift the neck a little, so that your eyes are directed into the ceiling, look there for 5 seconds, then lower your head to the original position. Make a break for 10 seconds.


Continue to move down the rest of the body, from triceps to the chest, from the hips to the legs.

These exercises will help you overcome to relax and fall into sleep. Give yourself a team - "not to sleep"

This is the opposite way to defeat insomnia. Its essence is that a person does not force himself to fall asleep at any cost, and on the contrary called for his body to wake. This will help reduce the psychological tension from the impossibility of controlling his falling asleep and as a result, a person can fall asleep. Cooling body.

If you are hot, then the body is discomfort, and you will not be able to fall asleep. Here will help cooling the body available by methods - to open the window, drink a glass of cool water or change clothes into thinner clothes

If you are hot, then the body is discomfort, and you will not be able to fall asleep. Here will help cooling the body available by methods - to open the window, drink a glass of cool water or change clothes into thinner clothes

Remember and imagine a calm pleasant setting.

Memories of the quiet rustle of the sea wave and other relaxing and pleasant memories for the soul will help to relax and immerse yourself in sleep.

  • Sleep improvement tips

  • If the quality of sleep or night rest suffers and is practically absent at all, over time it will lead to serious health problems, namely, a violation of the work of the cardiovascular system, the malfunctions in the heart rhythm, common lethargy and breaking. Therefore, every person should have a strong sleep, a duration of 7 - 8 hours.

  • How to help yourself sleep:

  • Watch the room where you are going to sleep, within 10 - 15 minutes

Do not use the phone, tablet and other blue radiation sources. They have an exciting effect on the brain and interfere with sleep. Moreover, the unpleasant news seen on the Internet will upset you and prevent a calm sleep. At a minimum, use the program that eliminates the blue light on the phone screen, replacing it with yellow.

If you woke up among the night, you should not be painfully trying to sleep again. Stand up, go to the kitchen to drink tea, do anything like a simple thing, soon you will pull back to your bed again, and you can easily immerse yourself in the world of Greaz.

Reading before bed helps to relax and fall asleep faster. If you woke up among the night, you should not be painfully trying to sleep again. Stand up, go to the kitchen to drink tea, do anything like a simple thing, soon you will pull back to your bed again, and you can easily immerse yourself in the world of Greaz. [Video] Dr. Berg will tell about 5 lifehams for strong sleep:

Article author:

Mochalov Pavel Alexandrovich

| d. n. therapist


Moscow Medical Institute. I. M. Sechenov, specialty - "Therapeutic Case" in 1991, in 1993 "Professional Diseases", in 1996 "Therapy". Our authors .

general information

It's no secret that healthy and strong sleep is the key to wonderful well-being and good mood. However, not every person it turns out to sleep. This is especially true of residents of modern megacities, where every second person faces such a problem as


How to quickly fall asleep and what methods of rapid falling exist? What if you do not sleep? Why is a person torments insomnia and how to win it? We will try to answer these and other important issues.

How to quickly sleep if you don't sleep Each of us at least once in my life, asked about what to do to force myself to fall asleep when it is necessary, and not when the body from fatigue turns off itself. In fact, it is easy to fall asleep without everything. To understand what to do to quickly sleep, you need to have at least a minimum idea of ​​a dream and about its stages. Then, problems called "I can not sleep" can be avoided. So sleep is nothing more than a physiological state that is inherent not only to a person, but also to other mammals, fish, birds and even insect. When we sleep, our reactions to what is happening around slows down. Normal physiological sleep differs from the states similar to it, for example, fainting, lethargic sleep, coma , period Slots

  • or
  • Anabiosis In animals, the fact that he: ;
  • repeated every day, i.e. 24 hours (Normal is considered sleep at night);

characterized by the presence of a falling period or drowsiness It has several stages. When falling asleep activity Brain

decreases and also decreases

  • heart rate . The person yawns, sensitive sensory systems also decreases, and the secretory activity slows down, which is why our eyes stick out.
  • Over the night, we pass the following stages of sleep: Slow Son.

Comes immediately after a person falls asleep. During this period, muscle activity decreases, and we feel pleasant relaxation. Due to the slowdown in all vital processes, a person is immersed in Drema and firmly falls asleep. In the slow sleep phase, there are three main stages: the step of falling or dorming, which lasts no more than 10 minutes, the stage of light sleep, in which the hearing sensitivity is still saved and the person is easy to wake up, for example, loud sound, as well as a slow sleep stage, t .. long-term deep and strong dream sleep;

fast sleep It lasts a maximum of 15 minutes. Although this is a separate period of sleep, the researchers often call fast sleep by another step of slow sleep. It is in these last minutes before the awakening, our brain "wakes up", i.e. Fully restores its activity and derives the human body from the country of dreams and dreams. Thus, acting as psychological protection, when moving from the world of subconscious in reality. During the period of fast sleep, blood flow in the brain and heart rate increases, the production of adrenal hormones increases, pressure drops and a change in respiratory rhythm can occur. .

Sleep serves a number of essential functions in the human body. First, it provides a full-fledged rest. After all, there is nothing better than sleeping after a hard work day and it is not importantly engaged in mental or physical work. Sleep restores strength and charges energy for a new day.

