Letter Santa Claus: How to write, templates and samples of letters, how to arrange and send to the address

Letter to Santa Claus

Each family has its New Year traditions. But there is one that unites many families with children from different countries - on the eve of the New Year to write a letter to Santa Claus. Messages send children and adults, so great faith in miracles, in magic, in a fairy tale.

A good fabulous character from the autumn comes hot time: it is necessary to prepare for holidays, read and respond to letters from different parts of the country, send gifts, souvenirs and New Year's crafts. To get a news from Santa Claus and the long-awaited gift, it is important to think in advance the text and the design of the message, write a letter and send it to the residence in time.

It is advisable to show fantasy, creativity, creativity, to help - special templates, samples, cognitive information on addresses and content of letters.

When you need to write a letter to Santa Claus to replied and sent a gift

The official order service for gifts and writing letters to the residence is beginning to work in December. The calendar is even installed for a special day - December 4, and the holiday of writing letters Grandfather Frost is considered international. Services for sending and delivery of messages are provided with this date by the post offices of various countries of the world, and some even open special festive institutions.

But this date is conditional, as it is possible to refer to a kind gray-tree old man with congratulations and requests from November. Given the huge number of festive shipments to the victim of Santa Claus, overload post offices, send a letter to a good wizard in advance. The letter must reach the addressee, where in a special office will read it and will definitely give an answer.

In our country, the residence in Veliky Ustyug is working all year round. But the main flow of letters falls for the pre-New Year months and for January, when the grandfather himself and his tireless assistants work not to twist. This year, the situation is complicated by a pandemic and the introduction of restrictive measures, therefore it is worth writing and place a message in advance to lower it in the mailbox to the universal stir.

How beautiful to write a letter to Santa Claus to Veliky Ustyug for the new year

In the era of communication in various high-speed messengers, people disappears the skill of writing meaningful and beautiful messages. Nothing amazing is that even parents sometimes do not know how to contact the Mavel Start correctly and respectfully.

It is advisable to highlight the time for writing the text, to discuss the content in advance with children. If you plan to send a message by mail, then consider the design: paper, envelope, brand. Do not write to your own, between affairs. In the forces of parents, even in our difficult time to create a sensation of magic and fairy tales in a child, the solemnity of the moment.

By mail

The traditional way of writing is to send letters through the service "Mail of Russia". Options:

  • Message with congratulations and requests in the envelope;
  • Postcard message.

You can write an appeal on a regular sheet of paper, taking into an email envelope and necessarily specifying the address. You can use special templates, festive envelopes with a New Year's design, where the text is made with a beautiful font and it remains only to enter the need.

In envelopes, in addition to letters, children invest pictures, stories about themselves, family and parents, about friends. The fabulous old man will surely read every message and give an answer.

Online online

You can contact the owner of the residence in Veliky Ustyug via the Internet. Santa Claus and his team go to the leg with progress, new technologies, so it is not surprisingly the very victim of your official website dom-dm.ru it simplifies the process of sending a letter, as you can issue text through special forms on the sites of the house and the mail of the fabulous character.

In the office of the Good Wizard on the eve of the New Year, there is a muddle, as you have to take thousands of news from different parts of Russia and from other countries. But the grandfather has many assistants who are disassembling and sorting messages issuing answers.

To come true

Children and adults believe in miracles, and the new year is the best time to make wishes and send Santa Claus letters with cherished requests. And it does not matter how much the message will be directed - by mail, via the Internet or with the "Occasion", each sender believes that the wishes will come true.

The addressee - the gray-haired good-natured old man will not refuse to fulfill requests, but under one condition - if the letter content is like it. That is why the writing is required seriously, manifesting respect to the fabulous grandfather, tact.

The demanding written, written in the order of letters, in which the authors forget about the rules of conducting conversation, elementary greetings and respect. Not read the addressee of the message, in which immensely boast of successes and achievements, put lists of gifts.

So that the wishes come true, and request requests were fulfilled, respecting a valid tone in circulation, talk about themselves and relatives, ask about the health and life of Santa Claus. A kind wizard is not an automatic desires, he appreciates politeness, mentality, respect.

Written with love and warmth letters will definitely read, and as reality shows, desires in such messages must come true. Probably, this is the most present New Year's miracle!

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How to write a letter to the grandfather frost with a child

New Year's holiday is looking forward to people of all ages, but children are especially rejoiced. Remove the cherished gifts under the dressed in the Christmas tree - what can be desirable and happy?

But that the gift is under Christmas tree, write a letter to the chief hero of the New Year - Santa Claus. Resisting in the distant Vologda region, in the wonderful old town Veliky Ustyug, the fairy grand grandfather is waiting for New Year's messages from the children not only from Russia, but also from the whole planet, trying to answer every letter and fulfill the wishes of the senders.

There are no clear and compulsory writing rules, but the text of the appeal must be carefully thought out. As in any letter, it is desirable to withstand the following items:

  • greeting;
  • Congratulations on the New Year, wishes personally by Santa Claus;
  • Brief information of the sender about yourself;
  • a small story about the successes per year;
  • Request for the fulfillment of wishes and gifts.

A kind wizard will not pay attention to annoying mistakes, inaccuracies, but will definitely appreciate good and respectful appeals, greetings. He will be enjoyable questions about health and well-being, warm wishes on New Year's Eve.

Long lists of gifts and desires are bad tone, so parents must understand and be able to explain to children the essence of appeal to Santa Claus. A letter to the residence is an opportunity to communicate with a fabulous character, faith in a miracle, in magic, and it is not worth transfering everything in the direction of commercial relations. In our difficult time, it is necessary to understand the child that miracles exist, the main thing - with good, respect and reverence refers to others.

What to write santa Claus in a letter

The sequence of presentation in the message can be any, but traditionally begin with greetings. Options:

  • "Good day, Grandfather Frost!";
  • "Hello, Santa Claus!";
  • "Greetings the wonderful Santa Claus!".

After greeting, you can congratulate on the upcoming holiday, wish health and longevity, and you can leave congratulations to the final part of the message.

Be sure to talk about themselves. Turning to my grandfather, seem to write a name, age, place of residence. The exact address with the street and the house number, the apartments indicate there is no need, but briefly tell about the city or village where you live, you can. For example:

  • "I live in the wonderful city of St. Petersburg";
  • "I live in a small village in the center of Russia", etc.

Parents must necessarily assist in building phrases and suggestions, in the selection of words, writing geographical names.

Santa Claus will be interested to learn about the hobbies and interests of the sender of the letter, about studying, and success in the current year. You can describe some interesting events that have impressed and presented joyful emotions, school events, competitions where participants were:

  • "This year I learned how to skate ...";
  • "Finished Trimester with one" 4 ", I will try and continue to study well ..."
  • "The coach praised me for successes ..."

We will not be able to talk about relationships with parents, with grandparents, other family members. Interesting stories about domestic pets, because in the Votchin of Claus in Veliky Ustyug there is Zoosad. The fabulous grandfather will definitely give the lead to forest inhabitants, will be glad that children care about animals.

And after the story telling about his life, the sender can move to requests. They ask about the performance of cherished desires, about gifts, not forgetting about relatives and loved ones. Well, if a letter in a letter will ask not only about things, but also about health, well-being, happiness for family members, friends. Many children are emotionally and warmly turn to the good grandfather, wanting to make a pleasant one:

  • "Thank you, grandfather, for fulfilling my desires ...";
  • "I wish you, Santa Claus happily hold a holiday, not to get tired, be healthy ...";
  • Thank you, Santa Claus, for the last gift. I will wait for you rather in this new year ... "

In the final lines of messages - gratitude, polite words of farewell and - the name or signature of the sender. Be sure to check the letter, find out whether everyone wrote, it is understood by suggestions.

Parents, grandfather or grandmother can help, as well as senior brothers, sisters. If you want the message to remain secret and gifts were a pleasant surprise for the family, you will have to be attentive.

Letter Text Template for Santa Claus (Print Sample for Free)

We hope that with fantasy you have everything in order, and the message to the frost will be bright and original. If, due to some reasons, difficulties arose, do not despair.

Comfortable and simple ready-made patterns will help you write an interesting letter that will reaches the addressee and will be read. A fabulous old man will be happy to find out about your achievements and successes, will accept the wishes and take care of sending a gift for the new year.

From the girl

Little princesses most often contact requests about dolls, jewelry, cosmetics. The content of the gift depends on many factors:

  • hobbies and hobbies of a child;
  • age;
  • character.

