Diarrhea (diarrhea) after the feed: causes and methods of treatment

Diarrhea (diarrhea) after the feed

Diarrhea after the feed is an unpleasant consequence caused by a large amount of alcohol adopted. Ethyl alcohol adversely affects the microflora of our organism, hence the appearance of a liquid chair, vomiting and nausea. To combat diarrhea, doctors recommend receiving sorbents. If such symptoms does not pass more than a day, it is recommended to contact a specialist.

Diarrhea after alcohol belongs to a number of pummy symptoms. This is due to dysfunction of the organs of the digestive tract. The cause of the diarrhea is considered to burn the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal organs. After taking alcohol, the body intoxication occurs due to which the concentration of water in the chair increases, or a metabolic disorder may occur.

To cope with such a consequence, we need a reception of sorbents, rehydration solutions and drugs to restore the full intestinal work.

Causes of Diarrhea after Zave

Causes of Diarrhea after Zave

The appearance of constipation after a large number of alcohol-containing beverages is explained by the fact that ethyl alcohol has a negative impact on the organs of the digestive tract. The liver is not for the power to separate a large amount of ethanol on safe components, carbon dioxide and water.

Causes that provoke tramp disorders:

Ethyl alcohol causes the death of microflora, which leads to the appearance of a liquid stool.

The alcohol has an unpleasant impact on the operation of the pancreas and the liver, which causes the increase in the production and removal of bile.

Due to the large number of alcohol-containing beverages on the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, burns are formed, due to which failures are beginning to occur during the suction process in the thin intestine of the fluid, which leads to the salvage of the chair.

Do not forget that alcohol products have a high degree of toxicity, which leads to severe poisoning, which is always accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. In this case, they are a protective reaction of the body, as quickly as possible to derive poisoning substances as soon as possible.

Alcohol liquid chair

To reveal the exact reason for which the act of defecation was disturbed, it is necessary to observe the current state of a person and learn about his symptoms.

Diarrhea and vomiting. Nausea, and for it and vomiting is considered frequent inxication satellites. But vomiting may be the cause of the exacerbated gastritis, stomach or pancreatitis ulcers. If it does not pass throughout the day, you need to see the doctor as quickly as possible.

Diarrhea with water. Secretor or water-free diarrhea is a consequence due to which the delicate delicate dysfunction was caused. Doctors recommend to adhere to enterosorbents to derive all toxic substances from the small intestine, also such a means will envelop its walls. A good way to be washing the stomach. To do this, you need to drink two glasses of salted water room temperature, then pressed the root of the language. Such a procedure is repeated until the appearance of pure washing waters.

Yellow diarrhea. Such a color may be due to the fact that, with a frequent correction, the caval masses do not have time to paint, and therefore there is such a color. Also such a shade may indicate malfunctions in the work of the liver and gallbladder. To eliminate all concerns, you need to get advice from a doctor, pass tests and make an ultrasound abdominal cavity.

Ethanol action on alcoholics

Ethanol action on alcoholics

In people with alcohol addiction, enzymes do not have time to process ethyl alcohol. Acetaldehyde accumulates in the blood, poisoning the entire body.

The body feels a lack of alcohol, and therefore it is experiencing a strong desire to compensate for its absence. There is a cancellation syndrome, that is, breaking.

The effects of hangover from the internal organs:

  • The development of alcoholic gastritis.
  • The risk of duodenal ulcers increases several times.
  • The appearance of vomiting with blood. This means that the wall of the stomach happens.
  • Black diarrhea, which indicates gastric bleeding.
  • It is possible to develop the disease of the liver and gallbladder. Because of what a regular basis may be nausea, vomiting with bile and a green chair.

When any of the symptoms appear immediately contact the gastroenterologist.

Folk medicine from diarrhea caused by alcohol

  • Natural apple juice can help cope with diarrhea, as it includes a large amount of vitamin C and fructose. Perfect for restoring the work of the gastrointestinal tract and liver.
  • Cucumber brine is suitable for reimbursement of salts
  • Efficiency products will help to cope with meteorism, nausea, as well as to have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora.
  • Rice decoction is taken to restore intestinal motility.

When you need to docto

When you need to consult a doctor

There are cases when with diarrhea caused by a large number of accepted alcohol does not work, then it is best to visit the hospital. What other symptoms may indicate that it is time to consult a doctor:

  • Temperature regularly rises
  • Hallucinations appeared, the cloud of consciousness occurs
  • It is impossible to stop vomiting in which bile and mucus are present.
  • Vomiting with blood
  • Diarrhea does not pass within three days
  • The skin has acquired a yellowish tint
  • Diarrhea for consistency and color resembles white clay .

The consequences caused from alcohol intake can be corrected without consequences if you have turned to a qualified specialist in a timely manner.

What is categorically contraindicated in the occurrence of gastric disorders:

  • Take medicines that have an painful and antipyretic effect
  • Drink medications that block vomits and diarrhea
  • Drink alcohol

Self-treatment with medical preparations, without consultation, a doctor may entail serious consequences and smell a real picture of pathology. The result of such actions may be the development of concomitant diseases, as well as the cause of the violation of the internal organs.

Incessant diarrhea can talk about the development of diseases such as hepatitis, pancreatitis, ulcerative disease, gastritis.