All news

During sleep, our brain processes the information obtained during the day, evaluates and experiencing events that happened to the person. IMPORTANT VALUE Has a strong dream for the immune system. Sleeping hurts hurts on human health, constant inaccuits together with nervousness apply irreparable harm and weaken immunity .

Scientists believe that sleep is the natural mechanism of the body to change the level of illumination. Historically, most people are sleeping at night, however, there is a daytime sleep, the so-called Siesta. In the hot southern countries, it is customary to get up with a dawn and rest after lunch, when the sun stands in the zenith and do something on the street is simply impossible due to the exhausting heat.

Sleep duration depends on many factors, for example, matters a human age, its lifestyle and the degree of fatigue. Little children sleep most, and the elderly people tend to get up "with roosters." It is believed that a healthy sleep should continue at least 8 hours, and the person must sleep for normal well-being for normal well-being. If sleep duration is reduced to 5 hours and lower, this is the risk of development

  • insomnia
  • I can not sleep what to do?
  • Why can't I fall asleep? This question was asked all of us when they could not fall asleep for a long time, peeling into bed. So, if I want to sleep and can not fall asleep, then the reason for this can be:
  • Violations of the wake and sleep mode. Such a condition is often inherent in newborn children who fall out in the afternoon and do not want to sleep at night. Then they say that the baby confused the day with the night. With adult people, the same thing can happen, for example, if a person has a shift work or he often flies on the plane to other cities and countries, and its body is experiencing stress from changing time zones. In addition, we often do not want to go on time to sleep at the weekend ("insomnia of a weekend"), which leads to a displacement of the schedule and inclipping on Monday;

An uncomfortable place to sleep, as well as inappropriate bed linen. Many in vain saved on bedding, a comfortable orthopedic mattress and a suitable bed, believing that it does not play an important role in the process of sleep, they say if you want to sleep, then you will sleep on bare earth. Of course, in this statement there is a truth tool, but not everything is so unequivocal. The quality of sleep, as well as its duration, plays a decisive role in human well-being. One thing to sleep, grinding on an uncomfortable bed for 12 hours, and another really relax on a comfortable mattress, with a comfortable pillow and linen in a well-wedrid room;

  • Harmful habits that cause damage to the entire body as a whole and have a negative impact on the period of falling asleep, as well as the duration and quality of sleep. For example, smoking before sleeping prevents relaxation, since Nicotine narrows the vessels; (Diseases and sleep pathology. Many of the diseases in which a person suffers from painful syndrome, interfere with a normal sleep. As a rule, peak pain falls on the evening or night, which prevents falling asleep. Among the main disorders of sleep are distinguished:
  • insomnia (Insomney ) Is a condition in which a person cannot fall asleep or sleeps little and poorly;
  • hypersenia (Pathological drowsiness ) - this is the reverse insomnia phenomenon in which a person on the contrary wants to sleep all the time;
  • apnea snore
  • ) - this is a breakdown of breathing in a dream; Syon Palsy. - This is a condition in which the muscles of the person are paralyzed to fall asleep; , parasony those. a condition that is caused by nervous overvoltage or stress at which a person can walk in a dream, suffer


epileptic seizures

Or suffer from permanent nightmares.

As you can quickly sleep

So, how to fall asleep if you do not want to sleep, and tomorrow you need to get up early. There are several basic methods or techniques of rapid falling, which will help to fall asleep firmly in a short time. However, the main principle of all these methods is to comply with the sleep mode. In addition, not a small meaning and then the person holds the main rules of a healthy lifestyle or not.

Often, patients who ask a doctor about how to quickly fall asleep, if you do not want to sleep, expect that the doctor will write them the magic pills pill. immunity However, not every person is suitable for a medical solution to solve problems with sleep. In addition, a good specialist will not hurry with the appointment of drugs until they calculate the cause of malaise and will not collect the patient's full history.

Snow pill drugs are an extensive group of medicines that are used both to regulate sleep and for conducting anesthesia during surgery. Archaeologists believe that natural hypnotics, such as such a plant as a beautification or belladonna, people used two thousand years ago. In Egyptian manuscripts, there is an indication that Lekari was written by their patients opium as a means of , . Alcohol as a sleeping pills and the simplest anesthesia method, American Indians used about a thousand years ago. , The first drug anesthesia was invented in Germany at the turn of the XIX century. True, it consisted of toxic and narcotic compounds ( , opium , Grass Durmana Mandragora root

aconite hashish Both others), which, although immersed the patient to sleep, but at the same time had a negative, and sometimes fatal impact on his body.

Nowadays Snow pills , And drugs allowed for use in anesthesiology moved to a qualitatively new level. They are much safer for a person (with reasonable use do not cause physiological or psychological addiction, almost devoid of side effects). In addition, their composition is no longer toxic and not poisoned. , However, the principle of impact on the body of such funds remained the same. Snowpit medications reduce the rate of excitability of the nervous system, thus providing strong sleep. It is worth noting that preparations based on barbituric acid ( , Penotala Phenobarbital Tiopental Amobarbital ) who for decades have been the most demanded by sleeping pills, are currently being replaced by drugs of a new generation, for example, derivatives .