For some girls in priority - toys, others prefer sweets, others love to receive various decorations as a gift. Here are some letters writing girls Santa Claus:

From boy

Boys are also not lost, welcoming good frost and asking for a variety of gifts. Typewriters, designers, balls, sticks, fishing tackles, rollers - these and many other items are interested in representatives of strong sex. In finished templates, it remains to enter the name, wishes by Santa Claus, a brief story about himself.

In English

If there is a desire to surprise the fabulous wizard, you can write a congratulation and a request for a gift in English. For more older guys - more complex patterns, for kids - simple and bright samples, where it is enough to fits only a few words. Grandfather will be very happy to get such an unusual news.

Templates with translation:

Funny and original letters

Despite his old age, the grandfather of the fabulous primary understands humor perfectly. Thousands of letters with different content come to the residence, sometimes original and funny.

Double-friendly referring to the wishes and requests of their young friends, smiling, the gray-haired wizard with assistants carefully reads letters, sorts them to branches in their office. Not a single message (if it is written politely and tactfully) is not lost, it does not remain unanswered. Examples of interesting and original congratulations and requests:

How to make a letter to Santa Claus with her own hands

In stores and in the mail they sell specially decorated envelopes and letters for New Year's messages. It is not forbidden to write an appeal on the usual notebook sheet and seal it in the postal envelope with the brand.

But much more interesting if the envelope and the text with the text will be made independently. Santa Claus loves creative personalities, letters from which are made with love, with a soul. Options are different:

  • leaf design with paints and woven (frames, vignettes, drawings around the edges);
  • Writing text on special paper (velvet, color);
  • Leaf decoration with colored paper appliqués.

It is desirable not to use massive decorations (rhinestones, beads, beads), so as not to lose the contents of the envelope. Pretty bright drawings, neatly written text, so that the addressee rated the effort and creativity.

What postal address and index Votchini Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug for letters

Santa Claus is the famous hero, without which it is impossible to present New Year's holiday. Everyone knows about him, so if suddenly for some reason you do not write a wizard address on the envelope, the message will still reach the addressee. Although it can be pretty shoved between different cities, with adventures getting to the residence of a fabulous character.

Therefore, before sending a letter, the address of the grandfather will learn in advance. Since 1999, the fabulous patrimony is located in a small Vologda town Great Ustyug. Quiet, considered one of the oldest cities of the Russian North, Great Ustyug spread out on the banks of the Sukhona River. The frost residence includes:

  • fabulous terme;
  • Postal office;
  • Trail fairy tales;
  • forge;
  • a restaurant;
  • winter Garden;
  • rope park;
  • Zoosad;
  • Alley of Miracles;
  • cascade of ponds;
  • Amusement.
  • Souvenir rows.

In his fabulous and hospitable Votchin, Santa Claus takes tourists all year round, and thousands of messages come to the post office. Surprisingly, but in ancient Ustyug send a letter not only from Russia, but also from other countries of near and far abroad.

Address Simple: Russia, Vologda Region, Great Ustyug, Oktyabrsky Alley, House №1a. Residence index: 162390.

The message will reach and in the event that only the area and the city are indicated on the envelope.

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The exact indication of the data will allow the letter not to be lost in a huge stream of pre-New Year correspondence, it is faster to reach the addressee.

Email Santa Claus

Those who prefer modern means of communication and communication are invited to write a letter by email. In addition to the forms on official sites, you can send a New Year's message on email: DedMorozmos.ru.

To get the name New Year's video address from the gray-haired elder, you can contact the site https://videodedmoroz.ru/. In a special video, Santa Claus will read a letter facing him, praise for success, behavior and even hints a child to a preparing gift.

Envelopes for letters Santa Claus (templates and samples)

Carefully decorated festive message seal into an envelope. The usual postal is suitable, although it will be more correct to prepare it with your own hands. For this we offer various patterns and samples. You download the one that I liked, copy to the Word program by the desired size and print.


How to sign an envelope letters for Santa Claus

At the finished envelopes on the front side are lines where the address and index fit. Also provided for a place for information on the sender (from whom, address).

On improvised packages, you need to mark the lines, not forgetting the standard destination data:

In the column "where" indicate the address (region, city, the name of the aller, the house number), in the column "to" write: "Santa Claus."

Be sure to glue the brand to the convert, so the letter will accurately reach the Great Ustyug. But even if there is no brand on the message, mail employees will not be drawn to get lost. Usually such malicious messages are collected by parties and then send service parcels to the residence of the good Santa Claus.

We hope that information and recommendations, templates and samples of letters will help correctly and write a letter to a fabulous wizard. Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug will surely receive your message, will be happy to successes and will definitely send a gift under the Christmas tree. I will not forget about the wishes, the main thing is to believe in magic and miracles!

Waiting for Christmas and New Year - always magic time filled with pleasant troubles, festive mood and faith in a miracle. Very soon the Christmas tree will decorate our streets and houses, grumble multicolored lanterns, the air will be filled with aroma of fresh needles and christmas gingerbread. In this bright time we look at the future, we make desires, we open our heart to the most courageous dreams.

With trepidation, children approaching the New Year holidays. Children's hearts are filled with faith in a miracle, because the new year is a holiday meeting with his favorite grandfather frost. We, adults, become wizards and help the kids believe in a fairy tale: Together with them, we decorate the Christmas tree, christmas cookies and help them write a Message by Santa Claus.

Letter Santa Claus - For a child, a mandatory ritual before the new year! According to psychologists, writing such a message is an excellent family tradition and a valuable psychotherapeutic ritual that helps the child to express his feelings and desires.

How to write a letter to Santa Claus, so that it really has become a guide for a child in a fabulous world and helped get a long-awaited gift? These tips will help you to make a wonderful message to the winter kudesnik, and the cherished gift under the Christmas tree will not make himself wait!

When is it better to write a letter to Santa Claus?

It is best to start writing the letter in advance so that the grandfather managed to get him and answer the child. Already in November, Santa Claus receives on a thousand letters per day, and in December - more than three thousand, according to the estimates of his mail. By the holiday, the stream of news is increasing, so November - the optimal time to send a fabulous message.

In the residence of Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug, November 18 marks his birthday and the mailbox for letters is symbolic. If you do not have time to prepare and send a letter in advance, you can send news to the end of New Year holidays or use email.

How to write a letter to Santa Claus?

Children write a letter to Santa Claus

Let the writing of the letter Santa Claus become a magic rite for a child. The kids most often write a message along with parents, brothers or sisters, and older children can cope on their own. You can write such a news from hand or dial on a computer, on plain paper or a special form.

Go to the preparation of text with a fantasy. Create an atmosphere of magic for a child: lit candles, put the dwarf caps, prepare beautiful paper or ready-made blanks, ornamental materials. However, sometimes it is important for a child to write a friend's frost "here and now," then it is better to immediately respond to this desire.

To respond to the letter to the letter, try to stick to a certain structure.

  1. Grandfather Frost will be nice if the news will begin with a polite greeting. Ask how his business. It teaches a child of courtesy and respect for the elders. Do not start the letter immediately from the order of gifts.
  2. Next, let the child pretend and tell about himself: what is his name, how old he is, where he lives, about his family and favorite classes.
  3. In the next part, the child can tell about his successes, behavior over the past year. It teaches the child to reflect and evaluate your actions. Describe what good things have made a child what he learned.
  4. Then the child can share his desires and dreams, kindly ask the Frost's grandfather about the new year gifts. Let the child write not only about his desires, but also about what he would like to wish his relatives. It teaches attentive attitude to loved ones and really like the grandfather.
  5. At the end of the message, you need to congratulate the grandfather of Claus with the upcoming holidays, wish him something good, thank for gifts and say goodbye. Put the date and signature. Do not forget to specify your exact return address to answer.

Sample letter of the Grandfather of the Boy

"Hello, Dear Grandfather Frost!

How is your health? How are you? How are things near Snow Maiden and your deer?

Writes you ____. I am ___ years old. I study in ___ class. I live with my mother, dad and younger brother. At home we have a cat. I really love the Lego designer and collect a dinosaur collection.

This year I learned a lot of new things and learned a lot. I went to school, learned to read and write. I am engaged in sports and got a medal at competitions. I feel good to run. This year I behaved well, helped my mother and dad, was a good friend and did not offend the brother. I diligently taught the lessons, carried out the instructions of the parents.

I am very dreaming about the set of Lego and the new dinosaur into my collection. Give, please, my brother's railway. Mom will get acquainted with a needlework, dad new tools. Grandfather with grandfather bring health, and the cat is a tasty feed.