Read in the article:

  1. Causes of diarrhea after alcohol
  2. The danger of diarrhea after alcohol
  3. How to eliminate unpleasant symptoms
  4. Treatment of alcoholism

Alcoholic beverages are able to break the operation of the gastrointestinal tract. The point is not that a person eats a lot of oily food and prefers salty snacks in the form of snacks. Chips, crackers, squid or dried fish are not capable of damaging the gastric and intestine mucosa, like ethyl alcohol. During the hangover, a person suffers from abdominal pain and diarrhea. This state takes place in itself after 48 hours, when acetaldehyde completely leaves the body. If the condition is not normalized - this is a disturbing sign. The consultation of the gastroenterologist will be required.

Causes of diarrhea after alcohol

Liquid chair is a consequence of the effects of ethyl alcohol on internal organs: stomach, intestines, liver, kidney, pancreas. If the dose of ethanol is critical, then the liver cannot recycle it on their own. The body accumulates a poison called acetaldehyde, which leads to diarrhea. Together with dehydration, dysbacteriosis is manifested, since useful bacteria die. Consider 3 reasons for a liquid chair after a feast:

  1. The useful microflora dies, and the activity of hazardous bacteria increases.
  2. The work of the pancreas and liver is disturbed. The gallbladder works incorrectly - bile emissions are noticeably enhanced. Because of this, Cal has a yellow shade and diluted.
  3. The liquid is practically not absorbed, so it is mixed with the cartoons in the thick intestine.
  4. Ethanol causes internal burns, which can cause the stomach or duodenal ulcers. This is the most dangerous effect of alcohol, in the running cases, the feces becomes black. This indicates the presence of blood in the composition.

Diarrhea and nausea is the normal state of the body after severe stress caused by poisoning. So our body is trying to get rid of accumulated toxins as soon as possible.

Fact: Any alcohol toxic to the body and causes poisoning. There is a myth that this applies only to the cheapest drink. Practice shows that the price does not play any role. You can choose a bottle of beer from a network store or an expensive variety of whiskey from the oak barrel.

The danger of diarrhea after alcohol

People are most worried due to the fact that the diarrhea will interfere with normal studies or work. This needs to be afraid of last, because alcoholic beverages can provoke severe diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Consider the main of them:

  1. The ulcer of the stomach and duodenalist.
  2. Renal and liver failure.
  3. Benign neoplasms.
  4. Oncological diseases.
  5. Cirrhosis of the liver.
  6. Gastritis.

In chronic alcoholism, diabetes can develop. From alcohol, the human body degrades - thinned and fall out hair, the skin changes the color and griste, the vision drops. This condition is caused by dehydration, since all macro- and trace elements are accelerated from the body.

The most terrible sign of the disease is black feces. If a person drank a large amount of activated carbon to accelerate body cleaning, then it is not scary. In the absence of reasons for staining of carts, such a color indicates strong internal bleeding. Ignoring this symptom can lead to a fatal outcome due to blood loss.

Diarrhea after alcohol

How to eliminate unpleasant symptoms

To speed up the restoration of the body after poisoning, you need to comply with the diet. Preference is given to low-fat food, boiled or cooked steamed. From the diet you need to exclude:

  1. Sharp, salted, fatty meals.
  2. Snacks and fast food.
  3. Strong tea and coffee.

Additionally, it is recommended to receive enterosorbents and preparations for the normalization of the water-salt balance.

Self-treatment does not always bring the result. It is better to immediately contact the gastroenterologist for testing analyzes, the passage of ultrasound and FGDS. It will take full refusal of alcohol. Only so you can stop the destruction of the internal organs and forget about intoxication.

Treatment of alcoholism

If a person drinks once a month, then in the absence of gastrointestinal diseases, it does not face with a liquid chair. It is characteristic only for drunken alcoholics, which drink for 10-15 days in a row. The body is under load, so the work of all systems is disturbed, and food is not digested. The best way out of the situation is the call of a narcologist's doctor for detoxification.

Specialists of the Center for Assistance "Alcozdrav" come to customers on the car without identifying signs and in everyday clothes so that the neighbors do not suspect anything. We carry out detoxification at home anonymously, and most importantly - efficiently and safe for the client. At your own desire to pass the body cleaning in the hospital, so the result will be even better.

Do not postpone the doctor's call if alcohol destroys your life. Daily headache will be intensified, well-being to deteriorate. Sooner or later, the ulcer of the stomach or liver failure will be developed.

To eliminate intoxication and get rid of the abstineent syndrome, contact your specialists. Anonymously consult and call a narcologist at home for detoxification by telephone 8 (800) 775-32-63 .

Diarrhea after alcohol is a frequent hangover satellite. In reasonable doses, alcoholic beverages do not cause serious disorders of the functions of organs and systems, but excessive use leads to the burns of the gastrointestinal mucosa. As a result, a liquid chair occurs. Read more about the reasons for this phenomenon and first aid methods.

Diarrhea from alcohol

The reasons

The causes of the diarrhea after alcoholochoine a lot. The problem may be in the usual hangover and in the dysfunctions of organs and systems.

The next day

Chair disorder The next day after the feast, most often indicates general intoxication. Ethanol, which is part of hot drinks, provokes intoxication, as a result of which the body activates the maximum resources for purification from ethanol metabolites. Vomiting and defecation are the main benefits of the body.