Cyclopyrrolones or Melatonin The latter, in turn, is considered an advanced opening of modern medicine. Melatonin

- it's nothing but hormone which is produced by the human body to regulate daily rhythms. Similar words, this connection is responsible for our internal clocks that they say when you need to sleep, and when to awake.

The main problem of modern humanity is to the level of illumination of our megacities. With the opening of electricity, the light day has become much larger. After all, now even at night you can turn on the light and will be almost as as afternoon. Due to the cardinal change of human life rhythm, level of development hormone Melatonin It is reduced that inevitably leads to problems with sleep. Therefore, doctors recommend to take preparations based on

To stimulate the flood process. This is especially true of people who work shifting or often fly. And those and others have a failure of "internal watches", configure which melatonin helps. To all that

hormone «Researchers are attributed to antioxidant, antitumor, antistresses, immunostimulating properties. » Despite the many advantages, sleeping pills are a stick about two ends. On the one hand, the drugs of this group help a person to establish a dream, but on the other, they can have a detrimental effect on health and call addiction. Therefore, it should always be remembered about the danger of developing dependence on sleeping pills, which will only add human problems. и Often people need help to restore sleep after stress, which can occur for various reasons. Psychological trauma, recently experienced surgery, illness, as well as relocation or change of work is stress for the body, and, therefore, for all its systems. In stressful situations, our body is protected and produces the so-called .

Hormones Stress

Adrenaline, Cortizol Harmful habits that cause damage to the entire body as a whole and have a negative impact on the period of falling asleep, as well as the duration and quality of sleep. For example, smoking before sleeping prevents relaxation, since Nicotine narrows the vessels; prolactin

In response to the action of hormones, the human body begins to work in another "emergency" mode, preparing for active actions. Therefore, we feel not in our plate, nervous and feel alarm. Stress hormones make the heart beat faster, which affects the level of pressure, on the respiratory system and, of course, to sleep. Harmful habits that cause damage to the entire body as a whole and have a negative impact on the period of falling asleep, as well as the duration and quality of sleep. For example, smoking before sleeping prevents relaxation, since Nicotine narrows the vessels; Fear and uncertainty prevents to sleep, and the person in addition to stress receives another problem -

. Therefore, it is important to know how to overcome stress so that he cannot influence not other spheres of human life. Experts advise to solve all their problems before the evening and not "bring" their home, where the atmosphere of calm and security should reign.

Often people themselves provoke

, very much wishing to fall asleep to some important event or travel, thus irritating your nervous system and provoking stress. It is believed that in such cases should not force themselves and pinch the situation even more. It is better to get out of bed and make something useful or distracting, for example, breathing fresh air or walking a pet.


"I wake up at night and I can't sleep well" - this phrase heard many doctors from their patients. And each of us at least once in life, asked about how to quickly sleep at night, if you can't. You can wake up from a sharp sound, touch, from nightmare or due to the bite of an insect. It happens, we are unfortunately waking up in the middle of the night and then, trying to fall asleep faster, nervous and endure. In fact, this is another example of a stressful situation, which can be allowed only in one way - calming down. Of course, if the doctor prescribed you imaging agents, you can resort to their help, but there are other more secure, even if not such high-speed options. To begin with, it is better to apply for help from specialists, especially if you can not sleep at night, without waking up constantly after some time lapse. Such anxious sleep or its complete absence can signal about various failures in the normal operation of the human body. A dynamologist will help answer the question why the patient cannot fall asleep at night and what to do in such a situation.

In addition to sleeping preparations, problems with sleep solve

  • Antidepressants , vegetable sedative or anti-theft drugs. The above-listed medicines cause drowsiness and soothe, thus helping a person to relax and plunge into the "Morphhey Kingdom". Most often to solve problems with sleep, these drugs are used as: New Passitis
  • - this is a combined drug, which includes medicinal herbs and Hormone Guyfenzin . It helps to establish the work of the nervous system and cure insomnia; Fitoshed.
  • - This Seding drug makes it easier and significantly accelerates the flow process; Corvalol, Valokordin,
  • tincture Valerian - these are drops on a vegetable basis that help calm down and fall asleep; Mother Forte - This drug contains in its composition ;
  • magnesium (the lack of which in the body exacerbates problems with sleep), as well as vitamins The latter, in turn, is considered an advanced opening of modern medicine. Group B.


- this is a drug, which includes the same name

, generated by the human body and responsible for the work of "internal hours."

In addition to drug treatment, the problem with a dream is amenable to correction with the help of such procedures as acupuncture, hypnosis, meditation, homeopathy, electrosonotherapy (impulse current) and others. How to fall asleep in 5 minutes How to quickly fall asleep in 5 minutes? And in general, is there any universal way, which will allow anyone who wants to immerse themselves in a strong sleep in a matter of minutes. According to Dr. Andrew Vaila, who is studying the impact of stress on the human body and ways to combat him, he was able to find an answer to the question of how to fall asleep in 5 minutes.

The thing is that the main reason is that a healthy person cannot fall asleep normally «chronic fatigue »And tensions. Looking to bed, we think about what happened in the day, we are experiencing some events, analyze them or worry about what we have to survive tomorrow. As a result, we "screw" themselves, which leads to the development of "stress hormones", and the dream does not go.