Grandfather Frost, I congratulate you on the New Year! I wish you health and a lot of strength.

Send you a drawing as a gift.


Name. Date."

Sample letter of the Grandfather Frost from the girl:

"Good Health, Grandfather Frost!

How are you? Ta do not miss the north? Are you preparing for holidays?

Writes to you _____. I'm all good! I live with my mother and dad in _____. And we have a dog ______. I already ___ years old, and I study in ____ class. This year I managed to learn great and take the first place at the Olympics at school. For the year I did a lot of good things: helped parents, was a good friend, walked with dogs from the shelter. I dance and spent several times on the stage. I love to draw and drew a lot of drawings for the year.

Most of all I love lol dolls and beautiful office.

Grandfather Frost, I am very happy with the new doll of lol and a beautiful notebook to lead a personal diary. If you can, give mom with dad tickets to the theater, and our dog is a new collar. Bring all health, many smiles, joy and happiness!

Congratulations on your holidays. I wish you a lot of strength and health. For you, I prepared a drawing.


Name, date. "

Let the child in his message be sincere. Small blots and corrections are allowed and look very touching. If the child has not yet mastered the skill of the letter, write the text yourself, and offer the child to draw a desire. Write the words kid can also with printed letters or pencil. Usually, the kids coped well with the writing of the festive news, because they really want a gift from Grandfather Frost.

What gift can I ask for a Frost's grandfather?

How to write a letter Santa Claus

When writing a message, discuss with the child what kind of gifts he wants to ask for a holiday. Much depends on the views taken in your family. Decide which gifts are appropriate under your Christmas tree and select a few suitable options together so that the Frost's grandfather has a choice.

This is a great moment to talk about gift value. Why does the child want that? What will he do with it? How will his life change when he gets welcome? So that the joy of New Year's gifts does not only turn into material desires, it's time to discuss the spiritual value of the holiday.

If necessary, explain that too big gifts do not fit in Santa Santa Claus, that Grandfather Frost can not all give a very expensive gifts, because there are a lot of children on the planet. Tell me that friends do not give, so under the tree will not be a live kitten or puppy.

Very often, the guys who survived heavy events, wish not enough things: "Let mom and Pope be together" or "let the grandmother return from heaven." According to psychologists, this is a signal that the difficult situation has not yet been lived. Such a letter is a good reason for the conversation and in itself can be the beginning of the therapeutic process.

So that the child has not experienced false hopes, it is necessary to tell the child that even the wizard of Grandfather Frost is not able to fulfill such desires. But let the wishes of health, love, happiness and relatives remain in children's posts.

How to make a message to the Grandfather Frost?

The options for designing New Year's news, it all depends on the fantasy and child capabilities. But it is better to come to this with fiction, because the winter cockpit answers those letters who surprised him with something or touched.

A child can decorate a sheet of paper with decorative materials: New Year's stickers, sparkles, add text with drawings or patterns on winter topics. You can use bright gel handles, gold or silver marker, wovers, paints. You can write a message on white paper and on color paper. Give the child the choice of instruments and materials, and he can decorate the letter to his taste.

You can use the ready-made letters, but the message written from hand and decorated on your own, it turns out more individual. New Year's news can be originally issued in the form of a scroll, ancient message or beat the favorite theme of princesses, unicorns, machines. In the design, follow the ideas of a little creator.

Templates of letters Santa Claus

We have prepared three letters for you, which you can download free and print.

Letter Template Santa Claus - Blank 3 Letter Template Santa Claus - Blank 2 Letter Template Santa Claus - Blank 1To open the template in full, click on it with the left mouse button.

Where to send a letter to Santa Claus?

Put the ready letter in a beautiful envelope, seal, stir up the brand and be sure to specify the exact address of the Santa Claus residence in Veliky Ustyug:

House of Santa Claus, October per. 1a, Great Ustyug, Vologda region, 162390, Russia

Optionally, you can write to Santa Claus helpers in the regions of Russia or abroad. Drawing up text in a foreign language can be a good language practice for a child.

Addresses for sending letters Assistants of Santa Claus in the regions of Russia

  • Tol Babai in Udmurtia: Svoboda 9.9, p. Sharban, Republic of Udmurtia, 427070;
  • Kysh Babai in Tatarstan: Arsky district, p. Yana Kyrlay, Republic of Tatarstan, 422035;
  • Talvi Ukko in Karelia: Chalna village, Republic of Karelia, 186130;
  • Helo Muchi in Chuvashia: Cheboksar district, D. Kshausi, Ethnocomplex "Yasna", Republic of Chuvashia, 429520;
  • Yamal Iry in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District: the Uralsky district, the village of Gorneoknyazevsk, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, 629001;
  • Sagan Upgen in Buryatia: Buryatia, Ethnographic Museum of the Peoples of Transbaikalia, Residence Sagan Ugane, 670045;
  • Jushto Kugyza in Mari El: Sernur district, p. Cooknur, Republic of Mari El, 425467.

Addresses of foreign santa frost

  • Joulupukka in Finland: Joulupukin Kamman, Rovaniemi, Napapuri, 96930, Finland;
  • Santa Claus in Claus: Santa Claus House, 101, St. Nicholas Drive North Pole Alaska, USA, 99705Santa Claus, Indiana, 47579, USA;
  • Yultomen in Sweden: Tomten / Santa Claus, Tomteboda, 17300, Sweden;
  • Yulissen in Norway: Santa Claus, Norwegen, Julenissen, 1440, Drobak, Norway;
  • Par-Noel in France: Pere Noel, Rue Des Nuages ​​Pole Nord, Libourne, France;
  • Babbo Natal in Italy: Babbo Natale, Casella Postale 102, 00048 Nettuno. Roma, Italy;
  • Christmas Pupser in United Kingdom: Santa Claus, Reindeerland San Na1, United Kingdom;
  • St. Nichaus in Germany: An Den Nikolaus, Nikolausdorf, 49681 Garrel, Deutschland.

Santa Claus You can also send an email through the official website of the House of Santa Claus http://www.dom-dm.ru/write-to-sc or to addresses: [email protected], [email protected]

In addition, there are magical methods of sending letters: put it in the freezer or on the balcony, leave in the Christmas sock or blind a snowman and entrust the delivery to him.

How to write a response from Frost's grandfather?

Perhaps your child is lucky to wait for a response from the grandfather of Frost. But even if the winter cockpit is not in a hurry with the answer, it is necessary to take into your own magic hands. Support the faith of a child in miracles, and make an answer.

In a letter on behalf of Santa Claus, greet the child, thank the child for the news written to them, answer the questions that the baby asked. Praise your child for progress and jerk for pranks. If you are hard to make text compilation, use printed bookmarks with a ready-made response or numerous templates. The template of the response letter may be like this:

Hello, (child name)!

Writes you grandfather Frost. Thanks for your beautiful letter. So the magic time of the New Year holidays came again, and I hurry to congratulate you happy New Year! At this time, I and my helpers have a lot of work, because you need to have time to prepare and send gifts to all the guys.

This year you grew up, made a lot of good deeds, even though there were pranks, but there were more good actions. Next year, stay as kind, strong, bold! Be healthy and let everything get you! Listen to relatives, be a good friend.

And I and my helpers will definitely fulfill your desires and the magic gifts will come!

Your friend Grandfather Frost

The finished message can be put together with gifts under the Christmas tree or throw in your mailbox.

Letter Santa Claus - Truly Magic Ritual, who opens the door to the New Year's fairy tale. Let the desires of the kids come true, and under the Christmas tree will definitely have long-awaited gifts!

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Simulator for thinking

The simulator is a base of 4,000 tasks designed specifically for the development of students thinking skills 1-4 classes.

Learn more

Dear readers, consider how to write a letter to Santa Claus on regular mail, or send an email online, or receive a personal video greeting from it. I offer for this following the following options:

1) The official website of "Chancellory of Santa Claus", where you can send a letter online; 2) Where to send a paper letter on the usual (no e-mail) mail; 3) Return video and congratulation from Santa Claus on the Mayers website for free.

Content: 1. Letter Santa Claus online on the site "Chancellory Santa Claus"

2. Write a letter Santa Claus right here 3. Pattern letter4. Paper letter Santa Claus on ordinary mail5. Paid audio and video greetings6. Free personal video greetings on the Mile Ru7 website. Email addresses Santa Claus8. The patrimony of Santa Claus

The new year is the time of miracles when desires are made, and faith and hope appears on the fact that the conceived will be fulfilled, but, in fact, why not? Everyone remembers the child's grandfather of Claus with the Snow Maiden, the New Year tree, and someone may have written letters to Santa Claus.