Strong diarrhea after alcohol can testify to the general poisoning. More often this occurs when painting low-quality alcoholic beverages, but the reason can be burned in the exacerbation of chronic diseases. It can be dyskinesia, gastritis, colitis, pancreatitis or ulcers.

A few days later

The protracted diarrhea may indicate serious damage to the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract. Ethyl alcohol plays an antiseptic function that destroys not only malicious microorganisms, but also bacteria involved in the digestion process. As a result, dysbacteriosis is developing in need of timely therapy.

In the morning

The cause of the morning diarrhea is a hangover. You can help the body to cleanse the toxins using special absorbents.

After refusal

In the first day after refusal from alcoholic beverages in tissues, acetaldehyde - a highly toxic substance provoking a number of symptoms: tremor of hands and feet, nausea, headaches, etc. For 2-3 days, the peak of the concentration of acetaldehyde is observed, but over time it decreases, the patient's overall feeling comes to normal.

In case of cancellation of alcoholic beverages, an abstinence that requires medical intervention increases after a long-river.

In adult

Diarrhea after taking alcohol is more often observed in people in adulthood and old age. This is associated with a number of reasons:

  • People in adulthood often have a greater number of accompanying diagnoses (gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, etc.). Diseases are sharpened after the feasts. It is not only about drinks, but also about a fat snack;
  • Digestive enzymes are less actively produced in elderly people. Ethyl alcohol leads to exacerbation of dysbacteriosis;
  • According to statistics, the age range of alcohol-dependent in Russia ranges from 40-50 years. With a bay, the organism does not have time to cleanse from toxins, as a result of which chronic intoxication is developing.

Why diarrhea arose after alcohol

The work of the gastrointestinal tract is violated for such reasons:

  • Slowing down the suction rate of fluid and splitting proteins;
  • Decrease in pepsin production;
  • Damage to the mucous membranes of the tract;
  • Poor-quality food processing intic.

Intestinal disorder - Sign of Zavoy?

When drinking after taking alcohol, diarrhea becomes regular. This arises due to concomitant diseases (often - pancreatitis and cirrhosis), as well as the impossibility of the body to get rid of toxic substances. A new portion of ethanol is received daily in the gastrointestinal tract, and attempts to cleanse it are vain. It is possible to get rid of diarrhea with bubs only by the method of detoxification and integrated treatment of the alcohol-dependent.

Diarrhea after alcohol

Alcohol liquid chair

In order to differentiate the exact cause of violation of the defecation act, it is necessary to pay attention to the features of the current state of the person and the accompanying symptoms.

Diarrhea and vomit

Nausea and vomiting - frequent inxication satellites. In addition, vomiting may indicate the exacerbation of gastritis, ulcers or pancreatitis. If vomiting lasts longest days and is associated with meals (before meals or after), it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor for timely treatment.

Diarrhea water

Secretor (Water) diarrhea appears due to the dysfunction of the small intestine. Experts recommend the reception of enterosorbents to derive toxic substances from the small intestine and enveloping its walls. Stomach washing will also help a person with poisoning. To do this, drink two glasses of salted water in room temperature and put pressure on the root of the language. The procedure is repeated until pure washing waters appear.

Yellow diarrhea

Because of the frequent feces, the feces do not have time to paint and get yellow tint. The problem can melting in the dysfunction of the liver and gallbladder. Timely consultation with a specialist, feces analysis, blood on bilirubin and abdominal ultrasound.

Treatment of alcoholism at home

Green diarrhea

Anxious symptom , which may indicate such pathologies:

  • Enteritis;
  • Disorders of the gallbladder;
  • Internal bleeding;
  • Liver or pancreas;
  • The ulcer of the stomach and duodenalist.

When the green feces appear, an urgent visit to the doctor is needed. The slowdown can lead to severe consequences for the entire body.

Ponoz bile

Ethyl alcohol causes disorders of the liver and biliary ducts. In the ducts accumulates bile with high cholesterol concentration. The contents of the gallbladder enters the intestines and mixed with the wheel masses. In this case, pain may appear in the right hypochondrium.

Alcohol diarrhea

Diarrhea blood

Blood in feces in the form of bright spots without clear boundaries indicates the presence of stomach and duodenal ulcers. The presence of dark, almost black bloody streams indicates possible inner bleeding.

Temperature and diarrhea

The appearance of the temperature indicates poisoning by poor-quality products. In this case, the temperature can rise above subfebrile values ​​and reach forty degrees. With an increase in temperature above 38 degrees, you should urgently cause a doctor to the house.

In addition, hyperthermia in this case may occur as a result:

  • Allergic reaction to ethyl alcohol;
  • Disorders of the nervous system and overwork;
  • Development of inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal bodies.

Self-medication will only cause harm to the body: it is necessary to seek qualified help.

Red diarrhea

Red liquid chair may indicate bleeding from the intestine. The reason may be traumatized hemorrhoidal nodes or the observed ulcer of the stomach and duodenum. Hemorrhoids is a frequent problem of alcohol dependent with an impressive experience of drinking alcohol.

Diarrhea with foam

Often, a foamy fence has a yellow or green tint - this is a consequence of dysbiosis and other violations of the work of the gastrointestinal bodies. Often the problem is caused by snack consumption with increased carbohydrate content. Poor-quality food leads to fermentation of the intestinal content, as a result of which the structure of the roaming mass is disturbed.