Based on this, the scientist concludes that there is nothing better than respiratory gymnastics or meditation before bedtime. These technicians will help calm down and tune into a positive way. In order to quickly sleep, Dr. Veil offers to use respiratory technician called

  • 4-7-8 trick
  • Which successfully apply monks and yoga in their daily practice.
  • So, adhering to this technique, you need to act in the following sequence:

First you should breathe deeply through the nose for 4 seconds, trying to relax;

  • Then delay the breath of approximately 7 seconds;
  • And then exhale 8 seconds.
  • Another respiratory technique that helps to fall asleep suggests the following scheme of action:

need to slowly inhale for 5 seconds;

Then make 5 second break;

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And finally, breathe also for 5 seconds.

Breathing across the account also helps to achieve drowsiness and quickly sleep. This method involves counting inhales and exhalations. It is necessary to breathe your mouth and count like this: inhale-one, exhale-two, breathe-three, exhale - four and so up to ten. The cycle then repeats again. Performing this technique, experts advise concentrate on breathing and how to pass through their lungs along with air.

Psychologists practitioners advise their patients to calm and relax such an exercise as a carousel. Take a horizontal position, lie comfortable and relax. The lower and upper limbs do not press to the body. Start with a calm conventional breath and imagine that the flow of warm air passes through your right ear, hold your breath.

With insomnia, respiratory gymnastics or meditation useful

Next, warm air on exhalation should be done over your right hand, and then brushes. In conclusion, take a pause. Then make a breath and again imagine that the air passes through the right ear. Delay breathing. Exhale air and "send" it to the thigh of a feet of feet and to the foot. Doing pause.

Again, "inhale" through the right ear and delay the breath, and then on the exhalation "send" the air to the thigh and the foot of the left leg, make a pause. Inhale, sending the air flow through the right shoulder, and delay their breath. On the exhalation, the air flow should "go" shoulder and brush left hands. Make a pause, and then breathe deeply for the last time. Looking in breathing, and in exhalation they pass the air through the left ear.

The second round or cycle should be started with sighing through the left ear, then the pause should be. Exhale do through the left shoulder, hand and brush. Next, deep breath and pause, and exhale through the thigh and the feet of the left leg. After a pause, do breathe and delay your breath, and exhale through the thigh and the feet of the right leg.

After a pause, inhale through the left ear, delay the breath and exhale through the right hand. Making a pause and again pick up full light air, delay the breath and complete the cycle exhale through the right ear. As a result, for one cycle you make 5 breaths and as many exhausts. During this time, you must relax and completely concentrate on the air flow that passes through your body. The main thing is to remember that it is when the body is exhaled most relaxes. Therefore, in any breathing practice, the phase of the exhalation occupies the determining place. Technique "Special Services", which takes into account the physiological aspects of sleep. On this method, it is necessary to comfortably getting up in bed, relax and closing the eyes, roll them up under the centuries up. During sleep, eyeballs are so located, so this method helps to fall asleep quickly.


  • The technique of "reverse blink"
  • A person must take a convenient posture, silent the eyelids and after certain intervals to open and immediately close the eyes. This is a blink on the contrary. As a result, the brain activity decreases, the body relaxes, and a person is immersed in sleep.
  • In addition to the above technician, you can use such auxiliary means as:
  • Herbal tea or warm milk with honey; «infusion of dill; »LBA self-massage in the area between the eyebrows, the massage of the auricles of the sinks, as well as the inside of the wrists;

Relaxing exercises, for example, Outcasting "Beach", when a person imagines as if he lies on the warm sea coast and hears the soothing noise of the sea or

  • Ball
  • When you need to posing a large ball swinging on the waves.
  • The following are several universal recommendations that will help to establish sleep: hormone Plan your day. Compliance with the mode helps the body get used to a certain rhythm of life. The researchers found out that the human body is knocked out of the usual rhythm in just a couple of days. Therefore, it is really difficult to recover after several sleepless nights and go to bed on time. It is believed that for normal well-being an adult should sleep at least eight hours a day. True, the body of each of us is unique, so someone needs to relax more, and someone for cheerfulness will be sufficient to sleep for six hours.
  • Day sleep is beneficial not only to children, but also helps an adult to refresh himself and gain strength in the middle of the day. True, it is important to observe the measure. Because by sprinkling a couple of hours in the afternoon, you are unlikely to be easy to fall asleep in the evening. Therefore, some specialists do not recommend people who have problems with falling asleep, to rest during the day, for them will be the best way to accumulate fatigue until the evening. Another thing is the seaming workers for whom daylight is considered the norm, because They work at night, and rest during the day.
  • When changing time zones, it is very difficult to fall asleep, because not only the human day mode is knocked down, but also the time awake and sleep for him. When you fly to the West, the first day in a new place after the morning arrival are lengthened, so in order to sleep well, you just need to touch the evening. With flights to the east, things are more complicated, so you can resort to help
  • which will help to establish the internal watch of a person. Physical exertion are useful for the body, but they must end at least 2-3 hours before sleep. Otherwise, the too excited organism will not be able to fall asleep. Sports such as aerobics, running, skiing, Scandinavian walking, ellipsoid, swimming and bicycle helps to make sleep.
  • Not only the day of the day, but also proper nutrition play an important role in the process of setting up sleep. The last meal must be at least 2-3 hours before sleep. In addition, you should carefully choose dishes that you should cook for dinner. It should be discarded severe and slowly digestible food. It is better to give preference to protein products, such as fish, low-fat meat, cottage cheese, yoghurts, some fruit.