Write a letter Santa Claus online on the website "Chancellory Santa Claus"

Official website "Office of Santa Claus" http://www.pochta-dm.ru/letter/

Click on the specified link, window will open:

Write a letter Santa Claus on the website of the station Santa Claus

Fig. 1. We write a letter on the website of the station of Santa Claus.

Fill out the proposed fields (Fig. 1). Then enter text from the picture without errors. This is necessary to confirm the fact that the letter sends a living person, not a robot and not spambot.

Errors When entering text from the picture is invalid. Otherwise, you will need to enter text until it coincides with the text in the picture. In fig. 1 This text is YM5EL. In the picture usually indicate English capital letters. Therefore, when entering letters you need to check that the English register and capital letters are included.

At the end, check your e-mail on the absence of errors, reread the text of the letter, click "Send". If everything is fine, the message will immediately appear: Letter Santa Claus Sent.

Send a letter to Grandfather Claus here and now

Letter Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug Official site for free

Letter template

A letter to the Grandfather Frost is best to write from the soul, without adhering to templates. Nevertheless, there are generally accepted standards for any letter, plus minor features due to the fact that the message is new year, magical:

  1. Write a greeting, say hello.
  2. I will introduce: to name the name, you can specify your age and your city or settlement.
  3. Briefly about yourself, about your family, study or work, your hobbies.
  4. A little about how a year was: as they studied, they worked who helped, that was good and not very good.
  5. Ask a gift or express wishes for the new 2019 year.
  6. Wish the health of the Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter Snow Maiden.
  7. To say goodbye.

Examples of letters

Hello, Grandfather Frost! Big hello Snow Maiden. He writes Misha, I am 8 years old. I live in Vyborg. I study in the 2nd grade. I study well, helping my mother and grandmother. I go to the training on karate and football.

Always looking forward to the onset of the new year. Please give me a steep soccer ball! I wish Santa Claus Ball in bag brought I'll be very happy! I will wait very much!

Grandfather Frost, I want to wish you and your granddaughter in the Snow Maiden, so that you always remain healthy and full of strength, pleased and congratulated us happy New Year. I believe that you are. Bye. See you soon!

Another example of a letter:

Hello, Grandfather Frost! My name is Alice. I am 8 years old, I live in the Gurievsk Kemerovo Region. I study in grade 2. I study well. I really like to draw. I have dad, mom and two older brothers. I have the best.

I want everyone to be healthy, happy and so that everyone respected each other. I really believe in you and I want to get a letter from you. I get you and your granddaughter Snow Maiden happiness, health and that you always please everyone! And let the conceived always executes! Bye! Good luck to you!

Third example letter:

Hello Dear Grandfather Frost! Soon the New Year! I congratulate you on the upcoming holiday! I wish good health, good luck in all matters and endeavors!

He writes Michael. I am 11 years old, I study in the 5th grade, I study on some fives, I am doing football, judo and in theatrical circle. I had a good thing all year, my mother was listened to the mother, helped Gabule. I have a little sister Mary, she is 7 years old, She went to the first class. She really likes her school. She, like me, is engaged in the theatrical circle. She also obeyed mom with dad. We are from the Samara region. The new year! We also believe in a miracle and will be happy to any gift! Best regards, Mikhail. Happy New Year 2021!

Response Grandfather Frost.

I wrote a letter to Santa Claus on the official website of Santa Claus's office, about which it was above. I thanked him for work. The answer was immediately - this is a pretty letter:

Response Santa Claus

Fig. 2. The response of Santa Claus on my email.

I will not hide, it was nice to get such a letter, I recommend it to everyone!

As usual, if there is a demand, there are proposals from fraudsters in the sense that you can easily find yourself at the phishing site (fake) site. Therefore, it should be attentive, especially if there is a desire to write a letter to Santa Claus online.

Make sure that this letter is from Santa Claus, if you look at the email address of the sender. In the received letter, in the "From whom" field should be address [email protected] or [email protected] And official sites are just dom-dm.ru, as well as pochta-dm.ru. So, this is not a phishing, but the real site of Grandfather Frost.

What if the letter from Santa Claus did not come?

1) Check in your email "Spam" or "Unwanted Mail" folder. Perhaps a letter by mistake fell there. You need to open the "Spam" folder and move the letter from "Spam" to the Inbox folder.

2) It is possible that you incorrectly indicated your email address, so the letter from Santa Claus does not come. In this case

  • Try to go to Santa Claus site again,
  • True, Introduce your email address without errors.

How to send a paper letter to Santa Claus to Veliky Ustyug

You can do without a computer and send a paper letter by usual mail (for example, "Russian Post").

To do this, write a letter on paper, it is also desirable to attach a picture, seal into an envelope, or write a letter on a regular postcard and send by regular mail by writing in the "To" field of the following address:

162390, Russia. Vologodskaya Oblast, City of Veliky Ustyug, Mail of Santa Claus.

Let me remind you that on the envelope in the "From whom" field write your postal address. When writing an return address, be sure to specify your email address correctly.

Paid videos and audio greetings

Personal video Congratulations can be ordered here: Video Santa Moroza

Audio congratulations can be ordered:

How to order audio congratulations?

1) Go to the following link indicated slightly.

2) Listen and select Audio Congratulations, which will most likely enjoy it to the recipient.

3) Specify the recipient's phone number. If you want to send a congratulation to another country, click on the checkbox and select the recipient country.

4) Select a date and time when the recipient can hear a congratulation on its phone. Sending will take place at your local time.

5) Specify your phone number. A message will come to your phone when the recipient will listen to a congratulation.

6) If you want the recipient to find out from whom the audio congratulation has come, add a signature. For example, sending a congratulation to the son, it will be enough to choose: the status "Mom", "Unnamed." In this case, the signature will be indicated "Mom congratulated you".

7) After filling out the form, click "Send". You will be redirected to the payment method selection page. If you are mistaken in the phone number or date, go back to the order form, correct the necessary data and re-click "Send".

Nominal video and greetings from mail ru free


Go to the above-above link. You will open the window in which you need to choose, who will send the video reconstruction: child or adult. From this will depend on the plot of the roller. Next should be introduced

  • your name (or then the name you need)
  • age,
  • Hobby (if the "child" option is selected),
  • wish.

And click on the button "Get Congratulations".

The received video can be shared on social networks in VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, you can get a link to the video and send it by email. Moreover, you can install any date to send your letter.

About how you can independently make such a video greeting for a child or a loved one, share it in social networks, or send it an email to the day you specified and the set time, show in detail in my video:

Go to the next option, how you can write an email Santa Claus online.

Email Addresses Santa Claus

There is also an option how to directly send an email to the Grandfather Frost, without using the above methods. Grandfather Frost in Veliky Ustyug there are two official sites:

To independently write an email Santa Claus, just open your mail, print a letter and send it to an email address:

[email protected]

The letter sent to the address specified above will fall to the Grandfather Frost to the Great Ustyug.

Video Format Articles

Beach of Grandpa Frost.

The official website is useful not only to the fact that you can send a letter to Santa Claus. You can go to Veliky Ustyug and look at everything with everything.

In 1999, the residence of Santa Claus was opened. Since then, it is believed that Santa Claus lives in the city of Veliky Ustyug Vologda region. There can even go on a tour at any time of the year and see what it is like.

Official site Santa Claus

Learn about excursions, you can order them on the official website of Santa Claus.

On the site, in the tab "How Santa Claus lives", you can see:

  • The house in which the tale lives (it has 12 rooms, for 12 months a year. The house can be visited year-round.)
  • Trail fairy tales
  • Forces of Santa Claus (learn the history of the craft and see with his own eyes, how does the hand forging passes)
  • Post office (you can find out, from where and how many letters came to Santa Claus)
  • Santa Claus Glacier (all year round there is a minus 15 degree temperatures, and ice sculptures are impressive and fascinated)
  • Winter garden (unusual plants, parrots, fountains and even seagull can be drunk)
  • The folklore center "Hornynya" (history and life of northern peasants, as well as master classes on work with Bershest, Fron, and others. Natural materials)
  • Zoosad on the Votchin of Santa Claus (bears, storks, fibin, proteins, foxes, etc.)
  • Rope Park (to stay climbing, children strictly from 5 years)
  • Hotel in Votchina Santa Claus
  • Hotel complex (8 cottages)
  • Cascade of Ponds (Beautiful Places around)
  • Attractions (wonder stove, snowmobiles, Russian slide)
  • Alley Wonders
  • Forest pharmacy (healing force of server herbs, tea drinking)
  • Joiner's workshop (you can look at the wood thread)
  • Souvenir rows
  • Playground
  • Medical and Health Complex (Lok)
  • Gorka
  • Other

The presence of such a number of services contributes to the development of family tourism in Veliky Ustyug.