Long diarrhea

The prolonged diarrhea, along with other symptoms, often signals a chronic disorder of the gastrointestinal functions. Most often, long-term disorders of the gastrointestinal tract organs are found in dusting alcohol-dependent.

Constantly diarrhea

In case the diarrhea is a constant satellite of alcoholic beverages, you should refuse them. Otherwise, there is a risk of severe diseases.

Black diarrhea

Black Cal is an internal bleeding signal. The appearance of Black Cala talks about the opening of ulcers and needs urgent medical care.

Dark diarrhea

Dark green chair - a consequence of dysbacteriosis. The conditionally pathogenic microflora is growing, and "useful" bacteria is destroyed. As a result of the ferment processes, the shade of feces changes.

Strong diarrhea

Intensive diarrhea flashes about severe intoxication. The reason can serve as the use of beverages of dubious production or long-suffering. There is a serious risk of dehydration, because together with liquid organism Loses minerals.

Alcohol liquid chair

I have a stomachache

To judge the causes of pain, it is possible by its localization:

  • Expanding pain in the field of right hypochondrium - disorders of the liver;
  • In the field of navel - the diseases of the small intestine (enteritis);
  • Soreness in the epigastric area - gastritis or ulcer;
  • In the left hypochondrium - pancreatic dysfunctions.

In case of pain, you should visit a specialist and pass a number of diagnostic procedures.

Withdrawal from 4,700 rubles

Types of alcohol

A variety and degree of consumed drink play a large role in determining the cause of this symptom.

After beer

Low-alcohol products most often causes violations of the structure of the roaming masses, since the volume of dried beer can be sufficiently impressive. Water is not absorbed into intestinal walls due to ethyl alcohol. The processes of fermentation and the participation of the act of defecation occur.

After wine

Red wine stimulates the production of digestive enzymes and speeds up the process of digestion. Food does not have time to pass proper processing, and the liquid is not absorbed into the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. All these processes proceed against the background of dysbiosis, there are frequent urge to the toilet.

After champagne

Champagne causes active fermentation in the intestine. Preservatives and flavors present in almost every bottle of champagne play a major role. In addition, the sweet taste of the beverage leads to an increase in its use.

Coding at home

After vodka

Vodka aggressively affects the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, destroying the useful microflora. In the case of the reached, it does not stop, and pathological processes in the bodies are only growing.

Alcohol disorder

After brandy

Ethanol is destructive effect on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, stomach and intestines. Neriva-humoral regulation is disturbed, and even a small amount of brandy can lead to serious violations in the body.

After whiskey

It is mistaken to believe that expensive alcohol products cannot cause unwanted reactions. Ethanol adversely affects the liver, pancreas and other gastrointestinal organs regardless of third-party components.

Want to conduct urgent detoxification after taking alcohol? The procedure can be held at home. Consult with a specialist of the Center for the Vocational Treatment and Rehabilitation "Slava". The hotline phone works around the clock: 8 (800) 200-27-23.


In the event of a specified symptom, it is necessary to begin timely treatment. Otherwise, diarrhea can become chronic phenomenon and lead to serious dehydration.

What to do

Treatment of diarrhea after alcohol implies a complete refusal of alcohol. It is necessary to help the body get rid of toxins and conduct high-quality detoxification. If vomiting did not arise after 2-3 hours after intoxication, it is necessary to call it yourself.

What to drink

Medications should be taken:

  • Enterosorbents: Enterosgel, "Activated Coal" or "Smekt";
  • "Regidron" to restore the water-salt balance and anti-dehydration.

It is important to observe abundant drinking regime to derive toxic substances from the body.

How to Stop

Refusal of hot drinks, reception of enterosorbents, abundant drinking mode and the corresponding diet will help restore the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract. When the white feces appear, hallucinations, the jaggility of the skin and hyperthermia, it is necessary to urgently call a doctor.


After the feast, it is necessary to limit food intake for 12 hours. A diet with the participation of fixing products (rice, crackers, etc.) will help to normalize the condition of the feasible masses and facilitate the general state of the person. It is prohibited to use confectionery, baking, tea, coffee, fried and oily food.


Compliance with these recommendations will help stop diarrhea after alcohol. To improve the condition of the body of an alcohol-dependent, with composhes, you should get rid of the root cause of intoxication - alcohol dependence. Detoxification will help get rid of acute poisoning, while psychological problems with alcoholism remain unresolved. The rehabilitation course in the narcological clinic will help get rid of the harmful addiction and change its life for the better.

Terekhova Anna Vladimirovna

The article is prepared by an expert

Terekhova Anna Vladimirovna

Psychologist-consultant on socio-psychological work with dependent clients and their families. Work experience for more than 9 years.

To the fact that the onset after consuming a significant amount of beer may occur a hangover, many lovers of a hopic drink belong as a funny inconvenience. But there is also trouble worse - diarrhea after beer, phenomenon, many patients stupid because of the "shame" of symptoms.

The reasons

People rarely drink beer without a snack, and eat often with specific products: salty nuts, dried fish and chip of squid from bags, greasy and sharp dishes. Thus, during the use of a foam drink in the body fall:

  • dyes and preservatives contained in beer;
  • Chemical additives from snacks;
  • alcohol.