- This is the enemy of hard sleep, especially if the drinks containing this connection or products you like to use in the afternoon. Also, you should not abuse chocolate in the evening, so you and the shape will save and you can quickly sleep. Our authors Of particular importance for easy falling, the activity or physical activity, which is engaged in a person directly 2-3 hours before sleep. It is believed that in order to avoid problems with sleep, you need to avoid browsing the TV, using a computer, phones or other gadgets before falling asleep. In addition, it is not necessary to make complex calculations or solve logical tasks before bedtime. All the above, the actions described do not contribute to relaxation and tranquility, and on the contrary, block the nervous system, preventing calmly falling asleep. In the evening it is recommended to read in bed or take a relaxing bathroom, and the active activity is better to leave on the morning. How to fall asleep with insomnia fainting, lethargic sleep, coma Our authors Answer the question about how to fall asleep if

It is tormented by a person, you can only understand what it is for the state, as it arises and can it be done with it to cope. So,


- This is one of the most common disorders or sleep disorders, in which a person sleeps badly and can not fall asleep at all. Our authors The risk of insomnia increases with interchangeable work or with frequent flights with time zones. Everything else, this ailment may occur due to permanent overwork, in stressful situations, with some diseases, as well as in the interlayer noisy and illuminated rooms used for sleep. :

  • If the patient has the following signs, then the doctor will most likely give him a diagnosis
  • or
  • Chronic lack of sleep
  • constant poor falling asleep;
  • Poor sleep quality when a person is constantly waking up and then long can not fall asleep or he has a nightmare;

Sleep impairment is observed at least three times a week for a month;

  • an unstable psycho-emotional state associated with constant lack of sleep;
  • Increased anxiety and excitability. ;
  • The causes of insomnia can be:
  • unfavorable conditions for sleep (uncomfortable bed, pillow, mattress, synthetic bed linen, poorly ventricted room, noise, psychological discomfort); stress failure in the usual mode of a person's day due to seamless work or flight; Reception of some medicines ( ;
  • Antidepressants, nootropics, corticosteroids, neuroleptics и ) or Psychotropic narcotic substances neuralgic somatic disorders (hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, asthma, esophagal reflux, dementia, brain injuries, Parkinson's disease, infectious diseases, accompanied by a feverish condition,
  • Diseases of the heart system, pain syndrome, itching

due to skin diseases mental disorders, depressive states); elderly age. Insomnia - This is a serious malaise that does not only deliver a lot of inconveniences, but also provokes the development of a number of serious diseases, for example, Myocardial infarction

Violations B. immunity Exchange of substances, stroke, depression

And others. That is why it is necessary to refer to the doctor at first symptoms of insomnia. How to defeat insomnia and learn easy to fall asleep? At the initial stage, a dynamologist (a doctor dealing with the problems of sleep) conducts a complete examination of the patient and establishes the causes of malaise. This is an extremely important part in the treatment. . Since it is from the cause of this state a doctor chooses suitable treatment.

With insomnia, you can and need to fight without drugs, because the sleeping pills only help eliminate the manifestations of malaise, and do not eliminate his cause. Taking a magic pill, you, of course, light, but the insomnia will not disappear from it anywhere. Everything else, as we mentioned above,

  • Sad preparations
  • Can be addressed and have a number of contraindications and severe side effects. , Walking with insomnia will help: Psychological consulting, i.e. Sessions in a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, where a specialist will deal with insomnia, the cause of which stress or an unstable psycho-emotional state of the patient caused by, for example, injury or experienced by life events. A psychotherapist teaches its patients with various relaxing technicians who help tune in to positive way and sleep. .
  • Correction of the circadian rhythm (sleep and wake cycle) of a person with phototherapy (exposure to light) Harmful habits that cause damage to the entire body as a whole and have a negative impact on the period of falling asleep, as well as the duration and quality of sleep. For example, smoking before sleeping prevents relaxation, since Nicotine narrows the vessels; .
  • chronotherapy, as well as taking drugs containing
  • Melatonin

Therapy of neurological, mental or somatic diseases whose symptoms (for example, pain syndrome, itching, depressive state) can cause immunity Cancellation of drugs that cause insomnia or replacing them to other drugs.

Sleep hygiene instructions. Unfortunately, many mistakenly believe that it is not necessary to acquire a good bed, mattress or bedding to be saturated. In addition, for strong and healthy sleep, it is necessary to ventilate the bedroom, do not litter it with old and dusty things, and also periodically make wet cleaning. Also matters clothes in which man sleeps. You must be comfortable, i.e. It is not cold, not hot, pajamas should not be small or big, and even better choose natural fabrics, from which there will be no unpleasant feeling of itching or burning.