Video: Mail of Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug

Additional materials:

1. Video greetings from Santa Claus named on Mile Ru free

2. Postcards mail ru

3. How to give the application in the App Store

4. Museum of Christmas Toy and other attractions in Klin

The article was published on December 17, 2017. The last update is December 16 2020.

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Important: you need to confirm your subscription! In your mail, open the letter to activate and click on the link indicated there. If there are no letters, check the Spam folder.

Santa Claus letter template from a child is an example of a message to the New Year's Wizard. If it is drawn up beautifully and correctly, it will definitely reaches the addressee, and all the desires, mounted on New Year's Eve, will definitely come true. After all, everything must believe in miracles: both adults and children.

364 days a year Children, adults, grandmothers and grandparents live waiting for a miracle and know that it usually happens in the most magical night - December 31. New Year is the time when dreams come true when all people of the world become a little happier under the battle of the chimes and splashes of champagne. But that children's eyes glowed with happiness brighter and longer, so that all their cherished desires come true, it is necessary to remember that the main hero of the New Year Grandfather Frost does not know how to predict dreams, but as a true wizard knows how to fulfill them. Children to write him a letter must necessarily, so that all gifts were divided in a timely manner and delivered to the addressee without being late.

How to make a letter to Santa Claus

New Year's letters write children from all countries of the world: residents of the post-Soviet spaces send them to the grandfather frost, the French are Pierre Noel, Americans - Santa Claus, Finns - Jollopuki, Tatars - Kuszy Babay, and the Germans - Wainnatsman. Usually, as children write letters by Santa Claus: either independently, or with the help of parents or senior brothers and sisters. When complying with the uncomplicated Rules, the New Year's bonus will definitely be under your festive Christmas tree:

  • A festive letter, like any other, should begin with a polite greeting - Santa Claus is very intelligent and loves educated children who do not begin a message from the words "I want" or "Give me";
  • Then you should tell a little about yourself: the name, age, favorite classes, achievements;
  • Now you need to tell about your dreams and a gift to ask, avoiding demanding notes;
  • At the end of the letter, it is necessary to congratulate the grandfather on the holiday and wish him something, say goodbye and specify the exact address so that his assistants knew where to send gifts. According to rumors, they do not write it from hand or printing on a computer, but simply cut out with scissors from the letter and glue to an envelope with a back letter or on the parcel with the New Year's prize.

Sample letter to the grandfather of the child

In the lesson in the Russian language in the 2nd class, the letter of Santa Claus can be written like this:

Hello Dedushka Moroz!

My name is Vladik and I am 8 years old. I study at school, as Mom says, not very good, but I try.

Mom raises us with a little brother Nikita herself and very tired at work, so I help her, as I can. I really like to walk on the street, ride a bike and scooter, swimming on the sea and play computer games. Every year you send me gifts and always those that I wanted. Thank you for it. The guys on the street say that you do not exist, but I do not believe. Give me, please, for the new year, a gyroscur, my little brother - scooter with God's cow, and my mother is a good husband, dad and health. I congratulate you on the New Year and wish you never sick and get a good pension. See you next year.

Bye! Your Vladik.

Hello Grandfather Frost, Snow Maiden and Dwarfs!

I hope you are fine, and the outgoing year has passed happily. My name is Vitalin. I am 9 years old, and this year I finish the second class. I live in the boarding house under Saratov all my life. My parents died in a car accident, when I was very small, "says the director. I really like to dance and in the future I want to become a coach for ballroom dancing. I really want to ask you about one thing: Let all children in our kindergarten receive gifts from you for the new year, and I will ask for yourself a speaking doll and a new suit for the Waltz. And even let all children in the world be with their parents. Thank you so much! Happy New Year to you and all the best and happy! I really hope that you will get my letter.

With love Vita.

It is possible to spell writing on a colorful template.

Dear Grandfather Frost Letter Sample

Hello Dear Santa Claus!

My name is Marina. I write to you letters every year and continue to do it, although I am 16 years old, and many of my friends will laugh, if you find out that I do such things. I have everything cool: I'm learning what my parents are constantly praised and want me to do to medical. The desire for their good, but I dream to become a flight attendant and visit different countries. I do not fond of anything special, only learning languages ​​so that my desire is carried out. Give me, please, a new laptop, and then mine is about to fly, and a small one (this is my sister Olya) a phone came out. And then she defines his whole days from his parents, although I believe that she was too small for such expensive gifts. But I still love her, so let him be delighted. Thank you in advance, with the holiday of you! And let all dreams come true!


Sincerely, Marina.

Hello Santa Claus!

My name is Evelina. I have only 4 years old, so I still do not know how to write, and my mother helps me: I say, and she writes. I go to kindergarten, but so tired there to sleep and eat that there is simply no strength. Did you go to the kindergarten's little garden or were you born old? Just mom I could not answer this question. How are you? How are you doing there in your great Ustyug? I would really like to get a tablet for the new year, like a tank, so as not to interfere with watching TV mom, but watch cartoons on it. Thank you. Until!

Your velor (this is so mom with dad called me).

How to make a letter to Santa Claus

Message to the wizard is gaining on a computer or write from hand - it does not matter. The main thing is to write the text sincerely and from the soul. Grandfather Frost receives millions of letters per year, so it is unlikely to surprise him unique beauty, so we write a letter to Santa Claus on special beautiful templates or make it yourself, using scissors, glue, colored paper and a little fantasy.

How beautiful to place a letter to Santa Claus

Where and how to send letters Santa Claus

The place where the New Year's Wizard lives, is called the Great Ustyug - this is its main residence. But there are others. Messages are sent by postal addresses and via the Internet:

  • To: Mail Santa Claus, Russia, Vologda region, Great Ustyug, index: 162390, email addresses: [email protected], [email protected];
  • Kremlin residence. To: Mail Santa Claus, Russia, Moscow, Kuzminsky Forest, Volgograd Prospect, possession of 168 d, index: 109472, email address: [email protected]

Children often love the holiday expectation more than the holiday itself. The child decorates the Christmas tree, preparing gifts, helps adults to decorate the house - these New Year rituals create a fabulous atmosphere, when young children begin to believe in a miracle, and a little teeled schoolchildren, and there are few things that faithful high school students.

Letter Santa Claus - Perhaps one of the main New Year rituals. Not always the child knows how to write a letter to Santa Claus, and parents come to the rescue: they prompted the son or daughter, what exactly to write a grandfather and what phrases and suggestions should be avoided how to make a letter so that it is not like to send it, and where to send it Prepared message.


How to write a letter to Santa Claus to replied and sent a gift: Memo to parents and children

Santa Claus annually gets a very large number of letters. For example, almost 4 million epistles came to the residence of the New Year's wizard 2020. It is difficult to stand out among such a number of writing, but try in the company with children to show ingenuity and, perhaps, precisely the text of the grandfather will notice and will send the answer!

When it is better to write

You can send a letter to the grandfather in the middle or closer to the end of November. The closer than the new year, the greater the number of messages receives Santa Claus, and the letter sent in November, above the chances of being read.

But if the child is difficult to decide on the choice of the present, which he wants to ask for the New Year - it is possible to start writing later, for example, in mid-December. And even if it did not work out. Write congratulations and wishes for the winter wizard before the onset of January 1 - nothing terrible, Santa Claus accepts and reads messages until the end of the New Year holidays.

Read also what can be asked for Santa Claus for the new year?

Tips and nuances

Features of the collaboration with children of writing a letter for the grandfather Frost:

  • Give children to show the initiative: let the boy or the girl write from the soul, children's sincere phrases;
  • If the baby has not yet learned to write the letters and put them in words - let him draw a picture on the winter topic or depicting the desired gift, and you will add the image to the text;
  • If the child is well draws or creates with his own hands - to put a drawing into an envelope or a small craft;
  • Discuss with the child the choice of the desired surprise, push the son or daughter to the request of the present, which will fit into the family budget;
  • Pay special attention to the full and correctly specified address on the envelope - if Santa Claus or his assistants send an answer, then usually cut the address from the sender's graph and overlap the address you wrote to a new envelope.