These substances the body perceives as poisons, throws all the resources to neutralize them and seeks to get rid of the shortest possible time. If in live beer, the presence of a small amount of alcohol is equalized by a high content of vitamins and nutrients, then when using a canned drink, ethanol only enhances the general intoxication caused by a variety of preservatives, coloring and flavoring additives.

Alcohol burns the mucous membrane of the stomach, causes vessels spasms, prevents the production of pepsin - enzyme, without which the normal splitting of proteins is impossible. The body, experiencing chronic protein starvation, is not able to absorb useful substances from food. It is badly digested, and due to the fact that the beer stimulates the intestinal work, its content is derived by an accelerated pace.

Ethanol is a powerful antiseptic. Finding into the body, it destroys bacteria, including the useful intestinal microflora, which in itself causes dysbacteriosis and digestion disorder. In addition, alcohol prevents the absorption of the fluid (and there is a lot with the beer) in the blood. As a result, the liquid is simply mixed with the bowel content - this is why diarrhea from beer is always liquid.

Diseases whose symptom can be "beer" diarrhea

Of course, the processes described above occur only if a person uses beer regularly and in large quantities. Due to the fact that the gastric mucosa is constantly annoyed, alcoholic gastritis develops sooner or later. If it does not start treatment in time, everything can end the duodenal ulcer.

Also diarrhea after beer often testifies to:

  • stomach ulcer;
  • pancreatitute;
  • enterocolitis;
  • acute hepatitis.

In most of these cases, diarrhea is accompanied by nausea, dizziness, thumbs in the stomach, heartburn, a constant unpleasant taste in the mouth, increased temperature, sometimes with bleeding discharge during defecation. When discovering such symptoms, you need to immediately consult a doctor. The doctor will diagnose, prescribe treatment (with gastritis course of antibiotics) and diet.

How to find out the cause of diarrhea

If the beer interferes to enjoy life, the easiest way to refuse it. However, for some lovers, the refusal of a foam drink is as impossible as an appeal to the doctor with a trifle (in their opinion) the problem. If there are no more serious than diarrhea, there are no symptoms, it remains to find out what causes the diarrhea:

  • beer;
  • the amount of drunk;
  • snacks.

For the purity of the experiment, you need to drink a glass of living quality beer. It is not necessary to eat, as a last resort, you can eat my own dried Sukharik from custard rye bread. From yeast (especially wheat) bakery products need to be refused: they are also able to provoke diarrhea.

If nothing happened, then the problem was indeed in addition. About purchased crackers, nuts, fish chips, chips and other products of the chemical industry are better forgotten. Rye crackers and walnuts are quite a decent snack to live beer.

photo of crackers to beer
Snack can also cause diarrhea

If you do not feel sorry, you can experiment with homemade dried fish, fried potatoes, sausages, although liver such experiments are unlikely to have to do. And, most importantly, it is necessary to observe the measure. One - three glasses of high-quality beer per week will give pleasure, regular excess of the norm can provoke beer alcoholism and all associated diseases.

What to do with weak diarrhea

If the beer diarrhea lasts no more than two days and there are no bleeding, with the disease you can cope with your own:

  • While the digestion is not normalized - to completely eliminate all types of alcoholic beverages, including non-alcoholic beer (there are no less preservatives in it than in the usual);
  • do not use dairy products, sweets and baking, yeast bread;
  • avoid bold, fried and salty;
  • Exclude fruits (especially citrus), fresh and canned vegetables, juices;
  • During the week, adhere to a diet, preferring porridges: oatmeal, buckwheat and rice. From drinks - strong black tea without sugar. It is allowed to eat dried custard, baked or cooked potatoes without salt, one - two boiled eggs per day, a bit of boiled low-fat meat or fish;
  • To accelerate the purification of the body, it is recommended to put an enema of 2 liters of boiled water mixed with a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of apple vinegar (lemon juice).

When the digestion is normalized, at least two weeks need to be abandoned with alcohol. With the slightest deterioration of well-being to consult a doctor: do not joke with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Intestinal disorders after alcohol

How alcohol affects the intestines - it all depends on the dose of alcohol. In small quantities, it improves the peristaltics, contributes to the softening of the carts. But with abundant recording, the work of the entire gastrointestinal tract is upset. Chronic constipation or diarrhea appear, ulcers are formed on the walls, useful bacteria die, local, and then general immunity. All this leads to the development of severe diseases - colitis, enterocolitis, dysbacteriosis.

How does alcohol affect the intestines?

The main component of alcoholic beverages - ethanol. It is synthesized in the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract as a result of fermentation processes with hydrogen food with useful bacteria. This amount is enough for the correct course of all biochemical reactions. But when the ethanol is received from outside with alcoholic beverages, the situation changes dramatically. Now ethyl alcohol and its main metabolite acetaldehyde provide Toxic effect on the intestines:

  • Development of Muzin decreases - the main component of the mucus covering the inner wall of the thin and thick bowel protecting them from damage;
  • Violates the permeability of biological membranes . Drops of food, pathogenic microorganisms and toxic products of their livelihoods are easily passing through them.
  • Against the worsening of salivation increases appetite . But it is in the oral cavity that the splitting of some foods begins. Without treatment of saliva, they fall into the digestive tract not in the processed form, provoking the development of rotary and fermentation processes;
  • The mucosa intestines are inflated . Edems are formed, the absorption of moisture, absorption of vitamins, micro and macroelements is upset. Clinically inflammation is manifested by pains at the bottom of the abdomen, burning, and sometimes intestinal colic.