  • In treating
  • Doctors recommend their patients to keep a dream diary, which helps to identify the causes of malaise. Help to fall asleep various respiratory techniques that we also spoke above. People suffering from insomnia will not be superfluous to learn the basics of meditation and familiarize themselves with other relaxation methods. All this will help calm down, relax and sleep sweetly.
  • General recommendations for sleep hygiene or what to do or do not do to fall asleep: Experts recommend to go to bed and wake up at the same time, i.e. adhere to the mode of sleep and wakefulness, then the body will be tired of a certain time itself, and you can easily fall asleep. Active lifestyle and physical exertion helps to relax, and hence to fall asleep during, the main thing is not to overdo it and can not be transported immediately before bedtime.
  • Adjust your daily menu so that in the afternoon do not eat drinks containing
  • caffeine
  • , as well as products that are hardly digested.
  • Abandon the bad habits, is better of course forever or at least a couple of hours before sleep.
  • Go to bed only in order to sleep.
  • Eliminate daylight, because Available after lunch, you may not want to go to bed in the evening.
  • If possible, avoid in the second half of the day strong emotional shocks and experiences, even even joyful. For example, some love to watch a horror movie before bedtime, and then they can't fall asleep, because all sorts of bad thoughts climb. Absolutely, the same can be said about the unrestrained fun before bedtime, especially the children who "lying" in active games can not sleep or sleep well or all night.
  • It is not necessary to use any gadgets to use any gadgets (watch TV, sit at a computer, tablet or telephone) or to engage in mental activity. All this excites, and does not calm the brain. It is better to read the book or, comfortably setting on the chair, listen to relaxing music.
  • Somologians argue that the individual evening ritual will help customize the body for sleep. It can be a traditional glass of hot milk before bedtime or relaxing bathroom. In general, everything is not prohibited by all that soothes you and configures on a positive way. , The atmosphere in the bedroom, as well as its accommodation with comfortable bedding playing paramount importance. Agree, much more pleasant to fall asleep in the cozy bed and in a well-ventilated room. In addition to the illumination of the bedroom, like the noise level in the room must be minimal.
  • Specialists are recommended to go to bed only when you felt fatigue and drowsiness. If you fail to fall asleep for half an hour, it is better not to suffer and not irritate about this. Stand up and do something, so you will get away, get tired and want to sleep. Basic relaxation methods (relaxing autotraining, visualization of calm images and pleasant moments help to cope with insomnia .
  • Respiratory techniques), as well as yoga and meditation. Cognitive psychotherapy helps to establish sleep with patients who because of the panic fear "not to sleep" fall into hysterics and suffer from Depression

In addition, the method of "limited sleep" is effective when instead of standard eight hours, a person sleeps no more than five. First it will be difficult due to the fact that the body must adopt new rules of the game. The first week a person will be tired more and feel drowsiness and the decline of forces. However, over time, his body will rebuild, and insomnia will retreat.

Certainly drug treatment


gives stable results. Hypnotifications or sleeping preparations of the new generation have proven themselves well. True, experts are in no hurry to appoint them to their patients. The fact is that therapy is more effective, aimed at eliminating the causes of insomnia, and not to facilitate its consequences.

After all, taking a sleeping pill, a person is really sleeping better, but not getting rid of ailments. Therefore, to all sorts of drugs should be resorted only when all other methods do not bring long-awaited relief.

Strong smells

How to quickly sleep and sleep



Sleep is one of the most mysterious phenomena, about which we still know very little. How is the restoration of the body during sleep? Why is the breakdown of sleep rhythm cause serious mental and physiological problems? Where do dream come from, and what do they mean? Part of the answers to scientists, of course, managed to get, but most of the questions still remain unanswered.

It is important for us that the dream is a universal means of recovery that allows us to remain vigorous, healthy and, as a result, more productive, compared to those who are regularly not poured regularly. Below we will talk about the reasons for the emergence of insomnia, its consequences and how to deal with it at home.

Causes of insomnia

Respiratory technique

The reasons for which it is impossible to fall asleep at night, there may be many. It is more important that, not pouring, you are at risk an organism and nervous system. If you wake up hard in the morning, you are constantly annoyed, and within a day you feel fatigue, you probably lack full sleep.

  • Headache Another consequence of insomnia and sleep disorders. Morning headache is one of the most common. It arises precisely because of the lack of oxygen. The lack of oxygen, in turn, arises due to the fact that the room is poor ventilation. If it is good to ventilate the room with, for example, ventilation, the head will not hurt. In addition, the symptoms of the lack of sleep can be the loss of appetite, memory deterioration and constant drowsiness. Simply put, if it is difficult for you to fall asleep and it is difficult to wake up, most likely, it is necessary to revise the schedule of sleep.
  • A healthy person is enough ten minutes to plunge into sleep. If this requires much more time, the following factors are prevented: Bright light
  • . Monitor screen, smartphone, TV or, for example, not turned off desk lamp deceive your natural internal alarm clock, which is why immersion in sleep is essential. To fall asleep quickly and efficiently, you need to turn off the light, as well as close the window, if on the street day. Adverse microclimate
  • . If the air is bad or is not unsubage, the body is harder to go to a relaxed state, which can also be insomnia. Check in the bedroom, as well as follow the humidity and do not allow allergens - observing these uncomplicated rules, you can fall asleep quickly and firmly at night. Nutrition quality
  • . Coffee, alcohol and high calorie food prevent the transition to the deep phase of sleep. Due to the use of irritating the nervous system of products, the brain continues to work even in half a state, which is the reason for the lack of sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to eat healthy food, not to drink and do not smoke - it would seem, obvious things, but for some reason, many about it forget. Excessive load

. If you worry about something or playing sports directly before, it will not be possible to fully rest, because distracting thoughts or tense muscles will not let it do. If you have problems with sleep, we recommend to engage in active activities in the first half of the day.