Plan and Structure Letters

Try to adhere to an exemplary message on making a message:

  1. Create a fabulous atmosphere before sitting on the letter. You can freeze the candles or simply muffle the bright light, prepare the necessary accessories, set up next to the dressed up.
  2. Ask the children that they know about Santa Claus. Remind that the grandfather has the granddaughter of the Snow Maiden, and tell me that it will be joyful, if in the text with her, too, also say goodbye.
  3. Baby thinking is different from an adult, and a child can consider a normal appeal to the grandfather, like a mom, dad or friend. Explain the child that the letter should be friendly, but polite and restrained, as if he had written as an educator or teacher. Appeal to "You" is allowed.

Learn the whole truth about the New Year's wizard to tell the child! Who and how long did Santa Claus come up with?

Approximate Message Structure:

  • According to the rules of etiquette, each letter begins with greetings - say hello to Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, using words: "Hello", "Hi";
  • Let the child pretend and denote the age, write the address of the residence, example: "My name is Sasha Vasilyev, I am seven years old, I live in Stary Oskol";
  • Santa Claus also likes when congratulations come to him - congratulate grandfather with the upcoming holiday and write good wishes for him;
  • The child will continue to be more appropriate, in a couple of proposals, write about myself - about your behavior and actions in the outgoing year, the winter wizard appreciates honesty, and it is better to indicate their mistakes, an example: "I am helping adults in household matters and read a lot, but I read "Three" in mathematics for a quarter, and next year I promise "Troika" to correct ";
  • Getting Starting the wishes, you can add a request for intangible gifts, for example: "I dream of getting skates, and my brother - designer, and my grandpa and grandfather would be happy to get good health";
  • It will be worth justifying why the child wants to get a specific gift, for example: "Next to our house opened the rink and I really want to get skates to walk on this skating rink";
  • Go to the end of the text: say goodbye to you, once again wish all the best, put the signature and the current number, and specify the exact address that matches what will be written on the envelope.

The letter is ready - it's time to send!

Where to send a letter for Santa Claus

Most messages are sent to the official address of Santa Claus in Russia - Where to: 162390, Vologda region, Great Ustyug, October per. 1A, to whom: Mail Santa Claus. Employees of the Russian Post, most likely deliver a letter, even if you specify the minimum data on the envelope, for example, the city of Veliky Ustyug, Santa Claus, but it is better to be restrained and write a full right address.

Santa Claus does not neglect modern technologies - you can send a grandfather an email one from the addresses:

Moscow residents can also send messages to the grandfather at: 109472, Moscow, Volgograd Prospect, Vl. 168d, Kuzminsky Forest.

Do not worry about your child in the winter holidays, leaving one house or putting a walk with friends. And do not lose it during the New Year's guys. See the map where your child is located and how the route should, listen, what happens around and instantly contact if you need with the application «Where are my children »!

Letter Santa Claus: Templates and Samples

There is no way to write the only correct letter for Santa Claus - he is glad to good and physical messages, whatever the style they have been written. But if it does not work out at all, how to make text - use a ready-made pattern:

Hello, dear Santa Claus and Snow Maiden!

My name is _____, I _____ years old, I live in the city _____, at _____.

I have a hurry to congratulate you on the holiday, which will come very soon, and I want to wish you a cheerful winter and a wonderful mood!

In the outgoing year, I studied for "four" and "five", listened to adults, helped dad and mother to get out, wash the dishes, go to the shops.

As a gift, I would like to get _____, because I have long been dreaming about him.

Goodbye, Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden! I wish you happiness and health!

Signature (name and surname of the child), date, your exact address.

Or take ideas for your own text from samples written by other children.

Sample number 1:

Hello, Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden!

My name is Lena Petrov, in January I will be nine years old, I live in Tyumen at: ul. Pervomayskaya, 45.

I want to wish you that the people of the earth in the new year you only glad and did not disappear!

I study at school only on "excellent", I especially like drawing and physical education. Helping my mother to cook breakfast and clean in my room. I recently offended my younger sister, I am ashamed, and I promise to never do it anymore.

Dear Santa Claus, for the new year I want to get a set of a young artist. I like to draw, and I dream to sign up for an art school. And my sister Vika dreams of a new doll, she only three years old, and she has not yet learned to write.

Happiness to you, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden! Bye!

Lena Petrov, November 2020, Tyumen, ul. Pervomayskaya, 45.

Sample number 2:

Hi, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden!

My name is Lesha Egorov, I live in the village of Belorechensky Stavropol Territory at the address: ul. Industrial, 1.

I wish you, dear Santa Claus and Snow Maiden so that you all have time and wish you more good weather so that you always had warm!

I try to keep up well for all subjects, I care about my old great-grandmother and I go to the store when I asks mom. Sometimes I laugh washing dishes and vacuuming, but in the new year I promise to stop being lazy.

Dear Santa Claus, do, please so that all people are on earth, and my great-grandmother too, less sick! And I would like to get a phone as a gift, because my old phone broke.

I wish you a lot of happiness! Bye!

Lesha Egorov, November 23, 2020, P. Belorechensky Stavropol Territory, st. Industrial, 1.

Sample number 3.

Good afternoon, cute grandfather!

My name is Lily, last month I was fulfilled by the whole thirteen years. I live in a small village of Nechaevsky Sverdlovsk region, which you probably never heard. Girlfriends say that only kids believe in you and in general all miracles - for kindergartens. But I do not listen to anyone and believe that you exist!

I have no special request. My estimates are far from the ideal, teachers believe that I'm trying hard. But I really try, just I understand the program. Of course, I hope to fix the "Troika", but I'm not sure that I can.

Cute grandfather, if you succeed, came to me, please, inexpensive servants. I lost earrings on the street and could not find, although I was looking for two hours. If it does not work, I will not be offended. I also want to ask for our planet to all live well: people, animals, plants. I hope you can fulfill this desire at least partially.

With love, Lily Bogdanova, the village of Nechaevsky Sverdlovsk region.

Sample number 3 is an example of how text written without compliance with templates and rules remains sincere and friendly.

How to place a letter for grandparents

Unusual design is another plus of your message that increases the chance of response from the addressee. Yes, and the child itself will probably be interesting to independently make a letter, and not use ready-made postcards.

Ideas for making letters for Santa Claus:

  • Make the text on the paper of a bright New Year's color made from colored paper letters, or make a postcard with your own hands;
  • Make a postcard of an interesting form: for example, in the form of a winter wizard and his granddaughter, families of snow or penguins;
  • Use bright typewriters: paints, markers, gel pens of silver and golden shades;
  • Add to New Year's decor: Ready stickers or hand-cut Snowflakes and other thematic decorations;
  • Create a postcard in the online constructor of greeting cards, print and sign.

Perhaps the child will suggest a version of the design of the message: for example, it will want to draw or paste your favorite fabulous or cartoon heroes. Do not even hinder the most unusual fantasies - Santa Claus appreciates children's creativity in any manifestation!

Read also the ideas of beautiful crafts for the new year in kindergarten or school!

Lifehak for parents: how to answer from the face of Santa Claus, if the letter did not come from him

The grandfather does not have a physical opportunity to respond to everyone who written, because every year requests and congratulations make millions of people. But the child's employment of a fabulous wizard is not easy, and instead of joy in anticipation of the holiday, you may have to console a frustrated baby, who never waited for a response to his message.

Take the New Year's mood of the child in your own hands, and if letters from Santa Claus wait never succeeded - send the message from the face of the grandfather son or daughter for themselves. In the text, specify that Santa Claus read a letter of a child, praise for success and express the hope that next year the laughter will be corrected.

A special fragment can be added to the text - the fact that only you or a real wizard could know about the child, for example: "Masha, I know that your favorite color is yellow, and therefore I decided to send you a doll in the yellow dress." At the message, attach a gift that I asked the child.

What to give a child for the new year 2021: ideas of excellent gifts for boys and girls of any age.

Exemplary response text on behalf of Santa Claus:

Hello, dear Vanya!

I got your letter and I was very joyful to read your congratulations and wishes. Vanechka, I also congratulate you and your relatives and loved ones Happy New Year, I sincerely wish you love, peace and excellent health!

I was very pleased to read that you are listening to parents and try to learn to "four" and "five". I hope you fulfill all your promises next year.

Together with the letter, I send you a gift - the designer, which you have long dreamed of.

Once again with the upcoming holiday! Be sure to write to me next year.

Santa Claus. December 31, 2020.