The effect of alcohol on the intestines of man is extremely negative. Ethyl alcohol is not found in industry as a universal solvent as inorganic and organic compounds. Upon contact with the mucous membranes, the Ethanol dyspses them, thinning, disrupts blood circulation. In such conditions, the restoration of damaged cells is impossible - irreversible scar changes occur.

Alcohol and fat intestines

The muscles of the large intestine contribute to the promotion of food residues that turn after the absorption of water into the carte masses. Here is the final splitting of proteins and the synthesis of vitamins with useful bacteria, especially some of the vitamins of the group B and K. with frequent use of alcohol by man smooth flow of natural processes frustrated :

  • The reverse seizure of the fluid in the terminal intestinal deposits is disturbed, which leads to constipation and formation of solid honeystones;
  • The mucous membranes of the rectum are ulcerated, predisposing to the development of the proctitis, the formation of anal cracks and hemorrhoidal nodes.

Because of the negative effects of alcohol on a large intestine, colitis often occurs. This is the name of inflammatory pathology, which proceeds with pain syndrome, disorder of digestion (constipation, diary), flatulence. In particularly severe cases, the intestinal wall is perforation with the development of peritonitis.

How alcohol affects the intestines

Alcohol and delicate intestines

The small intestine on the entire length performs the mechanical function - pushes the foodball towards the anal hole. In this body, all kinds of nutrients are subject to chemical treatment: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. But even small portions of alcohol, especially strong, are able to break and the peristaltics, and digestive processes. What changes in the small intestine occur Under its influence :

  • slows down, and then the suction of nutrients stops, which leads to the exhaustion of the body;
  • disrupted digestion of food by ferment, grinding or mixed type;
  • There is a bloating abdomen as a result of excess gas formation due to disorder of digestion;
  • The development of essential water-soluble vitamins is blocked.

Under such a negative effect of alcohol on the intestines, enterocolitis is soon developing - inflammation of mucous membranes. Its characteristic symptoms are nausea, meteorism, a rumbling in the abdomen, diarrhea or constipation, the appearance of mucus and blood impurities in the cartoons.

Why does dysbacteriosis occur when drinking alcohol?

Intestinal disorder after alcohol - does not always pass without a trace after a person ceases to eat alcohol. Often, diarrhea or constipation takes a chronic current. The thing is that under the influence of alcohol of the intestinal microflora has undergone Pathological changes :

  1. Due to the pronounced aseptic properties of ethanol, useful lactic acid bacteria killed.
  2. On the released places began to actively multiply the pathogenic microorganisms.
  3. Pathogens are moving up the digestive tract, provoking inflammation of the small intestine and stomach.

In the process of growth, the pathogenic bacteria is isolated to the surrounding space toxic substances. Finding into the bloodstream, they are spread through the body, reducing the functional activity of all life systems. No wonder people who are abused by alcoholic beverages, the liver, kidneys, gasts, headbags work with interruptions.

Cleansing the intestines from alcohol and its metabolites

Not as dangerous ethanol, as its metabolites, especially acetaldehyde. It is because of it that is overwritten by the central nervous system. The man does not tolerate bright light, loud sounds, his hands are shaking. The CNS is not capable of correctly regulate the work of the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to the stagnation of the food lump, the disorders of the defecation. How to restore the intestine After alcohol :

  • drink at least 2.5 liters of liquid - ordinary water, weakly salted mineral waters (Naguvskaya, Slavyanovskaya, Essentuki №2 and No. 4), berry horses, fruit compotes, vegetable juices;
  • eliminate fatty meat, nutritional soups, coffee, legumes, confectionery and sausage products from the diet;
  • Use more fermented milk products, fish, dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals.

Sollar or oil belly will help to establish an intestine. The optimal multiplicity of therapeutic procedures is no more than 3 times a week. Proctologists, Gastroenterologists recommend also a lot to move, spend less time at a computer and watching TV.

Use of medicines

If the intestine is hurting after alcohol, then you can take a tablet of any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent (Naz, Ketorol) or spasmodics (but-shpa, spasmalgon). When dysbacteriosis becomes the cause of uncomfortable sensations, it is not without a course reception Such drugs :

  • Probiotikov - Linex, Bifidumbacterin, Lactobacterin, Hilak Forte;
  • Prebiotikov - Duphalak, Norma, Simbicort.

Alcohol causes a resistant weakening of local immunity, which becomes a trigger for the development of diseases. Immunomodulators (immunal, immunex, immunorm) are used to strengthen the protective forces of the body. With alcohol intoxication, the seclining of balanced vitamin and mineral complexes - Selmevit, complivit, center, Vitrum are useful.

Alcoholic diarrhea

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Alcoholic diarrhea is often the result of abuse of alcoholic beverages. They irritate the mucous membranes of the internal organs and are able to lead to problems with digestion. As a result, a few hours after taking alcohol, unpleasant symptoms from the gastrointestinal tract may appear: nausea, spasms in the stomach, a frequent liquid chair. Diarrhea after alcohol in some cases is saved for several days.