Strong smells

. Too bright smells also do not give the body to completely disconnect, distracting his attention to the sense of smell. Therefore, in order to quickly fall asleep, do not use too annoying air fresheners, perfume and do not leave food in the bedroom.

Give yourself a team

It is important to make a kind of ritual from waste. Turn the bedroom and the bed into the place that is intended exclusively for sleep. If you look in the bed TV, play games or even read, over time the brain, learn first to perform all the necessary affairs, but only then disconnect. So, even if you just fall into bed and try to fall asleep, the body will not let you do this, waiting for it to be used to him - view your favorite TV shows, etc.

  1. How quickly sleep
  2. The main sign of impending problems caused by insomnia is the impossibility of immersed in sleep. Simply put, if you lie in bed for a long time, scrolling any situations or monologues in my head, most likely, you have a dream disorders. There are several methods that allow you to fall asleep without drugs. By the way, the reception of sleeping preparations can harm the body if they are constantly used.
  3. What you need to quickly sleep:
  4. Consider sheep or any other items. It would seem that a banal way, but distraction to monotonous thoughts, makes it possible to disconnect from the alarming experiences and quickly fall asleep.
  5. Imagine any familiar subject and try to carefully consider it, mentally rotating, and by changing the distance to it.

Dream, or remember a pleasant moment from life. Using this advice, in some cases you can plunge into the so-called controlled sleep that can be managed by your own.

Cut it yourself comfortably in bed, relax and lift the eyeballs a bit under the centuries. Such an eye position is considered natural for the deep phase of sleep and allows the body to relax faster.

Try to focus on physical sensations, mentally holding attention to the tips of the fingers or on the face. Specialists in the study of processes occurring in a dream assure that this lifehak also allows you to quickly fall asleep without sleeping pills.

Interestingly, those thoughts or items that you imagine during free fantasy are talking a lot about your mental state.

Sleep depends on air quality

The worse the air, the harder to fall asleep. Therefore, most of us try to air the room before bedtime or sleep at all with the windows open. Unfortunately, it is not always possible. In cities on the street, as a rule, very noisy and, if you open the windows, it will be impossible to sleep. In addition, half a year in our country in most regions is cold temperatures and open windows can cause colds and constant discomfort.

  • "Fortunately, there is a way out here. To sleep in silence, while the air remained fresh, you need to install the supply ventilation, which will continuously provide air flow from the street. "
  • Fresh air has a shipping effect, which has long been known in the medical community - in hospitals oxygen use to sleep patients. Therefore, the presence of supply ventilation is a guarantee that you will sleep quickly and sleep will be deep.

How a trimming cleaner works:

The cleaner provides a continuous air flow, which allows you to maintain a high level of oxygen. If this does not happen, the brain is experiencing oxygen starvation, leading to a deterioration in the quality of sleep and headaches in the morning. In addition, high-quality ventilation allows you to get rid of such a problem as long and painful falling asleep. The influx of fresh air allows you to fall asleep much faster, and the dream itself ceases to be sensitive, becoming deeper.

If you put a ventilator, you do not need to open the windows. This allows you to get rid of the so-called peak noise load, which is the main reason that the brain is not immersed in deep sleep. That is, we can get used to uniform noise, but if the sound changes the volume level (for example, a car is passing under the windows), we are constantly in a half-weather state, without being able to fully fall asleep. Supply ventilation allows you to solve this problem.

If the room in which you sleep will be well ventilated, and the windows do not have to open, sleep will become deep and calm. You will have enough of several hours to fully recover and feel completely slept. After several days of full sleep your health strengthened, and performance will increase significantly. That is why, with a bad dream and insomnia, it is important to take care of the correct ventilation.

How to fall asleep

A small example of how fresh air makes sleep deep and high quality. If you had to live outside the city in a wooden house, you know how well sleeps in it. The secret is in the fresh air, which penetrates the house through the walls, because The tree can "breathe". By installing a trimming cleaner, you can create the same conditions as in the country, ensuring a calm and deep sleep, regardless of where your home is located.

Supply ventilation device

The supply ventilation is a conventional pipe along which the street air is supplied to the room. To ensure the most stable and uniform stream, a fan is installed in the system. At the same time, most systems can change the air supply rate, which allows you to create a comfortable microclimate in the room.

Strong smells

The air conditioner does not solve the problem of fresh air and oxygen, as it cools the air, which is already in the room, so it is useless for deep sleep and rapid sleep.


Summing up, let's say that a full sleep is a prerequisite for healthy and productive life. Therefore, if you have problems with sleep, and you do not know how to quickly fall asleep at night with insomnia, we recommend installing the supply ventilation. This will eliminate extraneous noise, as well as ensure the inflow of oxygen into the bedroom. As a result, the dream will become deep and calm.