Write letters to Santa Claus - and let this tradition stay with you while children grow up. Teach your child to believe that miracles happen, believe in a miracle yourself, and then all your New Year desires will definitely come true!

Epistolary genre, understood as a correspondence method using paper letters, is almost not used by people. This is due to the development of new forms of communication. It is saved only in the form of letters of the winter wizard. In our opinion, a letter to Santa Claus is a complex sociocultural phenomenon that is worthy of serious study and analysis. It was well understood by the Moscow and Vologda founders of the project "The Great Ustyug - the Motherland of Santa Claus".

In one of the first orders of December 21, 1998, signed by the heads of the regions of Iria Luzhkov and Vyacheslav Pozgalev was assumed to create "Information and analytical centers" Press Service of Santa Claus "in order to Studying children's letters , the preparation of answers, Estimates of the socio-psychological state of children in Russia and in the regions and support to children ".

All letters at Mail Santa Claus will be read and sorted. There is even a special position - Head of the Letters Department. Now the department is headed by a wonderful assistant to Velikyustugian Cudesman Natalia Reva.

Address of Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug

Santa Claus reads letters.jpg

When making a letter of winter wizard, specify the correct address on the envelope: 162390, Vologda region, Great Ustyug, October per., 1a, Mail of Santa Claus, Santa Claus.

However, all the postal workers know perfectly where Grandfather Frost lives in Russia. Therefore, letters reach even when the authors indicate in the address bar minimum of information. For example, Veliky Ustyug, Santa Claus.

On the topic "The address of Santa Claus for letters" was written separate article.

How to write a letter Santa Claus to replied

Letters by Santa Claus to Veliky Ustyug.jpg

This section of the article provides advice for parents who want to help children not only write a letter to Santa Claus, but also get an answer from the wizard. There are uncomplicated rules for writing letters by Santa Claus, who must be followed.

Firstly, Be polite and try not to "poke" Santa Claus. Contact it, the powerful and all respected chapter of the fabulous community, only on "you". This is how they turn to Russia to elder and respected people. Children have become recently forgotten about it, and parents do not correct mistakes.

Secondly, It is necessary to say hello to the wizard, introduce yourself to him, that is, to specify your name, age and place of residence. Then wish the expensive grandfather of something good from the pure heart.

Thirdly, Tell the Kudesnik in the most detail about your lives - to be: About the family, school, schools, marks, friendship, successes and failures, what you dream. The most important thing is: it is necessary to remember the good deeds that it happened during the year, about the help of eldest and younger, about the care of animals, etc. The wizard will be very happy if you attach something made by your own hand, for example, Drawing or simple handicraft.

Fourthly Requests and desires. Santa Claus loves himself when he is asked for something intangible, and also asked not for themselves, but for someone else. For example, health for your grandmother, good toys for those who need more than the author of the letter. Of course, yourself, your loved one, you can not forget, but you need to remember: modesty decorates man.

Fifth At the end of the text, the letter must definitely say goodbye. Sign up the letter and put the date, that is, the number and month when you wrote it. At the envelope, do not forget to specify the reverse address so that Santa Claus can enter with you in the correspondence.

If you follow these simple tips and help children, you will definitely answer the wizard. Of course, the rules exist to violate them. Therefore, no one will condemn you if you write the wizard in your own way. The main thing is that the words were kind and sincere.

Sample letter Santa Claus

Letter Santa Claus from Arseny from Chekhov.jpg

We give a letter as an example, the author of which is arseny. You will see that the boy is not in all follows our rules, but what a letter is kind:

"Hello, dear Grandfather Frost! Thank you for last year's gifts. I really liked them.

I would like to ask you to make people not contaminated the ecology and our planet was clean so that there was no war, there was no crime and there were no orphanages, and all children would have parents so that people invent medicines from all diseases.

Figure for Santa Claus from Arseny from Chekhov.jpg

Please bring, please for my grandfather a couple of kg tangerine, for grandmother - delicious sweets, for dad, what will please, for mom - so that she recovers and mascara for eyelashes, and for me what I deserved for this year.

I promise you that I will be better in everything, I will be great to learn, in the sport I will be the best of all, I will obey your parents and follow the commandments.

From arms. 10 years"

Classification of letters Santa Claus

Letters Santa Claus on his mail .png

Together with employees of Mail, Santa Claus, the wizard encyclopedia amounted to the classification of letters. All messages wizard can be classified according to the following features:

1. Geography of addressees. Very wide, in Ustyug letters come from everywhere. Perhaps there is not a single settlement of Russia, from which Grandfather Frost would not receive news. Moreover, letters from 112 countries of the world came to his homeland - evidence of the extraordinary popularity of the Russian wizard.

2. The age of the letter deposits. Santa Claus is written and adults and children. Very interesting fact, many unknown: Adult letters - 30%, children's - 70%. It turns out that about 1 million 300 thousand letters of Santa Claus wrote adults. Such a large number of letters of adult people leads to bewilderment. It turns out that the wizards are massively sent by those who have long come out of children's age.

3. Content of letters. According to this sign, employees of mail, the messages are conventionally divided into three large categories: a) social, b) good, c) creative and c) letters of gifts.

In social letters, the victims of the wizard tell about serious problems and seek help to whom it is really necessary. In good letters, as a rule, the author talks about his life, joys and worries, about those who helped who supported, helped. Creative messages contain poems, stories, drawings, crafts.

Letters to Santa Claus from adults

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Why children write letters by Santa Claus, you can explain. Much more difficult to answer the question, why do adult people do. In our opinion, Messages to the wizard from adults can be divided into three large categories:

1. On jokes.

Adult (most often a young man) decided to remember childhood and joke. He writes a letter to Santa Claus for fun for himself and his loved ones. He enlarges, but also curious, it is interesting for him that he will come out of all this. It seems like it is known that the good grandfather is responsible for writing. Maybe he will answer him.

A letter is written in the stylistics of children's messages. Great-age addressee communicates with wizards like a child, although it does not forget to indicate the age: "Hello, dear Grandfather Frost! My name is Peter. I am 29 years old. This year I behaved well, passed the road only on the green light, paid taxes, was polite from the mother-in-law ... Give ... Fleight ... ". Joke letters - they are all such: the stylistics and the form of children, and the facts are adults. It turns out "joke", joke. Sometimes such letters are forced to smile. The author hopes that Santa Claus will send an answer.

2. Letters on behalf of the team.

The team, school, class, a group of kindergarten can play as a team. The author (almost always a woman) is very serious and describes in detail how and what lives, for example, the kindergarten group. Often, the memories of her own happy childhood and those delightful emotions that have given meetings with a good winter wizard are inserted into such letters.

The general leitmotif of the Messages One: It is wonderful that Santa Claus exists, lives in Veliky Ustyug and he can write a letter. The author necessarily emphasizes what awaits a response. After all, he is so needed for children as confirmation of the real life of the wizard and faith in it.

3. Confessional letters.

And these are very serious messages to Santa Claus. They talk to him as a big eldest friend who will support, will save, give the wise advice. To him, the highest instance, refer to the most important, shared the most intimate. These letters about great happiness and big mountain. Happy marriage, the joy will finally become a mom, the loss of the grandson who went into the army. Some letters to the edges are filled with joy, and others are misfortune.

In such letters, the authors are very important what is called, to share, speak, and Santa Claus is the last one, to whom you can contact now. No more to whom. In the confessional letters there is no request for gifts, they don't care about anything at all.

They simply tell, more precisely, confounded, facilitate the soul. Confession suggests that you are listening carefully, and do not just listen, but sympathize, empathize, support, if not for us words, then at least mentally.

How to explain such letters? We think these letters are religious. They are written by people whose soul is looking for God and does not find for various reasons. They had a replacement, the almighty wizard of Santa Claus got up to the place of the Creator. The ancient Christian Thinker Tertullian, according to legend, wrote: "Man's soul by nature of his Christian."

History of the appearance of letters Santa Claus

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The need to write Santa Claus a letter occurs in children immediately after acquaintance with the Wizard donor. Once there is a living kind wizard, with whom you can talk, tell about your life, ask for something, it means that you can be friends in absentia, entering into correspondence.