Causes of alcohol diarrhea

Incixation of the body.

Change of intestinal microflora.

Development of concomitant diseases.

The main component of alcoholic beverages is ethyl alcohol (ethanol), which not only irritates the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and the digestive tract, but also disrupts the neuro-humoral regulation, and also has a toxic effect in general. In case of poisoning, the body seeks to cleanse from harmful substances - ethanol decay products. Vomiting and diarrhea after alcohol contribute to the early conclusion of toxins, but deliver a mass of discomfort and threaten dehydration.

Ethanol can increase the permeability of the intestinal wall and lead to a change in the composition of the flora, creating prerequisites for the death of utility microorganisms. This not only often becomes the cause of diarrhea after alcohol, but also extremely negatively affects digestion. Due to the violation of the composition of microflora, useful substances can be worse, the intestines cease to produce the necessary vitamins for the body.

If the liquid stool after alcohol is observed regularly, it may indicate the development of gastritis, enterocolitis, liver damage, pancreatitis. Such pathologies often occur against the background of constant abuse of alcohol due to intoxication and chronic irritation of the mucous membranes of the digestive organs.

Than dangerous alcohol diarrhea

The receipt of large doses of alcohol itself can lead to dehydration, and the concomitant diarrhea significantly aggravates the state. Dehydration indicate:

  • feeling thirst
  • face pallor
  • dry mouth
  • Rare urination.

Strong dehydration can be lifelong for life, as it can lead to the development of shock and damage to the kidneys.

Against the background of dehydration during alcohol diarrhea, in some cases electrolyte disorders develop, since together with water, the body loses the necessary salts. As a result, respiratory and / or heart failure may occur.

The violation of the water-electrolyte balance indicates a sense of air shortness, the increase in heartbeat and other rhythm disorders.

Dehydration with a strong diarrhea can lead to the exhaustion of the body.

Alcohol abuse

How to treat alcoholic diarrhea

1. Consult a doctor.

Acute diarrhea after alcohol is a reason to turn to a specialist. The doctor will not only select symptomatic therapy to reduce the number of defecates, but can also assign additional analyzes to identify the diseases with which diarrhea is connected. It is urgent to seek medical attention to the difficulty of breathing, changing the heart rhythm, the appearance of blood impurities in the carte or vomit masses, confusion of consciousness.

2. Refuse to drink alcohol.

In order to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of diarrhea and general intoxication as soon as possible, it is important to completely eliminate the taking alcohol. New doses of alcohol will only exacerbate the state of the digestive system and will irritate the mucous membranes even more, so the liquid stool can persist long.

3. To try to reduce intoxication.

One of the important measures is the conclusion from the body of ethanol decay products. For this, the doctor can recommend to make a stomach wash, then take the preparations-sorbents. They can contribute to the absorption of toxins and their removal from the body.

4. Observe the diet.

Within a few days after the episode of the alcohol diarrhea, it is advisable to adhere to a gentle diet that reduces the load on the stomach and intestines. From the diet completely exclude fatty, fried and spicy products that have an irritant effect on the mucous membranes.

5. Take rehydration solutions.

To replenish the deficit of fluid during and after diarrhea, it is important to drink a lot and often drink (2.5-3 liters per day). For this, rehydration solutions can be used containing the necessary salt organism. Specific drugs and reception mode must advise the doctor. Their timely use can help prevent the development of electrolyte violations.

Prevention of alcohol diarrhea

  • To prevent the appearance of diarrhea, it is important to observe the measure in the use of alcoholic beverages, and if possible, completely abandon alcohol.
  • It is unacceptable to take it on an empty stomach, in this case the negative impact on the digestive tract can be even more pronounced.
  • After using any alcoholic beverages, regardless of the fortress and quantity, it is desirable to drink more liquid to prevent dehydration.

It is important to do even if the diarrhea is absent.

Imodium ®Express with alcohol diarrhea

According to the instructions, Imodium ®Express is used for the symptomatic treatment of acute diarrhea of ​​various genesis. The preparation in the form of pills for resorption is convenient to use in any life situation. It is not necessary to drink with water and can be used even in dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). The active substance of the means of imiodium ®Express is Loperamide. This is the first preparation with such an active component patented in 1973. Imodium ®Express is a well-studied means that have passed numerous studies confirming the therapeutic effect. This drug differs from the analogues with the same active substance, on which only bioequivalence studies were conducted. With acute diarrhea, Imodium ®Express can start acting in an hour 1. Before use, you must consult with a specialist and get acquainted with the instructions.

The information in this article is referenced and does not replace the professional consultation of the doctor. For the diagnosis and treatment of treatment, refer to a qualified specialist.

1Research Ameri and Auto. Multicenter double blind study: comparing the effectiveness of the use of loperamide with acute diarrhea with two popular antiquia agents and placebo. 1975.

* Among the means based on Loperamid. For sales in the money for February 2018 - January 2019, according to IQVIA (from English. Aikuvia).

The situation when a chair is broken after long exposure, familiar to many drinking people. After the zayny diarrhea is a natural response of the body for an excessive amount of alcohol in it and stops independently after 1-2 days. But it often happens that a person who has used large quantities of alcohol for a long time, simultaneously with a liquid chair appear atypical signs for hangover. Such a phenomenon is very dangerous, because indicates a violation of the functioning of the internal organs.