It is important to remember that the supply ventilation is a rather complex system, to establish which professionals must. It is also necessary to pay attention to the quality of the equipment - do not buy ventilation in suspicious sellers. In principle, this is all that we wanted to say. We wish you pleasant dreams. Buy Do not know what to choose?

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Muffens insomnia? 12 ways to sleep quickly and sleep well

1. Sleep no less than 8 hours! This amount is considered optimal to maintain youth, beauty and health, both physical and mental. And you should not count on the weekend when "you can sleep." First, in two days it is impossible to compensate for a weekly laidness, and secondly, in a decisive night from Sunday, you cannot sleep normally on Monday, because the body confusedly disseminate.

2. Awakening at the right time. Scientists find out that if you wake a person during slow sleep, it will be harder for him to adapt to active day life, and it will be all day sluggish and tired. But the awakening of the fast phase, similar to wakefulness, will be easy, even if you slept less than usual. Calculate which time you need to install an alarm clock, not so difficult. According to scientists, a complete sleep cycle lasts half an hour: it starts with a slow phase and ends rapidly. It remains only to calculate your schedule. Suppose you go to bed around twelve, it means that the first fast sleep will come to an end at 1:30, the next - in 3 nights, then at 4:30, and so until the morning. That is, the alarm clock should be set at 7:30 or at 9:00.

3. Sport - only 6 hours before sleep. Physical activity excites the nervous system and prevents the normal rest, so not to reduce the time of the night rest, it is necessary to finish all workouts no later than 6 hours before sleep. And try not to neglect the morning gymnastics.

4. Right evening snack. The correct menu in the evening day should consist of soothing carbohydrates, and oddly enough, these are buns, cakes and pancakes - they are considered the best sleeping pills. You can eat a little - the main thing is not to overdo it and do not cause damage to the figure! And losing weights can drink a little kefir or eat cottage cheese.

5. Refusal to the TV in favor of the book. View before bedtime TV or any film is the worst thing that a person suffers from insomnia can make. You should never look at the night of the trillers, militants, horror films and fiction. The blacklist and romantic comedies and funny romantic comedies fall into the blacklist. Though they do not scare, but excite the imagination at no less horror. If you want to relax - read, but the book is worth choosing calm.

6. Fascular bath with herbs. If you take a bath before going to bed, and adding herbal beam to it - then the dream will come quickly, it will be strong and pleasant. Take a bath recommended an hour after dinner. Temperature - 37-38 degrees. Use for herbal soothing bath is best at 50 g Diza Calendula, Melissa, Oilsmen. Taking a bath is not recommended for more than 20 minutes. By the way, without additives, the bath is an excellent means for relaxing and removing the voltage.

7. Pillow with herbs. It is better to do it individually, based on its own tastes - inhaled flavors should like you. You can fill the pad with chopped cishets of hops, chamomile, pine hay, hazel - these plants contain essential oils, which inhalation calm and sleep. The bag with herbs itself can be put both around the head and under the pillow.

8. Tea from dill. Dill has many useful properties, among them - and the fight against insomnia. Tea recipe: poured 1 tbsp. l. Grinding herb glass of boiling water and insist about two hours. If there is no fresh dill, you can use 2 h. crushed seeds. You need to drink half a cup 3 times a day before meals and 1 cup at night.

Dill contains essential oils that remove the voltage and contribute to a good sleep. Also, the infusion of Herb of Ukropa improves appetite and helps with the initial stage of hypertension, and the brewed seeds of dill - good expectorant and the wind turntable.

9. A tincture of wormwood. Wormwood is the best tool for fighting insomnia. The recipe of tincture is simple: 1-2 art. l. The roots or grass is hollowing ordinary insist in 2 glasses of boiling water for 2 hours. Drink before bed.

Also, the tincture can be prepared in a different way: the seeds are crushed in a coffee grinder, poured with vegetable oil in a 1: 4 ratio, insist 1 week in a dark place, shaking daily. After that, the oil needs to be strain. It is recommended to take 1-2 drops on a piece of sugar 2-4 times a day to calm and remove the voltage, for the sleeping pills, the dose should be increased by 3-5 times.

10. Infusion of Valerian. Recipe: Put 2 tbsp. l. Dry chopped roots and rhizomes valerian in an enameled pan, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, withstand under the cap on a boiling water bath for 15 minutes.

It is insisted before cooling, strain, residue to squeeze in infusion, add boiled water to the initial volume. Take 1 tbsp. l. During the day, and for the night - by half a compartment.

If there is no time or ability to cook infusion, simply make the roots of valeriana, like tea, and drink half a cup immediately before bedtime.

It is necessary to take this infusion carefully, since the overdose of Valerian gives the opposite effect: the person is overcursing, there can be no question about what kind of sleep and soothing.

11. Proper bed arrangement. First, in bed it is impossible to read, because this place should be associated only with sleep. Secondly, bed linen plays a big role. Luxurious silk linen looks only in the movie, but in fact it is uncomfortable, cold and slippery. For a good sleep, it is best to choose bed linen from cotton, flax, stray.

Thirdly, it is important that the bed passes the air, so it is better to abandon the fluff, preferred woolen linen or with bamboo filler.

12. Do not worry! The most important thing for the successful fight against insomnia is to stop taking it close to heart. After all, the harm causes not so much insomnia itself, how many permanent experiences because of her.

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