In 1937, the publishing house "Stockedgiz" published a collection of Methodological materials "Christmas tree", in which the experience of holding the first trees in the Soviet Union is analyzed, positive examples are noted, the shortcomings are criticized, advice is given. In the chapter "Christmas tree in the house of unions", the author of which is E. Ovchinnikova, contains invaluable Certificates with the mention of the first letters of Santa Claus y The author reports:

"Grandfather and Snow Maiden walked around the children, handed out the paper leaves" for letters of santry-frost, "joked with kids good-natured and fun. Showing the initiative in Scripture notes also received awards. "

Let's pay attention, the words "Letters by Santa Frost" author takes in quotes as something having a figurative meaning, as if unreal. So, in the yard of 1937. In letters to the wizard, children play on the New Year tree in the house of the Unions. This is obviously small "notes" containing 2-3 sentences. Years will be held, and no one will come to mind entering into quotes of the words "letters from Santa Claus", which will denote a unique sociocultural phenomenon.

It is impossible to say that before the appearance of Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug I did not write letters. But there was no place for permanent residence at Kudesman, so he was sent news "to the forest", "north", "to Siberia", "on the North Pole". Sending letters "On the village of Grandfather" did not take a mass character. A steady tradition of writing the wizard could not be formed in the absence of a specific present address, which could be sent a letter and the most important thing - to receive an answer.

The situation has changed when Santa Claus has gained registration in Veliky Ustyug and he has a specific address of residence. He became the same as you and I, close and affordable. In cities and weights, special mailboxes appear with the inscription "For letters of Santa Claus" or "Mail of Santa Claus".

Events developed rapidly. At the end of December 1998, the country learns that the Motherland of Santa Claus is located in a small town in Vologda and a loud name Great Ustyug. And after a month, by January 29, 1999, 13 thousand letters arrive addressed to the wizard. "The game in the letter of Santa Claus" turned out to be unusually in demand by children and adults. Thus, at the turn of centuries, the rapid formation of tradition occurs, without which today it is impossible to present New Year's holiday.

Increased flow of letters Santa Claus took avalanche-like character. In the urban residence of Cudesman, on August 24, 2000, a special post office is created to work with letters. Soon, Santa Claus will receive more than 200 thousand letters annually, which will come to Ustyug not only from Russia, but also from around the world.

New Year - This is a wonderful holiday, with whose occurrence everyone is waiting for a miracle, whether it is a child or an adult. In childhood, each of us was waiting for a gift under Christmas tree from Grandfall. Despite the fact that times are changing, all children continue to believe in miracles and are waiting for their desires on New Year's Eve.

Therefore, to create a New Year's atmosphere, parents must help the child write the most cherished Letter of Grandfather Moroza in which he will write about his desire. Kid may not know exactly how this letter is written, how to send it to the addressee, so if Someone from adults will connect to the process , it will go faster and more fun.

How to write a letter to Santa Claus?

First you need to discuss the brief content of the letter with the child, what he dreams about and what a gift will ask his grandfather. There are in writing a wonderful letter Some rules:

  • The text must be started to begin with a greeting. You need to say hello, since Santa Claus brings gifts only obedient, polite and good kids.
  • Further, the child should write some information about himself so that Santa Claus can get acquainted with him and to know it carefully. You can write how many years the baby, his name and surname, describe his hobby and tell about interesting events last year.
  • You can say "Thank you" grandfather for gifts that he brought for the last new year.
  • Be sure to write about what good actions have made a child for this year.
  • Now you can I. Ask the desired gift . Here the parents come into account, which must explain the baby that Santa Claus cannot give something very expensive or large. For example, the Live Elephant Grandfather simply will not deliver the child. A gift in the end will still have to buy relatives, so you need to include fantasy and send the child to that gift that he really wants the parents to buy it.
  • At the end of the letter, be sure to thank the grandfather for reading the letter and tell me that you are very expected to appear. Next, the baby must write his name and sign.

Letter to Santa Claus

Samples and examples of letters of the Grandfather Frost

Example 1.

Grandfather Frost, hello! How are you? My name is Angelina, I live in Rostov-on-Don. I am ten years old, now I am studying at high school NO2 in the fourth grade. I never received two, I study only for good grades. Always and listen to your parents in everything, as well as grandparents. In your free time I love to do music and play on my piano. This year, my little sister Anya appeared in our family, which we all love. I always help my mother with a baby, we bathe her together, walk in the yard, I often sing her songs.

I have long been dreaming about a doll with long hair like Rapunzel. I tell you a lot Thank you for the soft bear you brought me to the previous New Year. I look forward to you, grandfather, to visit you. Sincerely, Natasha.

Letter to Santa Claus

Example 2.

Dear Santa Claus! Good day! I always believed in you and I will believe, because every year comes from you gifts. My name is Valentine, I have six years old and I live in a big family with my mother, dad, grandparents. I also have a Parrot Kesha. We live in the beautiful city of Volgograd. Every day I go to kindergarten, learning there to read, draw and sing. Always listen to the elders. I have one request. I really want to get scooter from you as a gift. I will be very waiting for New Year's Eve and your appearance. Do not pain and rejoice in every day. Valentine.

Example 3.

Dear Santa Claus, hello! Writes you boy Sergei from the city of Gukovo. I am six years old, I live with the mother of Tanya and Pope Sasha, and I also have a brother Pasha, who is just one year old, he still does not know how to write, so I will write you this letter for us two. We have a big, beautiful house, which dad built himself. With us lives a cat Tim and a dog BIM.

I love to ride a bike and play cars. I behaved all the year well, always listened to my mother, in her all helped and went well. My brother is also very good, he almost does not cry and eats a lot.

I really want you to bring me a beautiful machine (SUV or minibus) for the new year). I still have no such, but I dream about her. And please bring the brother, please, beautiful rattage. Very waiting for you to visit. Seryozha and Pavlik.

Write a letter Santa Claus

Example 4.

Hello Dedushka Moroz! My name is Lesha, I'm 5 years old. I live in the city of Krasnodar with mom and dad, my grandmother lives next to us. I go to kindergarten and I really like it. We often play cars with other boys. I love all sorts of cars, I have their whole collection. And I still have a dog named Fil. We often walk with him, run and I teach him to wear a dad slippers. I behaved all the year well, helped my parents, I drove a lot and slept well. I ask you to bring me a quadrocopter. I dream of him very much. I will wait for you with impatience. Your Lesha.

Example 5.

Hello, grandfather! Dear santa claus! Writes you a good girl Ira from the city of Sochi. I study in the fourth grade and I have only good grades. All year I led myself well: helped her grandmother in the garden, I prepared to eat with her. I constantly helped my mother get into the house and cook food, and she also taught me to stroke things. I did not indulge.

In my free time I do drawing and watch movies. I want to tell you thanks for the gifts that you give me every year. This year I want to ask you, give me:

  • Set for drawing pictures by numbers;
  • Touch mobile phone, as mine broke.

I promise you that I will continue to behave well! Goodbye grandpa. Regards, Ira.

Example 6.

Good afternoon, Dear Grandfather Frost! I am writing to you from Kaliningrad. My name is Pasha, I am 9 years old. I am fond of collecting coins with my dad. In school, I'm learning well, in my free time I ride a bike or sit on the Internet. I behaved well all the year, helped my parents, brought good grades from school and even earned a diploma in school competitions. I ask you, give me, please for the new year album for coins. I will wait for you with impatience. Goodbye, your Pavlik.

Children's letter Santa Claus

Registration of letters

Child can help with writing the text of the message, but Let it be done personally Moreover, it delivers great pleasure to children. You can simply send the baby and prompt any idea.

For example, You can make a letter in the form of a postcard And on the front side draw some winter drawing. Christmas tree in the snow and near the sitting bunny will look beautiful. You can draw anything you like to draw, here only you need to give the will of fantasy.

You can place a letter Origami style scrapbooking And even decorate it with beads and rhinestones.

The finished letter must be inserted into the envelope and seal, it is also necessary to stick the postage stamp so that the letter is not lost on the way.

It is necessary to tell the child that the response letter from Grandfather Frost can not wait, as he is very busy, and he will bring a gift.

The envelope must be fill out, write a name, the name of the child and the address of the house on it.

The addressee must be specified as follows: Saint Frost. Russia, Vologda region, Great Ustyug.

You can simply write the name of your country and Santa Claus. The letter will necessarily reach the wizard.

Write Santa Claus


Now you know how to write a letter to Santa Claus. Do not feel about writing a magic letter as nonsense and fun. Give the child to believe in a miracle and help him in this. It's so beautiful, waiting for the desired gift under the Christmas tree, Believe in the magic and dream!

The letter must be put on the New Year's Christmas tree and explain to the child that Santa Claus helpers collect messages and transmit the addressee. You can throw a letter to the mailbox.

The letter will help parents to learn about the child's dream and implement it.


From our video you will learn all the secrets how to write a letter to Grandfather Frost to get a cherished present!

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