The reasons

The appearance after excessive use of alcohol diarrhea is explained by the specifics of the effects of ethyl alcohol on the organs of the digestive tract. The liver cannot completely split a large amount of ethanol into safe components, carbon dioxide and water. The part of the oxidation of alcohol disintegrates only partially, to the product of a semist of acetaldehyde, which is in large quantities of poison. This substance becomes in most cases the peripheral diarrhea.

The main causes provoking digestion disorder after a large amount of drinking alcohol:

  • Ethyl alcohol causes the death of microflora, which leads to the appearance of a liquid stool.
  • Alcohol adversely affects the pancreas and the liver, which is why the production and removal of bile increases. The large amount of it in the intestines, dilutes the cavities and gives them a yellowish tint.
  • The effects of ethylene on the mucous membrane of the digestive tract is accompanied by the appearance of burns on it, which leads to impaired absorption in the thin intestine of the fluid, and, as a result, the discharge of the chair.

Do not forget that alcohol products have a high degree of toxicity, which leads to severe poisoning, which is always accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. In this case, they are a protective reaction of the body, as quickly as possible to derive poisoning substances as soon as possible. Many believe that it is possible to choose only cheap alcohol low quality, but this does not correspond to the truth. Specialists in the field of narcology adhere to another opinion.

"You can even choose high-quality alcohol if the human body does not have enough enzymes for processing surplus dried alcohol. The whole thing in a dose. "

The main psychiatrist narcologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Director of the Moscow NPC Narcology, D.N., Professor Evgeny Bryn.

Possible consequences

The stomach disorder that occurred after the use of large quantities of alcohol, often represents a serious danger. Even at a completely healthy person, after a few days of drinking alcohol, injuries to ethylene internal organs appear. Most often, alcohol leads to the development or exacerbation of the following diseases:

  • ulcerative loss of the intestine or stomach
  • liver or renal failure
  • The emergence of benign tumors
  • Inflammation of the glands of the anal hole
  • Development of oncological lesions
  • Hepatitis leading to cirrhosis
  • Alcoholic form gastritis
  • diabetes
  • Defeat CNS.

With liquid carte masses from the body are washed out on a par with harmful and useful substances, without which normal activity is impossible. In the atepatic diarrhea, Avitaminosis arises, dehydration and acute shortage of trace elements, as a result of which skins are growing prematurely, strong exhaustion develops and degradation of internal organs.

The most dangerous is the appearance of a liquid chair of almost black color - so extensive internal bleeding is manifested (the exception is the reception of activated coal, changing the color of the feces). If a person who came out of the bobby, ignores this pathological sign and will not turn to the doctor, a fatal outcome may come.

Elimination of the problem

It is possible to quickly stop the diarrhea, which appeared after the feed, you can only with the help of professional narcologists, because a liquid chair is a consequence of ethyl alcohol poisoning. The diarrhea will be stopped only after the root cause is eliminated, i.e. it is necessary to conduct disinfecting therapy. If, after a complete cleansing of the body from the decay products of ethylene, diarrhea continues, a survey of a gastroenterologist will be required and further specific treatment at the Gastroenterology department.

Diarrhea after zeep

How to help yourself yourself

The danger of a liquid chair that arose after the use of a large amount of alcohol, in the fact that the body of alcohol weakened with alcohol loses a large number of liquid necessary for it. To restore undermined health, first of all, it is necessary to abandon the further drinking of alcoholic beverages. Then you need to make the following series of actions:

  • Call vomit. The yield of vomit will help the body to get rid of accumulated toxins.
  • Take a tour or reciprons restoring the water-salt balance.
  • Drink enterosor (smecta, loperamide).

The easiest way to treat diarrhea that has arisen on the background of a long-term feed is the use of activated carbon. They drink it in this calculation: 1 crushed and dissolved tablet in water - by 10 kg of weight. Such a composition effectively eliminates the negative manifestations in the work of the gastrointestinal tract.


Doctors advise completely abandon meals in the first 1-2 days after the start of the diarrhea. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the drinking mode with herbal influences or weakly-welded sweet tea. After completing the discharge period, it is possible to start either normally, but the first people must be a chicken broth, which added crackers. It will also be useful for rice, boiled on the water, without adding salt and sugar. During the restoration of the functioning of the digestive organs, it is categorically unacceptable to use:

  • fat and acute food
  • dried fish
  • Preservation
  • fast food

It is best to strengthen the chair baked potatoes, low-fat varieties of meat and fish, boiled chicken. But to engage in independent elimination of diarrhea, which arose after the use of alcohol, it is possible only in the absence of additional negative symptoms - hidden blood in feces, painful sensations in the abdomen, temperature.


Such an unpleasant phenomenon, as diarrhea after the feed, occurs quite often. Its main reason is the negative impact of ethyl alcohol on digestion organs. Such diarrhea proceeds without additional negative symptoms and can easily be eliminated with a diet and reception of enterosorrents. In the event that additional negative symptoms appear simultaneously with the backname diarrhea, it is necessary to refer to the doctor and to undergo diagnosis to identify the exact reason that provoked the appearance of a liquid chair.

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